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The Montana post. [volume] (Virginia City, Montana Territory [i.e. Mont.]) 1864-1869, January 07, 1865, Image 1

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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- C- - ----------
D. W. Tii~on, &o Co.,
ý. W. TIirta,. ift. It. DIrru.
otri.. at tbe City- Book Steve, C NWUCI
of Wa12atct ang Jackson Sw..'*. s
lLe ee, one Thar, - -
(n* eayi. tix rths. - -' - i
On. vpv. threoinontls _ - - 2 .50
flats: ; [.drtertisln;.
Ruaiueu carde, (live lines or It,) one yeas 20 00o
I 9 i mfOnitr, 15 cf
"t " " "trse W"tUe 10
0as egn r ws ý' x
Oat tna.three m t E' EN M
Quartar column, one year, 60
six mo:)tbJ 4
if thmr, w 00o
Eal! eolumn, onr year, to CO
six months, 90 cO
ttrf " oah CO CO
One oclzmn, one past j.
six munth.' 'so CO
Ire .0
t rtr months, 1f5 C0,
5COErlar erdvrtis.-s wi~l be allowed to eLzn e e
qasrterly without additionai charg..
A:! Iýiwinea c()'nlu!! .ication. sbolol'i be sddrgae 3
to 1). W. TILTOf £ Co, \'ir tri i pity, M. . T. I
Job Printing of every trciiption ureeuted in a
Cnpsric~r rar.sinr an 1 at rsa onablq rate~.
Terri CeriaI Officers.
*Qrmnort, STD'FNT FW1R RTON, Buaaaur City;
ýtCP.ic7AtY II. F. FORSFY:
A'.oCIATr JcsrIJe. AM BI a IThIº\I IS,
" " L. Ii. WrlLT;-T~f'
ATIT. GKrK1.Ay., F. R. NfALY, Vi'ginia Mily;
)As~tgwAL, C. J. RICK,
.4 crr.. JOHN S. LOTr.
Asa'ssng, T. C. E VFP'TS.
womnty Offlecwg of Madison County.
Oeunty Comniiioaars, J.usa Fa>sars,
AYnLeL VK. S'rArZ,
FRED. K. b~o:.
Probatt .Tud~r Tu~os. C. Jozai.
Treuurr, I:flo0: N. hhiu.
Recorder. R.K . ITAgAMAW.
Ajsiibo1t Aueesor lbt litAijct,Jsai4Cool.
Mnies!uij Cfficerg of Virginia Cit-.
Paliir J1iZte mid I T E-Qrcjo M-ror, G. C. Thiurt..
MHrneneaot Council, L. K. Con--fat F,
.t rrS (Uji o;t
"" " N. Foam.
4wiv-FtPa,JrRVT nor..uc.
¶te r.rular eornir. ricsrions of Virinria City
Ledre. U. D., A. F.: A. M., are .hld on Lt. 2d
ainl itit Satzrdays in eugh month.
Atex. Drv:e, Sae*'y.
1 r eRChicy cmvrv S rLbth by Rer. A. f. Tw.3wr,
at !1 A. M. at the Court Ilcos.. Shbbath Dcbeooi
at P2 . U. Al lre i-rvlted to attmad.
W. Z. r,-,ie,.,. Jerry Cook.
,TifNEY3 at Law, Virgioai City Montda
W. L. WMCiirrr] [W. T. LoVsuL.
!Kc A T1& sC 1VELL,
Afro-S m rtt lam, i-;,I'ia City., M. T., will promp
t;. attrnd to 311 pr aio aL i,'tineju entrusted to
LiCsrc. l-tm
W. J. 3; 14 Y Fibron I. 'r
eC3rr. crý, P 'erbartzcn & Burn".
Atto .a(`CF st Law, : i'-gi-ia City, Montana Tortito
ir. (.e;c' in Ccr~tert'# ('ornerup-striv. l--lm'
''. 'I. i :evrsr, r.. B:. II·arorT, L. W. D~r.TONi.
C" I. I ru . 'ol
A'tCrnq, a; Lrw, Ot1!ec on Idao !tet. oprnos:t
Scoct cu, V'irginia City, Montsrna Territory.
J B. JUxi,
No,. & `shoe maker, Vir inia City. Montara Tor
g'1t.'y. *ih. bmat of custom work always on Land.
GIVE v, a t'al. ]-era
rench rk",I N vada City, Montana Tarrit'T:',
would nsf t lt:ir n1u¶sm : citornr tha.t be is al.
warJ sn Band to eruff the moutli oi ho n7.
f)I13 N. CLEPU,
t P r 'ici an and 5 n r !oii, fo rm er l y rta Mi t n t i n t 5 ±
='1ni: F nmidi in Pnris, and atta&he4 to the NCew
Yo' 1 I;mrital, Nev 1 ork--rrpctntly f~om ,·SUuque
Towa" CO'cqiri Virginia City, opposite tle hey
D1`. wLTLr11
IPrecical Watctnrkgr and Jawelrr. Partienlsr
It!t1lioo paid to repai;ing all clauaes of watchee.
Any wait of ar.y watch can be mace new at this .6
kbb int, end warrainted to give iatiefactaon.
a.ii a d exaar°ne Spccimens of Jewelry arao. from
ti*ltlative col-. ____
CCtLl ;I,:N.A 11iiC L,
Nevada City, Mopniana Territory.
V,\U .BELANGEr, . ... - - Pauraron.
This hotel is eituated on Main street, and in the
ost pal t of the City. Thb table supplied with the
'st tl.. manket affords, and the saloon furaished
wIth tl.s beet liquors.
Roo ms ar.d beds can be bad at reasonabl prices.
Car4 board moderate. 2
S onsolidated Silvear StarCompany. The owner
bLy prbvirin- property and payvig for this advertise
ment tan have th team it the City Book Stor,
irginin City. 4-"f
eH',SCOy* 0 1A. I S J&E.
Itahb" Street. Oppelte I3ecerf o
Offico "
Wl Siva Board taIgil a$ 1400 M *inR b.
Any one who waeq as ao
Vien, ls usej l ar, le S them:
kbt·Lwll~ I~l~ (
$1,000 d Side, tt Gold, and
the RiAn .laoey.
t 6ý 5 A* ? . Loney
Tie nl `%%chhiQý conflict between these
two tbn ha.' for some tume prp been the
rent tol;ic o, th, day in Virgini city..
1i001 mill is dan'u Staunch friends su4
entered- the P: R. toi Cunt,% the palm of
riCtorr. I
Tl '
Jo zr CoDnLK O't'x o , as pan rai
I~- t~rnixI, Con Orrn., nwe born in J835, 'v
C. r;ol county, Ohio, and brought tip at
F Extklýnl v, in tha a;un .tLate, until he bh t
nttain~d to m to e:t.t'. 11is fatror,"wbo
waa a bh~etr't'il osh
t '.rnit., brought ,p, his son to
to mi o~cup'tion, and tsught h in bow
f to u~eom~ a Peiznt ie wrestlur, he being ore
of tha very first artiitg in gi
Own natjice `Stte of M1..rrlnd. ii
serred his tint' t(b t!.., t..
t .., nu. t1 eting
aerred his tiro~ to tash. u b t1e:1 , h. Ij-'4 ac
th:iiredI such prowcds. in thi WO ariu t,
ahrt h: start..d on 1 tour throughout the
We .t, engagii^ in matches c-rvwn-hzre lhe
went, for frotu $20 to $3'J n sid:·, 8-ner*lI
!y coummin o08' sun "mFful tip to this time,
and ever since, the chbehapon of ( !orasdo
rimale it his doctrineY to touh, tas:', or
bhad!e not, cith!r spirituous or waltiquor!,
or u~e toba:teeo in any forme. Fur thraý
eprtint oo j anc .storm have, with alight
upd t~hi, COure of 1ift.
* ; uvc Veit", he fetched up in
I)nrer City, Caorah]o T-'rrjtorv, where he
state 1 in the busin0ey of a biack rnith,
4nd go: aio., go wAyII, tha;l in a sirjrt time
he K.3 enabeiad to employ quite a numhar
of joure,~ nd earntd mu~nev rery fast.
Iea spent molt of his leisure zame iu the
Rocky Msunta4ins buflMlo hunting and
bhooting ;tnm. living pretty much like a
w.kgtern pioneer, campino and roughit,.t
it gmenrally. In this wiv ho beame
+r v l ie becamem quite
an ezrn'rt withi tie ri3 and hbwie knife,
and his had in-my a hand to hand cocount
. r with Old Bruin, Con's first regularring
Sght wna in thu spring of ];31, when hie
;n't a mgu Calihd "Tcxi5," and whippecd
biut e;l:' in two rounds. PreTOon to this
in thr Wnint'ýr of 860 be had a slight brush
with Jack O'\ei_ Rh, da
with Jack O'Neil, who was count.d some
thing of a fight;r, and soon after this street
fuss, a match was arraoned, hut it w.s
hrken o'f by the death of O'Neij whD v;N
shot. Con'. next aparance is ti'e P.: R.
w.a in his match, lith Ro ,ch Enoch Dt
ries, neor D)enver, August 24th, le !. T.h'
6aht.! ted 1:40, and *t the O19th round,
tended to his busi.ius after this fight untii
the spring of 1863, when b'in~ on a vis;t
to the e.strn Stte, he m a:, It ntch fo:'
S5 isiewith º ~ ?* ow' -~~o. Z11
p 'rtiea º'nt at Cheese C(;'k, N. J. Aft·:
tinhtin 1`J 'ounJd, iin 23 ri nut'a!, the mno
broke up the fht on pretcn^ of a foal,
thL· v~rd'ee, with a rcvolv,ýr lookin- into bi.
ear, cj :,ddi;a Rt~iinit Oreio. Con n,.,.
Phtr'' nrad E li':t. th e vonnh gianut and a
w~Lc'a wva~ atrrnu:-d for e2,(ij) ech and
th, cht-mroionsh p of tho midd!? weights.
T ia . hlowever. c irn to naught, L;iliott pay
ino fu!f.jt. tindinr it ha~trdj to mnake a
match, Con hetailanlJ c erieitfor $1,00.
Tth r a·xt naY0lic act in 's'tn's life was his
t;"Il wits Ri M " Mrig It ws.q9 thº°ow., 1e'
it, fin tfut o!:`' tkR, j, t z:!tj t
feLe'j Fse rv fO. This wasq fuA!owt1d by a
glove ghilt with ti'6ramqmln. Con was the
Victov, after r. liv+"iy atrrg'ie in the S:nv
vF·:ant Iugtitulte, S-N Yuri;. Since his a4-
ix:nt in V iruini, Ctv, Orrin list ke';t the
l'ii::mp;on s: loo'n, pcIching the spnanulick3
w th scat rapid:piditr . Tne noie~lss telnor
~,f his wRT ~as temprrrarilv hrokc.n in upon
1" i.. b!ack gioTo fight w;th Jo, Bryn, in
wzicrhe wa3 scCcessful., bhating Bean b.
,,n9 Ins!·E.
HUG U Xc:, 2 .htlLcn1ýer in th2 prrs
ent c¶6'.w4s born in tli· pyrish of Liu hpee
wau: nr of Ant' al, in thl North of Ireland.
011: eni g"t d to this uour'trv at a vcry
a:·l:age. Tie f.i. boon for a~v'ral vcars
a u n:nnr, std although by lrap mnte than
'^": atttied t'e p)retensions of s, :ounrh
coqtmrn'r9 iii tb-C ouktsido world in a Etvie
wh'cca hJcd no 9 '11 easy tiuncg for snar
future opnozent, vet he h.rs fo~ifht onl
once in thei- P. I:., vriz: near Sonora, Tati
lumtn, eountr. Cilifornia. Ilis age is 34.
n tins eontaet be whipped Torn 'acev,
atlsas I. Yh+ " ini 21 rounmds, and by his
squaars delivery aand unainching bravery.
cv-rn~d bims'lf a character ftr courage and
gkil, wb'ch, £j-coming known. b - waqurgd
to giv: tbe chxlIenge wiciL!h led to the
present eov'uater, whiich it ic is our duty
now to record.
The nn; was p!tchel at tile lower.'end of thb Le
,iath.n Hall. a building on the north side o£ Jack
son street, Virginia City, erected with a special
view to the developenent of muzcllar talent by
Mr. J. A Nelson. The structure as 85 feet long,
by 2S broad; Two galleries are built around the
lower end and the ridas for about half the lentb.
of thr building, and a range of graded se:ti, neauly
the wiltth of the hall, run fromr the ring to the
southern end. There was a densr crow4 cl:-d in a~
mo~"}y styleas ever the sun shone upon, but pover
ty was not on the ground. In the aesembly though
the male element greatly predominated, yet the
fair s x was not unrereeented. Additional accern
wdat4onus was afforded by erecting a lean-to around
thse of the baildijg in $h neeghborlhood of
Sthe ring and there seaWs were proridedand thronged
with occupaats. The ring was leveled vry fair
and covered with fine gravelly send.. iaugh '
Brass Band was in attendance, and we Jt will
be where we go on su occasions, the music lad
by J. Heidlingar in alikecreditabl It *h*easi
cons and eolivesayn to the aedience.
h*eiselystl6 atinatae peat one t teu
f tlt robfain inte arre fbllowi It l
of sg .o& e *w sinew sr we hav* leok
-isy . htor over tb tq and in -
.l' tom &. ° 4 :"" ,-, ,",
"'l[. tMftp. °+r ril yr Liti i º "rý ýº
rYý ' 1swr +
"11° D6 £ hrs.11 (Iaers b w a it boiert.
adth the wa. Wed ~trie the etaj I £theps
t" m*u t.i . 11 As, the tto"may yhe
tdntk,. of J Oh. to diat, at
bean trained by Mchie ýl. orgr wan : had'
etted"Abyl" hs trainer Lan MWm Tod
Thomaow. ofiaciatj. a umpire forct l ey...
Mbe~yll ya cttd i f ore1e. 1i.. n. A. t ononu pize
Onlr bb~ig if~r rh 'd~Ofthe Lorijbn Ptriz
ltiaCI ks~ read from the trlbrl and at;, miaatm
to 2 the larshooka baý,. i
Ca, Onra steads 5 f- :~c" II a ~
+1I OUi-&o rgabQUtl~ S1
('N.eil bad tbas. arantaý of 52 po Jfi a Wk orjlu
bi:s ride am-d £owtwo inc!,ei of beift, br.g al
I tot;her thi. .largr an+ moeeg hPowerful roan
ILickjset, coQL unflinching , lerve >u ,
balmy strenrgth. T1+. bodi~(ng was altoyetherr i
fiai Lvor. as it aenei.J iwpi.ioj n to h op t a
man of Orem' ruze c,;,;: coutn~t the d ,ph at
"iI bucc~uuJy. IIzh ran nct so firm a flhet as
iOrarnL. If lookeu evidentIy rofter. iii clear
bIi'i g.Y eye Randl firn liouth, howwer, tOu plin
ly oi bar,* times ezpc.cI~d SW 4 nis5 re ady.
Ar R. . ,LsAti. .
-' .,v 'uL1I - li D :T v cli)V l UIU I M CN~l ;
ant quicz:y eac.'\ Dim toId tBh I .·steh nn E
Round the fgt.-:YNabshort and liTeIy.
Con hot in his right on thi ribi reo3ivinjl
a f'c aimnle fromii I1uNji T. inO . closed
for th,. ;:z1 ar. I mnEtort, s,'U4o stra3?gis
1,o'h fell 'n cn:·mot
. er7 lIite avow, but i:n^'i '.sbcd
(L Vito his corn'r--sharp erI rgrs or
ttu: tills, (t'S;"il >!' t~irnin * ri+"ht ;;;indcr
01 tsi r'UYP f roi' )r'~n. then a but!,
tlurn, t)retl itnnie!r. The t.ppi3'trant of
lid ~·::· cn Ir,:rl t che -!'-.k tinlaun~e:I
th ' t rrt `iood for (OiC.,. In rnnulin to
I !R'_, 1 Joi Il; ftrrek Ilh iLin
t~i ear wlith tits tile cf Gi:s I, 2e'cj~jfn
a:. i krLc-.xl..t; r;e~nt ar: n ein thL (f:OCtt
from lick-º ''s J' t.
.' a litt:e r ptrr;n; Con ,L a
r ij haen ;.L's8 ais t 9honit !r ht:n!yily into
UUgW lowle L th urn pi:- -
sbort. in r. ce6 lCepondin lo,;:iion. Cn
sli pipd to his kr~e( it but p !.'' t~v
hi.; left on IIIaZh's knorr'.";;f., %:. 1
tIrrreF(he ocompliiLvrIt heavvil-h with his left
ju.it below the £houiider, knocrin. Con w'io
was retiring, off his feet. First knock
daten for Htegb. Laud cheers fra n O)'Nil's
friend,, :tnd ot'3rc of three to one, in h:un
dreds arainst Orca.
4. C trecfl.uptrring, Con makin-' all the
plv; JHughi cirtiniuU on tho watch, merely
turning to face his *ntagnnigl wiithoet
ojl" r ;rourd. A tremen ou4 mnk fr^;:
'Uon r, ht went h ;e o.1 I!urh's riBe; the
ý·n1 c1u. 3d and Cotis fea unfr1rni.
5. lies·rr exe:lt!rze . r;L~ g ll n o
" npi 1ý". ot:
the 3oy ' ffh forced Con back to tho
ropesand hued hrr a :t:r. tL3 postu.:,
+ep rletel by ais rfthers; .
tý·" to ·"r) a ro ý` r~' an: s oth
!fl31. Cp ii aent ;n h.s Je't on ;4e r-anr·
S')ot inli4J ;h r.sw gyred Fi~e sall w Lh hz.
rit.bt on the b: jt. The'eo'co' jOUtiL'A
nn l Lbjt!i nf& ndernxc t.
7. CGm r; ' irte-d r riia nr. tL br'
IL~k1 wK h bis 1ft, but ,.t atWhV; bc
then pit in an :opoarantr mth h= w i', , ;c
nv ul r on IlIInb'R ktmnoI~we box ; i'II
rusit1 in~hut after rtahooi st. ;:sie they dr n
,Irat~d; Hugh furciný Con to tht rop's, `t
'9van awful lefr.h":id' at Conw riJght eve
which he r~rideJd by the i -i of ,t1 inca,
and Hugh's hand ru~nning open it! n the
rop, cain ft3a~aL the post with great
forc', sprinirn. Lis hind and learing it
W.)rli litl;e far' the rcet of the, -ht. !n
tbe fIall Cott was un: ermuost.
lune (;f his right on th3 sh..t ribs, r'
criring a counter on the chest san:ing
tenam. A c!oe, and Con slipped down;
IHugh'a left swe:ling, before putting up 'hit
huals he Lad to dose !th left with the
0. I!earv exchan;es on the body. Cen aulfferin
two heasy .solcks near the seat of wickecdes frer
i ugh's ri;ht, and a viditution on the mq, getting
the worst of the round alto;:ther, being Lthree time.
short in his delivery; he fell backwar&., asl llu;h
on him.
10. A roun!ing rap from Con's ri;!zt, just over
the dividing line and no more; a clinch, Con down,
a.l Huinh heavily on him.
11. Sparring; Con as nnal msaking t~ phsy,
Hugh standing his gronud,and merely tunid.a round
to wmet his untagonilt. A finale was put to this
by a quick shot from Con's right on Haluh'e cle.k,
flulh forcdl CCn back to the ropes, sendirg in Lis
right ofl the che.t, when Con viitedl Mother Earth
it ropes.U
12. Att,5 a snort fu the men went roxin-afgt
in" ; Con put 1,. four blows on the che-t with his
right. and recm-ved two fronlt lugh's ri;1t. The
nmen grlpplxl and Hug . it! undrnethb.
13. llu;h sent humrn his ri;mt heavilyv: Cenmmrt
ing it with a counter under the a'ma-pit--Con alip
pad. andlugh fell on him.
14. A oun'ding rap from Con's rihit on Iqh'i's
short-ribs; hlavy counters from hIugh's right ;botb
rushed in. and Con, lstting ly with his rig.t, as
Hugh made a pace to the rear, krocked his oppo
nent square down with a rap on the site of . s. head
15. Con brisk and lively, Ilush puin; t 7cod
dadl. Some h.ght eschange on the ribs at# Cop
slipped down.
I~.. llear. right-handa* counters ;n the ri:as left
and right from both. Hugh's dIft too d.amaC d to
do misachidi.
17. Heavy %auling from the wonl "time.' Can
pepped in bi, right on ln.h's olfactoryde4p9 mnt,
which brought the ruby in a shower; Jiugh trlisd
with a heasy lao on Con's left shoulder. phich,
taking effect as he was retreating .oorud bh and
Il gh fell heavily on him.
IS. This wcs nearly a sepetition of the rmer,
Con making his left on the aosa'a quick , and
C;~w underneath at the finish.
19. lHuh scored a "nog quite " with lis t-t at
Con's cheek, clcad. and Con slippmd dcwi.
2.. A regular home goer from Con' eft on
-Hugh's jaw, returned b a messge from gh's
right, which started the claret on Con' , sad
his left dayhlight began to look dak. .
21, $, 23, 24. These were all alike, led.o.
iag oE on the ribs;'Hfag closidg, Cot and
Hug falling Lat q~ his..
33. After soan t e st
the play, Hugh on wt
toapd Cue down uniwmid
sid lWtv. n.rraumbuari u e m*.
bat eeU *.
ý ,g: ir: sýh:: ;' , .=/1t<)..ý
27. , le
bes l a4 a< t. krtand iv Lev the bread
aIid; i rie tis ief% o. tbh othae
28. CoanaL n brute O n Potrer,
28. birsteg. iia frerr'klet,' ditto from
HO 'p tat boath * of ;'i~ ;Con, let By
like r Let, with 00 4ueh.4n.,o,
cire a'rd. L n ag a uhdar the eia
ee C a right; boib CwW and Cool slipped
2e. aifter With thet me nm 'ftchaud on
the aibr wits the r Batt 96-- lively iitti n took
pJaea without moth! .berm as either f and Yogb
aurnarg forcedl Con deem is his ew° arser
30. earring, Hugph-o th drfens y'got
and druppMºI a renaiaI~aep" PniWni, o
with era . ºih , t#L 3 .. k
31. Owi plaint3 thrp rpz "- "'" ;"
riý,ý t, left: OR left w a eh ýeh~ L ~d ~
i rd ith >~ r~IPp~t r ýlt ý` ý sod tnal'
bealul barkt; ,Con down and ýepps arr a
8Yl. Sparrta~; II, ..ncb on u.toct a~
; miseeg on bcth aid~s a laegqj,,
t~r.. Both down, nu-b, ,ikiin, Crrauacl rt;
lluRh'rbsllews optrr&1 owit ordr".
J3. wwh want at Cow ri;ht and !,qt from the
start ;'tgg ig hutme wit&~-4 ri;b: on Coa'a bspui and
haIbl with left on ribs Con meelet .aJ scipped
down ; tftala Etanund; "'"ppteI. his eecujnd, a nd
win ik d to bir ornmr.
Io. con p: tut his efft on Iru;: s rice; C~'u
D'DUth blo aajnr: Ahi h~t!,at tclose qizaracrs;
l.a;Lgt i r L;r ticLom" on -14s 011Fon«1t'
mosuth Mnt4 offred i his eLet At h. - s"vie plate: Con
5lippsljown on LIhi kaisec rt the !niuI.
35. Cort put in Lr Ieft 3n the ri'lt .rcaa
anrt away; botb grappled, rapping r1a7 as
iheribi.. Con down.
3 U. 'Con put ire two with his rig1t under
FIn h'j 1 optic; lu~b rushed in Anrd
tricd the crass hbu:Ltuk, but rpthigh ersotiih.
t+,,-r'ing Cu:t e*rr ivi kn.ee, i"i over
hirr* IVI.. Sat r,.c., e oa'e farce an'l brorr~t.
37. A uc.j. rapping nzitiea ~orn tti'
sCOre ; hlugh broeý't s I rt nti
with Con's ribs; {;on 1hdu -the C!, li»%r,
oming dowru hea'ill on him. I::liui toL
a pull) zt th3 bottle wdit renoratino edu\ce
30. Sp arr;nfl :iuzT 'i':cked .co avoid a
left-ht-ndc; if' tiro wicks,-last d-aoription,
instantly rusihed in, and both fell, Cnn un
dei:; I1a-h fe! slowly on him. Cries of
foul and co on.
39. C;n's lekt paid a visit to Uug 2s rgibt
listvueo ; both rnppino aw at t he ribs at
tat, clo9t; Con down.
40. A sbourdindn, ra si fronm Con's r;;ht
uWder tb, left ann-pit; .1u;h uaade fo: Li.
rn,.n, end as Co€ w its alipp ng crown, as
sisctd the oparsrsion by a nazty rap or. :he
back of Coat'. bead.
41. Con :a±1 off on the riLa aat; -ot away;
cIoqvo, mill Con down.
42. s' tngcs wi'~th r~;:;, t on rib. ; :o
.rc t harm .o oither; bot; dow-n :.t ones
,iue .v side.
:3. Sp~rr n Coi led cf' .i`1. left on
rih g ; Hugh ' sa o a'- id ri ' l
,horeJ Con back ant; tl--w !ii r.; tbe mop
44. €I.. ' o,€ f ONvaitt the ri;;l om tt:.e
5!1culterr.rd c or coun`"'gj' t:::hao
ti ato. " -iL;· t:iejI o*' f r 1be-:°
i on theo c*a e::r r 4, i.t i ' -
SLon rp Hugh s:Pd ' o
twie, uut f!rrL" up nod rene\bI; he'j
li\:' i taZY'Ci;" ni:;.iruc any har'n. L.ud
cr:tc of fcul frO:Im Con's backc.j ar.t] t';n.
pirce ; n- or. frpu1 Ilul1i'a; referce deci.e*
1.f: on."
it;. lIg:lt hav7 with thoe right on Co
C.,Cst; ;.on slipl)·d down.
4t. C(31 -pt in ilis left banvily on !I:Igh'a
chce*.. ezcliiangen on rih3 ; Con ra reating
end slipping down at thz roos.
42. 'Ii";' quiet and on the defensive,
gI, i- no grcuntd; Con popped in the left
on t; L reast. ~nd guCt "wsv nently; some
mere sarr' C;ll Conunged out on hugrh's
Hu.l -is t on vt.*aln .nni :ent in two,
r;ght: a l !arZi , COn (Ofl's Pnouth. 4ei;cd him,
toga thei; Luim backwa-rds. J~tlgxi had the
beet ct this runnd a'toi,.pthcr.
4.ý. iiugh'J rig t hearnt na Con's cheek
(:Us eloiv the eye; locsed and Con slip
ped dow n.
5,. Con put in his left on the ri'o, ani
following his stroke, staggered IIugh witi
a left-hnnder on the powtto mill, followec
by the rih:t on the cheek. 1;y way oj
laen, Con hlipped down.
51. 52, 5;. 511-h'seconk disti.Iing tho
vermilion ; Con generally get in with his
right on the rils iuagh jumped in, and Con
down at the finish.
54. Con's I.ft eye and cheek swe:ing:
lo:,g spir and separation; Con put in left
and right on the nmur; bored Di, arrikinz
llu h heavily on thle ribs with hisrightr, and
forcing IIugh back to the eastern ropes,
andI at the grapple slipped down.
55. Very similar at the end, but Ilugh got
i a right-hiuder on Con's cheok too ahqrt
to do much btym : close, and Con down.
56. Sparring; Coa's left on IIuah's jaw.
answered by Ilughs right on Con's month;
heavy exchanges with the right on the face.
Con slipp;d down at the enai.
57. O'Neil missed twice with the right,
and went in to finish; Orem stopped him
with a left-hander in the ribs; another
close. O'Neil gptting homre, as he rushed in
with his right, on thq ribe. Oretn down.
2S. Careful sparring; Orem let drive with
the loudest sounding and heaviest lick of
his right on the cheek yet given. It sound
ed all over the building above the noise of
the crowd. iuagh never winced, but got in
his right with force on Orma's breast; Con
slipped down.
59. Gren put in a heart lick with hia
right on the mouth; O'Neil scored a return
mite with bis left, but got home ob the rihi
with the right. Urem slipped down,
60. Oreun th6o so macb orermatchce
and overweighted, fall of ak surd spirit,
dropped in o.e on the oheek a"d retired do
tdot er earth fer the iishk.
.61. Uhmr I Z)t 4*it m t1 didI
Se e tscoed s miss with ý e94,
eIosdand )remsetpped a.
o. Co fie foits odaefrý'sr l
wok fae m ii*' R;
d r.t
j l retwoam ezotl, tat ; rIe tIb. ,f
nossof. Bwgk':caouer;p
64. Aoae round: oti boredhc ^v ,
he left t 1100 . teiE with £
rightinde# nOa'0 1rn'rtit' wtshich
BCn t C on sq sa are ly to m other earth' s 6 n
6L ajCo. eta w,4'heuaEej, fv~t on
ehaoptic and a.~ n Ike etiochptic; i·oh
closed ana l Cap fcl ba devout st itud&I
SC A :ý _1 __ r.
0o. Urem .barreo for a hhit ard pot biaz
left om -flisth * fas; Ihgb ýchruand-be1,,
UOrmoHow~ing.J -JIG fell to' ýttttyX
rV'YUar 1R at ti e -ropes, - ; of n i~r~d
and. Otem rosught the eyrh. qo q s,
al a `: Rhw+ºw n i k. Mid.o y ýi
1RR-hr'the eye *rineff ri~~i~t b
the crlsr, Orem alrppeddnbn; filth ataad"
ing and h nkin~g daggers.
lus. * otriding of importance; Orem
Selip.d* dw ..own.
_J. Orem got in his ric't, but without
efet on the mouth and slipped' down;
lugb caugh't him around the neck lifted
three timasiand. latly-fell with him,
)rem under. Lod cries of foul and ap
,ea~is; referee decided to "go on."
7 i . Ca4mpo-tant;,U O.%m slipped down.
7Z. Orem twion got in the left on Uughk's
rvibe thn oparrad for another bit and
drone iggb b:iaok, but the latter recovering
charrged iO1to a and Orem ngain slipped
his c..e, 1Iunh catching him as befbre
.n ! lfiiip hin three timri.e, and they inillyi
were Sri zra-Oo by the'r'rferee. Loud cigr
of foul ar.d fair, and appeals each way.
1i. 74 1. No notahl, seutd.
7d. STarring; r*n raahwl to;sther clenched and
'truln-J-d withbo,L blowsw; Cn e.-adlId in hir own
CO. no"..
77, 75. K hzzges wi1"o tai to .itmwr
72O. ;.'gh streak hisPo ne!t with hie hbd an
the cbe., ;at uniteatUom6ly we tbought, while
.ituc'd0 to arobd O1.1'r rinht minler; Orem slip.
Vc.'. *o'ere ighting; Oreurshot in rIit and lfth
on 'l'Ncj, :ac4, endorl;! struck Olecl iiarvjly
on the cock ics -with th.'nri'rt; both down.
81, 8., 3J. heavy ezchangs without Lay appar.
sot 1evol9; Orsm dgwa at Iaiuih.
8t. Orrin resuue] .rith a streigbt shoulder hit
in the cheek. O'aciI rstnted ri~i:t nd 1.11 and
then put bki whole strentgt to a blow with his rijhi
as tbh shoul'aer, which LkruieJ Orem lat.
85. Unlimportalrt.
nfu the mug; Orm made a heavy
reLid wii hi, loIt :n O'Nei's throat and another
from .ir r 1!,t on the li'f ear. At the close Orem
r e iv.i ntis it4 nt in the rile f-ord O'NeiI's right.
ýi. l.th 'n t ell e the pin, ; severely pan
hie: !.b: oth determined and full of 5ght; O'Neil
co. ')!d .*n' t. Ormua t.ptiing arogndhj imore bulky
azM u v4 nkikr; the play.
I id. ý ':Iin a7 ' SYI a i 'ý
*1. No arim; Orem fell with hi- opponent',
h"i-I bs sro: law;Lsug and sticking out hia
'. n,'* m r retene!ed to withdrw. changing front
! L 4,' -sr Lthen sudenoy wbheeled to meet his op
psrt)e.. tiskjrF ont his :rntsgueanSwrjgbing.
91. N0 bl wgo: 51te; clinich;' ' (Xn down.
1C. Orm attacked O'NAeI and £rllow.i him tc
I- )rwn put ;ih:&r;ight hiav:jy on
CJI" Cprflent h i hrort; thl, la~se countered with
his rx! on ilok ibs. mia'ed a eteond sht with hie
Or-.n 'eI1, OI eil straddled him, gross and
nn'ked o i
()Or:,:l hore.d i"; aft Pr L esaiy (-xc1ianges O'YeiI
ci-bh; O(r'- a h? 14I, liftcd him up by the neck
and struck him in the lace. Lond calls of fcel,
foul, anll Aplpeal'.
"i. O N · l gat 9111, ks or thisr, ;ctting ;a a rI35t
h:r.'l on ('r:'m' cli&f-; the forinrer stood elmaking
Fi. f.t nt the latter 'n tai7 ground.
97, 9?, 19, ICO. All of the er.-e Sort, ivthount
? parent .:iRstage, Orein tlippinv dawn.
101. rich harder fi onl O'Neil on Opren:'
check; l'reo~t ;eacred, reeled and fell.
112. Con put in hie !lit on O'Neil's rib, the
lnt.-r ciiu-bt him by the neck, and dra»,red himI
cue,, andf el banckw,.., :In~in;; at himn, r.d
i;':U:ýJ, .; Li hnIia d or. Lis " 'J'!0111
h:4. N.thi n relnrkabl.; Oren:m iivp ,Ldowi.
105. 'on pnt in right and 1n: on tie ribe; MllNIu
elipp-d and fell on his knees; Orenm turndl, and on
his opponent offering to rie ma:de at him a.in,
when they were d.parat-l. i,
166. O'Neil got in his right on Orem's face;
the latt.r attacked hrim and drove him to the rspe.,
were he fpll backwards.
107. Notbing of note; Orem elipped down.
104. Orem beautifuiiy parried a I.n~,efrom his op.
ponent's ri;ht, and at tae close he fel lull weight
uj.un O'Neil.
ic. Orerm got in hi; right on hi. opponent's
chaek, as alo his left on his sotoirkbr; he th.n slip
ped down; O'N.eil standing. shook hist ist t him.
S10. Excthange; no grcet linr doos: OrsQrm lip
et1 own, his opponent standing, hak~ing hi. ist at
* Ill, 12. 113, 111. Exchmages without ary mate
rial result; Orern lippi.: down.
115. Olrem;ut in his light on his antagonist's
left side ; Iu ,h clinched and held him up, but tot
thrown lndlermnoet.
IW. ;17. Light bitting, rater wrestling than
fighting. ..
1 iS. .enm lively on hi feet; struck his antagon
a tra on his mouth, got away, and rtousing with
I n rar;e, put in a smasbher on O'NeiI' 'cutI,
Snccking hut dlow and fsllir4 on hil..
119. Heavy blow; Orea's left on O'Noii'
mouth ; both fell aide by side.
1.J. Orem, lively as ever. let drive rigX:t
and left on nose and cheek. O'Neil loll
backwards aginust the ropes.
12l. Ore m got in his right on C'Nei.'
ribs. iiu~. oifered a short left, Otem slip
ped down, and sat up with i armrs crols
ed, uoiling.
122. Nothing rcmatork..
123. Ore's rusd- to it sloe, pattiag in
his right on O'NeiPs *-,and faling ap5
124. llaggizs g froz t he. or.e without
darn are.
1$o. he same.
12r.,,. O':Keil34 Idtffcat 'a ioarC 1otbiag
but misses regastere4 ; Ore, elipped down.
129. Oreai fy.cdd the Agltiag, but with
sdall effct; O'Nei. dawn' o hi "tof
128 and 129. P
130. Ditto; ('XNei asdpr.
l3 Ii4ObIIbw~b, Eºr#t tj*r s; Orgashii,.
cl *dmid Yid; 0w '.
.13;4k ;W bed5. s d
:1 t k r~ts
"3iC~~plda~j~dl g
and pp FJ ,
136.-Stor ro~ad; NotMZRtd . C;
down. Bt oe o
-ýI aivi., wetathn, o . won
aet t Wat"O
r!r~reeeust 9" lit hink. oia nft *jib. h b
138. Orem h et f Iufk.,-Oir.
figbting Wthout a gOl
1-- h . hno lrd; Ore m d.oe . .
k• id, hm
and struck lugh with ,it let; '...P-la
nd fell; "Ifu. tell with hi eoa .ut
'till lifted ofod cries o!f ou
and appeal: "go on. " .
14i, 146.l'obarm done; Orem down.
'I.. In this numr Orem e1kad gs]
fo.l on him saddle fashion, strik. a. .H.
mime tim1 Orem in tho fec'; grea .oH'
him out.;" o°,,,,.-.,j • "'a--" i 4,
148. Oren enraged rushed at Hhugsh, w
avoided him and tried a hit at the ropes
with his righi, but struck Orem's ar.
149. .Oru" failing, out of detas a.
150. Orem rushed in and delijred.
stinger under the right arm;
151. Orem rushed in right and lefta'j.
tie short on the face; Iughi. dowm in
ow:t cornea.
152. Hugh struck Orem, touch anid g
whether up or down ; loud eries of "foul,"
nd appe'al; "Go on." (Thibl.. .ide.tl
unintentional.) 7,,,enjsy
153. Ore'm put i, his left heavily'on the
w, an awful whack, he then slippg4 4U,
154. Nothing of importanee.
15.5. Both clinched ; lHugh klding up
Orem and pounding him. th bead wi
on one knee, till he slipped down.
o156, 157, 158. No blows worth reordt.
In 1.56, both men down onbthir biuttoc,:
15t. Orenm poni.hing lagh on his ri.,
side and head'; at the colo Oereim.ppu
160), 161. Nothing dome; Cox sippe
16-. A close. Con struk Hugh wire
big right in face and slipped down; flo,
standing.. .
A W. iutme rowud aftera aofeut p. i
men went into cicse bolds; therm w hu
and knee; O)'Nil strikiag hits o a e
faaa; cries of f..i, and SPpe4a ans, o."
181, 165. k.,,, dela , aM Cesio ajt
lime, bet do~m thnereoad.
155. C an putt. 1.1. left e~aer !be ..u O'W
O' ei! struzck Orem, 'eadeisa; ti{adM f
foul, sacdaPeaL- "Unhitetjoweaj.""t,
16311090. Ores, railr Zp faint; O' d~i'
Lioim down, standing Lyt.
170. U'ejail oot in light on Ozema'.t dabouldP
the latter d-wn azd wil.
d1n. Wild eldaangs, use harm, Oren iESpau
I . uretu running is, D'2. p lanhd a rattler o
.ii8 I ib. Oren downa.
173, 174. 3lisao, cliachs sad c
17s. t crlnethi wjiLhot a O'Niil oeg.(
fipped and slapped his head wits ha
open h)Aid. bi
176. (t'ei dowtn at Oram's stb liw WklaoGS~
beIinK 3ducied, a slip.
i77. Oreo' ,o gng in, esiesing right an hiw,
O'feil ciupt him, held Lsm had tried sisk..g
Much efTct to pnnish L.is hetd.
178. O'Neti diwknd to Orena's rob -d thppý
down, no bhrwr, c'ivf of fn.l.
M;3. O1·n niching in wildly, OZ'Nrl hutpd Me
and ra pped heiy iieI.
13;. Tl is was all for O'X., who struck Osr ..
right ard left, knooi~ hum down witi. ab 4C
tao'. hii left..
U .Iiez xnoS.j Ori down with his r~r4
IY2313. Con rushed in wildly- O'Nla sJ.is
him dlown easily with b e ri;sb oq the .heujwr
12. trem got in ri(ght and Taft ea thUeta
h~li ro stezin nlo; he rlippid aod t
pin. Cwa severely punbhed lay r- Ak(· .-- a
pir~igcown. O~~ ·~cr~ nei rClbhR1U1
At this junctnre, a autddcu ~feoliag .em-s
('l to animate tho baptera of both man (pot
the uen) and tbe referee was called on by.
bosh ;parties to get the matter arranged,
This was seordidsgly effected tb the joyous
atijt*otiojl of every true blue. peaef.
Ba, o--ring Imoar dirul,4
A gamer, barde 4'bLf war aeer eomtegt.
ed in the P. R. America oad reland T;=:
shakle-bantj. As for Cot. Orta, r othImg.,
but temperance, akll, seliit f.Ad s muahns
in~n erciaz enabled him t* hold ot agizwt,
Jr pounds eztra welg1, bkiacking l
Wa3 asi bIi as a lion. Cowardic of
tbia:g really upnmasnly cannot ba -s .ed 41
onneetion villa this ight j n. R arder ap
more tryingeCtteette 'i Oyer, re test ;
say, bq. ,.as ai~wa etr elshe, ..We ~ .
ceroly hope that uuohreb mot soo, t.i,
aEgaii. Of pqgiiitoa ,,,
have had enomib
The rferee bad a -mat t~ynIg day's work.
Whatever may be thought of hi deeitereM
the result pletsed every one. No refereee
ever pleased both aides. W e anr r that
no man of Orem' size, or any thing Uik.
is can be.fQand in Aa.erioa, who ean e#t
him fairly and whip him in 4J ftdot lig,
Ilis gllatnt uatgoaist ok. las Iihest'
terms of him, us-the best . nwr' aw.
18365 aduI 15 mutt*i
iigSt wiast t87 * MS*UIs
ei.ilt , - C c +-, W,,
0 " ' *- ' ,

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