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The Montana post. [volume] (Virginia City, Montana Territory [i.e. Mont.]) 1864-1869, January 07, 1865, Image 3

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Hcca CLEi'(v, of Virginia City, i our authorised
Atant to receive subscriprtions, aud moneys for
saint,. lil recipt will ba good.
3L.u VW5.,N ofk Fort Bejiton, is our authorized
*;slt a: Frt i't t!on ,ti'd vicinity.
ltwL1OýY r Co~., at Edver Cr.'k
$A* . T. J. MEPRILL, it Piickly Pear:
AL~o the Carrier, going fBorn thi-i city to Fort
lb.e lost M.,ster. it Baouock City;
Ab ~ the l'o't. Mster Pt Salt Lakt;
UP. JAC. STcUAR it Deer Lodge.
3?It, sic k Vo \rox. et 1.ll (Gate
I a. (iI RviAy, at Summit.
'. N. 1.. was, of Suiin Valley Dietrit, Deer
All 1.: r ta nlb've namwed getet!emnr n are authior.
rc. tSA r°:-:viie rutjsc'iptione for the paper. a1,i
ri~irL or joib work. and receipt i... the same.
e- - Noi1 llowi't has been appointed U. S. Mnr
,Y.l fur the First Juici:il listrict, pro tetn., nild
J. II. } eu'ierrtone, deputy.
ro Ar.avca:.-In vnrner to the que tion eo
tf~en \pnt to L1, WtACe;j'll Tilt bU back?" nre
wdulI div Litat he'll L' in tawn coon, if nu iaoner'
ru--rr tlir I WA an lsry-ý: t ae,-ttllent of Di:&
7 ,,.~r l-t;2~ go tio 1). W. 2;RilthA CUo.'&, corn(: of
Vai`:iae ::ad Joa'n-o n stye -,4. Vir6;r.ia.
--- L e l tiJt r. J. C. O'Nit;.l 1,9 effectedi
ec,-zr l 1r a.eeoC niiaaia,; p op'rtv in 1'ojurudo.
4 lA h~ar it. I4uc w~as a ga'ntlr .:14 aial u goodi
f:'lo't np to &1i,* lat aai..ute heiyr -#ai in IoutaUq,.
q. h' C. ri jr uf hIw i'osr ti. i I i~ auric.t c
t; : k oi; pa-it s. who w,--iIr.1 his bucikikj to
.in UtU'Usi'1 :u*vý1Aft:: Ii 3!, %Gi * ~tu~ona
nl New YeUr'1 dr. .
- iCac t hr, t&- a weak of P{,iuog-like
hio ri.h11 ani1 balna L reez a, C;tar-,ra &~i: jieo ou
t;\ ei.s.rIoa~t orenirdi j and a nr: r tr f n.. )u nia
^;,! rt l·r vi- it+.' t '' ulrc ', ci,1 rr:eiizade L a that
xi. t ar - , jJl:t-ý A Z vet.
:1.a IA:i~i 4c):cit CO~IfnUj up in:; St :1<ia,
,ttirt4 t us,:;;4,'lir t by the cic~rul i an'flidtg t the
t x. ye, itrelu, but rot 4 -:ors one of tu.
I,:..ecse +:rll autt a" cu;nuelx~. Lii ark]-.
- -- ft ix witi,4Jl scafe tihaLt reroI '1 r. i 01' o
tt~io± 9l: t~ c+p . Y!"i4:{Ic~ l: l t.ýI".1 tn t'lw Adeipliiin
c.:3, .the 21 of J.I:iuary-. 'No -Iýt~tr wan t'
:oy 1 i:t' a.::rc- br rya ba 'Kd iar. 'j aorý Staid ni
a iv t a:-ttoll Li 1311t" r.,!,T-l~u',i n .
r : "t·.eu htrer .e L l Iii who itten 'eL
'fnc:i.T TO 1Iaa.rM;.-iah fti8jii:J of "i 'Im -
iv art " jave datit i±ri'I1 to h.at 1-ii IL nuAi~t for C :r.
lJre:n jr.'! Iuis O'Ž'eiI. 'Ihe 1'roc .' ar i to be
6-.4ul11P dst i'ltid betweti &hree aitl:tnt men. gzid it ix
IlrttIe'IIa tO jiri'3tlt a I-ur'!c ri" noiay at tie : au
ti .a. T;i1 av is to jr nuiici d ) t: to suit tmnir
. ---Ttt" * SV':! istr. tO.Ctk 'rA .II ui r"C. ,a'1 a
5)pplyl of oodl water is to h- hal. wvitht: tt ,.±t:iig
'V hnl,' the l(c. pri( )t+ id Vi li0 .. til1 eI.1
-The: tnit of tit" P. it. 5it*'Iii to have Punt:r
*t"? " r I wuti iu tow,. inc. ti·' lati enc runtert in
th hi l. wne : ev"r wv r i t for tit' !tid1t weak, thit r'
T-rii, in 'r'i, c or- o1 tlte OttI'. -4f to.P ciimlo:
Irt WIt- t*, topic Vt ct:'!V Tr 1.,o01--"oz111t1iUOt in
L."n, :Iz~ !ptot Clt iown th.'n itnIti C:t. The flet.nd
- In fr-out of our off rii'_:t have been eesn
£ r ;recd 4a " dd Ipat. the boil sf aiPefunct annial
f tl:n =-'n'm purr."' who caine t) his urtihn'ly
;: r! `"I _ rin over br the lIeigh th;4t took Con
':r"""i f. vu! th fi 'Id ctf hjtltI. Iirv all th,4 reIt of
tc..' p'. -!l, J, " "l. e tiro :i.WP Way, Lut in &a
,'t -r pri'. ',f town.
t'W,,( ( ·t l svvirI. .-:'reparatins on ia
]rr-e sca.le eI. le ir.r irnate for the Chur-h Fe-tival
,,-, Fri-lcy toe !3t:. init., in tlis new I~uion Ciurch,
! jit:n itre:t. 2l;: L' anueem~nlnad c-cmfort of the
p;rct I) i- i l i;s irarly i puvi.led for, and urrge a
i" t'," iaildi:t;. we feell nr its cnpn,:ty will be tr.iod
?., ft u tinoit. 'I:,e cau-r ttie cumplinyJ thet pro
Lr~uim - will entsure t i" guc` _ ., whic tall veil wish
' of eci'ýty routt de iL.·
tir'vsnr~ l7E`:1N. Fro·m faft3 of LhC Dii·· 1: a?9
I ;vye {trcrii1?, we lenrn t' i-c a Lesi v ruw
* v.dii: tchat rgiou cn the 12th alt. A
^:,rty took 1 !.ic' seve mil· from Austin.
S':i' a'Of tzwdfr: d J ohar at d on e Ifl irk. on tha Over
I~r,.i Prtn. Pistol daout: wer-e t ;n rd. IBarke
WI a '"-i('ku ii not rianarro1V A wo'.nded; the
(ti,." r.'r v- *zrvc b:a l taairu'h the a,:I:. A heavy
'1ta'rn " way pdbets uon wile 'lie J. Be"dford bvr
a oi b.tt'ry. nri:tir t1' ' tniratlitiit-. lie
f ii~k ii .aU. IL.L'ieir he.Vr tv'u ut it ta j: on
'J `"4.1X+ T1Ir.Arhia.-lj0 preQorm::UceU at thii
Ti gitr clave Lev) ver"y coda:ak±ndflah. On Tnhure
uAyr 'ai'`c-i3!iv. Cathpxine and rt~uc::io was 11a5 e
(#;"a asl-iy .,J. T:1P IrpC'linli tdifficutlt. bur
li's le'oruchio was a stuff ereditable conceptiaon
,r:· houueKlal) pr1ey. KttheiuoinaertyI that so
111', au actt:.tr i b olan Ptteiu-. 'ri), i 1 fer Sat
L."'nhy Ili !lt lilcillilLY til.' fille pl'c''' £h J::COhite,'"
.,". t i f-t, of tit" biirri ke." Give tdiemn
J" Xcod haorse fur tut. be.it bill of the season.
SWxn ITrNc; ArFarO---*)n J.hkuary 4th, at ?.mmit,'
list k flay was woundad Lo a man narmd Wilkinson
'.Lth a shot gun. It CPIt. r that some difficulty
l a'iY~ aarisea LI',tween the men, Ray drew a pistol
rrj ST :Ippe4 twice at Wilkinson, ewe'ring that be
Fu M-1, L, the death of him before Inuruiug. WI1-'
l~sn :ar rmi into a c:.Lin, and reising a gun, sihot
Rty. Wilkinson garva :imself up, aany in axa exaaali
!Lkwtn Leiore Jud; t Culver, pIeauled a jumtiliCatioua,
each watr adaittad by the court and uvndoj. ed by
;he Propha. 1wsk h.ay ams Iiviag 1u t uiaut.
----The ILeuier \ :we of 1 L'nber 8, gires full
p#Jtictilars pf a great bttls b~twfeiu the lat aald 8d
'o1. Vols., aud about 1,000 In: inn warriors on Bi
~"'~Y. uaier comamand of Col. Chlivington, killing;f
*on.. Iii; c~i 'ra~ bflwreo four an~d irv hundzed
,mall fry, nn4 captnua ju a greut au:ubar of ponaes
rUA KOUI,,. It alig coutsius the following :
INjMjj FLOUT AT PLEX Cnguas.-¶a following it
no Gruct from0 a4 lettr writtao to partiaes a&3U ce
Maack, au4 published in yeuterd y'c Jourul :
FLUx Cmah: &rATIU2, SOy. 27, 1864.
" II3Aa Faig3j* hi KIM. :--aur cwapapYr
"rei bore tbhi uoua, aa d Sb.iOL ads.h eis bwSie
th* dead ean were killed by tize Indiana 10 iaeghs.
About foot o'clock,* .swqreteckad ekeddby
4lt *45 Iadieas , mid t*e Imid ýdtm e bpt f thaI
Lktt. Ma>a. i sbi aid :Ildbke;rr hej
sal &1sY.r1wa'
"loueldib l t , tisaa C. asirst~tt~fr. '.
,muication from Mtr. H.N. Eliott, of Bitene
OIu!ch, informing as of the organisation of a debat
ing society in that place, on Dec. 20th, James Duck
] worth, Chairman, II. iX. RUiott, Seretar;: The
rocie.y re..lved "Thut Lov o! Woman hai more
inf ence on the mind of man than the love of gold."
If it were made to read " ought to have," we would
venture our laet linen envelope on the Jrument.
It was not the love of woman that built Virginia
2Cty, peopled Montana, etarted the rebellion, c.eat
cd cmmercr, or general!y ruled the world; Solo
mon, Mark AAntony, & Co,. to the contrary notwith.
atanding. We wihb our frienlds CucceiE.
The O'Nett and .Oreu Fight.
V IauIMA, January 5, 1865.
MR. Et;:Tron-SmR:-I have been called upon by
Mr. O'Neii, to give publicity to my reaion for
iakjing a draw of the fight bhetween himuelf and
Con Orem. Now, Mr. Editor, it is not my aim to
tr::ct anyvting fLom the merits of either of those
b:uve manei but i !int state here, a sI tated it tbhe
ri:nc to O'Ni]l, that' if th fight continued it w-s I
li:Lb!' $o result fatally, although Cou's seconds Say
he was hbln to conrtiiua the fight. Both men were
f,ightfuuy puishel aout the head aul boty. Al
together. it wae the brit and gamest f;hit I ever
witonessed. Yours repeccfulIly, J. A. NEtso .
FATAL AccIrbuT.- About half a mile abovo Vir
ginia, in Fairweather district, on a claim-we did
not learn the number of it-two men were killed on
Januuny 2d, 1565. The two men, James Dick, a
Scotchman, aiid C. W. McBride, from Illinrot,. were
at work, on the div named, in a dift. The rest of
the workmen had" been to re- tbh prize li.;ht, and
got Iomw to supper.' The others not conmin- to
their evening meal, were- looked after. and the drift
thv thd he .n at work in found caved in. One of
th.mn was hek: to gcamun when the accident wee firt
di-covered. A.i.tance was procured aed both ex
humr1d--lead. It app:'re tit tha drift the, were
w,,rciuv in was twelvue fe.t wide and badly timbered. i
Synopelis of Mr. Bogroa' Commnnl
Mr. Ro) re, having reli~n.d hie seat, dame it
lik sthny to ef.r his expI uir tiozie to his cunbtitu
Mr. fiogeri found the Ie;i2lature temporarily or
ganiv.,d oii his arrmy::l at Jltintiack, and that ,;icl.
In';.ihb rl::d, on reqne-t, taken, the oath known u:,
toe "" ir.ii clad." UF bsought an int'rvievw with th.·
Go.-rnor R:! htuld hinm that, ns an honest inat, ii"
civld l.ot tyke the oath. The tiGjveijcr rreplied
tint w wFio'it se doing he couli not take his seat.
t ~t M3r. Rogers d'.claiing thdt he could nut
lo-z\;,:er hinselt fi~r office or ewuuluwneut. At the
Ift .t '9s-ie., Mr. iOjC;E;b Irlpparrti Lefuire the hi
lature arid tendered tie c_,rtifcn:te. and ofierJJ to
o:L.a. ii, :.n oath to the .ffPct that be would `e uip
viort the c'14tit ution O: the United tate-, t. he Us
asiic Act of this territoty, and detw:-n lhnifsulf
fI.ithtu l.' w*'i'i in iffic.; "giving, tt tie b iite
(i1i i. .i: ex' uui;:titIOs t'. the uu'xnbere. Motbon
rs.abs to &pelta i(A tii"' i.on cL.d.'" atcl ndintit Mr.
eu -Prs oi taking the oath abote recited; Imiotioni
ciri 11A With batre' (mij.tit 'Ltd oalf. Coii 101.
Ld, 'tor' ifiiv re;u-.d to c ulaunice'te with the
at~el ly, whit. it contained is menlLerwho railtu,
to till:t t'l. orthi sibry;iieu by the other:. S1r.
14v~!- a arks wiiiy Lie iuuerour gave him big i rtin
Carr, ii h' world not admit hini, !is poiiucu belng
i;noao ? aln then goer on to t;trtt th't, fir. ho; hitt
'iLf u --.v tiri t baock to leailiitinn, cinujJ.itrin
L ;wumi '.e, :. w: a.' tso us aoue, and. tLot it wouol!
lee amlsuet to the people to bave their property and
t,·1~-- j partlir . i'r 12 nmonths fit uth wLP M; ~
o E L:v:.t t4' protect thcuit, he tiierlIorp re.&igned,
vI) `IY.c")YLid'r·zno the intor.r t- of th* pe'p!n ii nso
duin;. Mr. love,; tru.u that hi. i uj- x l wi it
date, ctu,ýr to tJI pu;,li..
SLc Ling.
W_'"E;L v_. Y. it.
It rau4 ha. prravauaied Li ttacsid:r, thatr
meit could not figtet hard or . rare o evere
pui";~imrnr fer~ RO lOng a t in~.' No onei
uIf r n bW:t ti 5 i t t wlLt o p i *i '. 't i. \ o t h ' u " h u t
biroiti of tlr r fllt7fl ft ! to;,i L .
I:. id tinv ot tzemI. 'iii ;left Fide of
ii tnoarp.`d tttuelh h armt oui~ll- I :",
';~l t.'l I so tj:u1d or. top of L~ill, a4 a
n:itt en, t. rn:nu tA- In eal~ (if - pan iah
t it'.: wrhith it s.t't~it 1i i i :rde'~ti:Z4 th it a
tie ln of I i wijart i;!t conuld ba'r for uvev
three. hiotrs. lla~lzh O'Nc l.s ?'., t1' Civc
his full share of credit on th~k scr. Can
vi~it..d his gib i ii nearly t he raslt~
with h;q right sorne fortv times. uid the
orui-ed condition of the tijan "hosgcd its
deetvrm!ind tiatur. his IrO, also ;'am txil
contused~, ssill n and c. At the trii
uitriontll of dli- tight ti 1w rmitetnic '.couuld
ipnuirerntiv leie Ilift hont bulin'. aud Li, a:,
t; on isr r :,a cxurct rnelv t 'aust'd. lie n 3er
winced, but toook the hard *st blocs as if
lift seer. in ado of stone. Conea f.t il tz was
a p trt of Iis tactics, in whicb he imitatce
Su!liivn niad S;iyers. It is inip ssibe for
a "T lii. *44 1n 'o ..il t -nil with a ;arse otIC,
n inv (tier \t A~ li th"ou'h it was als
irhut u~u:.i ad t:. u mhly :eu hairda
1 _1t atc e'lr wats c estevd in thL ringl
Ijth the in"n arc stinging blitters, arn it !
WASI Srp nIngiP to s! ,e ari . hear ti-t 1Vowlv
d',;ivercd and to lint] the ooru)at:ants at tau
al i of Iuie, as reads aq ever. It is our de
Dit rate opi)in ion tha; neither would gia up o
as loth as hi eartl] stniJ (o his fret. Botb
refa.,eud to idraw, until repeatedl' prescd
bIv the refmiee.
Matsh for $2t8O a.ide, in gold duet, and
thl ring money, between Joe Beau and Joe
il,'. Tlhis al:tir, which canme ff if the
s:,mi ring which was the scene of the en
.ounter h:-twe;n O'Neil and Orenm, reseum-,
hi d tht: cnt:s` ia no;hin but the pre
l.n-toarirs. Tht whole th.;ig reminding
one of the gallop of a jtcknts--it was
"' short and sweet." Titme, 2 1-2 minates.
'The teruination was the r.'sult of an aeci
d ,lit: B.an and ,ilery mutually bringing
th"ir bhads in contact, after a very galis
rouid in which both give and take was the
ordor of the d&ay. Bean drew first blood
on the cheek, and both let drive at the :tame
tire, knocking each other aptrt. They
a•aiu met, ant both lM'ging out furiously,
thB force of their blows threw them forward,
rand their wig blocks coming in bontact, Ri
1 ý', brain-pin asserted its superior thick
i 'as and hardness, Bnn instantly falling
like a stuak, and adding the " organ " of
"f:iV- townativen.ess"to the backor his head.
Riley w.: somewhat stunned.,but shakren
together by his second, came to the
scr.tch all right. Sternnecessity, and the
help of a second brought up BýBan all
abroad. One, two, from Juey, and BJan, a
migat he expetdted, went down. The third
time Bean quite "'non compos." staggered
awey with op. hands leaning back over
the rop-es. [he sponge went up to such a
height that i; was a matter of spec%&ation
whether' it ever .would g::t down. It got
down and the hopes of Bean's ba,_kers
went up.
An aooident V.;ll happa-in a ighbt. The
d:uy before it wits Uugh's hand, now it was
B-sau's hdad. If he wants another trial
Maser Joey will sypa before him, we
have ne doubt. bean is a pretty sparrer,
and iperha bis unet atfair will meztd ,his
a was i d deno 4 th. by l Lor d ,a44ie
• ma'was stdotdt by l'bF I; Lor.led ,:T
fom Foster, from ,annaci-; Riley by Grit
East.ma and Lou McCarthy. Uft pires;
Georgo Williams, for Riley; Bob Harris,
for Bean. Tbbmas McNalley, time keeper;
George Bancrnft, referee.
Freom Dew Lodg4 Coeaftut
BBrrs Cart.
EDIToR PosT :--I have at last determined
to drop the pick and shovel a few momannts
while I scratch you some items concerning
Deer Lodge c.untV.
Your efforts in aiding, throunh the me
dium of your paper, the development of
the wealth that lies buried beneath us, is
well known and appreciated in this conm
munity. The PosT is one of the indispen
sable institutions of Montan--so t ink
the miners here, as a glanrc at your sub
scription list will sbow.
Butte city is teeautifu.y located on an
eminence near the junction of the left and
right branches of Silver Bow creek, and
close to a stately grove of pine trees,
beneath whose shelter has suddenly come
into existence it town, comiparativeiy.small
ai yet, but destined ere long to be one of
the most iouriy.hing and prosperous in the
Territory of ,lnt,,n:i.
Our lodes.num, . from two to threehun
dred, most of them are well defined, with
from two to seven feet crevices. The gen- t
cml quality of our quartz is better andr
richer and the facilities for working it,
are more convenienzt and abundant than
any where else. Thiesu are facts admitted
by all Coloradans, W:ashoo. men, and Cali
fornian,. The partiality of the latter for
everything Californian is well knowrn. and
heretofore has been rather it hard ob. tacti
to overcome. lHere, however, it has been
dispelled by stubborn facts.
When the first lodes were discovered Fin
thi.i section, pro'pectors were s:tisfied that
they were very rich, but oven then the most
sa.ig-uine were not prepared for the start
:iug dvehlopmnn.nts of thelns:t few Inoat'l,
duril:n which trnie many s afts h:va beenl
suns arrd tunnels run, t apprlrg the lodes at
a water le vel. From th :1 has been e
tracts"d pieces of lin, grained quartz, with
the. -itterring matal strewed n'.l ov,'r th,'m.
In fat, this is now a d,i!v occurrence.
Silo 'r predominiate in urLut Vile half o:
the iones anld go l it th outhcr. On the
4rigin , s even lhafts have 1)fia sunk from
tvrett- tou fifty ite, at'l of thiim (on the
cr2aice--and a beautiful on', it is. A co:
r.ect as ay hat., r...contlv been r.ead f the
rosi at this depth. it ii n1!u.eu'+,. v.eil
AIit ie 'lc`:,rl COt:iCi) wi hin t in I21'.rv i i1u ,
ut l.', i.. (rI l V to 1}. 31 1 tJ) d:. 1 :t nii
douL; . s f'ht r; are mantiv ofr h-r 1d.lt' t;14
I go,-d :a tt" 4rigjiu:LI. but I h:tv.'nut tiuIŽI
to gi 1 . Cie'r ttlaL:SJ I1UWi. ` i'i pr;).sptcta of
Ite mintt 5 of thisa cuuoutrv irt tright tor t"1,
fltr" Sabir aiud tinkiber arc in 11 ''i'i
e-t :L imudiI e :ai.I cCuvetiiClt to the l1, 18.
I he 1::.N unIe vale 3 areŽ cov'ered with thie
b a t' r, `ari, ?i. ;tuck of u:º kindls brn-wc
t tiu'nu, rCttjfl: fat Rfnd ILt~U to,). A g
ertl ( i rn. t l t'"ili that thii will bit a
wlill ] LUc. to winter. '('here is not IUnchr·!
snow herC 'et. aiil went hope it will ke-,p aI
ro'pvr f, i : t..ucs tur .JU b~L~tncu of thy
I Zuig lt c.tv rita l1 more rabout our lodes
h'vrc, takd tx,:1a!h: will, if you widh, in an
uther ctm n uihiottion. At preacnL I f1Žar
l auiuiv of ,our re,tdCrs Viould thlink I wus1
rmnreiv intjaZtinr in the ux-it ?eration iriei
uet to 1nring vmttnps ge1r aily. Irssure
theta, vluwarcr. this iy but a t;"uthful .te
'outtt o; 0;r ittines here. In falt. I darn
not tell tl,, wiviuloe truth, di. crae I knotiw the
ItirvwII Iwutle read ania re'gard- as thl;!
euttiiatX'tn 2f L hiytct'd br;uin. The d'~v ei.
SOna.:tt of )nir 1ohts is goil:T Ft:eaiti on
watrd, and your reodere will ple t, 1:1;ie
the mselie-s to listr nom:; astounditg dis
cloures itiningr the winter.
Th. piUC r i.grgizgui here aire utidoubte~d
1y good, aut d v:ry cxtenhir ·. I muight say
More about them? but fe;aring this hctter is
alr eda tuo iong. I miiIst cloe it.
JOE Bo rIniim.
"M urIl1-mbCmrl MrI· I
1.75 000 Founds
At Fxpr"'. l o m'l, East W':.hikce Strit. Virgiuia.
i- -jr.t. 3. Mc^KINAIXY.
( E of thi :?l et Quartz Minin" intbrestr in fMo'
t·in: for soLi at a grN.t sicri~:c`. ;ýci feet,
prine:palih intcre-ts in di.-cov'rv claimn. (in th'
Iiiýt er. i :ic on the ihas It::;in irid Bo1en:ijn ini
JlIilciion coni~rty. : ·iod the wal~l known Cou!.tri ht,
Ojhihir. b ount-fla ::xIi' Pril inn Lodi. in .Teft-iarm
.18h1ata2v 01 t('2='th . For particu:isa re pecti.g
asaayc, aIcice. term! of s*1e, eugnir. of
1ý+ rf JOHN C. TT K.
In the Probate Coinrt of lta4Igon
Jame! Mrhnn pl:linti!. ~c t JaDreu H. Harper
and (eorgr M. (1pynznn, a lQfsnlta
ýOTICEi is hereby given to all whom it may cm:
.1 CMn. tint cconhin; t,) the provisions of thte
Act of the :;:atd d of January. A. D. iSG4. pro
vidinr for th'e fijinj of AlI ch::nic Limy, .1 Ihav
fileul a lien opt th- bIidinin tOf the ::bore d.'mIdisuta, I
in Virriniia (its-. anui ti!~C all persw.e holidiuc or I
claiwiii; lins u'3der the pro'. icions of this .ct, on
the eaj premnise;, salsl appear at the next tmTn o f
the ProI jee Court, to be held on fire -fourth Mou
dauy of Janu;ary. A. I).. an, und then and therr
exzibit the proof of thu~ir enir1 i'-ns.
JAM it., MIAXAN, PLiintif.
Virginia, Dec mbar 24th, 1864.
- Stray Cattl.:.
.ri'jlAIEN VP by Wni. Connor, hor&3inan for KRe
Tj chevljOKbeney Co.. it tbeir ranehe on the
Madison, 10 Ililm belowr the croepiiug on the Galla
tin IRont., four reed etleer, oue Hlintndt on 141ft Lit,
fl;ure '., blb-tail five Teary old: one pale red, no
oraamds. 0 yearn ol0. oe henry rail. no brends, live
y na old ; one deep redl iuout 7 verrn al;l. Owner
cin have the mame by proliu; property and p.aying
D.'e:+,nber 19th. 1%i, 13-3m
R) EIUlVAR L.'~ttng night of the Nevada Circle
I o ef ýIaazP rtu eherIbood, eve y Thucd y *yve
Ii JOHN fl. M CGRATH, Se'y.
101000 ikds OATS,
3,000 iba. dIARLEr,
i0,0O05lb.i ONIols,
8,000 lbe. DRIED AN'PPLIS
100 litgami WwrppIng ?w~per.
10 X90e 3ellchew'. 40e34i Syrup.
gQ tiallooi Soreghum Mo#u a,
1p &ia 1. ReI~J and~I Whiekey.
12 Cneas bbati sa .t
20 tsa& Plantation and Uoshttew B Dom
VIwklIn City W*Iwe.al..0 x :es.
coanuacts waWtug lat "ia M s at PoSr."
Non-rlidst retermU pmlasee bear in siut at
our qutatioam ad busdeupon acteal *otations,
and are (o.n prices for goods by the original pack
ages. The retail prices aro age about ten percent.
abve qetatlons
There is very little change to note in the market
since last week's report..
The demand for flour was very light, and the mar
ket dull and unchanged.
Bncon-.irm and edheaged--there is little do
ing in a speea.atie way. - The demand is confoied
to preient wants.
lard-Firm at quotations. '
In Groceries there is no change to note. The
market is steady.
Coflee and Sugers are held Arm at quotations.
We quote to-wSy as follows:
" o --ar tt. Loui, .pc... "8 "b. ick 26 00
" -Salt Lake... 25 00
Corn Mea :...........................
Bacon ... ................ ...... 55 ( 60
Lard ... .. . .. . 60(® 65
hIams c............. ........ ....... 57".6
Beef, corned. Cin.,...................... 16
Pork Prime f'es.. ...... ... , ,... .
Sugar N. O. ............. 65 0
A refifed y ................ ..... 07 70
" Powdered......................... 75
" Crushed.......................,. 70
Mnola.ses S II per 10 gal keg ............. 60 00
Belche're Golden Syrup, per 10 gal keg... 65 00
Tea Imperial.......................... 2 40
• Younfg IIyson................... ..2 25
"' California Natural Leaf ........... 3 00
Coffee Rio ..... ....................... 65@ 70
" a Jva... 75
Sie Apples......... ................. 37J
Dried Peaches Stats....... . . 65
" Ntew Salt Lake..-........ 0y
iDridi Currants. Chelrri lack Derriea,
and Rasp L'arrtie.................... 70
Cheese llamburg........................... 70
" Western Reave........ ...... 65
" Engli-h Diary............ .. . 70
DBatter States .. ...... 120
SSt. Louis packed.............., 150
" Salt Lake1.... 25.(1i40
,, .......................... 1". I
I :i uL . navy.... ....................... 30
" Chill........ .................... 35
Potatoet .IsyQ
oi atoe, ................................. 15...0.
.itrl, ....... ........ .. .. .. .. .. i
Sni oo .. ........... ....... . . ......
nion. ............
T-:ts .... . . .. ........ ....... . a
trn dle,.. t-r. ..-I....
SulaertuP, ..lai ua.. -5
Fo3.p i'.ls al. Loui].
Ni,. per keu ... ... .. . .4: . . rl. 73
Ca'd fut. .....................24 00 ;2 00
Cain'd p er Q . ...................... :; 00(43 7 00
Cal O -il, !,r g al......................9 01i1I0 ,0
Linused Oi .................... ....... 10 0
Crackei. ,u,S as ........................ .
'" .'t:u:;,r............ ...... .... . ,0
STob.cu, Lewis A BUro. natu:al ler.,...... 1 75
N" . I, I 'd..... 1 50
I ow~r rrades rat's from .......... 6tC. l :;5
I! per rain ........................... 90I
gI rou d ...... ..................... u
R ict....... . ....... ........ .... ... 0
Io(,'KFE!,LOW- & lV1NNEE,
.o. 5, Jackeaon street, Vi:'i.ia: City.
no ir:Tili'v
firCT.;:D LT ALA`( I!., L) )IL!_F.D. BA.SKEKS.S
VIT.GrJK rb 17.-, DeUc. 17, AN1C .
I:x-Tx~l; on ti. V., exiling for T. N. at 3 per
cent. prc.i
F~vclinrn:on X. Y., selling for coin at 5 jper
Trury Not"., Lovirng at SO'Ft=., for dubt.
acilil: ft I'0 c:'.. for (!1it.
Giotb )uA. turin; at ;(:1( Ci nor uuncc in '1. N.
Giold~iit but, iL &g t lI4 CQ to Cis00 for c6 n.
Coin Lorin~ at I0t er e t. pr'micinirn idu t.
llush Glenn. J. (I. Raidiin.
Wrallace Street, Virginia Cily.
Menls at all bourr. Oy:t 'rs and r ev7 luxury tb.
ntrne1ct rff.ii. Tihe bar i .uFrll~id with ;i. b@:
of liyuo:. and ciCkri.
1 2--tf
I' *gi;jin Cit, ioantaaa Tnrritory. Sai belkij
& P.?rnnreski. heprieton.I I-!ae
For Sade.
T IE BOWLING SALOON, -ititted on Walince
Strn r. will it roldI CHAA P for caish. Buiiing
00 f.'et l !.';th, .uitahli for atbu-iujut room.
Ally--,- 2nrl fl.ture: iwill b sold etpnre.te if dt irod.
1'o0i; i43ticulars c.il at the premLes, one door nbove
!IIE CO-PARTNE ISIIIP heretofore existing be.
tween Preed & Stone. 1I:.e this v been ti.olvl
ed by m'itnul crw..mnt. All debht rlue tie ltrm m ust
be paid to L. M. Stone, eo I all persons liolikg
claims ngr~iirt the firm will ]leatse present their aC
couute to L. M. Stem; for s.gt! -~nt.
Summit City, Dec. 5. 18t4. 4t-7li
public that he Las op~ ~I a SCIIC.OL on Idaho
;treet. Lbehi. Mr. Lomax's torral. lHaving been
long and successfuily engaged in tuition, he feels
pure that the f:i:nds of Edunction will support
him in lie attempt to a ttblish a really g.ood school
in Virginia. City. All the:brarch-~ inclnd, in the
c.:ric.larn of the be:t Seminaries ill Le taught in
the mort approved marner.
TE I M S :-$1.50 pe.; week.
A night school will be opeunc next Monday for
those whose vocations prvent their attendance
during the dcr. Tho~ tricti*t attention will be
paid to the moral nod eleortment of tCie pnpil4.
Young beginlerb $1.25.
Wallace Street, Vlrglia liity, Three
doors above Allen & Mllard.'.
ItHE UNDERSIGNED has now eomy.leted hir
1 ar a and commodious building. Ilnt floor 96 x
1S, seco.:d floor 18 x 32, and is now prepared to cc
comluiu.lte all who will give him a call. The table
will be fauished with as good as the markt eaffrds,
and the prices to suit the tiues.
Meals Served up at allRours.
II. C. CROWELL, Proprieb r.
Corner of Idaho and Jacktson Sts., Vir
ginia City,, 3ontana Territory.
if &fri c the I'lanter's 116use, Uauzlrzj SO
maoduted ky lniu-Slo~n, &q., having beau
larfd anI roY-at- is no* op^u vit*i eve.7 facil
ity for tbe awcowmaodatiom of tb i mad DWA&Mrs.
Couifatble eoma and be%6 are provided and, a
aLbli is careslaly furunimwd witb ht. bos the mar
ket and seavofix affie~. *~ t3 lti
Pnes egm for thb ew.y Ste Coachrl yaý ol~taia
goo4 lodgaings hwpd ie Mxad at.
bakeL. T" latV'0i aAN
D. w. TtUa.. -. U. UrIYI.
WallU S treet, and
Jackso ISe.. - Tirgtaml, X. T.
Keep sontantly es bad the best asetet of
pcaooL tooKs,
FrACY aooDs,
Ei Et., Etc., Et..
Alse, retivT per Mail anad ixprem, the least
Eastern amd Waters
They have aluoe, in conneetion with the lb,.o, a
Job Printing Establishment
Where all kinds of Job Work, nch as
Posters, Cards, iil lihads, Mining Ce ritl
cauls, and all kinds ofj' hlank =Work,
0 will be executd with
WVllace Street, V irluta Clty, X1, T.
Dealers in
ant General Merchandizo.
5--t f
A. J. OLIVER & Co's.,
Lsxpress Line,
To I;nnack, continuae to iun tri-w*ekly, be
tween Virgi-ia a-nd B;annackcities. With f,-t
stoc'k, comfortable coaches and careful drivers, we
solicit a continnance of the public patronage.
V\gini.*, Nov. 26, 15G4. A. J. OLIVEIt.t CO.
Are now prepared to fundi:h Music for
or in fec: for any occ-"ion when aGood ]raa Barnd
or Orchstra may be employed.
Headquarters on Cover, below Jackson Street.
DAVYrr SuIrn, D. W. C. WAUG!~,
Prompter. 1.a etor.
ne houses is town. Equir-e at the Cit
Book Store. _
. . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
L U. BER 1'41D.
"V corner of Idado and lroadway streets, Vir
ginia City a complete assortment of WIlITE PINE,
and other lumber, and can supply ctutomerJ on
the shortest notice. Oiders may be icrt at the Lnm
ber Yard abd will be promptly fillld. We have the
only mill in the Territory which rase winter and
summer, and can fill orders at all .'emons.
4--tf O1IOM.iON I CO.
_BRUNDY'S MILL, on dinkwatmr Is prepared
U now to mw bills of *.nnber of any size at abort
Their lumber yand in Virginia City, is in the
Warsaw CorraL on Idabo st eet, where they can
stant.lykeep the bhat articls of all kinds of lumber
at; reuouabla r..rt. AIo a good aeortment of
sash and lath conisantly kept on bad.
E1 it known that at the Decimby Tei. I164, of
. the Diktrict Court of aid Coatay, It was ordered
that plblisation be made for one month i -the
Montage Post, of the following smrnom:
Territory of Montana, Ma4son Co.( ty, a.
John A. Pollock, P is.}Villifam Hourmd
3Ja., 1 oust, defendant JIn Di rict Court.
To t! Iktondant : : -Yos are hereby saw
requirmlt darl amdmrwwrw corn
Stbrpla i the above emtiU aetica,
+bwho al i a, as'cl-rk of said coart, on
the ~ath day of NovuaItr, 1864, at eaY ooe it
ti jir . tW iuePsd Yuntitp. ýli
rad if dr fail eoa .lrrs .' obwspbi·t,,. yrli
amJl~*w~r de~~P N MIe
timedu gjsi
it AY! Jt'p auCrvb Tm LAksmy
S6awl .g4 asoralta.t of our Cntos Mad.
Roots and Sir.., eva ba'oght S. tsis, ?adrwy,
compiriing our w.U ka.*a
xi~Em~S' fl0OTS,
ENGLISH C~A? 001l;
Atn k6& of .
SCOTCH 30101"M 3OTW,
MEWEl sad ?t2CIKD CALF 3001
bi;gle sad DoNul, Sole,
of eat sy varis.o
Also a sar, s ortntlt of
KID, CALF, and
Tosetbwr wit
W also laoLa a lam aaoe .1
And a full Supply qff
MfnkinT the Rent mur S!ie orrinow bots iii tlv
Mirnufr'crnrr andi &mle our entito e"4 ld tliuat,
ne patice . we eve eo'fdeat of still tiring tha
fullest satisfaction to cor cumerous cmtomsus.
N. B.-Wti WARRANT all out
{Itorcs at Virginia and YOvat Cities.
Virrinia City, M. T; Nov. 20, 164.
..'lrB R. jKd 1O USE.
Jackion Street, above Pf. Offie, Vlirini City.
Montana Territory.
II. P. DOWNS, Paoemtrrea,
The Tail? upplied with the best the markt at
fords. The S.lonnii furni.,ed with tie best of
Liquors and beturs.
The Attention of the Puablie sm we
quested to the following letsAee*
ElRSONO engaged in any trade, busine, eccep.
tion or prof .sion as required hy the provionm of
the Internal Revenue Act o( 18i4.toregtter with tIh
Ai-tant Aeessoe of the Dietrict in whicc they
reside. " let, his or hb-ir uwiae or, style, a: .cap.
of a firm or company, the names of the serpIl per
sons con.t.itutin;g 'uch firm or Cuopapy. ad their
p:,ce.- of re.ildec 2r:d. the tr.de bu:inest or pro.
f-ri.u for which a lic 'nse i drlired ; 3d, the place
wh- ... such tradT, hninps or profexion it to hl
carried on ;" in orlder thst they may obtain licanse
to prosecute the aame.
P ircl failiar; to c:'eptly with the proriidba of
this Act mkkr them lvee -u'bjtt aheravy pealty.
Lic- nse will bhe *r tee to t itbha lat day
cf the month in whic notice is ci
Aseistant Aeeeaor ntetrnal Revenue, 1tDir.,M. T.
November 23d, 1864. 1-f
,SActTANT Assessor of Intarnal Itevmu. lot
iL. Diviejcj,, Isi'trict of MoDnana. Place of ,rb
inets at tha offlo' of Thompson * C/ji LAmbic
Yardn Idaho Strcet, Virginia CitJ.
tier: Sad, l5vý, 14011
Virgania City, Prickly Pear a.4
M1kak Weeklr tzipf betwemn the above umed
rfac'', wita TfltoCtfl.Iiity end dispatch. Fart stock
sod grOd rprwg wa-olla. ()QOcyat Kiag £ Gilleus
Store. Stone Well Curur, V irini* Vie;, Noutaug
[eriitory. Sm-Il
11ev Yard, on Northuioe Wallace Street, o dt.
I rinia lfreww,. Notling but thee fist o
riaa six-no mwsl brcas or weael*. 3;-I
Estrag .Yrolicc.
TpAKIN- up tv the Subucriru. ono r i Ox, a
rt-tilnr fer.c-breekor, no other ntk. Ap
il at Lhe ElFepant Corml. rov* propftfi. pay
cu~rge! ani take the c-sawa3. aw-190
Jackson ltreet, Tireanui City,
Thi Enet tahl. I town. The, Iftu pi1A4 Wfth
the b-At of iUquors av4 Cipi.
tr-i~lJOTII M.IN1G.
Fov~nd I
ro~ty. vrA pfivtg 1ý* '1101ý o
to rom it as lobiv idol.':'4~?~(1. a
Ja.kaii p mm% v
P to"
001,orw n

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