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The Montana post. [volume] (Virginia City, Montana Territory [i.e. Mont.]) 1864-1869, January 14, 1865, Image 1

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D. W. TILTO, & CO., Editors & Proprietors. "My Country, May she Always be right, But My Couatry, Right or Wroag." TEKRX:-47,80 PIr O A dr~ .
Lhc E 'ounttr lj ast
D. W. Tilton, & Co.,
D. W. T!LToN. 3EN. R. Diras.
Offie at the City Book Store, Corner
*g Wallace and Jackson Streets.
T E R S:
One rpv. one year, - - - 7 .50
One c;Ip. six mxonths, - - - 4.00
u.te cJT'Y. three months, - - - - '.50
Rates of Advertising.
't.-i rj! c.irrh. (fire lir.ec or ].-ti one yTzr X2O CO
're monlths 1 00 F
tires lr~moutbs 111 ht
,ý;...,t i ! rP -ix 01t!' O ' t ; 2.) ti ý
(lln ý,.n ýl thtr, o riunt.i '' S 15 (.0
(1irt r conlimn. one 'Pnr, 6) 00
t'ir"· (' o oo
".". Ott
IL :f cj~':..in. on- ' v-r, 90 (0
i .t not Y. 00 0!1
t'. r-"' ,!onths 45 (;0
One eoi rn. nnr vnnr. 150 CO
ri~ mcth' IN00 o
ti~rrr months~, 75 OU
Vi,'",ular dvnttio-r- Rill hei allowe to change
a 'v iii w uth ou titucnal char-e.
Al n o;rnvnumr.ico~t oný sh,,,11 b, ,d'1r's,nesi
W. I I LION t Co., \ir'ts.i, ( M. T.
1',ttn of cvnr r tlsc:ij~i ion exccuttd in it
i., iirn'^l VIA, at ra'n'-onn(l1 r:ttn-.
Territorial Ofricerr.
L..VP!-ln. :r \'NF.Y F1.lx: TON, 1annack City;
ilT itiint, ll. P'. lO1"SEX
Cii ii I~~1T . H. It. L. 1) 't1Y.
,ý. ;_t E Jr,;Ti n. A til\II t ClltlºI\
1.. P. WI LLT.TON.
'r. r. Gi:'i:RAL. F. P. NEALY, \ irainii City;
MA51-A uL.,r. J. Bfl'(K,
t 1:T:Vki: " nrfl A!.L. '.. Th)YD.
At't Lii J(OIN Q. 1.o')T.
'1 'rA'.!t i. 11.1 iliN J . 1111.L..
>;.Tt:Yý Ii iii i Is.It(ll\" F. A.4TcIISON'.
'r. C. EVE"'RL.
County officers of Madison County.
C nntv Con &lis'iuanr . ,JASE' F~lii~.i,
T'rubl .iiLi'. Tnnc . C. Ju1NS.
f~cill. NE!!. II)wIF.
Aei-too:t A~zeý-or I-t Di~trii't, JrOR.y COOK.
Pluuicipal Offit&4rs of Virginia City.
Joaliee j .il'2C iitil Ex-Officio Mayor. G.. G. ThSSKLL.
.Monbini .tý Cooncil. 1. K~. Wti ,ne fY,
SA M n 4.ZLSO,
N.ur l ;'-oot
,ason Ic.
?}re rP^_iiaar ro invcrientt o of Virginia City
I n { '. l'. I).. A. F. A A. M., are hell on the sd
tad! -11, r. t or~h v in enazh rioiut).
1'. 'O W..
Al: ~ D~v· ~~J
I~.·Pet e eI.erv 9:1initla1.} rCev. A. M. TInR.
a: 11 A. M . nt the Cur t c.aue S:lL;th :chool
i - P. M. All and i.:~it to it'nel.
Ii. r.ý. nbrs Jerry Cook.
\1TTIr \ I S at Law, Virognit City, Montana
1l 1.. :i rt [1V. Y. JauvLL1.
A:.arn:- L Lcn- Vi-;ýici~afi tt M. T. will proraip
11 to illrot·.·ionl t.1L.inses eutru-tsd to
~~~~~V I in.;*X PeimIerton. 11. Lainas
MI~C0oirmck, Pomberton & Burns.
A1: )"r+.'- l.:=w. t Virtlv:iia City. Montana Ttrtito
t M A.LF1t li. L. E. 'ARfRUTT, L. IV'. IOPnTON.
i',,. I o .. Col.
i.: : -.r.,ct 1. h~ ',^^? oun 1latlo ýtreet. orylocitý
C-: . ,. t :i.re, City, MajntanA -i~nitory.
r· .v. 'I:r it of c';tutu nwotk Pl~w y Ci hand.
I' ' P ,.r N '-y. t C:tv, 'Montnna Territdra'
; i ,;a, t :t'r + Iustoin-+$ that he is al
· t Atuf to :tui0 Ci moutbo of the hnnory.
!u ."i . c It 1-61
r-il r1 ?rii Si , rorrnmrlv n,-i. tnr.t in the
II-]ih~ t t th, New
I :.-h N.Npw S -" .rk-i'c itlu from Bulmu;11.
l o . i cis Vii ia City, oppoiitr the Ilwy
I l.ctic:la ;L-tchIlnnker and Jeweler. Ptirticnlnr
W .+,)I Iiil t rT~Iifile eayll cloes of watch·.
A: " juLut aIAIIi} Watch can be r:ude new at till. ,ie
Lll~irhom" at.ui wurucu~t-d to givet eati'laetion.
"11 ar.dl ex. rnlen sleciuiaeas of Jewelry naae from
lJ Nercda Cily, Mioinatana Terriiory.
GL nISGLAX;ER, - - - - - - -PioPRIEOR.
Ti;i. ! i4 itnuted on Main street. end in the
It arHt of the City. The tldble supplied withm the
jt til ai ;t; hrl;u ;Bonidi, and the sialoan furmished
,flu thie hait liquors.
ltuui ijid l.,a'ls flcai be had at reasonable pricer.
:1g. Iui board moderate. 2
comiiaooidated Silver Star Company. The owner
y proeining propeity surd paying for this advertise
:iut cal l lime the r.ma at the City Book tore,
Particular attention given to the sale of Live
mmad ReAl &tate, sales of Stocks of Goods
store. OUee at te Elapbha. Corral, Virginia
,M. 2.
SWallace street. Virginia City, M. T. J. M. Castner
proprietor. The proprietor announces to his old
friend and the public generally. that he is now
r prepar.l to accommodat. boardershbythemenl,day
or week at low rates. His table furnished with the
b'et the market effordl. 1-1V
O Manufacturers of Jewelry, Jackson street. Vir
ginia City. M. T. strict attentjon given to re
Spairing all classes af watches, and warranted to
+giwve eifastion. Xee enstaantly on had a barge
A assortmrnt of Jewelry. Every thing in our line
0 mnnls to o_*tlr at low rants. 1-3m
Hair Dyeile and Cutting Done in
n TOM. WHIITE, Proplietor.
,0 .2--- y
, C tar* eon D entist.
1 tir,ts vi,-ited at their re.idlencs when dfired.
a tf
110)ATHT & CO.,
rrctf'rom tho :n:innfaetori,.
Ei'-v rdc. iptinn ofJeow-ry manufact'irtl from
the N :tiv' (;old. Call, Examine Specimens,
and then judge.
VIRGINIA ('ITY, .,Montana Territory.
Virgini City, Sept. 10, 1S61.
Real Estate and Mining Agency.
..All ln-in·s rronmptly attended to. Offics in
Pos.f Ct 'icO, uil:!ing
Office on Ca~er rtre, Vir; Ins City.
Also Flue Building, and all kinds of brick work
one to ord,.r. 5--m
Stana Territory. flc'. corner of Wallac3 and
Jackson streets, at J. A. Ming's Store.
4 ir----r
Shaving and Hair Dressing Saloon.
Sonth Side of Wallace Street, Va. City
LYONS &WIIITE. Proprietors.
Idahoo Ftraet. Cir-ininr City, M!. T. JnrlC Ger- ,
nail. pror -ietor. iieepi cun.tnntly on annd all
kiwis of t!ig beet lumber, w!ich will be Boll at low
NAv nO f Cit. M . T. Pat rick Ryan, p ropri etor.
Ail f !r on· tii hing good lread are i.Žtju"-tid to
caii. Icii' low. Alpo, beer fiirnichud wits the
be.:t of dink:. 11cre ii ti'ylnce to ;at nn honedt
lo:tl, z. cake or pie, and *wOznething to rash it
I r-n. tii
1'. C. CIr.N:+ L, M. i). S. L. F. WAJ.L3L, M. D
(Succ)FOra to)
Owic- on Jackson Street, below W0llac'. Vir-inia
`City. Mon tºna Territory. ly-i2
UtI i C O.1 LY O 0 11 i EU.£
Idaho Street. Opposite Recorder's
Will Dive Board and Lodging rt $14 00 pr.r week.
Any one who w:itn w:,nn. coimfrta:ible end cl.cn
beJ~, meals and litquors, let thein cll lnd gee
Virginia City Council, No. 2, U. L. A.
T T 7 ILL miert every Tudl;,y eovnin;. at 7 o'clock.
SV EN P le.r of U. G. BIS-ELL, Pre 't.
T. 1. K1 . KIassaiRn, R.c. Soe'y. 18--tf
Corner of Idaho and Jac~son Sts., Vir
ginia City, Montana Territory.
(Form2rly of the Planter's Hlouse, Hannibel Mo.)
I conducted by Win. Sloan, E1q., having been
itlarged and re-fittal is no* open with every facil
cy for the accommodation of Guet and Boarders.
omfortable rooms and beds are proviided and the
tble i. carefully furnished with the beat the mar
ket and seatuos afford.
PaYren;ere for the early Stage Coaches can obtain
good lodgings here and be wal.neue at the proper
hour. The Iltrnage~ of the public is respectful!,
solicited. Wx. t Jao. A. 81100F',
4--tf Paorniitoas.
Jssaga O~dice.
I IE Undersigned are now preparedl to amy cor
rectly iin small or large quantitie the ores of
Montana. 'ilvr, Uold, Copper, Lead, Antimuny,
or Bismuth. Office No. 2, of Cueent's Block,
eIruer of WaU*. saed Jackson Streets, Virgiaia.
t -i-t V. I. LW A5L A
sIa Franiscoe Cerrespona.ene.
SAN F$..cIsco, Nov. 30, 1844.
Mnr DEAR POST:--" The Lord raineth, let
the earth rejoice." After.three years of
drouth, onec mofe the windows of Heaven
are opened, and the rains have descended,
and the floods have almost come. No one
who has not seen it, can realize the im
mense relief to the country that these
bountiful showers will be. In the southern
part of the State, hundreds of thousndp of
cattle anti sheep have actually starred to
death. The crops have all bae. cet a..win
in some cases, it has beernnecessary toecnd
reliref to southern counties to secure the inw
ianbitants from actual starvation. The rain
will change the whole thing. .Farmners are
in a state of h,eatitude, and everybody but
the flour speculators rejoice with exceedieg
great joy. But such rains have their in
conveniences. Half of the sewers in this
city are damaged and the back water h1as
d naged partioa i|me-nselv-one film to
the extent of .420,000. Trees have b en
hlown down, houses unroofed, and much
other mischief done generally, but the re
lief of mnni for the future, that shows it
self upo i every face, a!oae would coanpen
sate for all dam igoe done.
The heavy southern winds that hlve ac
cup tonted "Iht rain,, has brought in a ltrge
leet of .csaelS from NSw York, and forei..n
ports, auu'd the wharves between the showert
are all alive with the men of busines .
\VWhen proper facilities are made, as theyv
will !,e, your country will get its supplies
from C.ilifornia:. There is every thing
phero that you need, and no reason why it
comLI not b, furnished as cheaply as in.!.
Louis, except that the greenback curremcv
is very d:ff"erent from oue gold currenc.
'hat, however, time will recufy, and thedn
you will come to your natural head
1 have Iet several persons from Virginia
C:ty, h*re rec' ntly. Th.:y are clannish
:anl generaly found tonether. Dr. Ihardy
and 11:. \Villur are at the Russ lIvtoe in
a state of salaLrihy. Bill Fairweather and
Pat Ga.l'n v are on hand and well, and
several others whose names 1 do not know.
They have ben extensivuly engaged in
adm'iriiig the beautiis of C'harlem Kicatn's
acting, and in prospecting for all the Jun
oixng on. lBy thl. way, thast acting of Kciaui '
ii the mosat wonderful instance of energy
and dterrmination ovýrcoming uinpo.sibih
ties, tha.t was ever seen. With a bad ftor.
a decidedly man looking face, and a wt a
c":rcked vc ', he has plied himself by
pure study and perseveranceI, at the he ad
of the histrionic profession. Every word is
. tudied autl placed in just its pioper posi
tion. wi;h tw:* proper totie graduated for te I
compass of h: voice. Every gesture is
pre'pared ong ago. Every chan-e of
ciuntaance, and every Iuov.ume! t 'if tha
eyelids i a pure piece of mecha:nisuI. I
h.ave son him twice in his greatest part
as I think-C'rdin.l Wo`'0ev. and if a ma
chine had done it, i; could not hive been
inore anike at each represintattioin. 1," has
no naturil geinius, but wonderful applica:
tion, and is truly a wonderful man.
Atuuselmeints if all kinds are plsnty this
season), thou h not so well patrun:zed as
th've wouldl l in bhtter times. A San
Fr.,.i.1 lI: 1 LowvC-r, :1 he havel not half
enea.~il to cat, must have his aIunusemle,.nt,
an d flUo the M3elodcon up, all public places
Thie &eaodecn is a p-euliar institution.
I have been once to the [ell: Union. 'That
will do for once, to satisfy curiosity, but I
t!hint: any one who should go thevr a second
tiime, would lie a good sabject for a nmoral
refo:,im society. 'lae perfoirmers consisted
of four nin and about a dozen wonlen, and
the p-rformrance lasted some three hours,
and 1 venture to say that during the same
ie-g;tih of time., more pure obscenity was
never veatil:it.d, than wars given to that
utudilincc. Whai:tt that audience was corn
posed of-especially in the private boxs's
ou c:an guess, but surely 1 flt safer when
once mnore upon tha sidewalk, with my cu
riosity fully and complktely satisflfed. In
slang phrase, "' A very litle of it would go
a In 1 - w ay1 it, . t "
N xt on the list. awl just ahore the Me
lodlon, we have thePony Express .alonn,
hi:rse i woot every night v,ºu can in'll<c
in the cliasieal aniusminent of dog fighting
and rat catching, at fifty cents admission
front seuts extra-not seldom varied by a
free fizht among the audience, which, how
ever, if you carry a good watch you had
bctt.r not indulge in, for there are ornme
prograwmes outside that are not put in the
Th'n we have the n-gro m.lo.lists of all
classes and kinds--.ome very good and
amusing, and some that would make an
.1Amnrican citiien of African descent,"
blush rosy red for the charActer of his race.
Th-n we *ave the th:atre and the opera.
Great is the dramatic art in California, and
Toum Maguire is its prophet. lie heads,
leads, innnagas, and pays, is rich-and owns
about all the theatres in this State and
Nevada besides. At one time, he had a filst
class opera, and' a first class band of negro
minstrels running in Frisco, a theatre in
Sacrarnento, and a theatre and a band of
Ethiopians at Virginia City, Nevada, and
the Lord only knows how many more at
other pliacr. II is indeed a genius and a
very busy one.
The theatres, since the advent of "The
Menken " have rather gone into the busi
ness of selecting the best formed to .:ive
performances that would, in New York,
come under the statute against model ar
tists, and! some of them certainly out strip
any female performers of ancient or tmo
dern times, if we except a Hottentot fan
dango. They tell me that they wear lesh
colored tights, but if they had'nt told me
0o, I dontt know What I should have thought.
t'ertainly, if it be so, the flesh coldr is put
on very naturally indeedi--"eapeeially,"
as a friend remarked to me the otber night,
*" the trimmings." We havre lately had a
play produced, called the "Siege of Troy,"
in which all tie aneient gods and goddesses,
rre,.ad by pretty we ap "Pred ifn
the costumes of the times, and such a sup
ply of legs, &c., &c., has not been exposed
in the market since the days of the flood,
when all hands stripped for a swim.
The acting of the Kcans and Charles
Wheatleagh however, is producing a much
better taste among the people, and let us
hope, will confine the exhibition of the
" human form divine" in puris naturalibus
to the chambers of weuded love. Miss
Caroline Richings has been giving the high.
er branches of opcr.t this summer, with a
very fine company, and has won many
s.amd, ilet ma hepe, mmee o are" b4
sides. She has now left us for a time, but
leaves hosts ef friends to mourn her ab
sence, anJ hopa for her return. Some
time I will write you more fully on our
amusements, horse racinz. C ifl"llous, the
Willows, if[aves' Park, &c., &r., ad inf:ni
turn, but for the present, farewcil, and may
A!lah preserve you.
Yotus, DEsuICHADO.
' SAS FRANCISCO, Dec. 10. 1SG4.
DEAR POST :-In my last I spoke of our
theatrical amus.ements in Frisco, and the
°' vim " with wb:ch out people g) into eve
ry thing of the kinud; hut to s.e ta rc:l Sin
Francisco excitctoant, you would h:t oilig.-d
to go to one of our horse races. Thie f sh
tonable track at present, i" at Bay View
Park, a place about five niles fi om the
'laz i, redeemend from a silt niirbh on th,
conminUs of the bay, and by the out!yi of
somlie .$1.0,U.). i:de oiln of the prtOiest
plces in the wo:ld. The trick i3 l::di out
over tihe pe:!fectly Ivel lad uo the b.i, anid
is but just above high watiir. The
buil.ings atni stand are so arranged
as to give Ia fine view of the sport to nll.
and the buildings contain everv comfort
ih:tt male !,ipueds could ask for, with the ex
c:.tption that no f 'male of the huli:in r?_
ci:-s can be found in or about the premuiser.
.1 fmlnali of t! i horse g.nue, howrcrr, has
of late been the Cyiloslle of all cs. The
little and wanderlful ni:ire " C ukown " has
been taking the shine oil f:om all the bust1
horses in Califo'li:a. She is a so t ofI
pocket (dit:o1 of a horse--wel gh less th in
Sieven hundred pon:tlo. paces to wai.I.
and lalavt b.,hllual the biig, st -nu'l h, st
hors e. in heats of two and thr.re lintl.
%Vi'bn sh' go-.* it wotl lhe h it'd to tel nithat
hard tIin's exit t in C.'i o 1:t.i. M o Clint ol
cry street inl t early p: t of the day, is
filled with carria..es of ~! kinds, with huo,,
placards to attract passLi.lgrs to th: r ice,
and from two to five is n .,ar' de.-s-lt-d.-
Mining ,tocks and even the ll.iu of green
backs are i*cundarv coni"I.cration , ai:d
(ra'e and stately bankers talk Lotrse for
the time ,eingl ws:th ll i tl:. f'rvor of a
horsulnan or jockey. Bets o: all kinds bare
mde. and-blesed relixatioui! eiven (io:ild
& Curry is for the time forgotthn. At ne i
run, over sixty thousand dol'sr. was pied
up on the juaE's stalld to :iOiide the event,
and the greutid so crowded, th.it tilt it was
more like a: Nw York mlob than t:ny thing
ill any oth:r part of the world. The wiule
sportinlg coiInunitv has been at wolk to
heat the little o0i, .b. in two or thrau, miOio
.esate she stands invincili. 11er W onwn, .
Allic, (ambl, jq.C, I understanld, is willin
to sell her for the Snu. sum of ~u2.A i. , ,lin
if not. as I h.ard boaid hli remnlrik,',hie 1has
h] .'u it t i r)",e t1ilan t :.: t '1. :itad dcsu."'.l to
eat out part of it."
Well, three days have p.sFised and I have
not been able to put pen to paper for an ac
curedl rhuuiatinsm in the artu. If you are
able to) read this, you will ,i, :v. credi
fur a new invntioi-and oh " the, rain.
it rainnrth every d;ay" down here, ain,] no
hope of a let up for my tribnla:ioi wch:ie it
.t.s. Whether thli roa.ds are not all wasih
edl out so that th uii will will never re,lehi ou
is a mixed matter. All S.ecrei:nnto v.iii ,v
and great; fears are entertained that S;-c.a -
tnl(_to city will he under water again. ds-i
pite the vast amount that has been cx::'ind d
in I uilding icvees oil all sides of it. *Should
that happen, it is h ought that it would
lave to le aban:.loned eairely, as all has
been done that can ever be done to secure
the city frout innundation. Thus f;r in the
season, the rain has ex::ced:ed the amnount
that fell in 'Gl, and if it hoids on in this
way, we mavy Agin to think of the days of
Noth, and shall certainly I,',e abhi to dtfend
any attack on Shaita City with the guns ,o
tile b', nll illche.
This fightin, arrnngem,-nt, (:or it cen't
b' called u ship) is now nearly c.omnplctrtd.
and a mo at ferocious little thing she is
bound to be. The description given by the
rebels of the original iMonitor, qaplics to
her exactly : "' A Yankee cheese box on a
raft." The deck is but twelve inches aboyv
water when in fighting trim, and tie: tur
ret looks like it was lio:ting around loo.c,
but to go on board of her, one becomes
wonder-stritciin at the inventive power
displayed, and a thrill of almost horror
runs through one when he reflects upon her
capacity for mischief. " Long mayv she
wave," and may God grant that on
this coast, we may never have need of
her death-dealing newer. Pacific in name.
may peace forever rest with us, and 'we be
delivered from the horrors of war, however
just and necessary they frequently ate.
But the Comanche is not the only defenei"
that this harbor has. It is said now to be
the beat fortified port in America, not ex
cepting New York. On our side of the
Golden Gate lies Fort Point, a rerfect gi
ant, bristling with arms all over-four tiers
of guns of the heaviest calibre below, and
a perfect crown of bull dogs mounted en
bahobett. It perfectly commands the en
Strance of the port, and can concentrate a
fire of nearly one hundred pieces upon the
whole sweep of the channel. The hill
above the Fort is also heavily fortified.-
Half a mile or more above, lies the Presi
do, where one or two thousand men are in
r-racks, above the large garrisons in all
the fort.. Above that, is Black Poht,
mounting some twenty or thirty guns, and
in the centre of the ehad.nel is Alcatias
island. like a fierce. little man *ith a cocked
hat. This is said to be a second Gibrvlter
on a small seale. The whole rlalad is one
usa of forlscation. boneycoasbAd t1.*
covered ways- and ravelins, and scowling
defiance to the world, from the mnazzles of
hundreds of guns of the heaviest calibre.
Any vessel entering with hostilk intentions
would he abliged for five miles, to take a
raking fire from Alcatraz, and at the same
time paes the concfntrated fire of Fort
Point and Black Point, and if she thou!d
get by them, she No ald then have the
"oheese box" to des roy which, of itself,?
would be no pretty job for a morning re
past. Besides these forts, on Angel Island,!
commanding the channel, up the river, is
idoteer very heavy fortiliation still in pro
cess of construction; so thiat so far as the
shipping is concerned all the navies in the
world would have all they want, to pay u
a bttil: visit.
Well, th ,re are run cnough for to-day,
Sso I will let you of!, hop!ng soo. to bc able
to write legibly and with more comfort to
myself, Yours, DEsDicUnDo.
Nevada Correspondence. ,
Aurs, I c. 17, 1804,. :
?,MEsSRS. TILTro &. Co. :-Believi:g t'lat :,
von woulJ b.' glad to hear from this snowy i
region, I will try to co.-tct a few item ' fot i
you, although 1 f 'ar I .h.all fail to give you
anything new. If I col , I would give
you :iboat four f -et of our new siow, which
h-:s been falling by spels. every day or
;iiht since you I,ft here, and for the last
twenty-four hours h.as ben falling very
st- ,i tily. The weather is bitter cold, and
.11 we can do is to hug the fire anti our fan
cis. I think a tto,ld oll-fash orted stone
fence 'would tit nic.ely inside of our jacket
su'h a day as this, but-- , hum! I can
only sit anal sigh ovcer the days of " Auld
Lang S ne, " Yet our younr bloods here
Is+ni. tu to "n oy th.tsnelve. hugely. O)ur mu
to,.al !ren 1 l-- ir-is be in rather under
the r eatLiLr1 for the' L:t t we. k, but he is lh't
I ter this morning, I think, for he is out to
buy. ibg, orrTow, or steal a slbigh, or get
uul e" to make one, for a sleigh litde ha
must have; but 1 think hie will have to
string bohtles on fo:r bel!s, for the old-f:Ish
;oned sleigh bells are eith-r out of fa-hioni
h,,re, or have tint Tt been impno"'td, and
all the rincimnen have locked up th;r bi :ls
s n.ie the 1 ist storin, for fear theyv ; i h: get
o jir.ling' without lear'. uom: frol
ic, party or ball is on the tapis nParly
every night, until the " wee sin' lours
xt out th: twal," but it is bI:ter thus than
fovnt p. op!e to grow old before their time.'
But with nil tit;r fanu,.the people give
some attention to busineCss. Mill men are
driving o:L.iad, some crushing roki, andt
-o:ne repairing their mi.'s so as to be the
better able to in et the requiremeints of the
community when ~hie sxring opens, and mi
ners are daily wandering over the. hilly,
'onme to develope their claims, and otheru
to tind new ones, which they succeed in do
ing almost daily. But still they a' e not
s: iaiid, for ninuy I talk with are a xmious
to go to your Ter:itory, whlwre t'lyv can
hai e go!d dig ines to wrk in. I assure
i is verx seldom that nin old Ct.liforuia golil
minor uwiil be content with silver min:ing,
th'reft r you may expect to see m Tny in
your c, un:ry liom hbert, in the cp:'it', ;'nd
frie nd 1i- s among the rest. and possibly
your ii um bl servant, but I th:uk riot, for
if the waother continues at this rate much
aloi 'r. I !.t'll be `ozen up.
Th, p·ice of prov:sionns has gou up
som ewhat. B'.cf is 7 cent; on the hoof.
M.ttun and poik is not to b. ho:. Flour
has :one up f-rotm $15, to $1r or $1u. al
though tln s': till continue to arrive from
(Ca.b,:rnia. I conversed with a t anstcr
:estc:d.°:. who say. ie oniv got i C,.:1ts P:.r
round. but it was worth - cecuts p-r 1.oa:nd
to h:aul freight from Sacrnamnento to this
pl,!ce, for the roads were so L.,l that his
wheels fryequently went in up to the hul.
and feed was vrv dear. l.ulev here is
rrom 13 to '20 c:t. per pound, and hey from
$301 to 84t pr to.n, but it is droubl) that
i ric', onI the road and surrounding dis:ricts.
ood ihere h,.s been $a pe:r cord .Ii sutnner
-now it is $8., but money is the d:-arest ar
tic',e in the market. I :;a not .certain tiat
there is nay in the market now. for there is
none to be had for lore or l,abor. I saw n,
:unctioneer try to sell five dollars the other
day, but he got no bidders, for nobody
could p',y for it. In fact, times are hard.
ai hush.ss is , u:l. Carpn etavhe hung
up th' conrp.ts nl:l a squta:re, an: ll asons
can only work speculatively. Wlit I fear I
mn drawing upon your time and patience
tor, heavily, so I conclude by sending you
and your readers the best wishes of.a:z old
The Timber of MWenteua.*--Tbe
Lumber Interest About 'irgtina.
EDITOR PosT :-Not having travelled over
a very large area of this Territory, I nam
unable to speak with exactnr:ss of the ex
tent of the timber interest throuhoutt the
whole region comprised within its boun1l
arief. I have enough infomn:tion on the
suhject, however, to warrant m.n in saving
that, though in quantity. quality, and va
rictv our timher is iiferior to that of the
Puit fie and Nortbhrn States, yet we have
an ample supply for a large population, for
eneroations to come. Nature has been far
more lib.ral with us in this respect, than
bhe has been with some of the Westeru
States and some of our neighboring Ter
The south-eastern portion of the Terri
torf, from its etsatern Imit to the tributaries
of the Yellowstone, is little else than a
sterile waste. Of course there is but little
timber there. Indeed, outside of the Black
Hills, the wild sage, prickly pear and grease
wood are about the only species of vegeta
tion that relieve the country of utter bar
renness. Unless the allurements of mine
ral wealth in "this section shall prove to be
salicientlv great to attract thither the en
terprising gold-seeker, it will ever reamain
what it ndw it, a wild, desolate, inhospitat
ble region utterly itwrthles to ian. It4,
general charaeter and appearances s well
described b 4 frol *eat Ms, tig's
" A desert solitude, alone appears,
No vealant shade Ieliees the sandy plain,
The wid.- (read weste no gentle feastain cbeenr;
One b.uren face the dreary pro pes rears;
Nought through the vast horloun m~lsa thes .
But sany wilds beneath, above, a thraaning sky."
Frona Wind river westward, the' ibli in,
creaces in fertility, and vegetation becomes
more pltntiful. The hills and v$es are
covered with nutritious grasseq. the
1streams are flanked by lines of cott~tiwocd;
and the higher mountains are crowned w.th
forests of evergreens. When you reach
the more promieut spars of the ky
Mountrins, the roleteia 'ilanon are
idarkened far up the mountain sides with
bJi:s of cedar and pine-the species of
timber which predorminates in the count-ry.
In the northern part of the Territory, I am
informed that the timber is far mole abun
d:mt than it is here. But it is a fact t3 be
lanment.:d that there is no hard wood to be
found in the Territory-no oak, no hicko
ry; noth'ng out of which can be made even
an axe helve or a wagon spoke. We sh:al,
hercefore. a!.wavs have to depend on " t':o
t:tcs " for this kind of timber, and th:is
dlep: ndcnee will ever he a serious debri
unet to the prosecution of some of the me
S.h1.1Aic:li arts inl this cuintrv.
'The prinicipal kinds of timnhcr about Vir
g:ni.t are spruce, a bastard white pine, and
a sp:cio called fir, wh ch very imuch re
si niblcs what in the Pacific Stars is termed
": Uregon pine." The spruce and the rine,
are genera small, but the tire are of i
g* ow th t.irg, nogh for proftable lun:h~jbr
inc. But the timber here, like in tioo
other mountainous coun:ries, is g nerahv
found ncstl.d in the n arrow gu ce:ca and
hollows, where it is dittienit of access. I:i
north-oastern California, immediately wre
of the Si rra Nevadas, ia a recion front
which ci\ ivization will most probably be for
cv:.r ex,;lu:led, we have seen forets of rint
Sand redwood which were so mai etie in siz,
:ai to , x,:ite the astonishbuent oi the trarvl
t er. V\\h: n gazing at th,.ir stately figur rrs,.
silent admiration, we conid not help woe
d- ing why the Creator had t~hus lavish.ed
his favors, where, in all probability, they
Swoud ntever be of any ntilitv what.ver t.
Sman. lHere, however, the tim.bt-r is m1ostly
w itrit can be made nvailabh!e. Your en
t terprising townsmn:in, Nathan Gibson, Esq.,
ihas, expnided several th:,isandl dhLiai.s,
and' intends spendina. tevcral thousands
S,,or. tine ensuing sp-rin, in gr:ading roads
up the rugged hollows that lead into Gran
Site gulch, so as to a:in access to the timner
in that vicinity. lie is farnishinn tie saw
nil of S. ncer, Harrison & Co., with logs,
i and emptovs about twr-ntv men and si.,tv
,oke of oxen for that purpose. This 101l
' is loeat:d in Cranite gulch, about three
miles east of Jonation City. It is driven
iv water power, having a twenty-foot over
" sfot wheel, and a circular saw. Under thi
skillful man.laement of its present thor"
t ough-going proprietors, it is doing a betttr
ti buinos. than any other mill in the country.
n Durir.g the past season they have been la
e bor!in, untlr the disadyantr.ge of having a
1 saw whtch ,ag entirely too small, to rem
SCedYv hich, IMr. Spencer has gone to
n' " m' rica " to procure one of the .roper
d imensions. The mill on Stinking Water
is also saidJ to b ý a good one, but the timber
r there is reported to be inferior. In addi
h tion to thielsc, there' are other mills within
the limits if th.e Virginia trade-,lni Mill,
Meadow, antd Indian cretks. Another still
P - p.rttbie steam mill, from Colorado--ii
With ail thQoe mii!s in oper:ticin an -
Cooding th nmztrket with th'ir Intr~icr, there
c:rt.tiiilv ieed hw no complIiut he-reafter
fr-omt the want of tha:t aticle. We matt
th-n h )ºpŽ to s"!c the rude 1'g tcnements of
which Virginia and h r nŽighbioring towns
are ehiet'v C'OInPoSC. atupna:tted by m0ore
elegarnt and dur;.lyle struc:ured of fram.,
:and stone. A few of th": elmcr ririoy rre:
p) rtv holders of Virginia hlav-e x iready
doeC tlmip, aol We ti u-c their c.~mn.n nt:blo
t· Inpie mnv be emulatecd by others, so
,hamt our young and iouurishin. Tr'ri~orr
mn-Iv bu:ut of a city, such at wj; he crett
itatlo alike to ours lyc. and to the countrr;
Lutubr \' moJs. M. T. I. I. L.
It i4 r. -.1 kanwn thtat, aithourh Jiujvi hat
i b^.n forc'.i tc nmamke treaties with the gren:
powers otf Lhriett-'iotu. she has n rer been.
.ILii· to ) 11.kt the !unhmrajin~ate princrs snf
m lt: tiV tucuet:tO, e to secure their xtecution.
hie ettrnan-: to the Inland Sca, whmi tP' -
'ratks the taw stualier islamnds on the south
'from the nº:min!:end of Jupan, is by tbree
straits. Of ti- se, the most import tnt fti
coalhttrci:\ll t pttrpOsc: is that known as the
Straits of S :tmum:tsaki, on the weest. The
cntr aae haos b --cn strongly guarded by the,
It'nii.e of Nagato, whose p:o~tuce conm
u omudJ it on the ior.h. Ut iate the Prince
h as g; e:tiv st;engtheneJl the fortite tion.4,
with V. view to the exeltsion of foreign m: -
s els. Abmout a `ear t :o, kr nclh, Englh4ý,
.andi Area-riean vmcsse!s were fired apon.
i.ti tlt tbh Englisht vessel ornorant bad
I gun ftred across her bowr. It was then dz
tcrminedl liv cll the foreign ministers a.
i Xukohautcm:c that the forts must be redWecd. a
Sixtaeu vess .Iu of war weto emueuged It+ t:,'
expedition. Thioe American Minister no
hacvingi ,uman-of-war at him csmmaad, srr,
a sailicug veas-:i to represent the Auewrica
tI cg. JIalf the vessels were English, thrc
w ere French, sad five Dutch. After thrr'
I days' fibgting the straits were opened. T?
I Allies lust forty-six men, and tbe Jiyant ~e
frow two to three hundred. T. forts ara
to be dismantled.
How -vo TtKE Irf -" on don't &knw
how to tike mc'" azmid.i *wS w fellow to
gentlem:in h,! htId .iafu~) IT "jek 1 6y
replied he, t'kiku, lft,ýib Aose
Children," said a considerate btw4yW
to her aseumbled progeny, Tau Say -40w
every aiiog you want, but yoU uMep S
any thing you can't have.
1Why iA Shylock aI m6t dzicOU
Wtr t6 perrtormI? B~caosu it
possible to do a Jew.
, ADvIcE ?Q R .
ida bryoud four daim

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