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HrcG (iLE.-B , of Virginia City, is our authorised
Agent to receive subhcriptions, and motieys for
-_me. His recipt will be good.
MAJ. Ursot, of Fort Benton, is our authorized
agent at Fort Benton and vicinity.
RowLIrNs & Co., at Silver Creek;
AIR. T. J. MZRRILL, at Prickly Pear;
Abo the Carrier, going from this city to Port
The Post-Master, at Bannock City;
Also the Post-Master at Salt Lake;
Ms. JAs. STARtu at Deer Lodge.
.aF, FnAYx WORDEr, at Hell Gates
DI. OvsnraAV, at Summit.
T'. N. Lawis, of Summit Valley District, Deer
Lodge County.
- The '" Irsh Lion " will show his facs at the
Theatre to-night.
- Go to the Montana, to-night, and see the
' Lady of Lyons."
- This morning we opened our eyes, saw the
sun, and blessed Providence for the balmy air of
NOTICE TO GAnerus-Owsras.---Geo. H. fanna &
Co., haver jst ieceived a fresh lot of Garden Seeds.
Buy some in time.
- For a few more tons of good baled hay, at
three cents per pound, go to Mack, at the Express
- Let every one attend the Lecture to be given
next Thursday evening, by Judge IIosmer before the
Ilijorical Society.
-- Those who want to obtain genuine Mexican
Onion Seel can do so by purchasing from Geo. II.
llSana & Co., Waliace street.
SýAsu-u:.--" Theo." the untiring and always-on
hand Cunningham, of Nevada back renown, had his
npset yesterday on the road below Centreville,
smashing up his sleigh. Nobody hurt.
-- Mr. W. S. heath is our agent at Helena,
E.l;erton County, for that part of the Tetritory.
All orders for job work or advertising, handed to
him will receive prompt attention.
CGoon P.Itcn BE'Trr !-This most scarce and yet
most useful article can be had i-z perfection at the
store of G(o. Il. llanna& Co. It is pronounced by
colnoiseeurs, the best article in the country. See
new advertisement.
-- The friends of J. HI. Jack purpose giving
him a farewell benefit previous to his leaving our
midst. The event will take place on Friday even
ing next, on which occasion everybody should be
preie :t.
- Miss Woods the talented debutante of the
cas orn will receive a benefit on Thunrday evre'ag
next. '" Sill Waters run deep," will b^ performed,
in which Miss Woods will play Mrs. S:ernhoal.-
The lady deserves a good house.
BLACKSMITHING, PiouGnHs -c --Ddge & 'fhexton
,iack-miths of Cover street, are ready to execute
all orders for ;:loughs with which they may be fa
vuaed, in t:e best style. They have experionce to
guide them and can produce a most excellent arti
cle adapted to th- nuar.ts of farmers in this locality.
- In our columns app^?ra the programme for
the celebration of St Patrick's day, by the Fenian
Brotherhood. From the information we have ob
tmined, we esould judig that the display will be
worthy of the occasion. The hardy sons of Erin,
who havedevoted to the cause both their time and
their money, intend to have scmethlh; to show and
tL enjoy on the 17th.
BIzEF:rT.-M-.r. J. M. Martin, the gentlemanly
stage manager of the Montana, iakes a benefit to
night, on which oecaýion will bs producsl Bulwer's
celebrated play of the '' Lady of Lyons." Mir. M.
is so well known to nour citizens, that we cannot
id anyth!ing to his already well-earned reputation;
bit we hope that his merits as an actorand hisqua!
Sties as a gentleman, will be so far recognized as
to give him a rousing house to-night.
DsrTRnAsscE.-On the night of the 8th inst., at
a sccial party given at the Missouri House in Ne
vada, two man, Johnson Montgomery and P. Crab
tree, rui.-.ed a serious disturbance, drawing revolvers
amRndinticting a serious wound on Mr. Robt. Hill.
who tried to preserve the peace. They were arrested
thesnext day and bound over to appear before the
District Court to the sum of $3,000.
M.ti..--'The Overland coach came in on Friday
morning with a light mail. It left Salt Lake City
Feb. 17th road Fort Hall the 27th. Twenty days is
slow traveling, but con-idering the state of the
roads, grat. credit is due to the energetic division
:agats. for their perseverance in overcoming the;
difficulties in the shape of snow drifts, a feat ac.
couplished as yet by no conveyance except the mai'
Flu. oP ..e.--On Wednesday, as Mr. Collins
was engaged ini hauling piling from the ride hill,
in Pine (irove District, he was swept into the gulch
by an avalanohe; one of his oxen was killed and he
hiniself badly lacerated by the sleigh turning over
on him. On the same unlucky day, a man, whose
name we have not learnt, having bought a yoke of
cattle in tlighland District proceeded to fetch them
koce,' but missing the road he drove them into a
prospect hole andboth were killed. Good prospect
for Beef, on that day, but bad look out for cattle.
EaRATA.--I; the song written by Mr. Nat. Stein,
and published on our first page, entitled-" The big
Indian fight. on the Stinkingwater," a few errors
occur through same inadvertance of the compositor
in correcting proof. In verse 14 part of the chorus
is l4ft oat.; in the third v6rs'e at the enSae, third
ain#. fdr "'stop " read " save," and the fourth verse
of do., for ':muse" read " views." We are ex
tremely sorry that such mistakes should have oc
curred, and herewith make the amende honorable.
Lecrac nvr Omart Jusrica Hosmua.--At the
UnioxnCh!rch, on Wednesday evening, Chief Justice
Jivsm r delivered a lecture on the life and cblrac
:ter of Doctor Kane. A most intelligent audience
listened with the deepest attenciea, and loudly ap
plauded the learned gentleman at the close. As a
literary emoupositi.i.4te lctura Lake. a higlh-place.
Some of the concluding remarks especially deerve
a more lasting fame than can be afforded by notice
in any periodical or journal. We are happy to an
nounce that another lecture by the siae gifted
writer will be given on Thursday next. Subject:
" James Fenimore Cooper,"
NorTic.-The corporators named in the act enti
tied " An Act o incorporate the Historical Sonie
ty of Montana " to-wit: Christie P. Higgins, John
San., sames Stuart, IMalcolm Clark, William Gi a
ham, W. W. fldhacey,C.E. Irvine,bharlen S. Bag;,
-iranville Stuart, H. L. Hosnmer and W. F. Sanders,
are reqgested to meet at the Stoke of Daes A6
nat i.n the act of Virginia. Madison county,
Moatana.Terrniteo, on the 25th day of Marcha 1865,
at 7 o'clock, p. m., to permanently organuing~ said
Iacorporation. GRANVILLE STUAI T,
H. L. ýdsMER,
F. M. TdOMPx0s
Xarcb ith, 1865. . F. SANDE tS.
PoLucE Cocar.-The police docket wea not very
b * tie -ap wek.-ouldu we*t) h er o
}4sjy S as e wee up before his IHp9r.O r weasr
nges. chtgsng to the' oppoafiR x, Ad Ut
withbaedltag e.r au.rioa of igtaorni of the ex
istence of a city ordinance to the contrary, was
. $r. WatebidBy for bing notdtk, bat aighUy
e oziimsei itraiit moe a pliaerqy a.md rteg
Jm Down, th*W, 51sa a 8s'n, e orte.
l .-Mot, far pi sastg :a day osdi ance;
Ja5es D:ow. thbe same eo'nc' case diiLmi;asd.
CowrraxwrIar Bzartn.-'he friends of Con
Or6m have determined to give him a benefit at the
Montana Theatre, on Monday evening next. The
pieces selected for performance are "The Maniac
-.vp" sl thepantomime of the " Tailo and the
hbbtl4. AV esincerely hope that there wi be a
~~wdti lo.e'oa the oecasion. The wholeof the
bdinpanyh'ate offered thfir services, and as Con
Orem is a great favorite, and the plays are excellent,
a good time may be expected. Con will appear as
"The Cobbler.~ Loa McCartl as the "ailor "
in the pantosiaie, and Phillip D'Arvile in the first
piece. Con will also go through his series of Gym
nistic feats with the 35 pound clubs.
Fsutia Bnormsanoon.-There will be a grand
procession of the Nevada and Virginia Circles of
the Fenian Brotherhood, on Friday, March 17th,
1866. The procession will march through all the
principal streets of Nevada, Central and Virginia
cities, headed by Waugh's Brass Band, assisted by
the field music of the Brotherhood. The prooed
ings of the day will be wound up with a grand ball
at the Adelphi Hall, Nevada city, music by Waugh's
Quadrille Band. No pains will be spared by the
members to make this one of the grandest reunions
yet seen in Montana Territory. All members are
relueeted to be in attendance. Tickets for the
ball can be had in Virginia city, at the Arcade Sa
loon, Geo. W. Hynson's, Col. John A. Nelson's,
and at John Creighton's; Central-at Wm. John
son's; Nevada-at the International Billiard Saloon,
John Gibbon's and at Hallacher & McGrath's.
Josi. H. MGndts, Sec'y N. C., F. B.
QUaStz LoDEs.- Our friend S. M. Wessels, has
handed us the following certificates of assay for
publication. No kind of wind or weather can stop
him in the pursuit of the precious quartz. May his
i.dustry be awarded according to our wishes.
A.ssAY No. 18. [.Duplicate.]
Virginia City, Jantiary 14th, 1865.
Assayed for S. M. Weesels, 66 millogrammes of
ore. :rid to be from the Alhambra Lode, and find
its ' ie.d to be about one millogramme of silver,
whictL tc the ton of ore is, of gold, none; silver,
$448,14; topper, none. W. Y. LOVELL, & Co.
Assay by David Cowan.
Assay Ce. ii.cate.] Virginia City, March 4, 1865.
We have an:sayed portions of ore brought to us by
Mr. S. MI. Wesels, from Lodes as stated by him, as
follows: Frn m the La Crosse lode We obtained, in
gold, $109,80 to 'he ton; Polar Slar, in silver, $91;
do., in copper, 193 pounds to the ton ; Sanbarata,
gold $229,44, do.. s.lver, $12,56; Hardshell, silver,
$12,15; Oro a.Lche, silver $121,55.
11. CowaN, & Co:, Assayers.
Tax FNxx.x Baolr.'arL'ooD.-As we before notic
ed, this organization ot the Fenian Brotherhood is
rapidly extending. On the -oll of membership of
the circles established in Nes awda and Virginia ar:
many of the eons of Erin--mt with warm hearts
-nd strong arms, who emigrate'I to this country,
and are now citizens of the U., '. Here, in prosper
ity and freedom, they think of tOe land of their
birth, and unite, not only s.cially buy patriotically,
May all who truly and unseltihhl3 F'ork for the
peace and lasting prosperity of Old Ire'land, live to
realize the fullest consummation of the".r hopes.
As will be seen from the programme, a rtirn ing time
is to be expected on the 17th, (St. Patrick's Day.)
A proce-sion through Virginia, Central and Nevada,
a ball at the Adelphi, and a lunch given by the
ladies of our city to the Brothers of the Order her .'
It is a pity that the Shamrock is not to be found in
these miountains, or many a good one would be
drowned on Friday.
ViaGliais CirlT, Mairch 10th, 1865.
T3 Jc3ti Ii. JACK, Esq:
Dear Sir: We, the undersigned, having learned
with regret that it is your intention to leave Vir
'inia City at an early day, beg leave to express to
you our regrets, and as a token of oar estimation of
your ability as an accomplished actor and gentle
man, tender you a complimentary benelt at the
Theatre, at such time as you may desiguate.
Respectfully, your friends,
P. S. PFocrs, A. L. JUSTrIC, and 200 others.
: .TAsras THEATRE, March 10th, 1865.
To Mgsaas. P~ocru, JaTrrIC, ASD OTHERS C
Gentlemen: In reply to your kind invitation, I
beg to name the evening of Friday next as the oc
oasion on which I shall gratefully receive the very
flattering token of your friendship and esteem
offered to me in your letter.
Your obed't sarvant.
MONTANA THEATRi.-On Saturday, the company
repeated " Nick of the Woods" and the "Jaco
bite." As the "Jibbonainosay," Collins played
with more force and justness of style than in any
piece Livming the season. The acting all round was
a marked improvement on the preceding perform
ance. Ohlhausen's Col. Bruce was a considerable
advance on. his usual role. Miss Emma Perkin's
benefit was on Monday; and despite the very un
propitious weather drew a good house. The piece
selected was the "Marble Heart," Miss Perkins play
ing " Marco," Collins "Raphael," Martin " Diogo
ne." and "Volage." "Clementine," ' Mariette"
and " Marie " were given very nicely by Miss Ken
dall, Mrs. Caven and Miss Woods. Mr. Martin's'
performance of Volage was really very fine, and
gave promise of future eminence in his profession.
The characters of "Raphael " and " Marco " are
perhaps as difficult as any yet written. Collins and
Miss Perkins exerted themselves to the utmost in
their delineation. Mrs. Caven's benefit on Thurs
day evening was decidedly the most successful per
formance and the largest house of the season.
"Jack Sheppard " was produced with a smoothness
and general excellence of conception that insured
it the success it obtained. Mrs. Caven leaving her
usual line played "Jack Sheppard," most success
fully and was welcomed by the audience, when led
before the curtain by Mr. Collins (Jonathan Wild)
at the close of the piece, with a genuine burst of
enthusiasm. As Sarah Blunt in "Poor Pilli
coddy," and in herdance with Miss Kendall she was
equally successful. Miss Kendall deserved an equal
share of praise for this latter performance which
was loudly encored. This lady did well as Mrs.
Wood and Edgeworth Bees. Lon McCarthy (Blue
skin) played admirably. At the close of the piece
he received the compliments of the audience as did
John Jack, (Owen Wood,) and Norwood, (Mendez.)
Martin (Sir Boland Trenchard) was loudly called, but
the exigencies of his profession prevented his re
ceiving his due honor. Miss Woods (Wianifred
Wood and Poll Maggott) rendered her parts with
good taste and judgment and Miss Perkins has sel
dom equalled her execution of the part of " Mrs.
O'Scuttle," in the farce. Mr. Miller's " Kneebone"
and " O'8cuttle,'' in " Pillicoddy" were very aptly
Illustrated; and Master Hosmer as "Thames Dar
rell earned'great credit. The audiencewereingood
humor and all went well.
came off at Parker's Hall, and was a very
brilliant and sncoebsful affair. A good
supper at the Star Restnurant was a part
of the programme, and daylight came very
near surprising the party. There were
many very excellent impersonations of
character, which deserve a more particular
notice than our spaoe permits. Mrs. H.'s
costume, as the Goddess of Liberty carry
ing the National Flag, was certainly the
best conceived and exzeuted in the room.
We also nQtiecd Mrs. F. and Mrs. S---I,
in the traditional dresses of the Daughter
of the Regiment and Pocahontas. The
characters were equally well sustained and
tasteful. Mrs. S. and Mrs. U. were ele
gently attired as talian ladiej--the Daugh
rr.oT St. Marl and the Pne of Naples.
41tih E. P. reppresented pesant girl of
the P.q di ..lii; Mnr. ., the lish
Villager; Mis L G., ite Bridme i m. 1..,
Imogene and Diua IJrs. T., Norah Crei
a.; Mrs. G s--.*i ~aed Dame Qaiet
iv : Miss II., Little Red Ridinghood. These
o i ;all' very careftuln ind charzeted tic
ally' arr.or.i. There were some others
whose names we did; not obtain, A4song
the gentlemen, R. If. appeared asiur
phy Reilly, with much unction and
humor. 1r. C. as Hanslet, Dr. F. as
Falstaff} and' J. C. as Puneb, Were very
correct representatives of their proto
types. Prof. D. introduced an allegorical
character," Quarts on the Brain ' Oreating
much merriment. 0. D. S. was a Carthu
sian Friar; S. H. a LagerBeer Dutchman,
(well sustained); J. M. C. a Priest; J. A.
S', Uncle Snow, (very good) ; W. T., Italian
Cavalier; McS., Captain of Artillery; C.
C., Colonel of Zouaves; J. S; A., Fireman;
Dr. J., Messrs. S-t, D-s, G--i, and H-el,
sailors; Master H.) Julian St. Pierre. All
was as bright as the "Young May Morn."
A PoOa Frenchman being atiodsed from
sleep by his wife with the cry, " Get up,
Baptiste, there's a robber in the house,"
calmly replied, "Don't let us molest him.
Let him ransack the house, and if he should fe
find anything of value, we'll take it away
from him."
WHAT is the principal difference between
the swallow and the cat? It is admitted
fact that "one swallow does not make a
summer," but any cat can make a spring.
S- i .. n =! !. .. _ "
Geo. AI. Hanna 5 Co.,
Wallace street, Virginia, M. T.,
JPexican Onion Seed!
&c., &c.
ON or about the 22d of February last, between
Centreville and Nevada, a Cloth Overcoat, with
a Pass Book. cont ai uing papers, in the side pocket.
The finder will be lierally rewarded by leaving it
at this office. 29-tf
J srctice.
C AME to the Warm Sp.-ing Ranche, itunated be
J tween Wisconsin aid Mill Gulch, two steers;
one came about six months ago, and the other two.
The owners, if any, prove property, pay charges, and
take them away. 29-tf PHILLIP EVANS.
Dodge P 2 'h exton,
General Blacksmiths' a,.id Plough .Man
Cover Street, - . \Virglaia City.
PLOUGHS of the best description, euitable for
Ranchmen in this country, made to order in
the best possible manner.. Horses, M ules and Cattle
fhodr in the most approved manner. 29tf
0N the 4th of March, a Memorandumr Book. If
V the finder will leave it at this otlic e, he will
oblige THOS. CL.ARK.
At U'nlon CLhura , Thursday, oar ch
16thl, 1^6o. as 8 o'Clock, P. 1. before t-re
SUBJECT.-James Fenimore Cooper.
Tickets $1.--To be had at D. W. Tilton & Co.'s
and Dance & Stuart's. Persone must purchase tick
ers at these places as none will be for sale at the
door. W. F. SANDERS, Pres't.
Dissoelau on of Co-Partnership.
T HE firm known under the name of McNeal &
Street, in Summit City, Madison County, Mon
tana Territory, is this day dissolved by mutual
consent. E. W. McNeal will pay all debts and re
ceive all moneys due to the old firm. All owing
the firm of MeNeal & Street are requested to settle
at once and save cost. E. W. McNEAL,
Summit, March 11th, 1865. 29-1tn*
B. R. Martin, 8. Wilson.
AGENTg for the purchase and sale of Real ]ktate
and Mining Claims. Persons wishing to pur
chase or sell Quartz or (lulch claims, or ranche or
city property, will do well to give us a call. Pros.
pectgrsforQuarts Lodeswillfind itte their advant
age to see us before staking. Persons wishing to sell
quartz claims, located in Colorado, can (by leaving
with us a description of the same,) have the true
present value ascertained without delay, and sales
effected through our age;y, anad receive paymaent at
our office or in Denver city. Conveyancing in all its
'forms, done with neatness and dispatch by the senior
partner. We have for sale a number of valuable
claims on gold and silver lodes, in different counties
of the Territory, and a few superior gulch claims in
Madisoncosnty, onreasonale ternm. Office at the
Assay Ofce of Cowan & Co., opposite the Post Of
fice in VirginiaCity, M. T.
February 24t, 1865. Sim-
Takesn Up.
F OUR head of steer, various bradsf two cows
and one ball, at Nesbitt A Co.'sranchj on the
Jefferson river. lot particulari eQqairE at Nes
bitt's Meat Market, Nevada City. 2t4t
(IN Tuseday, the tth inst., between Virginia City
,V sd i"J"o s ,a JAMIS O.1-Pb.
tograph eUi Cerli .e... .t eot
Any perssesa h b0 S4*eanid hpW&It this of
ice will be bhsdl$r ieaa~ised. .3. STORUY:
A SJI m t )buto W n 57s ImI6?UN
Mi0thos` owp~ep 24 1 I the drt,
at my old .tend, fbot of Wathttreet.t
2t--27 JAJ M S P. WESIi.
Vrgklmia City Whelesale. ,aLete s.
cosacrTr WrXziX OaR Tra "MOAITA A POar."
Stone Rihlding, Gr. Jaehsouand WalceSst.,
The market for geeral merchannise and produce
continues very quiet and dull without material va
rition from reious quotations.
h.e .Xtrebº lightaess of the money market re
tarding almost all speculative operations, and the
continued extreme celd weather and deep snows de
barring the miners from all mining operations, and
as ther amount of "Dst " on hand has been re
duced to a very lihited extent, their wants in the
market outside of the actual neceesltia are very
Viasrnn Crrr, M. T., March 11, 1865.
[Son-resident readers will please bear in mind that
our quotations are based upon actual transactions
and aregoldprides for goods by the original packs
ges. The retail prices arearge about ten per cent
above quotations.)
Flour.-The transactibns since our last review has
been unusually limited. Holders however are still
firm, and quotationf are nominally a little higher.
Some speculatots are asking an advance of $3, per
sack, but they do not appear to have much influ
ence in the legitimate trade as we heard of no sales
over quotations.
St. Louis, ex per sack................... $27 00
t. . . ........... ...... , 26 00
Salt Lake, Retail....... .... . 23 00
States, different brands,............ 23 00@25 00
Produce.-We have to note a dull and heavy mar
ket, and/thedeniandaltogether local.
Potatoes, perlb. ........................ 18
Onions, ...................... 121
Beets, " " ........ 10
Turnips, " ....................... 5
Gramin.-The supply is limited. All kinds in bet
ter demand. Barley advanced 1 cent per lb. Seed
wheat scarce. Oats firm.
W heat, perlbh........................... 25
Barley, " " ............ .......... 17
Oats, " "............ ........ 1
Bacon.-Mlarket inactive and not quite as firm,
transactions light.
Heavy Sides, per lb,.................. 60 (65
Medium, .... ................ 55( 60
Canvassed per lb ............. 52J@ 57
Lard.-The market is quiet. ,No d/mand excet
for actual consumptioq. We quote'as the ruling
prices at.........................60 65c
5Candles.-Demand is limited. No essential chinge
in prices.
Werks, Cincinnati, per 1b............. 75 (y 80
St. Louis Brand, . " " ........ 72(Q,75
Sugars.-All kinds and qualities are firm- We
have no change to notein the ruling prices.
N. O. per lb ... ..75c
A refinedy " " ........ 77ic
Crushed " " ................. 80c
Powdered Ex " ............... 90c
Coffee--There has been no change in the market,
and we continue to quoteas follows.
Rio, prime e lb ............. ......75@77jc
Ordinary " "..................... 7c
Teas.-In better request. The market is entirely
bare of Japean Leaf, and good grades of other brands
are held firm.
Imperial 13 lb ................ $2 40
Young Hyso " ................ $2 2@2 50
Golden Syrup.-Very firm.
Molasses.-In better demand.
Belcher's St. Louis G. S., per 10 gal keg..
Chicago " " " " ..$60 00
" Sugar House, " "" .. 65 00
Butter.--During the past week the demand has
been exceedingly light, and confined to consumers.
We have heard of no heavy sales, or no decline in
Ronche 1 th ..............$1 25@. 40
Salt Lake " " .............. 1 15"01 25
St. Louis, packed " " .............. 101 25
States, " .............. 1 00
Fruits.--The market has been steady. All kinds
are in limited demand. The stock in market is get
ting considerably reduced.
Dried Apples, prime 1 lb................37ic
Salt Lake Peaches ' ................... 70c
Stats " " ................... 50c
Blackberries, " " ................. 70c
Cherries, " " ................. 70c
Currants and Prunes " " ..... ............. 70c
Canned Fruits.-We have no change to note.
Canned Fruits per case,..........$25 00(@23 00
" Oysters " " .......... 27 00(l30 00
Tobacco.-Transactions light. Demand confined
strictly ts chewers and smokers, who, it appears can
make no impression upon the stock in the market.
Prices we cannot quote, excepting for trade brands.
Lewis & Bro's. Natural Leaf E lb......... $ 75
No. 1 Plug, " ".... 1 60
Other brands run from $1 U00$1 50.
Whisky-Continues in fair demand. Thn market
is well supplied with Medium and Common. Good
Old Rye and Bourbon active, and getting scarce
and high.
Kentucky Bourbon gall ...........$ 00(8 00
Missouri " " " .......... 5 00(6 00
Copper dist. Rye fine " " .......... 5 00(a7 50
Distilled, Ordinary " " ...... 4 00(.5 00
Brandies and Gins.-Firm.
Importred gall...................$10 00(@15 00
Domestic" " .................... 6 00( 9 00
Coal Oil.-Unsettled. $8 00 1 gall.
VtiRGtoe CrIT, March 11, 1865.
Exchange on N. Y., selling for T. N. at 3 per
cent. prem.
Evcbange on N. Y., selling for coin at 5 per
cent: premium.
Treasury Note', buying at 55 cts.. for dust.
" selling at 70 ts., for dust.
Gold Dust, buying at $28 00 per ounce in T. N.
Goldtlist, buying at $14 00 to $15 00 for coin.
Coin buying at 10 per cent. premium in dust.
TAVE established an agency for the purchase
I- and sale of Gold and 8ilver Quarts Claims in
difierent parts of the Territory. One of the part
ners will attend in person, to the introduction and
aile of Lodes in New York, Philadelphia, and other
Eastern citips, and the other, to obtaining the
savne in this city. Arrangements will be made,
ear ly in the spring, for expressing good specimens
to the New York Office, and for procuring reliable
assays at the office in this city. Oace at the Post
flice. and S. T. Hanser & Co's. Bank, on Wallace
Street. 24--tf
Wallsa e Stree, VarCmlas Cflj, U, T.
Dealers in
and Greeral Merchandise.
ýnheffa'as Sae.
BY virtue of a writ of execution in my hands is
sued out of the eautiee's Court of Madison
county against the property of Henyr Brain and
in favor of John 8. Crandall and James M. Gor
don, I shall sell at public awctios to the highest
bidder, in front of the Sheriff's oce, on Monday
the 12th day of lre.h, A. D., 1865, at 11 n,clock,
a. an., of tiarday, all the iduteat of the said leary
Brain in b fotlering deseribed property, via s One
Feed Stable, and Corral thereto attached, known as
Brain's .eed.abLe. sad Corral,aita~ed o Main
street, is Central city, in the comity of Madison,.
Teritory of MottusZ NEIL uHOWI, 8erit.
Ji. 1' . Bieler, deput ihernt
0. F. SrmeczLan, Complainant's AtMeasy.
February 17th, 186, -27-2t
We have . 'teo t b iroeoof ' Baildig,
corner of J a Wallace streets, wher
ar but endevoes to give atisfaction. Thbaki g
owrM *iei J W h *jV h sihbabtt a
r~Stediairw. Joebn B A Walhow ste*
4...!), Vlaniaa City,,$. T.
X. c4aUo0.. sla 3g s4ag
Forwarding and Commission
HAVING been located at this point for several
years in the employ of the AaericanPur Con
patny, and for the past year beeq engaged in the
Forwardin¶ and Commision business, we respectful
,ly solicit thepatronage of partieshippang
Via Fort Benton. We arve now two large aad
At this place, and being personally acquainted with
most of the freighters from Fort Benton to the
mine, w re able to forward freight
On More Advantageous Terms
Than any other parties. We refer to
J. J. Roe A Co.~ Rockfellow & Dennee, Dance A
Smnart, King & Gillett, and George B. Parker,
Esq., Virginia city.
R. Chouteau, Jr., A Co., Thomas Ryan and John G.
Copelin, St. Louis.
D. Constable & Co., St. Joseph, Mo.
Worden & Co., Hell Gate.
F. M. Thompson, Esq., Bannack, and freighters
from Fort Benton generally. 27-1m
ALL those indebted to me at the "Star Billiard
Saloon "arehereby requested to call and pay
Virginia City, Feb. 25, 1865. 27-tf
Not ce
IS hereby given, that all persons indebted to the
firm of Jas. M. Ryan & Co., are requested to cal!
immediately and pay up, and save costs. The busi
ness of said house will be condunted in future by M.
Heneberg, solely.
Nevada, Feb. 25, 1805. 27-tf
.MIiner's Jgrncy.
T D. Brown & Son, of Great Salt Lake City, in
4 tend to add to their business, that of "Stock
and Share Brokers," and to this end T. D. Brows
will start in April for New York, to form a connex
ion with a responsible hduse there for the sale of
"Feet" and "Claims " on Quarts Lodes, ib Mon
tana, Nevada and Utah. Specimens of quartz and
authority, left with A. J. Oliver A Co., will be for
warded to gus. We offer also to purchase on Com
mission. machinery or any sort of goods for Mon
tana, and ship by the Missouri River, or freight
across the plains, on receipt of the money and the
orders. Reference by permission to Gov. Sidney
Edgerton, J. M. Thompson. Bannack; Nat. Stein,
Esq., A. J. Oliver & Co., Virginia.
February 18th, 1565. 26-tf
Estray .n otice.
COME to our Ranche, about the 10th of January
last, one Black Pony. about three years old,
with some saddle marks; also, one Black Jack, about
nine years old, considerably marked with a saddle.
The owner is requested to prove property, pay
charges, and take them away.
Willow Creek, Feb. 3d, 1865. 4t-26*
Stray .Votice.
TAKEN up at the California Ranche, 30 miles
from Virginia City, on the Deer Lodge Road,
one Roan Steer also one cow with calf. The owners
of this stock, if any, are requested to call, prove
property, pay oharges and take them away.
Estray .'otie..
1 Have on my Ranche at Meadow Creek, formerly
called the More Ranche, one mare and colt. The
owners, if any, are requested to come forward, prove
property, pay charges, and take them away, or they
will be sold at the expiration of 30 days for the
I ve and Broadway streets; Manufacturers,
Wholesale and Retail dealers. A miner's candle
suitable for drifting, of the beet description. Par
ties buying will save the freight hither and have a
first rate article. 3m-26*
Are now prepared to furnish Music for
or in fact for any occasion when aGood Brass Band
or Orchestra may be employed.
Headquarters on Cover, below Jackson Street.
Dave SmxT, DI W. C. WAUGH,
Prompter. Director.
ONE of the Best Quartz Mining interests in Mee
tans for sale at a great rscrike. 3000 feet,
principally interests in discovery claims. On the
list are claiujs on the Silas Brain and Bohemian in
Madison county, and the well known Courtright,
Ophir, Montana and Peruvian Lodes, in Jefferson
county, in Prickly Pear region. They will be sold
separately or together. For particulars respecting
assays, price, terms of sale, enquire of
18--t JOHN C. TURK,
The Attenttle ei the Public tI re
uaesteit tihe fellewing Neltce
DERSONS enaged in any trade, business, occups
tio or professon as required by the provisiaes of
the Internal Bevenme Act of 18M4,to register with the
Assistant Assessor of the District in which they
reside. " let, his or their nme or style, and in case
of a ferm or company, the names of the several per
samo constituting such irm or company, and their
ploesa of residence; 2nd, the trade business or Po
ferion for which a license idesired; 3d, the pa
where such trade, business or profession is to be
carried on;" in order that they may obtain license
to preecute'thesame.
Section 73 of this act provides as follows : "And
be it further enacted, .That it any person or persons
shall exercise or carry on any trade, busines or pro
femaion, or do any act hereinafter mentioned for the
euacasag, cane g eon, or doing of which tradeb
business or prof son a lce is required by this
act, without taking out such licease m is that be
half requred, e, she, or they shall, for very sne
offence, beids being liable to tib psyMeat of tse
tax besla.ect,to laprilenuumt fr a term not a
aedins two y osrs, or a not s sdag ye he
dred dopls, o'r bth."
Notice is hereby given to all persons embraced in
the provisions of the above section, who have not
yet made applictin t thi eB be l eee, that
on the .5th y otf lehrm , 1806, their sames 'ill
be retused to the proe es a
thqy ilt be subjectedd
Assistant Amdor Internal reevae, 1stIy., . T.
November .3d, 104. I--tt
,.. .whR * . ,
I:h tstrea eone d. r b a th Pa..st I
ulp Houa e bl
.a aý A. MEFALD,.:
Wam. meL ADaN, ~ pwbe r.
cryiig tLhe e.et Ibre Mail b t , f
THIS Line is new remagi i. eneoasies with
the Drily Coaches bekwn
Tri-weekly Coaches betweea
gsaNt ame City asta Walli ..wa.aMt
Vis Boise City, Wet B~esack. sad
Great. Salt Lake City and Virginia City,
Montana, via Bannack Cfty,
Passengers, and Zipress latter.
Also, tri-weekly coaches betwees Virginia City
and Bmnnack City.
Coaches for Great Salt Lake City and Bmack
City, leave Virginia City every
connecting at Fort Hall with coaches to Boles aim
Walls Walls, and at Great Salt Lake City, with the
daily lines to the
Express matter carried in charge of competes
and trustworthy messengers.
For further particulars apply at oices.
1-1y Virginia City, Montana Territory.
II. L nibEtrablING & (9.,
RESPErTFULLY calls the attention of all
persons buying any of the above artiles, to the
desirable stock of goods new in store f
Chewing Tobacce--The fiet and best as
sorted stock of Pin; and Fine Cu.
Tobacco ever offerrd in this Territory.
SnafIe-ctch and German.
A well selected stock from which every one can be
Pipes-.Gennine Meerschaum, Gutta Perch.,
Briar Root, all kinds of Wooden, Fancy
Clay, Ac.,
Pipe Stem-as-Pate. tta Perchs, Chery
Cane, &c.
Mouth Pieces and Cigar Holders,
Cigar Cases,
Tobacco Boxzs,
And a variety of Fancy Goods.
Wallace st., three doom below Kiskaddam's Stoa
Bleak. --lJ
For saie.
FTHE BOWLING SALOON, eitated as Wallbac
SStreet, will be sold CHEAP for cash. Building
90 feet in lingth, suitable for a businems room.
Alleys and *ztures wil be sold separate if da red.
For particulars call at the premises, one dcr ev
Creighton's Block. tt--17
Nastvity Cast,
Planetary Dlseases Treatea,
Phrenological Charts gOves
And Acrestics Written by
Opposite the Ilk Eora Corral,
Jacksotn trest, Vlrg.las CLtye
The int table in town. The lirsumpplid wit
the best of Liquors and Cigarm
tf-16 JOHN II. KING.
ROm T I~L.A ,
Three doors above the 8tewall, WallseeI . e
Virginia City . T.
r H3 but aeorueaet of eloths, coaire sad
Srest patterns, custamtly kept as hean ad
made up after the latet faskios. 5m-uW
sTIe 8an1 HOuSE, faom . eecedal d b
S oalfellow A a wae, Io. 6, JashLn !has,
Virginia City, M. T. Apply t A
Jan. 19. 1865. tf-22
10,000o.i,. GA,,
8,000 lbs. 3A53,
13,000 .. m3 4N S
10t.3 , e,,gpP Fgsa
i t . +

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