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The Montana post. [volume] (Virginia City, Montana Territory [i.e. Mont.]) 1864-1869, July 08, 1865, Image 1

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D. W. TILTON co.,
publishers a. d Proprietor .. ....................... My Country, may she always be right; but my Country, right or wro."........................ ..o r ., a ai
AI L II I II -. + '
D. W. TIITON & Co.,
D. W. TnLTO, BIx. R. DTrTs,
os st t ft Boy ok Store, cor of Wduce Jtche.s
Strets, Vrjdfais C4j, on. Ter.
0se y, oY yr... .... ...s? 50o
do. ai months ............................ 00
4. three months .......................... 2 50
]ates of Advertising.
eusi s Cards, fie line or les, 3 months,...... $ 10 00
do do. do. 6 months,...... 15 00
do do. do. year,........ 2000
Ssquare, ten lines or lees, Insertion,.......... 4 00
do. do. do. 2 do.......... 6 00
do do. do. 1 month,.......... 10 00
do. do. do. 2 do. ........... 1300
do. do. do. 3 do............ 15 00
do. do. do. 6 do. .......... 2500
do. do. do. 1 yar........... . 3500
Two squats, 1 insertion,...................... 6 00
do. 2 do. ....................... 800
do. 1 month,......................... 12 00
do. 2 do ........................ 1800
do. 3 do. .......................... 9100
do 6 do .......................... 4000
do. 1 year,............................ 6500
Osedlghth column, 1 insertion,................. 8 00
do. do. 2 do. .................. 1200
do. do. 1 month,.................... 18 00
do. do. 2 do. ................. 2500
do. do. 3 do. .................. 3000
do. do. 6 do. ................... 5000
do. do. 1 year...................... 70 00
Oe.sixth column, 1 insertion,................... 10 00
do. do. 2 do. ................. 15 00
do. do. 1 mouth,..................... 2000
do. do. 2 do ..................... 3000
do. do. 3 do ...................... 3600
do. do. 6 do ..................... 5500
do- do. 1 year .................... 80 00
COe.fonrth column, 1 insertion,................ 12 00
do. do. 2 do. .................. 1800
do. do. 1 month..................... 24 00
do. do. 2 do. ..................... 36 00
do. do. 3 do ......... ........ 45 00
do. do. 6 do. .................... 6500
do. do. 1 year,....................... 90 00
One-half column, 1 insertion, .................... 20 00
do. do. 2 do. .................... 2500
do do. 1 month,...................... 3500
do. do. 2 do. ...................... 4500
do. do. 3 o ...................... 5500
do. do. 6 do. ......................8000
do. do. 1 year,...................... 115 00
one column, 1 insertion,......................... 30 00
do. 2 do . ......................... 4000
do. 1 month,........................... 55 00
do. 2 do. 75 00
do. 3 do. ........................... 9000
do. 6 do ........................ 14000
do. 1 year,............................. 20000
LOCAL NOTICB.--One dollar per line for three lines or
WI"; 75 cents per line for ten lines or lees ; 50 cents per
lne for eleven lines or more.
Territorial Officers.
Governor--SIDNEY EDGERTON, Bannack City.
.Srcrtary-H. P. TORsEY.
(Chie Jlstict-H. L. HOSMER.
Associate Justice-L. B. WILLISTON.
-L. E. Mar,'soN.
,ttorncy-Gewnrul-E. B. NEALLEY, Virginia.
MArshal-C. J. BUCK.
,urveyor-(Geeral-M. BOYD.
Auditor-JOHN 8. LOTrr.
Treasurer-JOHN J. HULL.
superintendent of Public l.struction-T. J. DIXBDALa.
Assessor-T. C. EVERT8.
Collector Internal Rerenue-N: P. LANrOMRD.
Clerk of the U. S. District Court-A. M. TORBET.
Municipal Officers of Virginl a City.
Manor--P. 8. PFOL'8.
Police Ma istrate-T. W. Talliaferro.
Marshal-William Deasoey.
Clerk--Chas. J. D. Curtis.
Attorney-John C. Turk.
Treasurer-John 8. Rockfellow.
Assessor-Thomas Pearson.
Assistant City MaashaM-Jerry Lewis.
County Officers of Madison Coeuty.
County C.nmissioners-John Potter, Chairman; J. E.
McClurg, Fred. K. Root.
Probate Judge--O. F. Strickland.
Skeri--Neil Howie.
Acting Sherif--G. G. Bissell.
Depuy Sheriffs-J. J. Reilly, H. L. Crawford, James
Williams, J. B. Caveu.
Treasurcr-Theo. Muflly.
Recorder-R. N. Hill.
County Assessor-J. Armitage.
Sanders & Cook,
ATTORNEYS AT LAW and Solicitors in Chancery,
Virgiaca City, Montana Territory. 3-ly1
Cal. Iowa. CoL
Stafford, Parrott & Borton,
A TTORNEYS AT LAW. Qdice on Idaho street, op
posite the court house, Virginia City, Montana Terri.
ntory. 2.3m
Wmn. Chumasero,
A TTORNEY AT LAW, Virginia City, Montana Ter
ritury. Ofce in Post Office Building, on Wallace
Street. 4-44*
John S. Atchison.
NTOTARY PUBLIC. Revenue Stamps and Blanks for
I sale at Allen & Millard's Bank, Virginia City, Mon
tna Territory. 43-55
P. C. CORNELL, M. D. 8. L. F. WARD,%f. D.
Drs. Cornell & Ward.
nHYBICIANS & SURGEONS. Successors to Drs.
SBrooke & Gliek. Office on Jackson street, below
Wallace, Virginia City, Montana Territory. 12-52
Win. Decker,
SURGEON DENTIST. Offce two doors west of Now
Ian's Bank Building. Patients visited at their residence
when desired. 30-42*
John 8. Lewis, N. B. Hale, D. 3L Gillett.
Lewis, Hale & Co.,
tEWELRY MANUFACTURERS. Every description
Sof Jewery made to order from the Native Gold, and
warranted. aticular attention paid to repairing Fine
Watches. Also, Engraving done to order. 8.a of the
Gold Wateh, Jackson Street, Virginia City, M. T.
rarnary 2Sr 585- 40.52"
Roath and Co.
A MERICAN WATCHES Just received direct from the
lManufactories. Every description of Jewelry manu
aetured from the Native Gold. Call, examine specimens,
IaR then g Sign of the MAMMOTH WATCH, Vir
La City, C noteaa Territory. Corner of Jackson and
W sallace set, in the City Book Store. 31-33*
To Watckmakers and Jewelers.
HAVING establinhed myself in Salt Lahe Cli, U. T.,
I can supply the trade with all knds of Tools ad
aterials, at ranable proes. A large stook at Wasohes
Chains, Dismonds, and Jewelry o every deerliptioQ o
Sotlyn band. Everything warranted - ,¶eid,
whokl d retn JOHN ME 8,
Formerly Agent of Isaao 8. Josepi & Co.,
San Francisco, Cal.
H. Jqpeson.
OFFICE four does east of Jaalsa and Wallei steete.
v Hoen ad Reel Estate Ajt. Buildins, anted,
"e paid, Abs~ets of Title oT obtealed, Q4arl peei
'ess'and the . peeeuarv ; pi.la..Ctinalm to ld C
forward~d to Now Yor ." r attetion (he to te
.l md knng of money. Refenc -. XIs.
adden, D.W. o Co.,, Pfon a &Rsemll, Jobs A.
Wle & Co. 41"t
Hosmer and Hauser,
(.LADt AhAeD18, have eeiaWblabed rp ag.m.Ie s
'puearee and sale of Gold sad Sflvetum r ts
parent of saýer toýr. Onof 'the stneil5~
aIwed in pasem, to the lntroade p sad of @ JMes is
NeI Ybore nmar d ther th'tim, fdre'
..U.rr t us. sor .a msslr
ad Pir-uiT~ei
Wallace Street, Virginia City, M.. T.,
J, M. VCAsTNUR, PrWprie;tr.
THIS Popular Hotel, which br P t of Casaer'
Butldtng, ha been enlrgd and retted in a style to
meet the demands of the Pullck Its larder is well sup
plied, and its tables frnished with the best the market
The Idaho Billiard Hall,
) carded os by HULL & CASTNE, coatalas iqbtr Fst Class
Billiard Tables, where the lovers of the game can always
be accommodated. The old friends of J. J. Hall and J. .
Castner, can alway dAnd them at the Idaho.
Those haring Territorial funds to deposit, should call at
the Idaho, where the omce of the Treasurer is situated.
Nebraska House,
In the Bildings forerly knos as Haotch's ad on, ad the
Sold Post Oice, Jackson &., Virginis City, M. T.,
Col. H. iP. DOWNS, Proew r.
)HE proprietor begs respectfully to inform his flends
1 and the public generally, that Board and Lodging in
good style can be obtained at his establishment. No pains
will be pared to present a well spread table to his guests.
The comfort and aooomodation of his patrons will be sedu.
loesly attended to. Breakfast on tableom 6:30 to 9 o'clock
a. a.; Dinner, 12 m., to p. .; Supper, 6 to 7 p. is.
A good Feed Stable aa Coral attased to th psesises,
and aso a Grazing Ranche, where cattle will be watched
day and night. The pastm. i. excellent and water abun
dant. 45-tf
Secord & Fancette,
h hand and manuaeturIn from the best material, all
styles of Saddles. Bridles, Single and Double Harness, or
anything else made in a first class saddler shop. lm-14
Dodge & Thexton,
ENERAL BLACKSMITH8 and Plough Manufactur
era, Cover street, Virginia City, Ploughs of the best
description, suitable for Ranchmen in this country, made to
order in the best possible manner. Horses, Mules and
Cattle shod in the most approved manner. 39-54*
Johnson & Schuyler,
.AVE RE-FITTED and opened the Mountain Bowling
II Saloon, one door east of Allen & Millard's Bank, and
invite all those wishing good exercise, choice Liquors and
Cigars, to call and see them. They have also reduced the
price of rolling to FIFTY CENTS.
April 1st, 1565. 32-45*
Helena House,
U ELENA CITY, Montana Territory. The above
L1 named House is now opened for guests and boarders
Good beds, and the best the market afords, for the table,
at reasonable prices. B. B. Burchett,
3m-42 Proprietor.
E. M. Dunphy.
W HOLESALE and Retail Grocer, Storage and Com
mission Merchant, west side Main street, Helena,
Montana Territory.
A large and complete assortment of Fancy and Staple
Groceries on hand, at figures to suit the times. Give us a
all. 39-51*
Occidental Billiard Hall.
Street, Virginia City. The finest tables in town. The
bar supplied with the best of Liquors and Cigar.
Shaving and lair Dressing Saloon.
Wallace street, Virginia City.
42-54 TURLEY & LYONS.:
Idaho Hotel.
HTALLACE STREET, Virginia City, M. T., J. M.
* Castner, Proprietor- The proprietor announces to
his old friends and the public generally, that he is now
prepared to accommodate boarders by the meal, day or
week at low rates. His table is furnished with the best the
market affords. c26-52
Assay Omece.
W ALLACE STREET, one door below Nolan & Co.'s
Bank. Gold and Silver, and Ores or every descrip
tion Assayed. I guarantee my assays, and will pay any
difference which may arise between them and the U: S.
Mint. 38 D. GILBERT.
BRUNDY'S MILL, on the Stinkingwater is now pre
pared to saw bills of Lumber of any size at shot notice.
Their Lumber Yard in Virginia City, is in the Warsaw
Corral, on Idaho Street, where they constantly keep the
best article of all kinds of lumber, at reasonable rates.
Also, a good assortment of all kinds of Sash and Lath kept
constantly on hand. 44
John R. Gilbert,
VENUE, for the First Division of the Collection Dis
trict of Montana, embracing Madison County. Ofice, first
door east of City Drug Store.
Virginia City, April 27, 1865. 36-88"
Joseph Marion,
HAY SCALES STORE, Wallace Street, Virginia City.
Commission Merchant. Cash advanced on consign
ments. A general assortment of Miners' Outftting Goods.
Provisions, Vegetables, etc., etc. 42M6m
Eggers and Ludlow.
LUMBER YARD, Successorsto Gamble, Walker& Co.,
corner of Idaho and Broadway streets, Virginia City,
M. T. All kinds of Sluice and Building Lumber. Lum
ber bills filled on short notice. Also yards at Centreville
and Nevada. 22-44
John H. Ming,
CORNER of Wallace and Jackson streets, Virginia City,
Montana Territory. Books and Stationery. Whole
sale and RetaiL Groceries, Boots and Shoes.
Garden Seeds.
ALL you that want CHOICE GARDEN SEEDS of
. Every Description, direct from the Agricultural De
partment, at Washington, call at
35-47* DANCE & STUART'8.
Assay Office.
mIHE UNDERSIGNED are now prepared to assay cor
. rectly in small or large quantities the ores of Montana.
Silver, Gold, Copper, Lead, Antimony, or Bismuth. Oflice
No. 2. of Content's Block, corner of Wallace and Jackson
Streets, Virginia. W. Y. LOVELL, & CO.
Lumber Yard.
TIITE have in our Lumber Yard on the corner of Idaho
VV and Broadway streets, Virginia City, a complete as
sortment of White Pine and other Lumber, and can supply
customers on the shortest notice. Orders may be left at the
Lumber Yard and will be promptly filled. We have the
only mill in the Territory which runs Winter and Bammer,
sad can All orders at all seasons.
J. T. Henderson.
Street, Virginia City, Montana Territory. , 5-ly*
Henry Baeir,
LIME AND BRICK. Also line building, sad all kinds
of brick work done to order. 5-43*
James N. Williams,
FASIIONABLE Hair Dressing and Shaving Saloon,
Bridge Street, Helena, Montana Territory. 45-tf
... ctie.
ALL those indebted to the firm of Baume Angevine &
Merry, are hereby notified for the
to call at once, pay up, and save cost. Mr. G. W. Staple
ton having resigned the Receivership in favor of Mr. Jtlius
Busch, al accounts will be settled by the latter at the store
of Erfort, Busch & Co. 27tf
aWxter'a agency.
T. D. BROWN & SON, of Great Salt Lake City intend
Sto add to their business that of "Stock and Shae
Brokers," and to this end T. D. Brown will start in April
for New York, to form a connexion with a reqponibleboqae
there Mr the ale e "Feet" aad "Clainm" on Quart
I Lodes, in Montana, Nevada sat Uth. Speaimens of
I Quartz, and authorit, left with A. J. OUver & Co., will
beforwarded tous. .e alJooffer to parase n emaame
i sion, machinerr, or any .,srt ofgoet r Mbtanat , adsbip
by the Missoos River, or reifbt a.o tke palus, o fe
oeipt of the money and the o!em. ReermMe by pemnis
ioa to Gov. Sid5ney EdUertm F. X TmpMeO, EaftMekt
Na 8ehin, en., A. J.O9&ter &CO, fbUtoi.
Februrwy 1W6N. &6 tf
zw tasew Mxinte, and tray YAwS, d LesI
Bilank of ev.ry descriptiem, fr Mrle at the City Biok
Jefersonj House,
Tue d""r. dae. the Pfraavs &ome, Made. wr
W x Poss, bags t isoerm a pas that be bas
Sopeed this ouse fr barrsn al wm furnish
meals to treast estomersm His tabl win be suppled
with the best that the market eds.. Speal an. e sUe a
will be paid to the oeidmrt of his guests d
Iron and Steel Turning. a
MACHINERY Repaired, Billiard Bas turned, u e - t
Every destription of Gun work performed, in good <
style. Ammuntion of all kinds kept atasta o n bd.
Powder Lead, Caps, Navy and Draoon el ot, sad
45.3m* Gun shop, Wallae St., Virgiua City.
Ic arthsky's Ejpress.
SVirginia City every Thursday, r
Geruan Guleh, via Silver eow.
Offio, ateockkilow & Desaet's, in Virginla City.
45.3m* C. F. MCCARTHY.
Jno. C. Turk. W. L. Brown.
Turk & Brown,
Will pratie all the courts of the Territory. Ocse,
over Geo. Banns & Co.'s store, Wallace street, Virgiias
City, . T. 454t
dLLE.7 a* .~WILL.RBD,
Ceoi, GBld Duest, Treasury Notes, and
Forelgu asnd Doemestl Exchanlge
Des Moines, Iowa. Virginia City, M. T.
WlaWice Street.
Two Doers Below Pleout & Russell.
lEORGE GOHN, begs to inform the public that he has
Sperfected his arrangements for a constant supply of all
articles in his line, of the finest quality.
25ee4 79utton, QTeal,
&%3=0e, XPiah,
Maummagies a..c Fovrwls.
No Meat of inferior quality sold in this establishment.
Orders punctually and arefully illed. 43-55
Denver .leat *Market,
Nevada City, -- - - 1I. T.
TAKES pleasure to announce to the publio, that he keeps
the best stocked Meat Market in Nevada City, where
there will always be found the best cuts of
He also, receives constantly Game, Fish and Fowl of the
season. Try him. 34 P
Wallace Street, Virginia City, M. T.
Dealers in
Hardware, Shoeflmdinge,
j Revenue Stamps for sale by the quantity to suit
General Auctioneers and Coemileua
Jackson Street, Virginia City, M. T.,
ARE prepared to sell merchandise of all descriptioms,
either rom wagons, or take goods in store, as outos
era may prefer.
of horses, males, cattle, wagons, notions, produce, and
every other description of property, either at auction or
private sale. Advances made on consignments. 39-51
ON AND AFTER THIS DAY, we will run a semi.
weekly Line of Coaches between Virginia City and
Leave Virginia City on Monday and Friday.
Leave Helena on same days.
~f' OFFICE-At Kine & Gillett's Store, in Virginia,
and at Peoples' Store in Nevada.
May 11th. 1864. 38-tf
Academy of the Holy Family,
St. Ignatinm Usslemo, O * - . T.
THII8 Academy is under the direction of the stemrs of
1Clharity. They will tesach to read and write, Gram
na and Bnghb Compositiien, Arithmed,ý ao ,
lnd anhe uae, I required.
and whatever is understood under the ezteaive weet of
Housewifery. Ohildte. must be povided with bed-oth
ing, two *essew r week days and ens for 8uEdays, bhals
dam pocket aierchieh, three towels, oPnube and basin,
spoon, it and fS. They will buy their shool books
in the Adea.y. Forth sake of dafity d goad or
der, al the pupil will s at the religiems acneels of
theb wb letters eithetar sent or reusived, thei
epIv stoe t.lto theb oi the 8 -
Sc.a . It in ad.•ee
Eahnued Fe ;i soardansdttL, edbpermoath;
WashFg and ro sg, $Ope year. The amual sedeo
will eomaotce on the fstor ,sad ead a the
iait ctJame: Par thrther abddbew
BRev. MOTHER MARY, (d the Ja0 ens,) Sawd.,
se, or Rev. U. GRAIS 8. J.Ip't It. Isgasts Mina,
eiless North doreilgaes MePs Terbdery. 4
rr k aLlg .gs, *.A he.4 b hae.t
ohywtpto ap ý rgad eerr k
Fest Wel lweiee IIn iJ eerkeveq `r
The.rese WQmF tued une good hoss
eoamrrals sad other a.eoWya*o-e.
4W JPta*9 sad
~i~ur rwilk
(hem a~ Idaho ilasemn.)
*h, 3e net the Vtwrt
(The setiment of the following lin s o j
sad sable-so appopriate to the time we live n,
sad seweathy of remmbasace by all the ses anad
daughtes of Eve, that we cannot resist giving them
our readers, with a hope that t may provoke theta t
to the exercise of that charity which "thinketh no
Oh be not the first to dbeoew
A blot on the fame of a friend,
A flaw in the faith of a lover,
Whose heart may prove true to th end.
We none of as know one another,
And oft into error we fall;
Then let us speak well of our brother,
Or speak not about him at all.
A mile or a sigh may awaken
uspiion most false or untrue;
And thus our belief may be shaken
In hearts that are haeset and true.
How oft the light smile of gladness
Is worn by the $u that we meet,
To cover a soul fe of saaie,
Too proud to acknowledge defeat.
How often the sigh of dejection
Is heaved from the hpocrite's breast,
To parody truth aend aefction,
Or lull a suspicion to rest ?
How often the fends we hold dearest
Their noblest estotions conceal;
And bosoms the purest, sincerest,
Have secrets they cannot reveal?
Leave base minds to harbor suspicion,
And small ones to trace out defects;
Let ours be a noble ambition,
For base is the mind that suspects.
We none of us know one another,
And oft into error we fall;
Theq let us speak well of a brother,
Or speak not of him at all.
The Sta.r amd slrijee.
Unfurl our standard to the breae,
High let it wave in air,
The Stars and Stripes each Freeman sees,
And greets with hearty cheer.
Fly out old Sag, the foeman's dread,
The freeman's hope and trust,
Flaunt o'er the traitor's drooping head,
Thou ne'er shalt trail the dust.
The panting slave no more looks back
With terror at thy folds,
Nor hears the bloodhound on his track,
Nor groans in dungeon holds.
High honor to the gallant men,
Who died, our land to save;
They'rescattered uas the Autumn leaves,
In many a Southern grave.
But long the patriot's voice shall swell
The burden of the soag,
To those who.faced the shot and shell,
Yon awamps and pines among.
The mother to the listening child
" The story proud shall tell,
Of men who died, yet dying smiled,
To know the day went well.
Their gallant soals had ne'er known fear,
Unconquered, there they fell.
And heard with joy their comrades' cheer
Above the foemena' yell.
Then laid them happy down to die,
Then drew their parting breath ;
Without a groan, without asigh,
They met awarrior's death.
Can.we, for whom they fought and bled,
Their gallant deeds pass o'er,
Their names shall live, though they are dead,
And sound from shore to shore.
And as the glorious Fourth comes round,
By mountain. stream and plain,
We'll still their grateful praises sound,
And chaunt our loud refrain.
Victorious lag ! our heart's delight,
The banner of the free,
Wave thou tri umpant when we mnite
The foes of Liberty. T. J. D.
WIErrrN o0 Tai DuATE of ASA1AM UsCOLS.
Rest, noble martyr, rest in peace!
Rest with the true and brave,
Who, like thee, fell in Freedom's cause,
The nation's life to save.
Thy name shall live while time endures,
And men shall say of thee,
He saved his country from its foes,
And bade the slave be free.
These deeds shall be thy monument,
'Better than brass or stone;
They leave thy fame in glory's light,
Unrivaled sand alone.
This consecrated spot shall be
To freedom ever deer,
And freedom's sens of every race
Shall weep and worship here.
Oh God, before whom we in tears
Our fallen chief deplore,
Grant that the cause for which he died
May live forevermore.
TnI following extract from a private letter.
dated Fort Laramie, May 27th, appears in
the Denver Gazette:
'I see tlere is quite a feeling regarding
the manner the Territory has treated the
militia. I am very sorry that anything has
arisen to dull the spiritof patriotism exhib- tc
ited by the militialast winter. The Territory o0
can never fully repay the gallantry and
promptitude displayed by the regiment at i,
a time when the was hemmed in from all n
support, and being ravaged on all sides; at is
a time when none but the gallant and daring
would forsake their homes and firesides to
battle with the elementse-s-ide from the
many other hardships and privations they
had to endure. I have eaptured and lirought
in, one way or other, since I came here, 200
lodges ef ioux---making about 1,090 men,
women and'ehildren. 1 hung, yesterday,on
my own rtsponsibility, th two Sioux ehiedfs
"Two-F "M and "B~ o t. They have *I
a white womazi prisoner, and quite a number
of governmen animals in their posseion. bi
" " T. Moosuonr." 1,
By h above it will be setm that General U
Moonlight has hir heat with the boys of the e
miiia. Sit aP t.Ud i dealing with
Muassm. "two-h -i-the
former of whi m i . ~wi be reemebesed, "
r e .4qre4 .e seiafe gmsta to ea tteops eI a
SMd ti arfmfag sad qi ppi u tie i
mlitia, bet he hs get -ww ver the c
oasmqd.: leveomes wls el
7ueq . k m with m es tai
Dt uira ib h m ItQi a[
The PeopIo vs. t. ý. lec.dman.
Leetor Nre Mr. Duke.
We publish the following letter, because
we are always willing to hear both sides,
and to give everybody exact justice and
fair play. The reason we made the state
ment complained of was, that the Court,
Judge Ohumasero and Meeers. Sanders and
Thoroughman unequivocally stated that they
had refused permission to the witness to go,
and that he had went on his own responsi
bility; wbhich fact evidently created an un
favorable impression on the minds of the
Jury, against Mr. Duke. We feel bound,
however, to say that so far as direct, delib
erate and unequivocal testimony was con
cerned, no better witness ever answered a
lawyer; but the faeet is as we gave it, nev
HUxmma, Jul 2d, 1865.
ED. PoST:-I noticed in your issue of
June 24th, in referring to the McCausland
trial, you state that I"sought permissi n of
the Court and the attorneys to leave town,
which was refused"-thatl finally started in
the face of express prohibition; which fact
had the effect of greatly weakening my tes
timony. So far as the testimony is concerned
I do not doubt but that it was considered
weak, as I think evidence in the prosecution
in such cases is always considered weak.
As for my leaving Virginia without permis
sion, I must say it is as false as h-I I. do
not think you are to blame for the mistake,
as I have no doubt that you were misin
formed. I did seek permission to leave
from the Court, and from the attorneys on
both sides, which I considered granted; but
to make the case more clear I will state
how I got that permission. I first went to
Mr. Sanders, and told him that I wished to
go home, as I did not think I was needed
any longer. He replied to me that he did
not know that they needed me any longer;
that it was Thoroughman who contended
that I must stay; that if Thoroughman was
willing for me to go, that he was. I then
went to Judge Chumasero. He said that he
was through with me; that he had nothing
to do with me; but he did not give me leave
to go. I then went to Judge Hosmer and
asked him by what right they kept me there.
He answered that he did not keep me; that
I was at liberty to go; but that I was liable
to be attached and brought back. 1 told
him I was aware of that fact; but was sat
isfied that there would be no attachment sent
after me, as I thought that there was no need
of me there any longer. He told me that I
had better see Mr. Thoroughman; so I went
to him, and he informed me that if Sanders
was willing for me to go, he was; and the
last word he said to me was to go. These
are facts which I think these parties will not
deny. It was not my wish to have said any
thing about this unfortunate affair, but when
I see such falsehoods published, on top of
all the abuse that I have had. I think it my
duty to say a few words i, my own defense. 1
It was my misfortune to be mn the store of
Geo. Howe when the fatal occurrence took
place; for which it seems, if I am rightfully
informed, that I am accused by a great many
of being connected with Kinna in a plot to 1
murder McCausland and rob the store.
These aceusations are as base and false as
the black hearts from which they emanated;
but those whom the story suits can believe
it, if it suits them. After the shooting took
place, and McCausland and Kinna had both
left the store, if I had been on the rob, I
had a splendid opportunity, as the house
was left in my possession, and was locked
up by me, and the key given to Mr. Johnson
by me, about one hour afterwards. I was
told by a gentleman, while in Virginia, that
I had a great many enemies there. Be that
as it may, it matters not to me; I have never
wronged any man there, and if I have ene
mies there, I cannot help it; nor do I pro
pose to try to help it. One word about the
two gentlemen, principals in this sad affair,
and I have done. I had known Kinna, the
deceased for nearly four years; had never
known anything bad of him; had had deal
ings with him; had always been treated as
a gentleman by him, and consequently had
no fault to find with him. I had known
McCansland three or four months; was
introduced to him by Kinna; was always
treated well by him, and always regarded
him as a gentleman, and do yet. I did think
on the night of the shooting that McCausland
was wrong; but after I learned the particu
lars of the case, I changed my opinion.
When I was called to the stand to testify
against him, I could only tell the truth, as I
had no interest in the matter, and could
only have told the truth if I had been inter
ested. By giving this a place in your val
uable paper you will confer a favor on
The Mexican Emigration has almost come ,
to a stand still. Government is notdeirous d
of war. i
Every redskin to be obliterated at sight, a
is the watchword of Gen. Sibley's com, I
mand in the campaign against the Indians E
in northwestern Minnesota. r
It seems they have discovered Petroleum e
in the historic ground of the Alma and I
Sebastopol. It is of tne quali, equal to
that of Canada, but inferior to genuine t
,' Pennsylvania."
They, have imported a "pile driver" at 1
Denver, and are going to build a bridg
seven hundred feet.long, at the foot of Ig
They have a pleasaut way of raising onqe
in Idaho. They ske aman pay an eantrane
fee in the chape .o taoxe, and thea, by 1
mistake, force him to pay it over again in ,
every county in which they can catch him.
Articles on g .nettoa are getiagtherate.
8iteeners ag it was .rd . oild in
the British slea forblsting, for veh ii i
eotinentlysdblpteb , theligrntioa beiuagt
,00ie.: Wu -pieehe I t e 4 is
, itlnd, tkm.,.lqm.kL isthsa a lf itwmew
I. is fthe o i ri` arna, the W.Uo
is a sharpg dtI dhip that it urib1o*P
out* the *** Hadtid kes shoteg soutter
widely. We have tre t re
P b4 n s. .um
flace hmou
mdIame ea o t ao si
CalM. P. 0. DeIaliag, who azveOd *a
last week, infors as that the tIhaJ j s.
very troublesome aleog the Mseem.
eeae up in the 8t. Johns, and bfege t~ah.
ing the dsageros parts aof the rivet, ~
the instinct of a military man, he got the
crew together and drilled them for the see
vice antilped. As there were abdst
forty men, the Colnel thought hektelbhe
able to handle the redskins aatnlfaeoU,
especially as be had a bowitser on beem
Breustworks of bags, ere., were made ie
deck. The boat when lyigup forthe.u
sparred edf into deep water, so that thoeev
ages would have a ofa.ng swim before they
could reich the boat. At Fort RIoe, tea
muskets, with amm.aitlon feo small has
and the owituer, were dramw, and thing
made snug. By some mistake the bo at
spherical case shot which was ia the saejI
sition, was omitted, and eaniate set
instead. -a6d the sphseuel saewi ia
aboard, the Aborigines would have had a
good deal to do in the funeral line, a they
were often seen at too great range for the
canister. They $red into the boat, but did
no harm. The howitzer was lewed round
to bear upon them; bu. as they were aste,
and the river was crooked, the range weal
have included the guards of the i-at, and
so the piece was not discharged.
Col. Deimling is of. opinion that the
pavages will most certainly attack the returm
ing boats, as they know well that there will
be none on board but the crew. He reoe
mends the utmost caution in wooding.. The
attempt to gather fuel in a grove mightpreve
fatal, for the Indians will be in waitatevery
point where there will be a chaneo of
attacking at advantage, and no spot is s
favorable for that purpose as a wooding
station. The Indians have a wholeseno
dread of artillery. They soon get sared
when the whites begin to fre te wenne at
rmatts eGram Te+sal
We believe no military heroin the world's
history has won such important suaoueaey
unclouded by defeat, as oar modes.tm
unassuming Lieut.-General They utsy be
summed up as follows :
At Fort Donelson, February 18th, 18,
he captured Maj.-Gen. S. B. Bukner, with
13,000 prisoners, 8,000 horses, about S,0X0
stand of arms, 48 fieldpieces, 17 heavy guns,
and other military stores.
At Vicksburg, July 4th, 1863, he captured
Lieut.-Gen. Pemberton, with 20 general eB
cers, 4,000 commissioned officers and 19,000
men--total about 24,000. He also captured
128 pieces of feld artillery, and 90 siep
guns, besides 83 pieces previously taken
total 301. Of small arms,45,000, with arm
and munitions of war for 60,000 men, with
a vast quantity of steamboats, looomotives,
cotton, etc., and more important then all,
the Mississippi. As Vicksburg involvedthe
surre0der of Port Hudson, we have to credit
to Grant the fruits there gatbed-6,8Q0
prisoners, 61 guns, 44,800 pounds of o r,
15,000 rounds of ammunition, 5,000 ste
of arms, two steamers and other stores.
Arksas Post, eaptured by a detachment
from his command, adds 5,000 prisoners and
40 guns.
At Chattanooga, besides the brilliant fea
of rescuing ourbeleaguered sad endangered
army and driving the enemy from a vastly
superior position, he captured 6,000 priso
ners and 40 guns. A detashment of his
immediate command, under Weitsel, esp
tured 3,000 prisoners and 180 guns at FPot
Fisher and Wilmington. In the crowing
campaign against Richmond, he destroyed
a rebel army of 60,000 men, all of whom
were either killed or wounded, dispersed er
captured. In the final surrender atpp
mattox C. H., April 9th, 1865, 26,000 peo
ners, 16,000 stand of arms 160 cannon, TO
ag, 1,000 wagons, and 4,00 hore were
all that remained; but at Rishmoad Wedmel
had previously reported the epptare of 800
guns, and a considerable number must hew.
been captured at Petersburg.
This surrender involved the subequeaM
surrender of Johnson with 25.000 prisoers
and 90 guns, and was followed by the ser
render of the armies of Dick Taj]or, preob
bly 12,000, and Kirby Smith and Magder.
estimated at 25,000.
It would be safe to say that, including the
captured not above enumerated, 20,000)g.
and 2,000 guns have been captured by Gen.
Grant? and as the immediate results of his
victories. His grand total of captnres is
at least twice as great as the forces ander
his command at any one time. When we
add to these figures the rebel killed sad
wounded at Donalson, at the battles befoe
Vicksburg, at Chattanooga and at the
Wilderness, the last of which is estimated
to have amounted to 60,000, and it will
appear that General Grant has put hers do
combat not less than 350.000 rebels in sap.
tured, killed, wounded and dispersed. Treo
some of thee succoesses were obtained b
desperaste ghting and severe les s, b'
impartial histor7 will declare that we eoeld
not have had Vicksburg without kbl i_, io
Richmond without the terrible b ttlts .e
I Spottylvana. In the light of the whaM
record, now complete, every one of Gtab'
campaigns is demonstrated to. have bol n
success. The temporary laurels won •e,
Johnaon and other rebel chiefs, but add thi
tribate to Grant. enduring fame, wib,
like Moses's divinely consecrated ro e .
lowed up all the othere,-Cblee 7 ,
AppAAcsu or FoT Suxrr.-A earres.
pondent of the Boston Journal says: "No
portion of the original face of the wall is to
be seen, except on the side towards Charlb
to, and a portion of that facing Moelrie.
From the harbor and from Wagner it appear
only a tumult-the debris of an old ruin.
All thecasemates, arhes, pillars and para.
pets are torn up. rent asunder and utterly
demolished. The great gune which two
years ago kept the monitors atbay, sad whie
lamed d t hundered awhile upon Wagner,
are dismounted, brok. eorvertared, sad iio
buried beneath the aotain of Wk, *dus
conerete, and ad mortr. AfteDWupoet'
attak ia April, 1 a86P , raeianfWsrts
Palmeto to was *me e- the beAt 4~
and aainthalf ato the wa lfacuimiji«
The lower &er of eaeatee wias
with sad fbe.ge btu whea Gea.medl
obtalmed pesseeonle ot Wagm* ame G
began toerabl the O twe 4t r
psi day

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