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L-1---.- Jui . .'s
l on of Fort Benton, is our authorized Agent at
Yate nsi end vircinity.
tJ n}?.owlings & (o.. at Silver Creek.
t jMerrill, at Prickly Pear.
tj.Jheqrr.' er going from this city to Fort Benton.
Master at Bannack City.
i;roe ',ot Master at Sa!t Lake City.
S.e S-tuart., Cottonwood. Deer Lodge Valley.
.r *:.'k W-erden. lellC Gate.
r e'r of Sutullil Mountain District, Deer Lodge
.a'1n tY. h lielenta Edgerton County.
\\ J' 1\,\illiams. No. )'S North Third street, St. Louis,
ir,,ur Fastern Ae.,t.
j OCA- . ITEM...
e members of this Company have recorded five
ces: the Victorine, White Horse and Yankee Blade,
.ummit Dlistrict, and the Revenue and Branch
iot in Fairweather District. The lodes are allval
able and safs investments. The last three above
ra.ed are as rich and desirable property as any that
S6°k;owa of in the Territory. The Yankee Blade
ay_ aix foot crevice, every ounce of the rock in
Sich vields an unusually large prospect of fine gold
~ I wihin--in fact, something worth putting
a " .... It ik not a "color," but a substantial
Sto ",l.II The Company have contracted with
tr tor . I. ainee, to sink fifty feet on
S tlo..or 2U. and the development of the
tr f th.. 1F:''s will follow in due order. The
t: nue i, nor the .lJeel House, and the native sil
f•. in 5.'f wh'ien the rock is broken. There
1 n 1"1 ity of gold also in the prospect. The
Mit,. ueir the hr-ad of Brown's Gulch, is
alv rich i nanative silver and free gold. The
itorne nd ' Vhite Horse are both gold lodes,
i l"g a ine prospect by pan process, from average
- 1k T''(':pany have gone about their business
i;,tpmati ;tly ; they have been fortunate, and they
Ues" _I____E_"___
lalst w.'.k omiht be called the arrival weed. W
Y. Lv.ell and his family have arrived and taken up
th~ir u aitrs. on Idaho street. Dr. Crepin is also
sy1 i.n t:l,. midst of his domestic surroundings.
: rn Atclh-oun is to be found in good repair at Allen
i ;llard' Bank. N. J. Davis and Tom O'Connor
v, 1,,e,,,d the Indians and are safe in town. Sam
c",;:b a.dI Mr. Loeb have come back to us, and the
lett r o:n.tletman is rejoicing in the certified aseu
"Ic,ý that at -omo future day a young lady of Trier
othe Rhine, will unite her de-tiny with his. The
rd of enagtemetnt" is rather a curiosity (mighty
;,, to the owner) in this country. Professor
adi, ih naturali.-t and geologist. elsewhere noticed,
to I,e ,ssn round town. Sam Chamberlain paid us
iit. anl what's his name and that other fellow,
,.i t'.e re-t of them, have also crossed the raging
BErITY- TI DISTE.SS.--On Wednesday night, the
ceauty of the weather tempted us to sit awhile in
,a,,oonlighit. Gently stealing over our ravished
.:.ecame the sweet silvery voice of one of our
ydv fri ,ls., singing "Oft in the Stilly Night."
Ri in t with the intention of ascertaining the exact
iccati.n of the fair Cauntatrice. we were startled
tv the cry o: m-u-r-d-e-r, m-u-r-d-e-r. Under a full
ead," -team, off we started at toll speed. Having
red as nrar the afflicted one as the crowd per
tted we perceived an unfortunate Cyprian sitting
the floor and retailing a story of assault and bat
r, connmitted upon her by a feminine neighbor.
eattitule of the outraged one was entirely un
aTctal. 11er dress was not much heavier than that
cf aSionx Prince-s, when bathing, and she was sur
roundel v by an atmosphere pungently suggestive of
the evaporation of the Hibernian "Elixir vitae."
Bodily injury not being perceptible, we retired; the
crowd indulging in an unlimited use of the privelege
,f free speech. The police judge might well har
row the root- of his hair, when pondlring over the
Joal 1Iow's new stock of merchandise, consists
of everything to be found in a first class assortment
i!f groceries, dry goods, saddlery, shoemakers' find
5ags. and last, but not least, a reinforcement of the
mlae old Bourbon. These articles, which completely
ll his great store, were brought in his first train,
shich will soon he followed by another, now on the
road from Benton. The familiar faces of Captain
r;well and "Ike" are to be seen through vistas of
loxs., barrels and packages. Col. Deimling is also
ýn hand. and the three gentlemen are ready to admin
ater to the want, of the citizens in their line. The
curious will be satisfied by the appearance in our
n'xt week's issue of John How's new advertisement.
We see that a new fire-proof warehouse is com
meonced behind the store. This will be both an addi
tion and an improvement.
NEW QUARTZ DISTRICT.-M. R. Denning called
apet us last week, and informed us of the discovery
of a new quartz district, called the Jefferson Belt,
containing many fine lodes, of which specimens can
iessen at our office. They are all silver ore. The
Brother Jonathan, Jack Robinson, (near the Paul
Jones), and the Maitland, are the names of those we
haveseen. The quartz is good and full of metal-some
bkinds contain free silver, and others are mostly com
PJsed of argeutiferous galena. W. R. Waller like
wise visitsal us. He and Mr. Dennin_ are, we believe,
the only prospectors who are acquainted with the
exact locality of the region, He left with us speci
mens of the Black Diamond, Mary Ryder, (Boulder
Districti. General Sherman and Mountain Messenger.
All the above named ledges are rich in the precious
WE are happy to announce to the public that John
Creighton, who was so severely injured by the
overturning of the stage, is now fast recovering.
John is decidedly averse to "surrendering " and
bhaing arrang l (livers slings and conveniences
iround him. he has cut a hole in the wall through
which he views the imposing scenery of the Rocky
Mountains, and indulges in a little light "chaff" with
outside wayfarers. Surrounded by kind friends and
:.aving effectually obviated any danger of perishing
by thirst, either to himself or his numerous visitors,
hp lives like the son of an Irish King, laughing mis
fortune out of countenance. lie will soon be round
town again. We believe that the only way to kill
John Creighton would be to cut his head off and
then to carry away the body.
TaE scarcity of items from Helena is to he attri
bated to the fact that our "Local" of that ilk has
beon 'ompelled by "natural affection," as the law
yor word it, to revisit the scene of his former glo
. lie observed to us, confidentially, that the
bland and captivating manners of the citizens of
lrI.inia render it 'luite a feat of moral courage to
tsar himself away from them. He will endeavor to
mtak up for his absence by an extra devotion to the
Interest of hip part of the vineyard, on his return.
PKRoeESSOR WARD is now in our city. lie is en
t'4ld in obtaining specimens of the wild animals in
thlt country, and is purchasing the skins, which must
he omored with great care, in order that they may
b fit for stuffing. Some time back the Professor
lsitod the old 'world for the same purpose, and sold
his collection to a museum in Rochester, N. Y., for
20.( o. Specimens of quartz will also be among
the articles which this gentleman will take back with
him, as he is a geologist as well as a naturalist.
W? call the attention of the public to the ander
tUement of M. Branham & Co., who are commen
cint buinss as wholesale and retail grocers and com
I.elon merchants, at Blackfoot. The references
rn a suf~cient guarantee of the character of the
irm. Their stock of goods is excellent in quality,
aid of great variety. G. B. Baker, of this city, is,
re understand, connected with the establishment.
Br order of the Court, the road over the Jefferson
Bidge has bes.s opened by Sheriff Howie, who took
n 1 the fence. J. L. Corbett surveyed the line.
uis shorter than the other by ten miles, and the
:hes run on it now. The County Commissioners
put men upon the road for the purpose of
_rsonr etones, etc., and also erecting bridges.
R~tcasn.--We are glad to see our fellow towns
ias Wesley Jones, among us once more. Mr. Jones
5on the road a large and well selected stock of
m are and groceries, which will arrive during
k4comigr week. Those in want of anything in hi
6e will do well to give him a call, at Conrad's old
nt, t door below the Star Restaurant, Jackson
CousrN CeoxxMssio.as.-At a meeting of the
County Commissioners of Madison County, after the
transaction of the ordinary routine business, the
following resolution was passed:
Resolved, That the County Commiasioners haveon
this, the 11th day of July, A. D. 1866, and in com
pliance with the revenue laws of Montana Territory,
section first, levied and provided by law, a tax on all
property not exempt from taxation, in Madison
county, of one cent upon the dollar, for county pur
poses; for Territorial purposes, four mills upon the
dollar; for the support of the poor, one mill upon
the dollar.
By order of the Board of Commiasioners of
Madison County.
(Signed) JOHN POTTER, Chairman.
Board then adjourned until the fourth Monday in
this month. J. L. CORBsTr, Deputy Clerk.
July 11th, A. D. 1865.
MESSRS. J. J. RoE & Co. appear in our columns as
advertisers to-day, and we beg to direct the public
attention to the list of articles offered by them for
sale. On last Sunday, they received twenty-four
wagon loads of merchandise. The high reputation
of this firm requires no guarantee on our part of the
truth of their representations with regard to the
extent, variety and excellence of their stock, which
comprises a general assortment of groceries, provis
ions, mining tools, with a large and choice selection
of liquors and cigars. They are constantly receiving
additions to their list of goods for sale, by way of
the river.
JoFi GRAY, whose descriptive powers and stento
rian lungs are a perpetual advertisement of his call
ing, has entered into business on his own account
next door below Content's Corner. Mounted on
some wonderful cayuse, he is to be found putting on
the artistic touches in the way of illustration. When
the auctioneer class was invented, Joe was put out
side the corral as a specimen.
OLINGHOUSE & Co., sent us a bottle of Cherry Bran
dy, in order that we might be able to testify to its
quality. Our boys are " on the testify," and the
motion that a " local " certificate of excellent qual
ity, be issued, was as the Devil observed " carried
unanimous." Several trials were made before put
ting the motion, in order to see whether the quality
was uniform from top to bottom.
BAREFOOT's.PARADISE.-We were down at Gurney
& Co.'s looking at 11 CORDS ot Boots and Shoes.
Thick, thin, light, heavy, sewed, pegged, fancy, plain,
for gentlemen's wear and for ladies fair, with a few
bushels for the babies. We are not going to at
tempt description. Go and see.and if you are not
suited you must be as hard to satisfy as a Dublin
Carman-or-club-footed. Weston looks fatigued,
yet happy. 10 wagon loads are over at this store,
besides the old stock.
POLICE COURT.-J. B. Hutcheson was charged with
keeping saloon without license; not guilty; dis
charged.--John Oliver, permitting gambling with
out license; discharged.--Adele Roumy, assault
and battery on Melanie Lanton: fined' $25. and
costs.-Kate Mlarsfield, assault and battery; fined
$40. and costs-- William Norwood, assault and
battery; fined $10. and costs.
DISTRICT CocuT.-Territory vs. L. B. Lockhart.
The defendant indicted and tried by jury for obstruct
ing the public highway on the Jefferson Bridge
Road. Verdict of acquittal. After disposing of
several motions and other routine business the Court
adjourned for the term.
Ir you want to see a neatly rigged barber shop, and
to get your beard charmed off or your hair trimmed
so neatly that you don't know yourself in the glass,
go to F. Wilson & Co., at the old stand of Turley &
White, Wallace street.
DEPARTURE.-Our friend Hugh Glenn, and wife,
for Austin, to seek among the Silver Mountains of
Nevada, a new home and sphere of action. The good
wishes of all his friends accompany him and his
amiable partner.
Ho FOR THE EAST !-Large posters in conspicuous
places in town, proclaim the departure of Joseph
Knight's mule train, on the first of August. for
"America." Parties wishing to spend the winter
with their frienlds in the East, will have a good chance
of transportation to the States.
TnE first thorough-bred American child born in
this Territory since its settlement in '62, is Florence
McClurg. The little lady appears to feel quite at
home in Virginia City, through which she makes
daily excursions, exchanging greetings with the cit
izens, and apparently fearless of casualties.
A MATCHI is made between Fuller Robinson and Co's i. R.
Swayback, and Joe Faivre's h. g. Billy, for $.-.0 a side ;
Flat-race; owners ride; catch weights; half mile dash,
to conme off on the 2di. `2 mile. east of Virginia (ity, on
the Madison road. The money is staked, and it is " play or
A LETTER from the lion. Jas. Ashley, which was
dated the 7th inst., but came with the Salt Lake
papers of the 9th, states that this gentleman hoped
to leave in four or five days for Montana. It is pos
sible that he may arrive to-day.
DRS. CREPIN AND JUSTICE have entered into part
nership, a fact we are glad to notice, inasmuch as
both gentlemen are, to our own personal knowl6dge,
well instructed,experienced and reliable practitioners.
M. C. KENDALL and A. VINcENT, of the Mechan
ical Bakery, Cover street, announce to the public
that they manufacture and keep for sale, bread, pies,
crackers, etc. Give them a call.
NOTICE.-The Rev. Mr. Smith, Presbyterian f in
ister, will hold service in the Union Church, Idaho
street, at 10:30 A. H., to-morrow.
THE Citizen who borrowed the Mortar at Allen &
Millard's Bank, must be troubled with a short mem
ory. It
ROCKFELLOW & DENNEE have removed their store
from Content's Building to No. 5, Jackson street.
E. B. WATEIIBURY, from Lewiston, is paying us a
visit. We hope he will conclude to stay with us.
DECLARATIONS OF OCCUPANCY and other blanks for
sale at the City Book Store.
A thoroughly clean skin is one of the best preservatives
from sickness. Go to Tom White's for a bath.
DISGRACEFTL.-AE we were passing along the street
on SundAy, our attention was called to a crowd near
Taylor, Thompson & Co.'s store, and on inquiry, we
found that the excitement was caused by the pros
pect of a fight between two young masculine descen
dants of Canaan. The coat and vest of one lay on
the ground, and the preparations for the conflict
seemed about completed, but no sparring ensued.
The bystanders seeming anxious that the affair should
come off, several of them sought to hurry up mat
ters by exciting the two darkies to "pitch in." A
lack of courage prevented mischief. We merely
allude to the matter in order to find an opportunity
of expressing our utter disgust at the idea of making
boys light for the gratification of the brutal humor
of men, who should know better.
WE notice that Dr. Gibson, Postmaster of Virginia,
is paying us a visit, during his tour of inspection of
the stage road from Virginia to Blackfoot City, by
way of Helena. The Doctor's object is to become
posted himself on the details of the necessary arrange
ments for the regular transmission of letters by mail,
after which, we believe, he will advertise for tenders
for the establishment of a regular mail service
between the points named. The contract will be for
six months. Citizens of this part of Montana will
rejoice at the change from the unsatisfactory plan of
Expressing correspondence to the regular delivery
and small cost of the orthodox method.
CEARLEY ADAMS having reduced.his hair to the
minimum length, is on the muscle, and contemplateQ
achievements calculated to lower the fame of Joe
Reilly. As an opponent of the "one, two" system
of settling difficulties, we counsel the two worthies
to change the wager, and substitute a bet of $500 as
to who can do the most for Montana and its citi
zens inside the next twelve months. Having tbe
good of both men at heart, we advise neither of
them to "pupt up," but both of them to "nsht up."
mYsoual ill-feeling enters into thisdilculty, and all
such doings should be discouraged.
Sneca the water has been running in the Lower
Ditch, great activity is visible among the minses.
Everybody is employed, and the money is being
taken out fast.
v o : gd: 1 ,.El "E J j Xg AL.
Virginia City Wholesal, Market
Corrected Weekly for the MOYTAN POrT, by
No. 5, Jackson Street, Vlrkia M. T.
VIRGIIA CITY, M. T., July 15 15, 5.
[Non-resident readers will please bear in mind that our
quotations are based upon actaaltransactions, and are gotld
prices for goods by the original packages. The retall prices
range about ten per cent. above quotations.]
Since our last report, several large lots of goods have ar
rived from Benton, and some lots by way of the Plains.
These arrivals seem to have the effect of increasing the
demand for all kinds of groceries, and are held firmer at
an advance, on many articles, over our last quotations.
This is owing to the probability of the late steamers not
being able to reach Benton, or even Cow Island this year
-and the loss of considerable lots of goods on steamers
sunk, and also the increase of freight from the river, seve
ral steamers having unloaded at Cow Island 120 miles be
low Benton.
Under this. information, dealers from new camps are in
increasing their orders and buying more freely.
FLOUR.-No change to note, But little has arrived
during the week. St. Louis. $27; Salt Lake. M Tanners,
Provo, $20. Other brands, $18 @ $20, and dull.
PRODUCE.-Potatoes P lb 12} ' 14c.
(GRAIN.-Barley ' lb14415c; oats 12}i14c.
BACON.-Scarce, and we note an advance over last
week's quotation. It is now held and selling at from 50 to
53 and 55c, for prime new ; Hams scaroe, 576ti0c.
LARD.-Nominal, 45 50c.
CANDLES.-In demand. Werks' Cincinnati, at 65 and
70c; Other brands at 605tice.
SUGARS.-A firmer feeling is prevalent with holders
throughout the market. We quote to-day. N. O. and
Sandwich Island, P tb 531.50; A refined Y, 576tio;
crushed No. 1, 60c; Powdered extra, [email protected]
COFFEE.--But little in the market, and is held at 75d
TEAS.-Several lots arrived during the week, but not
sufficient to supply the demand. Imperial good, $3,50;
Young Hyson, $3.00; Black, $3.00.
GOLDEN SYRUP-But little in market. Molasses
and Sorghum in better demand. We quote to-day, Bel
cher's Golden Syrup, ' 10 gaL kg, $65,00; Belcher's St.
Louis. per 10 gal kg, [email protected]$5a60 ; Belcher's Chicago Syrup,
per 10 gal kg, $50p .55; N. Y. Sugar House, per gal,
$$5,50 6,00,
BUTTER,-Salt Lake has been superceded by States
packed which has proven to be superior to any that has ar
rived from S. Lake this Spring. States. packed, in de
mand at 75'80; Salt Lake dull, at 60,&)65; ranche, $1,10
FRUITS.-The market firm and all kinds in demand.
Dried apples, [email protected] ' tb; Salt Lake peaches at 55&
60l; stocks light. Blackberries, $4,65; cherries, 70i73c;
other dried fruit, [email protected]
CANNED FRUITS-Peaches P case. 2 doz cans,
$20.00(1 22.00; Blackberries J' case. 2 doz cans. $20.00It
22.00; Strawberries 4 case. 2 doz cans, $22.00&24.00;
Oysters 4 ease. 2 doz cans, $20.00&0i22.00.
COAL OIL.-Slow and dull at $5 ) gal.
WHIISKEY.-('ontinues in tfir demand. The market is
well supplied with low grades from last season's stock.
Kentucky Bourlon. 4 gal., $7.00d8i,00 ; Missouri Bour
hm 4' gal., $5,00I $6.00; copper distilled rye ' gal.,
$6.00 a 7.10.
BRIANDIES AND GINS-Imported 5 gual $12.00i_
16.00t; i)omesti,. $6.0058$9.00.
CASED LIQUORS.-Sparkling Catawba 4)' case $4531,
$47.5)0; still eatawba. 4' case $30; claret, P' ease 8'24 -
$26; sherry 4 ease $26; IHostetter's Bitters, $22'@x24;
Red Jaaket bitters, f' case. $26, catawba wine bitters, 45
case. $26 : cognac 'V case, $26.
SARDINES.-4 case. I boxes [email protected]$50; 1 boxes -5
case. $55a $60.
BOSTON CRAC'KERS.-4 F . by the box 50955e.
To the Tax-Payers of Madison Coun
ty, Montana Territory.
FIHE undersigned Board of Equalization of the asses8
Irent roll, as returned by the County Assessor, hereby
notify all who may feel aggrieved by the assessment of
their taxable property, that said Board will meet at the
office of the ('ounty 'Treasurer. in Virginia City, on
Wednesday. Thursday and Friday, the ;2ith, 27th and
28th days of July instant, for the purpose of equalizing said
assessment roll; at which time and place all intt rested may
attend and have their grievances adjusted.
t ROBERT HI ILL. County Clerk.
T1IiEO. Mt'FFLY. ('mtntty Treasurer.
County Board of Equalization.
Virginia City, M. T.. July 1ith. Mlt;5. 47-2t
IHaving heard that Joe Reilley wants to fight, I
thought it my duty as a man, to accept his challenge.
Now, if Mr. Reilley wants to fight me, I will fight
him for five hundred or a thousand dollars a side,
according to the rules of the London Prize Ring.
The fight to come off in four or five weeks, in the
City of Helena, MontanaTerritor:. If Reilley con
cluded to nccept my propositiuu, he will find two
hundred dollars deposited at the Fountain Restau
rant, with John Cornell and Billy Nuttall, California
Exchange, to be put up as a forfeit. So put up or
Helena City, July 10, 1865. 47-1t*
A Light Brown Horse Mule, about fourteen and
n-half hands high. Branded " X " on the left hip,
with flesh brand, and hair brand " 7T6 " on left side
of neck. Any person delivering said mule at Gur
ney & Co.'s Store, Virginia City, or giving informa
tion of his whereabouts will be liberally rewarded.
A First Class Circular Sawyer. None other need
47-tf Office, Virginia City.
Dissolution Notice..
N OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the co-partner
ship existing between John Carico and E. M. I'ollin
ger, is hereby dissolved by mutual consent, and that all
debts owing to the firm will be collected by John (Carico.
and also all demands against the firm will be paid by the
sane party ; and that all demands must be brought for
ward by the first day of August. 1865. at Blackfoot City,
Deer Lodge County, Montana Territory.
July 1st. 1865. JOHN CARICO.
3t-46* E. M. POLLINGER.
Administrator's Notice.
NOTICE I. HEREBY GIVEN, to all persons having
claims against the estate of Harry 8later, late of Edg
erton County, M. T., deceased. that they are required to
present such claims, with proper vouchers, within ten
months from this date. to the undersigned administrator.
And all indebted to said estate are requested to call and
settle their accounts. By order of Probate Judge, Edger
ton County.
G. J. WOOD, Administrator.
Helena City, June 2", 1863. 46-49
rO THE Shareholders of Excelsior Coal Miuing and
SManufacturing Company. lon are hereby notified
that there has been an assessment levied of one-fifth (1-5)
of a mill on the dollar, being $10. on each 50 shares, pay
able forthwith. By order of the Board of Directors.
GEO. G. STEVENS, Secretary.
Bannack City, M. T., June r2, 1865. 46-3t
Suite of Rooms to Let.
Forming the entire upper story of Content's Building,
corner of Wallace and Jackson Streets. 44tf
Dissolution Notice.
The co-parnership heretofore existing between A. M.
Holter and E. Evenson, of Virginia City, is this day dis
solved by mutual consent. All accounts will be settled by
A. M. Holter, at the old stand, corner of Jackson and Cover
streets. All persons indebted to the firm are requested to
call and settle by the 15th of July.
Virginia City, June 29th, 1863. 45-4t*
Democratic County Convention.
A Delegate Convention of Democracy of Madison
County, will be held at Virginia City, on Tuesday, the 25th
day of July, 1865, at 2 o'clock P. M., for the purpose of
nominating candidates for County Offices, to be supported
at the ensuing election, and for the transaction of other
Primary meetings for the purpose of electing delegates
to said Convention, on Saturday, the 22d, 8 o'clock. P. M.,
as follows;
At Summit, Pine Grove District, three delegates,
Moore's Store, At Highland, four delegates, Potter's Cab
in, No. 8 below discovery. Virginia City, 1st ward, four
delegates, California Exchange. Virgina City, 2nd ward,
three delegates, Stonewall Hall. Virginia City, 3d ward,
two delegates, Idaho Billiard Saloon. Nevada City, six
delegates, Pat Ryan's Bakery-- Junction City, three del
egates, Sebres'. Bivin's Gulch, two delegates, Wila
Huffaker's.. Mill Creek, one delegate, James Bradley's.
Ram's Horn, one delegate, A. J. Batchelder's, Hot
Springs, one delegate, Hot Springs Ranche. Stinking
Water Valley two delegates, Pete Daly's Ranche. Wis
cousin Gulch' one delegate, Frank Crane's. 47-1t.
T WO Ranches, situated on the east ide of the Madison
River, twelve miles from Virginia City. Also, one
plow. There is a good garden o nle om , s. aD n one
hundred toes of hay can be out. Part of the m s
feaoed. There ae two thousaad poles lg onr theag
riedy for use. The gardea is all maso. Ther. is a new
house on on Ranchb . Any pers Wihing to pmrchase,
wiU call at HIsfiP Travis & o.' where they ea obta
al requied iadwmatm.
The whole wl be disposed sd hr eal, at a law Spgr.
47-1t ARE. MfILELL
Drs. Crepin & Juse.
(OFJICRON WALLACQ ST .TS , 'nt door. to
SCity Drug Store. 47-7f
H. 0. KaxsALL. A. VIsucu.
Mechanical Bakery.
oVER STRET, Virgiia Cit. Manufacture
" and keep constantly on hand, Bred and Pie ;
also Soda and Butter Crackr Wo, lend 1tail.
J. A. Gray,
ginia City, M. T., frst door below Content'
corner. Iaberal advances made on Consignments.
Stock and Goods of al kinds disposed of by Public
or Private Sale 47-59
SAx. WoRD. JAs. G. SrATr.
Word & Spratt,
ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Virginia City, Montana
Territory. Will practice in all the Courts of
said Territory. Special attention given to the Col
lection of Claims. 43-tf
T. AxsDEBox. FaixcIs Wusox.
F. Wilson & Co.,
FASHIONABLE Hair Dreasing and Shaving Sa
loon, at the old stand of Turley & White, Wal
lace Street. 47-59
Wallace Street, Virginia City, M. T.
Dealers in
Hardware, Shoefinlaing,
y Revenue Stamps for sale by the quantity to suit
purchasers. 7
W'alace Street.
Two Dooer Below Pfouts & Russell.
GEORGE GOHIN, begs to inform the public that ho has
perfected his arrangements for a constant supply of all
articles in his line, of the finest quality.
-Bof, MVdutton, Veal,
Gamne, Fish,
aucosages and Fowarlw .
No Meat of inferior quality sold in this establishment.
Orders punctually and carefully filled. 43-55
Denver .7Ieat .. .Market,
IevaIa City, . . * * T.
TAKES pleasure to announce to the public, that he keeps
the best stocked Meat Market in Nevada City, where
there will always be fIoud the beat cuts of
lie also, receives constantly Game, Fish and Fowl of the
season. Try him. 34-46*
ON AND) AFTER THIIS DAY, we will run a semi
J weekly Line of Coaches between Virginia City and
Leave Virginia City on Monday and Friday.
Leave Helena on same days.
r OFI(.--' At King & Gillett's Store, in Virginia,
and at l'eopls' Store in Nevada.
May 11th. 1864. 3rdtf
A. J. OLIVER & Co.,
Are running from one to two Coaches daily between Vir
ginia City and
Last Chance, Montana City, Jefferson
City, &c., &c.
Also. a Semi-Weekly Line to
Silver Bow City and German GOlch.
Virginia City, July 6th' 1865. 46-3m
Higgins, Travis 4* Co.,
Wallace Street, Virginia City, and
Helena M. T.
E.LEGANT vehicles, and well trained horses for the
Saddle, Buggy or Carriage, constantly on hand.
A First Class Turn-out Guaranteed.
IMay IZanche for Sale.
T HE undersigned, intending shortly to return to the
States. offer for sale, or in exchange for good stock,
their splendid
Hay and Farming Ranche !
Situated 18 miles from Virginia city. Last season 180 tons
of hay were put up on the place, and there is every pros
pect of an excellent crop this year.
There are 320 acres fenced in, good houses,
corrals and other necessary accommo
dations and improvements.
The location is eminently adapted for Stock raising, and
will be sold at a reasonable price.
The proprietors can be seen at the Ranche, or on the
Madison road, eight miles from Virginia city, and will be
happy to show the property to parties wishing to purchase.
As there is seldom such a chance for a bargain, persons in
quest of land should give us a call.
45-48* M1LF & ROGERS.
Prebate Order.
County of Madison.
A T a Session of the Probate Court, ftr the County of
Madison, held at the Probate Omen in the City of Vir
ginia, on the fifteenth day of June, A. D. 1805. Present
O. F. Strickland, Probate Judge, in the matter of the estate
of Frank H. Angevine deceased. On reading and filing
the Petition, duly veriied, of Thomas aaume, praying
for reasons therein set forth, that he be appointed Adminia
trator of said estate. Thereupon it is ordered that Mon
day, the 7th day of August aext, at one o'clock, In the
afternoon, be assigned for the hoeas g of sid Petition, and
the heirs at law, and all persons Interested in said estate,
e hereby notified to appear, at a session of said Court,
then and there to be ed the Probate Ofoe, In Virginia
City, and show camse say there be, why the prayer of
said Petition should not be ganted, and it isfarther ordered
that Petitioner give n.oice of the said hearin, by esauing
a copy of this order to be publisd in the MOXIrI A Poer,
a mm w pPrinte aed renipted s said C.p.ty of Mad
bae, O-k el adwwes WmvIoWM *Id day ey
bearin. O. . ST. ICKLAND,
(a fie eo*.0. 46-dt Piea* Jdge.
E Sr y .r1 aýei.
CAME to Gokey's aehea the N adibe., about the
C middle of , two house, - a lek, breaded
"P" al shlb a, theethees as CblapiA '"a
ksha tLs r. aw l saasseth perUm, pw
Jacksol Street, * Virgiia City
Measrs. Brandt & Schenk
BEG to in etbalr htds sad as p br. gramraly
S that they have Ited up Bnsnd' ew Shat Bolin
solely witha view to the coma dw eodvem e of teir
patrs, and regaruless of expeas. Te badness will be
conducted on the
Selections can be made by each guest from the BIlld Fmar
on which the pries of each article will bedistietly marked
3eeeaks ad mts Chewps served b the
Oysters and other Shell Fish in all Styles.
Will receive every attention at the hands of
the Proprietors.
Is fitted up with a separate entrance for Ladies, where
every delicacy and description of refreshment obtainable
at such establishments will be in readiness.
A choice selectiou of
T_-.iz., .Idquors, dbe.,
will be kept on hand, and also
I Suppers provided for Public and Private Parties in
the highest style of the art.
All kinds of Preserved Fruits. 45-tf
E- Olinghouse.. W. B. Ridenour.
Corner of Wallace & Jackaon St..,
The Best Fire-Proof Warehouse in the
City, with Cellar Attached.
T'hey Keep constantly on hand and for al.
A Choice.'anortment of
Cash Avance Made on Coasigaenb.
We eolieit eosgaaeb of all klads d
Wees. sme t. heeth eom gMdSw . e, M +hy
- e lttMe Wuiý 1ý lý1 yi art ,
.o u4gpsa. t co.
ridie City, Jn eas, l135. 4W
4TO~a&Ga AimO O S.
.11L'K Fa- JW .Ta:
Fire-proof Steam Ws .h.s
(Twa d y eomapied bE CymgmaO Om,)
Cruer @1 Wallace aM Vaulm Ukr!
Prom mtstia giv the P. a S ad mage
Provitisea, Predulc,
LIberal Cash Advances !Rate o
Mers. Holladay & Haley. Bankers, Salt 4kI
Kimball & Lawrence, Mehants, "
Gilbert & Sons,.
Mr. William Sloan, "
Meeas. Hawke & Bro, Nebraska City.
Warresn Hussy & Co., Barnes Dever CI.
Daniels & Brown,
" J.J. Roe & Co., VirginiaCity.
" eo. H. Hanna & Co., "
Captain William Parkinson, Heles.
J. G. Baker, Fort Beaton.
On Jlackson treet, between Walliat
and Cover, Virginla City, M. T.
Go tBaugh & Pollock if you want your draft Hrms amd
Mules`Neli Shod,
Go to Blgh & Pollock, if you want good job of Ow
Go to Baugh & Pollock, if you want a ood job >Me
Go to Baugh & Pollock, if you want the bs9alag Plai
Go to Baugh & Pollock, if you want your wagr sai
hacks repaired in good style.
Go to Baugh & Pollock, if you want a good job of Mlek
Go to Bagh &Polloek, if you want to sell your oldwag
for Cash.
Messrs. Cooke, Gray A Newell, Vtrgita City.
Foster & Ce,
' Ballar & White, " "
S Rockfellow & Deanee, " "
" Molter & Everon, " "
Creighton & Co..
Mr. N. Stein, Agent, O. 8. L Co.,
" John Clark,
" Nathan Gibson,
Virginia City, June 10, 1865. aI
Il III STill!
Where Pilgrims and Actual Settles may always obtaa a
general assortment of
Mhriners Good.
Tin, Sheet-Irn an Copper Ware.
Bllder's Hardware, Coffee-Mls, Ox and RHoese She
Nails, Carpenters' Tools, and a great variey,
of other things pretty, useful and
solid. Job Work in Copper,
Tin and Sheet Iro, done
with dispath.
43-55 Virginia City and Heleas, M. T.
General Ajeieneers and Ceiniues
Jackson Strut, Virginia City, M. T.,
$ E ýeýus to .ell meebardie of an9 ..ditiaL
A ftberp fr waon. or tg oods I. O % a f otM
a, may prefer.
of - maha, maes , wigo, mode, pasods aa
WTT Olber dmtrihm d p t, atII as rmr R
prdYr1slt Vhavii indease o.li·mla 3
Academy of the Holy Family,
St. Igalsta Mlslileair r - . T.
THIS Academy is uadr the directio ot the 81im of
SCharity. They will taeh to red aad write. OGm
mar and English Compooltlo, Arithetf, i .
Hatory, and the French langcae, If requird. rew
sad whatever 1i understood uner the ateihv w
Hosewifery. Chtldrena mt be previide with bhea -
ing, two dream hr wee days ad m er ~ftsr, al
docme pocket haadkerchie, three towela, coabs ael
pooa, fork aad half. They wUl h their askes
a the Academy. For tbhe cal k rfUta and _lin g
der, all the papile wml sud t#0 ngia eualid,
the Atlt.tlon. All Mletter uM r terew eu
patpitew1B brst tel ampeeief is a ad -.
vi lor IIaI MO rdeir Of tba
IEdtma( cads esry, o
WaWhlagaad Y4ealr syM.
winll commade =4 s a-!ts serMI
testeffam:nt Pert
me. MOTlo R MAN r<&lfcld»Sjl, - lso
me, r Rev. U. GRAMSI, W rep1V«W.U P
36 mile Nerth of HeiRite, NMl Tulwy.

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