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The Montana post. [volume] (Virginia City, Montana Territory [i.e. Mont.]) 1864-1869, July 22, 1865, Image 1

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D. W. TILTON & Co.,t
p ,- ai'sh ers a an d P ro :p rietors. " .............................." M y Country, m ay she always be right; but m y Country, right or wrong..................................... "L.so C IT O, MRDL- 2 ,,,
22, NO... II s 48.I'il i
he OntaRta WOO.
D. WV. T.ILTON & Co.,
Office at the City Book Stonr. orncr of Wallace 4 Jackson
Streets. Virginia City, Mon. Ter.
VuL copy, one year. ........................... $7 50
d,. six mouths ............................ 4 00
do. three mounths ........................... 2 50
Rates of Advertising.
Bueiuesi Cards, five liues or less, 3 months....... $ 10 00
do. do. do. 6 months,...... 15 00
So do. do. 1 year......... 20 00
wlirc ~qutre, ten lines or less. 1 insertion........... 4 00
do. do. do. 2 do. ........... 6 00
d. do. d,,. 1 mouth. ........... 10 00
d,,. do. do. 2 do. ............ 13 00
do. do. do. :1 do . ............ 15 00
o". do. do. 6 do. ............. 25 00
do., do. do. 1 year,.............. 353 O
"i eau ljuire." s I iisertiuu....................... 6 00
,. 2 do ........................ 8 00
i. I imoni th - ............... ............ 12 00
do. 2 do. .......................... 18 00
dl. 3 do. .......................... 24 00
o. do. . ........................ 40 00
d, 1 year.. .......................... ti5 0(0
Vyhu.a; ilth coluu,. 1 inuertion ...... ........... 8 (0)
d. do. 2 do . .................. 12 00
do. do. 1 mouth .................... 1R 00
do. 2 do. ...................." )5 O
do do. : do. .................... 30 00
.,,. do. 6 do. ................... 50 0
d. do. 1 year...................... 70 00
v . -i:.ixth c luniu. 1 insertion ..................... 10 00
do do. 2 do. .................... 15 00
do. I month ...................... 2) 00
id,. do. 2 do ...................... 30 00
.... do. 3 (do .................. :. 6 I0
d do. i do. ...................... .3 (t
do do. I year......................... 0 -00
toen !:,urtlih ilColiunl 1 insertio. .................. 12 (0
d'. doi. 2 do. .................. IS 00
d,. d). 1 month ................ .. ... 24 (0)
do. do. 2 do. ............. 36 00
do. d,,. 3 do, . ................. 45 00
d,. d,,. i do. . .................... 65 )0
do,. do. 1 year..................... ... () (00
Oinehalf column. I insertior .................... 20) 0
do. ldo. 2 do. ................ 00
do. do. I month........................ :3 00
d. d,. 2 do .......... ..... 45 0
do. d. 3 do. ..................... 55)
do ui..( dI ...................... NO00
d,,. d 1 year,.................. ... 115 00
Lue chulumn. I insertion,. ... ........ . ........ 30 IX)
do. 2 do ............ .. . . 41 00
Io. ii month tl ...............-.........- 5 X)
id. 2 do. .............. ..........75 0)
d : do. .................. .. .. 90 00
ii,. (; d . .............. ..... .... 140 00
d , ,. 1 (y a r . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 0 0 ( 1 )
l. vi, i. N i (lc; .- Oin. do llar per line for three lines or
ie,- ' ;i5 erits ipr line tor ten limng or less ; 50 cets per
ll),,,, f,,r ,.lr=', l e ~n o I , ,- r motre..
'T'erritorial Officers.
rtc r-Ii N LV I-U it ItTO'(N. Ba marki iity.
,.''ut'ar;-.I UiiN T. I f lItI't.
( /izt Ju stirc-II. L. IuIuotElt.
tat,··ir od, ol t ofi P01)1k lost jctioI-'I'. J. D)IMlsIAI.E.
Crl.ý c,', the I. S. District Cour.t-A. M. 'IOLtEI.
t1unicipa - OffIcers of Virginia City.
AJ ciis' C..'u.iltf - J. X. Taliaferro.
('rlanrkr-.I has .1. 1). urti.
.1trorcry-'(. C. Eitwsn.
Trrolcror u-.iuh S- Rr -Nkf.ll Nw.
Ass t i .ttlrt C oug rt-.o1Jerry M.Lcwiu.
County O fficers of i Vairgin County.
Cncntuot Cwum~issriOnrsItiT'ith Potter, Chrarrinlt,~l J. 1E
Mfr(Ir.I-re. t. Il..ut"'.
Pet'hce J lixtra/g-i-.. F. Strickland.
Sherail-Ntil Ilewi e..
AClekthaL'ttt.- J. 1). Curisel.
Dc1t'uty . rcri u-l ..
T/resrder-I.luhi N. lull.
County .iomseigor-J. Prmitage.
gaulders & Cool:;,
A TTI't )RNEYS AT LAW and Solicitors in Chancer\.
Virginia City. Montana Territor. 3-lytv
W ni. Chulnatscro,
Ti TORNIE 'l' LAW, Virginia City\, Montana 'er
1. ritory. Uttice in Post (llice Building, on 'Vallace
.l no. C. Turk. \V. L. Brown
Turk & Brown,
A \Will practice in all the ellrts f tile T'erritor\-. Office.
ovetr Geo. Hanna &, Co.'s store. Wallace street. Virginia
,city. J. I,' 4--7" -
John S. Atchison.
TA.R''-lY PIUBLIC. lhR'ventme Stamps and Blanks for
Nale at Allen & Millard's Bank, Virginia ity, Mon
tana Territory
WVm. Decker,
I RG(I"ON IFENTIST. ()tline' two doors west of Now
S lan Bank Building. Patients visited at their residence
whlen lcriredl. :30}-42"
J!u-tus Cooke,
-1 ENER.UtA AI('tTI(ONEER. Particular attention gir
I ei to the sale of Live Stock and Real Estate. sales
of Stock. of (Gotnls in Store. (Otice at the Elephant Cor
rul. Virginia ity. M. tT. 18-440
.lohn S. Lew is N. I. Hal', 1). M. Gillett.
1 ewi,, hale & Co.,
jEw\ELIV Nt Y .AC'Y T.C'i'tER*S. Every descriptioi
l jin.lrVll 1i order froull tlhe Native (id1, and
w-arrantil., lfartieular attention paid to repairing Fine
\\'athies,. .\AIo, Eugraving done to ordler. SigIn of tihe
(hold \Vath. Jacksou Street. Virgini:a City, M. T.
`r 40-52'
Roathl and Co.
ME AI('AN ATCI'('IE. just received direct from the
A . M..ltlft. ftrie. Ever description of .lewelry ma.nu
faerurel from the Native Cold. (all. examine speeimens.
and then ntdge. Sign of the MAMMOTH WATCH, Vir
cinia City. Montana Territory. Corner of Jackson and
Wallace streets. in the (ity BBok Store. 44
tH. Jameson.
OFFICE tiur din, east of Jackson and Wallace streets.
Sl Mouse and Real Estate Ageut. Buildings rentetdl.
taxes paid. Abstracts af Title of obtained. Quartz speci
notis and the neeessary papers relating to Lode Claims
f;,rwarded to New York. Particular attention givlen to the
colleeting and shipping of money. References :-J. Kis
kadden. D). V. T'lton & C'o.,, Pfouts & Russell. John A.
Nyc & Co. 4-sf
f~osmer and Hauser,
'ILAIM AGENTS. have established an agency for the
/ purchase antd sale of (,old and Silver Quartz Claimu in
different parts of the Territory. One of the partners will
attend in Ierson. to the introduction and sale of Lodes in
New York. IPhiladelphia and other Eastern cities. and the
other to obtaining the sare in this city. Arrangements
will he made early in the Springn. fir expressihg goods to
the Nw York Otice. and for procuring reliable assays at
the ofic i thlis city. Offlce at the Post Ollice. and at S.
T. Hauser & Co.'s i.ank, on Wallace Street. 3-50e
Jefferson House,
Two doors bedow the Pleater's House, Idao Street.
SH. PILES, begs to inform the public that he has
* opened this house for boarders, and will furnmiah
meals to transient customers. His table wil be supplied
with tile best that the market affords. Special attention
will be paid to the comfort of his guests. 4557*
James N. Williams,
ASHIONABLE Hair Dressing and Shaving Salo.n,
Bridge Street, Ilelena, Montana Territory. 45-tf
Wallace Street, Virginia City, M. T.,
J, m. CASTNER, Proprietor."
TiHIS Popular Hotel, which forms part of Castner's
I Building, has been enlarged and refitted in a style to
meet the demands of the Public. Its larder in well bap
plied, and its tables furnished with the best the market
The Idaho Billiard Hall,
carried on by HULL & CAsrrTER, contains four First Class
Billiard Tables, where the lovers of the game can always
be accommodated. The old friends of J. J. Hull and J.M.
Castner, can always find them at the Idaho.
Those having Territorial funds to deposit, should call at
the Idaho, where the office of the Treasurer is situated.
Nebraska House,
In the Buildiugs formerly known as Hutch's Saloon, and the
old Post Oice, Jackson St., Virginia City, M. T.,
Coel. H. P. DOWNS, Prop'r.
THE prprprietor begs respectfully to inform his friends
and the public generally, that Board and Lodging in
good style can be ilbtained at his establishment. No pains
will be spared to present a well spread table to his guests.
The comfort and acconiodation of his patrons will be sedu
lously attended to. Breakfast on table from 6:30 to 9 o'clock
a. Im.; Dinner. 12 in., to 2 p. in.; Supper. 6 to 7 p. inm.
A good Feed Stable and Corral attached to the premises.
and also a Grazing Ranche, where cattle will be watched
day and night. The pasture is excellent and water abun
dant. 45-tf
Seord & Fariette,
haund and manufacturing from the best material, all
styles of Saddles. Bridles. Single and Double Harness, or
anything else mlade in a first c'ass saddler shop. 27-52?
Dodge & Thexton, .
GI ENERAL BLACKSMITHS and Plough Manufactur
LT ers. Cover street. Virginia City, Ploughs of the best
destription. suitable for Itanchinen in this country, madle to
order in the best possible manner. Horses, Mules and
Cattle shod in the mott approved manner. 29-54*
Johnson & Schuyler.
H AVE RIE-FITTED and opened the Mountain Bowling
Saloon, one door east of Allen & Millard's Bank, and
invite a.l'those wishing good exercise. choice Liquors and
Cigars, to call and see them. They have also reduced the
price of rolling to 'II'TY CENTA.
April 1st, 165. :2-45*
Helena House,
H ELENA CITY. Montana Territory. The above
named House is now opened for guests and boarders.
(:Gotl beds. and the best the market affords. for the table.
at reasonable prices. B. B. Burchett,
3m-42 Proprietor.
E. M. Dunphy.
W7HIOLESALE and Iretail (roceer. Storage and Com
V mission Merchant. west side Mdiu street, Helena.
Montana Territory.
A large and cotnplete assortment of Fancy and Mtaple
(Grs.eries on hand. at figures to suit the times. (live us a
call. 3-51*
Occidental Billiard Hall..
SStreet. Virginia C'ity. The finest tables in town. The
bar supplied with the best of Liquors and Cigars.
42-U6c JOHN H. MINGI .
Idaho Hotel.
~ A.LI,.LA('E STREET, Virginia City. M. T.. J. M.
V V , asttmer. Proprietor- The proprietor antounutecs to
his old friends and the public generally, that he is now
prepared to aoinnmmnuate boarders by the meal. day or
week at low rates. His table is furnished with the best the
market allirds. c2ti-52
Assay Oeffie.
W ALLA('E $TEET, one door below Nolau & Co.'s
Bank. Groktand Silver, and Ores or every deserip
tin, Assayed. 1 guarantee my assays, and will pay any
differente( which may arise between themn and the U: S.
Mint. 3 D) . (GILBERT.
R .[ N I )Y' ills f Luuer of Ln tet any size at short notui.
Their Lumnber Yard in Virginia ('ity, is iu the Warsaw
Corral on lLahbo Street. where they constantly keep the
best article of all kinds of lumnber, at reasonable rates.-
A\l. a gosd assortment of all kinds of Sash and Lath kept
co nstantly in 4and. 44
John I. (ilbert,
SFENI'E. fr the First ljivision of the itllhceotLu ti.s
trict of Mont:nau. embraciun" Madison County. Otc firs
ldoor east of ('ite" Drug Store.
Virgin a City April .i, 1t(:.. 3
Joseph Marion,
AY SC('ALES STORE. Wallace Street. Virginia City
H t'minissioin~ltserchant. Cash adwlvlled on oullsigul
meaits. A general wsoirtnlent of liners Outfitting (Iods.
'r viious, Vegetablls. etc.. et. -42-i
-T--- Ld ov
Eg crs and Ludlow.
" I'MBEI. YARlI) S'uce.vors to G(ambic. Walker& Co.,
Scorner of Idaho andl Broadway streets. Virginia City.
M. T1. All kinds of Slutice and Building Lumber. Lum
Ier bills filled on short mnoice. Also yards at Centreville
and Nevada. . . ..
C u',NER of \W.allace and Jackson streets. Virginia City.
Montana 'l'erritory. Books and Stationery. Whole
sale iand Retail. G(roceries, Boots and Slhoes.
Assay Office.
lIE UNDERSIGNEI) are now prepared to assay cor
Irtectly in snmall or large quantities the orres of Miontana.
Silver. (Gold. Copper, Lead. Antimony, or Bismuth. Office
No. "2 of Content's Block, corner of Vallace antd acksion
Streets, Virginia. W. Y. LOVEL, & CO.
Lumber Yard.
T E have in our Lumber Yard on the corner of Idaho
V an Broadway streets, Virgitnia City, a comlplete as
,orlltnent of White Pint, and other Lumbelllr, and canl s.pply
inustomners on the shortest notice. Orders may be lift at the
Lulmcer Yard and will be prompntly tilled. We have the
ruly till in the 'Territory which runs Winter and Summer,
an:td can fill orders at all seasons.
J. T. Henderson.
Street, Virginia (ity. Montana Territory. 5-ly*
Iron and Steel Turning.
MfACtIIEstY Repaired. Billiard Balls turned, &c.
Every tdescription of (Gun work performed, in good
I style. Animunitionu of all kinds kept constantly on hand.
Powder Lead, Caps, Navy and 1)ragoon Balls. Shot, and
4-(i67 Gnu Shop, Wallace St., Virginia City.
-~ J.c Carth y's Express.
. Virginia City every Thursday, for
German Gulch, via Silver Bow.
Office, at Rockfellow & LDennee's, in Virginia City.
45-57" C.F. Mi'ARTHY.
Cola, Gold Dust, Treasury Notes, and
Foreign and Domestic Exchange.
Des Moines, Iowa. Virginia City, M. T.
H. C. KENDALL. A. VuciiT.
Mechanical Bakery.
OVER STREET, Virgmnia City. Manufacture
Sand Hkeep constantly on hand, Bread and Pie.s;
also Soda and Butter Crackers, Wholesale and Retail.
J. A. Gray,
" giniaCity, M.T., first door below Content's
d corner. Liberal advances mide on Consigaments
,, Stock and Goods of all kinds diposed of by Public
or Private Sale
Drs. Crepin & Justice.
City Drug Store. 47-73
SA. Woan. Jas. G. S.aur.
Word & Spratt,
A TTORNRYSAT LAW, Virginia City, Montana
- Territory. Will practice in all the Courts of
said Territory. Special attention given to the Col
lection of Claims. 43-tf
T. Axnwasox. FaP cis WnuoN.
F. Wilson & Co.,
F ASHIONABLE Hair Dressing and Shaving Sa
loon, at the old stand of Turley & Lyons, Wal
lace Street. 47-59
L. W. Frary,
Sfice up stairs, in Pfouts & Russell's Stone Build
ing. All dental operations performed in the best
possible manner. Single teeth and complete setts
inserted in the highest style of art. Ladies will find
every arrangement made for their privacy and com
fort. 47-ly
Denver FJieat e7Rarket,
Nevada City, - - - i,. T.
T KE4 pleasue to ,anneauce to the public, that he keep
-te best stocked Meat Market in Nt.aea City," where
there will always be found the best euts of
He also, receives constantly Game, Fish and Fowl of the
season. Try him. 34 -46
Academy of the Holy Family3,
St. IgnatlUas MlsI en, - - W. T*
r HIS Academy is under the direction of the Sisters of
Charity They will teach to read and write. Gram
mar and E]nglish Composition, Arithmetic, Geography,
History. and the French language, if required. Sewing,
and whatever is understood under the extensive word of
Housewifery. Children must be provided with bed-cloth
ing, two dresses for week days and one for Sundays. half a
dozen pocket handkerchiefs, three towels. combs and basin,
spoon. fork and knife. They will buy their sehiol books
in the Academy. For the sake of uniformity and good or
der, all the pupils will assist at the religious exercises of
the Institution. All letters either sent or received. by the
pupils. will be subl'ect to the inspection of the Superiors.
No visitor admitted without a written order of the respect
ive parents or guardians of the pupil.
TERMS..-Cash. and invariable five months in advance.
Entraner Fee, $5.00: Board and Tuition. 25.100 per month;
Washing and Ironing. $5.00 per year. The annual session
will commence on the first of September, and end on the
trst of June: For further information. address.
Rev. MOTHER MARY (of the Infant Jesus.) Superior
ess, or Rev. U. GRASSI. A. J., Sup't St. Ignatius Mission.
36i miles North of Hellgate, Montana Territory. 42-3m*
General Auctioneers and Commission
Jackson Street, Virginia City, M. T.,
era may p,refer.
of horses. nmliles, cattle. wag'ons. notions. uproduce. and
ever- other description of property, either at atutin or
1,rivate sale. Advances made in consigntments. 1`.-951"
letN n a
U^alla~ e Street. 01
Two Doors Below PFouts & Russell. d
.IEOR(I E (OIliN. legs to iliforlll the |public that h, hasl
G perftctedl Iin a.t.lngementts fr a constant supply of all
articles in his line. of the finest quality. -t
Beef, 3cautton, VTeal,
razme, FPimsh, t
ýSausaoes ancd FPowls..
No Meat of inferior quatlitv sold in this establishmtent.t
Orders punctually and carefully filled. 43- 5 C
On Jackson street, between Wallace
and Cover, Virginia City, U1. T.
Go to Baugh & Pollock if you want your draft Horses and
Mules Well ShluL
Go to Baugh & Pollock, if you want a good job of Ox
Go to Baugh & P1ollock, if you want a good job of Mill
er Go to Batugh & Pollock, if you want the best Mining Picks
Go to Baugh & Pollock, if you want your wagons and
hacks repaired in gotod style.
Go to Bangh & Pollock, if ;'ou want a good lob of Black
Gd o to Baugh & Pollock, if you want to sell ydur old wagons
I for Cash.
Messrs. ('ooke. Gray & Newell, Virginia City.
Foster & Co.,
Ballar & White.
Rockfellow & Dennee,
e ' Holter & Everson,
ve Creighton & Co.,
Mr. N. Stein, Agent, O. :. L. Co.,
' John Clark,
Nathan ibon, BAUGH & POLLOCK.
Virginia City, June 10. 1865. 32
mHay Rasnche for Sede.
rI HE undersigned, intending shortly to return to the
- States. offer for sale, or n exchange for good stock,
their splendid
Hay and Farming Ranche !
Situated 18 miles from Virginia city. Lest aseas 180 ltWo
of hay were put up on the place, nad there is every pro
pect of an excellent crop this year.
There are 320 acres fenced in, good houses,
corrals and other necessary aecommo
dations and improvements.
The location is eminently adapted for Stock raising, and
will be sold at a reasoabla price
quest of lnd shold give u a al.
43.45 u MILES & BOGEBR
stray .1ýtice.
IAtE.t Gake Rsa),., c the Madlessn, abo ut the
Smiddle c March, two borses, one a Black, tsed
"P" on leabt sdalder, the other a Bay, banded "B" a
le shealder. The owner will please oarm lor them, prove
pre, pay caus and take themawia TUaw
46i45': IL R TUREZIE
New York, June 22.
The Herald's Havana correspondent says:
Breckinridge and party were all near to
Jeff. Davis when he was captured, but they
managed to elude the national troops, and
traveled across the States of Georgia and
Florida to the coast, where they secured a
small boat, in which they put to sea, and
arrived at Cardinas on the 11th inst., after
three days and nights being passed almost
without eating or sleeping. At Cardinas
they were serenaded, and received marked
attention from the Spanish Government and
people. They expected to remain at Havana
for some time.
The Herald's Richmond correspondent
says that Gen. Gordon was relieved of the
command of Norfolk on Monday last. The
city is restored to civil rule. His successor
is instructed to act merely as military comrn
nandant of the post.
Columbus, June 22.
The Ohio Union State Convention, yes
terday, nominated Gen. J. D. Cox for gov
ernor, by acclamation.
Wasbington, June 22.
The President has issued a proclamation
providing for a re-organization of Alabama,
appointing Lewis E. Parsons provisional
New York, June 22.
The Times' Washington special says that
Phillip Lee, of Kentucky, John R. Davis, of
Tennessee. and James L. Seward, formerly
a member of Congress from Georgia, were
pardoned to-day.
The South Carolina delegation arrived to
day and had a pleasant interview with the
President, and afterwards with the Secretary
of War. The delegation ask that their
State be placed upon the same footing as the
other wayward sisters, and that a provisional
Governor be appointed.
The Tribune's Washington special says:
It is stated that Ex-Governor Wright, of
Indiana, will be tendered the mission to
The President has rescinded the orders of
the Secretary of the Interior, creating a new
Board of Examiners for the Kansas branch
of the Pacific Railroad.
Richmond papers of the 20th contain the
following :
At the late election,the counties of Accomac
and Northampton gave Win. IH. B. Curtis,
for Congress, 1,130 majority. For the
House of Delegates, Virginia, Thomas Hl.
William and Dr. John W. Field were elected.
Both are conservatives. Curtis was the
Union member of the Virginia Convention,
and a conservative and opposed to cunfiaca
Tyler is at present united States collector e
for the destitute eitizens of Dinwiddie. The ,
meeting ad pted resolutions prohibiting ne- 7
groes from coming upon their plantations, t
except upon business, fixing their pay at
five dollars per month, and refusing to em
ploy any unless recommended by their pre- I
vious employer. While recognizing Pierpont r
as Governor, and appreciating his generous a
sentiments, they deprecate the constitution s
of the State of Virginia as now in force
ted for Virginia that has been for Nortfi
The Commercial's bulletin says: The 2d
U. S. Cavalry (colored) uiutinied on board
a steamer lying at the wharf in Portsmouth,
last Tuesday evening. They took possession
of the vessel,. and refused to allow it to
leave. The next morning they went ashore
armed, and ran rioting through the town.
White troops were summoned from various
quarters, and Gen. Graham took command
of them. They soon overpowered the blacks
and drove them aboard the ship. They were
disarmed and sent down the bay.
The Tribune's special says: Among the
vast number of applications for pardon filed
at the White House, there is not a single
instance in which the applicant does not
assert that he opposed the inauguration of
the rebellion.
Several parties in the South who were
acting as postmasters when the war broke
out, have reported the amount of their in
debtedness and have expressed their desire
to liquidate the same. A few have for
warded the money.
Washington, June 22.
Wm. H. Gale and Charles F. Halley have
been commissioned as Associate Justices of
the Supreme Court of Colorado, and Jacob
Houghton as Justice of the Supreme Court
of New Mexico.
The fleet for the Brazil station, under the
command of Admiral Gordon, left Hampton
Roads yesterday.
The Herald's special, Brownsville 15th,
says: Information has been received at the
headquarters of Gen. Mejia, at Matamoras,
of an engagement which lately took place
between the Imperialists and the Liberals,
in which the latter were defeated, losing
700 killed and 2,000 prisoners, together with
arms aqd ammunition. Negrete is reported
to be a prisoner. Callado and Blanco were
supposed to have been captured and shot.
lGen. Jackson, commanding the colored
troops, had reached Texas safely, and had
New York, June 23.
A Washington special to the Herald says.: C
Preparations have commenced for muster
ing out between 40,000 and 50,000 troops, P'
trom the armies of Gens. Meade, Hancock ft
ane Logan. About 18,000 of those effective, 8
whose terms of service first expire, will be
mustered out from the army of the Potomac d
by the regimental organizations.
IHancock's veteran command will be re- n
duced to 7,000. The Army of Tennessee
willl lose fully 15,000.
The World's special says that 152,000 P
troops,7,000 horses,and 3,000,000,000 pounds
of baggage have been transported from this '
city by railroad since the grand reviews were
Three assassinations of Union men have
occurred in the vicinity of Alexandria within
a week past.
The Herald's special says: Gen. Butler's
friends are presenting his name for the mil
itary governorship of South Carolina, in
case he should fail in obtaining the civil one
of Idaho.
There will probably be considerable delay
in the appointment of aprovisional governor
for South Carolina. The delegation here do
not all represent the Unionists of the State.
The State is at present without laws, its cit
[ isens are completely humbled, and a fearful
e proportion of them literally destitute of all
* means of support, are starving. All man
ner of lawlessness and crime is alarmingly
on the increase. The only hope for publio
or private virtue is admitted to lie m the
protection of Federal law.
Philadelphia, June 23.
Rear Admiral Dupont died in this city this
Washington, June 23.
The Navy Department has just received
official dispatches from Admiral Thatcher,
dated Galveston 8th, reporting that on the
first of this month, Gen. Brown, command
ing the U. S. forces, occupied and garrisoned
On the 2d of June, the rebel Gene. Kirby
Smith and Magruder met, in the harbor at
Galveston, Gen. A. J. Smith, representing
Maj.-Gen. Canby. Gen. Kirby Smith then
and there signed the terms of surrender pre
viously agreed upon atNei Orleans. On
the 5th of June, full and formal possession
of Galveston was delivered to the United
States forces, and the flag of the Union was
raised. On the 8th of June, Admiral
Thatcher went ashore and was cordially
received by the rebel naval and military
authorities, who requested a part of the U.
S. naval forces to remain there for their pro
tialveston s18 oeore inis time Lroungiy gar. I
risoned by the United States forces sent for
ward by Gen. Canby. Gen. Sheridan is also
probably there and in position.
(Signed) STANTONs.
The President, to-day, has issued a pro
clamation raising the blockade west of the 1
Mississippi, and declaring all ports open to
foreign commerce the 1st of July next, on
the terms set forth in the proclamation of
the 22d of May last, but says it is to be an
derstood, however, that the blockade now
rescinded was international,and was for the
purpose of proclaiming the sovereign right
of the United States, and the greater or less
subversion of civil authority in the region
to which it applied, and the impracticability
of at once restoring that in due efficiency,
may, for a season, make it advisable to em
ploy the army and navy of the United States
towards carrying the law into effect.
The President has directed the Hon. W.
P. Dole, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, to
proceed to the Indian country, to effect im
portant treaties with'the hostile and peace
able Indians. In his instructions to Mr.
Dole, the President says he deems the pres
ent a fitting time for a renewal of the efforts
to press upon the Indians the urgent neces
sity of abandoning their wild, roving habits,
and of adopting the more peaceful and
industrious arts of civilized life. There is
no longer any region of territory left within
the United States where iheir rude habits
and mode of life can prevail as formerly.
They are being pressed and hemmed in on
every side by the advancing settlements of
an adventurous and enterprising people.
They must, therefore, adapt themselves to
the new order of things, and live in peace
among themselves and with their white
neighbors, or they must inevitably perish.
The policy of settling them upon suitable
reservations, where they may, with the aid
andfriendship of the government, be able to
subsist themsealves by arfrieulturand othe
mndnattrious pursuits, is left witOu
Indians, and familiarity with their charac
ter, seem to point him out as the proper
officer of the Indian Department to visit the
various Indian tribes in the territories, and
to enter into such treaties with them ss will
best secure the permanent tranquility of our
borders and promote their future welfare
' and prosperity. _
The commanders of the various mitar\ 1
districts have been instructed to co-operate b
with Mr. Dole, and to render him all the 1
assistance he may require.
Mr. Dole has been unwell for several days,
but is now discharging the duties of his
office, and will soon be able to leave for the
Cairo, June 24.
Over fifty gunboats and other vessels com
posing a portion of the Mississippi squadron
are tobe sold by auction at Mound City,
Ill., August 17th.
New York, June 24.
The Herald's Texas correspondent, Brazos
Santiago, 10th, says: Gen. Steele was at
that place awaiting his parole.
It was said that one of the batteries which
the rebels ran into Mexico after Kirby
Smith's surrender, would be delivered up to
the United States authorities.
The Mexican Imperialists at Matamoras
are much. exercised in mind regarding the
appearance in their immediate vicinity of so
many United States troops.
Cairo, June 23.
The Orleans Times of the 17th says : Gen.
Weitzel and staff have arrived in Texis.
Several vessels of, his fleet also came up to
wood and water.
New York, June 24.
The Herald's aeshington special says: a
Among the new applications to the President st
for pardon are the following rebel officers: a!
Brit.-Gens. J. Barton, J. W. Fraser, T. B. C
Smith, W.L.Cabell, M. D. Dorse, W.Gordon,
Eppa Haugn, J. Jones, J. Marmaduke, D.
M. Dubouse, and John R. Tucker, commo- it
dore of the rebel navy. o0
'No prisoners of war above the rank of 2
Captain are being released at present. si
Numerous applications for pardon from 9s
prisoners and civilians are filed away for o
future action. None but exceptional cases 's
are. immediately granted. s
The Ocean Queen, from Panama, brings f
dates to the 10th.
Chili is threatened by Spain if she does d
not come to terms. *
From Australia we learn that the pirate
Shenandoah had gone west from Adelaide,
probably to the Mauritius.
Late dates from Central America bring
news of the complete defeat of Barrios and
the revolutionary party in Salvador.
Maj.-Gen. Sickles left the Isthmus on the
16th for New York..
Col. G. M. Totten is a passenger on the
Ocean Queen, having been unsuccessful in
the negotiations for the new Panama railroad
The Tribune's Montreal correspondent
says : General Dix goes to Quebec. on a
visit to the Governor-General of Canada, to
inform him that the abuses of the right of
r asylum so long practiced by the Canadian
government in behalf of the rebel agents,
must be reformed.
New York, June 23.
l Mosby's brother lately applied to the ao
1 thorities at Lynebburg for a guarantee that
Sthe gerilla should be paroled on urrean
y dering. The application was grantsd nad
Moby c ame in; but in the meantime the
Government had refused to ratify it, sad
the Provost-Marshal felt bound in honor to
let him go, which was done.
A special to the Tribune says that the
Union men in Alabama are without arm.,
and the secessionists have plenty. He w-as
present when two thousand of Roddy's men
delivered up eighty stand, accounting for the
balance as lost. Tlfiy were hidden only,
and are now in their possession
Fort Smith, June d4.
Ex-Gov. Wade gives assurance that no
further trouble will be given by the Choctaw
Indians. A grand council of twenty tribe.
met on the 16th ult., and will again assem
ble on the 1st of September. A delegation
of five from each tribe is to be sent to
Washington to negotiate a permanent pease.
They seem very anxious to be on friendly
terms with the Government.
New York, June 24.
The Tribune's Washington special says:
The headquarters of the army of the Potomac
will be broken up in a day or two. Those
troops entitled to a discharge are being rap
idly mustered out, and but a skeleton of the
once noble and magnificent army now re
mains. '
The members of the South Carolina dele
gation visited Gen. Howard this morning.
and had a pleasant interview. They stated
to the General that they had labored long
and earnestly for the perpetuity of slavery,
but now that war had effectually abolished
it, they were willing to employ their former
slaves at a fair compensation, and would
henceforth cheerfully act in conjanction
with his bureau in promoting the interests
of the freedmen in their State.
Washington, June 24.
Gen. Grant's health is somewhat impaired
and he will seek a few weeks repose. He is
now in Philadelphia.
New York, June 26.
A battle at Union, San Salvador, ended in
the capture of the place and the wounding,
it is supposed mortally, of the rebel leader
Cabinas, who ineffectually fired his revolver
at the General in command of the national
troops, and was in return wounded by him.
It is rumor.d t..at he escaped to an American
vessel and died on board. His body, it was
said, was buried on shore by his friends.
Washington, June 26.
A military order has been promulgated so
day, announcing the ismantling of the feld
works which compose the defences of
Washington,north and south of the Potomae.
To-day, for the first time in four years, a
direct overland communication is to be had
between New York and Richmond, the old
railroad route, with connecting links, steam
boats and stages, being opened.
following telegram from C('aptain Jocelyn at
Sweetwater Bridge, ahundred miles or more
east of Fort Bridger, on the California
(South Pass)route,will be read with interest:
SWnsTWrATR BamDGC,10 P.x., July 6,1865.
VrDETTE:-Col.George, with escort,arived
.m e . f an 4gt ewson and te,
current where line was completed. Indians
raising the devil near here; are supposed to
be encamped about twenty miles north; if
we can get permission from Gen. Connor,
shall go out against them. Capt. Brown's
command went out against Sioux with Col.
Moonlight, and lost all their horses through
neglect of the latter, who has been relieved.
Indians made several bold attacks, lately,
below. On Sunday, attacked a camp of the
11th Kansas, near Platte Bridge, some sev
enty strong, with 150 warriors ; fought five
hours, and were finally driven off.-Daily
TalH BLESSED.-I. Blessed is he who does
not make a cent, for he will have no income
tax to pay. 2. Blessed is the bald-headed
man, for his wife cannot pull his hair.
3. Blessed is the homely man, for the girls
shall not molest him; yea, thrice blessed is
he, for when he shall ask a lady to dance,
she shall answer him, saying : "l am engaged
for the next set." 4. Blessed is hewhopol
isheth his boots and not his morals-who
maketh the outside of his head, but neg
lecteth the inside thereof, for all the girls
shall rise at his coming, and call him beau
tiful. 5. Blessed is the man who hath no
brains, but brass in abundance, for he shall
be the ladies favorite; Selah. 6. Blessed
is the man who giveth many and costly
presents to young ladies, for great shall be
his reward-in a horn. 1. Blessed is the
man who is always flat broke, for no man
saith unto him, "lend me ive dollars."
8. Blessed is the Digger Indian, for auto
him no man presenteth a subscription paper.
9. Blessed is the Chinaman, for when he is
asked to contribute to a "good cause," he
: answereth saying, "'me not sabe," and
t stralghtway the philanthropist leaveth him,
and John goeth on his way rejoiceig.
1. California Paper.
PowKarUL.-The hydraulic claim belong
ing to M.arselus, Crsttenden & Co.,at Nevada,
on what is called Lost Hill, uses an iron pipe
2,760 feel long and thirteen inch's thick,the
stream having a fall of one hundred and
seventy feet. The Gazette says some idea
of the force of this body of water, with
•such a pressure, may be formed, when we
state that during the present run of two
weeks, a bank of earth one hundred feet
front by one hundred and twePnty-ve in
depth, and twenty-five in height, lus been
washed down.
Tan condition of the Southern States is
rapidly improving. There is railroad travel
from Washington to South Carolina. There
is telegraphic communseation between
Washington and Central eorgia, which
will presently be completed to Montgomery
and Vieksburg. The lines of telegraph
between Memphi' and New Orleans hare
been opened, and ait the old connecuoua
will soon be resumed. Steamers travrs.
all the rivers of the South, and preparati.s
are everywhere being made for the resmp
s tion of business.
Tan Iew York Tribune. .ae that is a
f address delivered am thiq tsla .t
|egation who waited po hni, PR s
SJohnson said he we iftar s.
question of naero T
res.idenats of the South.
-! .assu..e. ass
ý- a P as" =Ase frot
a reons. .i; JftI.

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