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The Montana post. [volume] (Virginia City, Montana Territory [i.e. Mont.]) 1864-1869, July 29, 1865, Image 1

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t r... s. o, "to%- rs ... . ..." My Country, may she always be right; but my Country, right or wrong."........................... .:.... p. x . .
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bt aMtaua TOs.
p. *V. TITTTON & Co.,
a. tlh City Book Store, corner of Wallace 4 Jackson
Stre, Virginia City, Mow. Ter.
. copy, one year.............................87 50
do. six months,............................ 4 00
do. three months,.......................... 2 50
Rates of Advertising.
easiness Cards, five lines or less, 3 months....... $ 10 00
do. do. do. 6 months....... 15 00
do. do. do. 1 year,........ 2000
Square, ten lines or less, 1 insertion............ 4 00
do. do. do. 2 do. ........... 6 00
do. do. do. 1 month,........... 10 00
do. do. do. 2 do. ............ 13 00
do. do. do. 3 do. ............ 15 00
do. do. do. 6 do. ............ 25 00
do. do. do. 1 year............ 35 00
Two squares. I insetion....................... 6 00
do. 2 do . ........................ 800
do. I mouth......................... 12 00
do. 2 do....................... 18 0
do. 3 do. .......................... 24 00
do. 6 do. .......................... 40 00
do. 1 year ........................... 65 00
One-eighth column. I insertion,.................. 8 00
do. do. 2 do . ................. 12 00
do. do. I month ..................... 18 00
do do. 2 do. .................... 2500
do. do. 3 do. .................... 30 00
do. do. 6 do. ................... 50 00
do. do. 1 year ....................... 70 00
soe-sixth column, 1 insertion ..................... 10 00
do. do. 2 do . ................... 15 00
do. do. 1 month ....................... 20 00
do. do. 2 do. ..................... 30 00
do. do. 3 do ...................... 36 00
, do. do. 6 do. ...................... 55 00
do- do. 1 year.................. 80 00
One-fourth column. 1 insertion,...... ............ 12 00
do. 4o. 2 do . ................. 18 00
do. do. 1 month......... - -......... 24 00
do. do. 2 do. ................... 36 00
do. do. 3 do. ............ 45 00
do. do. 6 do..................... 65 00
do. do. 1 year,............. ......90 00
uoe-half column, I insertion, .................. '20 00
do. do. 2 do..................... 2500
do. do. 1 month,................... 35 00
do. do. 2 do. ...................... 45 00
do. do. 3 do. ................... 55 00
do. do. 6 do. ...................... 80 00
do. do. 1 year,........... ---. .-------- 115 00
One column. 1 insertion ......................... 30 00
do. 2 do. ......................... 40 00
do. 1 month............................ 55 00
do. 2 do. . .......................... 75 00
do. 3 do. ........................... 90 00
lo. 6 do . ......................... 140 00
do. 1 year ........................... 200 0c
LOCAL NOTICES.-One dollar per line for three lines or
less: 75 cents per line for ten lines or less ; 5 cents pe,
ihne for eleven lines or more.
Territorial Officers.
;otr,ror-S[DNEY EDGERTON, Bllana'ck City.
,Serrclary--JOBN T. CO I'RN.
(l,it] J,satice-ll. L. HOMEIL
Associate Justice-L. B. WVIL.I$TON.
--L. E. Mcssc s .
Attorne-(i'tnrral-E. B. NEALLEY. Virginia.
U. S. Mlarshal-(-EO. M. PINNEY.
Assist U. S. Marskal-.T. X. BEIDLERI
S.urveyor-General-M. BaYPD.
Auditor-Jo HN S. Lorr.
Treasurer-JOHN .1. HtULL..
Supcrintendent of Public Instruction-T..I. DIMSDALE.
Assreor--'l'. C. EVERTS.
Collecrtor Internal Reren ue-N: P. LANGFORD.
Clerk of the U. S. District Court-A. M. TOIIBET.
Municipal Officers of Virginia City.
Mayor-P. S. PFOUTS.
Polies Magistrte--T. W. Talliaferro.
Marshal--William l)eascey.
Clerk-Chan. J. 1). Curtis.
4ttorney-W. L. Brown.
Treasurer-John S. Rockfellow.
Assessor-Thomas Pearson.
Assistant City MaaMshal-Jerry Lewis.
County Officers of Madison County.
County Commissioners-John Potter. Chairman; J. E.
McClurg, Fred. K. Root.
Probate Jdge-0( . F. Strickland.
Sheriff-Neil Howie.
Acting Sheriff-Gu. G. Bissell.
Deputy Sheriffs-H. L. Crawford, James Williams. J. B.
Treasurer-Theo. Muflty.
Recorder-R. N. Hill.
County Assessor-J. Armitage.
Sanders & Cook,
ATTORNEYS AT LAW and Solicitors in Chancery.
Virginia City, Montana Territory. 3-l.*
Wm. Chumasero,
A1TTORNEY AT LAW, Virginia City. Montana Ter
ritory. Office in Post Office Building. on Wallace
street. 4-44*
Jno. C. Turk. W. L. Brown.
Turk & Brown,
£ Will practice in all the courts of the Territory. Office,
ever Geo. Hanna & Co.'s store, Wallace street, Virginia
City, M. T 45-57*
John S. Atchison.
NOTARY PUBLIC. Revenue Stamps and Blanks for
sale at Allen & Millard's Bank, Virginia City, Mon
ana Territory' 43-55*
Wm, Decker,
QURGEON DENTIST. Office two doors west of Now
k lan's Bank Building. Patients visited at their residence
when desired. 10-42*
Justus Cooke,
C ENERAL AUCTIONEER. Particular attention giv
en to the sale of Live Stock and Real Estate, sales
of Stocks of Goods in Store. Ofice at the Elephant Cor
tl, Vi.'ginia City. M. T. 18-44*
John 8. Lewis, N. B. Hale. D. M. Gillett
Lewis, Hale & Co.,
TEWELRY M4NUFACTURERS. Every description
d ot Jewelry mude to order from the Native Gold, and
warranted, Particular attention paid to repairing Fine
Watches. Also, Engraving done to ordet. 8ip of the
Gold Watch. Jackson Street, Virginia City. M. T.
February 25, 1865-4-5
Roath and Co.
A MERICAN WATCHES just received direct from the
Manufactories. Every description of Jewelry manu
Bctured from the Native Gold' Call, examine specimens,
and then judge. Sign of the MAMMOTH WATCH, Vir
ir.ia City, Montana Territory. Corner of Jackson and
Wallae streets, in the City Book Store. 44
H. Jameson.
PFFICE four doors east of Jackson and Wallace streets.
PHouse and Real Estate Agent. Buildings rented,
axes paid. Abstracts of Title of obtained, Quartz spec
Tens and the neu papers relating to Lode Claims
frrarded to New Yrk. ) artieular attention given to the
"olecting and shipping of money. References:- J. Kis
kadden. D. W. Tilt a & Co.., Pfeats & Russell, John A.
Nye & Co. 41-sf
Hosmer and Hauser,
C(LAIM AGENTS, have established an agency for the
purchase and sale of Gold and Silver Quartz Calms ill
aerent larts of the Territory. One of the partners will
atend in person, to the introduction andsale of Lodes in
New York. Philadelphia and other Eastern cities, and the
ether to obtainin- the sane in this city. Arrangemtse
will be made earlty in the Spring, for expressing goods to
e New York Offoe, and for proeuring seliable assays at
the olise in this city. Office at the Post Office, and at 8.
Hauser & Co.'s Bank, on Wallace Street 38-50
Jefferson House,
P odes 6l0 tke Pl.ster's Hoes, dtAe 1r.st
S. PILES, bes to laform the publi that
to tassent eastosss His table will Hbe supgl
t best that the market abde. 8ps p tlnt
R a l es N. arhs dUstas8
Jaames N. Willi s,
ý isle wf t M iL~iaifaE ýtrt
Wallace Street, Virginia City, M. T.,
J, M. CASTNEb ,* Prepri.ter.
THIS. Popular Hotel, which forms part of Casteer's
Building, has been enlarged and refitted in a style to
meet the demands of the Public. Its larder is well sup
plied, and its tables furnished with the best the market
The Idaho Billiard Hall,
carried on by HULL & CArTIiR, contains four First Class
Billiard Tables, where the lovers of the game can always
be accommodated. The old friends of J. J. Hull and J. M.
Castner, can always find them at the Idaho.
Those having Territorial funds to deposit, should call at
the Idaho, where the office of the Treasurer is situated.
Nebraska House,
In the Buildiags formerly knorw as Hatch's Saloon, and the
old Post OQJce. Ja.kso St., Virginia City, M. T.,
Col. H. P. DOWNS, Prop'r.
T HE proprietor begs respectfully to inform his friends
and the public generally, that Board and Lodging in
good style can be obtained at his establishment. No pains
will be spared to present a well spread table to his guests.
The comfort and accomodation of his patrons will be sedu
lously attended to. Breakfast on table from 6:30 to 9 o'clock
a. m.; Dinner, 12 m.. to 2 p. m.; Supper, 6 to 7 p. m.
A good Feed Stable and Corral attached to the premises,
and also a Grazing Ranche, where cattle will be watched
day and night. The pasture is excellent, and water abun
dant. 45-tf
Secord & Faucette,
hand and manufacturing from the best material, all
styles of Saddles. Bridles, Single and Double Harness, or
anything else made in a first class saddler shop. 27-52*
Dodge & Thexton,
(1ENERAL BLACKSMITHS and Plough Manufactur
T ers, Cover street, Virginia City, Ploughs of the best
description, suitable for Ranchmen in this country, made to
order in the best possible manner. Horses, Mules and
Cattle shod in the most approved manner. 29-54*
Johnson & cehuyler.
HAVE RE-FITTED and opened the Mountain Bowling
Saloon. one door east of Allen & Millard's Bank, and
invite all those wishing good exercise, choice Liquors and
Cigars, to call and see them. They have also reduced the
price of rolling to FIFTY CENTA.
April 1st. 1865. 32.-45*
Helena House,
TELENA CITY. Montana Territory. The above
1 named House is now opened for guests and boarders.
Good beds. and the best the market affords, for the table.
at reasonable prices. B. B. Burchett.
3m-42 Proprietor.
E. M. Dunphy.
W HOLESALE and Retail Grocer, Storage and Com
mission Merchant, west side Main street, Helena.
Montana Territory.
A large and complete assortment of Fancy and Staple
Groceries on hand, at figures to suit the times. Give us a
call. 39-51*
Occidental Billiatrd Hall.
Street, Virginia City. The finest tables in town. The
bar supplied with the best of Liquors and Cigars.
42-68c JOHN H. MING.
Idaho Hotel.
ITTALLACE STREET, Virginia City, M. T., J. M.
SV Castner. Proprietor- The proprietor announces to
his old friends and the public generally, that he is now
prepared to accommnodate boarders,by the meal, day or
week at low rates. His table is furnished with the best the
market affords. c26-"52
Assay Office.
W ALLACE STREET, one door below Nolan & Co.'s
Bank. Gold and Silver, ahd Ores or every descrip
tlon Assayed. I guarantee my assays. and will pay any
difference which may arise between them and the I: S.
Mint. 3d D. (ILlEI'r.
BRNI)Y'S MILYL. on the Stinkingwater is now pre
pared to saw bills of Lumber of any size at short notice.
Their Lumber Yard in Virginia ('ity, is in the Warsaw
Corral. on Idaho Street, where they constantly keep the
best article of all kinds of lumber, at reasonable rates.
Also. a good assortment of all kinds of Sash and Lath kept
constantly on hand. 44
John R. Gilbert,
A VENUE, for the First Division of the Collection Dis
trict of Montana. embraving Madison County. Office, first
door east of City Drug Store.
Virginia City, April 27. 186.5. 36-8
Joseph Marion,
H AY SCALES STORE. Wallace Street, Virginia City
Commission Merchant. Cash advanced on consign
ments. A general assortment of Miners' Outfitting Goods.
Provisions, Vegetables. etc., etc. 42-67*
Eggers ant Ludlow.
LUMBER YARD, Successors to Gamble. Walker& Co..
corner of Idaho and Broadway streets, Virginia City,
M. T. All kinds of Sluice and Building Lumber. Lum
ber bills filled on short notice. Also yards at Centreville
and Nevada. 22-44
Jolhn H. Ming,
CORNER of Wallace and Jackson streets; Virginia City,
Montana Territory. Books and Stationery. Whole
sale and Retail. Groceries, Boots and Shoes.
Assay Office.
THE UNDERSIGNED are now prepared to assay cot
rectly in small or large quantities the ores of Montana.
Silver, Gold, Copper. Lead, Antimony. or Bismuth. Offtce
No. 2, of Content's Block, corner of Wallace and Jackson
Streets. Virginia. W. Y. LOVELL, & CO.
1 ..tf
Lumber Yard.
TW E have in our Lumber Yard on the corner of Idaho
V and Broadway streets, Virginia City, a complete as
sortment of White Pine and other Lumber, and can supply
customers on the shortest notice. Qrders may be left at the
Lumber Yard and will be promptly filled. We have the
only mill in the Territory which runs Winter and Summer,
and can fill orders at all seasons.
J. T. Henderson.
Street, Virginia City, Montana Territory. 5-1y*
Iron and Steel Turning.
M ACHINERY Repaired, Billiard Balls turned, &c.-.
Every description of Gun work performed, in good
style. Ammunition of all kinds kept constantly on hand.
Powder Lead, Caps., Navy and Dragoon Balls, Shot, and
45-67* Gun Shop, Wallace St., Virginia City.
.7lc Carthy's Express.
SVirginia City every Thursday, for
German Gulch, via Silver Bew.
Office, at Roekfeflow & Dennee's, in Virginia City.
45.57* C. F. MCCARTHY.
Coel, Gold D3u1, Treasury Notes, and
Foregna and Domestie ExZchage.
Des Moines, Iowa. Virginia City, M. T.
H. C. KE .DALL. A. VINcsur.
Mechanical Bakery.
CO`VER STREET, Virgaini City. Manufacture
4 and keep constantly on hand, Bread and Pies;
also Soda and Batter Crackers, Wholeale and Retail.
J. A. Gray,
Agini City, M. T., Ant door below Contest's
corner. Lbe ral advances made on Caesigam.ent
Stock and Goods of al hkin4 disposed of by Public
or Private Sale 4745
Sax. Woan. Jas. G. asawrr.
Word & Spratt,
TTTORNEYS AT LAW, Virginls City, Montana
Territory. Will practice in all the Courts of
said Territory. -Special attention given to the Col
lection of Claims. t3-65*
T. Axnsasox. FaNces Vaon.
F. Wilson & Co.,
FASHIONABLE Hair Dressing and Shaving Sa
loon, at the old stand of Turley A Iyons, Wal
lace Street. 47-59
L. W. Frary,
fice up stairs, in Pfouts A Russell's Stone Buili
ing. All dental operations performed in the best
possible manner. Single teeth and complete sett
inserted in the highest style of art. Ladies will Aln
every arrangement made for their privacy .nd com
fort. 47-ly
Denver .77eat JMarket,
Newmva City, . Y.
T AKES pleasure to announce to the public, that he keeps
the best stocked Meat Market in Nevada City, where
there will always be found the best outs of
He also, receives constantly Game, Fish and Fowl of the
season. Try him. 34-46*
SNUFF, &C., &C.
H. J. Brendlinger r* Co.,
k ESPECTFULLY call the attention of all persons
I buying any of the above articles, to the desirable stock
of goods now in store.
The finest and best assorted stock of Plug and Fine Cut
Chewing Tobacco. ever offered in the Territory.
A well-selected stock, from which every one can be suited.
e Genuine Meerschaum. Gutta Percha. Briar Root, all kinds
of Wooden, Fancy, Clay, &c.
PIPE STEMS-Patent Gutta Percha. 'Cherry, Cane, &c.
Mouth Pieces and Cigar Holders,
Playing Cards,
SCigar Cases. Tobacco Boxes,
,w And a Variety of Fancy Gooas !
SWa llace street, three doors below Kiskadden's Stone Block.
General Auctioneers and Commission
Jackson Street, Virginia City, M. T.,
ARE prepared to sell merchandise of all descriptions,
A either from wagons. or take goods in store, as custom
ers may prefer.
of horses, mules, cattle, waggons, notions, produce, and
every other description of property, either at auction or
private sale. Advances made on consignments. 39-51*
W*allace t;reet.
Two Doors Below Pfouts u& Bussell.
Gf EORGE GOHN, begs to inform the public that he has
[ perfected his arrangements for a constant supply of all
articles in his line, of the finest quality.
Baeef, T'uttons, VTeal,
Gaz-me, Fish, ,
No Meat of inferior quality sold in this establishment.
Orders punctually and careihlly filled. 43-5.5
On Jackson Street, between Wallace
and Cover, Virginia City, M. T.
Go to Bough & Pollock if you want your draft Horses and ]
Mules Well Shod.
Go to Baugh & Pollock, if you want a good job of Ox
Go to Baugh & Pollock, if you want a good job of Mill
Go to Baugh & Pollock, if you want the best Mining Picks
Go to Baugh & Pollock, if you want your wagons and
hacks repaired in godd style.
Go to Baugh & Pollock, if you want a good job of Black
Go to Baugh & Pollook, I you want to sell your old wagons
for Cash.
Messrs. Cooke, Gray & Newell, Virginia City.
Foster & Co.,
" BalUar & White,
Rockfellow & Dennee,
" Holter & Everson,
" Creighton & Co.,
Mr. N. Stein, Agent, O. 8. L. Co.,
" John Clark,
" Nathan Gion,
Virginia City, June 10. 1865. 3mi
Academy of the Holy Family,
St. Ig.atinis iaiooion, - K. T.
TIHIS Aad ey l under the direction of the 8Is of
SCharly. Thy wit to ed atnd wrie, GOam
mar and CoshOs li larase lic hge
History, and bFrmehh~ls if required.CH 1s6.
and whatever is asto der the etsse wad of
Homew i Cld meL t be provided with bedloth.
laggtwo frist ivs ek Lat dq d eIs s ir pj ys, heMa
domes poseIS hamdkeatsea, s towels, oemLs basih
pon, tork sd kaie. They w1 y tb ahl bhas
Ia the Aeede For the Mke of ostknoity nd or
der, all the will asi t the ses usrees of
the Iasaites B Is efes either seat or ressIved , the
wipile, will IaseS * then sI'al.1 the $eparase
o vdioWH -dmmd wtheat aiw m n smid s.p .,.-.
Eatreuees ye, ,.0; 3mIbe asrf s. narove
WaMs la sad ,ruinlg y tu sTe mnlssf
war 1 aswlJ
lift ·i:A
Cairo, June 23. s
Date Gwin, with.800 French soldiers, is
back, as Director-General of Emigration for
Sonora, Chihuahua, Durango and Zamolipa.
Grierson's cavalry command arrived at
Vicksburg, after a three months' expedition,
through Florida, Alabama. and Mississippi,
traversing parts not visited before by hostile
troops. There are hundreds of thousands
of bales of cotton ready for market, great
material prosperity and fine crops.
Philadelphia, June 29.
The subscription to the 7:30 loan to-day is
Washington, June 29.
So far only about one hundred and twen
ty-five special pardons are granted. A num
ber of papers for this purpose wait the sig
natuse of the President.
The only prisoners of xar in the Old
-Capitol prison. above the rank of Captain,
are the rebel Maj.-Gen. Ed. Johnson and a
Lieut.-Colonel of a Virginia regiment. Col.
Ingraham has been turned over to the State
Upwards of ten thousand oaths of alle
giance have been subscribed to in Washing
ton by disloyal parties.
Louisville, Ky., June 29.
Gov. Brsmlette has addressed the people
of Kentucky on the status of slavery, urging
that the progress of events has destroyed
the institution, and showing that the second
section of the amendment confers no greater
powers with regard to making negroespolit
ically equal to whites than before existed.
He recommends an organization of the labor
ing class of whites for their own protection.
New York, June 30.
The Army of the Potomac will be reduced
to divisions, forming the 1st corps, to be
commanded by Maj.-Gen. Wright, with his
headquarters at Martinsbarg. The 2d corps
division is to be commanded by Gen. Mott;
the 5th, by Gen. Ayres. and the 6th by Gen.
Getty. The Middle Department is abolished,
and a sew department substituted, consist
ing of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland
and West Virginia, with Maj.-Gen. Hancock
commanding, headquarters at Ba!timore.
The Department of the East remains as it
L is, but Gen. Hooker will succeed Gen. Dix
in command, headquarters at New York.
Washington, June 30.
The $20,000 clause in the President's am
nesty proclamation is working confusion in
Richmond, as no one knows whom to trust,
for fear of confiscation. Petitions for its
withdrawal will be forwarded to Washington.
Moeby, who is pardoned, has opened a law
office and has settled at Culpepper.
Cincinnati, June 30.
Gereral Logan has issued orders for mus
tering out fifteen thousand men of the army I
of Tennessee.
New York, July 3. 1
Documents captured give the history of t
Jeff.'s Confederate Government, hitherto
unknown. They organized fully in five 1
weeks. It was desired by many that the
Confederacy be called Washington. This
was lost by one vote. They also wished to
insert in a preamble to the Constitution, a
recognition of the Divinity of the Old and
New Testaments, and an enactment favoring
the enforcement of the Christian Sabbath.
The first was withdrawn on account of Judah
., P. Benjamin; the second to please the peo
ple of Louisiana and Texas.
Gen. Pope is consulting with Gen. Grant
and the President on the Indian question.
d Trading with them, it is thought, will be
confined to Government, as the only means
of preventing hostilities.
The Treasury Department paid its bonds
yesterday, in gold. to the amount of nearly
Cape Race, July 2.
The telegraphic cable was on board the
Great Eastern, and she was to leave Valentia
in company with a U.S. Government steamer
on the 10th of July, and arrive at Hart's
Continent, Trinity Bay, about the 24th.
a The rati's are to be very heavy, to prevent
ii the accumulation of business. They vary
from £20 for twenty words (to Europe) to
£25 for same words to Asia and Africa
address, date and signature counted. Cypher
dispatches charged double rates. They will
lay down new cables as soon as possible,
and reduce the rates. The cable is looked
upon as the bond of peace, and its success
is confidently predictkd.
New York, July 6.
A rumored insurrectioq of the negroes at
Richmond bad been met by doubling the
guards, and they had been addressed by Col.
Brown, assistant commander of freedmen of
Virginia, exhorting them to good behavior,
and promising them protection and the insti
tution of schools, and reminding them that
their race is on trial before the world.
Col. Northrup, rate chief commissary of
the rebel armies, was arrested at Raleigh,
N. C.
Judge Ould has been discharged. The
charges of inhuman conduct to Union pris
oners were not sustained.
Mayo, the rebel ex-Mayor of Richmond,
it is said, will run for the office, in defiance
of the Government.
A Washington speeial announces that the
President left his bed for the first time since
his illness became serious, to confer with
Judge Holt, probably on the finding of the
New York, July 5.
The health of the President is so far im
proved that he is able to spend a few hours
in business every day-commencing with
Thursday morning.
Philadelphia, July 7.
Asa Parker has left $500,000 and 57 acres
of land to found a College near Bethlehem.
Montreal, July 7.
The ships Moravian and Wm. Nelson were
destroyed by fire on the banks of Newfound
land. 'Most of the crew of the former were
missing. Forty of the people of the Wm.
Nelson had been rescued, but there were
400 passengers in her.
Fort Laramie, July 6th.
A column, consisting of the 2d Missouri
Light Artillery, equipped as cavalry, and
the 12th Missouri Cavalry, peased Columbus,
Nebraska, to-day, en route for the Powder
river country, to co-operate with the two
other columns now prepring to marsh from
Denver against hostile ndians.
.w TYoak Jliy lth.
I Qa«d^ Mtkf~ 'iryx Ww
to-day, Prayne took it coolly and asked for a
Baptist minister. A. Atserott was deeply
asioted, and cried bitterly, asking for a
Lutheran minister. Harold displayed con
siderable fortitude, only asking for an inter
view with his family. Mrs. Surratt was
collected, and asked for Fathers Walter and
Wigel to attend her last moments.
Philadelphia, July 6.
The subscriptions to the Government loan
to-day was $3,000,000.
Washington, July 6.
Gen. Hancock repaired to the arsenal at
noon to-day, and delivered the death war
rants of Payne, Harold, Mrs. Surratt and
Atzerott, to Gen. Hartrauft, who is in
charge of the prisoners, when they went
together and visited the condemned, to
inform them of the sentences pronounced
and the time tixed for the execution. Payne
was the first to whom the intelligence was
communicated. It did not seem to take him
by surprise, as he doubtless expected no
other, and behaved himself accordingly.
T'ie others were more or less affected. Mrs.
Surratt particularly sank under the dread
announcement, an' pleaded four days addi
tional time to prepare herself for death. All
the prisoners will be attended by clergymen
of their own designation. A s;affold has
been erected in the south yard of the old
penitentiary building, which is inclosed by
a high brick wall. The coffins and burial
clothes are already prepared. Only a lim
ited number of persens will be allowed to
witness the scene.
The sentences of the conspirators who are
to be imprisoned will be carried into imme
diate effect.
Washington, July 7.
All condemned conspirators sentenced to v
be hanged to-day, were executed. On the I
petition of Mary Surratt, through her coun- I
;el, Aiken and Clamett, Judge Wilder, of c
the Supreme Court of this district, directed c
,n issue of a writ of habeas corpus to General t
Hancock, commanding him to produce in
Court, at ten o'clock this morning, the body
of Mary E. Surratt, with the cause and day
of detention. The writ was served on Gen.
Hancock at eight o'clock this morning, by
U. S. Marshal Gooding. He immediately
consulted with the Attorney-General and the
Secretary of War. At 10:30, the General
had not obeyed the writ. This fact was.
brought to the notice of the Court by her
counsel, but the Judge said he had no power
to enforce the writ. To-day guards were
placed all around the Arsenal grounds to
prevent intrusion of persons to the scene of
execution-none being admitted excepting
those previously supplied with tickets by
Gen. Hancock. The relatives of Mrs. Surratt
and Harold spent several hours with them
during the forenoon. They were attended
by their spiritual advisers, as were also
Payne and Atzerott. A few minutes after one
o'clock the outer prison door was opened.
Mrs. Surratt was supported on her way to
the gallows by two military officers; next
followed Atzerott, Harold and Payne, accom
panied by a guard and their respective min
isters. Front seats were reserved for them
on the platform, in the following order:
Mrs. Surratt, Payne, Harold and Atzerott.
Officers intrusted with the execution, and
ministers, occupied intermediate positions.
Gen. Hartrauft, who had been from the
commencement in charge of the prisoners,
came forward and read the order of the War
Department, approving the sentences order
ing the penalty of death to be inflicted. A
heavy guard was stationed on the'walls sur
rounding the grounds, while below soldiers
were formed on two sides of the square.
Perhaps several hundred civilians were pre
The priest who attended on Mrs. Surratt "j
repeated a short prayer, to which Payne, mi
who was seated next to her, attentively lis- o
tened. The minister who had been admin. co
istering to Payne, expressed in the name of to
the latter his sincere thanks to General G
Hartrauft and the officers and soldiers who g,
had charge of him, for their personal kind- C,
ness. They had uttered no unkiqd word, G
and given no unpleasant look or gesture, but C,
seemed to compassionate his misfortune. A
The minister then uttered a brief prvyer, pq
asking for Payne's forgiveness of all sins, it
and a passage out of this world into the joys b.
of Heaven. The minister who attended on it
Harold also returned thanks for kind treat- l:i
ment of the prisoner, and offered a prayer f,
that God would receive his soul. Harold o
was affected to tears. The minister who a
attended Atzerott also returned thanks to
Gen. Hartrauft and other officers, for their b
kind attention, and then invoked the mercy *
of God on the prisoners condemned. They h
were required to rise from their seats, when,
the chairs being removed,'they were all'on g
the drops; their hands were fastened behind
them, and legs `bandaged below and- above ,
the knees, while caps were placed over their
heads. Atzerott, while being prepaked for
exeeution, exclaimed: "Gentlemed, fare
well! Take care! Good bye, gentlemen,
now before me." One of the clergymen
Sstanding near, exclaimed: "May we all
meet in the other world!" As soon as the
noose was put around each head, Mrs.
Surratt's being tbh last one adjusted,a section
of the platform on which they bad been
standing suddenly fell. The culprits were
e hanging several feet from the ground. Mrs.
e Surratt and Payne scarcely moved a muscle.
Atserott exhibited some twitching; but
e Harold showed more nervous sensibility
than any of the others. The bodies hung
until life was extinct. Afterwards they were
- given over for burial, rough cofins having
re already been provided forthat purpose. The
arrangements for the execution were perfect.
Gen. Hancock was present throughout the
proceedings. It is said that Payne last night
as made a statement in behalf of Mrs. Surratt,
a. exonerating her from complicity, and thba
all the other prisoners subscribed to an a
davit, impeaching the testimony of impor
tant witnesses against her.
re New York, July &.
The Post's Washington special says : Gen.
John P. Slough is relieved from duty as mil
itary governor of Alexandria, Va., and is
ordered to Colorado.
The Times' account of the assassination
says: Harold made a statement yesterday
to the effect that in the original plot his part
was tc shbu of the gas the Tbhatre. He
had once rehearsed his pat with Booth.
Afterwards he was required only to be in
waiting near the Navy Yard bridge, to as
sit Booth in hiM eseope. Payne, the night
fore his exeeation said that as far as he
M re.R la8att nothing to do with
A& rloql^^^^^Jl|lo ^_ .
New York, J.ne 10.
Among the papers of Jef. Davis, late~
cotured, the- Goreranert bha diseeoven
several documents of vital importase is
determining the aethoritie in favor of a
trial of David before a at mitar eoinissio
upon the charge of assassination.
Gen. Pope proposes topot an end to.!adsa
traders, and place the trade in thehands of
the Governmeht.
Philadelphia, July 12.
Subscriptions for the seven-thirty lean
on the 10th, were $5,500,000, and today six
New York, Jose 11.
The World's special says: It is now
regarded as quite certain that a special Oil
itary commission will be instituted in a
short time for the trial of Jef. Duivis, on'
charge of complicity in the assassination of
President Lincoln. The discovery of addi
tional evidence, involving Davis, is said to
be the cause of the transfer of the ease from
a civil to a military tribaml.
Prof. McCulloch, rebel inventor of a way
for overcoming certain difecltiee, supposed
to refer to rebel plots to burn cities, alluded
to in the evidence of the late conspir.tcy
trial, was brought here to-day and placed in
The confessor of Mrs. Surratt, Rev. Mr.
Walters, says-not revealing the confes
sional-that, as God lives, Mrs. Surratt was
innocent of the murder of President Lincoln,
or of any intent or conspiracy to murder
The Times' Washington special saes:
Mrs. Douglas, widow of the lst senator,
made two personal attempts to obtain from
the President a reprieve for Mrs. Surratt,
and in each case was denied. Very bitter
feelines relative to her execution exist ambng
the rebels, particularly among the Catholics
of this city, who, it is rumored, intend to
call a meeting for the dutpose of denouncing
the action of the military commission and
the President.
W. B. Dole, Commissioner of Indian
r Affairs, has resigned. Judge D. N. Cooly,
of Iowa, has been appointed.
New York, July 15.
The Herald's Richmond. correspondent
1 says: The work of confiscating the prop
a. erty of wealthy rebels was inaugurated in
r Richmond on Monday last, much to the con
r sternation of the people of that city, by the
a seizure of the famous Tredegar Iron Works,
, by Government agents. A description of a
f large amount of other property, liable to be
confiscated, has been taken, and the tenants
thereof have been notified to pay no more
;t rent to rebel proprietors.
rrem German Gaie.
CENrmAL CrrY, July 13th, 1865.
ED. Posr :-K-nowing the interest that is
felt by the public in everything pertaining to
mines and miners, I send you the following
Items, which I have collected ir tbiemni
borhood, and I shall soon be able to oprwsr
more particulars from time to time, as ihey
become known to me. In Siberia District,
all the claims that are opened are paying
well. The number is small, as yet, but will
not be so long. The runs vary from $100to
$1,000 per day, and, in one instance, $1,500
was taken out. In Central District, they
have found the pay streak as far as No. 13
above discovery. Three men ran out of one
pit $54, in a day. There are two good bars
and plenty of water. The town is thriving.
It contains about forty houses, and a brew
ery is about to be sta tetd. The 25th was
representation day in Mountain Sheep Dis
trict. Two companies are doing well. In
the upper part there is nobody at work.
"Beef Straight," a bar discovered while the
miners were living on meat only, is turning
out rich. It is about two miles long, and
coarse gold is found from ten to fifty cents
to the pan. This is the right hand fork of
German Gulch, and all the miners are san
guine that the.y have a big thing on that bar.
Californi, Gulch, the left hand fork of
German Gulch, is about two miles above
Central, and is seven or eight miles long.
A company of ten Californians, are proe
pecting with good success, and will sluie
in about a week. Hot springs District,
b.low 3lountain Sheep, his some men work
ing on the bar. A company are digging a
large ditch to hydraulic this bar. There is
r from one to two conts to the pan through
I out the gravel. Quarts is abundant above
0 and in Siberia District. The "La Crosse
o No. 2," discovered in a drain ditch, on the
r bed-rock, shows rich in gold. Tae miners
Y have no facilities for testing or assaying,
Y hut two ounces of rook, broken up with a
1 hammer. and washed in a pan, yieldbrver
n five hundred colors. Some very rich ailver
lodes have been discovered, the names or
which I will send to you in my next. In
Central there are four stores; in Siberia,
one, and two are being built. They are prttiy
well stocked with X.oods. They had a gol;d
time in Central on the 4th. The m.nate
guns boomed continuously till th.yv raised
the dag on a single pole about sixty feet
high. M1r. Carvell delivered an oration, and
several other speakers followed. There was
some good singing, and among the list of
popular auosems nts was climbing the pole.
Out vf fifteen aspirants for the W$, only one
succeeded in reaching the flag, and touck
ing themoney. There were three foot rase
and a good time in general, till eveTig,
when the rain broke up the proceediaus
cheated usof our dance. Many asbee was
given for the old flag. It is i ted very
morning and flies all day. l mv it
wave! The town was well dee0 l o for .
occasion with evergreens and n~ qll t.
blems. Yours, eiucerely,'
THE London Minw Josrna dorib
the new tunnel borer of Capt. Besamoatr of
the Royal Engineers. The machine oat
through nise feet sin inche in one day. It
euts a ring in the rooek, and sinks a bele il
the center fo powder. The core is tba at
once blown out. A newmaeshisthttir.~
timberr whieb reqaire as afts .4restij.
alsodesaibed by the Gold Mill Aa At
i tep' teafd t wwk wrL
AU ele mtl So W% OsVe
ever LY, eatmab

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