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The Montana post. [volume] (Virginia City, Montana Territory [i.e. Mont.]) 1864-1869, October 28, 1865, Image 1

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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Fblisher and Proprietors. " .................................... MY COUNTRY,AY ALWAYS B RIGHT; BUT, COUNTRY, RIGHT OR WRONG.......................... ......... p
i p._.,__-,: .u-... .. • aim~ ii I~ • N il ~ llnniimT .. . . . . . . ..• anu • • IIIil nnl i I• i li I I l i11• iI •Hi Uta I IIMu
D. W. Tilton & Co.
Dp. . TILTON, BEN. R. Dnrrra
oEp at the Ci Book ~ore, corner of Wslce Jckresn
&regs, Virgiia Cit4, Mon. Ter. a
Oe copy, one year,......--...-.. ................ 7 50
do. six months,........................... 4 00
do. three months,......................... 2 50 I
Rates of Advertl slag.
Baudess Cards, ive lines or less, 3 months,...... 8 6 00
do. do. do. 6 months,...... 1000
do. do. do. 1 year,........ 15 00
One qare. ten lines or less, 1 insea on,.......... 4 00
do. do. do. 2 do. .......... 6 00
do. do. do. 1 month, ........... 10 00
do. do. do. 2 do. ............ 13 00
do. do. do. 3 do. ............ 15 00
do. do. do. 6 do. ............ 25 00
do. do. do. 1 year ............... 35 00
No squares, insertion,. ...................... 6 00 (
do. 2 do . ........................ 8 00
do. 1 month,.......................... 12 00
da 2 do ......... 1800 1
do. 3 do. .......................... 24 00
do. 6 do. .......................... 4000
do. 1 year ............................. 65 00
OQ-eighth column. 1 insertion,.................. 8 00
do. do. 2 do . .................. 12 00
do. do. 1 month,.................... 18 00
do. do. 2 do. . ................. .. 25 00
do. do. 3 do ................... 3000
do." do. 6 do. .................... 50 00
do. do. 1 year,................;.r 70 00
.oe-sixth column, 1 insertion,.................... 10 00
do. do. 2 do ................... 15 00
do. do. 1 month,........................ 20 0O
do. do. 2 do. ...................... 30 00
do. do. 3 do. ..................... 36 00
do do. 6 do ....................... 55 00
do- do. 1 year......................... 80 00
One-fourth column. 1 insertion,................... 12 00
do. do. 2 do. ................... 18 00
do. do. I month,...................... 24 00
do. do. 2 do. ...................... 36 00
do. do. 3 do .................... 4500
do. do. 6 do ..................... 6500
do. do. 1 ysr........................ 90 00
Oneahalf column, 1 insertion,.................... 20 00
do. do. 2 do. .................... 25 00
do. do. I month,................ .... 35 00
do. do. 2 do...................... 4500
do. do. 3 do. ...................... 5500
do. do. 6 do . ...................... 80 00
do. do. 1 year......................... 115 00
O&e column, I insertion,. .......................... 30 00
do. 2 do. ......................... 40 00
do. month, .......................... 55 00
do. 2 do. ........................... 75 00
do. 3 do. ........................... 90 00
do. 6 do. .......................... 140 00
do. 1 year,............................. 200 00
LOCAL NOTICEs.--One dollar per line for three lines or
less; 75 cents per line for ten lines or less; 50 cents per
line for eleven lines or more.
Territorial Officers.
Governor-STDINEY EDGERTON, Bannack City.
Chief Jttine-H. L. HOS ER.
Assoriate Justice-L. B. WrIL.ISTON.
-L. E. MUNsoN.
Attorny-General-E. . . NEALLET, Virginia.
CU S. Marshal-GEO. H. PINNEY.
Assist U. S. Marshal-J. X. BEwtLER
,urvevor-General-M. BOYD.
A.uditor-JOHn S. LoTr.
Treasurer-JO.N J. HULL.
Superintendent of Public Instruction-T. J. DIMSDALE.
Assessor-T. C. EVERTS.
Collector Internal Reveeue--N. P. LANoFORD.
Clerk of the U. S. District Coort--E. H. FRIsHMUTH.
Clerk of 2d Judicial District-C. E. IRVINE, Silver Bow.
Clerk of 3d . ' -T. C. Joxas, Helena.
muanicipal Officers of Vilginla City.
Mayor-P. S. ProUTs. Acting, J. M. CASThEL
Police lMaistrate-T. W. Talliaferro.
Marshal-William Deasoey.
c ,m- .t.. s. L. Curtis.
Attorney-Wm. H. Chiles.
Treasurer-John S. Rockfellow.
Ausessor-Thomas Pearson.
Assistant City Marshal-Jerry Lewis.
County Officers of Mladison County.
County Commissioners--John Potter, Chairman; J. E.
McClurg, Fred. K. Root.
Probate Judge---O. F. Strickland.
Sheriff-Neil Howie.
Deputy Sherif--H. L. Crawford, James Williams, J. B.
Treasurer-Henry G. Caryle.
Recorder-F. G. Ieldt.
County Assessor-J. Armitage.
I I lidil Hi HI I lll0 I Ill al
W. F. Sanders,
A TTORNEY AT LAW and Solicitor in Chancery,
Virginia City, Montana Territory. 3-1y"
Word & Spratt,
ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Virginia City, Montana
Territory. Will practice in all the Courts of
said Territory. Special attention given to the Col
lection of Claims. 4
John R. Gilbert,
VENUE. for the First Division of the Collection Dis
trict of Montana, embracing Madison County. Office, first
door east of City Drug Store.
Virginia City, April 27, 1865. 36-88"
L. W. Frary,
rfce up stairs, in Pfouts & Russell's Stone Build
lng. All dental operations performed in the best
possible manner. Single teeth and complete setta
Inserted in the highest style of art. Ladies and
gentlemen will find every arrangement for their con
renience. 8
John S. Lewis. N. B. Hale, D. M. Gillett.
Lewis, Hale & Co.,
0o Jewelry made to order from the Native Gold, and
warranted. Particular attention paid to repairing Fine
Watches. Also, Engraving done to order. Sign of the
Gold Watch, Jackson Street, Virginia City, M. T.
February 25, 1865- 1-13'
Assay Office.
W ALLACE STREET. one door below Nolan & Co.'s
Bank. Gold and Silver, and Ores or every descrip
tion Assayed. I guarantee my assays, and will pay any
difference which may arise between them and the U: S
s~nt. 5 D. GILBERT.
Assay Office.
THE UNDERSIGNED are now prepared to assay oor
. rectiy in small or large quantities the ores of Montana
Silver, Gold, Copper, Lead. Antimony. or Bismuth. Office
No. 2, of Content's Block, corner of Wallace and Jackson
Streets, Virginia. W. Y. LOVELL, & CO.
Justus Cooke,
G BERAL AUCTIONEER. Particular attention giv
o ento the sale ot'Live Staok and Real Estate, sale,
f Stock of Goods in Store. Office at the Elephant Cor
ral, Virginia City, M. T. 4-16"
J. A. Graty,
ginia City, M. T., first door below Content's
corner. Liberal advances made on Consignments
Stock and Goods of all kinds disposed of by Public
or Private Sale 47-59*
Jefferson House,
Corner of Waldce and Vas Bares Srues, Virginau City.
W H. PILES, begs to inform the public that be has
opened this house for boarders, and will furalsh
U.a.ls to transient customers. His table will be supplied
with tlhe best that toe market affords. 8p eal attentieo
Will be paid to the comfort ofhis guests. Goodlea beds.
Drs. Crepin & Justice.
City Drug Store. 8
Ira B. Maupin, M. D.
OFrICE ZUle Drug Saor, Helena, . T.
F. V. P. Moore,
presIcIa2 ao ds owo J I Wa~Se. 44* Hi
d eas0104 of CMsyt & aMat Drug stee. 4.16"
Idaho Hotel.
Wallace Strut, Firginia City, M. 7.,
J, M. VASTW1U, Proprietor.
HIS Popular Hotel, whh forms part of Gar's
Bunding, ha been a ad refitted na style to
est the deraads of the P Ib U larder ir well sp
slied, ad its tabls furnished with the bet the market
5The Ideado lltUne.d Mall.
arried on by HULL & CAerNn, contains four First Class
Billiard Tables, where the lovers of the game can always
e accommodated. The old frieds of J.J. Hull and J.
=astner, can always find them at the Idaho.
Those having Territorial .ands to deposit, should eall at
he Idaho, where the ofee of the Treasurer is situsted. 1P
Coin, Gold Dust, Treasury Notes, and
Foreign and Domestic Excanlge.
Des Moines, Iowa. Virginia City, M. T.
4-16" .
Metropolitan Market,
Wallace St., Virgin4at'fj, Montana Ter'y.
THIS MARKET has been fitted up regardless of
expense, and will be sEjplied with Meats of all kinds,
Poultry, Fish, Game, Sauspges, Head Cheese, Puddings
A all descriptions, etc. Every article sold will be of the
the best quality obtainablein the country, and all orders
( their customers will be promptly and punctually at
tended to. 6-3m
Hosmer and Hauser,
(1LAIM AGENTS, have established an agency for the
t . purchase and sale of Gold and Stlter Quartz Claims in
different parts of the Territory. One 61 the partners will
attend in person, to the introduct'odi .M sale of Lodes in
New York, Philadelphia and oth*.stern cities, and the
ether to obtaining the same in this city". Arrangements
will be made early in the Spring, for expressing goods to
the New York Office, and for procuring reliable assays at
the office in this city. Office at the Post Office, and at S.
T_ Hanuar f i.n ' tank ant Wallm.a sa.,st 14*
Montana Billiard Saloon.
ADAM KLESER and George Williams, Proprietors.
Billiard Tables furnished with all the most approved
apparatus required for the enjoyment of the giane. Pure
liquors and choice cigars always on hand. Open from 7
A. X., to 12 P. ., 7-tf
Iron and Steel Turning.
MACHINERY Repaired, Billiard Balls turned. &c.
L Every aescription of Gun work performed, in good
style. Ammunition of all kinds kept constantly on hand.
Powd Lead. Caps. Navy and Dragoon Balls, Shot, and
_ Gun Shop, Wallace St., Virginia City.
Occidental Billiard Hall.
Street1 Virginia City. The finest tables in town. The
bar supplied with the best of Liquors and Cigars.
George Secord,
hand and manufacturing from the best material, all
styles of Saddles, Bridles, Single and Double Harness, or
anything else made in a first class saddler shop. 1-26*
Joseph Marion,
H AY SCALES STORE, Wallace Street, Virginia City.
Commission Merchant. Cash advanced on consign
ments. A general assortment of Miners' Outfitting Goods.
Provisions, Vegetables, etc., etc. 15*
E. M. Davis M. D.
OFFICE, Main Street, Helena, Montana Territory,
O nearly opposite the City Drug Store. 7-tf
James N. Williams,
F ASHIONABLE Hair Dressing and Shaving Saloon,
F Bridge Street. Helena, Montana Territory. 6-18*
Virginia Brewery.
WVE HAVE constantly on hand a large supply of
,,,eP . ,,, .l - ; rr· .... 1;_ hn·n! ar_ l h. ...... :! .. . .. ..
atteded to. 11..n
(Three doors above the Post Ofce.)
Beg to thank the inhabitants of Virginia City, for their
patronage, and to inform them that they are now ready'to
supply and fill all calls in the following line :
Manufacturing and repairing all kinds of furniture, turn
ing, contracting for building, counters, shelving,
Building and Repairing
Saw and Grist mills., Setting En
gines and Bollers, Quartz
Mills, Wheat Fans.
For reference in the machinery departmeut, call on No
ble & Co,, Indian Creek, Spencer, Harrison & Co., Gran
ite Gulch. House & Co., South Meadow Creek.
August 26th, 1865. v2-n1-3m*
Iiggins, Travis kP Co ,
Wallace Street, Virginia City, and
Helena R. T.
ELEGANT vehicles, and well trained horses for the
Saddle, Buggy or Carriage, constantly on hand.
A First Clam Turn-out Guaranteed.
Deaver .?eat *Warket,
Nevada City, .- - M. T.
T AKE$ pleansre to annonnoe to the publio, that be hkeep
I the best stocked Moeat Market in Neorda Cty, wher
there will always be ohd the best o
He also, receives oaomtatly Gam, FPlh ead Fol of the
asuoc. Try him. 344V
F-or a G<ood .rticle Of
ATrs, MINUs' BOOTS, NCo., 6o TO
J.f. HE$LL.&e. a CO.'EA'
wMsr s eu,* *. vftqassa Clay. a
Tb.a gq.sMy ed l5a1 K ary lusst A ,a
*.s. let gl Ogiwr a. [email protected] b
NEW Ie.a. iS. NEWr mO.
TUBT RECEIVED se the M]iol Rie, r~.a Pert
akpre id samer
` -AND
Ss '. q MMA ql
SadOiery Haidware,
Shoe Findings.
Which we offer for sale at
And to which we respectfully call the attention of the
Citizens of Montana.
Storage "' Commetnrission.
Having built a Commodious Stone Warehouse, we are
)repared to receive Merchandise and Produce, for sale on
'ommission or on Storage, and respectfully solicit Con
Store and Warehouse corner of Jack
son and Idaho Streets, Virginia
City, M. T.
J. OLIVER, Proprseter.
BREAD, Pies and Crackers of the best quality, and in
great variety, for sale by
IarýI.lTE Rtmi and
of all kinds.
A commodious Saloon for the accommodation of guests,
and good music provided for their entertainment. 48-50*
Three Doors below Kiskadden's Stone Block,
Virginia city, m. T. 3-3m5
Wallace Street, Virginia City, and
Helena, M. T.
STORAGE FOR GOODS. beral advances made
Cosignnments. 8took and Goods of al kinds dspoed
»f daily by
Private Sale.
Strict Attetio paid to the Sale of Goods.
J 8AD, whose t eM I s istd two d. abso
* GrUMy & Coa' Wale sket, havig detrmld
to rmta to te SBtai, to two wmahs, weAloa
of his ertl 8toak f Dry Gd at emsw OaL Be L
in histoo, s -ea zLtUbek Clmsa dl al a
mswrtmet aZt all 11f bb . NOw sb s Mr
b-. rl. 'u I
T5R [email protected] OWr TiUR ConsC.
(3o0w Taen sam or emaisea.)
Yr sav. F. MANoarT. s s
Come roume thee up, my galla horse, sad bear y
rider on !
The comrade thou, and the friend, I trow, of the 8
dweller on "the Don." o
Pillage and death hav spread their wings !-'tis the
hour to hie thee forth,
And wih th hoofs an echo make to the trumpets
of the North !
Nor game, nor gold, do men behold upon thy saddle- 8
But earth afords the wealth of lords for thy master t
and for thee;
Then aercely neigh, my charger gray 1-0, thy chest
is proud and ample; 1
And thy hoofs shall prance o'er the fields of France, p
and the pride of her heroe trample. t
Barope is weak-she hath grown old; her bulwarks
are laid low;
She is ldath to hear the blast of war-she shrinketh f
from a foe !
Come, in our turn, let as sojourn in her goodly a
haunts of joy
In the pillar'd porch to wave the torch, and her
palaces to destroy !
Proud as when first thou slak'dst thy thirst in the g
Sow of conquer'd Seine;
Ay, shalt thou lave, within that wave, thy blood-red
flanks again.
Then fiercely neigh, my gallant gray !-0, thy chest
is strong and ample;
And thy hoofs shall prance o'er the fields of France,
and the pride of her heroes trample. 1
Kings are beleaguer'd on their thrones by their own
vassal crew;
And in their den quake noblemen, and priests are
bearded too; t
And loud they yelp for the Cossack's help to keep i
their bondsmen down,
And they think it meet, while they kiss our feet, to
wear a tyrant's crown !
The sceptre now to my lance shall bow, and the t
crosier and the cross, a
All shall bend alike when I lift my pike, and aloft r
THAT ScaPTrs toss! t
Then proudly neigh, my gallant gray !-0, thy chest
is broad and ample;
And thy hoofs shall prance o'er the fields of France,
and the pride of her heroes trample ! C
In a night of storm I have seen a form !-and the e81
figure was a GIANT,
And his eye was bent on the Cossack's tent, and his m
look was all defiant;
Kingly his crest-and towards the West with his
battle-axe he pointed, th
And the "form" I saw was ATrl:A ! of this earth
the scourge anointed; of
From the Cossack's camp let the horseman's tramp m1
the coming cr~ah announce; wI
Let the vulture whet his beak sharp-set, on the car mi
rion field to pounce !- tr
Then proudly neigh, my gallant gray !-O, thy chest
is broad and ample;
And thy hoofs shall prance o'er the fields of France, th
and the pride of her heroes trample ! wi
What boots old Europe's boasted fame, on which she is
builds reliance,
When the North shall launch its avalanche on her
works of art and science?
Hath she not wept her cities swept by our hordes of a
trampling stallions? in
And tower and arch crush'd in the march of our bar
barous battalions? Jc
Can wE not wield our fathers' shield ? the same war sh
hatchet handle? be
Do our blades want length, or the reapers' strength,
for the harvest of the Vandal ?
Then proudly neigh, my gallant gray !--0, thy chest
is strong and ample; ot
And thy hoofs shall prance o'er the fields of France, in
and the pride of her heroes trample! cc
Earthquake at S~n Francisco. I
We copy from the Territorial Enterprise
the subjoined account of the earthquake at of
San Francisco on the 8th inst. Such a pl
phenomenon is comparatively rare in Cali
fornia; but in Venezuela, New Grenada,
Ecuador, Peru and Chili, the shocks are fre- es
quent and severe. The houses are built low,
to withstand the concussion without falling,
and the old pack-mules spread out their feet at
instinctively, at the first subterranean rum- M
bling: d:
"There was a light rain last night, and about day
light this morning quite a shower. The weather
in the forenoon was clear and warm, with a fresh 1
breeze. At precisely 12:45 P. x., the heaviest earth- 1
quake shock which was ever felt in San Francisco t
occurred. The motion was undulatory, from north
east to southwest, and everybody instantly rushed for
the streets. Five seconds later, another and far
heavier one occurred, and the uproar caused by fall
ing walls, glass coming down in showers on the side
walks, the frenzied stampede of thousands of.people,
horses running away, bells ringing, etc., was inde
scribable. Women fainted, men screamed, church
congregations piled over each other in the excite
ment to escape, and many people jumped from second
story windows, in some cases receiving severe inju
ries. A Chinaman in Stout's Alley was killed. The
chimney falling from the Lick House into the rear
of the building, crushed the kitchen and injured three
servants-none fatally. Three men were injured by I
falling bricks at Crowell's warehouse. One man
jumped from a window, went through the skylight
into the Metropolitan Market, and was badly injured.
Many similar incidents occurred. The congregation
in the Catholic Church on Vallejo street carried away
doors entirely in reaching the street, and several
women and children were injured, but none fatally.
The fire-wall of the New Orleans warehouse, on Davis
and California streets, six feet high and one hundred
and thirty-seven feet long, came down in a body. A
large section of the cornice and fire-wall of the
Exchange Building, opposite the Custom House,
fell. A new brick building on Third and Mission
streets will have to be pulled down entirely. The
rear wall of the store No. 115 California street, next
to George F. Bragg & Co., fell out. The front of
the brick building on the northwest corner of Sacra
mento and Battery streets, fell out. A one story
brick building on the corner of Market and Pine
streets was entirely destroyed. The City Hall walls
were cracked throughout, and the plastering thrown
down; the whole structure ought to come down for
safety. The City Hall Are bell rang from the shock.
Many hundreds of windows were broken into pieces
smaller than a man's hand, and thre-fourths of the
brick buildings on the made-ground part of the city
are more or less damaged. Many walls were thrown
out of line, so that door can't be opened or closed,
and it will probably be many days before the full
extent of damage is ascertained; as it now appears,
$250,000 would not repair damages. The injury
done through the los of conidence in the stability
of large brick and stone structures is incalculable.
Everybody is congratulating his neighbors on their
escape from death. In the present condition of the
walls another shock of equal violence would pros
trate at least one-third of the brick buildings in the
city. From nearly every store in the lower part of
r the city people are sweping out broken glas sand
fallen plastering. Clocks are stopped, water ja
upset, and in s e case people were thrown off their
feet by the violence of the shock. There is a lively
talk of the immediate repeal of the Fire Ordinace.
* The Oedsdmta, O mopolita, Bessnd Lick eHoses
Sbeing on atural ground, sufered less than the build
ige north and east of this point, and en the fets
seoth of Market street. The te-wall for the whole
length of May's ldig on een ene street, be
tween Meetgomeay d K , fell,aendsctise of
diler wals all over town rae down dM the ide
wa in great qusntitie, eendeinag it indeed almost
iheredie thai as few saoiumnt s oared. How the
teubei in tm psetef . esstee, r ecg wb. st
of tie aend meu ingf hefi fow ism.
A ie raes ute, tuei by
doet is me l
New York, Oct. 11.
The World's Washington special says the
Swedish emigration has worked to the sat
isfaction of all parties. The farmers are
much pleased with the Swedes, whom they
find industrious, eicient, honest and very
orderly. They dO double the work of the
negroes, and do not require as much look
ing after.
The Tribune's Paris correspondence of
September 29th, says that the most impor
tant news of the week is the confirmation by
the Moniteur La Soir of a statement made
the day before yesterday, by the London
Morning Post, that the French troops would
probably evacuate Rome by the time fixed in
the convention of September 15th, and that
some of the regiments would be gradually
withdrawn to Civita Vecchia some time be
The cholera Is reported as becoming worse
at Toulon.
Chicago, Oct. 11.
The election returns from Iowa are mea
gre; but they are sufficient to show that the
State gives a majority of about twenty thou
sand for Stone, the Republican candidate for
Baltimore, Oct. 11.
At the City Council' election to-day, only
1,500 votes were polled. There was no
opposition ticket, all the candidates being
The Richmond Republican of to-day says
that it will be observed by an official order
in another column that efficient means will
be taken to prevent any interference by the
military with the election to-morrow. All
the troops will be removed from the vicinity
of the polling places. and neither officers
nor men will be permitted to approach near
them, except iin case of disturbance of the
peace, when, if absolutely necessary, the
military force may be used for the purpose
of quelling the same.
The Union majority in Pennsylvania is
estimated at 10,000, with a gain of several
members in Philadelphia.
New York, Oct. 12.
A Washington special to the Express says
that Gen. Grant has advised the Secretary
of War to discharge at least one hundred
more general cflicers, Majors and Brigadiers,
with their staffs. He has also advised the
m.stering out of. nearly all of the negro
Colonel Parker, of Grant's staff, one of
the Commissioners to treat with the south.
western Indians, rebels and others, has
returned. He reports everything now sat
Nashville, Oct. 11.
The House of Representatives has adopted
a resolution, by a vote of sixty to four,
indorsing the administration of President
Johnson, and his declaration that treason
shall be made odious and that traitors shall
be punished.
New York, Oct. 12.
News from St. Thomas, received to day,
state that Santa Anna is enlisting troops
intending to aid Juare and the National
cause in Mexico. At the latest dathe had
enlisted only 127 men, most of whom were
Boston, Oct. 12.
Governor Andrew has appointed the 13th
of November as a day of thanksgiving and
New York, Oct. 12.
A special to the Tribune says that it ii
estimated that the Wirtz trial will cost the
government over $100,000. Colonel Moore.
late Surgeon-General of the rebel army, hai
arrived, and will appear before the Wirt;
Military Commission as a witness for th4
The Herald's Raleigh correspondent says
in the North Carolina Convention, on las
Tuesday, a report which was ordered to bi
laid over, was submitted, recommending
that no action be taken by the conventioi
in reference to the debt contracted by the
State in aid of the rebellion. It is.ex
pected that the debt will be entirely repu
The Department of Mississippi is trans
ferred from the Military Division of the
Gulf to the Military Division ofjTennessee
The Territory of New Mexico is trans
ferred from the Department of California tr
the Department of Missouri. Headquarter
of the Department of Missouri is transferrer
to St. Louis.
General E. F. Steele has been assiene4 t
the chief command of the Department of
The Herald's special says that informa
tion has been received here from Washington
that six hundred Spencer rifles, in boxes,
were seized by the Canadian authorities at
Niagara City, yesterday. The contents of
the boxes were accidentally discovered in
overhauling railroad freight. The authori
ties report it as a ease of Fenian smuggling.
It is well known that combinations exist in
several of the principal cities of the coun
try for the purchase of arms from the dis
charged soldiers, many of whom, en leaving
the service, avail themselves of the privi
lege of purchasing their guns at reduced
The Tribunte's special from Nashville the
10th, says that the Tennessee Legislature
to-day tabled the resolutions indorsing the
policy of President Johnson, as embodied
in his reconstruction of Southern states, by
a vote of 35 to 29.
The Tribune's special from Columbus the
11th, says that forty-eight counties give a
Union majority of 24,070. It is expected
that the counties yet to hear from will
increase the majority to 28,000, and with
the soldiers' vote, to 30,000. TheUnionists
have at least two thirds of both houses of
the Lgislature, thus insuring the election
New York, Oct. 13.
A general order, dated Oct. 9th, issued by
Lieut.-Gen. Grant, announces an important
distribution of troops, both regular and vol
unteer. All the volunteer cavalry a t of
the MississiDpi river will be at onl mauS
tered out of service. All the sea coast forts
south of Fort Monroe, except Forts Taylor
and Jefferson, Fla., will be garrisoned by
colored trooas, a requisite number of rcgi
ments having been selected for that pur
pose. All other colored troope will be mue
tered out of the service. The 3d Reulal
Artillery will garrison the Forts in Maine,
New Bampshire and Massachuse#s. The
let Regular Artiller will be stationed is
N'ie York harbor. The 4th Regalr Artil
lry will oceapy Fort Delaware, Menry
Wmishgto- sad F~be. Tbhe thb fB la
Artillery will garris Forts MoaroeTyloi
and Jeferson. The 2d Begplar Artiersy in
asigned to the Paeie coast. The Seea4s
and siath Cavalry is ordered to report to
bSheridan. The 4th Regmet of regar
SInfantry is assgned to day on the Canadia
are frontier.
'ey The 7Tibmse's Washin.tes speeial says
r that the Poetoloe Department is makhag up
its account for the next Congress. It appears
ok' that while the mail serviee has been sas
tained by receipts for postage daring the
of rebellion, the deoit when the mail serviesoo
r- in the Southern States is resumed will be
by eight millions.
Ide New York, Oct. 14.
on The Heralds special dispathb says that
uld President Johnson is already diligently em
be ploying his leisure hours on the coming
ily The Times's special says that the Presidene
b- o-day issued four hundred pardons fer -
sons residing in Louisiana, SoMth Carolina
Wie and North Carolina.
. Philadelphia, Oct. 14.
Oficial returns from thirty-two counties
the shovt a Union gain of 20,000. There are
ou thirty-two counties yet to hear fkom, which
for will probably increase the gains so as to
make an actual majority of from 23,000 to
. 5,000.
T8e San Francisco, Oct. 9-I r. a.
ly San Francisco, Oct. 9-1 P. u.
Another severe shock of an earthquake
wasw felt at ten o'clock this morning.
The damage resulting from the shooks
yesterday is estimated at from five to seven
V' hundred thousand dollars. There are but
few brick buildings in the city but were
injured. City Hall is a partial wreck. The
i building purchased by the merchants for an
iy Exchange, and also buildings on Third street
have lost their front. Plastering shook down
and all manner of small damages were
ir inflicted. Two Chinamen were killed in
ie Stout's alley.
The earthquake did some damage at San
se Jose and Santa Cruz. No one is reported
i injured.
al San Francisco, Oct. 9--10 . u.
The earthquake of this morning was felt
at Santa Clara.
A dispatch from Santa Cruz says the build
To ings injured by the shock yesterday will
rY have to be taken down. The low lands along
ed the river opened, and water spouted out like
, geysers. Many wells are either dry or filled
he with sand.
ro A fire in lone City destroyed from $3,000
to $5.000 worth of property.
Robert F. Greeley, of the Mercury, broke
h- his collar bone and sprained his ankle .by
a jumping from a window, in the panic from
Lt- the earthquake yesterday.
Badger, the Secretary of the Olympic
Club, is improving.
ed A panic was created in the public schools
r, to day, by the shock at half past ten, and,
nt though no injuries resulted, it was deemed
on best to dismiss the schools for fear of the
ill results of the panic, if there should be an
other shock.
San Francisco, Oct. 10.
y, Gold, yesterday, 145 1-2.
? The steamer Pacific arrived to-day from
a southern ports.
ad TL. ri, wn peýý t..nm Mnntaravw
ad The sc oner Fayaway, from Monterey,
ere reports having felt the earthquake twenty
five miles off Point Amo. They thought she
had struck a rock, as the dishes were jarred
3th off the table.
nd Fares by the Moses Taylor, on the 13th,
are as follows: First cabin, $130; second
cabin, $75; steerage, $45.
h The Fenians sent $5,000 to the East, by
the telegraph, yesterday.
)re, The overland mail to Oregon was resumed
has to-day, the California Stage Company con
irtz cluding to accept the Government okfer of
the two hundred and twenty-five thousand dol
lars per annum.
last Tax samples of cotton exhibited at the
be Fair by David Mitchell, says the Stockton
ling Independent of the 5th inst., and othersam
:ion plea that arrived too late, but which have
the since been opened and examined, demon
ex- strate the fact that the article can be sac
pu- cessfuliy and profitably produced in various
parts of California. Specimens of a good
Ins- quality, raised at Kern river, show thatcot
the ton growing in that region can be profitably
see. pursued. Last evening a box containing a
m1- small cotton plant, sent from Los Angeles,
a to was opened at Dr. Holden's drug store. The
ters plant contained about sixty balls, and the
,red texture of the cotton is remarkably ine.
l to CaPrTrA DIXrPrL, Military Storekeeper at
t of Fort Yuma, writes to a friend at Drum
Barracks as follows, under date of Sept.
ma- 20th: "An officer has this moment come
into my office with .the report that Captain
es, Pico, of the Native Cavalry, who pas.ed
a at through Wilmington about two months ago,
Sof and who was ordered below here on the
o in Mexican line, has been captured by the
itn Frenchb, and is now a prisoner in their hands.
This action will insure a war with France,
tig. and I should not be surprised if the French
made an attempt to enter California at this
A,._ poiqt."-Territorial E*ntsriar.
TaN thousand riflemen contested the prises
at the shooting festival held at Bremen. A
portrait of Abraham Lincoln and a pieture
of a slave with broken manacles were ear
ried in procession. At the one thousand
yards range, three men made centres with
both of the two shots allowed, and drew lots
for the prize, (1,000). Among the re*alds
were a gold watch, buggy sad a Springfield
rifle, all sent by Amsuen ns.
Tar New York Post says an immigration
I society has been organised in the eentral
I part of Virginia, whose purpose is to invite
S8cotch and English farmers to settle in that
region. It is proposed to send agents to
SGreat Britain to make known the advantages
and natural wealth of Virginia.
CAl.ronxu powder is coming into exten
sive use. It is fodnd to bb of a superior
quality, sad put up in tester ekssmn
tern powdn er, and or le daer
ons to handle. The Paifio Bailroe m
Spany are using is extensively in bllaag
irok upon theui work, requiring beoW
kegs per dAy.
Psor. Lows, who has bees o sist
Sballoon seeeastos b.Ce* i Om
tral Park, bas n s Fsoes or a
' brilal r, and .nuees, a -
I_ a I a - -w"beg-hs"
a Taun s sr..t
L-Osq:s· u. ;m

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