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The Montana post. [volume] (Virginia City, Montana Territory [i.e. Mont.]) 1864-1869, November 04, 1865, Image 1

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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TILTON & CO.,....... ................................. OUNT Y s AWAYS BE RIGHT; BUT, mY QOUNTRY, RIG.HT OR WRONG..7....... *0 er p i r7Sm sdvu
Fublishers and Proprietors.a " . . .. . .. •
I). W. Tiliton & Co. D
D W. TILTON. BEt. R. rrTmS,
Office at the CitO Book Store. corner of Wallace r Jackason. aft
Strects. Vir 'ioia City, MocI. Ter. pli
o) cy. one ear . ..... . ca
4 0do. siX I Bih ....... ................. . 4 00 Bi
do. three months, ...................... 2 50 be
Rates of Advertising. C.
Buinuess Car's. five lines or less. 3 month..... $ 00
d,,. do. do. 6 months .. ... 10 0( th
dc,. do. do. 1 year,.... 15 00 -
One square, ten lines or less. 1 insertion,.. .... 4 00
do d do. 2 do . ......... 600
do d,. 1 month . . 10 00
,io. do do. do. .......... 13 00
.o. do do. 3 do . ........... 15 00
1d 3o. do. 6 do........... ..25 00
d. do. year, ..............300
c sqe, aCres ! !nso.tio... ·
do. o .. . ..................... O0
dc. 1 month ........................ 12 00
. . ....... . . ..... ........ 18 00
o. do. .......... ............. 40 00
year....... 65 00
0 'O .. ........... ..
e' :h einn, 1 insertion .. 00
d.. do. 2 do. . . . . 00.
do. 1 month.. ........... 00
do. 2 do....... 2500
S o. 6 d ..... 0 00
, d,. o. year, .. .. ............. . 10 00
: -t c n, 1 i. r .... . .. 0 00
1. d, ' o2 . .................... 15 00
do. month ...................... 20 )
. . do ................... 30 0
, ,. 3 d . ................... 00
do. 1 year. ..................80 00
Oe colm n. I insert;on, ..0
m,. 2 d,... ..... ............. 1P 0
S do. ....... .......... 36
do. 3 do....... 45 00
o. 6 do.... 65 0
r . .1o. I year ....................... 000
$.je hf co umni i i.erton................. 20 0
,d i. mdo ............ ... o2500
do. I mn:i. .................... 35 00
do. do.. 3 do .. .................... 55 O0
do. do 6 d. 00........ .........
v r . .. 0115 00,
LO,., do 1 vcor,. ...................... 3 r
in r ,r ,n :insertion,....._.................
d. do .......................... 40 0
do. 1 month................ ...... 5
d.. 2 do........................ 00
do. 3 do . .......... ............. 90 00
S . do. .......... .............. 140 O00
d ), . year . ............. ......... . . . 200 00
I.00C SL 0: loES.-(.Qne dollar per line for three lines or
e, : .3 ,":'. ,or lire for ten lines or less: 50 cents per
heItC or e'eve. nes or r nmore.
., :5 . i r nlIll a
'Fcrrst srlal 0tf~i cr4.
C~orrr~r-- lL)~Y LIZ F, _41tY . C~'X~i~
crtrrwor-SlDSN! Yfli1 'i RON. Pani','' City,
ý.e re'nr'rt-TI1OMl s Fi t t'Ix" MAE RE
(%, ,1t' J 1.iie c-II . L . Vll't~t
.4 r,"Cerrl- -. It. N I LS.Y LI Virginia.
U. S. 'hýrshal-rO. M. 1'NNr'tB
Apsis't ' S M Afrshal-.I. X. BE:DLER.
SBarr~tter- C;·-,raTII; -\ D.
A ,d,"or-JjIlt2 . LTT. I
Trcasurer-J.Jtii J. IIULL. 1
QI,),serntesndet nf Pulbic Instructcion-T. J. Dss a'. LE.
Aeat.wor--"C. '. I 'F!! T?
Calergtnr I~lir.lrl Ri~renn"L--`:. P. L~tNOFORTý..
Cleric of the U. S. DtJ),eCt Cotrrt-L. H. lRISB:MUTH.
Clerc of d J di.:ial District-C. F. IRV[NE. Slicer Bow.
Clerk- if 3i -T. C. Jo-ES, Helena.
Municipal Officers of Virgifia City.
favor-P. e. i'FroI.Ts. Actin,. J. M. CAST ER.
Police tI02'sZ ru't- T. W. Talliaferro
Moar.skai-A\1illiam Deiss:e:^
Clerk-(Cha%. J. D). Curti-.
AdtorneyJ-rl. H. Chiles.
Treasurer-.Johnf RoecfcllOw.
Assessor-Thomas i'earsofn.
Assistant City Mlarshal-Jerry Lewis.
County Officers of iMadison County.
Cotunty CommiosnerflCs-Jthn Potter. Chairman J. E.
McClurg. Fred. K. Hoot.
Probate .Tua'se e--(. F. Strickland.
Sheriff-Neii Hiowe.
Deputy Shrritfs-H. L. Crawford, James Williams, 3. B.
Treasssrer-H'TrT(- '. Car yle.
R~ctrder-F. G. Heldt.
Ceunty AOsscor-J. Armitete.
W.. . a.ander".
.TTOiNEY AT LAW and Solicitor in Chancery,
Virginia City Montana Tenrttory. 3-y"
& Sprat .
STTOT'NEYS AT LAW, Virginia Qity, Montana
STerritory. 'Will practice in all the Courts of
Laid Territory. Special attention given to the Col
lection of Cl'aim
. ..l.ohn I1. Gilbert,
t VENt f t th it Divisio, of the Collection Dis
tict of Monana. emtbrailrtk Madison County. Office. fir.t
door e~st of City Dr!ur Store3.
Virginia City. rr- 7 15. 36
. . , . Frary,.
ic, p taire, in Pfouts & Russell's Stone Build
ing. All dental operations performed in the best
po- ib1l manner. Single teeth and complete setts
inserted in the highest style of art. Ladies and
gentlemen will find every arrangement for their con
John S. Leis, N. B. Hale. D. M. Giliett.
Lewis, hale & o.
J ELY MANL FACTURERS. Everv description
Jo Jewelry made to order from the Native Gold. and
rarrand I Particular attention paid to repairing Fire
W't:ches. Aia, Engraving done to order. Si-a of the
Gold \\-ater Jalasn Street. Virginia City, IM. . 1
February 5, 1 - 1-13
Assay Otffice.
XT ALLACE STREET. one door below Nolan & Co.'s
VV ank. Gold and Silver, and Ores or every descrip
tion Assayed. I guarantee my assays, and 'ill pay an"
difference which tmay arise between them and the: S.
Mint. i. GILBrkRT.
Assay Office.
TP HE UNDERSIGNED arc now prepared to assay cor
rertlv in small or large quantities the ores of Montana.
Silvej, Gold. Copper, Lead, Antimony. or Bismuth. Office
No. 2, of Content's Block, corner of Wallace and Jackson
Streets, Virginia. W. Y. LOVELL, &CO.
Justus Cooke,
- ENERAI. AUCTIONEER. Particular attention giv
G en to the sale of Live Stock and Real Estate. sales
of Stocks of Goods in Store. Office at the Elephant Co_
ral. Viiia City, T. 46
. ginia City, M. T., first door below Content's
corner. Liberal advances made on Consignments
Stock and Goods of all kinds disposed of by Public
or Private Sale
·------------- -
Jefferson iIouse,
Corner of WaZlare and Van Burer Streets Virginia City.
,YW H. PILES, begs to inform the publc that be has
. opened this house for boarders, and will wnreish
meals to transient customers. e' table will be supplied
with the best that the market afords. Specil attntion
will be paid to the oomfort of his guetL. Good clean beds
Ira B. Maupin, M. D.
OFFICE Eagle Dug Store, Helens, T. .. 4-16'
*E. M,..DILVIs M, 9*
01ICZ, amlas Btaset~, l i.. ts soaºw T utor7
O iey appoit" 'e titspy, DrugI .era. , _
P• : V. P. Moore,; "
nHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Wallace st.Iwt. .
d-eor met of Claytoa & Hale's Drg Store.
HIdaho Hotel.
Wallace Street, Virgini. City, M. T.,
J, mf. CASTN1ERr Proprietor.
rTHIS Popular Hotel, which forms part of Castnir's
1 Building, has been enlarged and refitted in a style to
meet the demands of the Public. Its larder i 'well sup
plied, and its tables furnished with the best the market
The Idaho Dilltard lall.
carried on by HULL & CASTNER, cyontains four First Clas
Billiard Tables, where the lovers of the game can always
be accommodated. The old friends of J. J. Hull and J.M.
Castuer, can always find them at the Idaho.
Those having Territorial funds to deposit, should call gt
the Idaho, where the office of the Treasurer is situated. 12'
Coin, Gold Dust, Treasury Notes, a.d
Foreign and Domestic Exchange.
Des Moines Iowa. Virginia City. M. T.
0, 4_-___"___....
Metropolitan Market,
Wallace St., Virginia City, Montana Ter'y.
-[.HIS MARKET has been fitted up regardless of
expense. and will be supplied with Meats of all kinds.
Poultry. Fish. Game, sausages, Head Cheese. Puddings
of all ilo.e.riptioias, etc. Every article sild will be of the
tie best quality obtainable in the country, and all orders
of their customers will be promptly and punctually at
tended to. 6-3m
SHoflmer and Hauner,
'LAL'{ AGENTS. have established an asency for the
t purcnase and sale of Gold and Silver Quartz Claims in
different parts of the Territory. One of the partners will
attend in person. to the introduction and sahe of Lodes in
New York, Philadelphia and other Eastern ciies, and the
other to ohtaininl the same in this coy. Arraugllllents
wiil he madle ery in tlhe Sprin'. fir e .pre- -ug goods to
the New York (Pttcc. and for procuring reliable assays at
tlhe ,t!ice in this city. Otliee at the Po 5 tlice, and at S.
T. Hlau.er & Co.' "Back. on WVallaee trreet. 14
.i 5ontaiat Billiard .;aloou .
D.At4 LEISERi and George Williamns. Proprietors.
i) ; Ililliard Table- furnished with all the moat approved
) apparatns required for the enjoyment of the game. Pure
liquors a-nd choice cigars alweays on hand. Open from 7
oA. L., t, i. -.---,,
Ko i-li ald steel T luriiinig.
r I ACHIINI-FRY I:rpaired. Billiard Balls turned, &e.
L Even-ry ,ve.,ription of Gun work perior:not l in gool
srtle. As:s~nition of all kinds kept constantly on hand.
I Pun ,tsr Lead. Caps. Navy and Drag-oInI Bslls Shut, and
Carrnd oes. . aL'e.\ NDER KEMP.
6 Gun Shbp, VWallace t.. "Virginia City.
Sccieuktal n;iia n litLau.
Street. Viir'inia City. The finest tables in town. The
ba; supplied with the best of Liquors and Ctgars.
LADDI.ER & II.\NESS MAKER. Constantly on
band :andnax.ult'acturil ifrom Wte best material, all
styles of Saddles. Bridles. Single and Doubie Harness. ,r
anyttling ca-e made in a first cla;' saddler shop. 1-26"
Joe,-.ph .MZariho n,
AY SCALTES STORE, Wallace Street. Virginia City.
Comun.asiot Merchaut. Cash ndavanced on consign
`ment-s. A general assortment of )Iiners' Outfittiug G-.old.
Proviions. Vegetables, etc., etc. 15
D)r. A. L. J. -,tice.
FFICE ON WALLACE STREET, next door to thu
S City Drt:g Store e
James N. WiHiam .
FASIIIONABLE Hair Dressing and Shaving Saloon,
Brid re Street. Helena. Montana Territory. 6-1b.
Virginia Brewery.
X E HAVE coi 'raatly on hand a large supply of
{I All orders in our line of business will be promptly
att-ended to. i
tThree doers above the Post OiTce.)
B.g to thank the inhabitants of Virginia City, for their
paut.u',.e and to infirm them that they are now ready to
Suply and iili al' call, in the foliowi:owig Inc:
Plauulactiuring and repairing all kinds of flrniture, turu
ing, contracting for hbatidi.dng, counters, shelving,
Building and Repairing
Saw and Grist Mills, Setting En
gines and Boilers, Quartz
MTills, TWheat Fans.
'n For reference in the marhinerv departmnent. call on No
td blo & Co., Indian rctreekl;. Spencer. !Harrison a Co., Gran
ite Gulch. House & Co., South Meadow Creek..n.m
he Austust 26th. 1.65. _
Hiý,igas, Trauds -
Wallace Street, Virginia City, and
Helena mI.. T.
- LEGANT vehicles, .and well trined horses for the
Saddle, Buggy or Carriage. constantly on hand.
A First Class Turn-out Guaranteed.
Denver .Meat .i7arket,
Nevada City, - Mi. T.
AKES pleasure to announe 0 ttheublic, that hekeeps
W the beset stoked Meat Market in Nevada City, where
I there will always be found the best cuts of
He also, eoes entautly Game, Fish and Fowlof
I .su.. Tty him
For a C3ood .A.rtiole Of
.I .i. IL L Le e
Wa c ues aise, Virglinio ilty,
se The qualy sod L lin of er1y artlPele gmatcd A
ebdea lot of Cipau.for is.
JTUST RECEIVED .is the Minouri River mad Fort s;
J Benton, a largo Stock of
Staple and Fancy c
o Saddlery Hardware,
--AND -
Shoe Findings. 1
Which we offer for sale at
And to which we respectfully call the attention of the
Citizens of Montana.
.,Storage .~a .Conlmssion.
Having built a Commodious Stone Warehouse, we are
prepared to receive 3Merchandise and Produce, for sale on
Comsmission or on Storage. and respectfully solicit Con
Store and Warehouse corner of Jack
son and Idahbo Streets, Virginia
cly ity, I. T.
-48- *
J. OLIVER, Proprietor.
) READ, Pies and Crackers of the best quality, and in
great variety, for sale by
-'A: . - XE--*i and
of all kinds.
A commodious Saloon for the accommodation of gnests,
and good music provided for their entertainment. 48-50*
Three Doors below Kiskadden's Stone Block, I
Virginia Clty, .K. T. 3-3m* a
Wallace Street, Virginia City, and
Helena, M. T.
STORAGE FOR GOODS. Liabelm dvances made on
SCoTgne~tt. Stock and ¶ouod of ail kinds disposed
of daily by
iv S
Private Sale.
S AIc A ohIgt - to 0Ai Sale of Qooda
to~rBJL 4I0R~ Cor~~~ur ~ 1r
Ft1amnit at Le pert to the MmUnlcipal*
Ceouncil t Virginia City, N. T.
To the Mayor ad Com sdlc of tr Cty of Vr ia:
Gaz~mxttmt: In compliance with 7our request
and with that of the majority of our citizens, I beg
leave to submit to your consideration the following
report concerning the expenditures of our city, be
lieving, with you, the period of a settlenmet e nd s
statement of the City Treasurer to be the happiest
occasion for a report of the general condition of our
From the 1st day of March of the present year,
to the 20th day of October, at which time the pree
ent report is estimated, the Warrants issued by the
Cit Government were for the following purposes,
and of the subjoined aggregate amounts:
Marshal and Police .......................- ...- $4,679 02
Rent of City Iall....... .............. 33600
Expenses of "Fourth of July" Celebration... 48 20
McMath and Lovell, for servid..- ........... 400
Charitable purposes. .....------------ ......
Fire Companies, (Baildipg and reparina, wag- 9
ons, etc.)..... .. ..... ---.....--- 316 25
Street De tment ............................
City Hall and Calaboose, furniture, stationery,
fuel, lights. etc.......................... 6 13
Clerks and Judges of Flectioq......... . .- ý20000
Printing .... . ............. 85 00
"efunded for over pay of iceses ............. 0
Treasurer (salary) ............................. 251 04
Attorney -------------- 575 74
Clerk n . ............................ 575 41
Street Commissioner (salary) - - - 6...... ....629 41
Fire W arden ...................
Engiueer. (survey of city. etc..)................ 800
Police Magistra.te............. - ............... 196 75
Total amount of Warrants issued... - -.- . $10,535 95
Amount of Warrants redeemed by Treasurer.. 9.359 02
Amout of outstanding debt .... - ...- $1177 93
This last amount. $1,177 93, is liable to be
increased by $65 00, which is the amount of accounts
allowed by your honorable body, and the warrants in
for which have not yet been demanded. The above th
estimate also includes the pay of our Police force,
up to the 15th of this month, and all or the city offi
cers to the l1t of the month, with the eiception of
the City Clerk, whose salary has not been drawn since B.
the 2d day of July; but which is retained to balance
a deficit in the accounts of a former deputy, amount
ing to $321 40. The salary now due the clerk will he
over-pay this amount, leaving a small sum of his hi
salary still unpaid. A few other small amounts, di
amounting to not over $100 00, completes the amount
of the indebtedness of the city. o
Of the amount of unpaid Warrants, ($1,177 93)
the larger portion is now in my hands, having been0
received by me in payment of licenses during the b
present week ; as also a considerable amount of U. S.
currency. Taking this into consideration, together c
with the balance now remaining in the hands of the
Treasurer in favor of the city, as shown byhis state- I
ment, ws may fairly say that the city is now entirely
free from debt.
The office of Street Commission-r being abolished,
$2,00o per annum is thud saved ; $1,000 ,- also saveil
Lby your reduction of the salary of the City Clerk.
The Police Department. alo clotribut'., by your
wise and economical legislation, the sum of $475 00U
per month, or $4,500 00 per annum, to this fund-
making the actual saving of $7.500 00 per annum I
to the citizens of this city.
With this amount saved, two courses present them
selves: A reduction of taxes, or an expenditure for
the comfort, improvement and beauty of our city,
either of which would contribute much to the satih
faction of the citizens.
If the present rate of taxation is continued, with
the present economical government and the fast
increasing busine:s of the city, in thi- course of an
other year, a considerable fund will have accumula
ted, which can be used towards making Virginia!
City the neatest. most beautiful and most elegant, i
as it is now the best regulated city, in Montana, and
e the metropolis of our young Tanitory.
The happy result of your constant labors of the
past month will, I hope, render the government of
the city acceptable and useful to all classes of citi
zens, and gain for you, as you well deserve, their
approbation for your earnest endeavors lately made
in behalf of their individual and general welfare.
Respectfully submitted,
* i City Attorney.
[From the ButTals Express.I tio0
Northern Pacific Railroad. reci
The New York Tribune, in a recent arti- day
cle on the visit of English capitalists to this tIe
country. remark"d : " any
, Our Pacific Railroads '~ir peculiarly inviting to o
moneyed men. It is th? purpose of tl.o Briti-l cot
Government to open a path to the Pacific Ocean. em
They must see that their Atlantic & Great Western, tra
rich as it is now, will become far more valuable sai
when hi freight trains are burdened with teas of co
China and the spices of the occidental nations.
England has long desired a road to the Pacific, and tal
her engineers have, time and again, endeavored to an
'find a way through British America. The favorite pu
scheme has been to continue the Grand Trunk Rail- th
wny to Lake Superior, and thence by way of rivers de
and lakes and branch roads to Puget $ound. The ti,
difficulty with this plan lies in the climate. For six ti
months in the year, the route would not be useful. or
ACdorlingly, British enterprise will probably becom- c<
polled reluctantly to abanmion the project of a British at
railroad. If Sir Morton Peto and his friends have
much money to spend, let them go to work and do n
for British America, anD indeed for the British ti
Empire, what its own engineers have failed to do." tl
The Tribune then points out to the atten- d
tion of these gentlemen the line proposed
from Lake Superior to the Pacific, not
through British territory, but skirting the
British line, through Minnesota, Montana, 4
Idaho and Washington Territories. We
desire to add something to the Tribune's
suggestions, with a view to directing general
attention to this Northern Pacific Railroad
t" route. Its superior advantages over the
Central route are made strikingly apparent
. by a few facts and calculations.
Making Chicago, at the head of Lake
Michigan, and Du Luth, at the Western
extremity of Lake Superior, the starting,
points at the east of the respective rail
roads, each place being about the same num
ber of days' sail from Buffalo, the following
FS results are arrived at. They prove the north
ern route, beyond dispute, to be the one
over which the teas, silks, gums and spices
of the East will find their way to the Atlantic
States and Western Europe: ... ..:
SDu Luth, at the mouth of the.St. Louis
river, which empties into the Fond du Lac
of Lake Superior, is nearly in latitude 47
and in longitude 15 deg. 30 min. west from N
Washington. A degree of longitude in that d
latitude is 47 10-100ths statute miles long. (1
Chicago, at the head of Lake Michigan, is q
in latitude 42 deg. and longitude 10t) deg. q
and 40 min. west of Washington. A degree o
of longitude in that latitude is 51 32-100ths
statute miles long. The western termina
tions of both the railroads, at San Francisco t
and on Paget's Sound, are in longitude 45 5
deg. 30 min. west.
Thin makes the distance, in a direct line,
From Chicago to San Francico, miiles.......1,783 1
Nrom Fond Du Lae to Paget's Sound, m.mies...1,413
Derehce in favor ot the Northern route.... 370I
A ship sailing from PuFget's sonad, in lat
itude de. west, moves owl degrees of lon
4tole 48 2-100lths miles long, while one
saiing from San Franoisco, in latitude 38
de ., moves on those ao 54 $2-100ths miles
in enth. The number of degrees of lon
I' hde frpm either of those poiat on our
eloficatd t giv en nAlnt in Japsn say
, altt's e
I thn amore 1Southuu one. Blodgett's grea
work on Climatology settles this question.
This line of Winter temperature laid down
by him, which passes near Food du Lac,
pursues a northwesterly course, till it ap- E
proaches the mountain ranges ; there it sud
denly turns to the south and passes into ii
New Mexico, where it crosses the mountains f
and passes up on their western flanks, thus
giving to the mountain regions between the
Saskatchawan country and New Mexico,
through which both the Northern and Central 1
Railroads must pass, a uniform winter cli
mate of equal severity.
When this Northern Pacific Railroad shall
have been constructed, what wonderful
changes will be wrought in the course of
Commerce? For example:
From Yeddo to Puget's Sound, distance
4,500 miles, which can bemadeby a load
ed steamer in.................... 121 days.
From Puget's Sound to Fond du Lac, by
railroad, at 15 miles per hour.......... 4
3 Fond du Lac to Buffalo, by steamer....... 4
o Buffalo to New York, by railroad......... "
0 From Yeddo to New York........... 2lidays.
5 A few days will, of course, have to be
4 added for handling.
1 This city, New York and Boston are vastly
more interested in the Northern Pacific rail
s road than in any more southern one. As
)5 an investment, it promises better results.
2 Passing, as it will, through Montana and
- Idaho, it would at once find a local business.
Really, is it not strange that its merits have
been overlooked so long, and that public
ts interest should be confined exclusively to
ve the middle route ?
Quartz Mining Law.
B. it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the t
Territory of Montana : o
SECTION 1. That any person or persons that may
hereafter discover any quartz lead, lode, or ledge.
shall be entitled to onie claim thereon by right of
discovery, and one claim each by pre-emption. 3
SECTION. 2. That in order to entitle any person ti
or persons to record in the County Recorder's office d
of the proper county any lead, lode or ledge, either h
of gold or silver, or claims thereon, there shall first t
be discovered on said lead, lode or ledge, a vein or f
crevice of quartz ore with at least one well defined r
wall. e
SEC:TION 3. Claims on any lead, lode, or ledge, I
either of gold or silver, hereafter discovered, shall
consist of not more than two hundred feet along
the lode, 1' ld or ledge, together with all dips, spurs
and angi , emanating or diverging from said lead,
lode or ledge, as also fifty feet on each side of the
center of said lead, lode or ledge, for working pur
po es; 'RVUDuED, that when two or more leads,
lodes, or ledges, shall be.discovered within one hun
dred feet of each other, either running parallel or
crossing each other, the ground between such leads,
lodes or ledges shall belong equally to the claimants
of said leads, lodes, or ledges, without regard to the
priority of discovery or pre-emption.
SECTION 4. When any leads, lodes, or ledges,
shall cro s each other, the quartz ore or mineral in
the crevice or vein at the place of crossing, shall be
I long to, and be.the property of, the claimant upon
the lead, lode, or ledge, first discovered. . e
SE-c;IO.N That before any record shall be made i
under the provisionf of this Act, there sball be
pIhced at each extremity of the discovery claim, a
good and substantial stake, not less than five inches j
in diameter, said stake to be firmly planted or sunk a p
into the ground, extending two feet above ground; api
that upon each stake there shall be placed, in legible Ire
characters, the name of the lead, lode or ledge, and wit
that of the discoveror or discoverors, the date of pla
discovery, and the name of each pre-emptor or claim- un
ant, and the directions or bearings, as near as may tio
be, of his or her claims. Said stakes and the in- the
scriptions thereon, to be replaced at least once in ciz
twelve months, by the claimants on said lode, lead, ece
or ledge, if torn down or otherwise destroyed.
SECTION 6. Notice of the discovery or pre-emp
tion, upon any lead, lode, or ledge, shall be filed for
record in the County Recorder's office of the county GE
in which the same may be situated, within fifteen Tl
- days of the date of the discovery or pre-emption, and de
s there shall, at the same time, be an oath taken before
S ecorder, that the claimant or claimants are each
and all of them bona fide residents of the Territory te
o of Monana., and there shall be dep, sited in the Re- P1
i corder's office, either by the discove"ror or some pre- t
emptor, a -pecim n of" the quartz ore or mineral ex- I
i, tracted or taken from said lead, lode or ledge, which '
le said specimen ishall be plr.peily labeled by toe Kie- I
,f corder and p. eserved in his olice.
S ECTi0N 7. That any person or persons who shall 0
Stake up or destroy, or cu the e to be done,
o any of the said stlkes, or who -hall, in any wi-e, a
te puposely deface or obliterate any part or portion of
Il- the writing or inscriptions placed thereon, shall be
rs deemed guilty of a mi-demean'r. and, upon couvic
he tion thereof, before any court of competent juridic
ix tion, shall be punished by a fine of not more than
1l. one thousand dollae, or by imprisonment in the
1a- county jail not more than ninety days, or by both
ish such tine and imprisonment.
ve SsECTIO' 8. That the amount of ground which I
do . may be taken upon any lead, lode, or ledge, in adii
ish tioll to the discovery claim, shall be limited one
." thousand feet along said lead, lode or ledge, in eacn
,,- direction from the discovery claim thereon.
ei ! cSro-I 9. Claims taken up and recorded in pur
suance with the provisions of this Act, shall entitle
sot the person recording, to hold the same to the use of
he himself, his heirs and assigns, ard conveyances of
n, quartz claims shall hereafter require the same form
Ye alities. and shall be subject to'the same rules of cop
s truction, as the tr.ansfer and conveyance of real
3 estate. - ,,,, . : . .. .. nrvins to the
passage of this Act, claims have been taken up and
recorded in the Recorder's office, in the proper
county, upon any actual or proper lead, lode or1
ledge of quartz ore or rineral, the owners or proper
claimant of said respective claims, shall hold the
same to the use of themselves, their heirs and a
SgCTroN 11. That the Act relating to the discov
Sery of gold and silver quartz lode*, and the manner
Sot their location, passed by the Idaho Legislature,
and approved, February 4th, 18t64, and all other Acts
or parts of Acts, inconsistent with this Act, be and
the same are hereby repealed.
SECTION 12. 'This Act to take effect and be in
force from and after its passage.
Speaker of the House of Representatves.
R. LIAWIRENCE, President of the Council.
THE steamer New York, which arrived in
SNew York on the 23d of September, in six
t davse eleven hours and twenty minutes,
(from Liverpool, we suppose), made the
squickest passage on record, the Baltic's
.quick trip being in six days and twenty
ý one hours.
Tnz Springfield (ass.) Ryepublican say
the drought there is becomini almost fearful,
and still the prayers for rain are not an
swered. Hundreds of mills of all sorts, in
all parts of New England, are entirely idle
for want of water, and others are only run
ning a part of the time.
SA experiment in tea plants, which has
lasted five years has been made in Georgia,
and with complete success. The cultivator
says his tea plants grow as well as in China,
bear a crop at three years old, and last for
twenty years. His farm i+ near Savannah.
J Irnt since the late earthquake, the Sea'
r Franeisco papers have been laboring to coa
r ino their readers that shocks of that slue
a £s the most inooeat thinp is the worl4,
r tahesr pieais tiha otherwise.
4a uTas frog Oregon s that aont
roimmense riin of jkr
,t fronm its biýti1u
New York, Oct. i1.
The correspondent of the London Timem mys the
Fenian agitation is still rife in Liverpool, and b
spite of the special vigilance policy, drlls and mee
ings for discssie are coaducted with compamatiw
freedom. During the present week, numerous meat
Ings have been held, attended not only by mn of the
lower ranks, but by persons of considerable meas.
At these meeting, resolations were adopted in p
port of thq Feian object and organization, b
money and physical aid, ifda ecr y. The questi
of the purchase of vessels and the formation of as
armament for pnvateeting purpose was discumed.
The idm of wr'yi-l; o, *rimn commerce at aen ap
peared to be keenly relished. A resolution to cmyr
out an object of thi kind was pet andcarried with
enthusiasm, and much violent language was r ed.
As a proof, however, that the resolution was not
mere froth, a call was made for subscriptions, and in
a few minutee, nearly £200 were laid down. With
the exception of the vaporing style of talk, which
u might be expected on such an occason, the proceed
ings wereorderly. Minutes of theprevior meetiang
were read and memoranda of the above resoludons
were made. . . ..,1 ,
It is feared, with regar to ta -oyaz ±ama
Reserve, that the Fenian disaffection has spread
among its members considerably. A strong feeling
was entertained in the town, in favor of a vigorous
and prompt canva's of both the volunteer and naval
reserve forces, in order to discover the recreants.
New York, Oct. 18.
The United States Consul in the City of Maioo
has been refused admittance to the Imperial palace,
being informed that such a person was nmnowa
Detrcit, Mich., Oct. 19.
The Michigan Central Railroad freight depot, cor
taining a large amount of freight, was destroyed by
fire last night. The loss is estimated at $1,000,000,
partially insured.
Washington, Oct. 20.
The Missouri delegate, sent from the Fenian con
gress to Washington, with reference to the uncondi
tionalrelease of John Mitchell, a prisoner at Fort
Monroe, reports that he has been successful. An
order for that purpose will be ineued.
New York, Oct. 20S.
A Washington dispatch to a Philadelphia paper
says the counsel of Jeff. Davis has expressed a dmire
that his client be accorded an immediate trial. The
desire comes originally from Davis, who, it is said,
has declared he lbs no fears for the issue; that
therefore the Government would do him a great
favor by arraigning him at the earliest possible mo
ment. Owing to the recent favorable change in his
every day life, mainly the work of the Preidaet, he
has everything he could ask, save liberty itself and
I the presence of his family. Nashville, ct. 20.
The notorious guerrilla, Champ Ferguson, was
hanged to-day. The execution was conducted pri
vately. New York, Oct. 18.
The Herald's Philadelphia correspondent says that
among the measures which will occupy the Fenuan
one to provide for the organization of the American
members of the brotherhood into a military body,
e ready to co-operate with the brethren across the
The bonds of the Irish Republic will be imsed
without delay.
Oen. Ortega has been arrested in this city, at the
instance of Colonel Allen, Mexican recruiting o.i
cer, who has expended $7,000 in procuring recruits,
which sum Ortega refuses to reimburse.
Philadelphia, Oct. 19.
At the Fenian Conventinn to-day, P. J. Wheelaa,
a prominent Irish American journalist, made his
appearance, having just returned from a tour through
Ireland, during which he was intuiately connected
with Irish Fenians, and informed himself of their
plans. He reports the organisation as powerful, and
under skillful leaders. The members of the conven
tion present have been increased by del'gationl from
the west. One from California was expected. Finan
cial matters are being rapidly perfected, and sub
scriptions to the loan will soon be commenced.
Philadelphia, Oct. 20.
At a session of the FeniaaCongrees on Wednesday,
Gen. Sweeney was assigned a seat on the platform.
The General was received with much enthusiasm, but
declined making a speech, as the convention meant
At the afternoon session, a resolution was adop
ted. prohibiting delegates from teking notes of the
proceedings. The members of the convention were
- ordered to destroy any which had already been writ
- ten, for fear they might be lost and give informa
Stion to, the enemy.
The report of the envoy of the brotherhood from
abroad was received with the most enthusiastic dem
I onstration, and a resolution was adopted, the mem
bers of the convention riisag to their feet with one
' accord, pledging the fullest -upport to their friends
i abroad.
Sabroad. New York, Oct. 21.
c Files of late West India papers furnish additional
c- details of a terrific hurricane which swept over some
oI of those Islands, on the 6th of last month. In
ae Guadaloupe it was particuiarly revere. Hlouses were
th lifted from the ground. torn to piecs, and blown in
fragments to a considerable d.-tance, and the air
:h filled with the flying debris. in one town the hos
pi- pital was blown down, and all the inmates killed or
ne wounded. Between two hundrel and three hundred
cn persons have been killed, and the crops of the Island
destroyed, there being scarcely a tree left standing.
ar- It is believed that many vesels have been stranded
e or sunk. Chicago, Oct. 20.
of The packi6fg house of Favorite 1 Son was de
im- stroyed by fire last night. Loss estimated at $100,000.
*- Insured. _ _ _ _ .....
Letter from laemehori District.
RA SHoRj. Gcu.&', Oct. 31st, 1865.
ED. Post: Every quartz district has some one to
sing its praises, and I do not see why Ramshobmn
District should not be represented n the Pory ; so
if you will kindly spare me a corner of your valua
ble paper, I ehall be obliged by your inserting the
following particulars of our leads :
The quarts of Ramshorn i- all gold ore; so silver
has yet been found. The fir.t lode discovered was
the Ca'ifornia, in April, 1413 ; the Monitor was
recorded one year later. This fine lode has been
worked successfully, and has paid a large dividend.
First, an arastra was employed; and then a twelve
stamp mill; which last was working till stopped by
the cold. The Relief, the Mormon Boy, the Eagle
Bird, the Washoe, the Etna, the North Star, the Star
of the West, the Henry Clay. the Christas sad the
Longisy, are some of the numerous ledg in the
District, and would average a five-foot crevie. The
crevice of the latter is eighteen feet in width at foour
i teen feet deep.
There is no place in the Territory better fttd for
working lode mines; for there is as much wood anm
water as is desirable, and the quarts from the far
e theet claim on any of the lodes named and many
' others, could be hauled to a good mill rite within
half s mile of the shaft.
Right in the center of the lode country i a mw
mill, owned by Holter Co., which can turn out
four thousmand feet of lumber per day of twety-four
1, The ulch is about sixteen miles, due north, from
1- IVirinia City, and there is a good wagon road right
in to it. Any quantity of quarts is to be found in
le Rmslsorn ktract--the country is full of it. A
mil and a half from the mill is the town of Bsgd.d.
. inBivis's Gulch ; which, though small, is a good
camp, the digi pying well since Hltbktr Co.
brought n thir ditch, is July Iset. 1a mYi wi
su as ounce to the man is beisg tikes out, i.3 messal
s large nuggets over $100-one weighing over $10.
i W an now discoveriesa take place, I wll writs
'or ____jows' ýýýlLSHOý" ,
Foxran-' train of thirty or more wasuq
were preparing to roll o u rte bfrom ig
morning te Montana. It is Iued** wish il
and ta er thse boistmes of V
and Hensa folu.- Veutii Ot 1TA.
pfusr OEN isreported to
writftes r u getlemaa IJ Pias
admh aIrirutI.a matsaI, sad be ,

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