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The Montana post. [volume] (Virginia City, Montana Territory [i.e. Mont.]) 1864-1869, November 11, 1865, Image 1

Image and text provided by Montana Historical Society; Helena, MT

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IN.r 4-II IN' .111. ...I7SA j I SI7
D. W. TILTON &t CO., R,
publishers and Proprietors. .. ....... ..............................IGHT BUT, Y, IB . .. .................................*
ºbt Wntn g$stS.
D. W. Tltoan 4& Co.
D W. TILTON, BEN. R. Drrrs,
Sthe City Book Store, orner of WaLlace Jacksu
Streets, Virginia City, Mor. Ter.
<c cpy, one year ..........................$7 50
do. six months,......................... 4 0
do. three months,......................... 2 50
Rates of Advertislng.
Business Cards, five lines or less, 3 months,...... $ 6 00
do. do. do. 6 months,...... 10 00
do. do. do. 1 year,........ 1500
One sqgare, ten lines or less, 1 insertion,.......... 4 00
do. do. do. 2 do . ......... 600
do. do. do. 1 month,............ 10 00
do. do. do. 2 do. ............ 13 00
do. do. do. 3 do. ............ 15 00
do. do. do. 6 do. ............ 25 00
do. do. do 1 year,............ 35 00
sqres, insertion,......................... 6 00
do. 2 do ........................ 800
do. 1 month,.......................... 12 00
do. 2 do.......................... 18 00
do. 3 do. . 4 00
do. t do. ......................... 40 00
do. 1 year ........................ 65 00
One.eighth column, 1 insertion,.................. 8 00
do. do. 2 do . ................. 1200
do. do. I month,................... 19 00
do. do. 2 do. ................... 25 00
do. do. 3 do. ................... 30 00
d, do. 6 do. ................... 5000
do. do. 1 year,..................... 70 00
0ne.cixth column, 1 insertion,.................... 10 00
do. do. 2 do .................... 15 00
do. do. 1 month,...................... 20 00
do. do. 2 do..................... 30 00
do. do. 3 do .................... 36 00
do. do. 6 do................................ 5500
do. do. 1 year.................. . 80 00
One.fourth column, 1 insertion,................. 12 00
do. do. 2 do . ................. 18 00
do. do. 1 month,..................... 24 00
do. do. 2 do. .................... 36 00
do. do. 3 do. .................... 45 00
do. do. 6 do. .................... 65 00
do. do. 1 year..... ............ .... 90 00
On-.half column, 1 insertion,.... ... ...... 20 00
do. do. 2 do. ................... 25 00
do. do. 1 meath,......... .......... 35 00
do. do. do. ..................... 450
do. do. 3 do. ..................... 55 00
do. do. 6 do. ..................... 80 00
do. do. 1 year ...................... 115 00
)ne column, 1 insertion........................ 30 00
do. 2 do. ........................ 40 00
do. 1 month........................... 5500
do. 2 do........................... 75 00
do. 3 do. 9000
do. 6 do. .......................... 140 00
do. 1 year,.......................... 200 00
LorAL NOTICEs.-One dollar per line for three lines or
tess : 75 cents per line for ten lines or less; 50 cents per
line for eleven lines or more.
Territorial Officers.
tGovernor--SDNEY EDGERTON, Bannack City.
.hief J,.stice--I. L. HOSMER.
Associate Justice--L. B. WILLISTON.
-L. E. MUNsoN.
A. A. Attorney-Ges~rrl-O. F. STRICKLAND, Virginia.
U. S. Marshal--GEO. M. PINNEY.
Assis't U. S. Marshal-J. X. BEIDLEL
Surveyor General-M. BOYD.
Auditor-JOHN S. LorT.
Treas*rer-JOHN J. HULL.
Superintendent of Public Instruction-T. J. DIMSDALE.
Assessor-T. C. EVERTS.
Collector Internal Rerenue-N. P. LANGFORD.
Clerk of the UL S. District Court-E. H. FRIsHMUTH.
Clerk of 2d Judicial District-C. E. IRVINE, Silver Bow.
Clerk of 3d -T. C. JONES, Helena
Madison ..... Geo. W. Hill Edgerton.....R. C. Ewing
Beaver Head Benj.Peabody Gallatin..... Thos. Cover
Deer Lodge... .Jas. Brown Jefferson......Frank Wells
Municipal Officers of Virginia City.
Mayor-P. S. PFOUTS. Acting, J. M. CASTNER.
Police Magistrate-T. W. Talliaferro.
Marshal-William Deascey.
Clerk-Chas. J. D. Curtis.
Attorney-Wm. H. Chiles.
Treasurer-John S. Rockfellow.
Assessor-Thomas Pearson.
Assistant City Marshal-Jerry Lewis.
County Officers of MIladisim County.
County Commissionrs--John Potter, Chairman ; J. E.
VcClurg, Fred. K. Root.
Probate Judge-O. F. Strickland.
Sheriff--Neil Howie.
Deputy Sheriffs-H. L. Crawford. James Williams, J. B.
Treasurer-Henry G. Caryle.
Recorder-F. G. Heldt.
County Assessor-J. Armitage.
TV. F. Sanders,
ATTORNEY AT LAW and Solicitor in Chancery,
Virginia City, Montana Territory. 3-ly
Word & Spratt,
A TTORNEYS AT LAW, Virginia City, Montana
Territory. Will practice in all the Courts of
said Territory. Special attention given to the Col
lection of Claims. 4
John R. Gilbert,
AVENUE, for the First Division of the Collection Dis
trict of Montana, embracing Madison (ounty. Office, first
door east of City Drug Store.
Virgiuia City. April 27, 1865. 36-88*
"L. W. Frary,
fice up stairs, in Pfouts & Russell's Stone Build
ing. All dental operations performed in the best
possible manner. Single teeth and complete setts
inserted in the highest style of art. Ladies and
gentlemen will find every arrangement for their con
venience. 8\
John S. Lewis, N. B. Hale, D. M. Gillett.
Lewis, Hale & Co.,
J of Jewelry made to order from the Native Gold, and
warranted. Particular attention paid to repairing Fine
Watche. Also Engraving done to order. Sign of the
Oold Watch Jackson Sires Virginia City, . T.i
February 25, 1865- 1-13
Assay Ofliee.
ALLACE STREET, one door below Nolan & Co.'s
. Bank. Gold and Silver, and Oresor aeverderip
tion Assayed. I guarantee mwy assays, and will tay any
difference which may srise between them and the U: S.
Mint. 5 D. GILBERT.
Assay Offce.
THE UNDERSIGNED are now prepared to assay oar
rectly smallr lare quantities the ore of Xoatana.
Silver id, Cop~p~, Lead, Antimony, or Bismuth. Om20
No. 2, of Content's Block, corner of allacO and Jackson
Strets, Virginia W. Y. LOVELL, & CO.
Justus Cooke,
GENEtoAL AUCTONE Pra iular etsano
of Stocks of Goods in Stose. Ome at the Ephaat 1
ral. Virginia City, M. T.
J. A. Gray,
(1 gitin City, M. T., Srst doot below Content's
corner. Liberal advancs made on Consignments
Stock and Goods of all kinds disposed of b Pbic
or Private iSle
Jeaersee Hoeue,
.u .ue Wt.b esd vJaw bw U #0, J IW'iSte .09
webe ý M sinu r ke l w te b r
meals to madenIst jýsi sWls t wab vI e Lr
ill be paiitb rest tl s/. Bes lsms bWes.
• 0L teIfAsu, vau 1, '
Helena City - - - - - --M. T.
AND AMERICA.-Every description of Ores, Metals,
Earths, Waters and Chemicals, assayed with perfect
About one ounce of ore for assay may be sent by mail
or Express, and certificates of assay will be returned as
soon e possible. Label each specimen with the same or
Assay of single specimen of ore - - - - - - $1000
"three difterent specimens of e - - 90 00
Enclose each specimen and money in an envelope, and
direct to CHARLES RUMLEY, Assayer,
63-3m Helena, M. T.
Idaho Hotel.
Wallace Street, Virginia City, M. T.,
5 L, : qspASTr , Pnisyue ."
THIS Popular Hotel, which fbrmn sart of Castner's
- Building has been ealarged adn td la a style to
meet the demands of the Public. Its larder is well sup
plied, and its tables fubnished with the best the market
The Idaho BHiiard Hall.
carried on by HULL & CASTNER, contains four First Clau
Billiard Tables, where the lovers of the game can always
be accommodated. The old friends of J. J. Hull and J. M.
Castner, can always find them at the Idaho.
Those having Territorial funds to deposit, should call at
the Idaho, where the office of the Treasurer is situated. 12*
Coin, Gold Dust, Treasury Notes, and
Foreign and Domestic Exchange.
Des Moines, Iowa. Virginia City, M. T.
Metropolitan Market,
Wallace St., Virginia City, Montana Ter'y.
THIS MARKET has been fitted up regardless of
expense, and will be supplied with Meats of all kinds,
Poultry. Fish, Game, Sausages, Head Cheese, Puddings
of all descriptions, etc. Every article sold will be of the
the best quality obtainable in the country, and all orders
of their customers will be promptly and punctually at
tended to. 6-3m
Billy Mather's
FOUR new Phelan Tables, with all the latest improve
ments. The Bar constantly kept supplied with the
very best imported Liquors and Cigars. 6-87
Hosmer and Hauser,
1LAIM AGENTS, have established an agency for the
C purchase and sale of Gold and Silver Quartz Claims in
different parts of the Territory. One of the partners will
attend in person, to the introduction and sale of Lodes in
New York, Philadelphia and other Easters cities, and the
other to obtaining the same in this city. Arrangements
will be made early in the Spring, for expressing goods to
the New York Otfioe, and for proeuring reliable assays at
the office in this city. Office at the Post Office, and at S.
T. Hauser & Co.'s Bank, on Wallace Street. 14*
Occidental Billiard Hall.
Montana Billiard Saloon.
ADAM KLESER and George Williams, Proprietors.
Billiard Tables furnished with all the most approved
apoaratus required for the enjoyment of the game. Pure
liquors and choice cigars always on hand. Open from 7
A. M., to 12 I'P. M.,
George Secord,
hand and manufacturing from the best material, all
styles of Saddles, Bridles. Single and Double Harness, or
anything else made in a first class saddler shop. 1-26*
James N. Williams,
FASHIONABLE Hair Dressing and Shaving Saloon,
Bridge Street, Helena, Montana Territory. 6-16*
Dr. A. L. Justice.
OFFICE ON WALLACE STREET, next door to the
City Drug Store 8
Ira B. Maupin, M. D.
OFFICE Eagle Drug Store, Helena, M. T. 4-16
E. M. Davis M. D.
OFFICE, Main Street, Helena, Montana Territory,
Snearly opposite the City Drug Store. 7-f
F. V. P. Moore,
pHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Wallace street, one
Idoor east of Clayton & Hale's Drug Store. 4-16"
Virginia Brewery.
E HAVE constatly on hand a large supply of
B All orders In our line of business will be promptly
t attended to.
(Three doors above the Post Omoe)
Beg to thank the Inhabitants of Virginia City, for their
patronag, and to inform them that they are now ready to
u plpy and fill all calls in the following line:
iaunelat ig and re~Iiring all kinds of furniture, Wrn*
Ing, sotetiag 1u bulding, oemrs, s helviag.
Bllding and Repairing
Saw and Grist l1lls, IeutIht l't
glues ma 3I.lere, Quartw
Mills, W) eat Pans.
" For refereace in the machinery e t on
'ble & Co,, Indian CreLek Spencer, Harrson iCc, urn
i.e Ouloh, House & Co., Sooth eadow Creek..
August 96th, 1865.
Igniss, Tr. s rb .,
Wallace street, Vlruiala City, anm
H letema M. T.
vST A. EL ED .
TRR S VIBGa O 8 ]Iu co b iAi aI4ON
NNW:5gt ii i &(!5r;d
TUST REOBEIVD ·ie the Moead River =d Prat
J Benton, larel 8tock of
Staple and Fadscs
Saddlery Hardware,
Shoe Findings.
Which we offer for sale at
And to which we re.pea.l 1 saoe mreo
Citizens of Montana.
Storage " Commission.
Having built a Commodious Stone Warehouse, we are
prepared to receive Merchandise and Produce, for sale on
Commission or on Storage, and respectfully solicit Con
Store and Warehouse corner of Jack
son and Idaho Streets, Virginia
City, I1. T.
J. OLIVER, Proprietor.
DREAD, Pies and Crackers of the best quality, and is
B great variety, for sale by
Uw r=1iWsm and
of all kinds.
A commodious Saloon for the acommodation of guts,
an gd mausicproided for their einertatamet.
H. J. UIUJDL G F. V. . .
Three Doors below ede*sW Stons Block,
Virglia OCty, 31. T. S-m*
Wallace Street, Virginia City, and
Helena, I. T.
STORAGE FOR GOODS. Libertl rdmoe~ made o
Coi ments. Stoek &a Goods of an kinds dirposed
of daily by
Private Sale.
S&ri~c 4ionWi t?3 oS of % Of0-0
&"aE5 O&D Yr GOOD&
J waems. . * &ms aboer
)»~rfUM. Swir;
Over the Rooyr raetalas' bhig,
Like omess ti ti fded might.
Thel as teNib emweard.en
And eawr oa, the strem shea pear.
And aseeh the fr Pulse's shoae,
And All theplai.e of Oregn.--~rs Ess h
Like gardes Air that "shore" i tiled;
The retless throng those "plaains" have led;
The "living sa" now sahekrd b.ats I
' Over the Reeky Moentale' height"
The lightaings bring New York I. sight,
And bness throbs along their feet
TIM [email protected] PAGIOIe I.AI
Lat week we pubis.ehedas acticl.from ts Baalo
.prem, 49tting forth the dvtagd to he seard
by the ea ry bcomslstoli odf the Northeran ?aclc
Railroed In that article many comahading facts
were pointd out; but some, of no small moment,
were omitted; wherefore we refer to the subject
again. Of the supeririity of this route, from shbort
nees of distance and cheapness of construction, over
the Central route, there can be no question. Gov
ernment surveys have amply demonstrated this. The
reports of McClellan, Domelson and Mhllan-each
being at the head of a separate expedition-concur
in pronouncing this Northern route the most feasi
ble ever explored.
Although the local business by either route would
be immense, the enormous expenditure necessary to
this gigantic enterprise demands that it shall first be
considered with reference to the Asiatic trade. Thus
considered, it presents itself as an enterprise inwhich
all commercial nations have an interest in common
the great highway between the Orient and the Occi
dent, over which most pass the traffcing wealth of
both hemispheres. The commercial revolution which
took place in the Elizabethan age-when all Europe
was dazssled by the prospective wealth of the New
World, and when the tardy, perilous route to the
Indies by Southern Europe was superseded by voy
ages around Cape Horn-could not have been as
marked as that whichwill follow the consummation
of this great work. The thousands of ships which
are now passing ardund Capes Horn and Good Hope,
will have made their last voyage through those
waters; but, under the more rapid and less costly
facilities of transportation afforded by this railway,
commerce would be so stimulated that necessity
would call for an increase, rather than decrease, of
their number. Then would the Pacific between Puget
Sound and the Japanese Islands and Hong Kong, and
the Atlantic between New York and Liverpool
and Havre de Grace, be thronged with mer
chantmen to such an extent that one would
r scarcely ever be out of sight of another. Chi
nese and Japanese selfishness could no longer even
partially withstand the pressure of progressive civi
lisation; their walls of exclusiveneess would be
totally razed, and their hoarded wealth of centuries,
their teas, their spices, the products of their handi
work-all which they now know or possess as pecu
liarly their own-would be brought forth, with2pt
,an w, ni manrkind at large.
The mare local trade along the line of the road
would be the verert trifle in comparison with this
prime object-that of developing and rendering easily
available to the civilized world, the mighty resources
of the Asiatic nations. Expedition, in this era of
high interest rates, is a leading gonsideration in
commercial transactions ; and, the shorter the dis
tance, of course, the less the cost and the time con
sumed in making the trip. It follows, then, that
this road should be constructed with a view, partic
ularly, to making the most advantageous ocean con
nections. By the shortest and quickest route, the
two-fold advantage is gained of lessened cost in
freight and increased time for the active use of cap
ital. Let us now compare the Northern and the
Central route as to distance. New York City is on
the 41st parallel; San Francisco is on the 38th
three degrees south of New York. The terminus of
the Northern route on Puget Sound, is on the 48th
parallel of latitude-l0 deg. north of San Francisco
but is on the same longitude, the number of degrees
of longitude between the two points and New York
being the same. But degrees of longitude decrease
as latitude increases, and, though San Francisco and
Puget Sound are on the same longitude, the latter is
over three hundred miles nearer New York than the
former. The reader can extend the calculation, on
this basis, at his leisure, between Liverpool and
Yeddo, in Japan, (which two points are really the
termini of this world's highway); he will find that
the distance saved by the Northern route amounts to
* more than a thousand miles.
more ;nan a uuvu-uu Y
But supposing this difference in distance did not
exist, other considerations being the same; still cir
Cumstances would declare in favor of the Northern
a against the Central route. The Northern route is
oa the line of the Great lakes, which offer a water
carriage of several hundred miles, that could not be
taken advantage of on the Central route. Again,
as we have been told by experienced Pacific naviga
tors, ships leaving San Francisco Bay for Hong Kong
or Yeddo, find it to their advantage, by the uneal
course of the winds on that voyage, to come up to
the.latitade of Paget Sonad, and then bear north
rather than south of that line, the greater part of
their way.
So far as the natural advantages of tbe respecive
routee are concerned, we think the balance of fact is
on our side. An examination of the latest meteor
ological charts will satisfy the investigator that the
climatical objection to the Northern route is ill
founded; or at least, that it has no more weight
against it than the Central route. The mountain
ranges of New Mexico-far south of the Central
route-are set down in the same winter temperature
as the ranges of Montana and Idaho; and the isoth
ral lines involve them alike. The altitude of the
Rocky Mountains where the Northern line would
Icros, is somewhat les than that of the South Pass.
The Wahsatch, the Humboldt and the Sierra Nevada
Mountains, each, oppose greater difcultie to the
I Central route than would be encountered by all the
elevations of the Northern route. The perfect prac
tiability of the Northern route has been scientifc
ally demonstrated three several times. Its coWse is
not benet by lng arid wastes, as is that of the Cen
tral; but it passe through well watered and well
timbere regions, the adaptability of which to ari
culture, the greater part of the distance, has een
Spracti llproved. Dicoveries already made show
theie rn as tr o be uanurpassed in mineral resource,
av4evar ds~ayladevelopments add to their reputa
tion. i ti particular. Settlements now extend
neary the entr distace to Pqet Sond, and the
.p a is beig rapidly ncreesd. This Sound
' i b'ba t R tht indents any contimet; all the
44o 1iw ties world could Alot togetber over Its
uut w aitout d4"ar of acosvoi"ce
q. r« 7'w, t srnarior sdverAr of the
rortiwfn repfe-IaJ&«eelrn; pd we biop
glthos West, wo emensqilylas
0tof ie TAN
1 =^^%
BAT3R Wt @CTeM3R !e.
RNat.mal Thalearntag ama Prayer
-- e arkabloe ~~btertaeam Pa .
aes WI, sek e rewin'4, .a ,Ms Alwia sm
CUaaaHss-Tke Please 5hemmandeh
Ueard !raem --- amsaam.Amesricam
Telegraph--L estlatitles with the
Chas.ee, Eta., uae.
New York, Oct. M.
PreldentJohnson hs Iamthl a Proclamation set
ting apart the irst i '.y of Decembe for the
people, " with one heart and one mind," to give
thanks t6 the Creator of the Universe for his delit
erance and blesings, to " make coafnhion of ear
national sine aeainst Hia ininite goodns" and to
implore Hs gui4ance "in the ways of national vir
tue Usd holiness."
The Tunis Ambassador and suite had arrived at
Washington, and were to be formally introduced to
the President on the 30th nit.
A Nashville dispatch, dated the 28th, speaks
of the discovery of remarkable subterranean passages
having been discovered under that city. Mr. A.
Stewart had descended one hundred and twenty feet
from a cavern under Church street, into the chasm
below, and was drawn out nearly suffocated by foul
air. Several relics were discovered--tossils, bones,
buttons, stones resembling eggs, and also aate and
marble. The grand chamber of the cave is forty
feet high, thirty feet wide and eighty feet long.
Further explorations are being made.
Toronto, Oct. 27.
The Leader of to-day has an article advising the
government to take the arms from the vaults lest the
Fenians should get them, and to establish patrols on
the frontiers and inaugurate a passport system. A
fearful state of alarm exists here.
A raid on the Canadian banksby the Fenians, is
New York, Oct. 28.
The Senate of the Fenian Congress have re-assem
bled at the Astor House. The session was strictly
i private, and the attendance was confined to members.
It is ascertained, however, that the principal business
transacted was in relation to the sale of the bonds of
the'future Irish Republic, which will be ready for
delivery next week. Several members stated that
they had received pledges from prominent citizens
that they would subscribe for the bonds in various
amounts. The Senate intend to establish its head
quarters permanently in a large hall in this city, in
ia few days.
San Francisco, Oct. 24. ha
Advices from Honolulu report that the Saranac
sailed from that port on the 17th of September for T1
the Marquesas, it having been reported that a cargo fr
of coal, supposed to be for the pirate Shenandoah, Ch
had been landed at Fatuhira. She may continue on ti
to Sydney. h
The brig Palmetto arrived last night from Plover
Bay, on the Asiatic coast, whereshe left the Russian- as
American Telegraph Expedition. Col. Bulkley has ci
sounded across Behring a Strait, with the George S. g,
Wright, finding mud and gravel bottom all the way. pi
Everything was progressing favorably with the expe- ei
dition. All the other vessels will return next month.
The Indians on the Asiatic coast reported seeing aa
steamer burning vessels in that vicinity, about the p
let of September, and two men set ashore by the T
Shenandoah were found by the party. Nothing was
seen of the Shenandoah by the party, and it is sup
posed she-had sailed southward.
The American Minister had demanded satisfaction
for the execution of Burgevine, who was beheaded ii
by the Chinese authorities after his suender. 1L
refused, and demonstration by our fleet will be
made as soon as the war steamers, now en route, t
The announcement of the failure of Jamsett Jee J
Je Jebhoy, of the Bombay and China trade, for sev- I
enteen millions of pounds sterling, is made.
An arrival from Japan brings news of the discovery
of a plot to assaM-inate the Tycoon. The retainer 3
making known the plot diremboweled himself to
prove the sincerity of his revelations. The Tycoon a
is very much depressed since the occurrence.
The Indians of the Colorado Valley are involved
in a general war. Last month the Mohaveswhipped
the Chimahuevas badly, but were in turn whipped by
the Piutes, who came down the river after the fight,
captured the Mohave headquarters, with all the win
ter stores, on Cottonwood Island, half way between
El Dorado Canon and Fort Mohave, which they now
hold in force. Irataba was captured on the Island,
as he was directing the burning of the provisions
and the retreat of his people. The Piutes dared not
kill him, on account of the whites, but strippedhim
of his Major-General's uniform, and sent him to
Fort Mohave, where he was engaged, on the 16th
inst., in gathering his warriors for a grand campaign
against the invading Piutes.
Silver mines, from which specimens so pure that
they can be drawn like lead under the hammer, have
e been found near Colville Landing, the Mormon depot
on the Upper Colorado.
Major Morton, Provost Marshal, is ordered from
e headquarters to make every efort for the capture of
d Captain J. T. Hill, who has escaped from custody,
s while being tried by court martial for the murder of
an Indian child. Captain Hill claims that he is enti
tied to be tried by the civil courts of Nevada.
I.Rse.xi Sger To PRIsoN FRo SI.nING Soxaes.-A
Dublin letter writer says: "The ballad singers, re
manded the other day at Kingstown on a charge of
singing seditious rhymes, were brought up to-day
before Mr. McDermott. The magictrate quoted
from one of these productions the following elegant
es e know we've persecuted been,
And yet we feel the pains
Of Saxon laws and tyrants' threats
Like slaves we hug our chains.
"But the day's not far-we'll cast them off;
Once more we shall be free :
Then hurrah for the land of Stars sad Stripes,
Aid old Ireland's liberty.
"In default of bail the prisoners were committed
for seven days, but it is not clear whether they were
sent to prison for singing seditious songs, or for
creating an obstruction by collecting a crowd
which the constable estimated at three handred per
sons. "Three hundred people wasting their tim !"
exclaimed the magistrate; and he added, "a stop
must be put to this."
SnAKE Rivan To 3 NAVIGAlD.-- A sam-o `
240 feet in length is being constructed, at Old Fort in i
Boise, to navigate Snake river between Salmon Falls qul
and Old's Ferry--a distance of 1t0 miles. Columbia reg
steamboatmen are at the head of the movement, S4
their object being to give the death-blow to the ri- 1
valry of the Northern California and Owyhee route, no,
which has made them rvry uneasy for a year or Th
mn re. An attempt wea made, last spring. to naTv- 8,7
I :e the Snake from its mouth; but progree was w ,
checked by cascade about sixty miles above Lew- of
SSIL.vs Mxzan ia SourIasW UTaa.-l a leader
the Vedette gives an accoont of the dicove of lot
JI s exstueive silvr distict in Southwn Utsh, 300
Smiles south of Salt Lake, ad about 140 from Call's
Lan I ding, at the head of navigation on the Colorado.
The ore is pronounced richer, from actual ssays. L.
than that of Buse rver, RaPh valley or Washoe.
' The thriving town tf At. George, of one thooead
e inhabitants, u about ifty miles south-east of the
mines. Three wagon loads of the ore have been
taken to the Colorado, for shipmeant to San. an-d
cisco or New York. The climate is deli g`ful, nd
is the oil ip the surrounding va.Iys very fertile.
l A ra& AS journal is to be established in Portland, t
n Ta Lewiston Badiator has agiai m its aPC
- Pea . ne. C
a, TiR, c o ci of the Bacred Collg at lueh ar
ea wt gin* Lar the g
2d 1 --t-.--' d g Io m i eing D.
M ii ' . i to see iii _.i rL
meeti n srg s AA 1Jo110
Air f W,14
ar. Dososa arive at gmpo. a ena. a C h
.U., sad w .rated with a pa.t. r .easnpe.
In connmection with the Spake of th e a o .i
Congressr are mentioned the ase of Albq le
(of Ohio), G. C. Smith and Raymond.
MJuo-Gua. smaEn arrivd to Omamh, leb.,
on the 13th alt The patriot-here was ieeaid t a
mamm becoming his esed poitioa.
GOLD maine, dika ledges eis of eoas a
eta., the Weste paper report as ang
discovered of late, i ColviUe Valley, on the Tpper
Goti and sliver bearing quarts b eea discovered
in northwestern Miasot. peams mast to
Philadelphia asayelPe S6 S gold to the tes, sad
$442 of silver. 'here is some ezxitemat l 8.
Paul in consequece.
A Huarna of Both Cto Ot., Cal., t thu
he nw a wlM rat is tne sep of t s al, - a
object, whene ows e a Digger, who had ber
gathering scorns. Giving himself up for trial, he
was released, with the warning to be mo.e careful it
the future in palling trigger.
On the 27th of last menth, one James Wheea,
engaged is the Mexican Mine, near V.auiia City,
Nev., fell twelve feet from a ladder, striking upon a
car. which resulted in breaking three or four ribs,
and driving their shattered end. into his lunge. li
was despaired of.
Tan Salt Lake City Telegraph, of the 2Ith ral.,
states that Myers' train, am roate for lelena, with
machinery for the National Silver Mininng ompany,
was eighty miles north of that city, four days pre
Mn. W. H. Nuwuaxt has dispueed of the Dallas
Mountaineer ofSce to Messrs. kHalloran & Cowne.
They say in their salutatory that the pper "shall
be independent of all parties and cliques.
Tan advent of snow seems, this season, to have
been unusually early in all quarters heard from. On
the 16th of last month, a heavy mow storm sur
prised the inhabitants of different parts of Colorado.
Taa entire Eighth Infantry regiment of California
Volunteers, together with three companies of the
Sixth now in the State, are ordered to be immediately
mustered out of pervice.
Ten republican government of Mexico bas opeled
an agency in New York, and placed Ji the market
a loan of thirty million dollars, witk interest paya
ble ingold. A large sum has, it issaid, already bean
H. C. Ware, a prominent citizen of Leavenworth,
Kansas, on the 10th of last month, committed suicide
by cutting his throat with a razor. Supposed to
have been temporarily deranged.
Ax extinct volcano has been discovered in Nevada.
Thousands of acres are covered with masses of lava,
from fifty to a hundred feet high. The crater is
eighty feet deep and two hundred in width. Beau
tiful specimens of lava and crystal, from the place,
have been exhibited.
Tax Walla Walla Statesman. of the 13th ult.,
says that, although the advice of every one who
comes down from the Blackfoot country is, " don't
go there at this season of the year," still there are
parties packing up and starting out for the diggings
every day.
R.ECzmr, near Virginia City, Nevada. a small
stream of hot water was struck in the new Chollar
Potosi shaft, at a depth of about four hundred feet.
The stream was about the size of a man's finger, and
was almost scalding hot.
ALL with whom we have conversed, says the Walla
Walla Statesman, are unanimous in urging the open
ing of the road from here to Hell Gate, at the ear
liest aoment. as the nn1w "aJ d --- "
Tax United States Pacific Telegraph, the new
trans-continental double-wire line, will, it is
thought, be in working order by the Arst of next
June. From Fort Kearney to Atchison and St.
Louis there will be a divergent line; also from
Kearney to Omaha, to connect with Chicago.
Tas Telegraph says the the farmers of Utah have
been blessed, the present season, with most bonntiful
crops. Its editor enviously exclaims. " There is as
animation and flow of spirits about our visiting
farmers, enough to make us forswear the pen, and
dive into the literature of cabbages and potatoes."
Tar cod fisheries of the North Pacific have asre.y
asumed such importance as to warrant the conclu
sion that they are to be ranked among the prominent
sources of wealth hereafter. Six full cargoes
have been landed in San Francisco already, this sea
son, and the seventh is expected in a short time.
CAlEs Lvo recently passed through Salt Lake
City for Boise City, to resume his duties as Governor
of Idaho. He is undoubtedly the most scholastic
man who ever held position in that Territory. To
the literary treasures of the country he has contrik
uted some brilliant gems of poetry. Of his devo
tion to the interests of Idaho we are personally cog
nizant. We congratulate our sister Territory upon
his resumption of once.
Tar new Commander assigned to the Department
of the Columbia, headquarters at Vancouver, W. T.,
is General Frederick Steele. During the war, he
operated in Missouri, Arkansas and Texa as Major
General of volunteers. He is spoken of as a thor
ough military man, of West Point education. Gen.
Wright, it will be remembered, was on his way to
take command of that Department when lost on the
Brother Jonathan.
RrocEILa troops are constantly arriving at San
Francisco, and are immediately ordered to the relief
of volunteers in garrison, who will be mustered ouat
of service. Several regiments of regulars will croes
overland, a number being now at Camp Douglas.
Next epring, all volunteers west of the Misouri
will, most likely, be discharged.
W. BAnnows, who arrived in this city as the 3d
of last August, and who was reported to the Estes-.
press as having been killed by the Indians, writw a.
follows to the Chicago Times to prove his continued
existence: "While I appreciate the sympathy of
friends expressed, and like much the obituary notice
d you have been pleased to give me, I am most happy
to state that my silver locks are still in my peeaw
a sion, and not dangling from the belt of a Sioux
warrior, nor have any of the silken locks of the
dear ones under my charge beoon molested, or a hair
r: of their heads been ruied by savages."
A Muica5 woman wS a us r POaao , sa O
ter prt of last month, by an apothecary cld ,
of Virgsis, Net ,giving her morphine powds is
stad of quinine. 1he clerk va placed ulder bonds
in the sum of $3,000. It would be a wi law re
quiring all dispensers of drugs and medicins to be
regular graduates of a pharmaceutical inOttaU.
Sbch caes as the above are too frequent.
Tire third voluae of the ceea retaea of 1SI
now in the presi, gives much ralsble in fo.natio
The States and Territories on the Paciic coas had
8,777 manobeturifg establihme.nts, whi. h eespl. i
60,137 male sad 67 females, sad ivolved a p
of $23,380,334. Annual nvalue of prodan I
ing gold, $1,216,90. The minae of Iaho rad
Western Montana are not included tin the coecletuI
gaures, the retars from which have bee an a
long continue to be greatly incree.d from a to
rA sr. s statement concerning the death of Wa,
L. Yance, of Alabma, is btot. It is t the d
feet that n p diclty, in the Confederat
Sntel with Hi_., . .of Ge.orgim, the st.
is a man of uaseual als and as eslar developmet
-. elsed him, and threw him back violet over a r
I desk. The c t 8oatbemr leadea w k pic p uS
eeuieioueb trickh-i - .hli' . - ae t
wuqrJ was had, sad te afai r hoabdir M~r.U
ey drooped, __rom do day sd me
the injurim eekd is tha disacety. i
eerde were, Ypet mci oset rsigh"
Sraemce show th~L aeis the lust rise
I ed s hia°' s t oe. it iss* ,,
eII ad 4 i I- , a
oelge ! 1iº il

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