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The Montana Pp#J
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Rates 04 Adve"rustq:
.suess Cards. 5 lUne or less, 3 maths.. 0 8 00
do. do. do. 6 tmths,.. 10o
do. do. do 1 year,.... 150
S.e sqoare, teo lines or less. 1 insertion, .. 4 00
do. do. d4. 1 do. .. 600
do. do. do. I month..... I0
do. do. do. 1 de .... 1300
do. do. do. 3 do ..... 1500
do. do do. 6 do. .... 2500
do. do. do. I year...... 35 00
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do. I month................... 55 00
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do. 1 year....................... 00 00
Local oeteo.s-One dollar per limo for three
Uies or less; 75 cents per line for ten lines or less;
30 eests per lie for eleven lines or more.
ThOe wet.
The Colorada 1Mier thus chronicles fis
tiann in Colorado: Out of mere curiosi
ty, and led by that instinct that carries
a local journalist into all sorts of places
in search of items, we on Monday last
attended the first prize fight that has ever
blessed (?) our visuals. The mill came
off two and a half miles above Denver
on the (jolden City road. and the parties
were " Pony " Ward of Georgetown and
Shanessy of Denver. The " Pony " was
much more than a match for his antag
onist in wind, endurance and activity
baut-the latter oould put in the biggest
kind of licks and would soon have knock
ed the " Pony " out of time had it not
been for his alert dodging. The "Pony"
was first to tap the clart and would
have worn out his man by his superior
endurance and activity had it not been
for a " foul " which caused the referee
to decide the battle in favor of Sha
nessy. Neither party was very much
punished but the " Pony " had a decided
advantage in this respect. Another
match between the same parties is on
the tapis and Georgetown is spoken of
as the place for the fight.
Col. Heine and Professor Simonin are
visiting and lecturing in Colorado. Mr.
Whitney is also delivering lectures on
the Paris Exposition. The Register has
the following from his introductory re
marks : Col. Heine said it was a mis
taken impression that he was a foreign
er. When he first landed at the foot of
Chambers street he went to the city
Hall without changing his shirt and
took the first steps to secure citizenship.
For the last eighteen years he has been
attached to the Topographical Engin
eer corps. When the war broke out he
was in Yeddo, Japan, but in fifty-four
days had returned home and was at his
post. He served with distinction during
the war, commanding a regiment, then
a brigade, and in Sheridan's campaign
in the Virginia valley acted as General
of division. At present he is attached
to the Legation at Paris, from which
he got leave of absence for ninety days
to visit Colorado. The idea only struck
him and Prof. Simonin to come here
about the middle of August, and they
have certainly lost no time.
A dispatch to the San Franciso Bee
says: Thomas Byrne, who shot and
killed Michael Gibbon, alias Welsh, in a
saloon three weeks ago, was sent before
the Grand Jury this morning on a charge
of murder. The suicide of A. M. Chap
pelle, the real estate agent, has created
quite a sensation. IHe wrote a letter to
(ieo. Y. Knox in which he declared that
he felt that he was going insane, and
that he felt that he must kill himself or
become an inmate of the Insane Asylum.
He crossed to Oakland on Saturday
night on the 6+ boat and when opposite
Goat Island jumped overboard and was
drowned. This morning Richard Rich
ardson, while serving a writ on a negro
at Oakland, was shot and instantly kill
ed. Richardson is a policeman, and the
negro had squatted on a piece of land
and refused to give it up. The Oak
landers have taken the negro and are
trying him by lynch law. Rumor has
just come that he is to be hung at 2
The following is from the San Fran
cisco DiepatMe of Oct. 19: A dispatch
from Healdsburg says that a fearful
drama occurred on the day of the elec
tion at Little Lake, Mendocino county,
the particulars of which have been given
by a gentleman who has returned from
there. It appears that a feud has long
existed between two families of the
names of ('oats and Frost. On the day
mentioned both families came to the
town armed, and when they met, Coats
immediately fired at and killed Frost.
The firing at once became general e
tween the families, during which five of
the Coats family were killed and three
wounded dangerously, while on the
other hand Frost was killed and his son
in-law, Duncan, was mortally wounded.
Not a word was spoken by either party
during the affray.
Ex-zov. Evans and Mears. Griffey and
Chevrer, the committee appointed by the
ex-soldiers to represent them at the lay
ing of the corner stone of the monument
about to be erected in honor of the dead
heroes, left Denver Oct. 18th by the I
southern coach for Santa Fe.
t F' cith ult.
Mlllersville, Hieo miles east of Fort
.Isg1. The;aeae.e - ,.
wo men of that burgh named Bell
McAtee, while under the ta.tenese o
" tarantula juice," gjlantq
the house of one ,..-~,
started o t- M-A le
followed by.2 e ., . sd_
the door, and before RcAtee could tun
around. Bell shot him In the baek sdd
again in the side as hb Iartially swung
round. McAtee them feE and was ai.
ssbot Bell in the head. AU thaw
wounds were mortal. McAtee, after he
fell, fired twice at Bell, and died almost
lan.shtly. Bell was tmmedately arreste
by the dtisens. but let gb shortly after.
As soon as the facts became known at
Fort Bridger, Col. Minuer sent a party
of soldiers to arrest the murderer. The
body of MeAtee was brought to Bridger
and interred.
A "mill" took place at Cobura's Sts
tion of Sunday, says the Nevdsa 2ram
script, between Bush and Budd, for $600.
Budd's fighting weight was 190 pounds
and Bush's 165. Matt. Tracy and Geo.
Macntyre acted as seconds to Bush,and
Branch and McDonald acted for Budd.
Mike Healy and Charles Linn were bot
tie-holders. The fight commenced at 8
o'clock P. x., and the principals came to
the scratch for fifteen rounds, They
hit one another over the peepers, slashed
each other in the mug and performed
many other tricks known to the ring,
for fifteen and a half minutes, during
which time considerable skirmishing
was kept up on the outside, and Matt.
Tracy knocked one of the other seconds
out of the ring. The sixteenth round
Budd did not come to time, Bush win
ning the fight and purse, and his antag
onist sent for a doctor.
The Sacramento Union says: Gov.
Lowe has, by virtue of an act of the Leg
islature. pardoned Thomas Ruigo, con
victed of grand larceny and sentenced
to three years in the State Prison; H. D.
Cresswell, for burglary, two years; Al.
Wyatt, grand larceny, two years ; Louis
Viagas. assault with deadly weapon, one
year; James W. Clark, grand larceny,
two years ; Ah Chum, assault with dead
ly weapon, one year; John Harrington,
burglary, one year; D. S. Woodman,
grand larceny, two years.
About ten days ago, says the Visalia
(Cal) Delta of Oct. 12, an immense
water-spout burst upon the eastern slope
of the range, west of Tulare Lake, and
the water came down the slope with
terrific violence, carrying logs, rocks,
brush, gravel and immense piles of de
bris to the plain. When it struck the
plain it tort out a channel 100 feet wide
for some distance towards the Lake, and
the debris is scattered for some five or
six miles in the track of the torrent
home Mexicans in a little ravine at the
foot of the hills barely escaped with
their lives, while their hut was whirl
ed away upon the face of the furious tor
The Prescott Arizonian has an article
on the resources of Arizona, and claims
for that Territory fine grazing, agricul
tural and mineral advantacs, which
are aided by an unequaled climate. The
development of these resources will be
greatly aided by the opening of the
Colorado riverand the completion of one
of the southern lines of the Pacific rail
way. Indian wars have greatly im
peded the progress of that Territory, as
they have all others, but a day of peace
and prosperity will soon come.
The Colorado Tribune of Oct. 16 says:
We saw at Warren, Hussey & Co.'s, yes
terday,twenty ounces of bogus dust that
had just been offered by a man from
Montana. They readily detected the
imposition, and declined to purchase.
It is composed of spelter and brass
filings, and is entirely worthless. The
party offering it for sale appeared inno
cent of intent to defraud by imposing
bogus dust on them, so they let him de
part. Our opinion is that the police
ought to investigate the matter a little.
Perhaps the really guilty parties might
be brought to justice thereby.
They are getting moral in our name
sake town of Nevada, as per the tollow
ing in the Virginia Enterprise: The
proprietor's of Piper's Opera House con
template giving a performance one night
in each week for ladies-at least the pro
ject will be tried, and if sufficiently en
couraged there will be a " ladies' night "
every week. Of course, on the night set
apart neither smoking nor drinking will
be allowed among the audience, nor will
there be anything said or done of a na
ture to shock the feelings of any that
may attend.
The Enterprias says : The Gould &
Curry Mill is in full blast with a full
force of workmen. The daily average
of ore taken from the mine is at present
100 tons, with from 3,500 to 4,000 tons
already ahead in the ore houses at the
mine and mill. Thus, it will be seen,
that the report circulated some weeks
since to the effect that the mill would
shortly shut down for want of ore was
all bosh-or worse.
General Price has commenced a cam
paign against the Hualspai Indians in
Arizona by sending out 250 men in three
divisions, to enter their territory by dif
ferent points at once. It is hoped they
will be able to make clean work this
time. Advices from the interior report
continued raids by the Apaches in every
direction on the ranches and settlements
around Prescott and Wickenburg. Stock
is ran off and settlers are murdered. A
herder of mail stock was killed in sight
of Wickenburg and the stock run of
The Salt Lake Vedee says: We are
reliably informed that arrangements
have been perfected for starting, (at as
early a day in the coming spring as
possible.)a daily or tri-weekly paper at
the Sweetwater mines. The printing
and mining departments of the paper
will be under the management of geotle
men of practical knowledge and ezper
The Sea Francisco D~epatc says : H.
Warwick, the master of elocution and
well known actor, sailed on the Golden
City Oct. 19 for the East He has re.i
ded in California for fourteen years, and
now intends to pay a protracted visit to
other parts, makin the tour of Europe,
and returning here in Ave year.
A. M. Chappelle, real estate dealer in I
Ban Francisco, committed suicide by
drowning, Oct. 21.
of wi cmp nCompy 0, irst Califor
A stekholdesr meting of the Hale I
Norcross mining company is called for
nar town. Who knows but what there
is a diamond lead in the vicinity
A man named Win, Moriarty we shot
at Red Dog. Cal., on Sunday evening,
October 20, by John Jerrold. and dan
.o9'hly -on slown. ova the d
The Walla Walls Statiuman says
Judge Wyche delivered a very able
speech in that place in relation to the
North Pacific Railroad. It will be print
d in pamphlet form and also published
in the ciateaman.
Harry Creightn writes to te Omsaha
Herald that gold has been discovered in
Crow creek valley, near Cheyenne, he
having seen a fine specimen.
Andrew McNeely, who was convicted
at the court of esions of Eldormmado Co.,
Cal., of the crime of assault with deadly
weapon, anCreigtod sentenced to the State
Prison for six months, has been restored
to citzenehip by the Governor.
The Linseed Oil Works, in San Fran
cisco, have commenced manufadturing
castor-oil, and one druggist has contract
ed for 1,000 gallons.
It is thought that Government will
tal., ofke the Russian telegraph line and
complete it to Stitka, a distance of 100
miles from the present terminus.
Governor McCormick has signed the
bill to remove the Capitol of Arizona to
A large freight house for the Union
Pacific railway company at Cheyenne is
being framed in Omaha. It is to be
61x156 feet. So says the Omaha Repub
Thomas Woodruff attempted to com
mit suicide at Sonora, Cal., Oct. 17, by
cutting his throat. He was laboring
under a fit of delirium tremens at the
Black Brothers of Nevada county,Cal.,
have sold their hydraulic claims to Wil
liams, Morgan & Co., for $14,000.
For the last three months the Black
Hawk Co,, (Colorado) have been taking
out money at the rate of $400,000 a
First Day.
CoucIL.--The Council Assembly of
Montana Territory assembled in Vir
ginia City on Monday, Nov. 4th, 1867, at
12 M., and was called to order by Judge
Wm. Y. Lovell, who had been requested
by the Executive to call the roll and
qualify the members.
The following gentlemen appeared
and answered to their names :
Charles S. Bagg, Phillipsburg.
J. W. Corum, Helena.
W. E. Cullen. Helena.
Alex. Davis, Virginia City.
Sample Orr, Diamond City.
Jasper Rand, Missoula Mills.
Thomas Watson, Bannack City.
The oath of office was then adminis
tered to them according to law by Wm.
Y. Lovell, Probate Judge of Madison
On motion of Mr. Corum, the Council
proceeded to a temporary organization
and put in nomination Alex. Davis tor
On motion of Mr. Orr, Alex. Davis was
declared elected President pro. tem. by
On motion of Mr. Corum., C. C. Men
augh was elected Chief Clerk pro. ternm.
On motion of Mr. Cullen, the Council
proceeded to a permaneRt organization,
and nominated Mr. Bagg for President.
Mr. Orr nominated Mr. Watson.
On motion of Mr. Bagg, the Council
took a recess until 3 p. m.
President called the Council to order
at 3 p. m.
On motion, the Council went into the
election of a President, and Mr. Bagg
having received the highest number of
votes cast was declared duly elected and
took his seat as permanent President.
On motion of Mr. Corum, Mr. Thomas
B. Wade was elected Chief Clerk.
On motion of Alex. Davis, C. C. Men
augh was elected Assistant Clerk.
The Council then proceeded to the
election of a Sergeant-at-Arms, Door
keeper, Engrossing and Enrolling Clerk,
Fireman and Page with the following re
sult :
For Engrossing Clerk. H. II. Showers.
For Enrolling Clerk, E. P. Jenkins.
For Sergeant-at-Arms, 8 R. Elwell.
For Fireman, S. 8. Chamberlain.
For Page, Benny Johnson.
On motion of Mr. Rand, Judge
William Y. Lovell then administered
the oath of office to the President and
subordinate officers.
On motion of Mr. Rand, the Coun oil
adjourned until to-morrow at 2 p. m.
Seco.d Say.
The Council met pursuant to adjourn
Roll called and all present. The jour
nal of Yesterday was read and approved.
A communication from the House thro'
Mr. Word, announced that body perma
nently organized and ready tor busi
The following resolution was offered
by Mr. Rand, of Mimoula :
Reei.ed, That the Council respect
fuUy invite the House of the Legislative
Assembly of Montana Territory to meet
them at the Council Chamber at 3 p. m.
of today to hear any communication
His Eroulleacy may desire to make to
the joat Assbi.
Oh motion of Mr. Orr, of Galiatln, the
resolutin was adpted, sad the Chle
Clerk ordered to deliver the message.
A oommunleatlon from the "Hose
through Mr. Barrett, Chief Clerk, sacept.
i oSath of
odlee to John Thompson as Doorkeeper,
34 g qqyrbp$qlnq Fire~q .
On moo otM~orum the Council
took a recess for ten minutes.
Coemael rgs.d te session.
A bonimunitation from the House an
nue. M pebert. Chilf Clark and
members of the House.
The Assei.bly thenr emtered Into joint
Mr. Davis ofibred the following reso
lation :
revoaedw By the two Houses of the
Legislative Assembly in joint conven
tion assembled, That a committee of
two members of the Council and three
of the House of Representatives, be ap
pointed to wait upon the Governor and
inform him that the two Houses are in
joint convention and are ready to receive
any communication be may desire to
On motion of Mr. Watson the resolu
tion was rdopted and the following com
mittee appointed:
From the Council, Mr. Davis, chairman,
and Mr. Watson.
From the House, Messrs. Word, Bom
well and Tenant.
The chairman announced the Govern
or, who proceeded to deliver his mes
On motion of Mr. Rand the joint con
vention was dissolved.
The Council again resumed its session.
Mr. Cullen offered the following reeo
Sution T
Resolved, That fifteen hundred copies
of the Governor's message,together with
all reports therein referred to, be printed
for the use of this House.
On motion of Mr. Rand the resolution
was adopted.
Mr. Corum, chairman of the commit
tee to draft rules for the government of
the Council, reported. Report received
and committee discharged.
On motion of Mr. Rand fifty copies of
the rules of the 2d session were ordered
On motion of Mr. Cullen the Council
adjourned until to-morrow morning at
10 o'clock.
T'aird Day.
CouNcIr..-Morning session, met at
10, a m- Quorom present.
Mr D B Jenkins, Enrolling Clerk
sworn by Judge Wm Y Lovell.
duction of a bill to-morrow, to regulate
proceedings in civil cases before Courts
Mr Rand gave notice of the introduc
tion of a bill requiring criminals to per
form labor.
Mr Callen offered a resolution extend
ing the freedom of the House to the Ter
ritorial and Municipal officers, Editors
and Reporters, Members of the Bar and
Ex-Members of the Legislatures of Mon
tana. Adopted.
Mr Corum offered a concurrent reso
lution, that in view of the unusual
amount of labor devo ving upon the En
rolling and Engrossing Clerks, an as
sistant Clerk be elected by each llouse,
to be paid by appropriation from the
Territorial Treasury.
Mr. Cullen in the Chair.
Mr. Bagg addressed the Council favor
ing the resolution.
Mr. Orr opposed the resolution.
Call for ayes and nays.
Yeas, Bagg, Corum, Cullen, Rand---4
Nays, Davis, Orr, Watson,--3.
On motion of Orr adjourned until 2. p.
Afternoon Seeslon.-2. p. m. Quorum
present. Mr. Rand gave notice of the
introduction of a Bill to locate the Coun
ty Seat of Missoula county. Mr. Cornmm
offered the following:
ReaoIved, That in the records to be
made by the Chief Clerk of the Council,
he is hereby directed to call this the
Fourth Session.
First Day.
Hot'RE.-At 12 m., Nov. 4, the rmem
bersot the House of Representatives of
the Second Legislature met in the Hall
and were called to order by Mr. A. H.
Barrett, the efficient Chief Clerk at the
last session.
The roll was called by Mr. Barrett, the
following members answering to their
names :
Messrs. Anderson, Boswell, Conelly,
Edwards, Gallagher, Kennerly, Patton,
Rhodes, Stewart, Tennant, Word, Wee
ton. Mr. Simms, absent.
On motion, House organized tempo
rarily by the election of the following
officers :
Speaker, Henry Kennerly, Choteau ;
Chief Clerk, A. H. Barrett ;
Sergeant-at-Arms, O. P. Thomas;
Door-Keeper, Wrn. Deascey.
Motion of Mr. Andrews to appoint a
committee on credentials adopted. Com
nittee, Messrs. Anderson, Gallagher and
On motion of Mr. Word, House ad
journed until 3 p. in.
Met at 3p. m. Quorum present.
The committee on credentials present
ed their report, which was accepted,
committee discharged and report adopted
Mr. Anderson moved the appointment
ofa committee to request Judge Stafford
to administer the oath ofoffice. Adopt
ed. Committee, Messrs. Anderson, Boe
well and Rhodes.
The oath of office was then adminis
tered to the members by Judge Stafford,
in order of counties.
On motion of Mr. Anderson, F. H.
Shields was elected temporary Assissant
Clerk, and Orlando Stewart temporary
Enrolling Clerk.
On motion of Mr. Weston, John Mc
Lain was elected temporary Engrossing
Mr. Anderson moved that the House
Proceed to elect a permanent Speaker;
Mr. Patton nominated Mr. Word.
Mr. Edwards nominated Mr. Stewart.
Mr. Edwards moved the appointment
of a committee of three to act as tellers.
Carried and committee appointed.
House proceeded to ballot for Speaker.
1st ballot-Word, 5 ; Steward, 5; Pat
1. Necessary to a choice, 6.
td ballot-Word, 6; Stewart, 6. Nee
mary to a choice, 7.
I ssge reeelved from Council, stating
hat od wuas tally ornaised sad ready
o LProold with business.
- ballo--Word, 6; Stewart 8.
Mr. Gallagher moved to adjourn until
Fmeday at 9 A. U. Carried.
T AT oV. 186
Albreavs.-House s a. -
Sps to e tm a . - pm
House patinued b.lIot for pqaker.
4th ballot, Mr. Word 5; Mr. Stewart 7;
Mr. Stewart was declared elected.
SmotiqpsdaMr. Word, a Committee
of to ia 'apointed to conduct the
k to Chair. Committee :
Messrs. Word mad Anderson.
BReess thirty minutes.
Election of Chief Clerk in order.
Mr. Rhodes nominated A. H. Barrett.
Elected unanimously.
In election of Assistant Clerk, Messrs.
F. A, Shields and W. A. Mitchell were
nominated. Shields elected first ballot.
For Engrossing Clerk, Mr. J. 0. Mc
Lain was nominated and elected.
Election of Enrolling Clerk. Nomin
ation, Wm. Butts, O. Stewart. James
Morgan. Elected, Wm. Butts, first bal
Election of Sergeant-at-Arms. Nomin
ations, O. P. Thomas, A. B. Miller.
Elected O. P. Thomas, first ballot.
Election of Door Keeper. Nomina
tions, J. C. Orem, Wm. )eascey, I. J.
Johnson., A. B. Miller. Mr. Johnson
elected on fifth ballot.
Election of Fireman. Nominations,
P- rosser, A. C. Hill, C. C. Clements,
Rankin. Mr. Hill elected first bal
Election of Pages. Nominations, Mas
ters, A. J. Snider Jr., John Carter, H.
Watson. - Hughes. Elected, Mas
ters, Snider and Watson, first ballot,
On motion of Mr. Word, Judge Lov
ell administered the oath of office to the
officers elect.
Mr. Word offered the following which
was adopted :
Revolved, That a committee of three
be appointed to wait upon the Council
and inform them that the House is or
ganised permanently and are now ready
for business.
Committee, Word, Comely, Anderson.
On motion of Mr. Word, a committee
of two were appointed to act in conj unc
tion with a like committee from the
Council to await upon the Governer and
inform him that the two Houses were
permanently organized and ready to re
ceive any communication that he might
have to make.
Commnittee, Rhodes, Gallagher. Re
cess until 2, p. m.
HIouse met. Quorum present.
Mr. Word reported that the Council
had been informed of the organization
of the House.
A message was received from the Coun
cil through their Chief Clerk inviting
the Honse to meet the Council in joint
convention to hear the Message of the
On motion of Mr. Anderson, the Clerk
was instructed to inform the Council
that the House would meet them in
joint convention at 3 o'clock p. m.
The House took a recess until 3 o'clock
p. m.
House met, all present, and proceeded
to the Council where the joint conven
tion was organized.
On motion of Mr. Davis, a committee
of two from the Council and three from
the Hlouse was appointed to await on
His Excellency the Governor, and con
duct him to the Council Hall to deliver
his Message.
Committee : Council; Davis. Weston,
House; Boswell, Tennant, Word. The
Governor was then introduced and deliv
ered his Message to the Legislature.
Joint Convention dissolved and House
resumed its session. Resolution by Mr.
Resolved, That this House in its de
liberations be governed by the parlia
mentary rules laid down in Jefferson's
Manual, until it shall have adopted per
manent rules of its own Adopted.
On motion of Mr. Anderson, a cdrn
mittee of three were appointed to pre
pare the Rules for the government of
thin Hinnamp
C'ommittee: Anderson, Word, Wesaton.
Resolution by Mr. Comely.
Resolved, That the reporters of the va
rious newspapers of the Territory be in
vited to take seats within the body of
the House and that the Clerks inform
them of said invitation. Adopted.
Resolution by Mr. Word.
Resolved, That the freedom of this
house be extended to the Territorial of
ficers ; all the members of the Bar ofthis
Territory, and all ex-members of the
Legislature of this Territory. Adopted.
On motion of Mr. Com'y, the min
utes of yesterday were made to read
' fourth Legislature" instead of " second
Mr. Word introduced the following:
Resolved, That five hundred copies of
the Governor's message be ordered print
ed for the use of the House.
Mr. Anderson offered the following
resolution :
Resolved, That John P. Bruce, the pro
prietor of the Montana Demoerat, be and
he is hereby authorized to print for the
use of the House five hundred copies of
the Govenor's message and accompany
ing documents.
Mr. Anderson then moved to amend as
"And that the Secretary of the Terri
tory be requested to give said printing to
the Montana Demnocrat,"
Amendment lost.
The originial resolution was then a
Mr. Tennant moved to adjourn to 2 p.
m. to-morrow. Lost.
On motion of Mr. Word, the House ad
TIird Daey.
HoUSE.--Morning session, 10 a. m.
House met; quorum present.
Message from Council announcing the
passage of a resolution appointing a
committee in cojiunction with a com
mittee from the House, to request the
Secretary to bestow the public printing
upon John P. Bruce.
On motion of Word. resolution adop
ted. Committee, Word, Anderson.
Anderson, from committee on rules,
reported in favor of adoption of the
Council Rules of the 3d session, with
amendment. Report received and com
mittee discharged.
House occupied the balance of the
morning in adoption of rules.
On motion of Word, House took a re
eess until 2 p. m.
AdrEKROOZ Sexsow.--.. p. m. Horse
resumed. Quorum present.
The Speaker announced the following
Standing Committees :
Ways and Meana.-J W Rhodes, N C i
Boewell, J Galligher.
J Iclary.-8 Word. w Tenn:
rnal Improvements - V
wars; F WPso J P Bis
Public Lands-J R Weston,
uetly, M ndergn. , s,
Federal Relations--H It i
Word', J M Anderson. ,
Education-W Tentmlt. J jiie
WH Edwards. W
Towns and Counties-.-H A Kenr.
J W .. J A Siras..
Hfiar -i'en4%ftt. H A fi
F E W Patton.
Incorporations-J R Weston. N. (, "
well, H R Comly.
Agriculture and Manufacture_,
Simms, J Galligher. J IR Weston.
Elections-H R Kennerlv, H
wards, F E W Patton.
Indian Affairs-(Not appointed ,
Mines and Minerale-W wr
J W Rhodes, J It Weston.
Engrossment--H R Comlry W. T
nant, J R WVeston.
Eurollment-W' Tennant. F .: " P6,
ton, Sam Word.
Printing-8 Word, W II Edward.
Territorial Affairs-J M Andrero .
C Boswell, H A Kennerly.
Roads and Higlhwavy-J A Simrn.:
E W Patton, N C Boswell.
Finance-F E W Patton, J W RHhn
J H Weston.
Motion to haie printed fifty co1,iys
the "list of Standing ('ommitt,t~t ' e
Motion to have printed fifty copit.
the "order of business" was adopte.d
Motion of Anderson to adjourn Ri
. .
S From thb Cleveland Pla:nde e.:
A Perilona Balloon Voyage Aeroy
Lake Erie.
An exchange informs us that an :,.
naut named Thompson, who ascen~
recently from Toronto, descended safe:
near this city, the balloon having Lb,
taken by a strong upper current acrn,
the lakes. Much anxiety was feit :r.
Toronto as to Thompson's fate, bVr,
the telegram arrived announcing his 4a:,
landing. Mr. Thompson gives the Poiow
ing account of his adventure:
" The balloon ascended at 4.40. a:
from the velocity the balloon was tru,.
eling at, ljsoon perceived it was fklii
to try to descend. It soon becamnnt.
dent to me that landing in ('anada wa,
out of the question, and that all arrangý
ments must be made to be driven across
the lakes. The first thing that strut;
me was to drop the grappel to the fý'
extent, 120 feet. This acted as a guic
to the distance the balloon might be ke;.t
above the surface of the water, it beiL.
now dark, arnd by placing one hard cý
the rope the effect of the grapnel stnkirg
the water was distinctly felt. W\ith
open bag of ballast on my knee, ever\
time the grapnel struck the waterac.
pie of handfulls ot sand were thrown ,.;
and to, this plan alone I owe my ow:
preservation and success. The ball..:
taken was about 350 pounds. For thr
hours that plan was carried out, art I
then came on one of the most drenchiir
and merciless rains I have ever felt. I
could not see fifteen feet before me, arni
the noise of the rain on the balloon a*n
the water was such as to entirely uLr
nerve me. My hands became numb an.
I was drenched to the skin I now tº
gan to perceive my position more accu
rately, though I determined not to gfie
up until all the ballast and niovaui,'
were gone. The rain was making :L
balloon heavier every moment and !l.
ballast was thrown out more freely, t:,;
about ten o'clock, when the fatigue over
came me. I fell into a stupor for a .,e
moments. By this time the balloon had
descended to within six feet of the watt r
and instantly out went 28 pounds of bal
last. The effect of this was that the ba.
loon rose to an altitude of a mile, en
tirely through the rain clouds, and thrL
the moon shone brilliantly, and in thi:
position it remained about a quarter '
an hour. The effect of the moon shining
on the clouds beneath was such as at.
artist might be proud of. The shado.
of the balloon was distinctly to Ib sae.r
traveling over the rough and unteev
clouds, giving the idea of a balloon race
Everything now became calm. No longr
the hum of the lake or rain. All na
still, but whether the storm still rag.:
beneath was unknown. As the ballo'r
descended, it was evident a change had
come over the scene, The rain had cea'vL:
and the appearance of everything we.
of the darkest hue; whether it was ar.
under stratum of dark clouds could n,
be known. Suddenly a glimmer of ligL;
was seen for a moment; then, with ann
ious eyes cast downwards to pelrceri'
any object, at last small squares w':i.
darker margins were clearly visibl,
These proved to be the fields and hiedg'
and they appeared to vanish as quickly
as objects passed when in an exlrer~
train. A town was at last seen and
heard the sound of musical instrumenut,
I then called out to know wliero I ,,,
but the reply was unintelligible' fTi.
however, saw it was a balloon. Albut
two miles further on the grapn'l ca:.t;;:
in a large oak tree and held fas.t. 'ID,:
afterwards proved to be a little villa,'
near Cleveland. I then called out luI1t
ly; the sounds of persons singing anU
playing music were heard. These pro"'
to be four young men who had been to a
ball. They were natives of (leveland,
and as they advanced nearer noy voice
was heard. They at once set to work
to pull the balloon out of the wHoods and
convey it to a field, where it could 1"
folded up. It was then three o 'clock in
the morning."
CIHEYENNE, Oct. l6, 1Wii
'~o the sports of Colorado and Dakota
I, the undersigned, light-weight chain
pion of the West, did notify the pu.i
lists that I had retired from the prize
ring, but have been harrassed till I ha"'
got to make one more struggle with any
man that weighs five pounds more than
I do, for five hundred dollars forfeit, r
any amount he wants to fight for. This
means business. I weigh one hundrte
and flftoem pounds. Put up or shut up.
My backers are in town. Come and see
me. The money is to be put in a re
sponsible man's hands. Sworn referee.
Iules accordig to the English prize
-Leadr..,c Ott. 19.

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