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The Montana post. (Virginia City, Montana Territory [i.e. Mont.]) 1864-1869, July 24, 1868, Image 5

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T anrif B ill H eld O ver. a rT l rt, e m tc
rim trr~det Fr r~the One
\rw 4)rlemtn% Democracy.
h4o.e.' . Beach, Dead.
(1'mifirlunation of Judge%.
Tfilt tmm) Reduction Bill
t1,1,(,imutmuemt%4 by the Preiii
Trouble at Ft. CLarker.
Emanuel L~eutze Dead.
tmiot her Veto and Pa%%over.
Sonmmlislon Appointed to Ex
aimuine Mlontana Volunteer
rTme I Itim Article Decomnew am
I'art of the Constitutlon.
Lynch Law 1mn Illtnois.
Tile Miswiw5Ippi Electionm.
11)Iropriatlon Bill.' Pamm'.'d.
lm rid mng Bill Sub~tltute pawscý
fic Ilotusc A Synuopsis of its
Trie Milllicaum Rtot*.
'l'im" Rtelolutloniwt% Captuart
Thne American Colony at Jam
Chlolera at New York.
'hila~lelpihii, July l!S.-The~ gas strikers
-ucciededl in accomplishing their object, the
tru-t'".- having complied with their demands,
anl the city will have gas to-night.
Ws:hin~,ton, July lS-Senate.-A long
iiI-ussioin arose upon the bill to authorize
th,, c in-truction of bridges across the Ohio
:%-r. The debate was on the clause regula
tin.z ".m feet of a span. Some of the Sena
t',r: arguing such a length was impracticable
.,.~l li.in~erius. Finally Converse insisted on
T(. s1,,cil orler to bring up the bill to pro
tict the rights of American citizens abroad,
which was tsken up.
S-umner made a lengthy speech against the
i,: 1l.
W1a~hxii;ton. July lS-House.-Dawes re
I rtei i~ack from committee, the elections of
thr' . representatives from Louisiana, and 2
trmoi South Carolina, who were then sworn
-p' eaks. presented a communicaton
`., n the Governor of South Carolina, tra~ns
omitting; a joint resolution of the Legislature
ramtifying the 14th amendment to the consti
M ,orimeal imade a statement in reference to
i.tiriff bill. Ue said if it passed the
11 ai-"' it probably could not get through the
~ithis se~i-ion. The speaker said the
t~irii hill was now among the unused bnsi
in c immittee of the whole. WVhen the
llou~e went into committee at the com
:,~i"ne~ment if the next session, it would oe
t:,, first b~usiness in order.
Moorheami said with that statement he was
a~iiliiig ti leave the bill where it is and there
t gave notice he would not call it up
.l~alu this session.
ihe Homuse went into committee of the
whi~le on the funding bill.
A great number of amendments were
is-red. some adoipted and some rejected,
woen the committee rose, and Bouatweil of
tereil hmis substitute for the whole bill which
hir oce been rejected in committee.
Tihe substitute provides for 2 classes of
Iilone at 5 per cent interest for citizens
,f the United States, the other at 4 per cent.
.:al in United States, or at London, Paris
,rFramnkfort. The bill amendments and
-u1, titute were ordered printed. The vote
w~ill be take'n Monday morning. Evening
-ession dhopeiised with.
Wa-hington, July IS.-The President to
liv snt to both Houses a me,-sage recoin
in tiiln; the amendments to the constitution
prov iling for the election of the President
i.. -lirmict vote, and confirming the present
t:, tine Inanmi piro~7ribt.izg who
hill ac cý1't time ilutiest of the executive office
t~ ~- acaincy lid- death of both 1'resi
tleamt aol Vice P'resident. This be says shousld
not be left to be fixed by law. He thinks the
_mlcca's-iun ought to be vested in the hands of
s n fthe executive department and not in
the President of the Senate or speaker of the
liL use or Chief Justice, each of whom might
1.'~ in-trumental in producing a vacancy by
i nii~oehmi'nent.
Jhonalso recowtnetds that Senators be
choe-en by direct vote of the people and a
liuiitati4ýn of the tenure of Judicicial office
t~i a terra of year.. The message was referred
to cuiiifittee on Judiciary.
New Orleans, July 19.-A Mass Dent
eicrat ic ratificat ion mneeting, probably
the largest ever held in Louisiana, was
I lin Lafayette Square last night.
Steveral Catholic clergymen and two
,lured rt presentatives of the colored
I b nw~ratib class were on the stand. A
large niunber of negroes were in the
I ,rtbwtssiou. A resolution was adopted
endorsing- the nominations and lplat
e-rm ot the New York Convention.
They pledge the cordial support of the
Louisiana leumocracy, and declare sla
ve-,ry dead beyond the power of any man
-r 'suscitate it; condemning the
l~"cu co~nstitUtioli of the State, and
" xlress alarm at the course of the Leg
~a r~now in season ; returning
tliaiik!. to P'rcsident Johnson, and also
expressing feelings of kindness towards
,hi- n,"gro people of the State and City..
anl relu~rring to the recent election of
Mtis .ippi. as an instance of what can
I' time by a proper course toward the
po r" xpulation. The resolutions were
ado pt..Ld in c,:)muieidatiofl of the course
j'rurted by the United Stateis officers
:t:, 'bldiCrs toward citizens during the
.a:. 201!uiinistration of the militiary aui
t:ii-)i~tiº. Later accounts from Milhican
r i ;t-, nt. slhe riot not ended. Th'le ne
r~r je~ have rant a defiant reply to orders
tdisperse. But a small force of aol
,litrs are at the scene.
New York. July 1'J.--Muse Y. Beach.
te:,ran editor of the Stsn, died at \%'al'
;;n.zt,)lt. Conn., to-day.
~'-ttau1AIiptOfl. July 19.-Farragut's
-Ijuadrori sailed to-day. The Franklin
;lag ship has gone to (hibralter with
Adiniira' Farragut aboard, the other
'-ess'"is in ditiereut directions.
\W.ehiin~tou, July 18.-The Senate
ie-t'.iirmed F.J. Bowers for Chief Ju"..
t cu Idaho; 11. L. Vi arren for Chief
Justice, and H. Knowles for Associate
Justice of Montana, S. Day for Surveyor
General of California. The Senate rem
jected H. A Smythe for Minister to Aus-.
tria ;B. F. Bainbridge for Inspecror of
the Land Office at Viumwla, California and
Thos. J. Hawley for Postmaster at San
Francisco. The President hes issued a
proclamation announcing the ratification
of the 14th amendment to the constitu
tion by South C'arolina and Louisiana.
London, July 19.-A popular demon
stration took place to-day in favor of
the Parliamentary measures for aboli
tion o~f the Irish church establishment.
The procession carrying banners and
wearing green ribbons proceeded to
Hyde Park, where a mass meeting was
organized. After being addressed by
several speakers, resolutions strongly
protesting against the rejection by the
House of Lords of the Irish church ap
pointmnents, and the suspension bill was
adopted. About 20,000 persons were
present. The meeting and proceedings
were orderly. No interference on the
part of the poolice.
New York, July 20.-A fatal case of
cholera was reported yesterday. John
S. Spencer was killed b~y strichnine
given by mistake yesterday for Seidlitz
It has just punblicly transpired that
the sate of the Importers & Traders'
Bank was robbed about the 4th or 5th
ot July of $80,000 in cash nnd bonds, no
clue to the robbers.
Charleston, July 19.-A fatal distem
per or dry murrain is prevailing among
the cattle throughout Gleorgia. Num
bers oi fine milch cows have died of the
Chicago July 21.-The Senate sat un
til after mid-night last night discussing
"Wilson's substitute for the House bill
reducing the army to the ordinary
peace establishment. The principal
pvdiscsinwa for the ilauane of arme tol
dproviding wason the clausne of thes bil
State authorities in the Southern States.
Vickers nmoved to amend that the arms
are not to be dis~tributed till January
1st, nor until the President shall deem
it necessary for the prevention of dis
turbances in the Southern States ; re
jected. Several other amendments
were rejected, and the bill passed by a
strict party vote.
London, July 230.-Lord Napler for
himself and the officers and men of the
Abyssinian expedition made his ac
know ledgments to both house. of Par
liament for the vote of thanks.
Vienna, July 20.-Baron Van Lieberte
late Minister to Hamburg, is appointed
Minister plenipotentiary to the U~nited
Chicago, July 21.-A Time's special
says the Senate in Executive session
yesterday considered the Sandwich Is
land treaty, but did not reach a vote.
Sumner made a powerful speech in sup.
port of the treaty arguing its benefit to
the Pacific States. Fessenden opposed
the ratification on the ground that sugar
rice etc., would be imported free of duty~'
an-i would reduce the revenue and in
jure the production of the Southern
States without commensurate return.
Secretary Seward has issued a formal
nnnouncement that the resolutions of
the Legislatures of Ohio and New Jer.
sey must remain in full force and effect
and that the 14th amendment has been
duly ratified and become a part of the
constitution. The President yesterday
nominated Rob't Muller Register of
lands for Belmont, Nevada; J. Ui. Riddle
Rleceiver of Public Monies at Belmont,
Nevada ; 0. H. Burnhnm, Assessor of Internal
revenue in the 2d district of California, aund
Charles N. Felton treasurer of the Branch
Mint at San Francisco.
Reports from Fort Larnard, Arkansas river,
say 12,000 or 15,000 Indians congregated
there to receive annuities. Col. Wyncoop
withheld arms and amunition on account of
recent depredations by the Cheyennes. The
Indians became enraged, and declared they
would fight them, and were ready for war
again. Thbe meeting broke up in preat con
fusio'i. The sa'mue evening the kiowna at
tacked a train and robbed it cf supplies and
(len. Sully arriv'ed at Ft. Harker with 800
cavalry, lie told the Indians he preferred
peace but was ready for war. This awed them
somewhat but they are Estll sullen and discon
tented. Wyncoop deprecates the course pur
sued by the governmez t and says the indians
of this agency are peacably inclined, but hos
tilities are likely to break out at any time.
Wash ington, July tO.-Ernanuel Leutze,
the celh-brate1 Painter, (lied yes;.erday of ap
toi lexv zut,erinducetl by beat.
-'ihe i'r's!dent to-day sent to the Senate the
following nominations. John S. D~awson of
Pennsylvania, minister to Russia; William
S. Rosecrans, minister to Spain ; John A.
McClernand, of Illinois, minister to Mexico;
Heniry M. Watts of Pennsylvania, minister to
Austria ; Win. ~i. Wells, for Assistant Secre
tary of the Treasury ; C. C. Cox, of Maryland,
for commissioner of pensicus ; Elisba Foote
of New York, commissioner of Patents and
Ed Cooper for temporary commissioner of
Internal revenue.
'[he President sent his veto of the electoral
college bill which was passed over his veto
in both Houses by a strict party vote. The
veto reiterates his hitherto expressed objec
tions to the reconstruction acts.
Some fears are expressed that the President
will veto the tax bill.
Washington, July 20-&aeate.-Tbe bill
relating to the rights of American citizens
abroad was taken up. The question was on
striking out tLhe clause authorizing the Presi
dent to make reprisals by muspending com
mercial relations. A debate of some length
ensued when the bill was laid aside without
The President's veto message was received
during the debate, and the bill passed over
the veto 35 to S.
The President's mnessage transmitting the
ratification and resolutions of Louisiana and
South Carolina was received and referred to
the Judiciary committee. Also the messags
enclosing the correspondence of the depart
ment of State, with Vanvalkenbarg, minis
ttr to Japan, relative to the suppression of
th oletrade. Several other executive
I commfunications wets receive! and referred.
A resolution offered appointing a commis
sionser to examine the claims of Montana for
furnt-hing volunteers for the late Indian war,
and a resolution of sympathy with the Cretanas
epesnthe hope they would secure their
indeendncewere adopted.
The committee on elections r-ported book
th~e cred..ntiala of Imrael Last of North Car
olina, and C. C. Bowen of South Carolina,
who were sworn in.
The recent tobberies of the Importers anti
Traders Bank was a very mysteriefh alfair.
The money was secured in a barglar proo:
safe, with a combination lock requiring tve
pesnech knowing only the reapective
partsof it sere oprtos to ope it. Over
$50,OOO in gold was taken and the lock appa
rently not tampered with.
Chicago, J sly 21.-Three mm-s were ar
rseted for the attempted express robbery user
Seymour, Indiana, by runnaing .1f with en
gin, and a portion of the train. Thme, wres
being coaveyed from Cincinnati t. wa
sviieldavlnd, lAMC night wades stemngasm
to be placed in jail. Wham the santa lmeed
a point 2 stIle, from Seymour it was stopped
by a mob of 200 men who overpowered the
guard. seized the bthee prisoners and hung
them. This vicinity has been long infested
bya gang of robbers and murderers, and the
citizens are determined to exterminate
Washington, July 21--senate.-The Senate
joint committee on library, discharged the
further consideration on the subjecofinter
national copyright.
A concurrent resolution was adopted de
claring that three fourths of the States, in
cluding Ohio and New Jersey, :having ratilied
the 14th amendment, it has become a pert of
the Constitution. The reeolutiom was re
f erred for paying the Senators of Arkansas,
Florida etc., compensation from the com
mencemeut of the 40th Congress. A debate
arising, it went over
The bill for the. protection of 'American
citizens abroad was made a special order for
the session to-night.
The oommittee of conference on the Indian
alpropration bill made a report which was
The Senate went into executive session and
then took a recess.
Washington, July 21-House.-Wilson
from judiciary committee reported a resolu
tion which was adopted, allowing representa
tives from the late rebel States pay from date
of their election.
Dawes from committee on elections re
ported the credentials of the Alabama repre
sentatives. The [Demnocrats opposed the re
port which was adopted 134 to 36.
The five representatives of Alabama were
then sworn in.
The report of the conference committee on
the bill to supply temporary vacancies in the
e xecut ire department was adopted.
Washington, July 21-Senate.-The con
current resolution declaring the 14th amend
ment ratified war received and concurred in.
During the proceedings a dispatch was re
ceived from (den. Bullock, announcing the
ratification of the amendment by the Georgia
House resumed consideration of the fund
ing bill.
hsSbstiutwe. Thecldebatsspec wn as cotife
u ecnlddhis spsitt. h ebaec was faortiofe
by other members.
Wsshington, July 21.-Gen. Gillenmhas ad
mnitted the report in regard to the condition
He Msttsisip ne the resutofnhelterelction fors
of istesisip ne the reconsf heltruelction laws
the constitution 36,880, against it 58,231.
In regard to alleged fraud (jillem says he is
Lsatisfied the election was as fair and free from
-intimidation or fraud as possible under ex
isting circumatences. He says he finds it al
most impossible to find qualified persons to
fill the cavil offices, and recommends a modifi
cation of the law.
The President to-day nominated Warren L.
Lockhart, register at Carson City, Nevada,
and Stephen J. Chadwick receiver at Rose
burg, Oregon.
New York, July 22.-Report from Syria
states that the Adams colony at Jaffa has
dwindled to less than 20 persons. Adams and
l wife has gone to England to seacnre recruits..
IThere was one case of cholera in this city
yesterday and oae at Brooklyn.
ofNew Orleans July 22--At the suggestion
of ov. Warmeuth, a joint resolution passed
the Senate calling on the commanding (len.
-for troops to repress lawlessness in the north
western parishes. A memorial was received
Sfrom Franklin parish, stating that at least 50
murders has occurred in that vicinity lately.
1Mont gomery,July 22.--Gen. Gi.E. Spencer,
r register in bankruptcy, received a majority of
votes in both Houses to-day, for Senator for.
the long terse. N. choice was made for the
-short term.
H avanna, Jul;- 22.-The revolutionists _cajp
tured the City of Caraccas. They carried the
1 outer works by storm June 23d; the place
f finally surrendered on the 25th.
House, '22d-Evening Sesieion.-The
t Conference Committee on the Indian ap
a propriation bill and the deficiency ap
apropriation bill made their reports, both
of which were agreed to. The House
f the proceeded to consider the Funding
e. bill.
Bout wells substitute was rejected 66
to 72. The bill finally passed.
The first section fixes the lowest de
nomination of bonds at fifty dollars; the
2d provides for only one class of bonds,
running five years and bearing 03.63-100
per cent. interest; the 3d provides that
the income from bonds shall never be 1i
able to taxation. The section legalizing
gold contiacts was stricken out. The
sales of bonds are required to be made
by advertising tor proposals.
Senate; Evening Session.-A joint res
olution passed, authorizing the payment
of the full amount of subsidy, $500,000,
to the Pacific Mail Company for Chinese
and Japanese service.
A joint resolution of sympathy with
the Crt tins passed.
T1'he balance ot the session was con
sumed in the consideration of a bill
authorizing bridges over the Ohio,which
was co)Lsiderably modified and then
New Orleans, July 22.-Later advices
from Mlillican confirm the reports of se
rious disturbances. It is not known
whether they have been quelled. The
telegraph is interrupted, and no advices
received sinice the 18th.
Marseilles, July 22.-The Prince Na
poleon has arrived at Malta, en route
home. Trhe Cretan exiles presented an
address~, expressing the hope that the
Prince would not abandon their cause.
The Prince replied with much reserve.
Berlin, July t22.-The Girand Duchy
of Hessee. has signified a desire to join
the other tierman States in the natural
ization treaty with the United States.
St. Louis, July 22.-The difficulty
with the engineers on the Pacific H. H.
is not yet adjusted.
Considerable excitement resulted last
night. by a freight train being thrown
from the track by the displa'~ement of a
switch. It badly damaged the engine
and two stock cars. It is supposed the
switch was opened by disaffected men,
but the engineers positively deny this,
and attribute the accident to ignorance
or intemperance ot t:.e new men em-I
ployed. A good deal of apprehension is
felt by the traveling community.
Omaha, July 22.-Trains are now run
ning 700 miles over the Union Pacific
road. 660 miles have~ b'etn accepted, and
20,000 mnen a re at work.
Chicago. July 22.-Republican spe
cials say the Indian Appropriation Bill,
places the disbursement of nil the prin
cipal sumrs in the hands of Gen. Sher
man, which is a heavy blow at the spec
ullatoirs ring.
Bro. (Jeorge U). Watt invited us to
call and set his silk worms at work, and
the sight was a very interesting one.
Ho lass about 10,000 worms, and to feed
them ho~ has to collect daily two bushels
of mulberry leaves, full and pressed
down. do says the Deseret News. It
is understood Wells Fargo & Co., have
contracted for thne silk for whip cracers.
The eighth quarterly statemeint of the
Itocky Monat'a National Beal sd~tjeasue
Colorado, J1. ii. ioodapiesmt C(sierbs,
shows $11ViAM 4a at cas oa. haud, ladis
ridual whepoiis ot 416141 U , sad a so
plus fall; of #M.7-iO 87. The inpksl e1f
tnt' bask is *60.000.r.--Llimewý As.mm
sr s&EMUs.
Fanny Fern is fifty.
70,000 Chlnamen in the United States.
Seventy stores to rent in Omaha.
The Pri.me Balm Balm has a piece of
Maximlllaa's heart In a bottle.
Consantianople has 800 bathing estab
lishments for the people.
"Match 'em " cigars are th. favorites
east. Thst's our brand.
America Is being "Weeded out."
Thurlow has gone to Europe.
There as 11.000 journeymen printers
in Germaz*.
Scissor-hik-tum is the latest name
for a column like this.
Niagara Blondin is in London, still a
Burying alive is still practiced in In
SenatorNorton is to wed a Baltimore
Ex-Conrederate Gieneral1 Forrest lost
$500,000 Ij the war.
ReverdT Johnson will have the honor
of escortlng Mrs. Lincoln to Europe.
The pelfumer of the world-The cen
tre of the earth.
Oregon pig irgn is being shipped to
San Francisco.
Genera Grant's eldest son, Frederick,
is a cadet at West Point.
No stcae marks the grave of Hon.
Joshua R Giddings.
Kansas expecta 100,000 immigrants
this year.
There mre over one hundred newsdeal
ers in Ntw York and vicinity.
Pittsbtg is building a $400,000 City
Quite !pretty bouquet can be bought
in New lurk for $50.
Matiida Heron has played Camille
nearly a thousand times-too many.
The odest cup on record-the hic
To cub a fast young man-bridal
The Mlryland oyster trade employs
850 veaals and 3,000 canoes.
It is st~ted that Forney has lost money
on his bok of European travels.
Timot~ie Trimm, editor of the Paris
Petit Jiriuzl, has made $100,000 by
writing ditorials.
Theretre 9,000 Jews and six syna
gogues z Chicago. They pay annually
$60,000 or religious purposes.
Richwld Wi~liams. has inherited the
neat sus of £250,000 from a deceased
brothern London.
Thera~re fifty breweries in St. Louis,
which rake annually 200,000 barrels of
Prince Alfred's visit cost the Austra
lians a zillion and a half dollars, and
doctor's ,ill.
The bris ballet girls all want to
come tc America. Let them come.
America can bare them.
Last year the number of contributing
visitors o Bunker Hill were 26,358, and
and the 'eceipts $5,132.
On th lit of January there was 152,
500 mile of railway finished on the
globe, sad lOB/Ifi In Europe.
Barflliame's salary in W0.0i per
annum, with $110,000 for traveling and
incidenil expensee.
Neve cross a bridge before you come
to it: iii will save half the troubles of
Hors's bridles are now made diamond
shape htstead ot square and ornamented
with siver.
Sengor Henderson, with his new
bride, sipping the sweets of the hon..
eymoo. at Cape May.
Ex-.ttorney Gieneral Stanbury has
resmid the practice of law in Cincin
Theoumber of petitions filed in bank
rnptc) in New York city during the
year nding on the 1st of June, was
Giraite, flint, spar, bones and glass
are to material of porcelain ware.
Therds no manufactory of porcelain in
this caintry.
Onef ex-President Buchanan'. heirs
was Ii.. Dunham, of Meadville, Penn
sylvaia. Her husband died the same
day tit Mr. Buchanan died.
Thi locusts in Tennessee have the
letteW "N" '"W,' clearly designated on
their wings, which the natives 0mmn
ouslybelieve signifies "Nother war."
Th La Crosse Democrat's New York
brana office is directly under the Sun
editdal rooms. It is the worst institu
tionza ader the Sun.
Jetz Paul beautifully says that the
Infiue has sowed his name in the heav
ens I burning stars, but on the earth ho
has own his name in tender flowers.
A louble white camielia, with 1,500
expoded flowers, and as many buds
still o open, was exhibited at a floral
shot in (ihent.
A- indisposed young gentleman at.
tendd a party in Albany, Maine, and
fort splendid cases of measles among
the pests is the result.
Etinent Berlin physicians, it is said.
conar in the opinion that both Bismark
andiing William will die very soon
and. ery suddenly.
hMs. Langdon, Plsuer of William B.
As4, of New York, has begun a suit
aga st her brother for the recovery of
profirty valued at several millions.
Ilie scholars In a Minneapolis school
thoght the water in their well tasted
qu Iy for a few days, and so instituted
an ~vestlgation, which brought to light
adbd baby.
inn %V. Forney Is trying to sell the
Wihington Ckroniiek, and is said to
coatmplate a remnoval to the Pacific
cost. He warn offered the Baltimore
A*rieunf newspaper for $2OO,000.
I 0. Penin, the irrepressible ex-Know.
Nohinjr, has been nominated for Chief
Juilce of Utah. E. 0. P. is the supposed
ori~nal of Walt Whitman's 'Barbarlc
(en. Shermanhas adopted a son of the
fawnus scout and Indian hunter, Kit
Cason, and will send him to Notre
Ds~ie U~niversity, at South Bend, lnd.
Tb General is doing as he was done
'e~re are now in the esuitry about
0,40000 newhich est so each,
orel0,*pif. T ea02sml used to
w h them Is net 3ms ttm SlI a
Anam hc ýpýMO 0 mes+
Madame Ristori acted 340 times in America.
A Makes.hift-A sewing machine.
Question--A pump handle.
Remo, Pa., is totally dead and its railroad
torn up.
4,500 people visited Shakspeare's birth
place list year.
New Orleans claims the most miles of street
railway of any city in the world.
"ace runes on shirt fronts are again com
ing into vogue.
A solid salt bed 600 hundred feet thick, has
been found near Berlin, Prussia,
Powder-What woman loads herself with to:
nake a ball go offwell.
Boston is to have a skating rink containing
30,000 square feet.
A boat club of women is being formed in
Providence is to have a hundred thousand
dollar opera house.
Charleston expects to export 50,000 bushels
of peaches this season.
Garibaldi thinks of visiting England and the
United States next fall.
Over 4,000 lawyers and n murder a day in
this city.-N. Y. Tribune. Too much law,:
too little rope.
Sidney Howard Gay has transferred himself
from the New York Tribune to its Chicago
Mack of the Cincinnati Enquirer, reports
that he gets $15,000 worth of stock in the
concern, and $4,000 a year.
An anti-low-neck-dress-and-embroidered
gaiter society has been formed in Paris. Its
oaths are solemn.
A firm in West Brookfield, Massashusetta,
who manufacture condensed milk, have re
ceived an order from China for 128,000 cans.
Senator Connees has appointed Mr. Harrison,
_an intelligent black man, Clerk of the Senate
Committee on Mines, of which he is Chair
The remains of Lieutenant McKenzie, who
was killed in a fight on the island of For
monsa, are to be removed to Chicago for in
The city of Paris contains about 2,000,000
of inhabitants, living in 50,000 houses. Lon
don has 3,000,000 of people and about 360,000
Mrs. Emma Molloy, wife of the editor of I
the South Bend (Indiana)Ufnion, is announced
as having become connected with that paper
in an editorial capacity.
From the Athens, Ga., papers, we learn that
the silver pitcher of the Athens Wheat Club
was given to Mr. B. Bancroft, who raised for
ty three busheLs and forty-three pounds of
wheat upon one acre.
During the 43 years that the American
Tract Society has been in existence, it has is
sued 22,877,379 volumes ; 200,000,000 tracts ;
100,0000,000 periodicals in 141 different lan
guages and dialects.
The first Japanese child born outside of Jap
an for the last ten centuries was born lately
in London. Mr. and Mrs. Hamaikari Sada
kichi, members of an acrobatic troupe, are
the parents.
A Rhinoceros lately arrived in New York is
only four years old, and is not expected to
attain his full growth for twenty years yet.
His daily ration consists of two bushels of
corn, one bushel of potatoes, and three
hundred pounds of hay, and he drinks fifteen
to twenty buckets of water.
So, boys ! a final bumper,
While we all in chorus chant
For next President we nominate
Ourown Ulysses Grant
And if asked what Sttate he harts from,
This our sole reply shall be,
From near Appomnattox Court House.
With Its fsumous apple tree."
For 'twas there that our Ulysses
That Lee gave up the fight
Plow, boys, " T s.s fmuSar Freslient.,
And God defend the right!"
-Miles O'Reilly.
Cheyenne floats a Grant and Colfax flag.
Iowa Democrats put three editors on their
electoral tieket.
500 papers had the name of Pendleton at
their head-500 heads sore.
Poor old Parker Pillsbury is dIrivelling
away in the revolution in defense of the mod
ern Democratic party.
The nomination of John Covode for Con
grwin the 23d district of Pennsylvania, is
considered certain.
The Republican Executive Committee of
Lcouisiana, claim that the State will give
Grant and~olfax 25,000 majority.
Andrew Johnson's contribution toward the
inflation of the currency the last year or twu,
is his pardon of over a hundred counterfeiters.
Robsrt J. Walker was elected to draft the
financial plank in the New York platform. R.
J. W. is a bond-man.
Thes Columbia (S. C.) Pbatnix has improved
upon the old copperhead slang-whang, "This
is a white man s government," by adding
"And decent negroes may come in."
The New York Tribune elegantl~y remarks
that "Governor Seymour is a cool, wily, in
Fenious master of the art of squirting orator
ic vitriol upon those who do not wear his uni
f oon."t
A late careful canvass of congressional
prospects in Ohio makes twelve districts
reasonably safe for the Republicans, four for
the Democrats and three doubtful.
The Alta Californian, after a careful re
view of previous elections in that State,coines
to the conclusion that there is a reliable ma
jority of at least 15,000 for Grant and Colfax.
Gerrit Smith says: "I expect to vote for
Grant and Colfax. I like them both; and in
the main, I like the platform on which they
It is reported that 'Sunset" Cox will be the
Democratic candidate for Congress in the 6th
district of New York, to succeed Thomas E.
Stewart, and that John Morrissey will be re
nominated from tbe 5th.
A Chicago correspondent writes, that though
Jo.sph Madill, the founder and proprietor of
the Csiago Tribune, stll holds more than 40
shares of the stock, he has practically severed
his editorial connection with that paper. Not
agreeing with ilorace White who has the ed
itorial management, on free trade or impeach
ment, a breach has grown up between the two
which is considered beyond a11 healing.
General Grant is supported by every illus.
trious soldier in the Union-Sherman, Meade,
Phil. Sheridan, Sickles, George H. Thomas,
Ecoker, Pleassoton, McDowell, Canby, Em
ory, Scofield, Mower, Ord, Halieck, ilpat
rack, Logan, Eawlinas, and a host of volun
teer Generals, many of whom have heretofore
been Deuaocrats. Gea. Hancock is the only
really prominent omcer who seems willing to
train with the Anti-war Democracy.
Intelligenee to Camp Rarney to June
22d, reports the killing of 16 and ca pLur
ing of 22 more Indians, under the chlef,
E. D. Gant, near Stein's Mountain, a
few days before, and the subsequent sur
render of 100 other savages of the same
tribe.-Idoaho World.
Three burglars robbed Mr. Coult's
house in Bait Lake, July 11th. Mr.
Coult was absent, and his wife comn
pelled to silence by the presentation of
a ' navy." The burglars became
frihteed nd ed only securing $.
Judge Alaso A. Bmadford 1. the Be
publican mondnee of Colorado fec Dole-.
ý'aý t Cslte~Msx repee~suted the
Tertory on" before and is said to be
""a tower of straight" to. the `ticket.
Ldega1 Nrtitcesf".
No. 9.
rpins is to give notice, that on the ýkthday of
..Jun., A. D.. 1866, a warrant nakrpc
was issued against the estate of Richard Fisher,
of Springvllle. in the county of Jefferson. and
Territory of Montana, who has been adjudged a
Bankrupt on his own petition; that the payment
of any debts and delivery of any property belong
ing to such Bankrnpt, to him, or for his use, and
thc transfer of any propcrty by him are forbidden
by law; that a meeting of the creditors of the said
Bankrupt, to prove their debts, and to choose one
or more Assignees of his estate, wilt be held at a
Court of Bankruptcy, to be holden at the City
Hall, in the City of Virginia, county of Madison,
and Territory of Montana, before Theo. Muflly.
Register, on the 15th day of August. A. D. 1t3t6c.
at 10 o'clock A. M. NEIL IIOWIE.
1'. 8. Marshal (as Messenger) for the District
of Montana Territory.
Wu. CHC)IASERO, ltelena, 14. T.. att'y for
Petitioner. Jy 1O-w3w
No. 6.
T HIS is to give notice, that on the 'rZth day of
June A. D. lt46tt a warrant in Bankruptcy
was issued against the estate of George Church
and John A. McCune, of the county of Madison,
and Territory of Montana, who hare been ad
judged Bankrupts on their own petitions, that the
payment of any debts and delivery ,fany prop
erty belonging to such Bankrupts, to them, or for
their use, and the transfer of any property by
them are forbidden by law; that a meeting of the
creditors of the sait Bankrupts, to prove their
debts, and to choose one or more Assignees of their
estates, will be held at a court of Bankruptcy, to
be holden at the City Hail, in the City of Virginia,
county of Madison. and Territory of Montana.
before Theo. Muftty. Register, on the r~th day of
August, A -D. 1P6'3, at 10 o'clock. A. M.
U. S. Marshal (as Messenger) for the District
of Montana Territory.
By J. J. HLL.L, Deputy.
I DAVID COWAN, Virginia City. M. T., att'y for
Petitioners. iylO.w3w
Case N o. '.
In the Supreme Court of 1 In>ankru toy.
the Territory of Montana. Sesssý -o
In the Matter of Benjamin InBankrupty
L~evy. Bankrupt. ty
To who it may woncern:
The undersigned hereby gives notice of his ap
pointment. as Assignee of Benjamin Levy, of
Helena, in the county of Lewis and Clarke, and
Territory of Montana, who has been adjudged a
Bankrupt upon his own Petition, by the Supreme
Court of maid Territory.
Helena M. T., May 15th, A. D. 1 S
Assignee, etc. ,J
The United States, Q a
Territory of Montana.
I hereby designate the " Weekly Montana PoeT'
as the newspaper iu which the above notios shall
be published by the said William It. Judd, As.
ulgnee of the estate of BeInjamin Levy, Bankrupt
aforesaid, according to law.
Given under my bhand at Virginia City, on this
15th day of Lay A. D.. l1368.
3twu200 Register in Bankruptcy.
T THE co-partnership heretofore existing between
I. George Perry, Louis Bruckman and Henry
Wyttenbaob, under the firm name. George Perry
&t Co., is this day dissolved by mutual consent.
All accounts against and due the firm will be
settled by George Perry and Louis Bruckmian, who
will continue the business under the same firm as
Lincoln Gulch, May 2i3, 1868. dt;52t-wtf.
119L" A, M. T., July 3. 1686r.
' [HE Public are hereby notified that CHARLES
1W. SEARS, is in no manner authorized to act
for us, or either of us, and is in no way connected
with this office. 0. B. O'BAN NON,
jy3dl&w2 Receiver?
Notice 1,n Bankruptcy.
Supjreme Court of In Bankruptcy.
Montana Terrtory,
In the matter of
Jasper B. Chapin, InBmrpcI
':oc Whom it May Concern:
The undersigned hereby gives notice of his ap:
polntment as the Assignee of Jasper B. Chiapin, of
Virginia City, in the county of Madison and Ter
ritory of Montana, who has been adjudged a Bank
rupt upon his own petition by said court .
Given under my hand at Virginia City, county
and Territory aforesaid, on this tith day of July,
A. D. 18€8.
The United States of America, 3
Territory of Montana, !,
I hereby designate the Montana POsT, a weekly
newspaper printed and published in the town of
Ielelna, in the county of Lewis and Clarke, and
the Montana Democrat, a newspaper printed in
Virginia City, In the county of Madison, and Ter
ritory of Montana. as the newspapers in which the
above notice shall be published by Thomas C.
Stevens, assignee of the estate of Jasper B. Chia
pin, bankrupt aforesaid, according to law.
Given under my hand, at Virginia City, in said
Territory, this 8th uday of July, A. D. 18ild.
jyl5w3t Register in Bankruptcy.
Noticc in Bankruptcy.
Supreme Court of InBnruty
Montana Territory, ~I akuty
In the matter of
Asel Stanley, IIn Bankruptey.
No. 12.
The undersigned hereby gives notice of his ap
o~ointment as Assignee of Asel Stanley, of Madison
County, Montana Terri'ory, who has been adiudg
ed a Bankrupt, upon his own petitioni, by the said
Supreme Court.
Given under my hand this 11th day of July, A.
D.. 1t& t. E. H. COMBS,
The United States of America,
Territory of Montana, SR.,
I hereby designate The Weekly Montana PORT,
a newspaper printed and published in Helena, in
the County of Lewis & Clark, and Territory of
Montana, as the newspaper in which the above no.
tics shall be published, by the said F. It. Combs.
Assignee of the Estate of Asel Stanley. Bankrupt
aforesaid, according 10 law.
Given under my hw.nd at Virginia City, M. T~, on
this 11th day of July, A. I)., 1j
jy24,wy3t. Register in Bankruptcy.
Proposals for Fresh Beef.
FORTY SitAW, M. T., July 15, 1~6.
S EALED Proposals, (in Duplicate) will be re
ceived at this office until 12 M1., on Saturday
August 15th, 1868, for furnishing net Reef on the
block, fur Fort Shaw, M. T., from the 1st day of
Sep~htember 18(15, to the 31st day of August l$f6t.
Te followilng regulations must be observed, viz:
Tb. beef to be ot good and wholesome quality,
with equal portions of fore and hind quarters
Neeks, shanks and kidney fat to be excluded.
The necks of the Cattle slaughtered for Beef
nuder this coutractd 1shaeU he cut (ff at the fourth
vertebral joint, and the breast trimmed dog n
The shanks of the forequarter. shall be cut off
famns inehes above the knee joint, and of the bind.
quarters tram six to eight inches it)QVO the gam
brel or bock joint.
The Contractor wrill be requiredt to. weigh and
Issue the Beef on the order ot the P'ost Conamiaary.
bdders will state the price per pound net.
Eaeh copy of sech proposal must have pasted
at its heed, n copy of this alvertisenment.
'The undersigned reserves the right to re ject any
and all bids that may be offered.
Payment to be made in such itunds as the tunited
States may furaish ft r that purpose.
Bidders are invited to be present at the opening
of the bids. No bid st-ll be considered, unless iac
sumtpanled by a written guaraatee of at least two
responsible parties, that the Bidder will sign the
soatreot sad give anuficient security for its fulfill
meat, if the award is tsuse in his favor.
Ceetracts to be s::~ject io the spproval of the
Post Commander, Coen as~diug uttleer District of
Meoetana. Commanding o..1cs-i- department of
Daketa. and the Commisery Gene-al of Subsis
leasee U. S. Army.
Preponealeto be euelrsed In nn envelope and es -
' ~edProposal let. Free'e Beef,'" and addressed.
Is the unadersigned. WItLLIAM K AI' U 4
!ad UsLet It. Q'r M 13th U. ?. Infantry.
l~y)s.dtdI Actineg Comnuissats' Stufbsistemea

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