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The Montana post. [volume] (Virginia City, Montana Territory [i.e. Mont.]) 1864-1869, July 24, 1868, Image 7

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, x pf/TI: 1:) FVOR THlE POST.
ý-i tatc'i Steameri Su
%x-aule % 1reeked.
.1jgI3Itd fat or. the -Natural
iintliou Treaty.
ft'I te fm~r of Greenbacks~.
., A Wife ofiren. Joe Hooker,
"1 jjg1Irgjt Part) E~ -aporated.
3 ,piiij1I op the Newý Tax Bill.
t'. .. _t-t. Jui- 1-Evening Section
º,. ,ii't, pay Ilenry StMarie ten
-.r1l.iar- f~r erlices in procuring the
l:,. Al -k.1 approphriation bill passed omit
; . " t. *i.claring the joint powers of
*I "ºth tl~e P'reident and Senate to
tir.'att I.
c rir.,: .oi bill was asgain cn
con- tie&r. Vt., July 1; .-The Democratic
tirt oLirlatel John L. Edwards for
r nlMr. :oyes for Lieutenant Gov
p i.July 17.-Ibe supply of gas
t-.ý:i-t-i anl the strike still continues.
n-i q' 1 r ,"'ffices have generally resorted
;. few Iplaces of amusement is
t n July 17.-Senattir Howard to
.1t a riaort trio the joint committee
ir,º, -ti. non of fraud, in the ordnance
..r r flit.Te report concludes by recomn
r. 'reniova' of lien. A. B1. Dyer
I t or OC.ºr
'-.u Francs~co. July 1s.-The United States
menr P'en-cola arrivedl at Victoria July
th. nil Will probably proceed immediately
:, the ireck of the Suwanee. 104 officers :1 fhewckdhiarvlatit
thy C,- La t~li-h wir eteamner Sparrowhawk,
tide i Itu i ta~. A large portion of the
r.-wre-º.I. The vessel lies in ai good
-ira" .ii I -1 al l the weather continue fine
''a ta'' nt may be saved.
I U."r w i- a tua-take yesterday in Idahn ad
" 1lv ;th. i ' rejuirted defeat of
r I untrue. Crook held a council
t'" i"ke Indlian. The principal chief
".I: ~ - tar'ý I ii~hting 1lb-'tons.'' It is
,-l".h tie' cuncil will result in a treaty of
. nI tie I cation of Indiani on the rs
r=isn. ('r ok has started in sin ex
"it Ia a- thle Pitt river Indian-. 1'o test
- in ta' ti, Snake In~liaaas lhe calledl
ane~ the :iled aril ten of hi= best warriors to
..A,-',t ni scoots Four times that
:niht r volunteered simnmediately.
n. . 1 ii.ut I;.-1Ir the h~ou-e t f Corn
I It IrIi, I Lord Stanley made an impior
* .t.!..I" t. II- said a reply had been sent
,i:. " iti I St te.- i~overnment as to the
tt furiturrilizatacn. anil the mninietrv
t",i% t, cc.lpt the American interpret a
t. ith'o (ju,Žttion. lie thought therefore
~ , u.-!ili.r~tiiling was 1.o~sihle betw~sen the
tat zittri' -. Lord Stanley saidi he had de
riiioij ti make a treaty at present, as the
r t cn rni--don coikidering the general
-u "i"ct v as still in session. and for ,be addi
Ur 'xii roaa~mn that time will not permit the
* -- t,- of the hill at the present session of
t rltixn-nt.
W4'-i1.iiit'~i. July l;h-ihe `enate funding
o"rl W:I, tejotrto'l from the way~s and means
::indite,' ii i r.'trure~l t,, committee of the
jh . 'ri-,i t s.m .- from thle Alabama repre
-:tii.~was referred to tihe committee on
t he lIie-e weo,t ixiti committee of the
onid mi the fun-in; bill. The first amend
-t i~rvilip_4 f-"r only one class of bonds
"t i- agree~l t". Pouring the discussion Steven~
* ~k -trout; ':round in favor of jhayi. r, t
',t twe-nties mu greenbacks. He said, I litil
th"i Climia;, platform. andi, as I unders'anil
tt.tthat p tiift. to the New York platform.
it L ""h-. bondus shall bie pail according
r 'ýrm:;u.u contract"
1 t mimle;. "the law."'
Mr. Stettin. *accordinxz to law."
Mr. Pike. "thie spirit an.! letter of the con
..ý; , What wa, that law'? that in
1--t hir: Ii- p oil up to a certair. time at 6
pt t",n niter the hor.,Is fell due,
1 :vbein lmiton- jU lt as til,'
Ill, l~oii u~ilerit )ol it au-t ax
Mx-. fiti e:,-, undlerstood it :just as all un
~- olit when the law was enacted .just as
"a- e u~iinedl on the floor a dozen times by
,,e ox-:rn in .f the committee of ways and
7em?>,. It he knew any party Iin the country
ti-it would go for paying in coin that which
tw. payable in money. thus enhancing the
"'x4 t ox*' haulf :if he knew there was sucha
Ilafirtn and such a determination on thi
-u.rt of his own party, he would, with Frnnb
Blair and all, vote for the other party. Ili
"r'ull vote for no such swindle on the tai
,,vers of the country."
£The discu u-ion continued at great length.
I le committee finally rose and took a recess
till evening when the funding bill was again
n,-idered A.. number of amiendments to va
I",:- portion=5 of the bill were proposed~ anud
,.merally reje~cted.
WaItincton, July 1; -Senate.-The cre
I t ial- of Messrs. Abbott and Pool Senators
if North Carolina were presented. Both gen
t-emen took the oath.
Sumner from committee on foreign affairs
:j~orted the Alaska appropriation bill with a
-ection declaring the right of redress should
i-tricken out.
Cattell called up the bill providing for the
.=sue of 3 per cent. certificates to the amount
* f twenty-five millions for the purpose of re
tiring the outstanding compound interest
niote;. After debate the bill passed.
\1'.'ihn from military committee reported
lack the bill reducing the army to a pºeace es
t- dl jamen t.
A new conference committee was appointed
on the bill to supply temporary vacancies inl
t:,e eaecutive department.
'fhe credentials of Kellogg, Harris and the
-'nators of Loui,.iana were presented and both
-warn in. The Senate proceeded to consider
the deficiency appropriation bill to which a
num~ber of amendmlulss had been attached by
the committee which were variously disposed
fTue committee of conferenice was ordered
onthe Indian appropriation bill.
The debate on the deficiency appropriation
fall was continued.
Chandler stated the comm~ittee on co~mmerce
had decided not to press the passage. .1 the
river and harbor appropriation bill till next
Detroit, July 17.-Mrs. Gas. Hlooker died
at Watertown, New York, on Wednesday.
Chicago, July 18.-Seaator Doolittle bas
written a letter opposing the 3d party mlove
menit, and favoring the election ofeymour
and Blair. The 31 party moemmt km app.
rently fallen through
The hot weather continues. N mseos
deaths hive occurred in aU peets of the ce..
try from ron stroke.
Galveston, July 17.-A seriotsa viot comn
menced on the evening of the 15th at Mill
can. It appears a mob of about 2.5 negeoes
led by a white school teacher and negro at
tempted to hang a man named W. H. Midmy.
The white citisens interfered to prevent the
execution. The result was the death of ten
or twelve negroes. The next day the num
bers increased on both aides. In the skirmle
ing during the day it is estimated the cma
alit ies were 25. A small body of troeps at.
rived last night and dispersed the rioters after
killing 3 of the latter number. From 300 to
500 had fortified themselves near Millican.
The entire loss was between 50 and 60 per
New York, July 18.-There are now 1,263
Mormons at castle garden awaiting transpor
tation to Utah. 2,100 more are expected
from Europe soon.
Indianapolis, July 18.-A girl 8 years old
committed suicide by hanging yesterday.
-Newburyport, Mins. July 18.-Ada Wood,
aged 17, committed suicide with arsenic in
cunsequeuce of failing to receive an expected
'diploma at a school examination.
New York, July 18.-24 deaths from heat
were reported at the coroners office yesterday.
There is a prospect of another extremely hot
day to-day.
A Halifax paper says Nora Scotia author
ize-_ the arre-t and imnprisonment of American
citizen, for celebrating the 4th of July
The Master Masons at a meeting last night
resolved to continue firm against bricklayers
on the strike, by which thirty thousand other
mechanics are kept out of work.
Chicago, Jul y18.-The new tax bill though
not so long as former bills of this kind is
very lengthy. It is difficult to give a satis
factory abstract of its provisions in a com
pass brief enough for ordinary newspaper dits
patches. It applies to distilled spirits, to
bacco, snuff, cigars and coal oil, and sets
aside the old provisions of existing laws on
those articles. The rate on whisky is fixed at
50 cent~s. Wholesale dealers pay $100. on
annual sales of not over $50,000, and one dol
lar per $100 on sales tbcst exceed that limit,
and one per cent. on aill eales. Retail deal
ers pay $25. Taxes are collected at the dis
tillery. Whisky and runm may be exported
and a drawback of 60 cents per gallon is al
lowed to be paid by the Secretary of the
Treasury, and not to be due till 30 days cfter
the sailing of the vessel. Distillers pay $4.00
per day while running and $2,00 while work
is susfrended. There is to be one or more re
Iports from each distillery to be paid for by
the government. Whisky now in bond pays
$4,00J per barrel special tax and must be with
drawn within 9 month!. Tobacco pays 32
cents on chewing and 16 cents on smoking.
The proposition to make a warehouse for for
eign tobacco was inot agreed to. Manufac
tured tobacco can be withdrawn in bond but
twice. Snuff pays :12 cents, cigars $5s.00i per
1.000. Cigai etts $ 1.50 wben not weighing
over :i pounds per thousand - $5.00 when they
exceed this weight. The bill does not in
creaeo the bank taxes, as the Senate almost
unanimously refused any change whatever
and the Route was obliged to isoandon the
pro~position or loose~ the bill. Coal oil and
its inanufactures are hereafter exempt from
tax, but distillers and refiners must pay the
same tax as other manufacturers by the act of
last March. T'Ib meter system is again in
troduced. The new stamp provision goes into
effect in 60 days after its passage, but the Sec
retarv of the Treasury miay put off the time
till Dece'mber, and may change the style of
There are to be 23 supervisors of internal
revenue appointed by the Secretary on recom
mendation of the commnissioners and assigned
to districts by him. They have a salary of
~:;.UUo" The commiscioner has power to ap
point 25 detectives and assign themu to duty.
The whole of the present system of revenue
Sinspectors and special agents is abolished at
once, and hereafter there are to be no inspec
tors except for tobacco, snuff and cigars which
are hereafter to be supervised only by the
Secretary and commissioner.
Collectors and Assessors are hereafter to be
confined to their own districts subject to sus
pension by the supervisors for abuse of power,
the duty revising being left to the commis
sioner. 'This summary is mainly intended to
include a statement of the final action on
controverted points, as the general provision
of the new law are well known. The bill as
reported makes the number of internal rev
enue officers less than half of what it now is,
anid effects a great reduction on expenses.
The ('unvention miet at o 4)clock this
p. at., and was called to order by S. L.
W~atsonl. Chairman of the County Cen
tral C'otmittee. The Chairman read
the call for the C'onvention. and the ap
pointmenlt of delegates in the several
On motion. L. M. Blurson was elected
Chairman pro teen, and tieorgt' F. Cow
tin. Secretary )pro to in.
(!ti atotion. the. l'muir it1~j~oiutetd a
cottittittee of three o1k credentials. con
sisting of James Fergus, John A. Nelson,
and Milo Cotirtwiight.
On motion, the Convention took a re
cess, to await the presenting of the re
port of the committee on credentials.
The Convention was called to order.
when the committee on credentials sb
su-mitted the following report :
We the undersigcned Committee on Credentials,
beg leave to report the following names as duly
entitled to seats in tb. Convention :
James Fergus J W "-toner
C Rtine-J L Fisk, proxy W L Mulligan
A J Lamb W Strousbery, proxy
Joseph Magee L. Hans
(I)avid Sountkwlek D H Trufeat
J. J Williams~ John A Nelson
L M Burson W 8 & ribmaer
! R Horr W J Baer
Lew Ramlsh J C McFarland
Henry Biurdick Milo Courtwrlght
(leo F Cowan J P Mabbett
Ed Connolly
Mathew Mctluirk John A Nelson, proxy
West Travis W 8 Scribuer
R McNeil M D Rice
E E Walker R P Forkey
V M C:letr'
A Duke E E Walker, proxy
OIn motion. the report wain adopted.
On motion, a committee of three was
appointed by the Chair. on permanent
organisation, consisting o: Lew. Remish,
W. S. Scribner and B.Mc~Ieal.
The Chairman of the committee pres
vented the following as permanent or
L. M. Baeran, Preident; Jamee Fe,.
g~Is vce-Pretid t; (ieoje F own
On motion on, the report was adopted.
On motion, the Chaiir r l~ned a
committee ci three on d~ee
[email protected] Jea Thk, J. C. MeFar
lead V., Casry.
on motion, Lh. Vonvention took. a s
ca. for twenty-five minutes, while then
committee were preparing a platform
and resolutioni..
The (Chairman again called the Con
vention to order, when the Committee
on Order of Business presented the fo
lowing report :
Ys. Cu~taiwi : -Your Committee on the Order
of Duusmem. beg to reeommned that the Convention
Strt prrocea to the oomsidermtion and adoption of
Platform mad Resolutions; next to the nomination
of candidates for the following offiee, via :
One County Conmmiseioner ; one County Aries
sor ; one member of the Legislative Council ; five
members ef the Assembly.
Respucttully submitted,
On motion, report was received and
The Committee on Platform and Res-.
olutions presented the following :
We do, with one accord, most heartily
endlorse the platform adopted by the
Union Reupublican Convention at Chi
cago, and rtecognize in the nomination of
Ulysses S. Grant for President, and
Schuyler Colfax for V'ice-President, th'e
true prirnciples of the great Union party
and feel confident that they, as stand
ard bearers, will lead the party on to
victory, and secure for the Nation liar
mony and prosperity.
WHIEREAS, The official conduct of
that portion of the Territorial Central
Committee, known as the Executive
Committee, to whom has been intrusted
the whole control of the party. lass been
such as to create dissensions and dis
trust in our ranks, where unity, confi
dence and harmony are so important and
essential to our success; therefore we,
the representatives of the Union Repub
lican party of Lewis and Clark county,
in Convention assembled, do repudiate
such conduct and are compelled from a
sense of duty to the Union party to con
deinn in the most unqualified terms the
conduct of the Chairman of the said
Central Committee; therefore, be it
RESOLVED, That the Union Republi
can County Central Committee of this
county be, and they are hereby instruct
ed to request the Territorial Central
Committee to call and assemble a Terri
torial Convention at Helena, on the 9(la
day of September, 1868, for the purpose
of reorganhzing the Ui on Republican
party, appointing anew Territorial Cen
tral Committee, and for the transaction
of such other business as may legiti -
mately come before it, and in case the
Territorial Committee fail or refuse to
comply with such request within a rea
sonable time, then said ('ounty Commit
I tee is hereby instructed to confer with
the several ('ounty Committees of the
Territory, with a view to the assembling
of such Convention at Helena, at the
time hereinbetore specified: and we do
most cordially invite all good Union Re
publicans throughout the Territory,
w ho Mave the interest and success of the
party at heart, to co-op~erate with us in
this important mtovement.
Chairman of Committee on Platform
and Resolutions.
On mfotion, the report of Committee
on Platform andi Resolutions was unan..
imuously adopted.
On motion, nominations were then'
declared in order.
The Convention then proceeded to
nominate and ballot for tbe several dif
ferent offices, with the following result :
For County Commissi'ner - John
lei Dna.
For Assessor-John A. Nelson.
For Member of Council-R. McNeil.
For Members of the Legislative As
mbly-Sol. `tar, Frank (3etchel. Chasn.
Rice, Cornelius Hedges, Charles Hen
For J ustice of the Peace-Matthew
Mc&i uirk.
For Constable-Geo. F. Cowan.
For Justice of the Peace (Nelson Pre
cinct)-John Pool.
For Constable (Nelson Precinct)-John
On motion, the Chair appointed a
C'ommittee of six as the Republican
County Central Committee for the ensue
ing year. The Committee consisted as
J. .1 Williams, W. S. Scribner, Milo
Courtwright, James Fergus, (leo. F.
Cowan, and Felix Poznainsky.
On motion, the Secretary was requnest
ed to furnish the Daily Helena Herald
and the IDaily POST with a copy of the
proceedings of the Convention.
On motion, the Convention then ad
journed-with three cheers and a tiger
for the ticket and the Union.
L. M. BURSON, Pres't.
43 o. F. COWAN, Secretary.
Preserve these '"Extras" for further
reference. in the house-hold, on the
farm, and in your old age.-Goidriek.
The less old people "refer" to their
youthful "extras' the better for the
"household." They should mak/e ligket
of much things. For instance, burn
A horse can be trained that he is to
trot and not break up.-Goidriek.
That is a good deal more than some
men can be trained to.
The Leavenworth Commertial says
that A. T. Stewart, the Merchant Prince,
of New York. has purchased a half
block in that city, and intends to erect
a mammoth dry goods house thereon, at
at an estimated cost of X40,000.
Messrs. L M. Clemant. C. L. Steven.
son, J. L. Taylor, Ed. Murry and Fred
King, engineers of the Central Pacific
B. I., are in Salt Lake, and ill1 at eace
survey westwardly In the dtr~esloU of
Humboldt Wells.
A letter from Oreana, (Nev.)
miles above th. lower emit of HumM
lake, states that the Cestral Pacds~
road I.beng graded within Afte
of that p~e~ .U.4iw, th1 lL 'I
The Frostler bnse or July 7tt m
About 600 wsge.. mr -w ea
haul th b.5gse of thait Iss
o f M m or s li mm lg m n n b ' T h e " ~ i s i r i A "ba g a s a u " . t e l t it
,$A FOU'Iy0~tk
Mancitactiirer.. of
P oflible id Slaflonar Slean
Steam IF'umps, SIE«w and Grist -Mills,
and G4eneral Machinery,
and one rORNISII CRIUSHER; two
Turljine Watesr Wheels,
One pair of Mill Burrs, one
for sale at low rates.
A goo- assortment of Gum Belting, Hose, Paekinr" a (Pig pie and
Fixture . oiler Flues, Sheet Copper, Steami Pumps, ~LiftinganFoc
Pumps, circular Saws from 24 to 56 inches, with and without inserted
teeth; Ptent Tire Shrinkers, Jack Screws, Shoes, Dies, (Camls, &-c., kept
cntnsoni hland.
InMontana, Territory
9heCelbraedWheeler & Randall Pans.
Sole Agrents for
lall'aPi P~atent Slotted Seveen .
- j y1O-wly
Legal1 N()tivead.
rio. 9.
TH111 is, give notice, that on the 2t~th day of
Jun,..D..186, awarrant in Bankruptcy
was issuedgainet the estate of Richard Fisher,
of SpringsIe. in the county of Jefferson. and
Territory . Montana, who has been adjudged a
Bankrupt o his own petition; that the payment
of sany deb and delivery of any property belong
Jog to sucllankrupt. to him. or for his use, and
the tranafeof any property by him are forbidden
by law; tIt a meeting of the creditor, of the said
Bankrupt.), prove their debts, and to choose one
or more A~ignees of his estate, will be held at a
Court of ankruptcy. to be holden at the City
Hall, In thCity of Virginia. county of Madison,
and Terriry of Montana, before Theo. Muffly.
Regiter. i the 15th day of August. A. D. 186a2,
at 0 Oo'cle A.M. NEIL BOWIE.
U. Sdarshai (as Messenger) for the District
of Montana Territory.
SVM.HUCM&5ERO, hlelena, Ii. T.. att'y for
Petitiod'. jyIO-w3w
No0. tA.
T HIS to giv-e notice, that on the 2,5th day of
Jun&. D. l1868 a warrant in Bankruptcy
was issut against the estate of George Church
and Jobal. McCune, of the county of Madison,
and Tervory of Montana, who have been ad
judged Okrnpta on their own petitions, that the
paysnensf amy debts sand delivery of any prop
erty belqing to such Bankrupts, to them, or for
their us and the transfer of any property by
then ar~arbiddeta by law; that a meeting of the
credilorof the said Bankrupts. to prove their
debts. at to choose one or more Assignees of their
estates, Ill be held at a court of Bankruptcy, to
be hold) at the City Hall, in the City of Virginia,
county if Madison. and Territory of Montana,
before ~eo. Mutlly, Register, on the 11th day of
IAugnatl." D. 188i, at 10 o'ciock. A. M.
1U.1Marshal (as Messenger) for the District
of Montana Territory.
By J. J. HULL, Deputy.
DAD CowAN, Virginia City, M. T., att'y for
Petitiers. jy1O-w3w -
Case No.
Iugso Supreme Couart of in Bank rinjtcv .
th4'errltory of Montana.
In Matter of Benjamin { nBnkuty
To NNa t meff oncern~:
The ~deralgued hereby gives notice of his ap.
po-tat asAssignee of Benjamin Levy, of
en~ the county of Lewis and Clarke, and
TerTiW of Moetana, who has been adjudged a
Bankp spom his own Petition, by the Supreme
'Court maid Territory .
lieieu. T., May 15th, A. D. 1SF
Assignee, etc.
T United Staates, S q
I ely designate the "Weekly Montana Pocrr"
es t~saupe in which the above notice shall
be PJhe by the said William B. Judd, As
siR f h sotate of Doujamin Levy, Baakrupt
aforall, aeourdin to law.
Gu~t unuder my hand at Virginia City, on this
15th * of kay A. D. 19N.
3~hO Rgister is Bankruptcy.
DIBuIUIIlgte.- -
paee- hl oueolw xsting between
PerrIF y, >iSDEU k~maU and Henry
Wgsunader the Ari name. (istarge Perry
& this day disslved by mautual nonsent.
*il5SnWu ugatest and 4ns the Ann will be
GGeorge Niery and Louis Brushmaa, who
M the hesine.. unde the same Arm as
lis ac.may !S 35t d5--e
W.U L "no WVICE.
a s . . T , u y 3 et iI b s y n s da u a t h e rat toA L S
isis s nnatsie seot
cl nsail is in s neusesasd1
Notlce, in Bankruptcy.
Supreme Court ofIn lkrlty
Montana Territory, J lrkut3
In the matter of
.lssper B. Chapin, , In Bankruptcy
Bankrn pt. )
Nco. 21.
'To XVxirin It May CLoncern:
The uniersigned hereby gives notine of his ap
pointment as tbe Assignee of Jasper B. Chapin, of
Virginia City. In the county of Madison and Ter
ritory of Montana, who has been adjudged a Bank
rupt upon his own petition by' said court.
Given under my hand at Virginia City, counnsy
and Territory aforesaid, on this Qth day of July,
A. I). I8fd$.
The United States of America, 1 .
Territory of Montana,
I hereby designate the Montana POsT, a weekly
newspaper printed and published in the town of
Ileicna, in the county of Lewi, and Clarke, and
the Montana Democrat, a news paper printed in
Virginia City, in the county of Madison, and Ter
ritory of Montana. as the newspapers in which the
Steveanns, t ashall of the esaeof Jasper B. Cha
(Given under my band, at Virginia City. in said
Territory, this 5th day of July. A. D. iS~e.
1y15w~tRegister in Bankruptcy.
Errot's ortouth.
A GENTLEMAN who suffered for year. from
Nervous Debility, Premature Decay, and all
the effects of youthful indiscretion, will, for the
make of uffering humanity, send free to all who
need it, the receipt and directions for making the
simple remedy by which he wasn cured. Sufferers
wishing to profit by the advertiser's experience can
do so uy- addreseing, in perfect confidence.
w-143-19:i No. 42 Cedar St. Ne w York
Statutes of Montana,
For sale at this office.
Deeri Lodge City . M. 'V'.
S. SCOTT, Proprietor.
T RAVELERS will find this the beat hotei in
Montana. Clemn feather beds and neatly fur
nished carpeted rooms almay}m ready.
All mail and express coaches stop at tiso house.
DR. FRANKLIN advocated early marriages.
LF Esays for Young Mea, on this and other sub
jects, being a (;nide to Marriage and Conjugal
Felicity, by benevolent Physicians, sent by mall,
in as led letter envelopes, free of charge. Address,
HOWARD ASSOCIA'rION. Biox P., Pbiiadslphia,
I nne2d&wim
M anamueegu aind laqsp eeestatly si hand sand
hr satinr the masg raesasable tris,
U... saga mean Paintiag
Neatly dose.
W DAuaw MADI COFIFINS. 1 1tf w3m
o. J. Pleat, B. Stickuey, Jr. Chain F. Ellis.
S uc.cemo to Ware, Ellis & Co.
Wholsale Grocers !
Commission Merchants,
Dealers iui
Liquoz's A Teas,
Iron and Steel,
Is Secure tromi Fire.
IConsignments Solicited.
d &wap2Otf
'I'hwinzg Hoitel,
On and after the 11th of May, 1868, this
new, commodious, completely furnished and
comfortable building will be
Every endeavor has been and will be made by
the owner and lessee to render the
Unquestionably First Class.
my9je9- Proprietress
N. w_ r. CO
(.niick "Tie!
SCheap iEstes.Z
The North-West
Transportation Company
TNCORPORATED under the general Incor
Jporation law of the State of Iowa, will
1 start upon the opening of navigation on the
Upper M issouri River, between
Sioux City & Ft. Benton
A line of
First Class Steamboats,
in connection with the
8hippers, by patronising this line will save
1,000 MILES!
Of the most dangerous and difficult river navi
gation, lessening thereby the rates of in
One-Third, at Leazt !
And gaining twenty dlays time.
For information regarding rater, apply at
the one.e in
29 Broadway
IS State Str.et.
53 Clark street.
51s Wamu u sreet.
OAs LAwU~shI..R

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