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The Montana post. (Virginia City, Montana Territory [i.e. Mont.]) 1864-1869, June 11, 1869, Image 4

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The aontana PmtL
General News.
London, Jane 6.-L-ord Bruogbtoa died
yeuterday, aged 83.
Cbarlet.n. June 6.-The Anadel, Captain
Caplin. arrived with "veral praengArs rav.d
fr,,m rh. M.ai-siippi. Thbis ateaner struck
the rtls near iMarttsiqu* and broke in pieces.
Tbe pa·rengem an I crew wore saved by two
D-troit. June 6.-Dr. ujy. who has been
s trial ·rev-al day- at ar-sbhall, Michigan
eb .rged with chill taunter by producing abor,
Sion, was 14-t sight ftu,,d guilty. To con
el toe the trancly tih Dr). oklr morphine and
dA..l t'-day.
Kan-a, City, Mo.. June 6 -Advie.s from
the n+utral lan.dt, Kanleaa., state batl on the
3d a party of 33 leage*ar- appnred at a point
ten mln -nuOta of Fort 'cutt. on .he line of
lbe railrowl. drove away the laborers and
pulled up lie £urveror' rtakes.
Phil,,teslphsa, June 6.-Two policemen in
hi.- city bar- bees. arrested and held to bail
fur trial on the chrrce of entering a bouse
last nighbt and b.,ting th inmate, almost to-.
death. breakAlng furnature, -tc. The eafereras
wvre colo)red p~.sona.. Ib h a.-ratlnti are
newly appo. l .... i .,'rs.
Nori.lk. Jum1- t; -John Hurramy, a respect
able cmuz-mi of P..Put .uirmum. waa rhhot d.am by
Alex Perry, wbtm be -u-pected of -rducing
Li. dmuuhbter amid ua rwim'um be dled the frrt .hot
wits. dmlihL 4Q-c . Perry w." bmiled for ap
9.raumem ..n M or.day.
St Loum-. June' R.-J. E Lenoine was ar
pp-tl yeste dmy .i 1mm pirty tL the robbery of
thb Fir-t Natiommal bmuw k of Cleurfeld, Pa.,
May 12.
Wsulmimmgtmmn, Jumme 6.- ['be Psotutmnter Gen
vral bh. - einusal i-tm cI-k- frtom the Finance
Bureau aId 4.pmu~lll~hi o.rh.-r-.
l1i.0 reCelpL.. lrm.tm ilnirnm ml ILRvenue to-day
were over .,as ,nH liii. cur muic%; b.tlammce In
%Jme Frearury ?i .hmhmmm.Oi,
Clmmia-o. Jute. t -the Tribune'.. N. Y.
Dpmcial s-v- tth- Culi ,an. deim lte .eeamer
hero mimil . in their miererp,-L, Lbommh ebe pus
gably c.iri41 rim ."r> .1 ;---mmi". who will go
fmuw J~ausic Lu tCulm by mhe fir-t cmiuv-yamcmm.
t mmll m.tre'L m. rimmirukably q'm.et. ['artifri
atLewptltln. to throw omide Pane etmock on
the toi:mrkm' m-t ua jli no eiicourn4emen'. for
samiet, mii hbir m Wml lease. for the P.cfic coist
Ou.:mbm, Jumi- 7.-U.',mermml Smmemidan, L~oub
l ijay au~l party art b-d ye-terdmy, cud will
lPave for the We-l, to day.
Ail.mm.t:m, (i..., Jumm- 7.-E11er.era1 rerry gave
a tumijismy eac*iot to sherif Norris to Warren
Lou aimd bha roumt Lioips+ t1 U -.\It hits b n ar
tertflmL the a·-s,-a-inC of zenmmtor Atkmin.
Albany, JUte 7.-i he National Lypograph
ic.il ComY-ntmont mmIppintetl A c et.lentmal com
znmttem amiii atjoumited till icon. 12U dee
gate* wi-re. pr.--m'm.t.
lie lir;m' -lhop- for bul ling hridmz.. o:m the
Erie rmmzlrm..md. wer. burled Ibih morning.
liavamam, Juni. 7.-Mex-ican damtes to the
firt, et.mt. I.--c'-an- dmimi-.i e a-ked to re
main jIle reitiiwemmt of Mlexicars is mgain-t
e1llir any term I tory to Awnein ts, but they
4o favor a 1.iOtiCItmoimC.
Mailrt 1, June 7 -Ibrse is wench anxiety
abut C'uba .ini is y haId. The governmwent
I- uiwIai. , ti t1ub1i-h the t-iersasun recs'ived
frItn Cub., rhachi e augneuIe Ith uieaiinr-s.
1siernu. June' 7 -J.&. 4 Meaurock, a
we.rthy res.! l mn- ctiiiit, re-ijling at Bright
oil. wi.- tilluWli Oili ii'- C.snri a'-e 14 t evenn
al l ler cta ut le ts C IriitSg i , wre Cuu
tzder.;lII) I, J-11 I.
.1oI-tpille'. Jutie 7 -Uz ut"n block iit St
Alh..h- Wet- Y- -.0 l.ly tlIsusbr."d by fire tIi the
I',..t.',.J!,.e 7.-ihe b.i..ie ..f two un
kr wit WI is', -i ji-' Ss'el r1 has h""- C iii-, sli-Lwne.
at Ire time it t'.1" late ets-.iiuhuota firs', were
1"ulla.4 Ili the its.'
A kettle ".I wi-liee bra,' w.1. naccia.ciaily
peilld " is Frad Buudede to day, rurri.y bios
It is... 1i--ti ili-c..t'red t:)at (eo. D. iia4-
ln.,Oir.-t fay :itr.l IireL-ursr .1 thu thldrfoid
Iru-r l'... -iur:ts'.ic i, ver $20.400 lusad. of
the iii ;fle1, C. t I , C... bU ak, whaile Ca-hl-r
of ihatr iu-sitnjs1 ,. I ibe 41-6 -it will IlIeinade
,ud by hi, hli~ier lie ha- buen oblaned to
re.ign his psertlunJ to th·eTrunt cniwpgaly.
tI litog. Junte" 8 -'I'1.- Jury in tilt
Met asriusrick niurii,-r Cui-' autter beiog unut
tac Iii. sore ret isris- il it v.-rd ut thtat ii. i l
ards.e II ". ie nost guilIty. TIhe- verdict wase
rece~-ivt-ni Weitl mu ich eklt laU*IM$UI.
Thes Jury ait v% leaiatas in I lie- cure of
Alaaaair:a J. Craig ter. E S. Sprague for
breedsc1 ta I r Humac.-, ii slav returnt- a
verdict 11,r tise- 1I1,aitiff . asreeseing the
dauinsges a $1II0.000. lie full amount
clsuimu .-el 'ie vteilct was received with
lisuchi eurfiri-e..
Waehin,~on. Junta- S -J. V. L. Sche
urr is allpaiaitt-d Ae'ssjtmnat Assaye r of
Othe Braauscis Sint at Deuiver.
''liui' iaise by then robi-rt 'it the U. S.
Dejeu-lina~ry tit Santa FE is ir ily $100,000.
'I'wo uisllism eighlt tLou~and doliara
in W.slsl wits cold ts-da+y, and brought
$2,, n.71' currency.
A C. (St-watrt it, apllaointed eollectuir of
lntetrnsl lia-veucue tltr tlie Fourth Dia
trict of Miessouri.
Tlhe Tj'itt in atn article on tlih French
etcjtiour. p'mitii. la the !act thlat tbir:y
One nuts h Lai* 111 lion et French vot.-d
ina e~i'all 44 ciin to inly i ur milson who
supjl.".rter tlie gu'4.raa::atezt. WhIateve'r
the relative a";ren&.(la 4t pmarties miay be
it) lilt- l't/'1)"1 l.."_;:r~ti it1. ihld eii nltcan t
IC Ut ' rilli i e~uttraag. it' bound t.,
it an I" fla' e41i1.- 1).&FiY and 1ti&a
lri. 1ccd raa'trnnl.i". t. I
Iliielilie Ucd. June '1 he Republican~!IC·
flit- lnitltc l~ut liI l I"rcni.-ulli u to toar;
Ii' tlfl1.I. al t'"r a i..* 1. Le iatlaiR1.'a *t-Da't,
" fit 1.4L! 1.4 !%%( II 4.4 '4h -a- O; Le
Iic.rta :evaen Iatgroet antli o0:4 w~inLt.
(hotn. CaaIihy mac L 'i ointad Ma j. A. B
Jliht~tlI t~tI1 Naie i.1tot l~:C!.tu..nd.
1.(itfula)ia J iiii 8 -1-mac 4 "amnpbell.
1:. I a:1.1: l. t .. -14 a~.h 1~te,aivna-net.
U lrt;ridi, Julnf $.-"' ir new Constitu
I . t) l 4.:P 1..11l Il44ijtI;4tte i it& all j)ra)vif
C' '. " t ý} :ii , rri·c uttl e r p eCtl 4
t CIIa;"' it (:i-1`1+ti h J:.: he. n It -
(tik(. Ii e ! ' ill 1 it r:, ti..r, S. r.-T.' iv ' a,
...r t~. .: U i' 4t 114 fie r.t tot l ubt. CouIAL. r
lit:,t. a i t a tz:. ra (jd.^ tiu tor r -
:etrt I i:." .'r . 1I'. :.t' tj11 d .' h-Jill
ti ,'Li.: -'!t, I .I::t.Ut" - .t ie :r to . e
* *t iJv ~'her ':4i?.z r.. Otit
r "-ti: aal kL e F XI:4 In. of l
al i.a :~iir r ii.' "\ rriz'" thjert
C~uP~IIII cw.) t.":::; ally a+ Of It.
ti'l . I bay ae in jtil lrtr.uuro d
'a aetTTE ti tl"aW~e9 aol iiin:t.A. 'ilat r1-I
eilua4itI t ast g.aw.f. A~im £#!J* 34llt
..utltds tq baio grti j&atl. le
Bave. , June 6.-s4a pt. Genrl DeIl.e
sailed e pae pin t.-da. Me m eomp
:ied to the steamer by all the midtary O
cer of high reak now n lIavama, Lad by a
colems of volaseer uc ogme a.
The Davana journal .abil.h report whae
sepresent that thoarnis of laergegt. are
surrenderig. It is amerted that among thoe.
who have give up their swotds are G(eerals
Pedra, Cespedn and Francisco Forvar
The Herald's special at Havaa says the
progJrmme of the voleuteeru is to remaia
quiet until the arrival oft e. Deredo. the
npaniah Admiral strongly objected to the ac
tion of the voluntemer depenia Delc', but
fially acquiesced. It is believed he will re
main a pasive spectator of whatever they
may do before the arrival of Gee. teredo.
I Te "'Slap" to be Apolognled
London, Jane 6.- Advices from Hong
Kong of May 11, y the Freck and other
Envoys had notiiale the Chinese govesrment
that thre days would be allowed for an apol
oly for the imrult to Count de Rochbambea.
A Flank Movement.
Chicago, June 6.-rhbe ime's special says
the Presadeet i. already felilling she promise
that if the appointee of the new Admlnit
tration don't properly fll their pouitions,they
will be removed.
wuo newly appointed Collectors and one As.
ses.ar of Internal Revenue have been removed
by remas of their perf"nouacm andn short
couinog as public uocers. Tlhis cours will
be pursued as far as the Internal lteveneu
service Lt concerned. Commissioner Delano
says he will regard a failure to collect tazes
due in any given district. as a prima facie ev
idence that officers are either icefciest, in
competent or dishoset,. either of waich will
be curnside.red -odffcient ground for suspension.
Chicago, Julie 6 -the Tribune's Washing
ton -pect.al as ha that rince the adjournment
of Congrees, the President has removed at
least nine of his own appotatees.
Gotham Go.inp.
New York, June 6.-At the Jerome Park
races a hurdle race was made for all ages, for
$500, one mile and three quarters, over .ix
hurdles. Sax horses run--htrver Booth win
.er. Time 3:25j- second race, Fordham
Stakes, handicap, was won by a colt by "Un
cle Vie." third race, Belmont stakes, for
two year old., was won by Auuast Belmont's
'Fenian," has "'Ulenery" being second.
Fourth race, Members' Cup, Handicap and
Sweepet.,kea, was won by "'limax."
Mrs. Vernon, a well known actress, died
yesterday, aged 77.
h",os. Mclonte was arrested here, charged
with committing forgeries at Omaha to the
amount of $30,000 to $40,000. It is also
aaserted that he deserted his family and
brought here a young girl from Michigan,
wnom he had seduce t.
Robert Boyd and ieo. J. Delaney, post
office clerk., were to-Jay sentenced re-p.ct
iaely to 10 and 3 years imnprisonment for em
b-ulliang money letters.
Sickles.-Indian Mailters.
Cbicagt, Jane 6.-t-he Journal's special
rays notwithstanding Ueneral Sickles has ac
cepted the Spanish misuon, there are certain
conditions which render it doubtful wbether
be will enter on the duties. The Secretary
of State yesterdiy addressed him a letter,
akaung han it bhe was ready to proceed to the
post. as the President war anaxiou we should
have a representative there immediately on
the retireme.t of the present M.nister, which
takes place on the ise of July.
lutorm..tion has been received to-day at
the War Lepartnent, Indicating the Indi
_os are on the war path. teneral Shermaa
and other leadling military men, express great
doubt as to the practicablibty of adopting the
Quaker policy.
A Probable Apology for an
Augu-ta; .a., June 6 --he Elberton Ga
ae-* ouse. aa ,ure.aretCtaunary plot bay e0-u
discovered by a negro, having for its object
the burning of the town of Lexington, te
county enat ,,f Ogaithorp county. atn., the
masucre of the inhabirant4a. lbe beriI and
pome, while arre..tilg thIe nlegroe said to be
implacated in the plot, were resisted by one i
whom they ahobu t ad killed.
Washington, June 6.-The Preident hba
mde. the ioll,.wing appointamels : C. C.
Andraw.. Milanter K.eident at Stockbolm;
J S. t;rahamn, Consul at Florence ; bas. K.
Moblsy, Attorney southern di-trict of Flo.,
iJa; John Lynch, Surveyor General.
That Bad Trick Again.-.
Troubles in Kinsaas.
St. louts, June 6.-Di-patches from hays
City. Ks., -tate Lthe t:ail train which Ilft
-l.erldaan y-..-trd my A. M.. was run off the
t.ack lby the [,.iJasr. Lt Low, with a troop
oi the 7th ca.,vl y. c.rmped ne:r the mouth of
Asher cie.-k, had ,en andu pursued tbe Indi
an!, but they always e-c sped.
L~avenworth. June 6 -A special from
Ellworth says General Niles' courier ar
rived from aline anti reported two additional
bodies found, m.,ktiral thirteen killed. The
Indians ate devas.ating U b* .etleme.ts om
the Solomon and Republican. Adjutant
lieneral Mlorehou-e leaver to-night lur the
Republican with twenty-three scouts recruit
ing here. lie received dispatches to day that
the Indians were in the vicinity of White
KRock antm Lake Sibley, all the week in large
numbers, killting and destroying everything.
Major Cox, of the 10th cavalry, arrived from
Camp Supply and reports all the Arapahoes
and 400 clteyemne., at that pr.t, hungry and
out otf ammunition. Col. Nelson. Supeno
tede.at, t . there with a tock of provi-ion:
and wood for their benelit. The colonles in
Jewel and Mitchell county, in northwestern
Kanass, have been drives nato Republic and
Washington counti.. Nearly twenty per
Tons wet killed. There is a panic amoag
the settlers in that part of the State.
The National Typographlcal
vVqu~u C.as uRIP4n.
Albany. June 6.- The delegates to the Na
tional Cnnenla son whach meets here to mor.
row, have azra'e.I lrot a large number of
'?lltt' atid -.ratorit--r uand from the Claadae
The l luw..rd and Augusta Lewis, from
New Y..rk. are al-o here for the purpoce of
a-king fora cha:ter. The eaC-iin wall 1lt all
tbe w"ek. A m:uwber of Cacuraalu to Saira
cost SLI elerwbiere, are to take place.
A new Move In Cuba.
Havaana. June 7.-The volualeeta bave r"
wa.ved the Usarerno reas Canleoua awl Colon.
Ihej vnnpo-e to ertabli-b a triumvirate to
coasl et st I)rtosmsent pdipauirde te govern tb.
1-litud till she hl.me gavernment is eeUled.
they will 1.ra.btbly give Comast Vasimeteda
cuszians~d sof th. furcn- in the field. The
tia,~.oeak,,r uS U Mins i usia1 a.iet Jurisce bare
.e-1a,.eti. mi- forty a."tcsel- sam~d the hi-hop of
Ctab uccuuaJiey tiru. Alulce tU Spain. lUen.
l.-1"e.. I a- 15)eCLt" 50 felrr1.i zuous. A eari
..U fl.( ..v yl(.u-.sml. 1.." a aa1asait:-ra at.al re.u
5,.lr lni p -'is"(I p5 aCe an ca d -.:ai.
y):*1i:t Karate ja ideto a Iacaputtasin.
.'" .t l.. Jtl Jule i.-!.- ler.'lIi MIJdti.l
ý.t;C:" -. @1.." i.ew C"1.: C :11 u log llwJ p..
sI.U.u1 .?a-h y.aie:l:.y wails. bae-.l p maR. the
*-a1. ttu~s ea... via-I aaiod ieC-aaea 116411 lu I
..e"- i., .... su..-aa-a cob~zuuhee 41 pe.eple.
ill.' L···l'u':«- e..critcrok She oath to suppauil
11." j111"u hail.,, the Lispiat..-w. i
r.aa ii. ,lll 5 sit Iti., 1 *ura. -otie 1ºtalis) were
aa a. .. iIs ala . "rt'ue IUsI ;a sutIIult eft-itlca enon
ta.-t sa.a i 'l11e aai-1sbulbucr was lacres-rs C
'.1..1 a lire..t'ms.A to . u-cs',.. .16.r.cruqi der-pitt
.grilLu. ut the irorop , a 1.an the MilawryI uv
S. s.1.r of 1l!.a cly. wsIk meat praa.to Of
aau,.4l. to 6 ial l sasma the 4ueyT.a1 4Lsu0r1
r.-luuiznlP '-Viva :l.. )iseau es *me'. KM.
ct.ea·ria the feýa'lpsm 9 b 116% who joined
the cLerrimag with b4 % swid o f b-j
seeal woeaded. A U ry rview
of-over f:sd Te .mba
Itr asslad,
howeer, o o M tie parpo -
ticipated I. the A civic pro"
aeaeds and a4-a beo sa eta. lts ei
of ire works fol:wed. At keasm Ie.W0 vis
iseros frm he eemary were is Madrid.
A CAre Agatmat Ma.eary.
New York, Jeae 7.-At tshe os. of the
Xaviaa Alumni redaisy, yesterday, Arch
bishop McCloakey delivered as intoresti.g
addrem. te warmed y 7a menae a.
m assoceism d arwn1 o c2 Ir.Maer.
He mid he was astosies d at bearing learned
gemtlemes of amother faisbh express a blief
that the Catholie hurch omeld mo be seroiou
is her pebibisiem ef Frem Masmary, as Arch
bishop AlaIoe and several eminent priJ.tte
1 sad et epe Nes I1. were ree Masons.
During a igbt as the 21st ward yesterday,
between John Besaett, Jame Brady and
James Lyach, the two sramer were stabbed.
I.aedy's woade ace mortal.
A laibause Fruits.
New York, Jeae T.-- he report of the
Deputy (Commieionwer. of kevu c h abows that
duniag October, Novem.ber and December, '68,
Iftymeven per cent. of oar domestIc eporer,
and amiaty per cent or our re-exports had
been truaeported in foregan vwesels.
The Revlm C.meitslimi - A
Wew Partet Qospel of Peace
Wa-hinrton, June T.-The President bar
isrued an Executive order deSlion the duties
of the Commaasion of citiseas appointed un
der authority of law for the managemest of
adisa Altars. The frat reuolatioa allows
tbe Commssion to make its own organisa
tion, employ clerks, etc. The second allows
the Commi-sion to inspect the records of In
dian oeces, and obtain fall information there
from. The third gives them power to in
spect the various Indian *upeanutendenciee
and ageci., to be presen at at the payment of
ananitie, Ac., and to advise superintendents
and agents in Me permormeace of their du
ties. the fourth astburits them to be pres
ent at the purchase of good f..r Idians, to
inspect such purcbase-, advising with the
Commissioner of Indian Alairs in regard
thereto. The filth that whenever they deem
it advisable that Ioetractions to sapervatend
ent' and age·nt be changed or modified, they
will communioate such, through the oce of
the Commis-toner of Indian AKair., to the
Secreary of the Interior, and in like man
neor ther advice as to changes in modes of
the Purchase of goods or the conduct of af
fairs to the Indian Burwa. Proper com
plaints against superinttedents or ag-nts, or
other oBcers in the same m.nner are to be
forwarded to the Indian Bureau or Depart
ment of the Interior for a.cios. Sixth, the
Commission will at to.ir board meeting de
termine upon tecommeendations to be mlae as
to plans of civilisation or dealing with fi
diane, anni submit the same for action in the
manner above iodicated. the -eveuth regu
lates the manner of accounting with the
Treasury Department. The eighth enj.ins all
oScers of the government to co-operate with
the Commissioners and to give them all la
cilities, epportunities and aiIi In the perform
ance of their duties. The ninth requires the
Commission to keep the necesary record, of
their proceedings.
Cou.mt-sioner Parker inst'u,:ts army ot
cers aaitgned to duty as Indian agent. and em
perintro.ene, that "it being the wnah ut the
government to cauecs the Iadaanz and locate
thelm in permanest abod.e upon r.wervationy;
and reasonable appropriations havin; been
made to assist them in suntalning tbemstlves
after such psrmomret location, by the par
suits of civilised life, you are earnest;y re
ques.ed to se your bees eutdeavors in co-up
eration; to advance this busm ºe and wis pol
icy; hence you will use every means to inform
yuurelf as fully as poseible repecting the
condition of the Indians in your superin
tendency, imprersing the [odian mind upon
evary .pportmutr dwib it views the gov
erPtIt. . an bor idre bet submit to
the change iu their mnode oft tir-, Or.. .ue
pursuit of a more conglenial to a civilisle
tate. You will enleavor to keep constantly
before their minds tie nrjefic intentions of
the government, and obtain their confidence
by acts of khidanes and h onety In dealing
with them, thereby securing that peace which
it is the wib of all good citisei.s to estab
Indisan Wa.r in Kansas.
St. Loui,. Jane 7 -4Dipatche4 from West
ern KLasas ray a courier from AdjutantOe:
eral Morebon-e. who left for slion with
ecoutr, on Friday, reached Ellsworth on S.at
muday with help 5. take are of the wouuded.
The courier represents that what are left of
the Swede- in that region are preparing to
leave for Chicago.
The mail party due at Ft. Larn.l on 2nd
in.t., has not been heard from. It is sup
posed to be captured.
Ouardl have been sent to the d fereat ita
tionI. on the lRalroad to protect life and
property. Binds of Indians were discovered.
crossing the Railruad goirg north and scuuth.
The surve.yng party was attacked on the
Solomon a few days since and came into Uays
rity on Saturday, being unable to d any
thing on account of [,laians.
Louis A Delim has brought suit against
Barton Able. formally U. a. Revenue Col
lector, for taking pousesion of his distillery
lart December, layIng damages at 20.006.
Chris Weiser. a very respectable Uer-an,
committed suicide last night by shooting
The Denver Branch to be
St. Louis, June 6.-A Denver dipeatch says
arrangement, have been made by (Go. evans
for the early completior. of the Denver Paci6c
Kailroad. lie starts East to-morrow morn
iig to complete the contract with the Union
Pacitc for laying the track and equipping
the road.
A aho Nutlonl TIype.rraphlecal
Albany, June 8.-In the National lypo
graphical Convention this afternane the coun
saitte on Credeatiala seporte-l. calliun at
tention to the large number of presy repre
-entatives, and ,ecommending ths-r rejection;
also reommna ling the admlasson to seats of
the~ l Qes v ted tshe Woman's Trpo
graphical Union of New York. R-port ac
A long discussion followe4 on a quetton
of proxy representaut., wbhch was finally
referred to a special commiotie. Dzvi ion an
everal sof the suliios w-se alo refesred to a
;pecial committee. The P.e-ilIe:.; read the
annual report, showing the condition of the
union. ie strongly rectmmennded recogni
tion of woman labor and uged a charrer be
granted the WOomaL['L Union of New York.
Abe Treawr ree's report was read. The Arts
mas Ward fud had ircreased in the past year
). W. .Flint, 1 Washington, offered a
re-olutinn that it ii in subversion of a letter
and .-pirit of the conataLtiun if a typo;raph
icl utton si ain violatiuo of ihe po:lcy and
principal sb~j-cts of the o;gani)i.stio to msake
r;tce sr color qai:llafc itiois of memberashp,
nuniabet s WeIo I. b~ uaejurt It l-ruh, ."linste
ui;'.;In; todeny admeii..on to a p:Iuter Eul ly
IoI tsit grou:.d.
On mottirn of New Ol; an.s, the revolution
w.u t..hled-56 to 23.
slwolnIoaun sbowt Isint rlaui---.A
4.tlp. A oed Natlured slln
tuanmit of Black ilille, 8,25. feet above
.Sa Lel, Jane 1--i7 P. .-'the P'ullrnjn
tit'irrtOut, "IamSrastional," the Pioneer of
i+ cla:1S oveir h Padcc Itailroad, is paseng
the. .u*dsff; al Aam)sep by two Pullm.su
p.i .L apIeiet *'. tiM raitntl pert of the
Sie s sa.s e hallm~-ti es. Among the
inm 9h Most ate tieS. C, 'vok,
1 e O tC a wi fe m4 eid; 4kv.
to a h e1 ,r A r- . .
brem, of the .T imme, uad rwife, and
M.i tsewmrt, of hin.eE g Prof. Miler, of
N Medical College;r MrWade, proprietor
Brevoerg Ho nse, N. i , o he S
srdasco Bulledn. wife sad swo bsiMdrrn
Wm. imeastoe of ashe Nw ertk
Blliots, of the bireges oha nl Co.,
wife and chld, rmestoa, of she Associad
Prue, wise sad se; and otlers--one huedred
and forty~d peseugers in all. The dinian
ar mea forty-ebght as the table at once. tI
1:n centre is a compact bat pleasent kitchen,
with ice box nod provision cellar beneath.
Dimmer is now beiag served while moving
aerom the wildereMs. Shirty milm per boer,
over a excellent road, n ears free from d;st
and thoroughly vestilated, with deliciouely
soft mountain air. The party is partaking
of as lUasrines a meal as Irst-class Easters
hotel can aford. They vote uuauimoouly
that no railroad traveling in Ameriea or Ra
rope equals this to comfort or pleasure for
men, women or children.
Iunilelpal Election Rows in
Washington, Jane 8.-Comumiseioner )e
lano has decided the stamps a.uued by the
Warden of the wtstern Penitentiary of
Puuaeylvaaia, to be adced to boxes of cigars,
a made there without the alighs austhority
-- law.
There was considerable leotlg drnnng the
day, no acoant of the election exciuteent.
In the afternoon it assumed serious propur.
tios,, amounting to almost a battle between
the police and negroes, who attacked Cha, rl
Stewart and attempted to lynch him. The
police rescued him with dilaclsy. Several
of the police were injured with rCnaes, Ac., by
the negroes. Finally, after warning the ne
jroes to disperse, the police fired a volley
into the crowd, klliong one and wounding
several. Mayor B ,we- soon appeared on the
ground, and is buily engaged in endeavoring
to restore order and quiet. The excitement
was allayed with difculty.
The Indiana Ratiticall tio
Indianapolis, Jane 8.-Attorney General
Will.amson delivered an opinion on the con
stitutionality of the specifc appropriation
bill, which was paI.e-d by the Uouee at the
close of tbe special session after the re'igna
Lion ofthbe Democratic memnwrs..The Attorney
General, after a lengthy review of the wbolh
case, concludes the bill in question and other
measures passed by the Ilouse under the same
circuastancee, was in accord with all the re
qeirements of the constitution and ought to
be obeyed as constitutro al law.
Havana, June 7.-the steam-hip Colum
bia takes to New York 26 of the crew and
passengers of the wrecked steamer Missirippi.
Boston, June 7.-Denois Keene, convicted
of murdertng his brother-in-law some months
snce, and who was sentenced to death on
Wednesday last, commuitted uicide this
morning by b banging.
Cleveland, Jun: 7.-Lbe to.; Aqa C well,
exploded yesterday morning, blowing the
tug to atoms. Capt. JasaMe Ureeuhalt, jr.,
was in.-t.ntly killed and others are supposed
to be lost.
The Pearl oil works burned on Suoday
mornIng. Loss $10,000.
Chicago. June 7.-- . M. Pullman and a
party of twelve friends, incltialing Fitch and
Simonton, left Omaha for California in a
special train yesterday.
A telegram from Santa Pe reports the U. S.
depository was robbed of $300,000 on Satur
day. J. S. Collins, of the depository. wae
found dean in the room, shot through the
heart. No clu to the robbers.
A morning paper says a shop which cleared
for San Franeisco, sailed yeter.lay for CObs
with 800 men, mostly recait'ed ir the we-t.
they are commanded by Col. lendry. for
merly Capt. of an Ohio regimaet. The men
were fally equipped, moet of them have seen
A Wa.-hingto special says J. Russell Jone.
las not bete appointed Manastsr to Belgium
as stated, in consequence of the failure ul
Congress to pi.'. the nec 'ewars approprsation .
Work on the diferent delen-ive work,
throuhl.out tbe country has b.evs rl.lriy u.,
peetled. The administration has ,ieterwined.
to make no more foreign appointaments at
present. This lraves Sanford in Belgium and
Minister Mar-h, in Italy.
Gen. Schenck will sail for Europe on th:
9th, and not accompany the Ways and Means
committee to California
A Tribune special pays a negro has bhen
appoInted joiner in the navy yalr, which ha
created great excitement ao the joinrr'e unlito.
Washington, Jane 7.-No official intaI,
mation is received of the recognition of the
Cuban insurgents by Peru.
Spain is havrng about thirty light draft
gunboats built in this country for guarding
the coast of Cuba.
the graduating class of the Naval Ac-ade
my start from Boaton in tile frigate Sabane
on their yearly crui.-e, early laext minthb.
l.en. Jel Davis wiii soon be relieved of
command an Alaska.
San Francisco, June 7.-The leprosy pre
vails to an a.larming extent in the t land of
Zahanti, a favorite resort for whale-hips.
Over half the population are affected with
the di-emee which is spreading rapidly.
New York June T.-Con-iderable excite
ment is arising over the municipal election
in Washington, which occurs to day. The
De)mocrats cbarce the Radicals with ismport
ing negroes from Maryland and Virginia. It
is reported the conservatives have got out
warrants for the arrest of several hundred of
these aegroes. The Democrats have not
nomimated any ticket but will support an
andependent citiinen's ticket.
London, June T.-lt is proposed to create a
new batch of Peer, including the Marquise
of Bardington and Lord Amberly, eldest ~ols
of the most libral Peers, and instal the
Scotch and Irish Peers without seale in the
House of Lords.
P.ris, June 7.-M. Thies, Ferry, Julies
and Garrier, have een declared elected by
Washington, June 8.-The Republicans
elected the saentire city ticket, including Col
lector, Registrar and Surveyor by a large
majority, probably over three thousand.
More colored men are elected, via.: The Reg
ister, one Aleyman and seven members of the
Common Council.
Leavenworth, June &.-A large excursion
party of Eastern Railroed men, representing
several principal roads connecting New York
and Chicago, arrived here to-day. The vi-it
ti in connection with making a direct line
from New York via the Lake Shore, Michi
gan Southern and P..k Island Railroad, to
this city, and hone to the Kansas, Pacific, at
New York, June 8.-Senator Sprague, in
response to a serenade of working men, last
night, claimed to be actuated solely for their
Quebec, June 8.-The east wing of Grey
"oun's convent, elso the chapel attached
thereto, was burned last night. Lose, $20,
St. Louis, Jane S.-The Board of Trade
adopt-.l n resolution to brinc a Liverpool
steam.ur to this port and loid her with bulk
grain for Li:-t .pol, the vas-el to bring a
clrgo of muerchaadise for St. Louis merchalln::
from .iverp ol.
Walhitiug :ol, June S.-Th, Republican'.
Washington :pocial says the Reiuhlhco,s
prohbably carriel every arnt on ('outc Imen.
nuld Aldermen, certainly all but one. A gr.-it
ealtl of disturbance occurred in slme lpast of
the city. At the polls, near tiL huuae of
ex-Secretary Stanton and Senator dhebo. .a,.
there was a siarp fight between the negoer
and police. Aflricu, Republican, chief of
poicee, was coonider.tbly brnired with clubs
and stones. A number of police w-re alt,,
iajureLd. TwetSy or Sweaty-five people haeu.
heen more or less injurled dring the .ray. The
Democrat., in some wards, let the election
go bty4qbuj.
Jonas has received his papers as
New York. June 8.-The steamer Ti
ber, detained onu uepicion ot being in
tended to carry aid to the Cubans. has
cleared and sailed under the L.,minican
Jackren, Miss.. Jsne 8 -The C noser
vative Republicans of Missaisippi have
Iseued a call for a tnevention June 23.
They claim to be the true expPeats of
Urant'ts policy. They repudiate the ex
ecutive c,.mmittee and organizations of
extreme radicals, and insist they are
strictly in hec.rdance with 4be (:ongree
sional plan. TrJy think such a course
will promote barrnony and fraternal
teeling between rn mn f all sections and
color and say in couclul.i9l **we Can and
nmnst all live, togoLther as friends." The
call seems favorably received.
St. L)uis. June .--James II. Lucas.
the richest wman in the city. was strua e
with paralysis to-day.
Albany, June 8.-In the National 'Ty
pograplhical CveuttioJ. laa- D).(,eorge
was elected Preraie-nt; Peter A. Crosby.
Vice-Preodeont, and W. A. Shields, Cur
responding Secretary.
New York, June 8.-A fire tonight at
3513 ad 85. Petal street, destroyed pro
perty to the amount of $15 000.
Chicago, June 8 -Edwin Bootih was
married to Mary McVicker yesterday at
L.ng Branct.
The Novra Scolla Allnexatllon
tlas Cl.oked otr.
Halifax, Juno 8 -I.I the il.,usre of As
se:ubly laAt night. Dr. M11saley moved
an annDxatli)Dn rte*d.lution which was
s.ncond.ed tby Joseph L. MlcDonald. The
(*overnmrent re-,lv.ed to avo I a ,lisrcus
tsion and pieveut a vote from ueiug
taken. Seven iulln-e*rs ,opimioed to the
(,overnmnent voted to have the qCletion
taken. but the rest ott th,- Hu»e, 26
rnllctbertr, voted a;tinst it, thiuau throw%
ing the resoiotimn out at doors The
House will Itw prorogurl ion 'l'T"-rslay.
Outrates hi. the .otutb.
Jacksou, Mi.n1.. June 8.--Col. J. G.
Crane, ot ther U. ` A., awtingC Mayor,
was shot and kill-ld oy E M1. Yager.
'Ihe atrftir gr..w ,out of tlhe an iin of Col.
Crane in seizing tlh property of Yager
for taxes. Yager was arre(dl.ed by the
Mempiihis,. June 8 -Mike Maloney.
notorious lep-l.-rad,. while alking
down Auction sntP-et. last evening, saw
an old negro sitting on the curb ttotu.
Witbh.ut sp.-akrug a w.,rd lih put a pin
tol to tlhe , roru' head . ir.-d anul killed
hIrim instantly. Malouey fl-d. 'I'iia is
the third isur.ler cutuuiitteld.
Clhicago, June 9-- I'he lecrion for
Congressman. to succCee'd E. B Wash
burne, yesterday. cautsed but little in
terest. A very litlit vote was plled.
Birchard, regular .plublican caudidate,
was elected by a large umajoritv.
Anti-lMaItnic Convention.
C'hicagia. Juni 9.--Thle Na tional Clhris
tian ('onvefton. aippo~e-d toP s-Cret *1-o
cieai-wr commenced its se.- io~n lasct night..
About fifty wirwana werut prnesent. Sev
eral p~ravrraa were. offf-ri-'l aakin" (Joel to
cruIs ouit all evil. nod uplw.-eiaill Free
Maaoinrr. Oka oif tie l chi-rt.vluan riad
a r.aialutiio* ;)1sa4-dl by flit- (-nrnal Aip
satualaly ot taaet Pra-uvt.-riao (Church. re
cently l1i-ld at Muantanunrtla Ill.. taking
the- grounrad thiat Frutc Ida4eulry would
dii.qIaatlitv puratone trirm huint ni ,utab.-r
'it t'.- Pir.-lavteri n ('Iaurc:ri. tic S."m
11.-e-tw it kehr* tlranlir'1"e d ·ic· r l r ri te-s
Ai aija-aak)i-JuIa-ii tttlilb. n.1ar pr-4 -tie-!y
wicktd. Bieluup El.Iwrdp. ot tIae I t.i-.1
Bu-thireO. Iatlanleucl thiat- (it, rta frHeilar-.
T--1111eersttn c.- S'"cit ·-I Its. -t1 , w.-r.- toUeldedd
by Aluum",nai t, r.-ru4t the-jr ranik+.
Wýs~itlal, lagal, .J Ul). 9. -Thei Preside-nt
le-aLv-ua fur \'.-.=t P A rat tia-da. aiuil wdil
,ata-nd tier Pcautau Juaihib-* at Botantin;
tlht.-nae lit- an:tk.-a- ta tip Ito lliamoia and
pr")laattly alaao to th,- pla"ins Duriong ahe
nh'utocea ol tie Pr-e~ideaat, I'rilva..r Srcre
tary Potrter will rezuaaaina oa duty in
charge ot thae E1CU ti4ve o(ftfie. lte
t'ahil ut :t-tr2ici n wu lutu ayiiv detrvoltd to
caaaallal.rstia,n of I dt0 al itint.-r..
A t-ligreitli fr-in (iene-ail Shaeridann
waa eubtuaitiad, in which li siayvs the
late .l.-jar.d.ttianta in Kanuinat were- cotita
IjjiftaAl I,. ('!it-vafnutu. wisea taa-n: tllr
wiOter in the Pow it-r iivei coaan!rv.,latra
ly aud ri-cru-ay aitaved doiwn ia i anisa.
ike thoUghaLit the Indaanan hite ,unishied a.e
se-verily last wnte-r, *had nothiuac to do
withl the-ae troulbles
Tlhe Presidea t on the advice of the
Cabina'. liNs directed Sheridnn and Sclao,
tield to ,..nd troope to protect thU line
of tia, Pacific Railroad.
P R 1, 51 C I 4 sr
And Medoiru-t:lectrircao. w.ll make profewsmiºal
vieias at all basUrs, is the cit er re outr). tip-"cial
atteutlern gtvrn to tiasetae j.eeaa'ier to ace.lis. Con
uiltuutgslu Free ad anL r'I CsssshteutlAl.
(melares ma& be left in Paaattealfle Heon N .,j 177 I
preerrte I
Wr O F F I C E for tbe present at his rsaidcenee,
tsearl osppsite t1t. Academy, on RodneV street,
Illeaa M. T. me25-aIºw 2m
Stone vs. Brick
Why Wail for Brick
Tos build when atne is far cheaper. a'ure durable,
and nao."h in.-re h~~wlwtuu l in *pinrarane.Stn
cEuIt fur fr.tsof all asaze. losni- easd .ty Si. at our
Stsel r mtrd, an abortl n.otiee. Peseesa eomteatlat.
i:.eg tellhelug; ail des well toa give tsa a ceall, tr we I
are p~-, a's esi te pust ss~s ~Sssoe It seildie:gas usls.a the
sss=St f SKE h4)I & MCllF'It\E1Y.
Dl:".aeululoua of C..-jurizcrihiap
The cop~a-tnerasbip now eei'ting between Ino.
McCormick, Jas. R. Cauldwesll and C. H. Ile
gram, seeder the untme and firm of McCaor
snick. Ceeldwesll I Cu , will he sll-eolveeu by
woea neze consent e it the let Jhey of Jeasee liszt.
All peirteos isedebted to easseal flsu will please
jmmy tap immediately aedria ave te--C..
Jos. It ALU% ELL
C-II1 Il>M
Ileelena, Maorntana. [ay nE. 1StM1. tn,
~~c~uruickMa 6.s l. ~t t~l rJ . rnse11dlm
John V. nIc"ornaick &(oto.
ýesss.,srssre t.a \1 w - t fie. eWf & Cos
Cer.o, w, onlr c, II CIl.ejg deal hiss J Yes
la..ý, -ss~ttt. ee' !.I sit
f~a( &'i&E.-ri'rs1.s -rsy ruee aid-r~. . s
Tuwu -;L.r rf Ieleea ti're hsr.4ey *loe,t ii-' t
corn- fo~rwerd ~red r-tceive C s-sr tee. to I.,~ t4.
12tlJ-tf M . F. I'lUl~ 1'. P :un re" .1u
The itim of Zimeet2.nes eaes Lsehsma, l~I~ws
I *h letas by mutuael *aa JIer . All psrtmte la
elrbtasl tsa t.ho lae firn wall ldas-l Ca i c Ulsed
aettle+ with Il. Zimmermean or Leo hbtabs.es,
at the Ken Kain.
Jae T. 140--a. eZIKMM3IIAI I & Lfll~e- .
.~~- - -
MStamp * .*sMalgamatiin
A NEW INVENTION. c.mbirwil the prioiples
of both Arastra and $taamp Mill. It rFn be
erected and put io uperAtoo so readily and eh'ap,
that it is
Within the Beach of Every Quartz Mi
nor in Montana.'
Mr. Papl now oerW the Patent Right of tois tru.
;y valuable inventiln for the Terntury fur male
It can be Worked by Horse-Power, Wa
ter or Steam.
'The same Motaom that Crushes
Quartz operates the Arautra
Pumpes or eHal.s Stock.
It is partiUelarlu Adapted for
Prospecting/ Lokes it pot r
tions of the Tl'eritory in -
accessible to other Mills.
One of these M.ills can be rcostraete abrin.at on.
tirelv of w,.lrd, and for the low nom of $,o000
to *2,000.
A mn.del of the Mill, operating on Qtarts spec.
mnes. is now on exhbititi at
Jerry T. Sullivan's Jewelry Store,
No. 40 Main Street,
Where all are invited to call and examine tb -
wwederful iuveutiouu. P. M PAPIN.
e7-d tt.
W'I ihve been BURNED OUT' bu.
my ship i:4 still afloat and
I ..7Pl .IT TIIE IIE L.L -
"'Quick Sales and Small Pro
Removed to the Drug Store
Next door above the St. Io.ma Hotel
m2d& w t f
'Toilet Art icle~s.
COLOUNE, &c., &c.
SHIRTS. .1 -'S.
Geserzal New-s Depot.
W h')lt-ai.' stil er.tAil trade s,,Ilrited.
%OVE"L"'O'' NO
-. . . ., .
grr.)-rn .. - ·
.· .*L . ,,,, . ,.. o i ! 0 I 5* ( - "
(ftl tl *
Main StrLeS. - - - - :: M"
C. D. SL' LLII AN, r.'!"r.''

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