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Wlii'n we have so many good
things to tell you about musiual
instruments. The pianos to lie
fourni at our saler, room are of sueh
excellent merit, as to tone, general
excellence, style ami finish, that
they should be brought to your at
tention. We would be glad to have
you see and hear our Vose & Sons
pianos, for we know you cannot
help being pleased.
Special Prices and Terms for 10 Days,
Montana Music Co., 119 N. Main St.
No Doubt in This Case
Dr. Metternich's Hair Health.
Will stop dandruff and itching •
scalps, sure signs of approaching q
hair falling and baldness. •
A scientific treatment in the J
true sense of the word, not a o
remedy by a baldheaded barber.
$1.00 a bottle. All druggists, or
• Sole Agents, Butte.
S Agents of the Northwest
Every Home-Builder
Is Interested
In this Kern Incandescent Gas
Burner. It means that the sum
you decide on for light expenditure
is reduced about 80 per cent. This
new burner saves about 80 per cent
of the gas bill over the old form of
gas burner. It gives a brighter,
clearer and steadier light;; is much
stronger than electricity and it
costs just one-tenth as much. The
different styles are shown here.
Gas Office
202 N. Alain Street
Sporting Goods
Boxing Gloves
Dumb Bells
Indian Clubs
Sandow Bells
Whitley Exercises
Base Ball Supplies
Complete line of FISHING TACK
LE; hats, nets, flies, rods, baskets;
everything for success.
31-37 North Main
Important to Advertisers
Changes of copy for advertise
ments should be in office not later
than 9 a- m., to insure running
same day.
Celebrated Herb Sanitar
ium. Guarantees to cure
all diseases by means of
his famous Chinese medi
cines, never before intro
duced into this country. He has cured
thousands and can cure you.
Advice free. 9 West Galena street,
Butte, Montana.
(26 S. Arizona Street
If you are afflicted give mea
trial. Advice Free.
This Is to certify that the
Herb Treatment of Dr. Hong
Ark for all chronic diseases cured me
of severe kidney and bladder troubles
of five years' standing.
The Free Reclining
Chair Cars
Between Denver and Chicago
via Santa Fe Route provide as
comfortable means of travel as
can be offered—sleepers except
ed. As an economical measure
they are unsurpassed. They are
hauled on fast trains, and are
in charge of experienced and
polite porters.
All essentials for the toilet
towels. soap, water, combs and
brushes—are provided free of
A. Warren , Gen'l Agent
A. T. & S. F. Ry.. 411 Doc. y Elk..
Salt Lake City.
B. W. Bell Arrives Front San Fran
cisco to Invetigaste Circulation of
Spurious Coins in Montana—Visits
Dougherty at the County Jail—Much
Crooked Work in the State.
B. W. Bell, a secret service officer, ar
rived in the city last evening from the
const, having been ordered here by the
authorities at Washington to investi
gate the charges of counterfeiting
against William Dougherty and several
others arrested here within the last few
days in connection with the circulation
of spurious, gold pieces.
Tills morning Mr. Hell visited the coun
ty jail and had a talk with Dougherty.
After the conversation was over he said
that no trouble would be experienced in
convicting the prisoner on three separ
ate counts. While in the jail the officer
took a description of Dougherty and
expressed the belief that he had seen him
in Texas, which is a part of Mr. Bell's
district. Dougherty denied having been
in that state at any time in his career.
"Billy," said the officer, putting his face
close to the bars of the cage, "I have
been told that you never alk.st' any man
to run over you."
"That is correct," replied Dougherty,
his steel grey eyes Hashing fire. "No
man can poke a gun in my face and not
get at least one bullet from me."
AVhen the officer came out of the jail
he said Dougherty was a had man all
right, but he would not last long in Tex
"Some one's 45 would get action on
him pretty quick down there," he added.
"As to the other men charged with
counterfeiting," continued the officer,
"they will be discharged, as there is
nothing against them, but I surmise that
Dougherty will be sent up for a long
Julius Hanson Tells a Stranger the
Time and Is Chafed to His
"Will you kindly oblige me by tell
ing me the time of night?"
"Certainly," answered obliging Julius
Hanson in response to the request which
was made Wednesday night by a well
dressed and gentlemanly appearing
stranger, "it is now 10 minutes after 10."
"Thank you," said the stranger.
Five minutes later Hanson was run
ning at a lively clip, In order to save
his money and valuables from the hands
of the same courteous gentleman who
wished to know the time of night.
Hanson is employed at tin» Butte pool
rooms and also at Ferrell & Co's, cigar
Store, in Main street. H lives at No.
525$4 South Montana street, and was on
his way home when the attempted hold
tip occurred. The request for the time
was made of him while he was on Mon
faîTa slreet, about one and one-half
blockâefrom his home.
After receiving the answer the strang
er followed Hanson down the street,
keeping about three or four paces be
hind. Hanson thought that rather queer
particularly when the stranger gave a
low whistle. That was enough and
Hanson broke Into a run.
As he did so a man jumped out from
behind Tuite's marble works and called
him to stop. Instead of stopping Han
son ran faster and finally fell into one
of several ditches in that part of the
street. He regained his feet and con
tinued on his run toward his home. The
men called to him to halt but he could
not see ti that way.
Finally the men abandoned the chase
and Hanson reached home breathless.
Had the robbers caught him he would
have lost $60 belonging to the pool rooms
and $40 of his own money. Hanson is
unable to give the police a good de
scription of the men who tried to hold
him up.
County Commissioners and Judge Mc
Clernan Discuss a Location
For No. 3.
Judge McClernan and the county com
missioners held a conference to-day and
discussed the matter of a location for
the third department of the district
court. The board has two places in
view, one of which is Carpenter's Union
hall, just opposite the county building,
and the other is in the silver Bow block.
Both will be inspected with a view to
determining their fitness for court pur
The judge told the commissioners he
would be ready for work in a few days
and that any place they might select
would be agreeable to him.
The addition of a new department to
the court will necessitate the appoint
ment of another bailiff by the sheriff,
a stenographer by the judge and a depu
ty clerk by the clerk of the court.
Suit to Quiet Title.
James A. Murray has instituted suit
against Robeson T. White and John E.
Lloyd to quiet title to a portion of section
17 of township 3 north, range 7.
Post-mortuary Legacy of Rich Mr.
Barker Held Not Good by Great
Palls Court.
(Special to Inter Mountain.)
Great Falls, May 3.—When E. J.
Baker of Nelhart signed the piece of pa
per bequeathing $10,000 to Miss Ida May
This wonder
ful medicine
cures insom
nia. steadies
the nerves,
stimulates the
kidneys. and
purifies the
blood. It cures
ill stomach
troubles such
as Dyspepsia,
md Flatulency
Try it also for
Malaria. Fever
and Ague.
Shadville, a young woman portege of
his, he may have intended that shJ
should reap the reward promised her
from his estate. But a cold-hearted
court, in its decision yesterday, decided
that the paper was not a will and that
the estate had no right to pay the pos
thumous bequest.
The will, or note, on which the con
test was made, was as follows:
" 'January 12, 1899—In case of my
death I promise to pay Ida May Shad
ville the sum of ten thousand dollars
and authorize my heirs to see that the
same Is paid. Signed,
The court holds that the paper, even
though it seems to have been issued by
the deceased Baker, does not show value
received, or is not in. the proper form to
be probated. It is the first case of the
kind ever brought up in the state, ami
has attracted considerable attention.
Ex-Governor R. B. Smith was counsel
for the plaintiff.
Physicians May and May Not Get
Their Pay for Reporting Deaths to
Health Office—A Sort of a Hoodoo
Attaches Itself to Dr. Alexander's
Report—The Figures.
Dr. J. Newton Alexander, the local
health officer, is evidently riot a pleas
ing person so far as the city hall offi
cials are concerned. His annual report
which was filed with the city clerk las:
Wednesday evening and now rests in a
receptacle prepared for such documents
on the clerk's desk, has been labicd
"Communication and alleged report of J.
Newton Alexander, Health Officer, Rela
tive to Reports of Doctors and their
This "alleged" report of the health
officer appears genuine enough on its
face from a statistical point of view.
If the word ''alleged" is not permitted
to cast a shadow of doubt on the au
thenticity of its contents, «t certainly
furnishes information of interest to the
public. The document is prefaced with
the following statement;
"According to requests I herewith pre
sent the dates of certificates of physi
cians from December 1. 1899, to April 1 ,
1901. It has been customary to rendes
these quarterly, but owing to delinquen
cies in the receipt of reports I decided
upon issuing warrants annually, thus
facilitating convenience as well as ob
viating incorrect entries in the records
of births and deaths."
While the death rate "alleged" in the
report is unusually large, the record of
births comes near forming a balance to
it. The number of deaths occurring in
the period specified was 636; the number
of births, 456; the number of cases of
contagious diseases reported, 79; and the
number of still births, 34.
According to law a physician re
ceives 50 cents for every case of the
kinds specified which he reports to the
health officer. This system is carried
out in order to make the physicians
take an active interest in furnishing the
health officer with statistics. According
to the present report the total number
of cases reported was 1,225, making
$612. 50 due the physicians. If the report
is accepted by the city council at its
meeting next Monday evening, warrants
will be issued on the city treasury for
the several amounts due. It the report
is not adopted. Dr. Alexander and the
physicians making- the reports to him
will probably deem the word "alleged" a
After Receiving a Beating From a Man
She Swallows Carbolic Acid—
She Will Recover.
Katie Lafontise, of No. 10 Little Ter
race, was so badly beaten by a male
caller last night, that she tried to de
part this world of trouble by the car
bolic acid route. She accuses Dick Mul
lins, who was fined for assaulting Will
iam Clark in the M. & M. saloon yes
terday, of causing her injuries. The po
licemen patroling the district where Mul
lins is generally seen have orders to
arrest him on sight.
The woman says that when Mullins
entered her place of abode he accused
her of being the cause of his arrest. She
denied the accusation and Mullins, sin;
says, locking the doors so that she could
not escape, gave her a merciless beating.
When she would try to get to the door
he would knock her down, she says.
In a fit of desperation she poured the
carbolic acid into a glass of beer and
swallowed it. In her excitement she
spilled a quantity of the acid on her
body and limbr. g^'ung to her pain.
Soon afterward her tormentor de
parted and her cries brought women
to her assistance. They gave her quan
tities of black coffee and tried in vain
to find a doctor. The girl is now be
yond danger, however. Her left eye
is black and swollen and her lips are
cut as a result of the blows she received.
She says her whole frame is sore fro n
the beating administered to hed.
Penalty for Street Fighting.
Louis Larson and John Smith, arrest
ed for disturbing the peace by fighting
at thee corner of Main and Galena
streets last night, party with $10 each
to-day, In the police court. Larson
pleaded guilty. Smith failed to appear
and his collateral of $10 was declared
All members are requested to attend
regular meeting next Friday, May 3d, at
Elks hall. 8 p. m.. sharp. Grand president
of the order will be in attendance. Sister
lodges Invited. L- WOLPERT, Sec.
Kemmerer coal holds a pxÄ hot fire
ail night. It make.» no elinliers and very
little ash. Tou might a» well have the
beat. It costa no more than Inferior
grade*. Citizen*' Coal Co., No. 4 Eaat
Hontana's Model Modern Jewelry House, Noted for First Quality Goods at the
Lowest Competing Figures.
Unprecedented Values. Sterling Silver Novelties at Exactly Half Their Origi
nal Price, Which Was Low for the Quality.
Sterling Silver Vases
or blossom
$ 1.00
ire silver, $2.50;
$ 1.25
Very pretty, for the summer flowers, buds or blossoms, $2;
Saturday sale............................................
Vase with fluted bowl, dainty thing; pure silver, $2.50;
Saturday sale............................................
Cut Glass, with sterling top 7 C
$3-5o; Saturday sale..........$ 1 *ID
Perfume Bottles
Cutgiass, Sterling top, git led and set with stones, rich an 1
beautiful, $3.5(1; Saturday sale ..................
$ 1.75
Larger perfume bottle, cutgiass. sterling top. decidedly
elegant, a grand dame affair, $3.00; Saturday sale......
$ 1.75
Cut Glass Sugar Dredge, sterl- (
ing top, $4; Saturday sale____<
il>OOWOOOi " t * w < > o*wo<»<»«»owo«»»o<»a)pwoeow<!i^^
Vaseline Jars
Sterling top, large size, $2.25; Satui
day sale .............................
Vaseline Boxes
Sterling silver, very elegant $2.30;
Saturday sale......................
Bonbon Boxes
Sterling silver very dainty, $2 73;
Saturday sale ..................... .
®The Largest Variety of Sterling Novelties in the West,
ü I and All of Them at Startlingly Low Prices. Investigate.
In the jewelry business
Simon Bonk's Old Location Has Been
Rented—Entira Stock of Goods
Bought at 35 Cents on the Dollar
aud Sale Is Now On.
Old Brother Jasper—peace be to his
ashes— contended that "the sun do
move." Were he in Butte today other in
teresting affairs would claim his atten
tion. The newest move in the mercantile
business is th,e. resignation of two well
known mçn from their old camping
grounds in Leyson's jewelry store to do
business on their own account. Harry 3.
Tuttle and t'harlesP. Greene have pooled
their issues. Under the firm name or tiie
Tuttle and Charles P. Greene have pooled
ready today to serve the general public
in the best manner possible.
They will occupy the store just vacated
by Simon Bank, from whom they have
purchased the entire stock of silver jew
elry and fancy articles at 35 cents on the
1 A sale will be started at once to dispose
pf these goods, when the new firm will
put ip a stock of the several lines that
will command the attention of the people
of. Milite. Harry Tuttle has been connect
ed with Leyson's for 14 years and is suf
ficiently well known to need no introduc
tion. .Charles P. Greene is the artist who
did the fine engraving that so many have
I'omplimented. He lias served in this ca
pacity for Mr. Leyson for five years, and
before coming here worked with the
Steels of New York, doing the fine work
for Tiffany and others of the crackajack
jewelry houses in the metropolis.
With such a combination of talent as
these two men possess it's easy to pre
dict a phenomenal success.
Certainly they know how to make, and
they surely will do ab in their power to
keep the good will of those who call to
see them in their new place of business.
Both are experts in their individual lines,
and the combination of the two cannot
but result favorably to the interest of
those who need anything in the jewelry
For the present their attention will bo
given to the closing out of Simon Bank's
stock. There are many very good things
in it. but the low prices at which the gen
era! public can buy fine silver and pret
ty articles of jewelry will seem somewhat
inconsistent. The new firm lias bought
those goods for so little that all cus
tom -rs can call and get so much for a
mere pittance.
Butte is a grow ing city; there is room
at the top for a jewelry firm, and we pre
dict for the new company the greatest
kind of success.
1ST TO NOV. 1ST, 1901.
On April 30th and daily thereafter the
Chb ago Great Western Railway will sell
through excursion tickets to Buffalo,good
to return within fifteen (lays, at a fare
and one-third for the round trip.
A special rate for every Tuesday in
May will be one fare plus $1.00 for the
round trip. These tickets will be good
lea\;ng Buffalo until midnight on the
Saturday following the day of sale
Tiie lowest rates will always be In
force on the Chicago Great Western rail
way. and its equipment and accommoda
tion- are unsurpassed.
The company has Issued a neat illus
trated folder, giving a map of Buffalo
and of the Exposition Grounds; a list of
hotels: time-card of its trains and their
eastern rismectlons, and much other val
uable information.
j*,.r full information and Pan-American
Folders, address any Great Western
Agent, or . P. Elmer, Genera! Passen
ger Agent 113 Adams St. Chicago
When You Want
Electrical Work
just remember that we have been in business in
Butte for ten years. Our class of work should be
given only to reliable and established business
concerns You can't afford to take any chances
for the sake or saving a few dollars on the first C03t. Good work costs
more, but is cheaper than poor work.
33 East Broadway
Telephone-Office, No. 15. Telephone-Construction Department. No. 483
Anaconda Copper Mining Co
hardware Department
Corner of Quartz and Main Streets
Mining and Blacksmith Supplies. Mechanics' Tools
Shelf and Heavy Hardware
Montana Agents for Alsen & Salt Lake Portland Cements
Wholesale and Retail
Orders and Correspondence Solicited
She would ha-e enjoyed his c>n
versatton more, she said, had ha
taken the Keeley treatment.
Drug and Cigarette Habits
No confinement, no publicity, no rb
rupt shutting off of either liquor or
opium. The only treaiment adopted fcy
the United States government for us«
in national and state homes for soldiers
end sailors.
The only Keeley Institute in the state.
All others claiming to use Keeley reme
dies are frauds and imitators.
Ladies treated as privately as at their
own ho:ae.
For terms and literature address THU
First street, or Lock Box 4S0, Salt Laic«
City, Utah.
The Great Scottish Entertainars
Of E '.inburgh, Scotland, in Most Delightful Delinea
tions of Scottish Wit, Humor and Pathos.
^ First Presbyterian Ch\irch ^
Frida.y, May 3d
SOeSeat None Reserved
Atgei for ''Botte City LcaJcr" Swend Carlson, 4 S. Main, Bntia

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