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Foundry Will Not Be Restored to Its
Former Proportions—Gave Away Its
Contracts, and Will Hereafter Be
Only a Repair Shop—No Place for
liore Men to Work.
(Special to Inter Mountafn.)
Anaconda May 3.—The payroll at the
foundry department of the A. C. M. Co.
amounted to $10,500 during the month
of April. During January it was nearly
four times that amount or something
over $38,000.
Tlv.se figures show what the late
strike- inaugurated i>y the machinists
and mo ,lets has done. On account of
the troubles which have existed for a
Idttie" more than two months, according
to Superintendent Hickey, about $60,000
in wages has not circulated among the
laboring men of this city, which other
wise would have done.' Sixty thousand
dollars is a lot of money, yet that rep
resents what the foundry employes have
lost by going on a strike.
A reporter of the Inter Mountain vis
ited the foundry this morning, and it
was found that every department was in
operation, but on a much smaller scale
than formerly.
No Increase for tlie Present.
Superintendent Hickey was asked if he
Intended to increase the force, and he
replied: "No, not for the present, at
least, and in all Likelihood not for some
little time to come. The fact of the
matter is, I have no use for any more
men, and if I were to put on a half
dozen additional men there would be
nothing for them to do. The foundry
ihas been reduced to just an ordinary
repair shop, and it will remain so in
definitely, consequently we have stopped
looking for any big contracts for heavy
work and will not try to for sometime
to come, if at all.
"Some of the big jobs we had on hand
Jtave been contracted for in the east,
so we will run along in a quiet, unas
suming manner, conducting an ordinary
repair shop."
Advance if They Had Stayed In.
Mr. Ilickey again declared that had
the men who walked out remained at
their posts they would have received the
present schedule of pay on the first day
of May. Tùe company could not have
done otherwise very well after granting
an eight-hour day in the smelters at
the «aine rate of pay. It would have
been inconsistent to have done anything
It has been decided to make the rate
First Class Ranch
Can bp had in exchange for Ana*
>ccnda or Butte property, or will
' sell for cash.
* 6,000
- is the price, and consists of too
; acres of bottom land, too acres In
! timothy, where 150 tons of hay
■ was cut; there is a good house,
barn, nnd a large shed on property.
Apply to
R. de B. SHITH
Opposite Montana Hotel. Anaconda
Margaret Theatre, Anaconda
H. F. Collins, Mgr.
One night only, Thursday MRY 9th
Notable engagement of America's dis
tinguished emotional actress
In the Imeprial Spectacle
More Than Queen
The most gorgeous production known
to the stage.
Note—Owing to the length of the per
formance curtain will rise promptly at
8 o'clock.
Prices $1.50, $1.00, 75 and 50c.
The Daly Bank and Trust Com
pany of Anaconda.
Anaconda, Montana.
General banking In all branohes. Sell
exchanges on New York, Chicago, St.
Paul, Omaha, San Francisco, etc., and
draw direct on the principal cities of
England, Ireland, F/ance, Germany and
the Orient. Deposits of $1.00 and up
ward received.
JOH'.t R. TOOLE, President.
• 4 . B. GREENWOOD, Vice-Prest.
F. C. NORBECK, Asst. Cashier
S io«$m dwelling, pantry, clothes'
closets, cellar, water In house frac- ]
tion of corner lot, rents for $21.501
can be bought on easy terms for)
*1050. _
M. J. fiiz Patrick
Phone 67. in E. Com. Ave.
of pay at the foundry 45 cents an hour
and time and a half for overtime, which
Is just what the men have contended
for, yet the strike leaders have not de
clared the trouble over or designated a
willingness to do so' unless the union is
A good many of the men ihave returned
to work, however, regardless of the
union, but since doing so have been ex
pelled from the organization. There are
•some of the cooler heads who have never
hesitated to say that the strike was
ill-advised from the very start, but were
outnumbered when the matter was dis
cussed in the meetings.
The least that can he said is that the
whole trouble was unfortunate, coming
up, as ilt did, at a time when the out
look for prosperous times was never
brighter. It caused business men to be
extremely cautious and citizens to be
come skeptical as to the future.
Sectional District at Mill Creek An -
nexed ta the Anaconda
(Special to Inter Mountain.)
Anaconda, May 3.—Miss May Mc
Laughlin, county superintendent of
schools, returned last night from a brief
visit to some of her country charges.
Some lime ago, the residents of upper
Mill ('reek, who are included in district
24. petitioned the county superintendent
to be attached to the Anaconda school
district, pointing out that in that locality
there are 21 children without school
facilities. A part were in the Willow
Creek district and the balance in the
Anaconda district, but not a sufficient
number in either to establish a school.
The matter was thoughly discussed,
and Miss McLaughlin decided to grant
their petition. The change gives to the
Anaconda district four sections of land,
and takes away one and one-half sectioA.
A half section is also cut off from the
Willow Glen district.
Lives and Property Menaced
Thoughtless Boys Rolling Boul
deri3 Down the Hill.
(Special to Inter Mountain.)
Anaconda, May 3.—There is going to be
some trouble out in the south part of
town. That is, if the small boys do not
stop rolling stones down the hill frog»
the trench which was dug last wlntel
for the pipe line which will convey water
to the Washoe Smelting works.
During the warm days recently a
crowd of small hoys have congregate 1
along the trench almost daily and found
pastime in rolling huge rocks down the
hillside. Scattered all along the foot of
the mountain are residences, ajid the
youthful capers have caused considerable
alarm among the citizens who occupy
these houses. They are living in perfect
terror lest some of these days their
homes will be punctured by some of
these tumbling boulders.
One house had a close call last Sunday
and had it not been for a slight elevat
tion in the contour of the mountain side
one of these places would have been
struck; and as it was'the building was
only missed by about two or three feet.
The boulder weighed nearly 100 pounds
and it came down from its former rest
ing place at a terific rate of speed, hav
ing gained its velocity while covering
a distance of about 40 yards. Another
time some small children while out play
ing came near being hurt or killed by
one of these rolling stones which fur
nished so much amusement to the
youngsters upon the banks of the trench.
Mr. E. E. Lyman, who occupies the
last house at the head of Oak street
found a Iboulder whizzing past his place,
and it came mighty near crashing into
his Belgian hare rabbitry. He decided
at once to stop such proceedings, and
set out after the young miscreants, but
they made good their escape before he
could reach the point where they were
so busily engaged.
The chief of police was appealed to
and also the officials of Sheriff Con
ley's office ahs promised to take
a hand in the matter and will put a
stop to such depredations in the future
and will arrest the first lad who con
tinues to perpetrate such sport upon the
peaceful citizens of the south side.
Fifty Dollars a Month Not Enough for
Rent—Crowd Had a Good
Laugh at the Trial.
(Special to Inter Mountain.)
Anaconda, May 3.—A civil suit brought
by Samuel Laundry against Mrs. Moilie
Jackson for the restitution of his prem
sises, the second floor of his brick build
ing at the corner of Commercial avenue
and Kiokory street, and damages to the
amount of $30, occupied the attention of
Justice of the Peace James Quane's
court from 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon
until 2 o'clock this morning when the
jury brought in a verdict in favor of
the plaintiff. -
The eas-e was hotly contested through
out and witnessed by a large crowd of
spectators who were unable to suppress
their mirth over some of the amusing
features and Justice Quane found it nec
essary to order the room cleared.
Lincoln Club Stands by the New City
Administration in Receiving
(Special to Inter Mountain.)
Anaconda, May 3.—The Lincoln Re
publican club is getting ready to render
the Incoming city administration as
much assistance as possible in the re
ception of President McKinley and party
upon their arrival in Anaconda.
At the meeting^tonight President M.
B. Hendricks will announce his selection
for the reception committee to act in
behalf of the club and in conjunction
with the general committee to be named
by Mayor Stephens.
The meeting of the club tonight will
he important, and there should be a
large attendance.
Callow Again in Jail.
(Special to Inter Mountain.)
Anaconda, May 3.—William Callow, ar
rested last night on the charge of steal
ing a demijolyi of whisky from the
Alaska saloon on East Main street, was
tfcla morning sentenced to 90 days tn the
county Jail. Callow was released only
four days ago, after serving a 60-day
sentence for stealing soern butter from
an East Park avenue restaurant.
local briefs
William Wallace of Chicago is in
the city today.
Rod Williams attended the big minstrel
show in Butte last night.
The new change of time is inaugurated
on the B. A & P. next Sunday.
Fred Gangner has returned from a
trip of several days' duration to Mis
Manager H. F. Collins of the Margaret
theater is still confined to his home by
Lon Morrow of Philipsburg is in the
city today attending to some business
Frank Keenan, the well known liquor
dealer, is quite seriously ill with an at
tack of pneumonia.
Eyes examined free. A graduate opti
English Takes Charge On Sunday.
(Special to Inter Mountain.)
Anaconda, May 3.—The change of ad
ministration in the Anaconda postoffiee
will take place next Sunday. J. C. Eng
lish, who is to succeed present Postmas
ter Devine, received his commission from
Washington this morning, and every
thing is in readness for the transfer.
Mr. Englsh went to Helena this morn
Notice is hereby given that in pur
suance of the authority conferred upon
the board of trustees of school district
No. 1, Sliver Bow county, Montana, by
that certain election held on the 6th
day of Apt il, 1901, the trustees of the
above named school district were au
thorized and empowered to sell coujKm
bonds to the amount of one hundred
thousand ($100,000) dollars for the pur
pose of building one or more school
houses and purchasing school sites in
said school district, said bonds to be of
the denomination of one thousand
($1,000) dollars each, dated on the first
® House Cleaning Offerings
25 per cent, off on all rugs and ingrain art squares.
This is an exceptional good chance for everybody. Com
mences Monday, April 29th, and last for this week onlv. ä
The General House Furnishing'Store X
207 to 209 Cherry Street. w
See our Park street window. It may
suggest something in white for your
Slippers, Hosiery, Cloves, Head
wear, Suits. Not the cheapest but
the Best.
3 D 3 E. Park St.
Stiff and negligee Madras and Percales. Calumet
Shirt Co.'s Fine Grades #1.50 and #2.00.
Monarch negligee and stiff bosom colored shirts #1.50, Ç0
and #1.25 values #1.00.
cian in attendance. Perfect lit guaran
teed. Ilammerslough'«. •
Sixty-six young laying ducks for sale.
Pel.in, grey and black, 60c each. Hens
for sale. John Dugan, 621 East Front
street. •
Wi>nday, May 7, has been designated
pay day at the foundry, electric street
railway and water departments of the
A. C. M. Co.
Mike Palla and Mary Karas, members
of the Anaconda Austrian colony, took
out a license to wed yesterday after
■A rain storm has prevailed in Anaconda
since yesterday morning and has done
an immense amount of good to growing
The funeral of JohnRamoni, the Ital
ian laborer who died at St. Ann's hos
pital yesterday of pneumonia will take
place tomorrow afternoon.
The case of Julius West, the colored
man. who tried to end the career of "Sil
ver King," the colored clairvoyant was
up for hearing before Justice Frank Ken
nedy at 4 o'clock this afternoon.
One of the prettiest social dances ever
given by Peter's dancing academy was
held at A. O. H., hall last night. There
were 125 couples in attendance and thor
oughly enjoyed the evening until 1
ing to close up some legal matters in
connection with United States district
attorney's office, but will return home
No appointments will be announced by
the new postmaster for several days, as
he first desires to get the run of the office
before making any alterations in the
present staff.
day of June, 1901, payable In twenty (20)
years and redeemable in ten (10) years,
and drawing interest at the rate of four
(4) per cent per annum, payable semi
annually, both interest and principal
payable at the office of the county treas
urer of Silver Bow county, Montana, in
gold coin. Said bonds will be sold at
private sale at the trustees' room in the
high school building, corner of Idaho
and Park streets, Rutte, Montana, on the
21 st day of May, 1901. at eight (8) o'clock
p. m., and sealed bids will bo received
>y the board of trustees for the pur
chase of said bonds up to and until
twelve o'clock noon on the 21st day of
May, 1901. Said bonds shall not he sold
for less than their par value and all bids
shall be made for the net amount to he
received by the board of trustees for
said bonds. A certified check, or its
equivalent, for the sum of twenty-five
hundred ($2,500) dollars must be depos
ited with the clerk of the board of school
trustees as a guaranty of good faith, by
each person bidding upon said bonds.
Any and all bids may be rejected by the
board of trustees.
By order of the hoard of school trus
tees of school district No. 1, Silver Bow
county, Montana, made this 16th lay of
April. 1901.
Dan Brown, plaintiff, vs. Charles II.
Catching, et al., defendants.
To be sold at sheriff's sale, on the 9th
day of May, A. D. 1901, at 2 o'clock p. m„
at the front door of the court house, in'
the city of Butte, county of Silver Bow,
state of Montana, the following describ
ed real property, to-wit:
An undivided one-fourth interest in
and to the Aline Crystal placer mining
claim, situate on Big Fish creek; an un
divided one-fourth interest in and to the
Wolf placer claim, situated on Big Fish
creek; an undivided one-fourth interest
in and to the New Hope placer mining
claim, situate on Two Heart gulch; an
undivided one-fourth interest in and to
the Elsie placer mining claim, situated
on Little Fish creek; also an undivided
one-fourth interest in and to all tools,
sluice boxes and all and every other prop
erty and fixtures used in connection with
the operation of the said above describ
ed placer mining claims.
Said above described placer mining
claims all have been d'uly located and
recorded as required by law; the record
of which locations in the office of the
county clerk and recorder of Silver Bow
county, Montana, being hereby referred
to for a more particular description of
the said placer mining claims.
Also one-fourth interest in all water
rights pretainlng to said claim, which
are duly recorded with the county clerk,
Silver Bow county, Montana.
Sheriff Silver Bow County, Montana.
By P. L. MILLER, Deputy Clerk.
Dated April 17. A. D. 1901.
Estate of Edward A. Davis, deceased.
Notice is hereby given by tile under
signed, administrator of the estate of
Edward A. Davis, deceased, to the credi
tors of and all persons having claims
against the said deceased, to exhibit
them, with the necessary -'ouchers, with
in ten months after the first publication
of this notice to the said administrator
at the office of Charles R. Leonard, àt
torney at law 26 set Broadway. Butte,
Montana, the same being the place for
the transacti *- of the business of said
estate, in th. ounty of Silver Bow, state
of Montana. JOHN E. DAVIS,
Administrator of the Estate of Edward
A. Davis. Deceased.
Attorney for Estate.
Dated at Butte City, this 27th day of
April, 1901.
Second Judicial district of tne state of
Montana, in and for the county of Sil
ver Bow.
In the matter of the estate and guardian
ship of Mabel Cotr.bellaek.
It appearing to this court from the pe
tition this day presented and filed by Ma
rla Combellack, the guardian of the per
son and estate of Mabel Comtellaek, a
minor, praying for an order cf sale of
certain real estate belonging to t'.le said
ward, and that :i Is for the best Interest
of the said ward, and necessary that
such real estate should be sold,—
It is hereby ordered, that the next of
kin of the said ward, and all persons In
terested in said estate, appear before this
court on Saturday, the 11th day of May,
1901, at the court room of this court, in
the city of Butte, Montana, then and
there to show cause why an order should
not be granted for the sale of such es
And it is further ordered that a copy of
this order be published at least once a
week for four successive weeks before the
said day of hearing, in the Daily latdr
Mountain, a newspaper printed and pub
lished tn the city of Butte, Silver Bow
County, Montana.
Dated April 9th, 1901.
Attest a true copy.
Clerk of the District Court of the Second
Judicial District of the State of Mon
tana. in and for the County of Silver
By J. R. Wright,
Deputy Clerk.
The Ladies'
And ■ PRE VENTIVB to» 1
Are Safe and Reliable.
t*r_ PejtecdjjJIa^inlrsa
Purely Vego
tablet Neve«
# Pell!
Sent postpaid on receipt of
price. Money r «funded if not as wo
" r - ïin do (Monaco.
De» Meines. inns.
For sale by Newbro Drug Co., Butt î,
Preot rip tion
Before and Afte.. 1959
Will qul.'kly cure you of all nervouo
diseases, suet as lost manhood, pains
In the back, seminal emissions, nerv
ous debility, unfitness to marry, ex
hausting drains, lmpoteccy and all Its
horrors. A written guarantee and
money refunded If six boxes does not
effect a permanent cure. $L pei box.
six tor $5. by mall, securely p.v kcd.
Manufactured by A. Atigendrn. Parla
Addreas ard mall to Newbro Druj
Co.. £ole Agents.'Butte. Mona ma.
Copper City
Commercial Co.
Anaconda, flont.
Three hundred pieces of the best
oilcloth made, in dark and light
fancies, all white, marbelized, and
white with patterns of blue, gold
and green, full 45 inches wide,
only 20o.
The best quality, in handsome
colors, at 6 l Ac.
io yards for $1.00
Handsome patterns, dark reds,
dark navy and black and white, 33
inches wide, usually sold at 15c.
Monday morning we will put on
sale 10 pieces of Cream Table
Damask, the widest width, worth
75c and 85c. To close out to alt
comers at ......................sr>
Just at present most ladies are In
terested in Foulards. And why
not? They are the correct thing.
Monday we place on special sale
some 30 lengths of this popular
silk. There's enough for a dress
in most of them. Some are dark
colorings, others light, and all
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cial price Monday on this lot will
be, yard .......................95c
The price cut in two is a pretty
good thing. We offer Monday a lot
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patterns at a discount of one-half
off the marked prices.
Buy one of those dress patterns
and let us make it up for you. Wo
will not charge you a cent if the fit
and finish isn't perfect.
United States Land Office, Helena, Mon*
tana, April 20, 1901.
Notice is hereby given that James
Bruce and Elma Bruce, whose postoffica
address is Divide, Sliver Bow county,
Montana, have this oay filed an applica
tion fora patent on the Valentine Placer
Mining claim, situated in unorganized
mining district, Silver Bow county, Mon
tana, the position, course and extent of
the said mining claim, designated by an
ol .clal survey thereof, as Survey No.
6153 Unsurveyed Township No. 1 South,
Range No. 10 West, a notice of which
was posted on the claim on the 15th day
of April, 1901, and being more particular,
ly set forth and described in the official
field notes and plat thereof on file in
this office, to-wit:
Beginning at corner No. 1, a pine pest,
6x8 Inches, by 5 feet long, 2 feet deep,
marked 1-6153, from which the north
west corner of Section 18, Fractional
Township No. 1 S., R. 9 W., bears N. 2
degrees 5 minutes E., 337 feet, and run
ning thence, from the said corner No. 1,
N. 85 degrees 30 minutes W., 1329 feet to
corner No. 2; thence N. 25 degrees 47
minutes W., 2321 feet to corner No. 3;
thence N. 44 degree 36 minutes W., 1061
feet to corner No. 4: thence N. 14 degrees
38 minutes E., 887.5 feet to corner No.
5; thence S. 34 degrees 59 minutes W., 1021
feet to corner No. 6; thence S. 61 degrees
10 minutes W., 627 feet to corner No. 7;
thence S. 74 degreea W.. 129 feet to cor
ner No. 8; thence S. 60 degrees 9 min
utes W., 941 feet to corner No. 9: thencs
N. 77 degrees 35 minutes E., 1895.5 feet
to corner No. 10; thence S. 56 degrees 25
minutes E.. 716 feet to corner No. 11;
thence S. 17 degrees 41 minutes E., 2873.5
feet to corner No. 12; thence S. 58 de
grees 43 minutes E., 549 feet to corner
No. 13; thence N. 89 degrees 13 minutes
E., 1136.5 feet to corner No. 14; thence N.
0 degrees 25 minutes E., 828 feet to cor
ner No. 1, the place of beginning, con
taining an area of 68.53 acres claimed by
the above named applicants for patent.
The location of this mine Is recorded In
the office of the recorder of Silver Bow
county, on page 63 in book D, of
Placers, etc.
The only adjoining claim Is on the
northwest Survey No. 5241. Rattlesnake
Placer, Harry W. Turner, applicant.
United States Claim Agent.
First publication April 22. 1901.
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