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The Elks of Butte are rubbing the
velvet off their horns and coming in
from the ranges in anticipation of a
big time at Anaconda next Tuesday
, T .....
evening. Long and short, fat and lean,
homely and handsome they II all be
ti ere. And great will be the day of
their going.
These Elks are not of the four-footc l
species, though the "babies" of the local
lodge, McCartney and Hopkins, declare
with one voice that they saw a time not
long ago when four legs would have
come in very handy. However, this
vas just after they had passed from the
nsaverlck stage into the genuine article,
and therefore cuts a small figure.
On next Tuesday evening a large herd
of the "faithful" will parade the streets
of the copper city, and in the evening
will be rounded up at the Margaret
theater, where they will give a minstrel
performance. Elks from all parts of
the state will be in attendance, and
careful preparations have been made to
have a show that will do honor to the
t igranization.
At the regular meeting of Silver Bow
"Marche done! Marche done! Hi-i-l
dere, geet apalong," and Napoleon Pel
letier hunched forward and pushed on
the reins. He was clattering along in
his buckboard, bound for the village. He
had suddenly spied another team com
ing toward him, and Napoleon always^
u anted to produce a good impression
as to the speed he had between the
thills. The old horse with the hip
knocked down was making pretty good
time when he met Jase Ferguson. Jase
pulled up. So did Napoleon.
"Boo hoo, Nape."
''Bo' jour, Faggusong."
"What ye drivin'?"
"Aw-w-w, he hen prattee good wan."
"Any p'tic'lar advantage in havin'
»im three-cornered?" asked Ferguson
pointing to the knocked down hip.
Napoleon canted his head to one side,
raised his eye-brows and shrugged his
"Aw-w-w, he go dat fas, dat he don*
geet tam' for to h'is' heem laig op."
"Pretty speedy, then, is he?"
"Tal yo' wa't dat bosses ban do. I
leeve ma plae' 'bout Free a ha'f o'c-loeks
to-morrow afternoons an' I geet on dis'
plae' 'bout four an' som' past o'clocks
dis' afternoons. W'at yo' t'ink, hey?"
"I think you're a dandy," said Fer
gu-, on. "They ought to send you to
congress, Napoleon. But say, what's the
matter with talkin' shift? I' got a hoss
here that vou may like."
Napoleon looked at the horse and
then at Jase suspiciously. The animal
that the Yankee drove was a really
handsome creature.
"Aw, honest, Injun, Nape, I'm willin'
to trade. I git sick of a hoss o' quick,
ye know."
'!Soni' thi'g ban ail dat hosses w'at yo'
hay'," persisted the French-CanadUn,
still suspicious.
"He's all right, tight, sound and kind,"
fiald Ferguson, "jest with the exception
that he don't look as well as some
"He ban look good en'of for me," de
clared Napoleon after a survey of the
"Wal, ef he suits, 'nough sail," replied
Jase. "Some folks like their hosse--, to
look a little lietter'n thon he does, that's
all. But if he's the kind of a hoss you
like, then you'll like jest this kind of
a hoss."
"I like est eef yo' say dat Fing wance
ovaire ageen," paid Napoleon.
"I said, "if that is the kind of a hoss
you like, why, it's jest lhe kind of hoss
you'll like!' "
"Dat 'Merlean langwidge fonne som'
tam." allowed Nanoleon. "Som' tam'
I Fink T h'understan'."
"Ar^| outs about you* hoss,?" asked
lodge No. 240, held last evening at the
kail in Main street, between Quartz and
Cf PP er - Secretary O'Gorman secured a
\ lst of °f «ambers who will go
from this c-lty to Anaconda to witness
thc per f orman ce of their brethren. Seats
wil! be reserved for about 100 from this
C jty. The local delegation will depart
for Anaconda on the regular 4:40 p. m.
train, returning at 2 o'clock in the morn
; nS
The Elks do not expect to make any
rreney out of the undertaking. All they
pare to do is to pay expenses and find
their remuneration in the amusement
the performance will furnish to them
selves and their friends,
The Program,
Opening Chorus............Entire Troupe
"Tennessee Coon"........ R. S. Menturm
"Blue Eyes"................George Martz
"You Said a Plenty"........Bert Storey
Foot Steps in the Sand (dance)........
........................M. F. O'Connor
"Only a Dream" ............E. E. Pickle
"When O'Connor Rode the Goat"....
.........................Rod Williams
"He fars' r-rat hosses," declared Pel
letier. "Only Fing he do ees bite w'en
he eats."
"Bites when he eats?" repeated Fer
guson. "Well, he would be a funny
hoss if he didn't."
"Mabbe so," responded Napoleon,
calmly. "But som' piple don't lak' deir
hosses do dat Fing."
"Well, I do," said -Ferguson. "I don't
want no hos-vses gunnnin' it round my
"Wal, eef yo' ban lak' heem dat way,"
said Napoleon. "I Fink yo' lak' dis
hosses vary fars' r-rat' as evaire could
They traded. The horses were changed
into the respective wagons them and
When Napoleon started away he was
a bit slack in his reining. His new ac
quisition staggered out into the ditch
and fell down. The French-Canadian
leaped out and sat on the animal's head.
While he crouched there he waived his
h-at before the horse's eyes. The cre
ature never blinked.
"Ary!" yelled Napoleon at Jase, who
was, just hitching the hack-strap and
preparing to drive away.
"Aw. yo' ban de liar mans. Dat
hosses he can saw nottin's 't all. W'at
for yo' do dat onto maself?"
"I told ye he was blind," said Fer
guson. "P'raps I didn't use jes that
word, but I told ye that he didn't look
asi well as some hosses."
But Napoleon wasn't satisfied. He
shouted: "An' den yo' tal to me dat he
jas'-de-hoss-I lak', he jas'-de-hoss-I
lak.' "
Ferguson got into his wagon and
picked lip the reins. He turned and
said calmly:
"Nape, the English language is too
much for ye. The next time ye start
out to trade hosses, ye'd better git an'
official interpreter."
Ferguson was out buying cattle, and
he spent that night at a tavern in an
adfoinlrg. town. ..
When he went nut to the stable to
get his horse in the morning the hos
tler asked him:
"Fay. where'd ye git that saw mill on
four laigs?"
"What jemean ?"
"Why. that -aw mill, that pulp grin
der. that thing that looks like a hoss,
but hain't. He et down his crib last
night and commenced on the sides of his
stall, an' then hooked his head around
and was eatin' through the floor jest
now when you come out."
"Is that hoss a cribber?" asked Fer
"Ci-'bber? Is he? Wal, when ye git
hime ye nut him to work on yer wood
pile an' he'll heat a portable saw mill."
"Bites when he eats, does he?" mut
tered Jase to himself. "Wal. I reekin in
these International hoss trades it's the
"At the Sound of the Sunset Gun"....
................................C. C. Hoff
"Down in the Deep Let Me Sleep When
I Die" ......................E. A. Davis
"Bill Johnson's Wedding Day"........
...........................Jack Baglin
"Sing Me a Song of the South"......
................Master Joseph Hughes
"She Sleeps by the Suane River"......
........................ J. J. McGuinness'
Grand finale, musical melodies........
Messrs Davis, Martb, Pickle and Hoff
Monologue ..................Bert Storey
Song, with violin, obligato and piano
accompaniment, "Three Little Girls
in purple and White."
B. P. O. E. Drill, under special direc
tion of Captain J. J. McGuinness.
Fancy roller skating .......... B. B. Bliss
Cockney songs...............Jack Baglin
Feminine impersonations, "Our $10.000
Beauty," costumes by Worth. Paris
............................ E. J. Boxer
Whole to conclude with the sketch
"We Ran With the Old Machine."
The songs will he interspersed with a
new assortment of gags and dances of
all sorts.
safest way to have official interpreted
on both sides."
Holman F. Day in the San Francisco
Breeder aiid Sportsman.
Serious lÆine Accident. 1
Mic-hael Nealis, assistant blacksmith at
the Colusa-arrot mine, met with an at*
cident list evening which may result iii
death. The rod connecting the piston
with the fly wheel of the air compressor
was out of order and Nta'is was asked '
to repair it. In trying to replace it he j
was caught by the belt and crushed be- j
tween it and the wheel. ;i j
Those of his fellow workmen who were j
near the compressor rushed to his as- ;
sistance and an ambulance was immedi- !
ately summoned from St. James' hos- I
pital. At the hospital Dr. Alexander
dressed the wounds of the injured man.
who was made as comfortable as pos
sible under the circumstances.
An examination showed that his skull
had been seriously fractured, his right
side crushed so badly that the lung 3
were injured and his head and body
painfully cut and bruised.
The injured man has one brother In
Everett and three in Butte, those in this
c-ity being members of the Miners'
union. He is 24 years old and unmarried.
Dr. German, dentist. 114 N. Main St. •
Dr. Forsyth, dentist, 7 and 8 Owsley
block. *
J. G. Bated! tuner. Montana Music Co.
Tel 504. •
Good furniture for sale. Must sell ajt
once. 304 West Porphyry. * :
Thistle, Imperial, Cleveland, Columbia
and Crescent bicycles. 9 E. Broadway. J*
Have you smoked the Harvard Cigar*
ff not. try them and you will get the
best the market affords.
Dr. L. Austin, dentist. Teeth extrade
by painless method. 50c. Office over Rei
Boot, 34 N. Main street. Butte.
There are more Harvard cigars sold
than any other bra.-id in the marked
Merit tells. • j
The B- A. & P., will make a rate of 80(^
for the round trip Butte to Gregson
Spring.', and return every Saturday and
Sunda.v. Tickets good on all trains leav
ing Butte after 3:00 p.. m., Saturday- and
return from Gregson Springs until mid
night on Sunday. •
Time flies aboard the St. Louis Special.
You dine, smoke, sleep, chat, rad, look
at the country, and you 'are at y,.ur
journey's end.
Only two days to Kansas City, two
and a half days at St. Louis.
Leaves Butte 2:20 n. m. datiy.
Phil Daniels, Agent, 35 East Broadway,
Butte, Montana.
.The march of innovasion of Klg Edward
VII at Windsor goes on. He has just
shocked the underlings there by turning
into a ibilliard room the apartment for
years inhabited by John Brown, the late
Muoen's most devoted attendant. Afttr
Brown's death the room was sealed with
a brass plate, bearing an inscription In
Victoria's own hand, extolling his vir
tues. Those occupying similar positions
to Brown's look upon the king's act as
a sacrilege.
Some enterprising person in Glasgow
has sent over vvliat he claims are the
measurements of Shamrock II. The
length over all is said to be 137 feet,
beam 24 feet, and water line close to
the 'JO foot limit. These figures are In
teresting, but premature. To be frank
about it, they are guesswork and noth
ing else. The measurements of the
Shamrock will be kown when Measurer
ITyslop of the New York Yacht club
puts his tape line on the boat. That
will be just before the race, and until
th-n all allleged measurement figures
may be set down as counterfeit.
Henry Gastreicht, an umpire in the
Western association, was released for
improper conduct, and ex-Pitoh-r Tony
Mullane appointed in his place. It is
said that a player threatened to whip
the umpire, and the latter, eschewing
threats, thrashed the player.
A baseball catcher named Charles
Poo in has signed with Kansas City. No
doubt when he gets behind llie bat there
will be something Dooin.
Secretary Paul North of the American
trat) shooting team, announces that ar
rangements have been practically com
pleted by which the contest between
Britush and American teams in London
will take place early in June.
Wood cote Wonder, the famous bull
terrier, has been sold by Frank Dole i f
New Haven to J. B. Norman of San
Francisco for $1,000. The dog was the
pride of the Edgewood kennels.
Prof Cooper will commence a course of
six lectures on phrenology Monday, May
6 , at S p. m. The first lecture is free. A
collection is taken. Music and public
head readings are presented. The tent
is comfortably seated and well lighted.
An enjoyable and instructive evening is
promised. Come early to secure seats.
Canvas Auditorium corner Mercury and
Jackson streets. •
M. L. Borglum, plaintiff, vs. William
Maus, defendant.
To be sold at sheriff's sale, on tile 23rd
day of May A. D., 1901, at 2 o'clock p. m„
at the front door of the court house in the
City of Butte, County of Silver Bow,
State of Montana, the following described
real property, to-wit:
All of the right, title and interest of the
defendant William Maus, in and to lot
numbered six ( 6 ) in block numbered
three (3) of the Carte Blanche addition
to the City of Butte, Silver Bow County,
Montana as per plat and survey of said
addition now on file in the office of the
■Ink and recorder of said Silver Bow
county; Montana.
Sheriff Silver Bow County, Montana.
By P. L. Miller, deputy sheriff.
Dated May 2nd, A. D., 1931.
Merk F. Jones, Prêt
F. N. Filbert, Treas.
Another car of high-gratfe
Pianos have arrived, and
we want to see you. More
value for your money than
Twenty different makes
to select from.
At the Piano Parlor
ert, Jones & Co.,
SOS N. Main St.
With Hontana Rook Co.
Next to Connell's
C. A. Tuttle Thos. Sullivan
IIMIé E. Brcaiway. Tel. 263
birnc, Anaconua & racine
Trains Leave B. A. A P. Depot, Butte
for Anaconda u Follows:
9:50 un. 12:15 pâ&. 4:40 p su. 10:19 pji.
Trains Leave lln on Passenger Station,
Anaconda; for Butte, as Follows:
8:35 uo. II ajn. 5:19 p.m. 7:41 p.m
Tickets for sale for all points, loc«i and
through, on the Great Northern railway,
Oregon Short Line railroad and Northern
Pacific railway and their connection*.
Steamship'tickets for *•'• to all point*
S Sw«*t «m» uie auove tinea.
Other Things. Too,
In Domestic Dept.
On Fridays and Saturdays this department
invariably offers some good tilings at a poor
price, and those shown today are even better
values than usual. Every day is a Bargain day at henaessy's—Friday and
Saturday particularly so. and it is with great confidence that we call the pub»
lie's attention to the several offerings in this big store.
Pillow Casings at 12*.£c
">0 inch bleached pillow casings, the
best New York mills muslin with heavy
round thiead. The factory's mill ends
and remnants bought at a bargain.
Regular 20c value for 12',£c yard.
Muslin Sheetings, 17c
72-inch bleached cotton sheeting,
"Pearl" brand has a fine round thread.
Regular 25c- value for 17c yard.
90 in. Sheetings, 25c
90-inch best quality bleached sheeting
made with , ound threads and fin'shed like
linen. The New York mills finest, none
better. Regular 40c values for 25c yard.
Fruit of the Loom and
Lonsdnle Muslins, 6c.
The best duality of Lonsdale and Fruit
of the Loom muslins, 30 inches wide, 12'ic
quality for Or yard.
Crochet Bed Spreads
Only 50c each
10-4 crochet bedspreads nice marseilles
patterns, magnificent values at the price.
Only 50c each.
Linen Napkins, 25c o dozen
Atout 30 dozens full bleached linen
Pamask napkins, line quality, but small
in size, too small for many of our cus
tomers. Hi nee the very low price. Regu
lar 60c quality for 25c dozen.
Nnpkins at $1.00 a. dozen
Brown loom damask napkins heavy
quality, 5-8 size. Our $1.50 quality for
$ 1.00 dozen.
Dresser Scarfs at 50c
Pretty designs in Spachtel work.
Size 20 by 54 inches. 75c values for 50e
each. Another nice lot of Spachtel Scarfs
size 20 by 54 inches, $100 values for 65a
each. *
Towels a.t 50c n dozen
Bleached cotton towels, size !S by 34
inches, 90c values for 50c dozen.
Towels a.t 15c dozen
Bleached towels made of heavy absor
bant cotton, size IS by 34 inches. Regular
$1.00 values for 75c dozen.
Linen Towels, 16?^c each
Nearly 300 towels, the odds and ends of
several good lines, colored borders ami
plain white, plain hems and hemstitched*
Good 25c values for 16 2-3.
Fine Muslin and Nainsook Gowns, trimmed with em
broidery and lace, high and low necks, sizes 13, 14 and 15,
Slightly Soiled.
At ©ne-Third ©ff
( nemises, slightly soiled, plain and
tiimmed with lace and embroidery.
Prices from 15c up.
About 72 prices underwear, fine draw
ers and corset covers, slightly soiled at
half price.
Half Price
Broken fines of several of the well
! known makes "Her Majesty's "Royal
j Worcester," "I. c." "P. D." "R. & (}."
j Flexibone and others, made of the finest
j material. Several good styles anl all
sizes in the lot. All at half price.
Art Goods
At Half
Stamped linens, pillow tops, table coy«
ers, handkerchief covers, photo frames,
sofa pillows, ready made, hand worked
and machine embroidered a.' at half
price. *
Brainerd and Armstrongs and Royal
Society silks, going ten skeins for 25a.
Order* to
Towle & Winterhalter
Manufacturing Jewelers, No 38 West Park Street.
Offer Their Entire Stock at Exactly One-fourth Off
As they may have to retire from business for awhile owing to some compli
tiuns over Senator Clark's new building. A clean, honest, direct offer of 25
lier cent discount on entire stock. For bargains in good goods, you'll never
get a better opportunity. ,1
$12 Filed, 15 year case, American
movement, perfect time at
per cent off ............ $9.00
$18 Filed Hunter Face, handsom*. ly
engraved, 20 years wear, Ameri
can nickel movement at 25 per
c f nt - off ................ $13-50
$5 Silver rhatelaine, gond time
Piece, open face, at 25 per cent.
off .....'............... $3-75
$22.00 Solid 14k gold, hunting ease,
Hampden movement, perfect
time at 25 per cent off . $16.50
$45 solid 14k, diamond set and Cres
cent in case, perfect time, full
jeweled movement at 25 pet
tent off ................ $33-75
$13.00 gold filled, 2» year open face,
Elgin movement, screw case,
dust proof, at 25 per cent off....
$27 Gold filled, 25 year hunting case,
Jas. Boss, Waltham full jew
eled, at 25 per cent off . $30.25
$50 Solid Gold, 14k hunting case,
Elgin, full jeweled, at 25 p-s
cent off ..................... $37-50
$125.00 Solid Gold, 14k, extra heavy
hand made case, imported
movement, perfect time, 21 ruby
jewels, at 25 per cent off $ 93.75
$16.50 open .face, coin silver, Elgin
movement, good time, at 25 per
cent off ................ $7-90
25 Per Cent Off Quadruple Plated Ware
$15.00 six piece teasel, hand engraved, at 25 per cent off____
$4.50 Syrup Pitcher and plate, pitcher shaped inverted
cone, hand engraved, at 25 Der cent off...............
$6.00 Carge Cake Basket, handsomely engraved, at 25 per
cent off ..............................................
$3.50 very pretty, sateen finish, Cake Basket, nicely en
graved, at 25 per cent off ................................
$3 .00 Child's Cup, gold lined, Kitten raised (embossed) on
bowl, at 25 per cent off .................................
$4.50 Ink Stand and pen rack, two bottles, cut glass, at
25 per cent off..........................................
$3.00 Shaving Mug and brush, badger hair, mug gold lined,
at 25 per cent off ......................................
$3 .00 Butter Dish, handsomely engraved, at 25 per cent
oft ....................................................
$0 .50 large, handsome, Pocket Traveling Flash, with fold
ing cup top, at 25 per cent off ..........................
$ 11.25
$ 3.40
$ 4.50
$ 1.50
$ 3.40
$ 2.25
$ 2.25
$ 4.90
25 Per Cent Off Clocks
$1.00 Standard Alarm clocks, guar
anteed one year, at 25 per <-eni
off ..............................
$2 Gong ring alarm and intermit
tent, at 25 per cent off ..........
$4 Mantel Clock, all guilt, very
handsome, with cupid decora
tion, at 25 per cent off .........
$6.00 Eight day Clock, large and
handsome, ebonized wood with
Kilt trimmings, at 25 per cent
off .............................
25 Per Cent Off Scarf Pins
$3 Enameled Crab with pearl, very
rich, gold, at 25 per cent off .. .
$6.00 Real Pearl Star, good size 14k
gold, at 25 per cent off ........
$7.50 Pansy with diamond dew
drop, gold, at 25 per cent off ..
$ 5.65
911.00 Real Pearls, first quality,
horse shoe, 14k pin, at 25 per
cent off .......................

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