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When we have ao many good
things to tell you about musical
instruments. The pianos to be
found at our sales, room are of such
excellent merit, as to tone, general
excellence, style and finish, that
they should be brought to your at
tention. * We would be glad to have
you see and hear our Vose & Sons
pianos, for we know you cannot
help being pleased.
Special Prices and Terms for 10 Days,
Woutana Music Co., 119 N. Main St.
! No Doubt in This Case •
• Dr. Metternich's Hair Health. g
• Will stop dandruff and itching •
• scalps, sure signs of approaching *
• hair falling and baldness. •
2 A scientific treatment in the 9
• true sense of the word, not a 0
• remedy by a baldheadtd barber. •
• $1.00 a bottle. All druggists, or 2
g from •
• Sole Agents, Butte. •
2 Agents of the Northwest f
Every Home-Builder
Is Interested
In this Kern Incandescent Gas
Burner. It means that the sum
you decide on for light expenditure
is reduced about 80 per cent. This
new burner saves about 80 per cent
of the gas bill over the old form of
gas burner. It gives a brighter,
clearer and steadier light;; is much
stronger than electricity and it
costs just one-tenth as much. The
different styles are shown here.
Gas Office
202 N. Main Street
Sporting Goods
Boxing Gloves
Dumb Bells
Indian Clubs
Sandow Bells
Whitley Exercises
Base Ball Supplies
Complete line of FISHING TACK
LE; hats, nets, flies, rods, baskets;
everything for success.
31-57 North Main
Important to Advertisers
Changes of copy for advertise
ments should be in office not later
than 9 a. m., to insure running
same day.
Celebrated Herb Sanitar
ium. Guarantees to cure
all diseases by means of
, his famous Chinese medi
cines, never before intro
duced into this country. He has cured
thousands and can cure you.
Advice free. 9 West Galena street,
Butte, Montana.
126 S. Arizona Street
If you are afflicted give mea
trial. Advice Free.
This Is to certify that the
_ Herb Treatment of Dr. Hong
Ail; for all chronic diseases cured me
of severe kidney and bladder troubles
of five years' standing.
The Free Reclining
Chair Cars
Between Denver and Chicago
via Santa Fe Route provide as
comfortable means of travel as
can be offered—sleepers except
ed. As an economical measure
they are unsurpassed. They are
hauled on fast trains, and are
in charge of experienced and
polite porters.
All essentials for the toilet
towels, soap, water, combs and
brushes—are provided free of
A. Warren, Gen't Agent
A. T. & 9. F. Ry„ 411 y Blk..
Salt Lake City.
Trouble Between Neighbors—Reeder
Has Been Missing for Three Weeks,
Leaving Ail His Property Behind—
Threats That He Would Come to
Grief—Kept Up His End of a Quarrel
(Special to Inter Mountain.)
Livingston, May 9.—The sheriff's office
has just received word of the mysterious
disappearance of George Reeder, a
rancher of Trail creek. Reeder has not
been seen for three weeks. About that
time he left his cabin with his dog and
started out hunting. He never returned,
; and the ranchers in the vicinity suspect
I that all is not wel with the man.
I Ugly stories are afloat concerning the
disappearance of Reeder. It is said that
j he and Caspar Zheltmeir, a neighbor,
! have been heard to utter dire threats
j against each other, and open stories of
I suspected foul play are heard,
j On the 25th of March Zheitrneir had
j Reeder brought to this at y and tried on
I a charge of assault. The trouble in this
! instance was brought about by Zheit
I meir killing Reeder's hunting dog. Reed
: er thereupon proceeded to pummel
! Zheitmedr to some etent. Since that
time the latter has sworn to get even.
Under Sheriff Hector McDonald has
left for Trail creek. He will make a
thorough investigation of the affair, and
will do his utmost to reveal the where
abouts of tlie missing man. It is not
thought probable that Reeder would
leave his cabin and all his belongings,
not intending to return, and it is almost
certain that something has ihapened to
him, although just what is hard to de
aRilroad Men Who Will Attend the
National Meetings of Their
Order in the East.
(Special to Inter Mountain.)
Livingston, May 4.—Conductor Joe
Johnston left for St. Paul this morning.
He is a member of the general committee
ot the Order of Railway Conductors,
which meets on the 6th Inst. He will
also attend the annual convention on
the 14th inst. F. M. Landon leaves on
the 10th inst. to attend the convention
as a delegate from Livingston lodge.
James German left at the same time
for Milwaukee, where he will represent
Livingston lodge No. 295 at the biennial
convention of the Brotherhood of Rail
way Trainmen.
Park County Rejoices in Rain.
Livingston, May 4.—Soaking rains
have prevailed for the past two days,
and the farmers of Park county are
overjoyed. The range has been so dry
that hopes for a good summer bad al
most gone. The Yellowstone park river
is booming from the effects of the rain.
First State Bank
Incorporated under the laws of
the State of Montana.
JOHN W. VAN DOREN......President
L. H. t AN DYCK........Vice President
W. B. DOLENTY..................Cashier
ALEX LIVINGSTON..Assistant Cashier
......................Assistant Cashier
A general banking business transacted.
Collections attended to promptly. We
draw our drafts on all the prin
cipal cities of the United
States and Europe.
John W. Van Doren, stock grower,
Livingston; L. H. Van Dyck, stock
grower, Horr, Montana; P. J. Nolan,
merchant, Livingston, Montana; Chas. I
Sehustrom, Hamm Brewing Co., Living- !
ston; H. J. Miller, attorney-at-law, I
Livingston, Montana; Guy Hunter, |
stock grower, Clyde Park. Montana; W. j
B. Dolenty, cashier, Livingston, Mon- j
Livingston, Montana.
Its 104 Rooms Magnificently Furnish
ed—The Most Expensive Carpets
That Are Made.
When the new Thornton throws open
its doors for patronage on Monday, it
will not only be one of the finest hotels
in the west, as to arrangement and con
venience, but it will unquestionably be
the best furnished hotel between St. Paul
and the Pacifie coast. The entire house,
with the exception of the bar, has been
furnished by the Kennedy Furniture Co.,
of Butte.
The competition to furnish these 101
rooms, including lobby, and bedrooms,
was not confined to Butte, where the
dealers were eager for the business as
much for the prestige as for the profit,
but the large eastern houses "had a
whack at it," including John Wana
maker. The result of that competition,
really national in its character, ought to
make Harry Kennedy, manager of the
Kennedy Furniture Co., feel a good bit of
Ail the furniture is fresh from the fac
tories, made on the latest and most popu
lar patterns: and, by the same token,
comfort has been the goal aimed at in
all the designs. The prevailing wood
throughout, is golden quarter-sawed oak.
All the chairs and rockers are roomy; an 1
they are all rubber tipped, reducing wear
and tear, and preventing noise. There
are four brass bedsteads and nearly all
the others are artistic iron bedsteads of
the most expensive character. Every
mattress is the best hair, resting on the
best box springs, all the finest that money
can buy. In two or three rooms, there
are golden, quarter-sawed oak folding
The fine bridal suite has a mag
nificent solid mahogany hand-carved set.
It is the Napoleon pattern. The pieces are
bedstead, dresser, ehif'onier, toilet table,
two center tables, and chairs, all to
match. The furnishings of this roam as,
indeed, that of all the other rooms, re
flect great credit on the taste of those
selecting them, and the richness and su
perior make and finish are a just cause
of pride to the Kennedy Furniture Co.
The reception loom, halls and stairways
have the very best of Lowell Wilton
carpets, also furnished by the Kennedy
Furniture Co. The elegance of carpets
may be imagined from the fact that the
wholesale cost of them is $2 85 per yard.
In addition to furnishing the Thornton,
the Kennedy Furniture Co., has been
supplying new furniture, from time to
time, for the past several months to the
Butte hotel, replacing the old. Six of the
best leather coaches made, were recently
supplied, and the best of beds have also
been furnished. The latest order from
the Butte, is 1,500 yards of the best Im
perial and Bigelow Axmtnister and Wil
ton carpets for the halls and front rooms.
These large orders, so readily filled by
the Kennedy Furniture Co., in competi-i
tion with live, keen competitors, bear a
recommendation in themselves higher
than any words of this paper could give.
It means that when it comes to furni
ture and carpets, Butte is as cheap a
market as there is in the United States,
that is, as far as the Kennedy Furniturei
Po., is concerned. . And the best goods
made are on sale there all the time.
Ferris Carries Away the Oratorical
Prize—Great Interest in the
Forensic Battle.
(Special to Inter Mountain.)
Bozeman, May 4.—The second Montana
state oratorical contest between the
Montana University of Missoula, the
Montana Wesleyan University of Hel
ena and the Montana State College of
Bozeman was held in the opera house
last evening. ConsiJei ing the inclem
ency of the weather, a large auditrice
gathered to greet the orators. The con
test was very close and resulted in a
victory for Bozeman, Mr. Farris winning
by one point, with Helena second anti
Missoula one point behind Helena.
The following is the programme is
rendered :
Invocation ..........Rev. J. N. Maelalr.
Overture—Piano Duet (Schubert) .....
..Beatrice Freeman and Lois Patterson
....College Guitar and Mandolin Cluo
Introductory ....President W. E. Collins'
Oration—"National Conscience" ........ 1
..Herbert S. Farris, Montana College 1
A. and M. A., Bozeman.
Oration—"Russia, the Aggressor" ....
..It. A. Creighton, Montana Wesleyan
University, Helena.
Oration—"The Knight of the Twentieth
Century".......................... i
..Elmer Woodman, D. of M., Mis
Cornet Solo ............Robert Chisholm
Music ................College Glee Club
Decision of Judges.
Benediction ............Rev. F. B. Lewi:;
Judges—On Delivery: Attorney Gen
eral Donovan, Supt. W. W. Welch and
Hon. E. D. Weed. On Thought and
Composition: Hon. J. H. Durston. Hon.
A. B. Keith and Dr. George J. MoAr, v
A number of visitors were present
from Helena and Missoula, a'l returning,!
to their homes this evening. Nine of the
Bozeman students, with Professor Cob
leigh. accompanied them westward on
their way to Butte to visit the smelters
at Butte and Anaconda. >
We Will Display
during the week the
largest and most elegant
collection of rare and
Turkish Rugs
ever shown in the North
west. Under the direc
tion of Mr. Kafuria, the
well known dealer in
Oriental rugs and drap
eries, who will remain
in our store about ten
M, J. Connell Company
The Wearing Qualities of
•yiv .-A
is Concord Harness
Alone is enough to reeommed ijijeni, but aside from that they are
LigHt, Need,; Ta. sty, acrid
Strictly Hand=Made Harness
You feel safe behind one, have long service out of it, and
it always looks well. The manufacturers guarantee them
and we make all promises good.
Phone 686 A Oie Door East of Wyoming. 106 East Park
Come Tonight Till to O'clock and Also
Come Here Monday For Sterling Silver Bargains at Half Price
n _ . Gre c at , Li 1 ne of Stcr,in Ä Toilet and other Novelties, all useful and most necessary. This great
naif Price Sale has startled the town and rattled the dry bones of HIGH PRICE.
every day a bargain day here
J. H. Leyson, 221 N. Main Street, Montana's Model Modern Jewelry House
Button Hooks
Something every man and woman needs. All best
steel hooks, with great variety of sterling handles.
More kinds at sacrifice prices than you ever dr ained
Six-inch, with sterling handle 75o, regular n w ........
Ordinary size, with sterling handle, gilded and jeweled,
a beauty, 75c regular, now ..............................
!e. for
V with a
Mammoth steil ng handle, for stout people, $2.50 regu
lar, now ..................................
Another great big fellow with a gloriously rich handle,
$3.00 regular, now .............................
Paper Cutters
Great variety of artistic creations. Largest aggrega
tion in Montana. Every one lias sterling handle.
Small with straight blade, also fur opening envelopes,
50c regular, now .......................................
Large size, with straight blade, decidedly handsome, $1
regular, now ............................................
5 OC
('imiter blade, with sterling filigree handle. $2.50 regu
lar, now ........................................
indie, wit
<v .......
$ 1-35
ile. gorge«
Very large, massive handle, with heavy embossed flow
ers, $2.75 regular, now ................................
Very large, cimiter blade, gorgeous sterling handle, $3.00
regular, now.............................................
Hair Curlers
Now is the time to make a rich
gift at half price, many cost us
more than we now ask.
Single handle, sterling and best
metal curler, $2 regular, now....
Mammoth double handles, very
handsome design, $3 regular, now
Another, different pattern, magnifi
cent double handle curler, $6.00
regular, now ......................
$ 3.00
Tooth Brushes
All the.--*- brushes are best bristles
with substantial sterling handles,
especially nice for gifts, and for
people dainty about their toiiet.
$1.50 size, now.................... 75 c
$1.75 size, now ...................s>5e
Great, swell handle, handsomely
ornamented, $2.25 regular, now...
Another great handle, regular $2.00,
now ...............................'
$ 1.00
$3.CO size, now .........
$2.75 size, now ..........
Cuticle Knives
Another line of articles that
modern civilization makes a toilet
necessity—at half price, at that.
►Sterling handle, gilt and jeweled,
$1.50 regular, now ................
75 C
Beaded pattern handle, large size,
$2.00 regular, now ................
$ 1.00
Mammoth handle, ivory handle,
best steel blade, $2.50 regular,
now ...................
Real Shell Combs
Nail Files
No woman nor man's toilet is complete without n
nail file. It ! s a necessity, not a luxury.
Sterling handle, gilt, and jeweled, $1.50 regular, now. ... „
... i Keal shell ornamental side, back, and pompadour
> 5C C
Mammoth handle, very handsome, 50c regular, now ____ 5 combs, all first quality and up-to-date styles at half
• 75C J price. Many cost us more.
& ST. P. RV.
A first class sleeper for Kansas city
leaves the Twin Cities daily via C. M.
St. P. By. (from Minneapolis 7:50 a. ni.
and St. Paul 8:00 a m.), and arrives Kan
sas City the following morning at 7:00
o'clock, running via the "Milwaukee's"
well known Hedrick Route. This serv
ice is particularly well suited for trav
elers, not only to Kansas City locally,
but to points beyond in the south, south
west. and California, best connection be
ing made at Kansas City for ail points.
Write J. T. Conley, Asst. Gen. Pass.
Agent, St. Paul, Minn., for full informa- i
tion concerning lowest rates, etc.
eitor to canvass Butte and vicinity for
a fast seller. Good commission. No
capital required. Call to-night or in
the morning, "The Hazel," 112 East
Granite, room 12.
F. L. Graves. Pros.
G V.'illiain Roe. Vice Pres,
o; A. L. Stone. Cashier.
It A
» State Bank of Billon
Incorporated August 1, 1899. -\:
I Capital $50,000, Dillon, Mont. $
if A general banking business trans- jP
if acted. Correspondence solicited. .'jtf
• 7 . Director: F. !.. Graves, William ^
Roe, Martin Barrett, Joe Snineber
If ger, A. F. Graeter, A. L. Stone. ß
Gr'-G-W-fe- fe-'Ür'fe''
H f VÎ • A
I B. F. VMITE. S'rc
R. A. SULLIVAN, Cash. <£
: First National Bank I
?> '-T
Capital and Surplus 4 ,
$150,000.00 I
• A Oeneral Banking and Exchange Z
... Business Transacted. Correspond- *
j. ence Solicited. Z,
When You Want
2 [Më/t/Zûà Electrical Work
V/; I Just remember that we have been in business in
Butte f° r ten years. Our class of work should be
«£. » given only to reliable and established business
concerns You can't afford to take any chances
for the sake ot saving: a few dollars on the first cost. Uood work costs
more, but is cheaper than poor work.
Telephone-Office, No. IS.
53 East Broadway
Telephone-Construction Department, No, 483
J? IIHIWII MBB I bllllli
ada Copper Mining Co
Hardware Department
Corner of Quartz and Main Streets
Mining 2 nd Blacksmith Supplies. Mechanics' Tools
Shelf and Heavy Hardware
Montana Agents for Alsen & Salt Lake Portland Cements
Wholesale and Retail
Orders and Correspondence Solicited
She would ha" e enjoyed lus c. jn
versatlon more, she said, had ha
taken the Keeley treatment.
Drug and Cigarette Habits
No confinement, no publicity, no e.b
xupt shutting off of either liquor or
opium. The only treatment adopted ty
the United States government for usa
in national and state homes tor soldiers
and sailors.
The only Keeley Institute in the state.
Ail others claiming to us, Keeley reme
dies are frauds and imitators.
j-a.lies treated as privately as it their
own ho. te.
for terms and literature address TUB
First street, or Lock Box 480, Salt Lake
City, Utah.
The Great Scottish Entertainers
Of E iinburgh, Scotland, in Most Delightful Delnea
tions of Scottish Wit, Humor and Pathos.
^ First Presbyteriaurw CHvircH nç
Frida, y , May 3d
50c Seat ftone Reserved

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