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Stories of the Queer Happen
ings and Doings of the Strange
People of This Funny World. A
Good R.ending for Monta. rva.'s
Men. Women, and Children
Containing Many Interesting
The armoured cruiser Brooklyn, which
is under command of Admiral Reme.v, is
the American representation to the re
ception of the Duke and Duchess of Corn
wall to Melbourne, Australia, and the
festivities incident to the opening of the
Australian federation parliament this
week. The future king of England reach
ed Melbourne this morning, on his tour
around the world.
The Brooklyn is one of the most famous
vessels of the new American navy. She
Count Stanislaus Cojacicchi, the "Cor
Here de Gabinetto," or member of the
pope's noble guard, who is bringing the
red oiretta to Cardinal Martinelli, will
deliver his commission at the delegate's
residece in Washington on Wednesday.
The Rev. Dr. Frederic Z. Booker, the
secretary of the delegate, will be his
escort from this city.
The members of the noble guard are
chosen from among the stalwart mem
bers of the old Roman nobility, and are
nearly all six-footers. The count is a
member of the ancient family of Cunto,
which claims to have given no less than
eight popes to the church. With the re t
cap, he also carries the formal notifica
tion of Mgr. Martinelli's elevation to the
sacred college. This will be read to him
by the Rev. Dr. Marchetti, auditor of the
Washington delegation, who has been
named ablegate for the occasion by the
The notification ceremony is very sim
ple, and Mgr. Martinelli will merely give
a formal acknowledgement. On May 8,
however, the solem ceremony of the im
position of the biretta will take plat»
with special pomp in the cathedral at
era Morris has opened a new avenue
of wealth to the hard working members
of the stage. All they will have to do
in the future when they want a new au
tomobile or a change diamond necklace
is to go to the bottom of their trunks and
dig up the few shares of stock that a dot
ing father gave them when they left
home. They will find the said stock has
increased so in value as to make them
wealthy and provide them with more real
money than they ever dared even ap
proach in theiir dreams.
All this is what happened to Miss Mor
ris. She is rehearsing for "The King's
Carnival," and lately has been seen eag
I $ 1325 .
For Sale! A Bargain! L i lT R T m , ^ ran ? e
0 House, hard finish,
Chicken Sheds, Coal House, Buggy Shed, Stable,
and best Well in Butte. Corner Lot, 37x100
feet. On West Side. - - = .
i THE THOMPSON CO. nre msar
J 15 West Broadway. 821 C 6 , LOällS
^ omet hing More
Is P^equired
In filling prescriptions than just having the ingredients ordered. They
-hould be of lull strength. They should be compounded in absolutely clean
vessels. They should be compoun ded by a capable, experienced and care
ful pharmacist. Those requisites obtain here, together with prompt ser
vice. No other store business is a llowed to interfere with our prescrip
tion work.
Eagle Pharmacy f
South Main St«, One Door Below Dark, Butte 1
is of 9.271 tons displacement has a speed
of 20 knots an hour, and carries eight S
l inch, twelve 5-inch, twelve 6-pounder,four
; 1-pounder and 4 gatling guns, the heav
; iest armament of any cruiser of her size
afloat. She was built in 1893- She was
one of the principal ships in the zloekade
of Santiago, and her gteat 8-inch guns
were the main cause of the downfall of
the Spanish Meet on its attempted escape
from the harbor. She was struck several
times more than any other of the Ameri
Baltimore, Cardinal Gibbons presiding.
The new cardinal will sing the pontifical
mass of the day, and Archbishop Kya.i
of Philadelphia will preach the sermon.
Every member of the hierachy who can
possibly da so will be present.
During this mass the Corriere de Gabi
netto, dressed in a scarlet uniform com,
trimmed with gold; white buckskin
breeches, jack boots and spurs, and hel
met with long horsehair plume, and gold
sabertasche, will be the most picturesque
figure in the sanctuary, guarding h's
trust until it is placed on the head or
the new cardinal. After the ceremony
he will make a short tour of the count v>
before returning to Rome. For his ser
vices he receives a fee of $1.000 from
the new cardinal, and has all his eu
penses paid. The ablegate's fee is $2,000.
Cardinal Gibbons ,on the day after the
ceremony, will leave Baltimore with the
Rev. William A. Fletcher, his secretary,
for his contemplated trip abroad. He
will sail from New York on the Trave
on Saturday, going to Naples and thence
to Rome. He expects to be away unf.l
the end of August, and will visit Car
dinal Vaughan in London before he re
erly scanning the Wall Street pages of
the newspapers and going about with an
anxious look in her eyes.
"What is it?" asked William Gould of
her one day when she looked particularly
"Sh! she whispered, "don't tell any one
but I have a good thing in Wall Street."
"Let me congratulate you." said the gal
lant Gould. "What's his name?"
"Sir!" was the freezing reply. "I'm
talking about stocks."
Just how the company learned about
it no one knows. Mr. Gould avers he
did not tell, and Miss Morris is equally
sure she never let the secret escape.
At any rate it soon became whispered
about that Miss Morris had won a fortune
in Wall street. Lillie Brink was one
of the very first to put the story in words.
"Vera didn't tell me," she said to a
group of eager listeners, "but I have it
can fleet, and sustained one or two severe
injuries. The ship is somewhat of a nov
elty in appearance on account of her lofty
smoke stacks, which tower 1 in feet above
the boilers. Though looking so top heav
they give far better draught than low«
The Brooklyn was sent to the eastern
stations last fall, and was delegated to
represent this country in Australia, she
not being needed either in China or in the
Philippines at the present tine.
: on the very best authority that she
i has done something or other with copper
and made half a million.
I "Your story is ve y near correct, dear."
j interrupted Ethel Goodyear, "but not
! quite. "I'm sure it was not copper, but
j brass, and also that she made more than
J a million."
I At this moment Miss Morris herself put
j in an appearance. She was at once sur
| rounded and implored to tel 1 how much
j she had made, how she had made it,
f what she intended to do with it and a
1 hundred other que-ti -ns.
j But Miss Mo ris had not been in Wall
street for nothing. She knew that ne t'.er
Mr- Morgan nor any of the other financial
dined to do so herself.
She promised, however, to ''issue a
i statement," and this she did later through
her fri nd Mabel Kent- n. This state
! ment was to the effect that-for seme tinr
j Miss Morris had been the vner of a feu
shares of Union Pacific s: ek. The recent
m • h dr valu \ con
ha 1 enabled Miss
a profit' of $6 5G0.
true," added Miss
j:--r handle I six
and they weren't
phenomen a 1 increase
tinued Miss Fenton.
M 'rris to sell them a
"And gi-is. i:"s ai
Fenton, "f r I have
crisp new $1 000 bill
stage money either "
Miss Mortis l.-f; ?;
maid to be called a:
morning, hut they were either
or disregarded, and at a late
had not been awakened.—New Y
v su
Every probability > x
Nell" may soon l:e pii
by no less person than
Before leaving this count ry :
actress opened negotiations
French rights of Henrietta
play, and her New York age
ts trat '
red in I
6arah R
'aids an 1
an ha nit.
for fib '
has in
push them to a successful i
* er 1
struetions t
Ht- h gan yesterday by making a
to Alice Kausher. a young woman wti
places plays, she is the medium through ^
which George (\
"Mistress Neil "
dramatic mater
have not yet V.-ea a
factory terms are exi
within a fw days.
If "Mistress Nell" s
mark a new epoch
American drama. N
sequence by an Ami
adapted into French
been the practice of
1-Iazelton. Jr... auth
disposes of bis finished
al. The figures named
•a accepted, but satis
■ expected to be reached
s to Paris it will
11 the history or
play of any ron
•an lias yet been
common as has
vering New York
stages with productions from Paris.
Bernhardt, though she is sure the mer
riress of Nell Owvn as depicted by Mr.
HazeUnn will suit her exuberant manner
of comedy acting, has never seen the
play. She heard of if first in Boston last
week when she and Miss Grosman were
both appearing in that eitv. Her atten
tion was called lo it by Mrs. John B.
Sehoeffel (Agnes PnothV who described
it as fitting her so perfectly. She sent
her secretary to see it performed. Her
own engagements prevented personal at
tendance to the detail. The report of the
commissioner satisfied her and she at
once wrote to Maurice Campbell, man
ager of Miss Grosman, making known
her desires. As Mr. Campbell owns only
the American and Canadian rights of the
piece, he referred the French woman to
Miss Kausher.
The Great Northern railway will »'11
round trip tickets. Butte to Boulder a- !
return, including one week's board and
bathing privileges at Hot Springs hots),
at a rate of $13.80 each.
1ST TO NOV. 1ST, 1901.
On April 30th and daily thereafter the
Chicago Great Western Railway will sell
through excursion tickets to Buffalo,good
to return within fifteen days, at a' fare
and one-third for the round trip.
A special rate for every Tuesday in
May will be one fare plus $1.00 for the
round trip. These ticket» will be good
leaving Buffalo until midnight on the
Saturday following the day of sale
The lowest rates will always be In
force on the Chicago Great Western rail
way, and its equipment and accommoda
tions are unsurpassed.
The company lias Issued a neat illus
trated folder, giving a map of Buffalo
and of the Exposition Grounds; a list of
hotels; time-card of its trains and their
eastern . collections, and much other val
uable information.
Notice is hereby given that I am the
exclusive owner of the lodging and
boarding house located at 112 South Ari
zona street, Butte City, and known ns
Î the "Montreal House," and that iny hus
i band, Joseph Lamarche, has no property
j or interest whatever in the same,
i Notice is hereby further given that I
j am In no wise responsible for any debts
j contracted, or which may be contracted,
by my said husband, and that no debts
contracted by him will be oald by tue.
Dan Brown, plaintiff, vs. Charles H.
Catching, et al., defendants.
To be sold at sheriff's sale, on the 9th
day of May, A. D. 1901, at 2 o'clock r>. m.,
at the front door of the court house, in
the city of Butte, county of Silver Bow,
state of Montana, file following describ
ed real property, to-wit:
An undivided one-fourth interest In
and to the Aline Crystal placer mining
claim, situate on Big Fish creek: an un
divided one-fourth interest in and to the
Wolf placer claim, situated on Big Fish
creek: an undivided one-fourth interest
i in and to the New Hone p lacer mining
claim, situate on Two Heart gulch: an
I undivided one-fourth interest in and to
the Elsie placer mining claim, situated
' on Little Fish creek; also an undivided
' one-fourth interest in and to all tools,
sluice foxes and a'! and every other prop
erty and fixtures used in connection with
the operation of the said above describ
ed placer mining claims.
Paid above described placer mining
claims a'l have been duly located and
, recorded as required by law; the record
of which locations in the office of the
county clerk and recorder of Silver Bo v
county, Montana, being hereby referred
to for a more particular description of
I the said placer mining claims,
j M=o one-fourth Interest in all water
j rights obtaining to said claim, which
ire duly recorded with the county clerk,
! Silver Row county, Montana.
James n. fttrey.
I Sheriff Silver Row County, Montana.
By P. L. MILLER, D -pu tv Ci rk.
Dated April 17. A. D It ill.
Notice 13 hereby given that In pur
suance of tiie authority conferred upon
the board of trustees of school district
No. 1, Silver Bow county. Montana, by
that certain election held on the 6 h
day of Api il, 1901, the trustees of the
above named school district were au
thorised and empowered to sell coup n
bonds to the amount of one hundred
thousand ($100,000) dollars for the pur
pose of building one or more school
houses and purchasing school sPes in
said school district, said bonds to be of
the denomination of one thousand
($1,0001 dollars each, dated on the first
day of June. 1901. payable In twenty (.0)
years and redeemable in ten ( 10 ) yea'»,
and drawing interest at the rate of four
(4) per cent per annum, payable semi
annually, both interest and principal
payable at the office of tiie county treas
urer of Silver Bow county, Montana, in
gold coin. Said bonds will be sold at
private sale at the trustees' room in the
high school building, coiner of Idaho
a d Pa.k streets, Butte, Montana, on tiie
21st day of May, 1901. at eight (S) o'clock
p. m., and sealed bids will be received
iy the board of trustees for the pur
| chase of said bonds up to and until
J twelve o'clock noon on the 21st day of
I May, 1901. Said bonds shall not be sold
for '.ess than tlie.'r par value and all bids
1 shall bo made for th=> net amount to *>c
I received oy the board cf la:
said bonds. A certified rV.c-': or 'ts
1 equivalent, for the sum of twenty-five
hundred (S:\500) dollars must be depos
itee with the elerk of the board of school
trustees as a guaranty of good faith, by
1 each person bidding upon said bonds.
Any and all bids may be rejected by :ne
^ board of trustees.
By order of the board of school trus
tees of school district No. 1, Silver Bow
county. Montana, made thiä 16th lay of
April, 12-01.
TU. os. RICHARDS, Chairman.
Notice is hereby given that at a meet
ing of the directors held on the Gth day
of March, 1891, an assessment of three
and 25-ICO ($3 23) dollars per share wu-j
levied upon the capital stock of the cor
poration, payable prior to April 7, l.9rti,
to LeRoy Currier, Butte, Montana, or H.
D. Gcrnish, Topeka, K msas. Any stock
on which this assessment shall remain
unpaid on the 7th day of April will be
delinquent and advertised for sale at '
public auction, and unless payment is j
made before, will be sold on the 1st ,,ay
of May, 1391, to pay the delinquent as
sessment, together with all costs of ad
vertlsing and expenses of sale.
H. D. CORNISH, Secretary.
Topeka, Kansas.
United States Land Office, Helena, Mon
tana, April 23, 1901.
Notice is hereby given that Joseph
Goldman of San Francisco, Californhi,
by P. M. Collins, his attorney in fact,
whose postoffice address is Helena, Mon
tana, has this day made application to
select, under the provisions of the act
of June 4. 1897 (30 Stat„ 3)6, the follow
ing-described tract:
S. W. Vi of the H: W. Vi of Section 14,
and the S. E. VL of the S. E. V4 of Section
15, T. 2 S., R. 9 W„ M. M.
Within the next 30 days from dato
hereof protests or contests against this
selection on the ground that the land
described, or any portion thereof, is
more valuable for its minerals than for
agricultural purpose», will be recei rod
and noted for report to the commissioner
of the general land office.
First publication May 4, 1901, (597).
XX xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
61 oth
a I Linoleum
||| Bright
Here's where they come together this week. Figures to prove
that we are butte's leaders in lessening prices on floor coverings. You
ca.i cover two rooms this week for a little more than it would cost to
cover one last week. You can buy that fine carpet now that you used
to think you could net afford.
Tn this line our spring array is
most complete. All the new pat
terns, from all the best mills, in
effects that promise the refreshing
decorative newness sought for by
the tasteful housekeeper.
The $1.25 values this week for .....
$1.00 yard
The $1.35 values this week for .....
$1.15 yard
The $1.75 values .this week for .....
$i .35 yard
Reigniiyr favorites, of all high
grade weaves, in new and pretty
The $2.50 values this week for .....
$i*75 yard
Heaviest enamel and ibest wear
ing grades In light and dark
grounds. Every pattern a new one;
every design a pleasing one.
The 40c values this week for ......
25c yard
The 50c values this week for ......
35c yard
The 60c values this week for ......
45c yard
In this justly famous make (tiie
best beyond question) we carry ti e
only complete line in the city. It
was the goodness of our linoleums
that brought us our good linoleum
trade. You may be certain that we
will not offer you any second choice
or second grade linoleums.
The S5c values this week for ......
60c yard
The $1.00 values this week for ....
75c yard
The $1.23 values this week for ....
$1.00 yard
i Brownfield-Canty Carpet Co
<f 48 to 54 West Park Street, Bntte
SC Goods Sold on Installments Freight Paid on Mail Orders
Rxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxi
0 \
P. J'. Hr op h y ^ Co.
Grocers and
Importers ^
%X5he Connell Store
I Ladies' Fine Vici Kid
Shoes, Lace or Hut
ton. Latest Shapes
and Alt Sizes, Worth
a Great Heal Mote
Than XOe AsK. . . .
Tomorrow £2.50 a pair.
Connell Company

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