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When we have so many good
things to tell you about musical
instruments. The pianos to Vie
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excellent merit, as to tone, general
excellence, style und finish, Hint
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Special Prices and Terms tor 10 Days,
Montana Music Co., 119 N. Main St.
J Trent it well and it keeps well. 5
• The new school treatment, •
f Dr. Metltnlth's

Will do all the work required. No •
more dandruff; no more hair fall- •
ing. Only $1.00 a bottle. g
Ask your barber or your drug- •
gist about it. J
Agents, Butte. Montana. f
If You
Only Knew
How Cheap a
Fuel is
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us give you an estimate for your
Gas Office
20 a N. Alain Street
Flat Opening
Blank Books
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No Press
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31-37 North Main
Important to Advertisers
Changes of copy for advertise
nrents should be in office not later
than 9 a. m., to insure running
same day. *
Celebrated Herb Sanitar
ium. Guarantees to cure
all diseases by means of
> ,-v ills famous Chinese mcdl
eines, never befora intro
duced into this country. He has cured
•thousands and can cur« you.
Advice free. 9 West Galena street,
Butte Montana.
S DR. H 9 N 8 ARK
126 S. Arizona Street
If you are afflicted give mea
trial. Advice Free.
This is to certify that the
Herb Treatment of Dr. Hoag
Ark for all chronic diseases cured pie
of severe kidney and bladder troubles
of five years' standing.
The Free declining
Chair Cars
Between Denver and Chicago
via Santa Fe Route provide as
comfortable means of travel as
can be offered—sleepers except
ed. As an economical measure
they are unsurpassed. They are
hauled on fast trains, and are
in charge of experienced and
polite porters.
All essentials for the toilet
towels, soap, water, combs and
brushes—are provided free of
A. Warren, Gen' I Agent
A. T. & S. F. R>\. 411 Doc, y Blk..
Salt Lak-* City.
Emma Jane Roberts and William
Commins Join Hands to Journey
Through Life Without the Assist
ance of a Minister—Their Declara
tion Recordea on the County's Books
The return on a common law or con
tract marriage has been filed in the of
fice of the clerk of the district court and
it is possibly tile first marriage of i ta
kind in Silver Bow county that has been
publicly announced. The parties to the
contract are William Commins and Em
nia Jane Roberts, aged 3S and -3 years re
in all of the marriages by the custom
ary form returns have to be made to the
court by the officiating officers, and In
each case the return is copied on a stub
attached to the regular license. This
is kept on file for reference.
It is a well known fact that several
couples are living together in Butte un
der the common law form, but the cer
tificate filed by Mr. and Mills. Commins
is the first public acknowledgement of
such a marriage.
The contract entered innto by the cou
ple is as follows:
"We, the undersigned, William
Commins and Emma Jane Commins,
hereby state and declare:
'I—That our names, ages and places
of residence are respectively as fol
lows, to-wit: William Commins, aged
3S years, and place of residence Butte
city,Silver Bow county, State of Mon
tana: and Emma Jane Commins, for
merly Emma Jane Roberts, aged 23
years, and place of residence Butte
city, Silver Bow county,State of Mon
"II—That previous to the making
hereof, we said,William Commins and
Emma Jane Commins, intermarried at
said city of Butte, and ever since
have been and now are husband and
"Ill—That the date of the said mar
riage is May 1, 1900.
"IV—That said marriage was not
solemnized in accordance with the
provisions of section 71 of the civil
code of the state of Montana, or oth
erwise, and this declaration is made in
accordance with provisions of setion
85 of the code of civil procedure of the
state of Montana, for the purpose of
authenticating the same.
"In witness whereof we, the said
William Commins and Emma Jane
Commins, have hereunto set our
hands and seal, this, the Tth day of
May, 1901.
"Witness—William Roberts."
The certificate is verified under oath
before Curt C. Darrow, as a notary
That the marriage is perfectly legal is
demonstrated by the provisions of the
statute which read as follows: :
Section 71—Marriage may be sol
emnized by either a justice of the su
preme court, judge of the district
court, justice of the peace, priest or
minister of the gospel of any denom
ination, or the mayor of any city.
Marriage may also be solemnized by
religious societies according to the
usages of such societies.
Sec. S3—Persons married without
the solemnization provided for in
section 71 must jointly make a declar
ation of marriage substantially show
ing: First—The names, ages and
residences of the parties; seeonnd—
the fact of marriage; third—the time
of marriage: fourth——the fact that
the marriage has not been solemn
Mrs. Tracey Was Placed in an Embar
rassing Position—Friends Vouch
For Her.
During the recent G. A. R. encamp
ment in this city a woman who claimed
to be a member of the Relief corps
fleeced several members of the Grand
Army posts of the city and surrounding
towns and decamped far parts unknown.
Mrs Emerson Tracey, a lady visiting in
this city, aifl who called upon the old
soldiers at their encampment, departed
from Butte about the same time. By
some means known only to the strange
chances of rumor, the acts of the con
fidence woman were attributed to Mrs.
Tracey. The story went into print re
flecting upon the person who was
guilty, and the public appears to have
been unable to distinguish the real cul
prit from Mrs. Tracey, who, the G. A.
R. men say, was entirely trustworthy
in her dealings with members of the
post here.
P. H. Manchester, a prominent
Grand Army man, has investigated
the matter with a view of clearing up
the peculiar case of mistaken Identity, '
and is authority for the statement that
a very grave injustice was done an in
P. J, "Brophy Co.
Grocers and
Importers ^
nocent person by the mistake. What has
become of the person whose duplicity
caused the trobhle is not known. Mrs.
Tracey is in the city at present, ami
the public will doubtless be glad to
know that she was in no way connected
with the acts of the confidence woman
who flitted away between two days.
Coroner's Jury Decides 'mat Sydney B.
Bull Took Poison to End
His Life.
The jury empaneled by Coroner John
son to enquire into the death of Sydney
B. Bull met last night at Sherman's un
dertaking establishment and after hear
ing the evidence, decided that Bull had
committed suicide by taking strychnin".
Fred Gagnier, who had known Bull for
eigh years, testified that he was a sob n r
and industrious man but of late had
been despondent because of ill health.
Dr. Schwartz caused amazement by
holding the bottle of strychnine found
near Bull to his lips and tasting the con
tents. The astonishment was increased
when the physician stated that ope
tmth of a grain is deemed a fatal dos •.
. - added that if the bottle had been
lull, the quantity Bull swallowed, was
sufficient to kill every man, woman and
chid in Meaderville.
Dr. Schwartz was asked if the patent
medicines Bull had been using for a long
period prior to his death, might not have
induced melancholia. The doctor repli d
that he could not answer definitely be
cause he did not know the kind of med -
cine the man had been taking. He add. 1
that as a usual thing, such decoctions
are Injurious.
"I will say this," he remarked, '1 11 .■
man selected a good poison, whatever
may have been his error about a choir ■
of medicines."
Bull was a native of Canada, aged 37
years. He is survived by several
brothers and sisters in British Columbia,
a cousin, T. C. Miles, living just beyond
the Silver Bow mine in Butte, and a dis
tant relative, Mrs. Van Wart, of No. 411
Dakota street. The funeral of the d -
ceased was held this afternoon at 2:29
o'clock from the undertaking rooms . r
Sherman, in East Park street.
Claims Funds of the Cigar and Bawl
ing Business in East Broadway
Have Been Misappropriated—Says
the Books Contain False Entries—
A Considerable Amount Involved.
Lew Stein brought suit against Ike
Heilbronner, in the district court, today,
to compel the defendant to render him
an accounting in the cigar and bowling
alley business which Heilbronner hus
been conducting in East Broadway. The
complaint in the case Is a warm on.
from several points of view.
In his complaint Stein accuses Ileii
bronner of having appropriated receipts
of the business to his own use and shad
ing the transactions with false entries
in the books. One item alleged to hal -
be en diverted in this manner is said to
be $3,000 and another $8<?
Stein alleges that July 1, 1900, Heil
bronner and Thomas Denoon engaged in
the cigar and bowling alley business at
23 East Broadway. Under the terms of
the agreement it is said Heilbronner was
to receive $300 per month for his ser
vices and S5 per cent of the profits of
the business* and Denoon was to get
$150 per month and 15 per cent of tin
profits. On January 1 the agreement
was modified in such a way that Denoon
was to receive 25 per cent of the receipts
for six months. This agreement encoun
tered no faults until April 10, when Heil
bronner, it is claimed, refused to jjermit
Denoon to further carry out the con
tract. I
On January 1. says the complaint, iDe
tioon sold to him his interest and sine,'
then Heilbronner, he says, has handled
all the receipts, deposited them in his
own name and has applied to his own
use from the funds large sums of money:
that on August 25 of last year he appro
priated $3.000 and applied it on a per
sonal indebtedness at the Silver Bow
National bank, and on the some dan
made a $3.000 false entry in the books:
that on the 5th of November, 1900, ho
took $80 from the cash drawer and left
a tab for $70 in its place.
Stein also says that on January 1
Heilbronner rendered him a false ac
count of the 15 per cent profits which
Denoon was to receive from July 1 to
January 1, stating, it is claimed, the I
Denoon's share was not more than $350.
In this connection Stein says he be
lieves the 13 per cent aggregated $1.350.
and that the total profits between July
1 of last year and January 1 of this year
were $9.000, and that they aggregate 1
$6,000 between January 1 and May 1.
Two New Invoices of
Sterling Silver
and eut Glass
There have never been finer goods in the entire west than are included
in this shipment. This store is justly noted for carrying the highest class
oi goods of any jewelry store in the west, and it maintains that character.
Its prices are no higher than those of large retailers in the metropolitan
cities of the east.
Is represented by single pieces and by sets of tableware of the very highest
art and best handicraft of intelligent American labor, the very best labor in
the world. Type cannot describe the art nor the beauty of these goods.
They must be s, en to be appreciated. You are cordially invited to inspect the
most elegant line ot Silverware ever brought to Butte, as well as the fines'
line of
It is hand finished, the purest glass possible, and the finest cut. It is
in fact all that cut glass can be. In this recent shipment there are new
dishes, new designs, new cuttings. If you want the latest as well as the best
in cut glass, if you get it in Butte, you'll have to get it here.
J. H. L5YSON, 221 H. Main
Dr. German, dentist, 1X4 N. Main St. •
Dr. Forsyth, dentist, 7 and 8 Owsley
block. *
D:\ Harriet K. Burnet, removed to Sil
ver Bow block, rooms 22. 23. •
Good furniture for sale. Must sell at
once. 304 West Porphyry. *
Thistle, Imperial, Cleveland, Columbia
and Crescent bicycles. 19 E. Broadway.
Dr. L. Austin, dentist. Teeth extracted
by painless method. 50c. Office over Red
Bi.ot, 24 N. Main street. Butte. •
The B. A. & P., will make a rate of 80c
for the round trip Butte to Gregson
Spring?, and return every Saturday and
Sunday. Tickets good on all trains leav
ing Butte after 3:00 p.. m„ Saturdays and
return from Gregson Springs until mid
night on Sunday. •
"It Is a surprising fact." says Prof.
Houton. "that in my travels In all parts
of the world, for the last ten years. I
have met more people having used
Green's August Flower than any other
remedy, for ayspepsi*. tfcr:ry"d liver
and stomach, and for constipation. g
find for tourists and salesmen, or for
persons filling office positions, wher»
Irregular habits exist, thav Green's
August Flower is a. grand remedy. It
djes not Injure the system by frequent
use, and is excellent for sour stomachs
ai.c indisgestion. ' Sample bottles free at
Newbro Drug Co., Flnlen-Medin Drug
Sold by dealers ln oll cl vlUcod coun
Get Green's Prize Almanac.
Office 4S W. Park St., up stairs. Glasses
fitted, moderate prices. Examination free.
and diseases arising from an impure
state of the blood Lichty's Ceh ry
Nerve Compound is an invaluable spe
sifie. Sold by Newbro Drug Co., Butte,
Mont. *
don't waste a minute but go to your
druggist and get a box of Krause's
Headache Capsules. They will prevent
pain, even though your skull were
clacked. They are harmless, too. Read
the guarantee, rice 25c. Sold by Nrw
bro Drug Co., Rutte, Montana.
is a malady which no one can escape
al this season of the year. The vitality
is usually overtaxed during the winter
months, and spring finds the system
all run down. The blood is thinned
and impure. The kidneys and liver are
inactive—resulting in a loss of energy
and appetite, and a derangement of til -
nerves. Lichty's Celery Nerve Com
pound will purify your blood, tone up
your nerves, and leave you feeling fresh
and energetic. Sold by Newbro Drug
Co.. Rutte, Montana.
The Devil in the Bell.
A few months before the death of
Father Boyle, of Washington, D. C., he
built a missionary chapel down by the
navy yard, and bought at a junkshop
an old hell which had lieeii discarded
by one of ehe Presbyterian churches.
He sent the bell to a foundry in George
town and had several inches of metal
pared off the rim to get rid of a crack,
and the harsh and discordant tones of
the bell became short and sweet. Meet
ing a Presbyterian parson not long aft
er, Father Boyle called his attention to
the change, and the latter could scarcely
believe it was the same hell. "What in
the world did you do with that boll."
inquired the Presbyterian pastor, "to
cause such a change in the tone?" "We
blessed it and blessed it and blessed it
until we got the Presbyterian devil out
of if," re torted Father Boyle, "and then
it sounded all right."
The Hat*! and Boarding Hois» anas
elation wee: every Wednesday evening
at 343 East Park street, at 8:30. J. P.
Tobin, secretary and treasurer. Clarence
hotel. •
Her Mind Often Changes.
Within the last three months Mrs.
Jennie Springer of Troy. Kan., has in
stituted as many suits for divorce
against her husband, but each was dis
missed before the time of trial. Last
week she began the fourth suit, declar
ing to the courthouse officials that her
mind was unalterably fixed this time,
and that there would be no backing
down. Two hours later the sheriff went
to the Springer home to serve the papers
on the husband, and found the pair
"hugging each other as loving as two
A good remedy, and there is not any
thing on the market that equals French
I Tansy Tablets for the relief and cure of
1 painful and irregular mense. These
, tablets remove all obstructions, no mat
! ter what the cause. Manufactured by A.
I Augendre, Paris, France, and for aale
I only by the Newbro Drug Co., Butte,
I Mont., sole agents. Price $2 per box:
! sent by mail, securely sealed.
Melvin G. Dodge, who was graduated
from Hamilton college in 1890, and af
terwards became Us librarian, lias been
appointed librarian of Leland Stanford,
Jr., university, at a salary of $5,000 a
year. ]
First-class Pullman sleeper from Twin
Cities every day via the Chicago. Mil
waukee & St. Paul railway to Ivanaai
Leaves Minneapolis at 7:50 a. m„ St.
Paul at 8:00 a. m., arrives at Kansas
City at 7 o'clock next morning.
Direct and most comfortable route to
Kansas City and the 6oul'hwest anJ
Pullman tourist sleeper also from Twin
Cities every Tuesday, running through
to Los Angeles. Cal.
Apply to ticket agents, or write J. T.
Conley, assistant passenger agent. Si.
Paul, for lowest one-way and rcund-trip
rates to all points iiouth and y at. •
& ST. P. RY.
A first class sleeper for Kansas City
leaves the Twin Cities dally via C. M.
A- St. P. Ry. (from Minneapolis 7:50 a. m.
and St. Paul 8:00 a. m.), and arrives Kan
sas City the following morning at 7:00
o'clock, runn'ng via the "Milwaukee's''
well known Hedrick Route. This serv
When You Want
Electrical Work
just remember that we have been in business in
Butte for ten years. Our class of work should be
given only to reliable and established business
concerns You can't afford to take any chances
for the sake ot saving a few dollars on the first cost. Uood work costs
more, but is cheaper than poor work.
Tclcphonc-Omcc. No. 13.
53 East Broadway
Telephone-Construction Department, No, 483
Anaconda Copper Mining Co
Hardware Department
Corner of Quartz and Main Streets
Mining and Blacksmith Supplies. Mechanics' Tools
Shelf and Heavy Hardware
Mutais Agents fir Alsen & Saif Lake Portland Cements
Wholesale and detail *
Orders and Correspondence Solicited
ice is particularly well suited for trav
elers, not only to Kansas City locally,
but to points beyond In the south, south
west and California, best connection be
ing made at Kansas City for all points.
Write J. T. Conley, Asst. Gen. Pass.
Agent, St. Paul, Minn., for full Informa
tion concerning lowest rates, etc.
Notice Is hereby given that In pur
suance of the authority conferred upon
the board of trustees of school district
No. 1, Sliver Bow county, Montana, by
that certain election held on the 6th
day o£ Apt 11, 1901, the trustees of the
above named school district were au
thorized and empowered to sell con^Kirt
bonds to the amount of one hundred
thousand ($100,000) dollars for the pur
pose of building one or more school
houses and purchasing school sites in
said school district, said bonds to be of
the denomination of one thousand
($1,000) dollars each, dated on the first
day of June, 1901, payable in twenty (20)
years and redeemable in ten (10) years,
and drawing Interest at the rate of four
(4) per cent per annum, payable semi
annually, both interest and principal
payable at the office of the county treas
urer of Sliver Bow county, Montana, in
gold coin. Said bonds will be 3 old at
private sale at the trustees' room in the
high school building, corner of Idaho
and Park streets. Butte, Montana, on the
21st day of May, 1901. at eight (8) o'clock
p. m., and sealed bids will be received
by the board of trustees for the pur
chase of said bonds up to and until
twelve o'clock noon on the 21st day of
May, 1901. Said bonds shall not he sold
for less than their par value and all bids
shall he made for the net amount to be
received by the board of trustees for
said bonds. A certified check, or Us
equivalent, for the sum of twenty-five
hundred ($2,500) dollars must be depos
ited with the clerk of the board of school
trustees as a guaranty of good faith, by
each person bidding upon said bonds.
Any and all bids may be rejected by the
hoard of trustees.
By order of the hoard of school trus
tees of school district No. 1, Sliver Bow
county, Montana, made this 16th day of
April, 1901.

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