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AI aconda, May 8.—"The greatest show
on earth by the greatest people on
The above lines were given a promi
nent place on the cover of the pro
gramme of the Klks' minstrels at the
Margaret theater last night, and the
words quite fit the occasion.
Tile show was truly gre >.t. and Die per
formers achieved greatness in making it
so. The attraction was great in more
ways tha one, particularly in its soei-J
features, for society was out in full
force; the audience was probably the
most fashionable of any that ever filled
the theater.
Many gentlemen turned out with their
full dress suits; the ladies wore thei.
prettiest dresses; and talk about flow
ers!—they were there In profusion. Th«
audience was the largest that has filled
the theater this season, every seat was
sold and many aisles were filled w ih
chairs to accommodate those who put
off getting seats elsewhere until it was
too late.
Butte Visitors.
The center section of the parquette
was reserved for the members - of the
Overland club and visiting Elks from
Butte, and they filled every seat set
aside from them. The visitors were free
to express the opinion that the show
last night was superior in many respects
4o the late minsterl effort in Butte, par
ticularly the musical features, all of
'First Class Bargains in Real Estate. I
and Now is the Time to Invest. |
ïl.flOO buys an eight-room house
on East Fourth street, one block
from Main. Lot, 50x140.
$325 buys a two-room house on
Elm street, between Sixth and
Seventh street. Lot 25x140.
Can furnish, you with first-class X,
insurance of all descriptions.
R. de B. SHITH J
Opposite Montana Hotel, Anaconda ^
The Daly Bank and Trust Com
pany of Anaconda.
Anaconda, Montana.
General banking in ail branohes. Sell
exchanges on New York, Chicago, St.
Paul, Omaha, San Francisco, etc., and
draw direct on tha principal cities of
Engiand, Ireland, F/ance. Germany and
the Orient. Deposits of $1.00 and up
ward received.
JOB"/ B. TOOLE, President.
VC. B. GREENWOOD, Vice-Prest.
F. C. 1IORBECK, Asst. Cashier
6 loom dwelling, pantry, clothes
closets, cellar, water In house frac
tion of corner lot, rents for $21.50
can be bought on easy terms for
tlû50. _
M. J. f itz-Patrick
Phone 67. in E. Com. Ave.
Margaret Theatre, Anaconda
H. F. Collins, Mgr.
One night only, Thursday MHY 8th
Notable engagement of America's dis
tinguished emotional actress
In the Imeprial Spectacle
More Than Queen
The most gorg.-ous production known
to the stage.
Note—Owing to the length of the per
formance curtain will rise promptly at
t o'clock.
Prices $1.50, $1.00, 75 and 50c.
One night only. Tuesday, May 7.
Grand Minstrel show, given by the Ana
conda Lodge of Elks.
50—PEOPLE— 50
Grand parade at 3 p. m. No advance
In prices. Seats now on sale at the
Smith Drug company.
which were exceptionally fine, both in
strumental and vocal.
The military drill under the direction
•if Captain McGuinness brought the
house down in a storm of applause.
Those who made up the drill were Jack
ltaglen, Jerry Mahoney, F. F. Tucker,
Thomas button, W. E. Thomas, Anton
McMullen, E. J. Boxer, E. E. Picked,
R. S. Mentrum, Frank Clinton, W. D.
Brown, Hod Williams, Ed. Davis, J. M.
Minor, M. F. O'Connor and William Mo
The show opened very prettily, and the
stage setting was superbly beautiful,
with the Elks' orchestra stationed in the
back ground.
Thanks for Bouquets.
After thanking the menaoers of the
Overland club for an immense boqu.t
of roses, sent to the stage before the
curtain rose, David H. Morgan, the in
terlocutor, who wore a black face ana a
becoming costume, announced that the
festivities would begin, -and introduced
the merry jesters, who came prancing
onto the stage amid a shower of ap
plause and took seats on the ends of the
line formed by the principal singers.
The following vocal pieces were ren
dered during the first part of the per
formance, each one being encored, and
honors were about even.
Musical Program.
End song—"Tennessee Coon," R. S.
Mentrum. Ballad,—"Blue Eyes," Geo.
Martz. Song, comic--"You Have S'aia a
Plenty," Burt Storey. Ballad—"On.'y a
D.eam," E. E. Picked. "When O'Con
nor Rode the Goat," Rod T. Williams.
"At the Sound of the Sunset Gun," C
C. Hoc. "Footsteps in the Sand"
(dance), M. F. O'Connor, Bass Solo—"Let
Me Sleep in the Deep," Edward Davis.
Bill Johnson's Wedding Day," Jack
Baglin. "Sing Me a Song of the South,"
Joseph Hughes. "£'he Sleeps By the
Suanee River," J. J. McGuinness. Fi
nale. Quartette—Melodies—Martz, Pick
el, Hoff Davis.
Jack Bagiin's "Bill Johnson's Wedding
Day," made a great hit, however, as did
his Cockney songs later in the perform
ance. "Little Joe" Hughes won many
enthusiastic admirers in his "Sing Me a
Song of the South."
Favored by the Ladies.
"For All Eternity," by Marscheroni,
was the subject for a vocal solo, sung
sweetly by Misr, Eloise Kingsley, with
violin obligato by Miss Mary Tremblay
and piano accompaniment by Miss Ag
nes Hollland. The young ladies were
the recipients, of some huge bouquets of
flowers from admiring friends in the au
dience. Others fared well with tiowers.
The gags and funnyisms given out last
night, were all new and up to date dur
ing the evening.
Bert Storey made a decided hit in the
character of a granger "who had trou
bles of his own."
The specialty of fancy roller skating
by B. B. Bliss, the buy wonder (now a
man), was, highly enjoyed.
E. J. Boxer carried the house with
him when he came out in the character
of a colored feminine beauty. His
song, "A Little Hot Air," injected a
whole lot of laughter into the audience.
A cake walk by Mr. Boxer and B. B.
Bliss and Charles Douglas and Ed Davis
and the transformation scene ended the
s,how, with the company singing "Auld
Lang Syne."
After ail was over the Elks held a
"business meeting in the chapel" in the
rear of the theater, which lasted till
about 2 o'clock this morning, when the
Butte visitors were escorted to the de
pot at which hour they returned home by
a special train held in waiting for them.
The drill of Captain McGuinnesa' com
pany of men was a feature which great
ly pleased the Butteites.
The minstrel committee to whose un
tiring efforts the success of last night's
show is largely due, consisted of R. S
Mentrum, chairman; R. T. Williams,
press agent; H. F. Colling treasurer;
Dr. J. F. Spelman, musical director; M.
F. O'Connor, stage manager.
Strong New Company Will Spend a Lot
of Money In the Well-known
(Special to Inter Mountain.)
Anaconda, May 8.—The old Hannah
mine, situated 15 miles west of Anacon
da, was sold yesterday to a company of
Minneapolis, capitalists for the neat sum
f $60,000. The property was owned by
Charles M. Gray, Wm. Doddington, John
H. Wein, and Isaac Rosenfield of Ana
conda. Mr. Gray located the mine thir
teen years ago and although very hard
up for cash at times managed to hold
onto one half interest until yesterday.
George Savage of Butte, engineered
the deal for the purchasers and paid
down $5,000 cash and signed an agree
ment to pay $5,000 more the first of June
and $10,000 the first of every month
thereafter until the full amount of $60,
000 is paid. Th new company propose
to put up a cyanide plant right away and
work the property for all there is in it.
The mine has never been worked exten
sively, although the ledge, which runs
fro 40 to 70 feet wide, is said to be very
rich and has produced from $10 to $12
to the to*L
Differences Between the City Council
and the Mayor Could Be Easily
Patched Up.
(Special to Inter Mountain )
Anaconda, May 8.—The differences be
tween Mayor Stephens and t he city
council have not yet been adjusted, but
every republican in Anaconda is in hopes
that before the council meets next Mon
day that both will be working in har
The republicans of Anaconda believe
the gentlemen should meet together some
day this week and arrive at an under
standing whereby the nominations of the
mayor will be confirmed at the next
meeting. The party leaders will insist
upon such a course, and influences are be
ing brought to bear upon those in con
tention to bring about such an end to the
It is unfortunate that this has not been
done before and those interested in har
mony believe that a peace can be patch
ed up in short order if they will only get
Charles H. Williams.
(Special to Inter Mountain.)
Anaconda, May 8.—Charles H Will
iams, who was elected alderman from
the Second ward to fill the unexpired
term made vacant by the elevation of
the present mayor from that position,
is one of Anaconda's best known citi
zens. He has affiliated himself with the
republican party and has been an active
member in its councils for a number of
He is a member of the Lincoln Re
publican club and is known there as
the "watch dog of the treasury," and is
always keeping a watchful eye upon
the finances of that organization, which
did so much towards achieving the vic
tory at the polls on April 1.
Mr. Williams is a good parliament
arian, and will be a valuable addition to
the body of which he is now a member.
He is quite an extensive property- own
er in Anaconda, is a printer bv trade
and an active member of the Typograph
ical union.
Committees Meet Tonight to Plan for
the President's Visit—Time to
Do Something.
(Special to Inter Mountain )
Anaconda, May 8.—The committees ap
pointed by the Lincoln club and by
Mayor Stephens, to arrange for the re
ception of President McKinley and party
on theiir visit to Anaconda will meet to
night to organize an begin aciv work.
The Lincoln club committee will meet in
the club rooms at 8 o'clock this tvening
and the one selected by the mayor will
gather at the city hall at the same hour.
There Will be plenty for all to do, so
it is urged that those who have been
named on the committees should turn
out tonight and get down to business.
Say They Will Do Business With
Cigars, Edict or No Edict—But
They Close Up Today.
(Special to Inter Mountain.)
Anaconda, May 8.—Constable Rentz
was again called upon by County Attor
ney Duffy yesterday to make the rounds
and order the slot machines closed. This
time it was the cigar machines only, they
having bobbed up serenely the second day
after the first sweeping edict against slot
machine gambling.
Several slot machine owners declare
that they will run the cigar Tnachines,
edict or no edict, but they are all out of
commission and under cover today.
Squad of Coyote Hunters.
(Special to Inter Mountain.)
Anaconda, May 8.—There were some
happy Indians at the county court house
this forenoon. Joe Lamur, a Chippewa,
and a half dozen young bucks presented
themselves at Clerk Greenan's office with
a bunch of coyote skins upon which they
claimed a bounty of $45. They were
given scrip for that amount which they
sold for $40 cash, and had a jubilee down
town over their newly acquired wealth.
New National Union Offloera.
(Special to Inter Mountain.)
Anaconda, May 8.—At a meeting of
Copper City Council of National Union
No. 373. held at Silver hall last night,
John W. James was elected secretary in
place of R. R. Hunter, who has moved
to Seattle. T. P. Fitzpatrick was elected
president and Ed Sandford vice presi
dent. Mr. James has been president of
the union, but resigned in favor of Mr.
Fitzpatrick to take the secretaryship.
Alderman Fred Gangner.
(Special to Inter Mountain.)
.Anaconda, May 8.—Fred Gangner,
who was elected president of the Ana
conda city council last Monday evening,
is .a native of Canada, having been born
nair Chatham, Ontario, about 40 miles
fri» m Detroit. He came to Montana
about 18 years ago, and worked for a
time on the cattle ranges in the Flat
head country. Later he moved to Ana
conda and was employed at the foundry
department of the A. C. M. company.
He left that position and worked for one
year on the Anaconda police force. Re
tiring from tTiat, he engaged in the sa
loon business, and is conducting a place
at the corner of Chestnut and Fourth
llr. Gangner has always taken an ac
tive part in politics in his ward, being
a.-publican, and is now serving his
éeLond term as alderman. He i3 the
senior member of the council, so his
colleagues decided to honor him with
the presidency of that body.
Eyes examined free. A graduate opti
cian in attendance. Perfect lit guaran
teed. Hammerslough's. •
Attorney W. H. Trippett attended
court in Deer Lodge today.
Captain and Mrs. J. J. McGuinness
were passengers to Deer Lodge this
.Treasurer Twohy went to Deer Lodge
this morning to appear in a case before
(Judge Napton.
Judge Napton went to Deer Lodge
last evening and opened court in that
place this morning.
(Attorney George Winston departed for
Deer Lodge last evening, where he hud
legal business on hand today.
Assistant Superintendent G. T. Ross
of tlie Great Northern, this morning left
for Butte on tlie 11 o'clock train.
Postmaster English has posted a
notice announcing that hereafter the
House Cleaning Offerings
25 per cent, off on all rugs and ingrain art squares.
This is an exceptional good chance for everybody. Com
mences Monday, April 29th, and last for this week onlv.
The General house Furnishing Store
207 to 209 Cherry Street.
See our Park street window. It may
suggest something in white for your
Slippers, Hosiery, Gloves, Head
wear, Suits. Not the cheapest but
the Best.
303 E. Park St.
Stiff and negligee Madras and Percales. Caluive
Shirt Co.'s Fine Grades $1.50 and $2.00.
Monarch negligee and stiff bosom colored shir 1. )
and $1.25 values $1.00. (ÎS
registry window will be open from :S
a. m. to 5 p. m.
Miss Mamie Dillon returned to her
home in Butte this morning after enjoy
ing a short visit with her cousin, Miss
Agnes Holland, of the Leland.
Barney Higgins, secretary of the Ana
conda lodge of Eagles, left last night
for San Francisco, to attend the grand
lodge of tlie order to be held in that city- |
from the 14th to 19th Inst.
Pay days for this month have been
announced as follows: Friday, May 10,
upper works, converters, refinery and
brick departments. Saturday, May 11,
lower works. Monday, May 13, new re
duction works.
Bertha Lefevre, 8-year-old daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. O. Lefevre, 922 East Third
street, was knocked down by a careless
bicyclist at the corner of Third and Ad
ams last night, and severely injured
about the face. She may be permanently
scarred by the injury.
Glass Pavements.
Experiments of importance and value
with respect to the use of glass pave
ments have been made recently in Eu
rope- In the streets of every large city in
the world, thorough tests of asphalt, of
# wooden black and of various kinds of
stone have left much to be desired. If
the capitals of the principal nations can
use footings of specially prepared glass
in their crowded avenues of travel and
of traffic much may be gained in eco
nomy and endurance. And if glass pave
ments may be made so transparent as to
reveal the tricks and devices of roadway
contractors, the payers of taxes will sot
up banners.
Thirteen British steamers and 67 sail
ing vessels were lost last month, the
number of lives lost being 118 and 47, re
Rio Grande
Western Railway
The only transcontinental line
passing directly through quaint
and plsturesque
A Stop-Over Is Allowed at
on all classes of tickets on applica
tion to the train conductor.
Scenery Unequalled in The World
Ticket Office
47 E. Broadway
w. r. mcbride
C en. Agent
MER GOODS ever made in this de
partment, a place where WOMAN'S
FONDEST DREAMS of beauty in
stylish apparel are realized.
Fancy stripes and figures, in fine
percales and lawns, soft crush col
lars, and bishop sleeves, perfect
fitting waists, sizes 32 to 44 .......
Lot of 50 dozen fancy waists, great
variety of materials and styles;
all fast colors, very latest styles..
Your choice of 20 styles percales,
lawns and dimities; pretty, bright
colors and plain white; sizes 32 to
$ 1.50
WASH SKIRTS, grass cloth skirt
with wide flounce. Think of it,
only ..............................
Skirt of heavy grass linen with
flounce; will launder better than
any other material...............
$ 1.50
Heavy navy blue duck skirt with
two ruffles, large white polka dot
$ 2.00
and fancy pique skirts and suits,
in great variety, a good skirt as
low as .............................
Fashion sheet for free distribution,
also the Delineator and June pat
terns are now ready.
Commercial Co.
Anaconda, /Tont.
Notice is hereby given that the City
Council of the city of Butte has passed
Council Resolution No. 347, a resolution
declaring the intention of the City
Council of the City of Butte to grade
Idaho street from Porphyry street to
Gold street in the City of Butte.
The estimated cost of making said im
provements is seventy-five cents per
linear foot of the property bordering
upon said street within the boundaries
The resolution for making said im
provements Is entered upon the Journal
of the City Council, to which reference
is made for a further description of the
boundaries to be affected or benefited
by said Improvements.
The time for hearing objections to
said improvements was fixed by the said
resolution on the 8th day of May. 1901,
at the council chambers, in the city hall,
at eight o'clock p. m.
J. P. CALLAN, City Clerk.
Dated May 2, 1901.
Notice is hereby given ihat the City
Council of the city of Butte has passed
Council Resolution No. 348, a resolution
declaring the intention of the City
Council of the City of Butte to grade
Maryland avenue from Second street to
Front street in the City of Butte.
The estimated cost of making said im
provements is seventy cents per linear
foot of the property bordering upon said
street within the boundaries mentioned.
The resolution for making said im
provements is entered upon the Journal
of the City Council, to which reference
is made for a further description of the
boundaries to be affected or benefited
by said improvements.
The time for hearing objections to
said improvements was fixed by the said
resolution on the 8th day of May, 1901.
at the council chambers, in the city hail,
at eight o'clock p. m.
J. P. CALLAN. CUv r>; Är u
Dated May 2, 1901.

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