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Bhafer Breaks Down and Cries X>ike a
Baby When Told That His Mis
tress Is Head—A Touching
Scene behind the Bars
of the County
"Big Eva" Smith is dead. The wound
made by the bullet fired by Bessie Fisher
yesterday morning proved fatal. She
died at St. James hospital at 3 o'clock
this afternoon. An inquest will be held
by the coroner tomorrow.
In cells at the county Jaiil are con
fined Bessie Fisher and J. H. Bowlaul,
known as "Chic" Malone. The latter is
said to have been directly responsible for
the shooting of "Big Eva." It wus over
: v\
gr 'fl
/ 9
his affections that the women quarreled
just prior to the tragedy.
The Fisher woman, who is but 20 years
old. is apparently perfectly indifferent
to her fate. She will have to answer to
a charge of murder, but that does not
seem to disturb her. Boland is also in
different. He is charged with being an
accessory after the fact.
Joseph Shafer, colored, who was known
as the lover of "Big Eva," and who is
confined at the county jail, on a charge
of killing John Hawkins some time ago,
shows more concern over the death of
the woman than does any one else. He
was told of her death imme
diately after it occurred. The
news prostrated him. Tears coursed down
his cheeks in streams and he sobbed like
a child. Several times ho moaned and it
was impossible to reconcile him. "She
was good to me" he said. "She was the
only real fiiend I had on earth If I had
been out of here it never would have
happened- Poor Eva, poor girl. This is
mighty hard. I don't care what becomes
of me now."
Both of the women and Boland ar«.
colored, and although it is claimed by
friends of the women that they came of
respectable parents, all are of the lower
type of the tenderloin district In whieh
they reside, and have figured more or
less in police circles.
The victim of the shooting occupied
a crib at 38 East Galena street
The bullet from a 44-caliber Smith &
Wesson pistol of old pattern, enter'd
the woman's body at the base of the
sternum, and, passing through to the
right side of the back, it emerged and
fell to the floor. The leaden missile of
death will be retained by the officials
K3 evidence to be used at the trial of the
Those who have known the woman
for some time say that "Big Eva's" cor
rect name Is Cassie Frye, and that she
formerly resided in Lawrence, Kan., but
that her parents are now living in Kan
sas City.
The Fisher woman, who Is quite young,
hails from Minneapolis, where her folks
still reside. She has been in Butte but
a short 'time.
Boland, the man over whom the
shooting occurred, is of that type always
troublesome to the police ,and on several
occasions he has been before the court
on various charges, ranging from that of
being a frequenter of houses of ill-fame
to the more serious charge of insulting
white woman on the stFeets.
Various accounts of the trouble have
been given differing in details, but ail
agree as to the cause of the shooting.
The young colored girl who did the
shooting and Boland have ibeen appa
rently inseparable companions for a
number of months, but of late the girl
suspected that she has not been the sole
recipient of her admirer's affections, and
she concluded to keep a sharp lookout
and determine who had been trifling
with Boland.
Saturday evening Bessie had consid
erable money, and her admirer helped
himself to $10, so she claims. Boland
states that she gave him the money, but
it matters little how he came by it.
Bessie found in this an excuse to call
at Room 27 in the "Owl" block, corner
of East Galena and Wyoming streets,
and demand of Boland her money.
Her suspicions were confirmed when
the door was opened, for there she found
the man to whom she had been so at
tentive occupying the same room with
"Big Eva." Thoroughly aroused with
jealousy and hatred, the young woman
left without a word to Boland or Eva,
but was back again in a few moments.
She demanded her 810 hardly before the
door was opened, muttering in mono
syllables to herself about the actions of
her "Chick."
Eva went to the door of the room, and.
turning the key, threw it open. Without
a moment's warning Bessie fired and
her victim fell backwards Into the room.
Without waiting to ascertain the re
sult of her act, the enraged murderess
fairly flew down the stairs and onto the
Officer Gray, who happened by at the
time, heard the shot and hurried to the
"Owl" block, where quite a crowd had
Bessie appeared excited and he placed
her under arrest but hardly had he
turned his back when the desperate wom
an took to her heels and succeeded in
Officer Gray had no idea that the wom-
an had oeen the principal actor in the
tragedy he was about to discover had
taken place, so he failed to keep a close
guard over his prisoner. But for the
timely appearance of Chief of Police
Reynolds the Fisher woman would doubt-
less have made good her escape, for a
time at least, as she has numerous
friends among her race who would ren-
der her assistance.
- A search was commenced for the wom
an. At the cabin of "Commodore"
Adams, on Wyoming street, the revolver
was found. Adams knew nothing of the
Chief Reynolds went to the lower Ar
cade lodging house on South Main street,
and the actions of a negro who nerv
ously paced to and fro on the sidewalk
aroused the chief's suspicion. He con
cluded to investigate. The head of the
department made a search of the rooms,
although the woman who conducts the
place and two or three colored men were
abusive towards the officer. Fearing that
the colored people might succeed in
rushing the woman to a more secure
place, the chief sent for Officer Curley,
and they found room No. 17 securely
fastened, and made the proprietors pro
duce the key. At this time Boland ap
peared and the chief arrested him on sus
picion of knowing more about the shoot
ing tnan he cared to divulge.
Officer Curley entered the room and
found the colored girl under the bed.
She was arrested and together with her
lover, taken to the city hall and finally
to the county jail.
Boland would say very little
except that he believes the shooting was
caused by hie attentions to the Smith
woman and neglect of Bessie. The latter
claimed, when questioned, that It was not
her intention to injure Eva, but sne ad
mitted having shot her. An effort to get
a statement from the injured woman
was unsuccessful and after muttering,
"Bessie shot me" she became uncon
Now that "Big Eva" is dead Joseph
Schafer has lost the only real friend h*
had on earth, a fact he fully realizes.
In the Swim saloon at 47 East Galena
street, about 5 o'clock on the morning
of August 12, 1897, Shafer shot John
Hawkins, a black man, and the latter
died a day later. Eva Smith was then
' Story of an Old Murder Revived—
Shooting oi John Hawkins by
Joseph Shater Who Was ''Big
!< Eva's" Lover—Murderer
Says He Has Lost His
. Only Friend.
known as Eva Shafer, because of al
leged friendly relations that existed be
tween Joe Shafer and herself. The wo
man was present when the shooting oc
curred, and it was claimed at the time
that after Shafer shot Hawkins she took
a hand in the proceedings by cutting
Hawkins with a razor. For the alleged
'offense she was arrested, as was also A1
Ford, who it was alleged had also struck
Hawkins with a razor or other sharp
.instrument. Eva and Ford were tried
'on a charge of complicity in the murder,
but were acquitted. Shafer was tried
first, however ,and convicted of murder
, in the first degree, and it is claimed that
when Fold heard of the verdict he
turned almost white, although his com
plexion is so black that charcoal would
Shafer has been tried twice for the
murder and will probably be tried again,
as his case is now pending on appeal
in the supreme court. He has been in
the county Jail three years and nine
months, and during all this time "Big
Eva" has kept the trail between her crib
and Joe's cell well beaten. Prior to the
x>ctl rmtK
shooting hardly a day passed that she
did not send him something by me»
senger or call at the Jail with food and
cigars herself. When informed of tbe
shooting of the woman Shafer burst into
tears and said she was his only real
The crime committed by Shafer was
the result of some previous trouble
among the colored population of the
' bad land" district. On the evening of the ■
k day previous to it they had all visited
'('iilumbia Gardens, and danced, drank
and whooped up things generally. In
the course of the evening Hawkins en.
tried the ball room and some of the
01 her darkies did not like it, because
they considered him only a common
coon. Hawkins was a fighter, and when
one of the others told him he had no
ibusiness in the swell set he proceeded to
make a rough house out of the place.
They fought to the outside, where one
of the swell set drew a gun and took a
few shots at Hawkins, but Hawkins
■escaped the bullets by reason of the poor
^marksmanship of the shooter and the
protection a hack afforded him.
About 3 o'clock in the morning the
party returned to the city and the Shafer
end of it went to the Swim saloon for
refreshments. While there Hawkins,
who had returned to town after being
fired upon at the gardens, walked into
the room and was shot by Shafer. After
receiving the bullet he wrenched the
weapon from Shafer, and then "B:g
Eva" and A1 Ford loaned Shafer a help
ing hand in the melee.
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