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When we have so many good
things to tell you about musical
Instruments. The pianos to be
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Gas Office
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This is to certify that the
Herb Treatment of Dr. Hong
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The Free 'Reclining
Chair Cars
Between Denver and Chicago
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comfortable means of travel as
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in charge of experienced and
polite porters.
All essentials for the toilet
towels, soap, water, combs and
brushes—are provided free of
A. Warren, Cerf l Agent
A. T. A S. F. Ry.. 411 Doc, y Blk..
.Sait Lak_- City.
!db. huib pock!
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Generation doctor mt Culna teNuj
grandfather down. Born a
schooled in the profession. Treats
ail diseases, making a specialty of >
chronic troubles. Consult eu be-1ft
fore you waste your life away. K
227 South Alain Street. . 3
The following graduation essays were
read by high school pupils in the audi
torium of the high school building this
afternoon and were listened to by many
of the parents and friends of the pupils:
WAR OF 1898."
By Louis Kane.
One hundred years ago the Spanish
authority was supreme over all South
America, except Brazil and Guiana. In
North America, the Floridas, and all
that vast expanse of territory west of
the Mississippi and extending to the
golden shores of California were recog
nized by all nations as Spanish. In 25
years this noble domain had dwindled
to the islands of Cuba and Porto Rico,
with a few near-by Islets. Today Spain
has nothing. The question "Why?" may
be asked. Because she treated her sub
jects with such cruelty that she forced
them to revolt.
' The Spanish resemble the Apaches of
the southwest, but while they are Just
as ferocious and treacherous as those
savages of the border, they claim to be
civilized Christians. Oh what crimes
have been committed in the name of
leligion! The most horrible wars in all
history are those that claim to have
been waged for the faith whose basis
is love, charity, kindness, and forbear
Senator John Rf. Thurston used the
following impassioned words in an ad
dress just before the breaking out of
the late war, in which we was decribing
what he had witnessed in Cuba: "I
shall refer to these horrible, things no
longer. They are there; God pity me,
I have seen them, they will remain in
my mind forever, and this is almost the
twentieth century!"
To many it may seem that the result
of the present struggle is hardly com
mensurate with the sacrifice. When
viewed in its relation to the forces that
have shaped our nation, however, the
conflict assumes a new meaning. It rep
resents one of the steps in a slow but
unceasing process in which England and
the United States have played and will
continue to play the most important
part—the substitution of social order
for anarchy and misrule. Our territorial
acquisition during the present century,
the declarations of 1823 and 1865 and the
establishment of English influence in
India, China and Egypt are but parts
of one great movement—a movement
that wilt lead us to new responsibilities
in the affairs of Latin America. Vlew-ed
in this light, the conflict with Spain was
ae irrepressible as the slavery struggle.
By Nelson Hammond.
Since we live in a time .when attempts
are made to write the history of every
body and everything, it would seem
strange if we neglected the history oc
caricature—or of cartoons. It has been
said, that 'nothing distinguishes the
civilized from the uncivilized man with
such emphasis as humor; and the vari
ous stages of civilization are marked by
the amount and character of humor ap
parent at each period.
The ancients were in many ways dif
ferent from us, but we*are glad to know
that they took the same delight in ridi
cule that we do. This fact is made
known to us by some of the cartoons
preserved in Pompeii, Rome and Egypt.
Pompeii was buried by an eruption of
Vesuvius in the year 79, and by this
48 W. Park Street Upstair
Glàsses fitted. Moderate prices. Ex
amination free.
Butte Plumbing Co.
Contractors for Steam Heat
ing, Plumbing, Etc., of the
New Miner Building •
Bids cheerfully given for plumbing,
steam heating plants, gas fitting, electric
wiring, combination gas and electric
light fixtures. Any size job. Best work.
Best materials.
Office Under
Gas Office
No. 202 N. Hain
Montana Book Co. $
209 N. Mala St Phoac 294 ( I
(Albert G. Clarke, Jr.) * .
And other brief tales of adven- ^
turous Montanans, a mining
story of great power and in
terest. The strange characters
and experiences one meets with
in the mines and among the
miners are photographed with
absolute fidelity to life. Price,
heretofore at S £, S road
buoy. built continue its
News and Cigar Stand
boith the Montana B 00 K.
Co. bvhere Eid. Shields
built be pleased to see his
cldfriends and to receive
ne be patrons.
209 Nwth Male St Phase 294
W. H. KLEIN. Mgr.
accident many things have been pre
strved for our instruction as wel as
pleasure. Among other things which
have been unco%-ered in Pompeii is a
Roman garrison, the walls of w hioli
are covered with comic drawing tu
red, white and black chalk, princi] ally
in red. Also comic scenes from the
plays of Terence and Plautus have »een
found. A favorite form of caricatur
of the ancient was to have pygr lies,
beasts, and birds doing the ordi: iary
labors of men.
In Rome a picture has been found on
the wall of a street, which was cl >seci
up about A. D. 100. This picture or car
toon was found in 1857, and it is J th •
representation of a Christian worship -
uing his God. This is the only cartoon
alluding to Christianity yet found on
the walls of Italian cities.
From the great number of cartoons
found in Egypt, we learn that they also
delighted in making fun of each other,
and some of the best cartoons of the
ancients are from Egypt. The Chinese
and Japanese practiced caricature but
their work is not very interesting t 1
anyone but themselves, owing to their
crude tastes and disregard of perspec
Benjamin Franklin was the firs!
American cartoonist. Ke used pictures
Ahenevr he wished to impress a subject
upon the minds of the public. He dis
tributed his cartoons by printing them
311 handbills and posting them in con
spicuous places. His are the only ex
amples of colonial caricature that hav
been saved. There were other cartoon
ists at this time, but their efforts hav
ing answered their momentary purpose,
have perished. Political caricature in
the United States really dates front the
first administration of Andrew Jackson.
He was the subject of many carinsns
owing to the fact that he fought (the
United States Bank ,and that he jva*
the only champion of the poor against
the oppressive force of the rich. !
j:s not nee :
me, "Picjur
By Lillie Dal
The theme of my ess y dors
any explanation. The name, „
esque Ame.ica," brings to the mind a:
once a pleasant Suggestion of the super .
erta ions of nature wh.ch dlstingu.sb jou
count; y above all others.
On this continent nature has beerJ s<
fantastic in many of her works, and ^ia
scatt red her beauties around in speh
lavish profusion, that to the true leaver
of the picturesque, America presents
charms unknown to other lands.
In attempting to describe our pictures
qr.e land we are f-i ly overcome by th
•emtar-.assment of r ch s and know no:
where to begin. Pei haps it would be
most appropriate fi st to consider ou.
heme scenery, name y; the region of th
Roiky mountains.
We find that the grandeur and vastniss
of these mountain?, their beautiful vpi
leys, their wonderful canyons and th •
large featured sublimity of their rivèr.
are beyond description. Ail winter long
on their mountain cre-ted rims, snow
fa.is, fil.ing their gorges, half burying th -
forests and covering the t aps and peak -
with a niant e woven by the winds of th -
sea—a mantle of snow. When the sum
mer sun comes, this snow melts, an 1
tumbles down the mounta n sides in mil
lions of cascades. Ten million cascade;
unite to form brooks; and the brooks
unite to form a h -ndred ri ers, beset with
cataracts. Thousands of little lakes with
their cold emerald waters are embosomed
in the crags of the Rocky moun
tains. *****
Other countries have their historic Ls
soeiations, their ruins, their castles, tllei
wonders of architecture—tut nowhere fan
such variety in magnificence be foundi a<
in our own America.
' The sunny Ita'y may boast. :
The beauteous tints that flush her skies.
And lovely round the Giecian coast, j
May thy blue pi.lars ri :e ; '
I only know how fair they stand |
About my own beloved land.'
By Grace King.
It has been said that those who listened
to Lord Chatham f it there was some
thing finer in him than appeared in hi
words. There was a eerta'n indescribable
personality about him, not common t
the ordinary cast df men. For this rea
son we feel one person's presence whir
we do not anothe.'s. There is something
about the former which unconsciously
attracts us, unexplained by the fact that
there is a great deal of latent power hid
den beneath the sur ace. This is what
we call cha aete:-—a leserved force which
acts directly by pres gee and withdu
On the road to Palmyra are strewn
monuments, on whose bases are carved
names of people long since forgotten. Ze
nobia, Queen of Palmyra had no monu
ment dedicated to her and yet her nam>
lives. It is not merely the name, fo
thiä of itself is not sufficient, but some
positive force, some inward powe
or abiding character which keeps her
memory fresh.
As character is the expression of n :
particular quality or 'faculty but o a
whole nature, .eve ything in our 11 re
tends to its formation—our hopes, >ui
faith, our love, our memories, our im tg
Brilliant accompl'shment can in no va-,
make up for want of character. 'he
woodcutter will tell you that it is lot
merely the sharpness of the axe, iut
weight and power behind It wh ich
count in the felling of the great for»»:
trees. The building of character by ]»a
tient plodding through the years may b
slow but it is sure. The boy who wo k*
at his figures day after day with ace ir
acy is establishing a founndation for 8:a
billty and integrity which will some c ay
stand him in good stead.
Our work at school may become tire
some, and some of it at times may even
seem of no importance to us, but it all
helps to form the foundation of the edu
cation necessary to strengthen us for
our life work.
A writer has said, "A good character,
when established, should not be rested in
as an end, but only employed as a means
of doing still further good."
Campbell Bros.. Big Consolidated Rail
road show gives two performances In tills
city on Friday. May 31.
Delegates From All Over the State Are
Coming to Butte to Attend State
Delegates from all over the state are
arriving on every train to attend the
Christian Endeavor convention, com
mencing this evening. All delegates will
register at the First Presbyterian church
on their arrival, as the convention will
be held there.
Three days will be devoted to the work,
in addition to this evening's programme,
closing Saturday. The programme for
tonight is as follows, at the conclusion
of which a social session will be held:
Vocal voluntary, Mrs. J. P. Hendricks.
Hymn, choir and congregation.
Scripture, Rev. Edward Oliver Tilburn
of Butte.
Prayer, Rev. G. H. Whiteman of
Soprano solo, Mrs. G. Oral McFarlar.d.
Address of welcome, Rev. E. J. Groene
veld, I). D. of Butte.
Reply to address of welcome, Rev.
Walter M. Jordan of Helena.
Tenor solo, Mr. Kitto.
Address, "Christianity's Conquest and
Hope," Rev. W. N. Sloan, Ph. D. of
Quartette, Christian chorus of Butte.
A Damage Suit for $27,500 Is the Out
come of the Litigation—Two
Sided Injunction.
R. O. Merriman, Louis Mason, Silas F.
King and William Owsley have been
m. :,e defendants in a suit brought by
i ihe Butte Land and Investment com
pany, Patrick Mullins, L. J. Hamilton
and O. u. Hopkins to recover judgment
for $27,500 damages. The action is the
outcome of the litigation now going on
between the parties over what is known
1 as the Butte & Boston placer, located
on the l'.at east of the city. The ground
is patented as p acer, but a few months
a SO Meirinian and Mason located it as
qua: tz and ca'led it the Gulf. They
are alleged to have discovered quartz
within its lines. Each side instituted
injunction proceedings to prevent the
o.her from working the ground, and
both made a success of it, but on May 1
the order restraining the plaintiffs from
looking at the ground was dissolved.
The order, however, was effective be
tween February 6 and May t. and while
it was on Messrs. King and Owsley were
the sureties on the defendants' bond, the
amount of which was $2,00(1. This is
why they are made patties to the suit.
In the complaint the plaintiffs say that
while the preliminary fight was being
made they expended $700 for legal ser
vices and that because of the injunction
a sale of the property was defeated to
their damage in the sum of $25,000, The
bondsmen are made liable for only the
amount of the bond.
Lieutenant Davies Wounded.
John F. Davis, clerk in Department 2
of the district court, is In receipt of a
letter from his brother, 4Villiam E.
Davies, a first lieutenant in the army ,
Of the United States, doing duty in the I
Philippines, containing the information I
that the lieutenant lia i been wounded in i
an attack on a Filipino entrenchment j
on the island of Cebu in March. A
liuiiet from a rifle struck him near the
shoulder blade and passed out at the j
tear, but b.oke no bones en route. Th" 1
attacking party consisted of about 39 j
men uiu.er command of a captain. Tin;
trenches were captured and 10 Filipinos
killed and 20 wounded.
An enjoyable entertainment to be given
this evening at Mountain View Mission
Sunday school room, corner Mercury
street and Garden avenue. A May' fes
tival will be given, consisting of recita
tions, dialogues, vocal and instrument il
music. We extend a cordial invitation
to all our friends and neighbors to come
out to our festival on Thursday evening,
May 23. 1901, commencing at 8 o'clock.
Grand Uniform Ball at Columbia Gar
dens, Monday eve. May 27, 1901. Silver
Tow Camp 5805. asT-itefl by Silver Bow
Camp No. 2. V. R. K. or P. Tickets
$1.00, admitting gent and ladies. *
There wi 1 be a business meeting of
A1 Hoosayn Temple, No. 82, on Friday
evening, May 24th, at Ivanhoe's hall.
* - Royal Viser.
Special meeting this evening at their
hail. Business of importance. By order
of the president.
Kemmerer coal holds a good, hot fire
all night. It makes no clinkers and very
little ash. You might as well have the
best. It costs no more than inferior
giades. Citizens' Coal Co., No. 4 East
Northern grown just suited to this
syi', to this climate.
Your labor won't be lost if you plant
sei ds that we sell. Take no chances to
waste your time and labor.
The kind that come sure, and grow;
Christie & Leys
12 N. Main Sheet
Richards *
The Butte Undertaker
Practical Undertakers fhinr 1A7
and Embalmers * n * B *
104 W. War k Btra.t
And Cut Glass
There have never been finer goods in the entire west than are
included in this shipment. This store is justly noted for carrying
the highest class of goods of any jewelry store in the west, and
it maintains that character. Its prices are no higher than those
of large retailers in the metropolitan cities of the east.
Our Sterling
Is represented by single pieces and by sets of tableware of the
very highest art and best handicraft of intelligent American
labor, the very best labor in the world. Type cannot describe
the art nor the beauty o f these goods. They must be seen to be
appreciated. You are cordially invited to inspect the most ele
gant line of Silverware ever brought to Butte, as well as the
finest line of
Hatvlues's Celebrated
Cut Glass
It is hand finished, the purest glass possible, and the finest
cut. It is, in fact, all that cut glass can be. In this recent ship
ment there are new dishes, new designs, new cuttings. If you
want the latest, as well as the best, in cut glass, if you get it
in Butte, you'll have to get it here.
J. H. Leyson
221 JW. Main St.
^ Montana's Modern Jebuelry House Ja
Anaconda Copper Mining Co
Hardware Department
j* er butts J*
Corner of Quartz and Main Streets
Mining 2nd Blacksmith Supplies. Mechanics* Tools
Shelf and Heavy Hardware
Mcoiana A;ects for Alsen & Salt Lake Portland Cements
Wholesale and Retail
Orders and Correspondence Solicited
1 BB
Electric Fans
Hill Keep Yovi Cool
You Need Them
in Your Business
We Have Several Kinds
'We Sell Everything Electrical"
53 East Broadway
Telephone-Office. No. 13. Telephone-Construction Department, No. 483
Stallion Prochein. Rep. No. 23532
By Prodgal; Dam. Helen T. by Electioneer; Second Dam Manett by
Best Bred Stallion
Will Make Season at Botte Race Track
Where He Can Now Be Seen. *
Nearly 16 hand» bltfi; Mild bay; very handsome; fine galled and last.
Celts ad bays, gaad leakers and wad laiUt a.
Cnty a dmlted number of mares will be accented. <

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