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• Charles Anderson, who struck Mark
Harrington with an ice pick and indict
ed injuries from which Harrington died
about five days later, was sentenced to
six years in the penitentiary today by
Judge McClernan. Anderson was tried
last week and convicted of manslaughter,
the jury recommending him to the mercy
of the court. Anderson had nothing to
say in court today, but John N. Kirk,
one of his attorneys, asked the judge
Presence of the Dog Is Needed to
Complete the circle of
In this evening's Inter Mountain will
be found an advertisement requesting
the return of a little scotch collie. This
notice in itself does not mean a great
deal but should anyone care to see what
the loss of such an animal will do at
times, a visit to Mayor Davey's home
will suffice.
There is a continuous performance at
that home and indications point to a
much finer exhibition each hour. No ad
mission is charged and the usual lemon
ade and peanut man with his funny
josh is not in evidence. The exciting
balloon ascension proceeding, the open
ing of every great show is also elimin
ated, but the animals usually confined
behind iron bars and only for show do
the chief stunt in this circus. No. The
monkey is not there but the antics of old
Tom, the cat, are much more interesting
than those of any grinning monk.
This circus is not an affair of the
mayor's and really is not sanctioned by
that executive but he is powerless to
prevent it. In fact, not until tonight's
:lssue of the Inter Mountain, when the
person now in possession of the mayor's
little scotch collie reads the news will
Hon. John Caplice returned Saturday
from a six-weeks' trip to Alaska and
brought with him substantial testimony
of the greatness of that section as
viewed from the standpoint of mineral.
Mr. Caplice is interested in two groups
of mines on the Canadian side, and both
are very promising copper properties.
One group contains five claims and the
Other eight, and as each claim is 1,500
$ HON. JOHN '»aplICE. Î
^ 'S X 'll $> S 44k
feet square, with no extra-latei.i rights,
the former group comprises 250 acre g
and the latter 400. The property is
copper, the ore of the eight-claim group
showing native metal and that of the
five-claim bornite, an ore like that found
in the mines of the Rossland, B. C.,
district. Two fine samples of the ore
were brought back by Mr. Caplice. One
is a 'piece of float having the appear
ance of long exposure to the elements.
Reduced Prices on Dental Work
Gold Fillings.............. £ 1.00 up
Amalgam or silver fillings____ £ 1.00
Cement or bone fillings 50 c to £ 1.00
Gold Crowns and Bridge Work, or
teeth without plates, very best,
per tooth................... £ 5.00
Full sets of teeth............ £ 10.00
Extracting free where we do your
Hav'e your children's teeth attend
ed to during vacation. Perma
nent fillings ................ £ 1.00
Examinations free. Office open evenings.
DR. LEWIS, Dentist,
_Room 32, Columbia Block, 26 West Broadway.
Take an Accident Policy.
$,>,000 for 10 days, $1.50; 30 days* $3.50. Yearly $5,000 combination accident nol
iey $23; pays in case of death from railroad accident, $10,000.
FRED J. ROWLANDS & CO., 51 East Broadway, Butte
For the Fourth.
We have a few nice pieces made of
electric lamps which we will rent
at a reasonable price. This is the
most attractive decoration )'ou can
Montana Electric Co. 53 East Broadway
to be as lenient as possible. He called
the attention of the court to the fact
that Anderson was crippled and ex
pressed the belief that a sentence of
from six months to a year would be
sufficient to atone for the offense com
mitted. When the judge said "six years"
Anderson looked disappointed, but did
not display any other signs of displeas
ure. He could have been sent up for ten
years, the limit for this degree of con
the show come to an end. Of course,
there is no doubt but that tonight will
see its finish as the ad. calls for the dog's
return to t'he mayor's home and every
one will see that.
Mayor Davey and his family started
for a buggy ride yesterday. As is usual
one of the mayor's dogs was permitted
to accompany him.
The mayor has several dogs but not
until yesterday did he permit his scotch
collie to follow. The dog had never been
permitted to leave the home before.
Shortly after starting the eoliie was
missed and the mayor, supposing he
would return home, paid no further at
tention to him. Several hours later
when the carriage drove up to the gate
Tiie dogs, chickens, ducks, and old Tom,
the cat, appeared to welcome home the
family, including the collie.
All were there except the dog. Trouble
for Mayor Davey started at once. The
dogs barked, the chickens ran about as
though mad and old Tom took a fall out
of several lazy ducks. Nothing could be
done to quiet the drove of frantic fowls
and canines. It was simply out of the
question to subdue old Tom. For a long
time the cat has been a boon companion
of the collie and at night Tom has quiet
ly slept on the back of the dog. When
darkness approached last evening the
cat became almost frantic. He refused
to sleep all night and the mayor states
that unless he is able to take the col
lie home with him this evening he will
remain down town.
It is full of native copper.
"I found another piece of the same
rock weighing about 40 pounds," said
Mr. Caplice today; "but I lost it in one
of the lakes. Last year we sent from
the native copper group to the Paris ex
position a chunk of almost solid copper
weighing 130 pounds. That rock is like
some of the ore of the Calumet & Hecla
mines of Michigan. In addition to the
copper contents of the bornite ore there
is a value of from $2 to $4 in gold per
ton and from two to three ounces of
The chunk of borinte rock that ac
companied Mr. Caplice to Butte weighs
about 20 pounds and is nearly all miner
al. Besides the black metal It shows con
siderable pyrites of copper. The proper
ty from which it was taken is being de
veloped by a tunnel, the face of which
is, now in 60 feet on the water level.
"Enough work has been done on it,"
says Mr. Caplice, "to secure a patent
from the crown. I have had several as
says of the borinte ore made and the
lowest percentage of copper obtained was
7; the highest, 17.20. The samples were
not selected. The borinte group has the
largest surface showing I have ever seen,
it being about 100 feet wide. The tun
nel is in ore without either wall having
been struck, and it may be that the ore
at one side or the other is much richer
than that taken out of the tunnel, which
aggregates 200 or 200 tons. Just before
leaving the group I shipped two tons to
the Tacoma smelter and expect returns
from it next week. The ore taken from
the tunnel will average 12 per cent cop
Mr. Caplice had never seen the prop
erty before and made the trip with that
object in view. He declined to state
the exact location of the groups, but
they are not a great ways from White
Hors,e rapids, on the Tukon river. He
spent three weeks on boats plying the
claim of lakes and enjoyed it immense
Frank Stone Will Stand Trial for
Criminal Assault—Other Cases
Set for Trial.
Judge McClernan had a variety of
ctimlnal business in his department this
forenoon. James Rowland, alias Henry
Stine, pleaded guilty to a charge of
forging Wells-Fargo money orders and
will be sentenced Wednesday. There
were several charges against him, but
the others were withdrawn.
Charles Money, alias Frank Stone,
pleaded not guilty to a charge of having
taken improper liberties with Andrea
Groulx, a 12-year-old girl, and will' 1 be
tried on the 18th. 0
John Corcoran and George McVengh
told the judge they were not guilty of
a charge of grand larceny and will be
tried the 19th.
Ludlam G. Bassett, accused of forgery,
pleaded not guilty and will be tried the
Delia McGlynn Wants to Get a Deed
to the Date John Dee's
Delia McGlynn instituted suit today
against J. P. Collins as administrator of
the estate of Thomas Sibert, alias John
Lee, to compel the defendant to execute
her a deed to the property known as No.
12, Wst Front street. She states in her
complaint that July 23, 1900, she entered
into an agreement with Sibert, alias
Lee, by which she was to have posees
sion of the property for taking care o*
him. She says she was to pay him $13
per month while he lived, and she was
to have the property as her own aftet
he died. Sibert was then living in an
other house. In accordance with the
agreement she says she gave up her
home in Butte and took possession of the
Front street house and has occupied it
ever since; that Sibert failed to execute
her a conveyance before he died.
Timothy D. Harrington, aged 54 years,
died yesterday at the family residence.
No. 100 La Platte street, Centervüle,
from where the funeral will take pl'ace
Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Leaves Butte S:30 a. m. Returning
10:15 p. m., Howelson, 105 North Main
When neighbors fall out and quarrel
over the back fence, it Is a scandal to 'the
neighborhood and especially to the chil
dren. Difference of opinion causes quar
reling, and quarreling causes scandal;
there is no difference of opinion ast- to
Centennial beer being first in purity, first
in flavor, first in the mouths of its coun
for colds in the head, chest, 'throat, or
any portion of the body, breaks up a cold
in 24 hours without interruption to busi
ness, after the first symptoms appear
Price, 25c. Sold by Newbro Drug Co. ■
Maybe you were out late last night?
If you had taken a Krause's Headache
Capsule before retiring your head would
be cool and clear this morning. Take
one now and you will be all right in
half an hour. Price, 23 cents. Sold by
Newbro Drug Co.
is caused by a derangement of the
nerves. Lichty's Celery Nerve Compound
is an extract of celery combined with
other efficacious medical ingredients, re
sulting in a nerve medicine of rare vir
tue, and wonderful in its prompt and
soothing curative effects. It will make
you sleep. Sold by Newbro Drug Co.
For N. E. A. meeting, Detroit, July 8tlj
to 12th, tickets will be sold at Butte July
2d and 3d at rate of $61.25 for the round
trip; tickets; limited until August 31st.
For Christian Endeavor meeting, (Cin
cinnati, July 6th to 16th, tickets will be
sold at Butte July 2d and 3d at rate of
$58.50 for round trip; tickets limited uptil
Sept. 1st.
Tickets to Buffalo for pan-American
exposition on sale first and third Tues
days each month; rates $64.50 and $66.00
for the round trip. Call at the N. P.
Ry. city office for rates via the lakes.
For Epwworth League meeting at San
Francisco, July 18th to 21st, tickets will
be sold at N. P. city office July 7th to 14th
inclusive at rate of $50.00 for the round
trip; tickets limited to Aug. 31st, and
will allow stop-overs.
For further information call on ot
write, W. H. MERRIMAN,
Gen'l Agt., N. P. Ry., Cor. Park and
Main Sts., Butte, Mont.
"Trot out your skates!" the judgis
"Don't keep us here all summer;
But get on a move and try to prove
You're In It with Killeen, the
Finest show rooms in the city. 21 West
Broadway. 'Phone 268. *
Special train leaves Montana Union
depot 9 a. m. every Sunday for Twin
Bridges. Rates as follows;
Butte to Twin Bridges and return.. ..$1.50
Butte to Whitehall and return.......1.50
Butte to Pipestone and return......1.00
Train for Deer Lodge leaves Montana
Union deport 9:45 a. m.
Fare Butte to Deer Lodge and re
turn .................................$1.00
Sealed proposals will be received by
the city council of the city of Butte' (to
be filed with the city clerk before the
hour of eight (8) o'clock, p. m., Wednes
day, July 3, 1901), for making certain
Improvements, alterations, changes and
repairs in, to and upon the city hall
Plans, specifications and form of bid
may be seen at the office of the inspector
of buildings in the city hall.
A certified check for $100, must accom
pany each bid. which will be considered
as liquidated damages If the require
ments In the way of contract and bond
are not entered into within five (5) days
after the award has been made.
The city reserves the right to reject
any and all bids.
W. K. QUARLES, City Clerk.
Dated June 26, 1901.
Boston, Mass., July 1.—The copger
mining shares closed today as follows:
Amalgamated ..... $123.75
Anaconda ...... 48.50
Parrot ... ... 55.00
Boston A Montana ... 443.00
Butte ft Boston .... 124.00
Calumet ft Hecla ... 970.00
Tamarack ...... 347.00
Osceola ...... 90.00
Utah Con.....- 32.50
{Today the New Form of Trip Ticket
s, Will Be Issued—The "Clock"
J Beginning with today, all railroad
tickets through Denver by whatever
route, will be issued on what is called
the "clock form," each ticket being
punched for the hour of arrival in Den
ver, and the hour of departure of the
first train over the route specified for
the continuance of the trip. The tickets
will be good for only the specified train,
and no stopovers will be allowed over
any of the routes. This is done to do
away with scalping.
Heretofore Denver had been the great
est headquarters of ticket scalpers in the
whole country, there being so many long
distance lines going through the city. It
is a central place for all the middle
west, and the roads determined to stop
the sale of tickets that may fall into
hands of others than the original pur
chasers. If a cut-rate ticket >is sold for
a through trip, it has been possible
sometimes for the purchaser to go as far
as Denver and then dispose of the ticket
for the rest of the way east for almost
as much as it originally cost him. Now.
the passenger must go out on the first
train, thus giving no opportunity to nego
tiate a sale and leave the scalper time to
dispose of the ticket. It is thought the
new plan will add materially to the
revenues of the various roads through
fhe Queen City.
Ladies and especially those who are
married or expect to be, should call upon
Mrs. Dr. Frank, room 11, New P. O.
block, the widely celebrated lady eye
specialist and have their eyes carefully
examined as scientists have proven that
weakness of the eye is hereditary and
is invariably inflicted upon the children.
It ia also the cause of nervous head
aches. irritability, indigestion, sallow
complexion, etc. Mrs. Dr. Frank has
made a life study of the eye and has
studied with nearly all the leading spe
cialists in France and Germany and is
always perfectly honest and truthful in
her examination.
Henry A. Amiraux leaves today for a
two months' vacation.
Miss Netta Briscoe of Butte is visiting
Mrs. J. E. Jackson of Helena.
C. W. Goodale, manager of the Butte
& Boston smelters at Great Falls, spent
Sunday in the city and returned home
John Martin has resigned the editor
ship of the Staats Zeitung of Helena to
take charge of the Journal, the German
paper of Butte.
Mrs. J. L. Albritton is now at Hamil
ton. having gone over there from Mis
soula, where she had for several weeks.
It ,is hoped that the piney woods region
will have a beneficial effect upon her
health. •
At the Butte—Emil Bron, New York;
D. R. McDonald, Whitehall; C. J. Col
lins, J. G. Brown, Chas. L. Hart, Black
foot; A. B. Trells, Boston; J. F. Brayton,
Chicago; W. G. King, New York; T. S.
Barraciough, Boston; A. G. Root, Hart
ford, Conn.; O. Holden, Byles, England,
Mile, Ilda Orme, Paris, France; C. M
Clark, Chicago; S. T. Ritchey and wife,
Garnet, Mont.; F. T. Osborn, Bozeman;
E. A. Wrlsher, Ouray, Col.; G. W. Milli
gan and wife, Zanesville, Ohio; R. M.
McDonald, Whitehall.
At 'the Thornton— C. T. Wedbezahn,
Chicago; H. L. Carpenter, Minneapolis;
J. W. Zeveley, Washington, D. C.; Geo.
Samuels, Oakland, Cal.; Rabbi M. Fried
lander, Oakland, Cal.; Charles Roth,
'Cincinnati; W. H. Raymond, Belmont
■'Park; S. H. Kennett, Helena; D. H.
CBratton, New York; John Robb, New
York; Chas. Singer and wife, New
At the Finlen—E. A. Allen, St. An
thony; J. A. Orchard, Spokane; Geo. W.
Husted, Livingston; Wm. F. Kirk.
Washington, D. C.; Will Watkins, St.
Joseph, Mo.; T. S. Moo rehead, Waters
ford; G. Lavelle, Spokane; M. K. Nelson,
Great Falls; P. C. Webber, Boston; A.
K. Stone, Chicago; G. Stagmann, Chica
go; R. E. MeCarthey, Colorado; H. Mc
Gregor, Geo. Gordon, Billings; Mrs. T.
Sloan, Chicago; Mrs. M. E. Ingle, Hol
gate; D. F. Johnson, Bozeman; A. Mc
Intosh, Boulder; Z. E. Thomas, May
flower; Mrs. E. R. Alward, Burke, Ida
ho; H. G. Day, St. Paul.
New Thornton Hotel
N.W Cor. Broadway and Wyoming. Batte
«a j Hot and cold water, and tele
jf phone in every room; polish
liutvpi ed hard floors, and splendid
rugs, brass bedsteads, 40 pound hair mat
tresses on best box springs, not one dark
room. Fine outside rooms $2 a day;
rooms with private baths, $3 to $5 a day.
No charge for use of general bath rooms,
two on every floor, one for the ladles, one
for gentlemen. Finest cafe west of New
York;; prices no higher thin any first
class cafe in Montana. Magulflcent bar,
and spacious lobby. Best sample rooms
west ot St. Paul. Rooms reserved by
Almond Oil Complexion Soap
A full size bar of Mme. Ruppert's exquisite
Almond Oil Complexion Soap will be given away FREE,
at our store, to every lady who purchases a full
size bottle of Mme. Ruppert's World-Renowned
that marvelous tonic for the complexion that re
moves permanently and forever all pimples, freckles,
blackheads, moth patches, eczema, all redness or
roughness of the skin, and wrinkles not caused by
facial expression. Face Bleach is truly the most
remarkable beautifier ever known or used by
women, and any complexion, no matter how dis
figured by pimples, freckles, blackheads, etc.,
will be cured by the use of Face Bleach, and
the skin restored to the same delicate velvety
texture it was in youth.
FACE BLEACH is to-day used by thousands of women thorough
out the land whose complexions it has made perfect. Mme. Kuppert
herself guarantees to every lady that there is no preparation that
will improve the complexion as her Face Bleach improves it.
She is very anxious to have every lady in this city enjoy the great
benefit to be derived from FACE BLEACH, and will therefore
give away FREE this week, at our store, a full size bar of her
exquisite ALMOND OIL COMPLEXION SOAP, to every pur
chaser of a bottle of her World-Renowned FACE BLEACH.
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COMPLEXION SOAP is delightful to use in the bath and toilet,
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BLEACH this time, and give your face, and neck, too, a
thorough clearing of all impurities in the skin. The com
plexion is usually at its worst at this time of the year, and
if it is neglected too long, the skin gets so bad that it
causes much unhappiness. You can save yourself
all this unnecessary trouble if you will use now
one or two bottles of Mme. Ruppert's FACE
BLEACH, which draws out of the skin all impurities
which disease and discolor it.
Be sure to ask for Mme. Ruppert's Book —"Hoip
to be Beautiful. ' ' It is Free.
24 West Parle Street
P. J. 'Brophjr CSL Co.
Grocers and
Importers ^
This Famous Bra.nd of Clen.r Havana Cigars Is now
on the Market 'e For Sale by All Dealers
butte mercantile company
Notice is hereby given that the ninth
annual meeting of the stockholders of
the Granite Mountain Stock Farm will
be held at the office of the company, at
No. 235 West Copper street, in the City
of Butte, Montana, on the 3rd day of
July, 1901, at 10 o'clock a. m„ for the
purpose of electing a board of trustees
to serve for the ensuing year, and for
the transaction of any other business
that may properly be brought before the
C. A. Tuttle Thos. Sullivan
114'inL Broadway. Tel. 263
Grand Opera House $
tlCK P. SUTTON, Manager. -
This Week
With Chas. Er'n Verner Co.
Monday and Friday nights I
Tuesday night
Wednesday night {
Thursday matinee and night 1
aRkAH N' I-'OviC'E I
Saturday and Sunday matinee ,
and night
Prices for matinee—Ladies and
children 10c: gentlemen, 25c;
Ladies to < very performance
seats reserved, 10c.
g, * .

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