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Mines and Mining.
They and Kindred Mines at Pony Are
to Add Their Share to the Yellow
Metal Output of the
The last issue of the New York En
gineering and Mining Journal contains
the following article on the mining in
terests of this state:
At the close of the year the condition
of the Itutte copper situation to a4n out.
eider is uneetisfactory. The iatter
months have witnessed a hiavy shrink
age in prhtloiion. iby what are consid
ered the big companies of the camp, or
those merged into tie Amalgamat.'4d
('opper company. r v4ral 4muses are as
signed for this shrinkage; one being a
reported accumulation of electrolytic
and pig copper by the kindred 41 m4
panies; another, that these en t414nio'
have been through a oing period of ac
tive operation, until shafts and ot'er
workings needed rlmiitbering 114 a ii en
eral overhauling to mnke them pufe.
That a large amount of repair work has
taken place lately in the mines of the
Anaconda Copper Mining company is
Well known.
Boston & Montana Pump.
The Boston & Montana 1.4 having in
stalled on the 1200-foot level of the Leon
ard shaft, ai duplex compound condens
Ing pump, with a capacity of 1000 gal
lons for that lift; this pump is intendi4'
to drain a large territory of Boston &
Montana ground, the 1100 level of the
Leonard, being connected with the 1100
levels of both ('oluna's, and with the
1600-foot level of the Mountain View.
This Is, to date, the most. powerful pump
ever placed in IButte, or Montana. The
water end designed by Master Mechanlc
Kent of the Analgamate'l ('upper comn
pany, was cast in B1utte of phosphor
bronze, and with pot valve cyltinl. r: the
steam part was built by the Nordherg
Manufacturing company of M;lwt ukoe,
Wis. The IRoston & Montana .4 t) 14e4 r at
Great Falls is going through a genral
overhauling and enrinrgament in n'"orly
all departments. it Is expt't4e.1 that
these improvements will 1") e tmple'ed
early in January. At Anaonda the
smelter known 4s the Upper WVilks has
gone out of c'on -'smi4in for good, while
the Lower Wt'orks is run ning about t111
l1Bargain-$i,1OO 0
An almost new 4-room frame house in Gagnon addition.
Will rent for $2o.oo a month. Best renting property in
Butte on account of proximity to mines.
On easy Payments.
Insurance, Loans, Real Estate
15 West Broadway. Butte, Montana
Can be rernedkd by a skilled dentist. For )ears - have teen repairing
teeth, making new teeth, an] Im proving the facial expression of men
and women by repairing their teeth or making them new teeth that hi
itated the natural so as to deceive their relatives and frlcnds.
DR. E. E. GERMAN B'tei1ro Ma.
Anti-Toxin 25C Package
That is undoubtful; that Is specific. B e a
It has been benproven n o by physicnanal n
and the people.
(Ger0remal) Kidney Tea.
Always works; never fails In
CONSUMPTION, PNEUMONIA, A great Herbal Tea, once tried
LA GRIPPE. $1.00 bottle. All always used. For constlipation,
druggists. bowel and kidney troubles.
Posselnman Drug Store, 43 E. Park
For your new residence, of
flice or store, we have them. In
fact we are overstocked, and will
make unusual inducements to pros
pective buyers.
Montana Electric Co.
53 East Broadway
thirds capacity. Work on the new
Washoc smelting plant of the Amal
gamated company Is being rushed.
This plant, said to be the most
complete and modern in the coun
try, will probably be in full oper
ation by spring, as it Is now re
ceiving the finishing touches. To say
that with the reconstructed works at
Great Falls and the Washoe works in
operation the allied companies will be
able to cheapen the cost of producing
ccpper. Is a safe proposition.
M. 0. P. and Farrell Properties.
A Oice in the smelter of the Montana
(te T'urchlcclug company last April
partinily destroyed those works, and
somewhat curtnilled its output for a
short time; aside from that the works
have been busy to their 'a city, and
two converters have lately he *r. added to
the conventing delartmcnt. (if the new
copper mcniing enterprises of the y'nar
the F'rrell Popper Company Is the
Inrgcst, three shafts having be'n started
by that company on the fliat a short diii
tance eat of Meaderville, one of whicin
has reached a depth of about $09 feet.
Contracts for Power.
1'The prautItnl c(opletion of two long
diistulilt power transmisylion lines to
Hutte Is lo be noted. The Mlis41uri River
Power a nrpinny has a three-wire duplil
'It' lystc'mn throughout, each thret wire
line independent of the other. The
Amalgaiiited ('ompany and W. A. Chrk
mi travted for all the 'vailab'e ;ewer
Iwfore the Ilne was sliried. 'liso line is
aenoit 62 iniles in length. T'hIi Maditson
ilower comipiaiy has about 'iniplh't d a
three 'ire single lie f ylf m from the
Mladiion rive-r: this tine is about 63
riile1 long. This power 1a. ailo toln
tdrii. (I for.
Prospecting for Oil.
I'rospurtirg for oil in var'ous parts of
the state hiei in several instances met
with encouraging results, and ii number
of onmpanils have been organlw,"d to ex
pl1it the finds.
Beaverhead and Other Counties.
In lieaver'head county the Greenes"'rod
Mlining uompuny has added a 100-ton
cyanide (pneumatic process) plant to
their concentrator. Two gold dredge x
put in a satisfactory season's work at the
(irisushopper creek diggings it flauivenk.
In (ranite county the trainile Ili-Me
tallic company at Phillipsburg, has (1om
plhited the ulectrlc power line from the
Flint ('reek Dam, and in using ele rl "
ity at the mines, and at the new 600-ton
Ioncentrat'r now nearing comrp!etion.
Fergei and Madison counties show
good progreag . In the former ' innty
the Kend'so property on the North Moc
casin was puiichased by Finch & 'amp
I'll lof 'poluune for $100,000, Mr. Kendall
rietalinig a one-tealh interest. A 200
to iianIle toill is under construction.
which in to be run by electric power
from Warm Springs creek. The Bswng.
King group of mines, a neighbor bt the
Kendall, is putting in a cyanide mill,
which Is in partial operation. Wha
cyanide plants at alit Edge, Spotted
Horse and at Maiden report a Ptdbper
ous year.
Madison county can point to several
new enterprises. At Pony the Hose
Tweed-Copper group was sold to Boston
men at a figure bordering on $750,000. The
property shows an immense body of low
grade gold ore and the new owners are
building a 100-stamp mill. Not far away
Is the Fourth of July group of a ht
claims which was recently bought by
Butte and Omaha men for $60,000 cqsii.
A mill is contemplated in the near
Other gold properties in the vlci4lty
are being developed. At Rochester he
Watseka has kept its cyanide mill busy,
has done more developing work in the!
mines, has greatly improved the macsin
ery equipment at both mines and Bril
and is looked upon as a very profit*bie,
property. Prospecting for copper haci
mrnt with encouragement along the
Northiwegt slope of the Tobacco ltoit
range of mountains, notably in Goal
('anyon and hear Gulch.
The Conway companj will further mx
tend its gold dredging operations by ithe
addition of a powerful dredge built to
handle 2000 yards of gravel per day. The
Montana-Milwaukee Mining company at
Sand creek has in operation a complete
15-stunrp gold mill Just finished.
Large Cyanide Plant.
In Lewis and Clarke county at Em
pire the Gold BWlt Mining company has
ctm pleted a f00-ton cyanide mill to
treat the big accumulation of tallings
from the 60-stamp mill that was worked
by an IEnglivih cimpa y. The plant of the
American Hmei;tng and Refining corn
puny at East Helena made extensive
improvements early in the year, costing
about $290,000, and is now adding two
additional stacks to the equipment, mak
ing it one of the most important plants
of the company's syatern, and one show
ing good profits for the year.
A deposit of corundum in Gallatin
county, which has the uppearance of be
ing of conslderable extent is a recent
mnineral field. The mineral occurs in
well-formed crystais imbetded in the
matrix and generally without fracture.
A company will develop the property.
Sapphire Mine.
The American Gent company pur
chased during the year the Burke. &
Sweeny sapphire ground in Yago Gulch,
Fergus county. The sapphire crystal.
are found in the original matrix In a
dyke of trap rock cutting the lime
stone. This company also mined for
sapphires on Itock creek, Granite
county. During the year a number of
sapphires were found on the Dry Cottdlt
wood In Deer Lodge county.
J'xperimnents with cyanide during the
year ha ve demonstrated that by the im
proved methods o atny urea are suiiept
Ible to that process that have not y" "44c 1
successfully to ithir t-autine-t.
A nnumher of comnpnnils have hi-n 4o
ing development work it the Swift (mr
rent district oi the c-dcd ii cition of the
ltlackflet Indian rearvaitiott ahe rl e
good indications of copper are claimed.
Mitning it the Westcrnt portion of the
state has bein active and se eral large
enterprises ari under development.
He Will Transfer HIisnelf to the Mop
tana Camp.
Ils inventory of the town, lhr inhah.
Iitatsl thereof' and the bonunza at. Pony,
Mont., ov.'r which he will in the fit
turn lpresid"", coanilf,:vd, Harvey 1".
Polt tnt ampne ,wn from thih
Nor'th yeste rday anti will return it) tik,:
til his p~ermanentt abut!' rendy: rost
monu th, says the salt l~auke 'I'rlibune. W it!.
conditionst: at th'" oboldw d-carncig ,trill
the !tots Twe'Pa i group of Ii VI''), for
which Floii. A. I'. Iiturt:i}e ut tl '''oI'te"
of 1.1w ton have just shelled out .1.00 000.
the outlook for the proneirtty is very muth
of it pleasing character'.
The entn e 1s just noh' sprout
ind itoy is being constuit itd, while at
tng a new bouri on old groutd: the hotel
is packed to its utmostai. oi gati ls Is.
sitng front a nutbei'r of small Itlitits.
In the equiupient of the 1 te' 'T'weed.
a tramway similar to that at tit lIfig -
land Hoy,, is being onnttrtiiucitet, while at
its terminus n hig mill t4 being ereettd
with the main tunnel on the mine to
make early connection with the iye
bodiis that afford (i mtst satsixfat Iy
average in gold. Indeed, Mr Poland ws
agreeably surprised at the tatmi atmi
iit environments, and wI'h Mrs. 1' 0id
will so0n have settled into a most agree
blte home. All Tlutte is exulting, says
Mr. Poland, over the resumption at tlir
Anaconda mines, andt the outlook is ac
cordinaly iiiproved.
Iowa Legislature Meets.
(tly Associated Press.)
Des Moines, ,Jun. 14 - -Th' twomy-ninth
general aesemuly began work today and
Onmpletrd the organization in both
houses before adjourning. W. L. Eaton
of Osage was chosen speaker of the house
without opposition, the democrats put
ting up a candidate. Both house and
senate slates made up in the republican
caucuses Saturday went through by a
party vote. The Inauguration of (lover
nor Cummins will take place on Thurs
Was Seriously Injured.
(By Associated Press.)
New York, Jan. 14.-t nme Tlonan
was killed and Peter Glynn was seri
ously injured today by a falling elevator
in the Belt factory of Fayerwether &
Ladeat, this city. The elevator fell
from the fifth floor to the botom.
Emperor's Yacht Will Sail.
Wilhelmshaven, Germany, Jan. 14.-
The imperial yacht Hohenzollern will
sail for New York January 18. The band
of the second naval division will go to
the United States on board the emperor's
Notice is hereby given that sealed bids
will be received by the city council of
the city of Butte for the furnishing of
lumber to the city of Butte for one yesr.
A certified check or cash in the sum of
one hundred ($100.00) dollars must ac
company each bid, which will be consid
ered as liquidated damages for breath
of agreement, if the requirements in the
way of contract and bond shall not be
complied with within 10 days after the
award has been made.
Contract and form of bid may be seen
at the office of the city clerk in thq city
All bids must be i writing and must
be filed with the city clerk at or before
7:30 o'clock p. m. January 15, 1902.
W. K. QUARLES., City Clerk.
Dated January 9, 1902.
Coming Spring and Bummer Will
Doubtless Witness Activity
Two Men Are Making
J. F. Robdou, who passed through the
city yesterday en route to Helena with
a bar of gold bullion and a carload of
concentrates from the Queen of the Hills
mine in the Vipond mining district, up
near Dewey's Flat, says there are a large
number of good prospects in the district
and that many of them will doubtless
he a worked during the coming spring and
"All the owners of properties there
wanted," says Mr. Hobdou, "was some
one to take the lead in the matter of de
velopnhent. That Is what Virgil Jen
nings and myself did by building a 10
Mturr nu ill and opening tip the Queen
of dhe Hills. The erection of the mill
.tnd the extraction of ore was not all
they required as an incentive to action.
They desired proof that the mill would
treat the ore succesatully. This, too,
tic haie done. The mill has now been in
up. iatiun five weeks and has not only
ltooeu to "theum that It is a success, but
linr shown us also that our calculations
acre based upon a more substantial
fooling than simple stiecvulaion.
Not Losing Anything
"We are crushir g IS tons of ore per
lay a ith the null and eaih ton yields
about $10 in gold. So it will be seen
that wa" tHr not losing anything, as we
employ only 10 men iI both the mine
:ril n ill.
"Thtet was a time irhen the Vipond
irtitt had ruin'it a reputation as a minn
cral pri(ducer, nut somehow or other it
weeiveli a iet-lni-ak. Now It is coiiing
to the front again aird will ret'tainly add
Soisidei'able gold to the output of the
'TIhe district was dihtcovered by Will
Lion 'ipond and one of his brothers.
W\'illarr Is still in this lart of the coun
try. but the brother In dead. having been I
hillil by ;i blood-thirsty Mexican while
lriitit'tinrg In the mountains of New
ejexire several years ago. Wlliam spent
s yensr or tan running the murlerer to
eaith. but he finally landed his man and
had trim ext riated near Santa Fe."
Many Mills Contemplated-Operations
Are Active.
A special from Kalispel! to the Great
Falls T'ribune Calys:
A letter has just been recelved in the
I y froit I gentleman who i4 prom1i
nlently cid atilkid with the mining inter
it f tll' %Vfst FI:-her di 9 1t iI the
4o4nt;,.". 1 h'`" h giipes a pretty co iplet
'refu44( 4' tho 1.ok being done on the
tl 4riall prop, stii s in that (a'4mp. IIt
.eaking of i i Mother Ind oe prroprty,
c:. s44y1 t443 t 4 h4 ire4ta4 latton o' the
."nunpam)' t mi:i has been del;yed by the
r '4c1t stil ie the iron prodiuchg re
1 4ons. H owie.er. till p4eilIflnart y work
Cars all hi, (' do;,e fer the eriction of the
nil, sau1h :4s tosk wr,4k and ex'avatin;.g
Il t'rly sp5eng 0 iithe 4mu.p44ny expect to
'41rt LIp tii'r mill. They will build a
inm) m1ay from the mine to the mill, a
Mlistance" or ::sill feet, for tihe constri.1.llonl
~f which t he way has already been
'(TCr u a 'er;,1l other mills to be put
:n 4n 4 h4 r propehlties in the district, a'
i In(1eI:if n4ts for whit Ih have been c 44t4
p.e4'd. enle of these Is to "t, on the 1,'l
141tr' properties, o44 Lke creek, to consult
blia ummpniy shout which Mr. Uely r.t
re,'ently tent Vast.
It' a d'lal now on the tapis Is concluded.
t mill will be put up on the Bachelor
, laim, wvhh h the Montana Mining cuom
piny of a11 4r4ysville is negotiating foil.
The IF44chelor claim is near the famous
Am clean Kootenai, which have has
their mill running for some timhe--long
enough to demonstrate that they (1n
pj4y dividends. The mtill 14 not doing
nich jlust now, for the company 4s
bending its energies to the installation
444 1n 14t' drill. Alter that improvement
4 144dd1 d things about the mina will take
4n new life and activity.
Straight through the mountain f I nT
It rantot creek to the West Fisher tide,
4t here the ledge crops out, the 1ila'k tail
14 drilling. Their mill, which was put in
r" eently, will be start'td up In the
Spokane parties are pushing into th
district to get some of the good things
1th4t ar11 e'Xp)tad to come out of West
P;'hse4r In the next three years. Tiey
have itken all of the treasury Ctock of
the Mustang Consolidated, just formed
1in1 stoCked for $30u,000, Still another
I1t tle of Spokane gentlemen have taker
a44 op4tion on all the tr'eastry stock of
the West Fisher company and con
t1minipte puttfng 'in a mill.
The Fisher Creek company, more fa
miliarly known as the Brick and Brann
gan property, Is grinding out dividendls
right along, as 'they have been all sane
met' and fall. The stock of this company
cannot be touched with a 10-foot pole',
indeed, none of it is for sale, as it is bet
ter than money in a bank. Improve.
ment in the character and value of the
ore is continually noted the further in
the tunnels go. Twenty-five men are a1
work constantly. Recently Mr. Brata
gan was hauled up before a justice for
violating the eight-hour law, but wa
discharged, as his contracts with his
men were to work by the hour.
The Northern Montana has three min
ers at work running a 100-foot tunnel
and cross-cutting for 1O feet. If thrs
development is encouraging, they have
ample capital to do more.
Mr. Eley of Cleveland, who experted
the Cedar group, owned by John L.
Scarlett, pronounces it one of the best
properties in the Northwest. Like all
other West Fisher properties, it is free
milling, and the lead has widened out to
five feet and it may prove the banner
property of the district. There are a
number of parties who stand ready to
buy the claim, but the owner is not
ready to sell.
In placer mining there are three hy
draulic outfits on Libby creek, all in
promising ground. The latest one or
dered is for Vaughn & Greenwell, on
Upper Libby.
Practically Sure That He Will Estab
lish a Station on Sable Island
It Is Scene of Xany Ship
(By Associated Press.)
Ottawa, Ont., Jan. 14.-Signor Marconi,
after conferences with the ofilciajs of the
Dominion Department of Marine, is
greatly impressed with the situation of
Sable Island for a station to communi
cate with his wireless establishment on
the coast of Cornwall.
At the department offces he talked
with the deputy minister and chief en
ginecr and was pleased to see, by the
circle track which the chief engineer
plotted for him on a North Atlantic
admiralty chart, that a direct line be
tween Sable Island and the Cornwall
coast passes well out to seaward of the
Avalon peninsula of Newfoundland.
Marconi had been of the Impression
that no station could be had north of
Cape Hatteras which would insure per
feet immunity from Intercepting cur
rents from Newfoundland.
Marconi was anxious to know if there
was any possibility of interference on
the part of the vested interests on Sable
Island. The deputy minister reassured
him on that point. "The government,"
he said, "owns the Island and the only
telegraph line on it and alows nobody to
land there without permission. It is in
charge of a governor; but," he added,
"we will make you king."
Marconi did not think that the dis.
tance of the Island from the m.%nland,
85 miles, or the fact that it is not con
nected as yet by cable was a serious ob
jection to its selection as a a e for one
more of his wireless installations.
He said that communication could as
well he made with the adjacent coast of
Nova Scotia by the wireless system, and
in any event it might be made a repeat
ing station for the trans-Atlantic wire
less telegraphy.
It need surprise nobody it, as a result
of Signor Marconi's visit to the Depart
ment of Marine, Sable Island, the scene
of so many shipwrecks, is chosen as a
government station for transmitting
warning signals to the throng of steam
ers that continually cross and recross
the Atlantic within a comparatively
short distance of its treacherous shores.
Republicans Will Caucus.
(ily Associated Press.)
Washington, Jan. 14.-A call for a
caucus of the republican members of
the house to consider a reduction of war
revenue tax is being circulated. The
movemrnnt ts understood to be favored
by itepresentatives Cannon, Hill, Shat
tue, Itoutelle, and quite a number of
others, and if the call receives a sufm
(lent number of signatures the caucus
e iii be held on Wednesday night.
$We Invoice Feb. ist
Special Prices on Lap Robes
and Horse Blankets Before
that Time.
Phone 686A 106 E. Park St.
I $1.50 Must be smoked at Per 100
pe 0 the city dump or In $1.80
, Only and perfect kid
glove cleaner in exist
ence %
25 cents
Works like magic and keeps
your gloves in perfect con
M.J. Connell Company
I xOx 00000xx~x)0sXXxxx i
Open Winter Permits uonstruction
Work to Prooeed-Oommaniaion SNv
Plenty of Money With Which to
Carry on the Enterprise.
(By Associated Press.)
St. Louis, Jan. 14.-Fifteen hundred
men and a hundred teams were put to
work this week on the site of the World's
Fair to construct the sluice that will
run through that part of the grounds td
be occupied by the main group of build
This sluice will be 48 feet wide, 15 feet
deep, and a mile long. It will be heavily
timbered and plaz.ked and covered frors
The conmtruLtio of two miles of
sewers was also begun this week. The
excavation will be done largely by
trenching machines, and a large addle
tional force will be employed.
Two thousand men presented them.
selves. for employment on Wednepday
morning, a considerable portion of thenn
finding work. From this time on t
World's Fair grounds will be the scee
of the greatest activity.
Having Good Weather.
Building plans and construction de
tails are being prepared with all pose
ulble rapidity and with the completio4
of the sluice and sewers 60 days hened
work on buildings will be under way.
The Louisiana Purchase exposition hag
an advantage over its predecessors 19
several ways, in that it has its admini4.
tration building and the several build
Ings of Washington Un 'ersity practicae.
ly ready for occupancy, an open winter
that will permit construction work the
year around, and an abundance of monex
with which to carry on the enterprise.
The weather during the last fortnigl I
has been clear and mild, the temperaturf
ranging from 40 to 60 during the day,
falling to the freezing point at night.
The organisation of the exhibit and
other executive departments is being
perfected as fast as the right men arb
found and commissioners are 1
patched to foreign countries to aid i4
securing adequate representation froze
all parts of the world.
Wife Says When e Man Reaches 93 N.
Should Cease Flirting.
(By Associated Press.)
Flora, Ind., Tin. 14.--About !hree
months ago Henry McDonald, aged 90,
and Mrs. Rosetta Daniels, aged 87, of
this city, were married. The courtship
was rather stormy and the honeymoon
was no more placid. Mrs. McDonald be.
came jealous and frequent quarrels dis-,
turbed their otherwise serene atmos
phere. The other day Mrs. MoDQnsl4
gathered up her belongings and left, re
marking as she departed that when a
man arrives at the age of 93,it was'time
for him to stop flirting and settle down.

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