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Moatana's largest Grocery, Jan. 14
Cash Buying.
There are two savings in cash
buying. Besides the big saving in
'price you have the additioral say
inng that comes through paying for
everything as you get it. One never
spends as much when buying for
cash as when buying on credit.
You will never realise tha saving
of cash buying until you try it. It's
the modern way of doing business
and this in the modern store where
it is done.
17 pounds ........ ..............$1.00
Thelma brand Maine Sweet Corn
is the finest ever offered in this
market. If we asked 25e a can for
it you would not complain about
the quality. Try it and s -i how big
a bargain we are offerinz you.
Thelma brand Sweet Corn. Case,
$2.75; dozen, $1.40; can.....12%e
Fine, Standard Corn. Can', $2.25;
dozen. $1.15; can................1Oc
Early June Peas, fine sifted.
Case ...... ........ ..........$3.00
Sweet Early June Peas. Case.
$2.75; can ............ ......12%c
Tomatoes, Richelleu brand, 2
pound cans. Case, $2.7.); dozen,
$1.40; can .............. ......12'/Vc
Fancy solid pack, eastern, extra
large cans. Case, $3.75; dozen,
$1.90; can .................17e
Fine solid peck. Case, $2.35; dozen,
$1.20; can ......... ............30c
Silver Shred Kraut. Pound.....5c
Kennedy's Fruit Cake. Pound
package today ........ ........25c
Our teas are selected for their
drinking qualities. We give values
that make us permanent customers.
Use smaller quantity for the same
results that other teas give.
Japan Teas. Pound, $1.00, 75c
and ........ ..............50c
English Breakfast Tea. Pound,
$1.00, 75c, 60c, 50c, 40c and.....35a
Gunpowder Tea. Pound $1.00, 75c,
60c and ............ ...........50c
Oolong Tea. Pound, $1.00 and...75c
India and Ceyoln Tea. Pound, $1.00
and .......... ........ ..........75c
(Rebate of 10c pound on all teas
75c pound and above, in five-pound
41 W. Park Pho" '.
25c A TUBE.
12 N. Main St. BUTTE.
Butte Sewer Pipe
& TIle CO. Manufacturers of
Crucibles, Scorifiers, Muffles,
Bone Ash, Borax Glass, Etc.
Fire Brick and Tile for Metal
'urg1idl Use.
102 W. Granite Street
Sutte. Mont.
To the Stockholders of the Butte Gas
Light and Fuel Company:
Notice is hereby given of the annual
meeting of the stockholders to be held
at the office of the company, 202 North
Main street, Butte, Montana, at 2 o'clock
p. m., January 28, 1902.
The business of the meeting will be the
election of directors, and the transaction
of such business as may properly come
before the meeting.
J. II. LEYSON, Presldent.
R. S. FEURTADO, Secretary.
Jones' dairy farm. Pure pork
esusage at Brophy's. +
NOTICE, I. O. 0. F.
All members of Olive Branch Lodge No.
$8 are requested to meet in their hall on
Wednesday, January 15, at 10 o'clock, to
attend the funeral of our deceased broth
er, James Wilton. Members of sister
lodges invited to attend.
J. 13. TRE1VARTIEN, Secretary.
Jones' dairy farm. Pure pork
nusage at -Broph"'s. *
Charges Wife and Daughter With His
Expulsion-Says They Have Threat
ened to Kill Him sad He Is
Afraid to Return.
If the story told Deputy County At
torney Lyntch this morning is true, there
is an extraordinary state of affairs In
exlrtence at the domicile of Marcus
Cusa., an Austtian, who lives out toward
Meaderville. tnsac chargis his wif',
Mrs. Mary Cusac, his daughter, ilernico
Cusae, who is only 15 years of age, and
a man whose name he doss not. know
with having ousted him from his own
house and with refusing to let hin re
turn hoii-.
Assue-,pnt County Attorney Yanr','y
issued a complaint to ( ubeA, charginir
the womnar, the girl and the man, thI
latter under the name of John Doe, wil
dLkturitng the peace.
Man of Many Woes.
Cusac Is the man who was beaten by
three of his daughter's admirers a few
nights ago, accordiing to fis story. The
men set upin him whi le he was in bed
at It o'clock at night, alter he had re
mtontratted with the girl for staying out
till that hour. lie said that they rushed
into the house itnd attacked him while
he lay on his t'afk h.elpies
He £till sported a black eye when he
called at tot county attorney's aoflice to
day, and the story he told was a very
doleful one. He declared that the man
who, with his wife and daughter, had
thrust him from his home, has threat
ened to kill him If he undertakes to force
himself into his own house.
Cusac maid that in view of the man's
threat and the hostility displayed by his
womankind he is afraid to go home for
fear that he will be killed. He fears that
the man who has taken possession of the
house and the family will slay him on
sight. For that reason he desired hell)
from the ofticers of the county.
He Has Official Sympathy.
The assistant county attorney thought
It best to place a charge of disturbing
the peace against the Cusac women
and John IDoe first and have theor ar
rested and the case investigated.
The offlcer considered that the man
had been treated in a high-handed man
ner, if his story of expulren from his
own home by another man and his wife
and daughter is true, and that steps to
punish the latter were in order.
After the alleged assault upon Cusac
by the friends of the girl, she was absent
fiomn home two or three days, and her
father did not know where to find her.
When she returned, Cusac wanted her
taken into custody for Incorrigibility, but
Mrd. Cusac opposed that proceeding.
The present situation is the latest
phase of the family's troubles.
Jones' dairy farm. Pure pork
sausage at t3rophy's. *
Edward Wright Accuses Him of Hay
ing Collected $295 and Which He
Has Failed to Account For-
A Second Charge.
Two complaints were drawn today by
Deputy Attorney Lynch, charging P. A.
Gamer with grand larceny and petty
larceny respectively.
Gamer was the president and secretary
of the bankrupt firm of Gamer &
The complainants in the case are
Edwin Wright, a plumber, and Tim
Keefe, 70 year old, who lives in Dublin
Wright accuses the defendant with
appropriating $295 from hdm. Keefe says
he has lost $23 through Gainer.
The money alleged to have been ap
propriated by the defendant was money
collected for rents by the Gamer &
Walker company, which acted as agents
for that purpose in behalf of the two
Say Gamer Withheld Rentals.
Wright told the deputy prosecutor that
the $295 was rent money which had ac
cumulated in the hands of Gamner be
tween July 18 of last year and Novem
ber 25, collected from the tenants who
occupied three or four houses belonging
to him.
The plumber stated that he had de
manded his money, the sum named being
less the commission of the company for
its 'services, and he had been told that
the property was in the hands of a re
ceiver and that the money could not be
paid to him for that reason.
Keefe had also demanded the *money
due him, but could- get no satisfaction,
according to his story. Keefe lives on
Summit street, in Dublin gulch, and he
is said to he in need of the money.
The petty larceny complaint was filed
in Justice Libby's court at Meaderville,
and the grand larceny complaint was
filed in Justice Shepherd's court in the
same place.
Rev. A. O. Arnquist will hold gospel
meetings at the Swedish Baptist church,
318 North Wyoming street, every night
this week.
New Member Hague Committee.
(By Associated Press.)
Washington, Jan. 14,--Mr. Oscar S.
Strauss of New York, foriherly United
States minister to Turkey, today was
appointed as a member of the commit
tee on arbitration at the Hague. The
appointment is to fill the vacancy caused
by the death of ex-President Harrison.
Stepfather of Abused Colored Lad
Wants Boy went to Retorm School
and Pleads Not Guilty to
Charge of Cruelty.
J. Douglass Pitt is nursing a feeling of
sureness in mtind because he was art elt
ed. 'I flal J. Dougatss lits m11".r" HMte,
neas because hle tiis not alloted to'
strclse his oratort ai ability in poicet
court thias morning. Foi a full hour tol
Io, tj. t,.e jail ej'u:t'e. ll J. it nIaints
rej t. rse a speech which ta t .utunatudl
to spellbind the judge and .01r oItetn the
network of legal lnulb'e4 w hi It nad
bitcught about his In 11re'ratlion.
When called before t he court J.
DOuglha., with a fett paell [inary l'ur
I,;h-s tl the mass meetIng uto t, grapeyd
lie - Iuttnta with both hands and 4egan.
"I have a-"
Are you guilty or not guilty?" asked
the piosaI' cit ik.
"I desire to state that I hai " a fet
'r.etatks to unburden before srteh; into
the question of gulity. I ha ! -"
Oration Deferred.
"Well you'll have to plc t I tgilty 'r
n1t guilty and then you a.i it tkW your
ll" chit some other time."
Ilut Mr. Proactttor I have a few words
to any. I wont to di itler tlite re
aut ks to the court tnd--"
"It won't do you any good, Pitt," dryly
remarked the court. "Are you guilty or
"Well, I can't plead guilty to the charge
of using abusive language. I-"
"Defendant pleads not guilty, your
honor, said Clerk Winn.
"Go sit down, Pitt," ordered Court Of
fleer Young and the orator sadly took
his seat protest lug against the tired
feeling which the court gave him. Pitt
was arrested for creating a disturbance
on South Montana street last night and
will be tried next Friday.
Jewell Erick pleaded guilty to being
drunk, and Mike Laffey sent word to the
court that he was feeling bad down in
the Jail and would the court kindly con
sider him guilty. The court was kind
and entered a fine of $10 for disturbance.
A Cruel Stepfather.
Sell Reeves appeared in court with
his wife to state that he couldn't plead
guilty to cruel and inhuman treatment
In whipping his stepson, Charles Mar
shall. Reeves and his wife apparently
wanted to get rid of the little victim and
wanted the court to dismiss their case
and send the lad to the reform school.
Downstairs the little mite of colored
humanity was fearfully watching the
entrance for the dreaded appearance of
his stepfather. The case against Iteeves
was set for next SatIrday and then the
family went down stairs to see the tie
tim of a brutal whipping.
The boy had been tenderly cared for
by City Jailer Sol Levy and the otileers
about the slation who were touched by
the sight of the wounds inflicted during
the terrible heating given him.
When told he would he taken to the
reform school young Marshall visibly
brightened. The idea of getting away
from his stepfather lobbed the school
of all terrors.
James Sullivan, who was recently re
leased at the request of the Miners'
Union made to Judge Iloyle, who had
sentenced him for vagrancy, was op
again this morning on the same charge.
Sullivan was to have gone to work, but
was picked up again lIst night by the
police. He will he tried again next Sat
C. I. Lewis, the hackman arrested for
not using lights on his hack, did not
appear and was given 24 hours In which
to plead.
Oeorgi Schrader's trial for carrying
concealed weapons was set for Friday
Jones' dairy farm. Pure pork
sausage at Itrophy's. *
T. J. Kinney came over yesterday from
A. P. Wilkinson of Helena is at the
0. t'. Voss wins over from Anaconda
Charles Mlom .s regietercd at the Fin
len from Duluth.
Eugene Ring or Sherilan was in the
city yesterday.
Charles R. Sutton of Helena spent yes
terday in Butte.
D. Boyington and wife of Helena are
visiting in the city.
J. (. Cardle and wife of St. Paul are
staying at the Thornton.
Miss Anna White of Bloulder is spend
ing a few days in Butte.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert IBartin of California
are visiting Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Sache
of this city.
Robert Gruwell of Billings is in Butte
en route from the East, where he has
been receiving medical treatment.
Don't fall to attend the first grand
annual ball to he given by Branch 661, L.
C. B. A., at Hibernia hall, Friday even
ing, January 17. Fine music in attend
ance. Tickets, admitting lady and gen
tleman, 50 cents; extra lady, 25 cents.
(Special to Inter Mountain.)
Boston, Mass., Jan. 14.-The copper
mining shares closed today aj follows:
Amalgamated - - - - - $ 68.00
Anaconda - - - - - - 29.75
Parrot - - - - - - - 28.50
Calumet & Hecla - - - 580.00
Tamarack - - - - - 250.00
Osceola - - -- . - - 78.00
Utah Con - - - . . - 21.50
D0. MHult POCK
12 Years in ifutto
Generation doctor of China from grand
father down. Born and schoolf.4 in the
profession. Treats all diseases, making
a specialty of chronic troubles; Conatll
me before you waste your life away.
227 South am St
Rie, Bid at Low Figure of $8916
Highest Bid $14,750-Bond of
Wortman Not Yet
The county comminlioners today
}4'%irdcd to D. P. Wartman the contract
n, fnishing the new county hospital on
1. Interior for the mu mof $8916.
The bide reclved were as follows:
J'-ho '. Hogan, $14,750; J. 11. Turner,
$1:.900, less plastering, $7395; 1). D.
'Vociman, $8016; II. C. Nellies, $13,050;
Sh wkleton & Whiteway, $10,765, Iess
p inting, $10,000 soapstone finish
ext outing In a rating room, and with
th' substitution of plaster of parts and
ln hlding painting, $9964.
The hide for plastering alone were .14
foi wn: Dolan & Hlamill, $7697: J. Itat
ferty, $8000; J. F. Murphy, $7800; It. C.
Smith. $8150.
NVartman'a bond has not been fixed
(Continued From Page One.)
63t' etcently hissed the legislative tissemn
bly of the slate tif Moirtalla. Mlid bIll
g iv's another assistant to the county at
tai icy, anti as a rmurk of iapipreciattionl
ill the kindly manner in which the ipopu
lists generally accepteti liy apUltlnt
Ont*ti, nautle on January 7 of the pir ;ent
y'.tr, without consulting thten, I deem
it LUvislable to ideav the nattier of the
ultitilnltmeit of the tli'iuty lentirily lin
thtir bonus, 11nd( will ttpploilnt the iterson
secntid by yourl commit tee or he-arling
cred't'ttials as the choice of a nasj'rity
01 sitit (omn~liltee, Whould 'tie tsnmnittteo
'not U lilnunintUsly agree onl lii appli i'l it.
'Tii iolltowiig-nt~amed genitlemten haive
ii siiggvsied to Ilt by titer flittils,
Ut hive lmatde licmtiinal alpitlctItioll fijr
Uttil' friends.
31 itrite l'ngiieh, who, ittnane has hell
titggesttt't iy Momle tif his fitrlti.
Nugg' sted by Still) til Itis filhlnls. I hitvi
if ii t iert utfflt hi i m111.
Jiames ltitaget'ald. Atpotntnmenlt urgeit
by' to large numbttil 01' ltlptlllStS.
html with mat Iy hlimltmitl
piso aplied)I' tetitral tlyfllli tie, (liii ty
InLrt an. lwa) tgtttld I isa itilti is uto
umant wutthi fe thentis. y f h p
plOttitti nra cmiteciadb
iiii r itlue ty hii tonty it sttd nittettigia
toyour notsierathittewhn. iartho
thtetJi illlitneHi il td g tiu l sitla oftlie
urtiili ist itis frit tn rydos st
ofthiabove Othitti ihthtltd ha b en ('till
'ill) Yaniey1, it nowrniey nds Iiiorip
phril~i iy mad peronals as cief dehto t
SThi an iigt i-hot reiohlltimittd ono wifou
~tII lhe lnatio o aindiingnth cris ljitfy
lino.I will futh rther i d that Mr hoYate
wit le minin'~ittitl tot tho Itoi utsin of ittef
littittyt. a lbrt t o o
oi'h t'~lSuf the abvIae etleman stle aond
T'it itftilletl an I itii nw iset lir la erni,
criwtd t ii it popluli lt and w hkedfr tdeuy
sallis of the l'astn titkttm imngi li8 euy
Iwvit'it tirher bodtharetulldt Mr. Ynr
wt't'll d Is ofoe t the iglt-Iitu St ehIte.
'Ipty'aitv in fettalti trhi wis fuMrit.heM.as
hop<ingh thtw upoittt will givie thismti
yuiii i'trliestd. ttltll Land tirding Itt
th ttemtonrt of the cenral committeen
Inuties ftt them tuso at onketweerng (ow
Wlit Mond ay, Mirbo 11h, remiain slit.
People's Party county Attorney.
Feeling that an elective officer should
comply with the wishes of the peop!e
who nominated him, I appointed Mr.
F'itzgerald for the reason that he had
received the indor.rement of a majority
of the people's party central commit
tee. I will further add in relation to the
resignation of Mr. Fitzgerald that the
party who complained to this office in
relation to Mr. Fitzgerald's conduct, is
the present chief of police, who camne
to this office on several occasions and
complained of the conduct of said deputy
to mne personally. I then requested him
to furnish me proof of his statements.
On or about June 10 or 111, Mr. Itey
olds, the present chief of police, called
tjty office, accompanied by a dir.
Perelman, whose then, and I believe,
present address, is No. 33 East Park
street, in the city of Butte, and another
gentleman, whose name and address I
cannot at this time recall. Mr. Rey
nolds at said time furnished what I
considered sufficient evidence and later;
namely, on or about the 12th day of June,
Mrs. Itosie Perelman, wife of one of the
partIes under the direction of her hus
band and Mr. Reynolds, called at my
office and supported the statements that
had already been made. Upon the
strength of said statements of June 12,
1901, I dictated the following letter to
NE of those folks who say
like As Not "you'll have to show me."
That's just what we want to
You Be from do. Words can't describe, pictures
don't do justice to, and prices are
Missouri so ridiculously low that they raise
a doubt as to the quality of our
All the stocks in the city combined do not show
as many kinds. Some may have many more tables,
that's just it, we have only a few of a kind, but
ninny kinds. The price range with us is wide
enough to cover any that are worth buying. The
quality limit is out of the reach of any competitor
and the prices are down on their knees begging you
to take the tables away. Sounds like "*hot Air,"
but a look at the tables will convince you that
these are the cold facts.
55C For center taibis In golden oak filnlh, ftany turned legs;
good $1.00 vtlutes.
For No. 7331 oak center talehi, 20x20 inch tops, Imitation
$2.00 mahogany Ini; worth $3.00.
2 b25 F'or No. 732 <ttunIered oak center Iablom, brain feet and glans
2 ball, fluted logs; worth $3.50.
For No. 742 center tai lei, sonid oak, brant feet, 24x24 Inch
$2.50 tops; a $4.00 value, on cryst ba.
For No. 134 renter tailles, oak golden Iltntil, fraty legs, high
5 ly polishel, and a $7.00 value.
$3 0 yFor 737 oak center table, Imitation mahogany, brass glass
4.0 tipped feet, and 16x16 Inch top; it $7.00 value.
$4.0 For No. 19 renter tables, oak tinishut In noubhh.any, fancy
4.50 turned legs large top; it glitening aeauty; worth $8.00.
Brownfield-Canty Carpet Co
48 to 54 West Park, and 43 to 45 West alena Streets, Butte.
Mr. 1'itzgcrnli, said letter bling found
(Ill page J'17 il' Ally Oflicli l A titer uook:
BIutte, Mot ntalun, .J Ine hL. 1901.
Mr. *ilA. It. 1ItzgeraAI', Itutte, Montanut:
1)ealr Mfr - Your reslLi1nation IN iher by
requcstedl ti takle eff'ect not Jlatr than
the 1st Jay 'of July. 19111. and Aus much
eALIler LAN yoiu nCi lit to present It. Th'i
NAe II tIakAn becIaule of 1n1111 I)AouA ctmA
Iilints In regIurd AI your ciIndlict whiAIh
"Ill be fully exliniAAd If No riqueited by
you. ItelpIidIfuly your,
(Hiigns'd.) 1'ICTl'Ilt Htitl:I:N,
CAounLy AtloIIrney."
I suN milt to alA IIimiartiLal Iiublic If
tistl w0 Laltking LAn uolair advLaAtage of
M*r. Fl rzgerald or disMrising Aim without
giving him an opportunity to exlAblln.
It LANwer t t)he illAvIE Mr. i~Iiigerald
(alled upon Al LAndi after Ai fi w miAutIs
oiAlrversatilon aId that he would quit
thiln and there and not waiI until the
1st of July.
I regret very much that Mr. ViI ager
ud'N name IA In iAny manner I'rought
into the AonAIrAversy, butl It IN lAeit of aly
doing and I merely make thiN stateIAenA
in answer to acuntIiolsns brAought aglaist
me. I wIll further AdAI that i, Atny caAn
tAitill' or citizens or illy ollrila.i *Iesrle
to sec the proofs submiltetd to mle and
the evIdenLe on which I neti(d, they can
have it by calling at my office.
Has Removed No Constables.
In regard to the cAhrge thLat I have
at the present, or any other tAILAe, re
moved any constable, I will lay Ihat it iN
a mlAitake; that the NAmA constables, As
far iAs I know, are Nerving throlughout
S1lver flow county that were 4le ted by
the people to No serve, except in the
tow)sIAi p of Walkervllb, one coNistbLle
who was No elected ([Iil riot attempt In
any manuner to qualify.
This county commissio4in."s aippointedl
'Tint AsAa to fill the vuciCAAy sAA)d from
last acIounts, contrary to the wish of
some of Uis cAlly O)Iicials, Mr. Shea was
still acting. Constllile Purcell never
ilAed an olfibIlul bond ai required by law
and was very receintly, upon compalaint
of the justile of the peace of Walker
ville townshiI and without my knowl
edge, removed by the board of county
commltiss!oners for failure to furnish said
bond, and I did not know until the preN
ent date what the raNonA for the removal
or resignation of Mr. Purcell was. I
will further add that almost the only
complaint made against any constable
of the county of Silver 1)ow has comel
from the chiAf of p )llee, and his action
In this m1tt1)1r is pubIle property and
not necessary to repelt at this time.
Any Aitizen who known anything about
law, whatever, knows that the (ounty
attorney hus no power or authority in
th1) absence of the lommlisAlon of some
crime to remove any other elective oflkAr
and could then only procloli by legal
process to acmil:ImillsA saId refoval.
As Niated in thI Ilhinning, I very much
regret being called upon to engage In
any newspaper controversy of any kind
or character, but feel that I am forced
to so do, and in concluslIn will say that
if I live during t he balance of Ally term
I will as stubbornly attempt to enforce
the laws of the state of Montana for the
good of the citizens of Silver ilow county
as I have In the part.
Ill so doing I shall attrempt to do so
without fear or faver, and leave It to an
impartial public to examine the facts
above set forth and ask themselves if
there is anything or any act of unfair
ness performed by me that would call
for a rebuke from any self-respecting,
law-abiding citizen of this community.
Reepectiully submitted,
County Attorney.
John Longmald of TTelena came in on
yesterday's train from the North.
Dr. Berghtall I a Socialist and Has
Been Boycotted Since President
McKinley's Death-Hence
the Delay.
(1By Assoviated Press.)
Metuchen, N. J., Jan. 14.-The marriage
of Miss Margaret Evelyn llerron to Dr.
Charlas Venner Ilerghull, which was to
have taken place next month, has been
indefinitely lxsatponed. Miss Herron is 4
sister of Prof. tleorgt. D. Herron, and
the fL(t that she is not to be married
as planned Is due indirectly to the as
Ma1nination, of 'resident William Mc
Dr. lierghall is a socialist of the type
of Prof. Herron. lie Is also a practicing
physician, and since the death of Mo
Kinley he has been boycotted and ostra
lazd by the people of his town at Manis.
tee, Mich.
As a result he was obliged to have the
marriage ossiponed, and today MIS
lierron conflrmed the report that the
will not be married in February a
The Herrons live on a farm in the fu.
lurbs of Metuchen, which was presented
to Prof. Ilerron by the mother of Miss
Carrie ltand, whom he married according
to the rules of the cult to which he be
Miss Herron Is a firm believer in th4
principles advicated by her brother. Sbh
said today that when she married it will
be without a clergyman, unless she har
one to witness the marriage, as Prof.
Ilerron did. ..a, W 74 "'
When the lierron fd'r caOid to
Metuchen they caused considerable agj .
tation. The young men of the villaiC
were publicly warned by the Rev. J. G1
Mason, pastor of the Presbyterian
church, to be aware of the principles they
taught. Prof. Herron spent a great deal
of money In beautifying his home.
He made it a rule to pay high wages,
and laborers who worked for' him re
ceived $2.50 per day when elsewhere in
the village they were paid only $1.21,
Prof. Herron is now in Europe. Its i1
expected home within a few weeks.
Miss Herron refused to say when her
marriage will take place, but said It will.
be when Dr. Ilerghall is ready,
Department of the Interior, Land Office
at Helena, Montana, December 18, 1901.
Notice is hereby given that the fol
lowing named settler has flled notico of
his intention to make final proof in sup
port of his claim, and that said proof.
will be made before the clerk of the dis
trict court at Ilutte, Mont., on January
20, 1902, viz: Peter Bonetti, for Homestead
Entry No. 12,708, for the N. E. 'k of the
N. W '4 of Section 22. and the R. r, of
the S. W. 1/4 and N. W. 1/4 of the S. B.
'4 of Section 15, T. 4 N., R. 8 W.
Ile names the follow:ng witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said land, via: Constant
Campana, Clement Campana, Andrew
Bertoletti, Peter Antoniolli, of Butte,
Rer I1ter.
(First publication December 11, 1901.)

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