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Mines and Mining.
A A % M· & Mas A W Am see La a I Aw r a Im 1, LA---k -- %ha -L "U *nh
Ground Near By Yielded a Few Bar*
rels of the Yellow Dust in
the Sixties - Find Is
An Important strike has Ieon made It
Lincoln gulch, which is In the extreme
western part of Lewis and Clarke count3
and north of the Black foot river, Heays
the Helena Record. Me'n fromn that loeal
ity say that the Eglanoc Mining oren
pany, which owns 600 acres of placer
ground there at a considerah le distance
below the ground worked out long ago,
has discovered the old chanonel that
yielded so richly of gold in the '60s and
early '70s. Lincoln was one of the
most `famous of Montana's priucers of
gold dust In those days and ranked with
Alder, Last Chance, (Confcderate antI
Bannack In importance.
Satisfied With Work.
The company owning the' proIpeirty 1s
composed of Helena and Marysville pco
pile. In June last, Dr. o. M. i1setrumc
and John lEdgerton plurchacsed the ground
belonging to the James nltwker estate
and subsequently aldcdd largely to this Iby
location and purchase. They immediately
installed a large steam plint, pumps atell
other equipment and commecnced the ex
ploration of the virgin ground below tht'
old workings. This work has lbeen con
tinued ever since. In November the
Eglanol company was Inccpoporated and
the owners transferred their holdings to
the new company, they retaining, how
ever, a large part of the cestock. They
have always refusedl to make any state
ments as to their work clther than to ex
press themselves as well satisflied with
the results of their development.
Struck the Old Channel.
'When asked last evening about finding
the old channel, John Edgerton, the sec
retary of the company, said that advtices
were received Thursday from Superin
tendent Dorland that such was the case
and that he diccme'd this of coslcceer:abcl
Importance to the company, but said that
at that time little had heen learned of
the values or of the width of the channel.
He, however, said that while searching
for the channel the drifting that had
A Bargain-$1,100
An almost new 4-room frame house in Gagnon addition.
Will rent for $20o.oo a month. Best renting property in
Butte on account of proximity to mines.
On Easy Payments.
Insurance, Loans, Real Estate
S5 West Broadway. Butte, Montana
Can be remedied by a skilled dentist. For 3ears : have keen repairing
teeth, making new teeth, and Improving the facial expression of men
and women by repairing their teeth or making them new teeth that im
itated the natural so as to deceive their relatives and friends.
DR. E. E. IGE RMAN utt N.o Main
Butte, /lelnt.
A Germ Killer that kills the canu- Cheap Soaps and Winds up here In
of the mountins will spoil any corn.
Consumption, Pneumonia Iplexion. We are sole agents for
La Grippe La Patti Facial
and leaves the body 'in a normal Cream
oondition, with the nee.snry re
sistance against the invdling foes. Soc for Half Pound Jar
GOLDEN "C" CURE ortha Pound Jar,
(Germical) worth $2.00.
$1.00 bottle. All druggists. Fosselman Drug Co., Agents.
Fosselrman Drug Store, 43 E. Park
-- i--------
For your new residence, of
fice or store, we have them. In
fact we are overstocked, and will
make unusual inducements to pros
pective buyers.
Montana Electric Co.
53 East Broadway
been done on the bedrock of the benche
west of the discovery amounted to som
156 feet in width on these benches, the
all of the ground prospected well ant
much of it would be profitable to work.
Bedrock Is Deep.
Mr. Edgerton was in Marysville on Frl
day evening andt In answer to £ questlot
said the purpose of his trip at that time
was to confer with the other trusteel
about future operations. As soon as tit
channel was definitely located on Wed
neiday a new shaft six feet by eight fee
was commenced and this is being driver
as rapidly as possille by three shifts t,
the bedrock of the channel, which lie,
abshout 46 feet below the surface. Thl.
shaft will be made the main worklng
entrance through which all hoisting ant
pumping will he lone and from whirt
the pa:y grnvol will he drifted within a
profitable radis, which Mr. Edgertor
I thinks may Ie as much as t00 feet both
iup and down the gulch. The Intention
Is to make the equlpment thoroughly
modern and economical, and to this end
H. It. (ldaker, the general manager, who
Is now In the East, is conferring with
the manufacturers of mining machinery
From $2 to $8 Per Yard.
Mr. I dEgerton was asked about the
values and stated that the exploration
of the upper end of the unworked ground
has been consldt.rable and returns values
running from, $2 to $8 per cubic yard, or,
as the old miners at IAncoln express it.
from $15 to $60 per "srt of tlhtaers." In
Ilthe limited openinrgs nlmae ias yet at tihe
lower lnd of this Ground '. enl better
prospelrts nre obtalined than front the
works above. In addition to its virgin
groulnd, the 1.,ghlinl ciiompany has a large
amrn',tt of ground that will yield a profit
to work that was not liprotable in the
idays when labor was high. This lies up
thhe gulch in the old workings.
The history of lineoln gulch is a part
of the history of Montana, It being one
I of the five great "diggings" In the state.
The ground lies comnparatively flat andi
the old workings commence where the
hbedrock drain caugiht the bedrock and
extend to the head of the gulch. The
values were unilforln throughout this en
tire distance. In the large area con
trolled by the Eglanol company it is
hoped these values continue and that
soon Iincoln gulch will again be the
~''entie of an nativity equaling that of its
bonanza days.
It Will Take Several Weeks to Get the
Water Out-Broadway Closed.
The vwork of pumping out thei Alamnleda
minlP, which Is beinig lrose+ut'id for the
New York Mining & Milling company
under the superintendency of
B. Holmes, is progressing s t
the mine being free of water to L
of 175 feet, says the Alder Guloh 'Tilma
It will take several weeks longer .
entirely drain the lode.
The Broadway mine has temporatrll
suspended operations. After cleaning g
the mill, the pumps will be drawn ui
to the 300-foot level, where about ai
men will be employed through the win
ter. The ore body at the 300 is six fee
wide, about one foot of which runs $1*
per ton.
Shaft Will Be Deepened and Well Ove
hauled for Business.
C. IE. Lentz, president and genera.
manager of the Big Show company, i
in Twin Bridges to arrange for exte.
sive operations at the company's minq
situated but a few miles from T*.
Bridges, says the Madison County Mo-nd
tor. A large hoisting steam engine w
be put up and one of the many shafij
will be sunk to the 250-foot level. The
shaft will be sunk on a lead already et
posed by a 30-foot shaft. At the 2E5
foot level crosscuts will be run to eta
several other large veins that have be.%
prospected on the surface by a large
tnumber of shafts to depths from 10 to
50 feet.
Netted Good Money.
The company has recently shipped
11 tons of ore to the Colorado smelter
at Butte that brought returns averaging
over $100 per ton in gold, four tons of
p which sampled as high as $175 per ton.
This ore was taken from one of the
lends that traverse the entire length of
the property. As regards the lead that
will be developed by the shaft it Is a
large one and shows a width on the
.turface of nearly 40 feet. The ore is a
concentrating one and of such a grade
that It will pay handsomely with a
sulitable mill.
Negotiating for a Mill.
Mr. ILentz is making arrangements to
secure the King mill, located about a
mille and a half from Twin Bridges, on
the Big Hole river and Is run by water
power. This will give employment to
about 10 men, while at the mine a force
of about 15 to 20 men will be put to
work. Mr. Lentz will soon begin the
work of overhauling the mill and adding
new machinery, which will put It If
good condition for treating the ore from
the Big Show mines. Mr. Lentz Is a
thorough, capable mining manager, and
has had many years' experience In mirt=
Ing, covering the entire West, and with
the strong financial backing composed of
many of the best men in Cincinnati, 1
is bound to make a success, as all tha
is necessary is to reach depth and dp
develolmnent work, to make a big pro
ducer of the Big Show and mines in the
In Many Governments it is 40 Pe.
Cent. or More.
(By Associated Press.)
London, Jan. 15.-The St. Petersburg
correspondent of the Times says alarm
ing figures In regard to infant mor
tallty are made public by the medical
reports to local authorities. It appeais
that in many governments 40 and even
50 or more per cent of the children dit.
in their first years.
The mortality is attributed malnliy t
the Ignorance of the peasants and to
the fact that the mothers frequently
neglect their children in order to work
in the fields. Another cause is said, to
be the employment of wet nurses, neces
sitating the feeding of the nurses' chil
dren by artlliclal means.
In one government, where the mor
tality of infants among the Chrlstlans
Is 342.1 per thousand, the death rate
among the children of Mohammedan
parents is 140.4 per thousand.
The Mohammedan law compels
mothers to nurse their own children.
New Year's Guests of Abingdon
Knights of Pythias Under Ban.
(By Associated Press.)
Ablngdon, III., Jan. 15.-For stealln
spoons at a banquet given in their honor
by Achilles lodge of the Knights ,
Pythias, 34 guests, leaders in church and
social circles in Abingdon, have .beek
placed under the 'ban of local knights an
will be cut off the list of future enters
tainments. The banquet was held o
New Year's night and was largely aK
To serve the guests 80 souvenir spoott
were rented for the occasion. They pro.
ed so attractive that 34 of them stuck'
the guests' fingers.
A daughter of one of the best familie
in town was caught slyly picking up her
souvenir as she left the ball, having ac
cidentally dropped it in passing the door.
Social circles are thoroughly aroused
because of the theft, which has shocked
the moral sense of the communtly, and
threats are made of exposing the names
of those found with the stolen spoons in
their possession.
Commutes Sentence of Rebels.
(By Associated Press.)
Cape Town, Jan. 15.-The sentences of
seven rebels have been promulgated at
Oudtshoorn. Three were sentenced to be
hanged by the military court, but Gen
eral Kitchener commuted the death pep
alty to imprisonment for life. Three
were sentenced to two years' penal serv
itude with hard labor and one to three
years' penal servitude.
British Trade Falls Off.
(By Associated Press.)
London, Jan. 15.-The reports of Grea#
Britain's imports and exports have been
issued. They show that the imports il
1901 amounted to £522,238,986, a decreglag
compared with 1900, of £836,177. The ex
ports were of the value of £280,498,889, *
decrease from the preceding year of £10,,
Notice is hereby given that sealed bldg
will be received by the city council of
the city of Butte for the furnishing
lumber to the city of Butte for one yea
A certified check or cash in the sum
one hundred ($100.00) dollars must a
cc,mpany each bid, which will be consid4
ered as liquidated- damages for breaa
of agreement, if the requirements in the
way of contract and bond shall not be
complied with within 10 days after the
award has been made.
Contract and form of bid may be seep
at the office of the city clerk In the ci
mall. 4'
All bids must be in writing and mist
be filed with the city clerk at or before
7:30 o'clock p. m. January 15, 1902,
W. K. QUARLES., City Clerk.
Dated January 9, 1902.
He Is Now Organising a Company in
Minnesota--utte Corporation
Is Drilling to Beat the
It was thought last summer, when
the many and varied rumors of the dura
bility of the oil lands in the Kintla lake
country first assumed a tangible shape,
that when winter set in the interest in
oil would abate until next spring, but,
on the contrary, at the present time, the
enthusiasm is decidedly on the increase
instead of decreasing, as was expected,
says the Kalispell Bee.
During the past few weeks two large
companies have been organized with the
sole purpose in view of drilling for oil
just as soon as the weather will per
mniit. One of the companies Is the Inter
national Oil company, which intends to
develop that section of country near the
('anadian boundary known as the Chief
Mountain district, and the other, the
Northern Montana Oil company, will
sink wells in the vicinity of Bowman
lake, south and west of the properties
owned by the Butte Oil company.
Others Coming Up.
At the same time there are other com
panies in process of formation which
will be incorporated in a short time.
tfne of the new companies will be com
posed of wealthy and prominent men of
Minnesota, who are, according to re
ports, much Interested in the develop
ment of the oil fields.
J. T. Jones of this city, who owns
and controls several thousand acres of
land in that section of Flathead county,
is now In Minnesota engatged In forming
the Minnesota company and reports that
he Is meeting with much success in his
efforts. It is Mr. Jones' Intention, as soon
las the company is formed and enough
capital secured to at once commence ac
tive operations by sinking wells on the
The majority of the companies were
organized by residents of this city, and
through the sale of stock there are but
few people In Kallspell who have no In
tercst in the suncessful outcome of the
work. What stock has been placel on
Paragon Trousers Only $3.75
NEARLY every man knows what "Paragon" Trousers are. They have
been in the lead for years. Our trouble is that we bought more
than the demand justified. The "Paragon" are made of fine all wool mate
rial, cut and shaped on scientific principles, equal to garments made to
measure. During this sale, we will also sell in the men's aisle, wool under
wear, gloves and socks and shirts at prices that will pay to buy now for
future use.
"Monarch" fancy Shirts at 35c.
Sizes 14V, 15, 16%, 17 and. 17'. You know what these are worth, they
are sold for $1.00 everywhere.
$9.00 Trousers $6.50 Buck Mitts 50c
Over 1000 pairs of fine all-wool trousers reduced.
$7.00 Trousers reduced to $5.00. We show a variety of men's gloves and mitts that
$5.50 Trousers reduced to $3.75. can not be equaled outside of the largest, and not
$9.00 Trousers reduced to $6.50. surpased there. We deal exclusively with manu
And the entire stock marked down In same propor- surpassed there. We deal exclusively with manu
tion. facturers. You have the world from whioh to select.
Wool Underwear 65c MEN'S Genuine Buck gloves, Indian tan, with lined
As you may know, these garments are not such as cuffs at $1.00 a pair, reduced from $1.50.
the all-around bargain givers offer you. They are
up to our standard of excellence and would sell else
where 'if they had such high grade goods at $1.25. Our "HANSEN'S" celebrated reindeer rivetted unlined
price, 65c. gloves, always soft-wet or dry-only $1.00 a pair
Our $4.50 flat wool underwear reduced to $2.50 a suit, known all over as a $1.50 glove.
known all over as a $1.50 glove.
SOCKS: Men's dark blue wool socks, 2 pair for 25e.
X Men's Oxford grey socks, with elastic tops, 3 pair MEN'S oil tanned leather gloves, with string fastener
for 50c. and leather cuffs, only 25c a pair.
MEN'S SHOES: When men think about shoes, the name of "Hanan"
comes vividly. before them. Hanan's are known as "the best," we are sole
agents. We have just opened a new shipment, over 3000 pairs. Next to
these comes our magnificent $3.50 Vici kid . Shoes, the best in the world
for the money. When talking of shoes think of "Connell's" store, where
a blind person or a child can buy with same safety as the most expert
trader. After all, there is something in a name.
the tarket hfs found ready 4kers, an4
sMuak mows,,e ld be disposed of. Ot.
side of the d tyLa.d throughout the eJ.
ty the interest is fully as keen.
* Butte 011 Company.
At the present time the operations of
the Butte Oil company have progressed
in a manner decidedly satisfactory to
the men composing it. The drill is down
to a depth of nearly 600 feet, and from
now on more rapid progress will be made.
As the depth Increases the size of the
drill used decreases, and as the power
remains the same much more work will
be done. During the past two weeks
about 20 feet per day was drilled, but
after Monday, the shaft will be sunlk
at a rate of from 25 to 80 feet per day.
The other companies will also erect
derricks for drilllng purposes as soon as
practicable, and next summer that por
tion of the county containing the oil
fields will be dotted with small camps
of workmen engaged In the work. A
big rush is expected to set In for the
oil fields in the spring, which will put to
shame many of the mining stampedes of
the past.
The Drink Peculiar to the "Bowery"
District of MeXeesport, Pa.
(By Associated Press.)
McKeesport, Pa., Jan. 15.-Since the
publication of the story about Mayor
Black of this city persuading several
drunkards to swear off numerous inquir
ies have been made as to the nature of
"fuss fungle," a beverage mentioned in
connection with that story. "Bowery fuss
fungle" is a drink found nowhere else
in the world, perhaps, than in the "Bow
ery" district of McKeesport.
It was introduced by the l8av residents
of that section and has since come to be
the standard drink of the "Bowery." Its
composition to an unskilled rectifier of
spirits is a little difficult.
The component parts are alcohol, burn
ed brown sugar, water and New Orleans
molasses. Properly mixed this stuff will
start a fight in a church.
The "Bowery" is inhabited largely by
foreigners. They have ideas of their own
regarding economy, and these ideas often
extend to what they drink.
Two dollars' worth of material will
make enough "fuss fungle" to keep the
"Bowery" in a police court humor for
three days. A "fuss fungle" drunk lasts
from 24' hours to a week, depending on
the constitution of the drinker,
tl is the popular drink at weddings,
christenings, funerals, when there Is a
circus in town and when there Isn't. It
is good for fighting, writing poetry,
painting pictures, or any of the other
things which go to make up life and for
which men usually require inspiration.
PAaeiVA ?, rrat SOVTr Aua..
LOAN OovT,?r eb DO Iz.
Example of Appointing Vice oonsula
may 3*e ollowed by Other South
American Oountries-Good
for Inveetment.
(By Associated Press.)
New York, Jan. 15.-In line with the
general plan for establishing a new sye
tem of trade relations with Paraguay,
James A. Coe, a prominent iron merchant
of Newark, N. J., has been appointed
vice consul for that country.
Several months ago Consul General
Rutis of Philadelphia forwarded to Par
aguay the names of vice consuis he had
chosen for various cities, and the ore
dentials have been forwarded.
Mr. Coe says Paraguay is a market
for nearly everything Newark manufac
tures, and that there is a great oppor
tunity for Americans to go there and
build railways and set up machinery.
'Phe country produces goods and ma
terlael which are In demand here.
"My position," says Mr. Coe, "which Il
purely honorary, will enable me to put
the manufacturers here in direct comn
munication with merchants In-Paraguay
and with officials who have the order
ing of public necesslties.
Want Our Goods.
"Paraguay is the first country of
South America to appoint a commercial
vice consul, but it is likely her exaniple
will be followed by others apd there will
'be markets of almost unlimited capacity
demanding our goods. Paraguay also
desires a market for her products.
"Dye stuffs in large quantittes grow
there, as do certain fine qualities of wool.
Hides, horns and tallow are to be had,
and recently the country has been ex
porting a certain kind of tea which
many prefer to the Chinese article.
"Minerals are mined there. Publio
works and improvements will call for
capital, goods and enterprise from the
United States."
CHICAGO.--Eilghty thousand trades
unionists of Chicago have decided to take
uniform action against the building of
warships and naval machinery in any
but government shops.

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