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(Special to Inter Mountain.)
SOZEMAN, Feb. 1.-Mr. and Mrs. II
J. Owenhouse delightfuly enter.
tained a number of their lady and
gentlemen friends at their pretty home
on Central avenu,e south, Thurslily
evening. Progrer.'ve whist was In orl'der
during the greater part or the evening
and when the 'bookkeeper made out the
balance sheet he found the greatest nurn
ber of credits belonged to Mrs. Rioeher
and Col. O. P. Chisholm. Mrs. lioeher
became the owner of a pretty lace pin
cushion and Colonel Chisholm was glad
he played so well when he was presented
with an exquisite silver muatch box.
An old fa~ahloned quiltillg bee was the,
novel entertainment given by Mrs. Wal
ter Cooper at the family residln e on
West Main street Thursday ilfternloon.
Snome fifty ladies were bhliden to the
quilting party and asked to bring their
thimbles. When they arrived and talked
for a few moments they were shown ti,
the parlor, where stretched on the frame
was a pretty plic:,d quilt already for the
An enjoyable event of the week was the
whist party given by Mr. and Mrs. W\. It.
liessy at their home on West Mendenhall
Dr. and Mrs. G. L. Hogan afforded a
number of their friends it very ienjoyable
evening at their home on T'eru'lnar
avenue, surth. Wednesday evening. 'rhe
pastime of the evening wns o series of
games of progressive whist. ltefresh
mnents of a dlollret ct'!llturtt'teir were
served to the gtPests who nlumberedl aboult
twenty, at the close of the evening.
The members of the O)rphans Whist
club had a terry evening as the giesltl
of Miss M. A. C'anwell. at the home of
M.fr. and Mrs. ,. II. Ira.mmne. Saitur li
evening. TIhose who carried off the
honors of the evening antld sonlt very
pretty prizes, as well, were Mrs. G.,erge
Dier and Prof. F'urrier.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. F. It. Me
3Cenzie on South Black avenue wa.s in
vaded by the Elpworth I.leguiers F'rbirnv
evening. The sochtl was it very enjor'yah .
One although not as latrgeIy att.ndled :
these events usually are on accou((nt of
the cold weather.
Friday evening Mr. and Mrs. rT. T.
Stanton entertainled quite a to'rge ttti n
ber of their friends at cards at thilr
home on Third avenue, south.
Mrs. B. T. Stantem and the Misses
Stanton entertnined their I,idy frIleni at
whist at the family residence ott Thhird
avenue Saturda.y afternoon.
The society of Sons and rDaughters of
Pioneers hltd the annual election of of
fleers at the office of George D. I'ease
Saturday afternoon. The following mem
bers were chosen to atend to the affairs
of the society for tWe coining year:
President, Charles H. Waterman; vice
president, L. S. Plerstorff; secretary,
Mrs. Houston; executive committee, Oli0
ver P. Morgan, Blanclie Dawes and Will
Wednesday evening a bob sled and four
horses took a merry crowd ot young peo
pie out to the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Skidmore, some four miles south of the
city, where they had one of the jolliest
evenings in the history of their many
good times.
William Cushing and Miss Belle Lay
were married at the home of the bride's
parents on West Mendenhall street Wed
nesday evening. ltev. M. L. Rickman of
the Baptist church performed the cere
amoney, in the presence of relatives and a
few friends.
Mrs. M. L. Fries of Arcadia, Nebraska
is visiting her mother, Mrs. G. W. An
derson, being called here by Mrs. An
derson being quite seriously hurt from
falling on the Ice.
President Reid of the State college re
turned the first of the week from Liv
Howard M. Kirk is in the city from
New Castle, Pa., for a few days.
Mr. Davies of Butte is at the State
college this week, classifying a lot of new
Seth Maxwell, formerly a college stu
dent, was in the city a few days last
L. S. Mallory of Butte spent a short
tirite In the city this week.
Mr. and Mrs. James Dawes returned
the first of the week from a few days'
stay in the "smoky city."
Miss oula.
(Special to Inter Mountain.)
not to be daunted by a little
cold. Proof of this is offered
in the entertainments given by Mrs. S.
W. Minshall of East Main street.
Wednesday. Mrs. Minshall entertaine a
party of friends at a sewing party and
served delicate refreshments. Thursday
a large party of ladies gathered at her
home to play whist. Mrs. O. V. Troop
made the best score and Mrs. Fred. C.
Scheuch the least.
The ladies of the Barnes-Reilly party,
given a week ago, received many com
pliments upon the rare good ideas
which resulted in transforming Elks'
hall into a bower of summer beautyr
while outside the elements howled and
The ladies were very handsomely
gowned, Mrs, Barnes wore an ex
quisltely embroidered white chiffon gown
with daisies scattered over. Mrs.
Reilly's gown was of pink crpe d'chine
with bands of silver embroidery in large
oak leaves. Many handsome new
gowns were seen among ,the guests also.
The Stein club met Wednesday night
with Mrs. Charles C. Johnson'in South
Mrs. Perkins of Fort Missoula gives a
ladies' party this afternoon. Whist will
be the principal amusement.
Mrs. O. V, Troop had as guests at a
delicious dinner Wednesday night, the
family of C. W. Bishop and Mrs. Kins
The "Girls' Garden C'lty Band" gave
a delightful concert and dance "Tues
day night in Elks' hall, which was a
decided hit socially and probably was
successful financially.
The young ladies composing the or
ganisation are: Misses Julia Schriber,
pit.ha Jones, Pearl Bateman, Josle
bbhriber, Edna Chadwick, Lulu Gratz,
O . B#tesman, Echo isateman, Abby
U.ig sad Gwenny Bateman, rang
bIe~' $P 10 to .5 years of age.
Mr- -,. T. Wilkinson gives a tea at
her resldence on West Spruce street
this afte lnoon.
The members of thet "King's Dalagh
ters" hold their yearly soclal meeting
February 5, when a program of great
excellence will be given.
The Christian church cholr In prepar
111g 'Queen 'inther," which will be given
In oratorio formi Instead of a;4 a cuan
tatl. Mins Adillne Stephens and Mrs.
(Icorge A. ()Cook will n(Olilt tihe r'eguilar
Mis Mlargicar lt I'cntldegrnllcs of I'nrlin
Is thLie S llcet this weeik of thie Min.lsn ns
Iburnce of the KI.nnady hotel, an:ld of Minn
F"lynn lat the Flynn ranch.
Mrs. Jordon, who hau visitc'd her
aulillghter, Mr:+. llenry (U. Wordcn, and
fricatids lol' I hrlre mont hs olr mior', 're
turnid tio Iai: ltlon 'T'i'ue'tn y.
It'rtik tli ,s snill Mini lIan 'alllahan,
hoth of -t1l~noula, werl'e united in hiatri
uiiolly lnst %i'c( k at aIlinborn, N. LD., t I
the horime I Il)te birlde'sn siler In that
city. Hosts of fr!cicldi will we.cone the
young couplel biak to Missoulla, where
they will make thei, hn,.ll.
Mr. and Mrs. Wltllltiilal lteco ,l. of soiuth
Missoula left Mondiy for IPort'llanId, Me.
M Irn Hieir I'lynick, wlho wans a inrm
hIer of the unfiortunll atte skating lcparty of
two weeks past, which arrived harome
rather dtl.latl'd, will bie laid lup for a
nlonth longer. Her armti ia hroken and
the shouiller lled fromn the iocket.
Mr. and Mis. A. I'. Stern oif Hlenna
hliarv bin In the city for it ftew days.
(Sp:.'lil to Inter Mount.iil.)
I :I.,IIN(1 ", Mont., Feb. 1.--W. E.
iBollin , a w4-1 known artist of
I',rl' antl.i, ()re., is ill the clly or
gtnizing a paintinlg cl.4lus Umo 4tung the
pr'onllll enl t 'people.l . II', Is aln 11hi frie (of :
the failtlly of I'. It. Mos . lind ex44 t.xl, i to
4retln4l a i cit In tle l c ty ot or four
''llt ' n4trr4.bag. 4il' o '4harlfee rvii (l.r.in
alnd Mail'h l.llh (l4 V.4,til44lu4 l4.?it lalhee at
the I)srh.4ulll hotel inl thi city Wdllnes
dfy, W. D. (Clark tflilt l ng. Tho young
,people r 1, 4 Illbth from4 l ('loltu4m1 us fn I were
44tlliinp4ilt, y I. h, bride's mo ht't'r, h1r4
p'e'c, nl ('lwing tne4eds. , t 4i' y ai thet. g'il Is
only 1f y44urs 44f ago.
A d,'lightful betafl affiifi wi:as given
'T'r4llll. 11y ev( i g 4il'y I')the Eptv th L tagu,
of the lirst M t, I 1dist hir4' h ill the
bits,li.tt of 14 th .i chiurch, L..l oln's bi rth
day will lie Illappropriat.ely celeb.!rat1d fby
this 'so JlOty with 4a lit,'lrary anid nmisl.ha l
lpr'gra4 ii4,. I ll \1hich 111 I ar .c ilvite, d.
MIcKinlhy nirrii'44:. il sor Ices ,,4re hold
at the f"irst M1 thl ,dit:t fchurch I44st Muln
tda. t.vnlog alt vwhich tIftn subscriptiftons
w 4r4l r..elivdI for the McKinlt.y 4le4nter
11l Inonuilnt'4t. Alln 1specially line nitul
c(tl pi.4ogram was giv'ten, includnllg Ithe
f4avorlite (songs of the nlm:tyr (I presidient,
and a 4.l44r address wa4 given Iby the
lpastor, Rlev. W. A. Allen.
A very enjoyable musicale was given
Wednesday evening at the home of Mrs.
I(. F. Burton by the ladies of the IEpis
copal church. The house was very plret
tily declir'ated for the ocaetslon with cut
flowers 114d1 potted plunts, alnd the lP'o
gran was deeldedly one of the lie0it v\er4.
given in the city, the Icst hloSnl italent
takllg part.
The zero weather which has prevailed
here for the past few ldays, did not les
sen the attendance at the Woman's club
meeting last Frlday aflernoon, but a
large number of the ltidles were lpresent
to review the fourth act of "'King Lear,"
under the leadership of Mrs. James Mc
Cormick. Mrs. Casslnmer 'rudhomnle re
viewed "aranstark" by McCutcheon of
Chicago. McCutcheon in the son of I. D.
McCutcheon who was at one time seere
tary of Montana territory.
Mrs. H. 1. Willllston entertained an
city Sunday morning from Miles City atd
will make her home in this city with.
her husband who is publisher of the
A party of ladies were very pleasantly
entertained by Mrs. H. M. Kennedy at
her hole on Third avenue north Monday
afternoon. The ladies spent their time
with falny work and conversation aid
refrsihentnts were served by the hostee.
7JiI Timber.
(Special to Inter Mountain.)
B iIll TIMBER, Feb. 1.-Mrs. PeaIl
Van ('leve and daughter, M-.
J. L. Searlett, and husband of
Melville have returned from a visit to
jt. Paul and Chicago.
Mrs. Katherine Supernaut of Butt,
who has eten visiting Mrs. W. F. ON
moure, retu.ned home Monday.
Mrs, Samuel Walker has returned to
her home In Denver after sevenMi
we.ks' visit as the guest of her father,
Mr. John Blake and family.
Tuesdaly evening Mr. and Mrs. J.
Simmons entertained the Whist club and
friends at their residence. Thursday
evening they again entertained guests.
At the residehnce of E. O. ('lark, Mrs.
E. O. ('lrk and Miss Geneva Cook
Wednesday evening entertained a large
party of their young gentlemen and lady
friends. The (lay being the anniversary
of the birth of our illte president, Will
iam MrKininy, pictures of the martyred
president were draped In flaugs and the
rooms were very tastefully decorated
In huntings. The prizes were won by
Fmmett I'rown and Miss Margarent
Anderson. Iefreshnments were served
after the close of the gaimes. Those
present were: Misses Margaret Ander
con, Josephine and Mabel Allan, Harri
son, Smnot, Taylor, Walker, Welden
IichI. Wi\ltlams, Lanphear, iEmma, Lot
tie, l'hcebe and Nellie Stubblefield,
Trladway, .Merrlth-s, Mrs. Etta Hatch.
Me.rsi. E. M. lhal, Emmett Brown,
.1. P. P:erguson, Ouy Skll!man. , i lffee,
'ur ti I anplhear, William C(hocran, F.
(I. IFI -tiher, I,. ('. ()linstead. Last
Punllld y i,\vning McKinley memorial
services were held at the Congregational
thurnh, and despite the extreme cold
ithere w:- n v ery I:rge attendance. Rev.
,....,'ph T'ope delivered an excellent ad
dr Ie, r:vi.ewing the lift, of the deseased
pre.s!int, his huaraeter as a private
citizen., hildler and statesman, and as
Ith' niatit l executive. A contribution
tin Ih. McKinley mnemoril[ fund was
taken tip ind the amount forwarded to
tI:e American Natitonal lank at Helena.
f.w;ing tI) the sulloen closing of the
P(hools the program arrang'id for tihe
day in commemoration of the birth at
w'illiain McKinley was canceled.
(Special to Inter Mt4untain.)
NA(ONDA. Feb. -i-Mi4 Sarah
SI'.art, recentl, f l Th'w.e Ed
wards Island. ('anada.. and Mr.
Peter A. McKewzle of t i'.'elty. were
mat'rled Wednesday ev at the res.
Iaente of the groani'ss aIt, '.,Mrs. G. W.
Irvine, $1 East OEurth , reet. There,
were only a few intimate; friends pres
ent. The ceremony was performed by
Rev. Mr. Macurdy of. the Methodist
After the wedding a bounteous lunch
was served. The young people will
make their home in Anaconda. Mr. Mc
Kenzie being in the employ of the A. C.
M. t'o. here. He has resided in the city
for a number of years and is well and
favorably known.
The principal event of the week In
Anaconda society cIrcles was the Ant
lers' Club dance, given last Tuesday
Police Magistrate of Missoula.
other large party of ladles at her home
on North Twenty-ninth street last Fri
day afternoon in compliment to her sis
ter, Mrs. Beecher H. Clear. The hostess
served a dainty luncheon at 5 o'clock
with the assistance of Miss Hays.
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Hays have
returned to their home in Helena after
a few days spent with relatives in this
Mrs. Albyn Buchanan arrived in the
evening at the Montana hotel. Full ý
couples were present and ft was eaesit
the most brilliant social event thus fd
this season. The next of the series will
be given the evening of February 7.
Miss Louise Webb, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. W. B. Webb of this city, has
returned from Chicago where she has
been attending sch'o.i.
Mayor Stephens and family have takMn
up thedr residence il the Toffersn hlouse
at the corner of Fifth and Hlckory
Dewitt Peak of Deer Lodge, a formet
member of the Anaconda High school
now a student at the Iowa State Agril
cultural college at Ames, Ia., is visiting
his Uncle Johp Smurr Ip this city.
President William Scallon of the A. -.
M. Co. and his daughter attended the
Antlers' club dance at the Montana last
Tuesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Deigh have left for Vir
ginia. Mr. Delgh is in the employ of the
Anaconda company.
(Special to Inter Mountain.)
L IVINGSTON, Feb. 1.-The Candy
club was entertained Tuesday even
Ing at the home Miss Marriet Mel
Ion on Yellowstone street. The game of
SBlxty-Three was the diversion and was
very much enjoyed by the players. The
head prize was won by Mrs. Pierce, the
booby award going to Mrs. H. J. Horn.
A dainty lunch was served at the con
clusion of the card games. Those pres
ent were: Mesdames McCaw, McLaren,
McCue, Horn, Pierce, Misses Belcher,
Stephenson, Krieger, Chambers, McDer
mott, Boyle, McInerney.
Miss Louise Miles very prettily enter
tained a party of her young friends Fri
day evening at her home on Sixth street.
The evening -was pleasantly passed with
parlor games and other forms of eamuse
ment, after which delicious refreshmnts
were served by the charming hostess.
Those present were: Opal Griggsby,
Eva Hathorn, Gertrude Chambers,
.Minnie Evans, Gladys Potter, Robert
Talcott, Charles Willcut, George Koeh
day, where they have begun housekeep.
ags in their new cottage on South At
Jantic strest. Bdto r. Nelso and b:*5
bride hbve l1ed 1f Dillon fora nrthber
of years and they have many friends in
this city who will wish them all Joy in
their new relation. ." '
George Whittaker and Miss Winnie
Jacobs were married Baturday evening
at the home of the bride's parents. Her
father is a well-known conductor on the
Short Line. Quite a large number of the
friends of the young couple witnessed
the ceremony which was performed by
the Rev. Mr. Burton.
Thursday afternoon the ladies of the
Mause society met at the home of Mrs.
F. C. Kress and a most enjoyable ses
sion of the society was held.
Mrs. A. R. Williams and Mrs. L. J.
Williams entertained the Ladies' Wht..
club at their home on South Washing
ton street Monday evening. The occasion
was a special one, the husbands and
friends of the members being guests of
The Entre Nous club, which is an or
ganisation of bright young ladies, was
entertained Saturday afternoon at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. G. T. Paul by
Miss Hortense Paul and Miss Buella
The ladies of St. James' guild spent a
most pleasant afternoon Friday as the
guests of Mrs. B. F. White.
Saturday evening there was work in
the Royal Arch degree in Masonic tem
ple and, after the lodge meeting, an ele
gant banquet was served. Edward Des
celles of Glendale and E. H. Harvey of
Melrose were the gentlemen who tool
the degree.
Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Selway and family
of Sheridan, Wyoming, who have spent
the past two weeks as the guests of their
father, J. R. Selway, left yesterday for
Helena, where Mr. Selway will attend
the meeting of the Woodmen, and then
they will return to their home In Wyo
Former mayor J. E. Morse and H. B.
Selway will leave for Helena Monday to
attend the meeting of the Woodmen.
H. V. Winchell and A. J. Huncke of
;<f I
New Chief of Honor of Rose Leaf Lodge Degree ot Honor.
A. 0. U. W., Butte.
ier, Bard Smith, Russell King, Howard
The "'Black Maria" club were enter
tained Saturday evening at the home of
Gladys Potter. The game of progressive
whist was indulged in, the head prise
going to Fred Potter and the booby
award to Florence Williams." Light re
freshments were served. Those present
were: Letti Nolan, Edith Mather, Gert
rud Roth, Florence Williams, Margaret
i)yer, Maggie Nolan, Nina Darroch, Wal
ter Willlams and Fred Potter.
(Special to Inter Mountain.)
F ORSYTH, Feb. 1.-A. W. McMose
and family of Tangent, Wash., are
in the city. Mr. McMose expects
to locate here providing he can secure
a house.
County Assessor Choisser and son, J.
i-., went to Butte Monday to attend the
meeting of the county assessors In that
Mrs. J. E. Choisser returned from a
visit to Miles City Saturday.
Misses Anna and Lulu Austin enter
tained a large numiber of their friends
at their home Saturday evening. Danc
ing was the principal amusement and
all present had a merry time. Dainty
refreshments were served.
Miss Pearl Kane visited Miles City
friends the later part of last week.
County Assessor Cholsseor of the Rose
bud was in the city Sunday the guest of
his son, J. E. Cholsser.
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Gould visited
friends in Billings Saturday.
WV. H. Reid of the firm of Henderson
& Reid, arrived in the city from Ekalaka
Sunday and will make his future home
itn this city.
Mrs. A. Buchanan was in the city a
short time Monday, on her way to Bil
lings, where her husband Is. Mr. Buch
anan has purchased the Billings News.
D. C. Maxwell left for Tomah, Wis.,
Tuesday, having received word that his
sister had died in that city Monday.
Former Attorney General Haskell was
In the city from t(lendive saturday. He
went to Billings crom here,
Oscar Smith has gone to Sheridan,
Wyo., where he will reside in the future.
Frank Miller, the brakeman who had
two ribs broken by being pinched be
tween two box cars at Horton, Satur
day, and brought to this city, was sent
to Brainerd the first of the week where
he will remain In the hospital for some
Miss Rosalla Duif, the efflicenit deputy
county clerk, returned Friday fromn an
extended visit with relatives in Mis
(Speclal to Inter Mountain.)
ILLON, Feb. 1.-Jasper Nelson and
Miss Margaret Jacobson 'were
married in Butte Wednesday
*vening and returned to Dillon Thurs
Butte, accompanied by H. F. Edwards of
Rochester, left for Bannack yesterday
morning, where it is understood they
were to look at some mining property.
L. C. Ford, a prominent physician of
Lima, was in town Saturday night to
attend the Masonic banquet.
Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Williams returned
Fldayr evening from Buttte where they
had a pl!baast )Isit.
L W.'. O~ tlritn,.mnater mechanlo of
'ta .asriable. dreg.i boats, returned
home yesterday after a brief visit in
&. T. Wing, proprietor of the City Drug
store, returned Thursday from Salt Lake
City, where he had been for a few weeks
County Commlesloner D. D. Mo
Knight was in from Dell Wednesday in
conference8 with the Insurance agents
who wrote the risks on his property.
A Leading Merehatj of Missoula, Mont,
The Modern Stage.
(Washington Star.)
"Don't you think that modern actors
are more repressed in their methods than
the old-timers were?" asked the friend.
"Yea," answered Mr.. Btormington
Barnes, "scenery has become so e:aborate
and expensive that we have to carry our
selves with more caution in order not to
damage it."
(Chicago Daily News.)
Guest (Impatiently)--ay, waiter, how
long have you been employed here?
Waiter-'Bout a week, sah.
Guest-Oh, is that all? Then I must
have given my order to some other
(Youth's Companion.)
"Do you happen to know anything of
your master's whereabouts?" asked a
wife who was looking for her husband.
"I'm not sure, mem," said the careful
servant, "but I think they're in the
Slow, Too.
(Philadelphia Record.)
Wigg-The population in London is
very dense, isn't it?
Wagg-Dense is no name for It. They
couldn't understand my jokes at all.
(Chicago Journal.)'
Lawyer (examining wltness)-Where
was your maid at the.time?
Lady-In my boudoir, arranging my
.Lawyer--.And were you there also?
Lady (ridignantly)--sir!
The Brute.
Mrs. Newlywed (weeping)-A villain.
ous looking tramp tried to kiss me this
afternpoon, jack.
Mr. Newlywed - Heavens ! Those
wretches will do anything to get into
jail for the winter, won't they.
A Long Trial.
Bill-How long was your friend, the
artist, working on that canvas?
Will-Night years. Tool( him six
months to paint it and seven years and
a halt trying to sell it.
I . #,Y ~x r s r a t ,'ý ?; y,ý, x ${ý ra # >": ý' .i r
f .:$ $''' '{f
New Home of Sena~tor Murray, Near Dillon, Beaverhead County.
(Special to Inter Mountain.)
D ILLON, Feb. 1.-Senator and Mrs.
James P. Murray entertained
nriarly 400 of their friends in this
county at their new home near Bond's
Blding, some five miles north of Dillon,
Thursday afternoon. The occasion was
a reception and dancing party in honor
of the horse-warming of their new resi
dence, which has just ben completed.
The building was erected' at a cost of
$7000. It is of frame, with two stories, a
basement and attic, The dining room,
vestibule and reception room. are fin
ished in oak; the rest of the building is
fninished in southern pine. The stair
way is of oak and is lighted by two
beautiful stained glass windows. The
house is heated by steam and wired for
electric lights.
The ground area of the house is 40x70
feet, and it Is built after the colonial
pattern, with a wide porch in font and
-e.ending aboiut half way around the
house on the north side. The ground
floor contains the dining room, kitchen,
parlor, parlor bedroom, reception room
and another- bedroom. The second floor
is occupied by five bedrooms, a library
and sewing room. Roomy clothes
closets lead off from every bedroom. The
dining room contains an elegant mantle
and fire place, while the china closet is
built into the wall.
H. M. Patterson of Butte is the archl
tect who designed the bu 'ing and it
was erected by Emmew & Wilson of
Great Falls.
At the reception Thursday, Mrs. Mur
ray was assisted by Mrs. Clifford D.
Bond and Mrs. Emma Gilbert, while
Misses Florence Carter, Mamie Adams,
Emily Taylor, Minnie Bond and Lizzie
Daly served the refreshments. Clifford
Bond presided over the punch bowl.
The dancing in. the evening was held
in a large room in the attic, the music
for the occasion being furnished by the
Dillon orchestra.
All in all, the senator's "home-warm.
ing" is voted to be the social success of
the 4-atonu.

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