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I i.
`ý I
]IE giddy manner in whloh people
are' plunging into the s(l:tl vor
tex this week will certainly bring
he,. inevitable aftermath of head
a'hs. andi lbroino-seltzer n ct week, or
plthaps I)a me Nature will be kind and
w alt until after the 12thi to repair the
au vages of over-play.
A numnber of novel parties have boon
given this week, as well as the usual
stereotyped dance,. dinner and luncheon
affairs. And really the West Side will
have to look to its laurels for the South,
E]ast and North Sides are forging ahead
Silth all manner of gay, novel functions.
Already society is looking forward to
devising all manner of nice, qluliet little
affairs at home, Just with their familiars,
anlld hey are not going to give just quiet
little teas and dinners. In the East they
are' going to go in for crystal gazing, such
a ni-e, Poulful, quiet way of doing time.
It is a nice game, but a la solatatre.
First, you catch your hare, or, in other
b\ords, purchase your crystal balls, and
nlone are absolutely safe but the ones you
get from the psychical research people.
Then, one by one, people go into a room
alone; you sit down with your back to
ilhe tight and place the ball of fate on a
dark ck,th in your lap, or even a dark
dress will do. You, must exclude refl.c
tilns--even the one that you are mak
ing a fool of yourself-then you think
hard of any old thing and stare at the
,ball, not less than five minutes. If you
are psychic you will see things-it not,
you'll probably say things.
It is claimed you will see pictures of
r, al persons and things, and reaT scenes
will be reproduced. Things happening
mills away. Here is a chance to find out
the real status of the oopper market.
At any rate, several people claimed to
.,y its aid. And great scientific people
Ihave been able to corner several things
really believe wonderful things by its
aid. And great sclentiflo people really
belleve wonderful things of the crystal,
a spIher" al ball of solid glass two inches
in diameter.
It is said that from now on until the
1-th, Ash Wednesday, society will do
nothing but frivol and frolic, and a num
Iler of brilliant functions are already
sctheduled, several for the same night,
and also for the same day, but what will
you? Tliere is only a week and a half
Mrs. C. W. Clark's Dance.
1Mfrs. Charles Walker Clark compli
nllnted the members of the O. W. L. S.
club on Monday night by giving at her
hone onr, West Broadway a charming
daellrn i,, arty.
Anlle('ll aln eauty roses were used in
the decr,:tive scheme exclusively, being
]lin.e.d ;n hugh vases throughout the
rle,'"ivih4" roomls. Ilergstrom's orchestra
fulrihel ilte mnutil fior the merry danc
Ars. lAt, elaborate Ioutffet supper was
e5,l 'id aI midnight.
't'he f,;ol:w.nlg Inme erylakes were pres
iMr. unrv Mrs. Frederick P. Holbrook,
D1r. 1and MNrs. W. McC.'White, Mr. and
nisa. II. N. Turner, Mr,.aniMl·'s, A. T.
',lorgan. I'r. and M'rs. A. C. Leggatt, Mr.
itl:,l MIr. ,John F. Forbis, Mr. alld Mrs.
\'. AA.Ie arki, l)r. and Mrs. WV. Leonard
kI.I. Mr. and Mrs. J. K. I-Ieslet, Mr.
waI;d MI s, F. i. Pearce, Mr. and Mrs. Eu
I :. l ,iitone, tBushlte, Edythe lick
fI d. N I,lloyd, Annie and Allte Lowery,
1lit gt," Jianitsot, Helen McKechnle,
T);(.' I l \\son, Margaret Blackiston,
E]:-., 'i'Tnlo, and Lelia Russell, Ellis Hick
:r'. -', . : 11d Hattle Sanders, Mary and
1;,;?it ire; Seallou, Eleanor and Viola
Sllai, I-ilte Lbe Beau, liattlie Young,
l;t(ry i\v: v.l k'r, Madge Marks, Florence
'T'utt lle I:ntueiy, Patttn, Pfouts, May
'fotll.. Maud Iteznor, Jean and Mae Sul
11iin, ('lara Wilcox.
Messr' Templeman, Mangam, White,
lar in, Harlety, Harry Tuttle, Dr. Hall
Nil,jen. John Corrette, Davidson, Boyce,
l I, Ii organ, Ed Horgan, Charles
1F "' , ! n. ictk, Will Thornton, F. A.
i', " I'i;alctihall, Dan Raymond, Prof.
)Ieri'hlIt.;, Sturtevant, Percy lBell, Lee
Alanlle, William Scallon, Lindsay, Dun
hri., F,-,nlk Hasklns, Jed and Ray
Freund, Dr. Napton, George Busch,
Glenn flarrligton, Fred Slemmons, H. L.
Frank, Dick Lacey, Robert Le Beau,
Markley, Stevens, DeGay Stivers, Stada
lIr', T. Bailey Lee, John Dixon, Ben Cos
by. Cole Campbell, L. O., Evans, Mc
Arthur, Rickards, Turner, Putnam, E.
Blossom George Clark, McLeod, Cor
nelius Xelly, Johnson, l. Campbell,
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Heslet entertained
at dinner on Wednesday evening In honor
of Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Clark, who left
this week for their new home. Covers
were laid for 14.
A beautiful grouping of pink carna
lions and ferns adorned the center of
the table, while the candles were shaded
in harmonizing hues.
The guests were Mr. and Mrs.T. . K.
Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Walker
Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Will Clark, Dr. and
Mrs. W. Ieonard lienrek, Mrs. M. L.
Cunningham, Miss Florence Tittie,
George Casey and Judge Clark.
Wilcox Dinner Thursday.
Mrs. Harry W. Wilcox gave a dinner
on Thursday evening, which was a very
smart affair In every way. The table
was oharmingly deeked with the reddest
of carnations nidl Meteor roses, in the
form of an oblong Imouind. The na lm
cards were in red, itrds in watlr colors,
well worth framing.
The dinner was gl\en for Mrs. Charlis
M. (Goode of Seattlei, a sister of the hos
tess. After dinner the gtuests reminiedl
to listen to musical selections inli eln
joy Cdllversation.
Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Harry
W. Wilcox, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Alns
worth, Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Ieed. Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Ayers, Mr. and Mrs.
('harles M. G(oode,. Mr. and Mrs. E. M.
Green, Mr. and Mrms. Jaimes Sullivan.
M. M. Club Played Hearts.
On Monday afternoon thie M. M. club
met with Mrs. Jerry Sbohy, at her hoine
in South IButtc, it being a conmplmlentary.
Mrs. Scoby is not a membener of the club,
but ihas often acted as a Hsubtitutue. Not
being a member, site w.as not bound by
the rllles, so her rooms were charmingly
decorated, and her menu an elaborate
The double parlors and hall were show
ered with gorgeous red "mums," a new
variety sent from Seattle, with a simply
unspellable name, and almost unpro
nounceahble. The mantels were han.ed
with them, and the hugh mandarin Chi
nese jars were filled with them. They
seem different from the usual mum in
that they droop gracefully instead of
standing stiffly erect.
The dining room was in red mums
also, with a few ferns. The center of the
table was filled with a tbank of moss,
lovely velvety green moss, starred with
white narcissus and outlined with
maidenhair ferns. Take It all in all,
the decorations, all done by the hostess,
were about the prettiest seen at a home
function this year. At each cover was
laid one magnificent mum, and to it was
tied the dainty name card of Japanese
rice straw with (elsha girls outlined in
gay colors.
The lmenu was charmingly served, two
little maids, Miss Dr)nrothy Martin and
Miss Vivian Little, acting as waitresses.
They weire gowned in pleturesque robes
of Japan, and snap shots wo're taken of
them, but owing t, t the poor light were
failures-"The light tIat falehtd." Tioutl
lion in cups, oysters on the half shell,
headed the me'nu, and on to dessert.
IReally an Oriental lunchell n.
The first prize, at half dozen hand
paintedl fish piintes, w\'ats won by MIrs.
Stam u llier, ai guest, thi. second prize, a
hlandsome hand-painted toast plate, w'as,
to the delight of the club, won tby the
hnstess herself. The c(onsoluli onl, a fin:*
box of laon-bons, was biy unlnilous vote
given tI the little waltrl't ses as ia tip.
In addition to the regular anlemltlers
there were present ai guests Mrs. Jer'ry
ilto y, Mrs. Samuel 'inter, Mrs. Hlenry
Martin. Mrs. David Itutwson, Miss )Do'
'thy Martin and Miss 'Vivian Little.
Miss Newton's Musicale.
lti'r tutisitaIl frieti s irt. ' tome' than de
lightedl to w\l''lunlmt. Miss lii.t'nr Newton
blt,' It i lutt-, ;a.l to, eIlbratl , her rye
lur shie giave' one of her t, li'ghtftl ntts
'talets :it iher hlirln ii 'n Thlrr.dity even
ing. As usual, encore'i''s w\i'" dli'lltanded,
and aulcmlte,.T. T''he IhrIra itI s iade out
was its follows:
'Vilin Solo--"Tinmlr. Ilste," (('harl
ton), Harold M. Jessuti.
Coiii llait Solo - "SHu nlsh lln" (C'rrie
Jacos-Iollnd), Miss Pl'rentice.
Manilolln duo--"'Twlikling Feet" (Far
l vl lm...muu 1(ut. .., 111111 ,, t., a. , t u ..o ....
MRS. W. W. 800TT.
Noble Grand Daughters of Rebekah Harmony Lodge, Installed Last
Wednesday Evening.
O NE of the finest installation cere
monies ever witnessed in Butte was
that of the Daughters of Rebekah,
Harmony lodge, which took place on
Wednesday evening at their hall on Main
street. The work was simply above crit
The officers installed werel Past noble
grand, Mrs. F. E. Haskins; noble grand,
Mrs. W. W. Scott; vice grand, Mrs. W.
Alleni recording secretar, Mrs. Sol
Levy; financial secretary, Miss Esther
Melklejohn: treasurer, Mrs. McKenzie;
warden, Mrs. J. H. Gilberts conductor,
Mrs. Blue; right supporter to noble
grand, Mrs. George Spencer; left s~ps
porter to noble grand, Mrs. Suesser; rlTbb
supporter to vice grand, Mrs. Davil
Melklejohn; left suIporter to vice grand
Mrs. Maggie Waldript Inside guardiaz1
Mrs. A. J. White; otelside guardian, MrRa
Maggile MoKenzie; chaplain, Mrs. Cur.
The Installing officer was Past Grand
Mrs. George Spencer, and her work calle4
forth great commendation. After th$
ceremonies were over.the members serv
a fine luncheon, and the rest of the evehi
ing was devoted to social conversatio4
and enjoyment of the luncheon.
Itecitation - "The Dream Maiden,"
Flrederlok Selkirk.
Soprano Bolo - "Hesitation" (Albert
Kussner), Clay Jessup.
Contralto Bolo--"The Workers" (Oou
nod), Miss Carol Stayne.
Soprano Solo-"Knoweet Thou" (Hel
mann), Miss Newton.
When the program and encores were
finished the company settled down to an
animated discussion on musical topics,
during which a dainty bouffet luncheon
was served.
Old Clothes Party.
A novelty In the way of evening par
ties was given by Miss Gertrude Evans
on last evening. It was an old clothes
party, and was provocative of great mer
At an early hour the young boys and
girls arrived In such old clothes one was
minded of the rhyme, "Some in rags,
and some in tags," only not one of these
wore velvet gowns. Old, faded bodices
and skirts, many of them ragged, were
worn by the girls, while the boys wore
every and any old thing, down to over
tills. A prize was given for the most
dejected looking girl and one for the
onst forlorn boy.
The evening was devoted to games and
guessing contests, after which a splend
did supper was served. Among those
presnt were Misses Joy Weaver, Kath
erine Maloney, Norah McNally, Ollie
Wade, Hettle Bryant, Cordle McConnell,
I.Izzle Sullivan, Bridget Caskey, Nona
Moore. Katie O'Leary, Messrs. Tom Case
key, James Maloney, Jack Bryant, Tim
Itryant, Peter Moore, Ned Thring, Will
('lark,. Bob Evans, Harry Wright and
Robel,crt Fitzgerald.
Her Fourth Natal Day.
Dalrty liaby Laurel Small was four
years oldn Tuesday and she had such a
happy lay at the home of her parents on
South Main street. First she received, oh
so many girts, dolls, doll cradles, doll
carriages and rockers for dollies and her
wee self, and such a pretty chain and
locket and ; ring set with turquoise and
SH,'l Invited several little friends in to
hlip iat the birthday cake and play
ii mis and revel In bon lions, all of which
they did with a will. The feast was
-crved in the prettily decorated dining
Ihr gutl..4s wore: Biuhe Baroteau,
I'ls,. I Llewellyn, None McGregor, Katli
lMcellan, Itaby Rogers, Cute Cunning
hlatli. Luty McConnell, Bertle West,
Ilrry Tate, Willard Tenny, Dicky West
ndtl Arthur Holalird. Not one being
over four years of age.
The Kismet Club Played Euchre.
A sio.nd hl,.eting of the newly formed
ouchre. ard club prov',d just as delight
Iul as the firsat, the' (lub meeting last
M,,\hltay with Mrs. Sol Bluckles, 837 West
I:troadwy, at 2 o'clock. To Insure punct
:unlity thei club voted the first meeting to
fine every dilatory member 10 cents. One
nie i(.ir was late on Monday and paid
hIr little dimeo with good grace.
A nIamlle had to be chosen and the club
deblated long and earnestly as there are
so, many card clubs in Butte the peculiar
ly applicable names have all been em
ployed. Finally a man, just an ordinary
everyday man, who was In the house and
\ as lmgnanllously allowed to remain,
nl,t to play, oih dear no, just to go from n
tatbl to table and punch tallies-sug- p
gested the name "Kismet." His sugges
tion was eagerly adopted and Kismet It "
Is and a happy fate indeed to be a mem- h
her. s
It seemed a curious coincidence the way b
the prizes were won. Mrs. J. W. Gunn
won the first prize, a handsome cut glass A
olive dish; and she won the first prize
last time. At the last meeting Mrs. si
Reinhardt and Mrs. Buckles were tied h,
for second prize and in cutting, the
hostess, Mrs. Reinhardt, won it. At this
week's meeting the two ladies tied again a
for second and on cutting, the hostess E
Mrs. Buckles won. So honors are easy. c
It was a dainty pale green olive dish,
painted with pale pink blossoms. h
After the games were finished the
tables were covered with exquistely em- a
broildered dollies and refreshments were ci
served. Those present were: Mesdames
D. J. Reinhardt. D. A. Dickson, P. Mul- a
Iins, C. V. Fulton, Ignatius Donnelly, o
Arthur H. Whitcher, Frederick Squires, It
Sol Buckles, T. A. Grigg, Hugh C. Laugh
Mrs. F. E. Haskins, Past Noble Grand
Degrse of Honor.
y ~i,t
t· "
Y #~.. ýS
i4 Iý;Sr
aý {'· ·'c' l·
41 : ~· · ~. R·
hf ý..a. : · ,*r
Mre A.T. oranWhoLet Snda fo Caifrni toReminTwoMonhs
lin, J. W. Gunn and Miss May Reinhardt.
The club. will meet with Mrs. Ignatius
Donnelly nett Monday, provided the
plumbers have by that time completed
their task of mending the leaking pipes
which they started last Monday. If they
have not the club will meet with Mrs. D.
A. Dickson; the hostesses being selected
by means of alphabetical rotation.
A Gay Surprise Party.
A gay surprise party visited Miss Gus
sie Knapp on Monday evening at her
home in Meaderville, an old-fashioned
surprise with no particular motive in
view but a good time. The crowd met
at the home of Miss Hope Earnest on
East Park street and proceeded via the
cars to the Knapp home.
While totally unexpected all were made
heartily welcome. Several of the sur
prisers took with them guitars, banjos
and mandolins, so that some most ac
ceptable musical selections were given,
afterwards the players taking turns in
furnishing two-steps and waltzes for the
others to dance by. The impromptu danc
ing was enjoyed.
Games were also played, travel and
guessing games principally. Then at a
late hour the good things to eat were
taken from the baskets and hugh pots of
hot coffee added, the dining room pre
senting a lively scene. They stayed, en
joying the dainties for a long time, just
leaving in time to catch the last car.
In the party were: Mr. and Mrs. Cole
man Knapp, Mr. and Mrs. Dent Wright,
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Richards, Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas Eggert, Misses Kate Sulli
van, Daisy Varst, Jessie White, ,Emma
Twombley, Hattie Riggs, Laura Elvers,
Florence Payne; Messrs. Will White,
Frank Sullivan, Jed Prentice, Not man
Orcutt, Varvey Grant, Archibal.i Pain
tree, P. L. O'Connell, James Caskey, Ned
Thurney, Larry Warren and Flsk Smith.
Reached His Majority.
It was a memorable day for Charles M.
Dickson yesterday, for he not only
reached his majority in time to vote at
lightful party in the evening by his par
ents and sisters. He was inveigled away I
from home to visit friends in the after
noon, and kept there by a clever pretext.
In his absence the parlor was charm
ingly decorated in red, the sitting room
the next election, but was given a de
in pink and the dining room in red and
green. When he returned home at 8
o'clock he found a merry bevy of young
folks waiting to welcome him. He was
the pleased recipient of many r;,iis, one
from his father of a bank book showing
a substantial deposit made for him; from
his mother diamond sleeve links and pin;
from his Sister Mercy, a sole lea theri
dress suit case, and from his Sister Rosa
belle a complete set of ebony toilet at ti
cles with his monogram in silver.
The evening was devoted to galinie, mu
sic and a general happy time. At 11 all
adjourned to the dining room, where the
long tables awaited them. At each cor
ner was a name card, bearing the sign
of the Zodiac, belonging to that person.
The date of birth of each one had been
ascertained in advance. Each one had
to explain all he or she could of their
sign, and if it had in any way affected
their lives as It should according to Zodi
ctlcal lore.
The menu was elaborate and perfectly
served. The health of the son of the
house was given as a toast by Miss
Ennls, and the response was as appro
priate as the toast. A number of toasts
Swere given and responded to, Miss Ennis
acting as toastmaster most acceptably. It
was late before the Jolly troop disbanded.
The invited guests were Mr. and Mrs,
Elmer Dickson, Captain and Mrs. Gun
nison Dickson, Misses Mercy, Rosabelle
and Dimple Dickson, Charles M. Dickson,
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Harwood, Misses
Ennis, Hamden, Jessie McNevlns, Tessa
Peters, Claire Baroteau, Maud and Edith
Milner, Ella Smith, Lulu Oliver, San
ders, Kennie Slade, Messrs. Archie Ham
den, Rod Lunt, Jack McKenna, Teddie
Parker, Ralph Geiger, John Wright;
George Bennett, Roach, Kerr, Reid and
A. W. Jones.
Delightful Charade Party.
One of the most charming and success
ful affairs of the week was the charade
party given on Tuesday evening by the
Y. L. I., at their hall. Mirth and jollity
reigned supreme, and the charades were
simply "out of sight," as many remark
ed. Much of the success was due to Mrs.
Ignatius Donnelly, who Is in her element
when planning new and novel entertain
ments, and then carrying them through
to successful completion.
Two fine prizes were given for the best
guessers, for ladies a handsome lace
handkerchief, and for gentlemen a pretty
yellow silk laundry bag for soiled
Among the most difficult to guess was
when a girl came on the stage holding
a small infant, walking up and down
with anxious countenance. Then another
woman came in with a lighted candl anid
closely inspected the baby, holdipg the
candle right in its (rag) f4ce. The an
swer to this was "Light ifl.antry.'
"Incumbent" was carried out by a bevy
of girls, wtio came in all bent over, in
c.un-tbent. Another was seven girls right
after this one, all very erect. This was
":e;ven Urp." Htennessy's firm was repre
4 atle I in Iwo acts. .First an old woman
telling about hqe setting hen-Henn. The
second showed.4 girl with defective eye
sight c .~niq'rg rwith an oculist and'ex
clainlingt "I see."--Henn-I-see. Lutey's
wa;s r1'pre.ielnte(d by a girl who was called
Lou, and in the second scene by a tea
drinking s: one-Lou-ta.
"Iter tss" was another good one. A
s.i' o(ily drylssed young lady came on the
stage eand it .oon ceveloped from her
nmnthor'. cllhid!i~;s that the was about to
wed Count IHeinrze. Finally, she was
ashamed uanl left the stage, returning
redressed in gorg,.ola up-to-date garb.
And so the evening passed quickly,
guessing the chtarabd', until all were
guessed andl the prizes won. Then danc
ing was; c('olnurlotl ed and enjoyed.
The parties1 of the Y. L. I. are all en
joyable, and on the 11th they will bid
farewell to the mundane pleasures with
a basket social, which will be about the
best tidlng they have yet given.
A Schlitz Schnapps Party.
An enjoyable party was given on Wed
nesday evening by Mr. and Mrs. Louis
'Webber at their home on the Wall'rvllle
road. The evening was devoted to music,
zither and guitar and p:ano selections.
Herr Erroll Sohmitt of San Francisco
gave several selections from Heinle and
Goethe in fine style, and Miss Metta
Schmidt also recited, singing and recit
ing all being In the German tongue.
AL a late hour a bountiful supper was
served, consisting of- welner wursts,
sauerkrout amnd many other German del
icacies. The collection of handsome
steins, owned by the host, and hostess,
were also of excellent service. It was
long after midnight when the health of

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