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" 11
"DuI myn"n.' iuwan was4i 4 outc4ll sse 4'laed In
hs1114 fight at kilt Lak' last night with
Jirnmy 1Urnsl, the Iatah heavy \'weight.
Jac'k \'Wade, who was itow1\v 41n's sec14 ond,
threw tiup the sp)onge after the 10th round
of what .ws tho have been i 20-1round go.
Burns smnashed the fleat ount1e as hie
pleased and with a hard right ltipunch
lit the 10th ibroke Itowanl's nlose. It '.was4
Burn's fight i all the way through )and
Rowain was tibdly icut Up, bleding lpro
Itowan won praise for his gnann'l'ss,
hbut could not Imake headway aginsll the
Utah nan. , \hose body he tried to huini
menir unsuceslsxfully.II
After the deci4sion 1 Mexhnll 'tPe4
Everitt brloke out ofi4 jail lollg enlough to
clhallenge l1uris for anolher mill, which
'wais accepte]d.
"Denver Ed" Martin gailnd a delosit.n
over" Fr.ank ('hilils Int' C)hhligo 4st4 :ilght
It was a six-Irountid go and frill four'
rounds Mallddenl's co.ln 1Iu1 the ll:45)lo)don
to the bad.
It's the lstioy inow that 1 F'ilzslmillniol
was reft'-ereein.g for the, chlief of Iid'es of
Louisville during the Ill,'htMcGovern-Hilli4tan
go. It has 1been framed t) l thllt h .hen
the chief thought -noulgh figlthllg hald
been dolle that Flilzsimlmluns4 s11ou1l1 give
McGovern the decisionl. This cxplainst
w'hy "Lanky (lh)l" failed to ke.ep tlhe
count wheln Sullivavn first \went down.
It's a pretty good tip for Young (orbett
to stay awa'y fron)t4 LouIevtile unless hu
can win o\'ver the 1police.
Those good re1so1lutions of C'hampnl)1n
JIack Wadte not to train for ally hard t
fighting are evidentlly of the New\' Yleall
edition. 'The chatmpion wclnt to Salt
Lake full of expllnations of htrw he
meant to visit relatives' and rest up for
a couple of m1onths b'eflre giving Jerry y
McCarthy a cihan.ce, at the 1sta4te 'chii
,lonshllp. 1
Press dispatch4'(es this ornnllllg 1)an
rlounce thilat Wade issued a challenge- at I
the Burns-llowan light last night for
any 128-pound man, which was pr)'omp)tly
accepted by Janck Clifford. The lower
weight was evidently a buat for Cllifford
which the aIntter swallowed.
Perhaps VWade doesn't think it's gollg
to be a fight when he t11ets Clifford
and that the pair can mnake somine easy
money off the Sutt Lake sports.
Clifford should be an easy pr,1,posltion
for the Montana champlln.
Oglesby has twice 'made a mnlley of
Clifford, though 'the latter tried his best
for a knltckout in the six-'round go at
the Blutte gymnltas)lumt rtce'ntly.
And thenl, wha t isn't genet4lly knllown.
Clifford wenit out In it Iralning bout
while Mlosce lIaFontlse w1as laid up with i4
sprained ankle. Kid ()pie was c4astitng
around flr som1e one to spar with while
his trainer was off shift aid C'llfford
went up to the e(ginete house to takei t4ll)
A couple of rou'1ndst followed in which
Ople put 'llfford to the mait 4easily and
the latter \went back hlime and failed to
show up for the second lday's training.
So there's a good )'prospet oIf 04some ealsy
Salt Lake mone'y comllng i!lnto lutte.
('ont.estantl4 in the tw(o-man14 team
bowling tournalllent, are entering ulponl
thle last serl'is of gLnames which will de
c!de the winners. At present Sheehan
and Ellis are In the lead '1with Eflis and
White 'seconl1d and Adams and lBarker
and .Perham andl Kitto tied for third.
The positions of these last two will be
decided in the comling series.
Perham and Kltto won the series last
night after losing two games to Adams
and Barker, malting scores In the third
game, whhlh rolled up the tota0l pins to
their credit, giving them 1,036 against 1197.
These are the scores by games:
First game---Perham, 169: Kltto, 185.
Total, 4. Adamslll, 169; Barker, 192. To
tal, 361.
Second game--P'orham, 178; Kitto, 169.
f'rotal, 347. Adam.s, 203; Barker, 152. To
tal, 355.
Third game.-Kltto, 141: Perham, 194.
Total, 3:,5. Adams, 143; Barker, 138. To
tal, 281.
The Ovc'rlands and Transits play 'to
night and the Thorhtons and Silver
14.ws meet Friday night ItI the tourna
ment series.
Atlanta, Ga., Feb. 25.--Seven teams
started llast night in a contest for the
12-hour bicycle c'hampionship of Amer
lea. The teams are to rlide t\\o hours a
day for six days.
Philade'phia, Feb. 25.-At the Penn
Athletic club last night, Young Peter
Jackson and Tom West of New York
were to have fought six rounds, but
West quit during the second round, after
receiving severe punishment.
J. B. Chamdler says Aix, 2:03%, ap
peared to him to be perfectly worthless
when she was a yealrling, and his Im
presilon was not anaterlally modified
when she had become 'a 2-year-old.
It is said Norval, :14%., not long .n.e
trotted a quarter on a farm tl'ak at
lane. O., tii 31% seconds. Norval is 20
yea l4'R tt11, altIl hadl not 1Iad harnes on
hin bacik in flve years.
A wagon to weolh ibut 45 pounds4 Is
being buillt for John A. Me#Kerron, 2:06%.
Alumlnuml will he u4* I where pnonlbIe.
and the Ifn!sh will ib in natural woodi.
'The' troltr is and .l4 l:' t will he starht l
Inp tth!s w\ack at ai majority of the (',ali
fonl.llja I rin tng Itrc('ks. and tihet nilesi
vilil he gettling fastelr iand fastter frotl
fOlw Oli,
'1'T"o J'or.,hcront . i i olt ls recently
fuatll i1 cluel to the dlath on ai faist
.:n 'k IItln:I running over thie t ' Ii('o Pu
ili' at thie ra te of 40 milehs an blour.
,in, was killed, lite Ipalae' ('ar W4as
an::i,.hl I| in(o Sphlinters :1nll dl:dgar l0ol8e,
the, ownlr of' the animals, loses. $1,500,
lhi. \'alue of the ipellil tel victims. Two
keepers in charg,, of the nllilmals hlad
to climb outside to l t,, pe the stieel-shlt I
hrofl andl gllitening teeth of tllh Itn
fluriatedl aittlrnit l. Wi'hlll llthey .tsucctteded
iti 4ilptis',ilny tI(t I trailn ilen of Ithe battle
It shl4 It (rlck alt ('heyt lnelll was r' l(.htl(I
and e\tvery effort Imade to seplarate the.
lrilhS , hilt finm lly hi-, \'victlr sev. ered the
Jullgulr of hls iIal, wll h e ld b I to h lhtI.
'l'h ,a:,r, ' tn: I to e 'u t out before the
ittIh ro ld 0 cl'u('4 i ie . .
The' trotllte' eliglt, tlo tthe 2:i'. a1 It
2:12 vl(nes till l be able to e'ngage in nt
Io t'-h1nn $72.,000 worth'i of stakes and
1lpurses this yeiaI. Thle hl1l(nner Memorial
at New York, tilt MeitmiiauFe s14 at
Iteadtivlle, and nl o do4uht the i 'hartelr uaIk
at lart"ord art . $10,440 t 4ke1( that will
he,' for 2:12 1rot1 r lt . T'l11 'I'l',r ctsylv anit
nfi $.tfti w(ill 4ll4probably bt, fIor' hors''s of
thle S44l4 e ' ass, ti h. (n I :It M('IIn.tphI.4 lther1
will it'e i $5,000 puls filr. 2:11 c1lass. ti,t
l,'Ir.i I the ixttns.vlt ' prep1 ratlot( ((o whi Ih
lare lilg nailhe for' the openring 4of tIl14
4state raIlling (lr' lNit (on tihe el atth'*ll'
trick August 19 of this year will 1e
, re,'4-l-ethr day In the history of rnaitlig
i thell Northwest'L. Mlln gelr A. T. Vai(
L)e la nter of the King (I'oulty F". it' as
sollation, nlld e(, retar'y Itont .t l.t'igh
tolln of the No'h I'a414111 lHeu n14 :I( '\h444t
tlon hiave te bbuste L dcd for the Ist two
lgrat event c1'i el ulte for the loca I l t'1 ok
i the S IeaIttle derhy. (ni of tha t le'' :ling
feattlrle(S will be a. ,:4ltdi's' plate foI'r 2
yt.4 lr-olds. ('I the day it is unll tilt
1]a114s . Ill be 4admit 1odl Lo hi4 t,' a k froe.
New" York, iFeb. 2I. -A. (i. SIpaWling is
tucih li(leased witiih the latest devellp
Ir-nts inl the bs..hall war, whhic h Is
4ov 'rea'dy t Igo lht Ito a linish. A lonlog
telegrIm hal s been r1eei4'vil Ill th'H 1 ' ly
froll l hi In i\i l l ih te Piys:
"'I l'osll trul th. e ac. tin of the 'ly"y 3
four"' minlhers of the Ntiuonnl league, it
their 1 .niferenct( at I'itlisbu4'g, as reit' er
atilg tand r'eaIllrnt:ng theit' allegianci e to
tht' prl'nl tilIhes un.er'lyhlg the 4.,Ae aitl'
4t ro v 4 . 3'.y, Alt llill r44',tment1'it of th14
campa1ign condutee'd to date o a o t dete'
nlllhtion not toi dIodge the reaIl I.ssi., by
s4C'r'll'iing pri. ilh l th o Iexpedienc'y, \vhiht
44t1ion1 m lust be approved by all t1.s,
who have the best Interesot of the ,a
tioni4 l tnn4e at hei44 1.
"It 1 i4 gaol o4nen for ithe f14 uture of
the Natiau1 l Ileague that 4 re1( l'lt,1m ani,'!i
utl Ilrushtism r l4 c l'ved it s death biliw
at I'lltsburg 4til Wa inlttihgt'n'i 1i4ilh
"I 444i.4d4r th iii c lnpaign for thi1a up
lifting of taseballi , s4o far '44 it 1 ',4''i.
to thlo-(e hbarta ful 'lisms,' tas p1t' II ll'1
over, '( gau diles of litigitlon."
((ini4 all,1 E4'4r'ne ar4e engaged in ait tele
t'graphic exc'initge of chlal.i1nges('. 'lrnte
%4 ants (tins to lfight himi at Fort Irle,
while '(fIais insistst titt1t tile 'si-calle]
Iightwelght ,hantplnan must m et himn In
]altim4ior'e .'"4n says the weight imust
{am of Bonn Direct 2.:05 1-4 and B]onsi ene 2:14 1- (her only forals
trained). t1red by Simmons !:28, dam Bonnie Wil}ee 2:2t. 1-2 by George
-- __ __ ________________ . - - _ _ p~tý ``1 l aý't51`P'ýtt , s }
v . · 1 1 1
BON BON 2:26.
Dam of Boannt Direot 2:O5 1-4 and Bonsilene 2:14 1-2 (her only foals
trained). Sired by Bimrnone 2:28, dam Bonnie Wilkee 2:29 1-2 by George
Wilkes 2:22,
be 133 pounds, weigh Iin at 5 o'clotk,
which shows that the Buffalo pugilist
does not care to take c.hances of weq)c-.
ening ,himself with a ilngAlle Ilmit. It
'applars to be a prevailling opinn I
among ring followers that IhimSe men
should remain quiet for some time in
stead of talking of another meeting so
isoon afttr' the flusco at Philadelphia.
(nans and Erie stand convicted of ar
tanging a fake light, In whl'h the
former, after agreeing not to kv!o.k out
the Itiffllo tllln, went blck on hIs word
antd was ready to "double-c'ro -'" Irlne
with the latter out of condition. That
S1 the true inwardnesls of the i'hlladel
phl.t Iizzle, though the Iighters Lave de
'linedl to disiu.s the dlehti's of lt. It Is
only natural, thelreforll", that another
meet rig, if ar-rangel, would be ills
red!llllled by the boxing publl:'i. irne's
ri',etrd, hitherto, 'tihs Ibeeni clean, but
ia;ln.t hasl i hiieen mixedi ulp IIi so many
pei'i'lr affalis that it will tike some
timei for thei Indignation of tIhlose who
were duped by the Phlladelplh!i, affair to
dih out. Ernei and (afaLns .shomuld keep as
ftri away from neach other as lpossible.
That is the advi\ce offerlll to themi by
men who love sltl'uare loxinlg.
If lthe Hn Fri atisto Athiltt' cilub Is
divin the ipermit for inext month, it is
v.ery liable tio Iutch iiiloige (; rlllier
\with Marvin Hart. The Iatter hIas writ
tl-nl Ic'hlrley Long for IL Ko, tiandI he h is
spoken to Alei (Irtggtinis tLioult sodling
'or him. ('reggulns stl he \\as untle
*:dmldl asin i WIlit match ho woutl mantke,
,lot Ilhculght quite favorl'ihly of (Jllrdnler
.1iti1 Ilrt.
The ' mer llii'u ll o11m l)l'l hab I tts malde
with ti-i nIllnlliogue nit tliH Itulsmed laln
,other fightll'l to alnnulolun e bli llblllttoll
of tIrying his hun I at theit a n6 garIInP.
"l'The llnest pugilist toI follow in the foot
slips of ix-I opalllllulio.r Jim Is Kid Me
'y.i, ii ho is noeii In lllg': .iiun. In iia etter
lo I friend in Newi York. M''cioy isays
thal us t',r itt has bleelln tlllking money
out i1 his monologue iil tllr h(e 1".a tll edd
tIi try tilh. h mile thing hl l niglatiil In a.
w v iweeks.
O)'.mnary if (higmi. hias ainnoiiinctd
llhat i.uitlltiio of odds In his winteVl r
book ii lit be Issuedl on llriiiay of ealh
tweeik. IIn tih. 'imital tiLns issued', tWo
changes were made in American Derby
idds-- i. liurn's price wias lut from 300
tc, 75 tio , an ld Larry Younmlg froti'.i 73
ioi 50i to 1. In the ubiurbatn A -iln was
iuit fli N100 to 60 to 1. t'lht'hre ltre no
ichiaiiges in the tl'ooklyni.
W hii, Alan-a-D hle will he lr'ep .redl
for thi.l Anutrllcan )Derby, noine oif the
oIft°1 e , I lo les t, l siher )i. it w n Ir llt'W . K.'
'i(nderllt'a, in the string of T'J'.n Mc
tohivell, will IBe raced at Chtiiglo. After
the Louisville nieetig Mcl lowell will
shill iast. lI'iens ,ii (of Ithie tat that hea
had nappeI;ili out is Iinitla!gnl for this
yeiar prio'r toii the aunnounIoent ilLt of
lto.la's staken's, Mr. McLowell made
no tl,lltili"s for thie tme ting t the l, enton
llountlry track. lie is 'li'representeld n the
I )l'iry andl (i nks for 003:, ihowever.
The victory of the Etitlc in IlII,. urns
Ilandll ip lbrought a utill fortune
toll hr owner, Caesair YouiIg, mvihto In
itrn presented Jockey Lee .aiciikso.l
with $,1io0 inal hims fee for the amiiount.
Yountg will stall for ELIrilpe in April.
anld will speillnd tilt stiltuner in travel.
Ion le si tiken lto Cali'fornia by Ab
Stenlier. iShe has tbeen a very clnsistept
luerfnflliier, haLving irun in nlumti'rous
tihandicaps anilid tselling mali.es. T'le ride
ishe' got 'froim Jackson In thie iurns
wais ain admirable oiin. Hie saved
groniild t'hroutghout thin journe'y and in
making lht- runiii through the tiretieh'I
skinned tlte rail.
Presidhlent iLucas iai the Paulili' North
west Iliiaseiall League, htis written
Miiiarl in (Hlondon, ione of IPort1'I lani'.Va
pilLherii liastl year, warnillig tihet lplayer
agiinlit bireaking faith with the Iol'rt
lid clubII, and ligniiin) with itny iother
tleaii, uniil he hals secured ai r elease. ;.
lention has Slglttd \\'th 'hinciilnnatl,
and the letter is written to give til,,ndon
it ,orrect view tit' the situation. T'he
letter followi s:
Portland, Ire.. Feb. 17. 102.--- Mr. Mar
ti ll(lendon, (hlitigo, 111- LDear' Sir: I
haive boIn informed that you have sign
ed a itcontract to play with the m'in in
lnattl National league baiseball ttuan the
ensuing season, and without the conseat
of the Portland baseball club.
As president of the Pacifcl Northwest
league I beg to inform you that you
are Incurring a heavy penalty by con-,.
tracting to play with the Cincinnati
baseball team, or any baseball team
other than the Portland team, without
the consent of the Portland baseball
club. For your benefit I will cite to
you Article 27, Section 8, of the National
Agreement, which reads as follows:
"Any player, under reservation to a
club, party to this agreement (provid
Ing the club is not in arrears in salary
to the player), that will contract with
or play with any club or association,
without te written consent of the presl
Sent of the club he is under reservation
to. shall be disqualified until such time
that he shall pay to the secretary of
the National Hoard of Arbitration a
irrum according to the class his club
belongs to, which Is as follows:
"Players leaving class A must pay
"Players leaving class 1 must pay
"Players leaving class C must pay
"Players leaving class D must pay
As the Pacific Northwest League is
in cilas Ii any player of this league
violating Article 27, MHectlon 3, of the
National Agreement ilmust pay a fine of
$o;o0, ef'ori' he cn I be reinstated. This
iic'tion In qluite plain, and will he en
forced to the letter. The polltlanl base
bali c'lub does not wish\ to Imlp. ary
hardship on any of its pilayers, and will
iot stand In the wiay oI advaRncemelnt
of any of Its Iplayerl', but do'es inalit
on having its rights respe('ted.
If you are determ ined to pilay %Ith
the ('tnlnnia tl Nattinal league base
lall te(in or any 'other baseball team,
1 would suggest that you secure the
D partimtent of the Interior, Land Office
at H4 lena, Mont., February 10, 1902.
Notlc', is hereby given that the follow
ing-narled settler has filed notice of his
intention to make final proof in support
of his claim, and that said proof will be
tmade before John It. Eardley, United
States cotnmisiloner, at Anaconda,Mont,
on March 15, 1902, viz.: Napoleon Tessier
for homestead entry No. 8320 for the lot
1. sewi of the nwt/4, and w1 of the swli4
of Section 4, Township 2 north, Range 12
lie names the following witnesses to
prove i:ls continuous residence upon alnd
cultivation of said land, via.: David
'I'essior, Louis Tessaler, Florence Thlb
odeau, Fred (langner of Anaconda, Mont.
Notice is hereby given that In pur
suance of an order of the district court,
of the second Judl :lal district of the state
of Montana, made :,on the 10th day of
February, 1902, in the matter of the ea
tate of John J. Streb, it :'eased, the un
dersigned, the admlinistratrix of the said
cslalte, will sell at private sale, to tie
lighst bidder for (.ash, In lawful money
of the Un'i~ed States, and subject to
confirmation by iaid district court, on
Wednesday, the Eth day of March, 1902,
at 12 o'clock noon., at the Iowa Louse, In
the village of Melrose, tit the couty of
Silver Bow, state of Montana, all the
right, title, Interest and estate of the
said John J. Streb at the time of h:s
death, and all the right, title and in
tere.st that the said estate has, by oper
ation of law or otherwise, acqu!red other
than or in addition to that of the said
Johit J. Streb at the time of his death
itn and to all those certain lots, dleces
or parcels of land situate, lying and be
ing in the said village o: Melrose. c'un
ty of Silver fBow, sate of Montana, and
bounded and described as follows, to
t, it:
Lot numrber nine (9) and lot number
ten (10), ,n block number eleven (11,, of
the Townsite of Melrose, according to
the official plat of sa!d townsite, now
on tile in the ofice of the county clerk
and recorder of Silver Bow county, Mon
tana. Lot number nine is vacant; lot
tumber ten has a small brick house and
a stable thereon.
Terms and conditions of sase, 'ash;
per cent of the purchase money to ac
company bid on the day .If sale, balance
.on confirmation of sale by said court.
Deed at expense of purcha:'er.
Adilnistratrix of the Estate of John .T.
Str:ib, deceased.
Notice is hereby gieen that In pursu-,
cnee of an order of the district court at
tl.e Second jui.'cial district of the state
of Montana, in and for the ocunty of
Siller Bow, made on the 111th day of De
cember, 1501, in the m:.tter of the estate
of Mary E. Turner, deceased, the under.
signed, the administrator of the said es
tate, will sell at public auction to the
highest bidder for cash, subject to con
tirmation by said court, on rsaturday, the
tilh day of March, A. D., 1902, at 2
o'cloc: p. m., at the front door of the
courthouse, in BuOtt city, in said county
of Silver Bow, all the right, title, interest
and estate of the said Mary E. Turner,
at the time of her death, and all t'he
right, title and interest tha.t the said es
tato has, by operation of law or other
wise, acquired other than or In addition
to that of the said Mary E. Turner, at
the time o' her death, in and to all those
certain lots, pieces or parcels of land
sE!uate, lying and beint in the said
county of Silver Bow, state of Mon
tana, and particularly described as fol
lows, to-wit:
An undivided one-fourth c%) interest
in and to t.:e "Moody" quartz lode min
ing claim, patented and. designated by
U:lted States official survey thereof and
patent therefor as Lot No. 579. Survey No.
2633, in section nine (9), township 3 north,
r:ange 8 west, Montana Principal Base
and Meridian.
An undivided one-fourth (%) interest in
and to the "Kossuth" qua. tz lode min
ing claim, patented and designated by
United States official survey thereof and
patent therefor as Loi No. 578, Survey No.
2632, In section nine (9), township 3 north,
range 8 west, Montana Principal Base
and Meridian..
An undivided one-fourth (14) interest In
and to the "Sankey" quartz lode mining
c.rim, patented and designated by United
States official survey thereof and patent
therefor as Lot. No. 580, Survey No. 2634,
in section nine (9), township 3 north,
range 8 west, Montana Principal Base
and Meridian.
An undivided oane-ourtl- (K) Interest
consent of the Portland baseball Club
to do so. It is much less difmcult to
secure Portland's consent to tour trans
for to another club than to go Without
Portland's oo0sent and pay a ine of
400 afterwards, In case you do not
"make good" with the team you go to.
Should you leave the service of the
Portland baseball club without said
club's consent to join another club, your
name will be placed on the "ineligible
lint" of the National Association of
Professional Baseball League, and you
shall be disqualified until you have
paid to the secreary of the National
Board of Arbitration the sum of $600.
It is reported that you stated you
were exempt from reservation, and that
you had an understanding with your
team manager to that effect.
For your information I will state
that the National Hoard will recognise
no release as legal unless said release
be signed by the president of the re
leasing club.
The National Association is not
"bluffing," and will enforce the National
Agreement to the letter. Respectfully,
President Pacific Northwest League.
Tommy Ryan, who Id one of tllh
cleverest boxers In the world, has
studb d the referee question In his long
experience in the ring, and he has come
to thcs conclusions. In a reent inter
view he said:
"To my way of thinking the most
between two good and evenly matched
men Is an experienced referee. Fight
rs of today are inclined to be tricky,
and a rcfcree who hals Iot had much ex
lprience In officlating is very easily
fooled by crnfty bioxers. In regard to
fouls It Is my bellef that a contest
should not ibe decided on a foul, unless
(c'ontlinud on 'iPage Nine.)
In and to the "Iowa" qualtz lode mining
claim, which was located by Bynum N.
Beebe, on the !th day of May, 1899, and
recorded on page F50 of Book "G" of
Quarts Lodes, in the r..cords of said 811.
v -: Bow county, to which records for de
scription reference is hereby made.
Terms and c mncitions of sale: Cash, 11
per cent of the purchase mcney to be
paid to tl..' administrator on the day of
sale, balance on confirmat'on of said
sale ty said court. Deed at exptase of
Administrator of the Estate of Mary E.
Turner. Deceased.
C. P. DRENNIEN, Attoriej for Adminli
United States Land Office, Helena, Mon
tana, February 20, 1902.
Notice is hereby given that the Ana
conda Copper Mining company, a cor
poration existing under the laws of the
state of Montana, by John Gillie, Its at
torney in fact, whose post office address
is Butte City, Montana, has this day
filed its application for a patent for 41
linear feet, being 27.5 feet easterly and
13.5 westerly from the center of discov
ery shaft of the Jim II. lode mining
claimn, upon which a notice of intention
to apply for a patent was posted on
Foruary 14, A. D. 1902, situated in Sum
mit Valley (unorganized) mining district,
Sliver Bow county, state of Montana,
and drlignated as Survey No. 5,825, in
fractional township 3 north, range 7
west, and being more particularly de
scribed as follows, to-wit:
Beginning at the southwest corner,
which is the point of intersection of the
third course of Survey No. 846,and the east
end line of Survey No. 1,654, a porphyry
stone set in the ground with a mound of
earth along side, and' marked 1-5,825 for
Corner No. 1, from which the quarter
section corner on the south boundary of
section 7, fractional township 3 north,
range 7 west, bea-s south 32 degrees 4
minutes west 1,810 feet, and running
thence south 88 degrees 49 minutes east
41.5 feet; thence north 11 degrees 1lt
minutes east 17 feet; thence north 88
degrees 49 minutes west 41.5 feet; thence
sotllh 11 degrees 15 min:utes west 17 feet
to the place of beginning, containing an
area of .016 acres, of which .008 acres are
in conflict with Survey No. 586, not
claimed, leaving .008 acres claimed by
the above named tapilean. I
The location of this claim Is of record
In the recorder's office of Silver Bow
county, state of Mloltan;la, ill Book "T"
of lodu recordsl at page 6!).
The ar'Joining claims to these premisee
are Survey No, 586, .M dlc lode, lot 42,
Joel W. Ransome et al. applicants, on I
the north( a.t; Survey No. 846, Alex
Scotlt lode, lot 93, ('harlcs S. Warren etI
at. applhcants, on the south: Survey No.
1,654, Sunnyside lode, lot 241, James A.
Murray It al. aptlli)'ants, on the west.
SAMPELI BARKER,, JR., Attorney for
(First publication February 21, 1902.)
United States -and Otc e, Helena, Mon
tana, January 18. 190?.
Notice is hereby givren that John F.
McEvoy, Robert McDoHll, Marion E.
Keast, William idrnev and Andrew L.
Slater, whose postofflle addresa is Butte,
Montana, have this day filed their appli
cation for a patent for 349.5 linear feet,
being 217 feet easterly and 132.5 westerly
front discovery shaft on the Idlewild
lode mining claim, upon which a notice
of intention to apply for a patent was
posted on the 16th day of January, 1902,
situated In Summit Valley (unorganized)
mining dtAtrict, Silver Bow county, state
cf Montana, designated as Survey No.
6508, township 3 north, range 7 west, be
Ing more fully described as follows,
Beginning at the northeast corner,
which is Corner No. 1 of Survey No. 1577,
a granite stone 8x6x6 Inches above
ground, witnessed by bearing rocks and
marked 1-6508, for Corner No. 1, from
which the quarter section corner between
sections 7 and 8, township 3 north, range
7 west beers north 19 degrees 48 minutes
west 272 feet, and running thence south
87 degrees .08 minutes west 66 feet; thence
touth 86 degrees 30 minutes west 286
feet; thel.ce south 4 degrees 86 min
utes west 14 feet; thence south 69
degrees 22 minutes east 3863 feet; thence
north 4 degrees 36 minutes east 163 feet
to the place of beginning, containing an
area of .71 acres, from which .06 acres is
In conflict with Burvoy No. 953, is ex
cluded and not claimed by applicant, nat
hm4 dImed L. ' " eme of which N
aores arw lh oenlbut with lurvey No.
t11, lot o. il ,4. The location of this
claim i is .orded in Boo0 "K" on page
12, records of Silver Bow county, Mob.
Adjoining on the north 1s Survey No,
885, Adelaid lode, lot No. 88 and Survey
No. 886, Mat lode, lot No. 89, Joel W. Ran
som et al. applicants for both; and on
the east Survey No. 1651, Chloo lode, lot
No. 225, Alfred Wartenwell.. et al. appil
cants; and conflicting on the south Is
S.trvey No, 968, Right Bower lode, lot No,
165. .oel W. Ransom et al. applicants;
and on the east Survey No. 1260, lot No.
176 A., placer, James A. Murray appil»
( IORGE D. GREENBI Register.
M. I. BAKER, United States Claim
(First publication January 20, f102.)
Ilonorary grudur.te of the Ontarl Yet.
erlnary college, ¶Loronto, Canada. Treats
all diseases of domesticated andenis ac
cording to scletnlflo prlrciple. Ofce at
_arlow's r'uai)q. ll South MIain street.
S tel c t M all ease eemoell. e1'
Celebrated Herb Sanitar
lum. Guarantees to cure
all diseases by means of
his famous Chinese medl
cl-es, never before intro.
duced into this country.h
lIe has cured thousands, and can c
you. Advice free. 9 W' . Galena Stretf
Rutte, Mont.
Under State Supervision.
Payre * per cent on savings de
posits. Interest oompounded quat
Pays 8 per aent on time certifi
cates of deposit not subject to
Issues savings certifcates on
building and loan plan with delfllte
time of maturity and definite pay
Loans on real estate to be repaid
In monthly Installmente running
from one to ton years, to suit bor.
Trustees--Lee Mantle, president;
Charles Sohatslein, vice president;
Frank W. Haskins, treasurer:
Charles R. Leonard. attorney; A.
B. Clements, secretary; F. Aug.
Heinse, Henry Mueller, James ..
W. A. Clark. J. Ross Clark.
Transact (ieneral lanking Business
Buy gold dust, gold bars, silve
bullion and local securities.
Boxes for rent in safe deposit
Sell exchange available in all of
the principal cities of the United
States and Europe.
Special attention given to oolleo,
ALEX . . OHNSTON, Cashier.
John A. Creighton ........President
O. W. Stapleton .... Vice President
T. M. Hodgens ..........Caeshlerw
1* J. O. Hodgens ... Assistant Cashier w
* R. B. Nuckolls... Assistant Cashier
.M Under state supervision and Juris
.4 diction. Interest paid on deposits.
SBSells exchange avaitable in all thew
4 principal cities of the United gtates
y1 and Europe. Collecticns promptly
, attended to.
, Transact general banking bur.n~ss
.~ Directors--J. A. Creighton, Oms.
4 ha; G0. W. Stapleton, A. H. Barret,
I4 E. D. Levitt, 8. V. Kemper, T. ij
w lIodgens, J. O. Hodgens.
., ý.'9rner Main and Park 8ts.. liutte
E . 11 qFff F
Bank and Trust
Estabilshed 1885. Incorporated 1901.
General Fanking Business
%J,. W. DIXON ................President
JOHN D. RYAN .........Vice Preslden(
C. C. SWINBIORNP ............Casldes
it. A. KUNKICL ......Assistant Cashies
S Capital Stock $200,000.0)
Andrew J. Davis, President, H
SJames A. Talbot, Vioe Presin. es4
44 E. 3. Welrick, Cashier.
George Stevenson, Ass't Cashl-r..
SBuys and sells Foreign Exchange t4
,and issues Travelers' %tters of ,
, Credit, available in .l .parts of the 4
Sworld. 4,
u 44

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