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Oemmissioners Haggerty and Peoples
Speak th Yavor of Appointment This
Htorning - Written Opiniton on
Their Authority From Breen.
County Attorney Breen has taken up
the matter of the need of the Dublin
Gulch people for better police protection.
and in all probability the commissioners
will authorise the appointment of an
extra deputy sheriff to stand guard
where trouble brews.
In the opinion of Mr. Breen expresses
the view that the commissioners have
the power to authorize the sheriff to
employ a deputy sheriff for that purpose.
He also says that he believes that the
sheriff would be justified in employing
the deputy without the authority of the
.This morning both Commissioners Peo
ples and Haggerty expressed a willing
ness to appoint the special officer de
sired. Commissioner Clark was not pres.
ent, so his opinion was not secured. Mr.
Haggerty said that he would only vot.'
for the appointment of a man who would
live or stay in the district all the time.
This Is Breen'e Opinion.
Mr. Breen's opinion is as follows:
'Honorable Board of County Commis
sioners of Silver Bow County. Mon
"Gen'tlemen: In my opinion you have
the power to authorize the sheriff of Sil1
ver Bow county to appoint one or more
special deputies to protect the lives and
property of the citizens of Dublin Gulclh
and to preserve the public peace therein.
T~he condition of lawlessness and terror
ism prevailing at present in that un
happy locality would, I believe, justify
the sheriff in taking the initiative t~
this matter himself and appointing one
ore more deputies for the purpose above
named, and retaining him or them until
the necessity for his or their services
has ceased to exist.
"As county attorney of this county, I
'heartily indorse the movement originat
ing with some of the law-abiding people
of Dublin Gulch for the appointment of
a special deputy sheriff for that place,
knowing as I do that crime has been
rampant there for some time, but that
detection of the criminals has been al
rmost wholly impossible for want of such
a peace officer."
New Bond Issue Question Held in
Committee-Pool Room Petition
Not Ready-Other Matters
At the meeting of the city council
last night considerable routine busi
ness was disposed of. The question of
a new bonding issue for the purpose
of refunding outstanding city obliga
tions, was not up for action, the Ju
diclary committee asking for further
time after spending the greater part
of the afternoon yesterday in discussing
the proposition. It is understood that
some of the members of the committee
oppose the plan on the ground that
a sinking fund will be necessary later
in order to secure suTffclent money to
pay off the new bonds and that this
means the tying up of a considerable
sum of money until such time as the
entire fund would be available.
Mayor Davey appointed the following
reglstration agents:
West Side, John G. Simpson, Charles
Lyford; East Side, Alexander Ander
son, P. J. Kane. The amppointments
were unanimously confirmed.
Alderman Bryant moved to invite the
various parties in the city to send in
lists of the names desired for election
judges for consideration by the coun
cil, which was carried. There will be
five Judges in each ward and these will
name two clerks for each ward.
Cohen Wanted the Earth.
The proposition of Alderman Cohen
to have appointed three democrats, one
republican and one labor member as
judges in each ward, went over until
the next meeting, it being pointed out
that no populist was provided for.
Alderman Mayo moved to cancel any
agreement existing between the city
and county relative to the city paying
a part of the smallpox expenses. This
Wvas carried.
Fire Chief Sanger asked that the
council authorize a ten-days' vacation
each year with pay for the firemen and
the request was granted by unanimous
The Judiciary committee recommend
ed passage of 'the extension ordinance
after it had been amended to change
the territory described in the third de
Scription. The recommennatlon was
Concurred In.
P. H. Gahn is in the city for the pur
pose of perfecting arrangements for,the
establishment of a state bank at Pohy.
rThe institution will be opened in the
course of a few weeks.
Mr. Gahn has been connected with the
Elling banking interests for a number
of years, and is a sqn-in-law and was
schooled in the business by the late
Henry Elling, who, when he died a year
ago, was at the head of seven financial
institutions 4n this state.
W. W. Morris of Pony and Thomas
Duncan of Virginia City are associated
lwith Mr, Gahn in his new enterprise,
There was a flutter of eKcitemen t around the courthouse this morning
when It became generally known that a new location of the old Thomas lode
claim, which figures so prominently in the suit of George H. Casey and
others against A. W. Barnard, had been made.
The new location was mate yesterday shortly after Judge Harney had
decided in the Casey-Barnard suit that the location of the Thomas claim
was defective. The' relocator Is Lee Davenport.
The fact that the claim had been relocated did not become known until
this morning.
The title of the Davenport location is suggestive. It is the "Poker quartvz
lode mining claim." The notice of the location has been posted in a small
box nailed to the old windlass frame over' the shaft dug by 'teneral Leg
gat on the lot west of the courthouse.
The old shaft Is taken as the discovery shaft and the claim is 1,280 feet
long and 60 feet wide.
Will tnot Affect Surface Rights.
It is contended that if the old Thomas lode location is decrtared Invalid
the new one just nmade by Davenport will hold all the mineral rights In the
ground it covers.
The suit now pending between Casey and others and Barnard, if car
ried, as has been stated it will be, to the United States supreme court, will
either establish the Thomas lode title or knock it out. Whether any sur
face ground will 1i gained' by the new lode location is an open question.
It Is contended that the surface r ights, having been hela more than ten
years, will not be affected by the D avenport location, even if in timie it
takes the mineral rights in the ground it covers.
What value the mineral rights have, if any, is yet to be shown. If the
surllee rights already belong to others and cannot be affected by the new
location the mineral rights will not be available unless the owner cf theml
purchases ground through which to mine his claim.
At the Finlen.
James Grant, Flathead.
I. Powers, Hamilton.
Thomas Scott. Flathead.
E. G. Zik, Anaconda.
Thomas F. Casey, Chicago.
Thomas F. McLaughlin, Helena.
R. W. Caldwell, Chicago.
O. L. McDonnell, Des Moines, Ia.
P. Carney, Waterloo.
B. P. Billings, Omaha.
W. W. Masters, Philipsburg.
A. L. Duncane, Missoula.
G. L. E. Wisner, Anaconda.
R. L. Mentrum, Anaconda.
At the Thornton.
F. M. Curtis, Los Angeles.
H. M. Boone, Spokane.
Frank D. Brown, Philipsburg.
George H. Potter, Virginia City.
T. J. Helwig, Denver.
Burns Macdonald, San Francisco.
G. B. Patterson, Chicago.
W. R. Allen, Anaconda.
H. Low, New York.
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Elton, Waterbury,
George M. Hays, Billings.
E. C. Day, Helena.
Joseph J. Hindson, Helena.
Ham J. Davis. New York.
H. A. Strauss, New York.
H. H. Edgerton, Danbury.
A. F. Lowenthal, New York.
R. A. Luke, Helena.
J. D. Hamilton, New York.
John J. Fitzpatrick. Merino.
Frank Parsons, Boston.
Morris Kahn, Philadelphia.
Alex Burrell, Marysville.
N. S. Hitchcock, Chicago.
0. G. Fredericks, Helena.
At the Butte.
J. M. Sligh, Anaconda.
J. M. Conway, Billings.
M. R. Cowell, Winnipeg.
Bob Roberts, Red Rock.
C. Tyle, Missoula.
B. Thompson, Missoula.
James Breen, Spokane.
H. Behrens, Chicago.
Tom McTague, Deer Lodge.
Charles Nuckols, New York.
D. A. Morrison, Whitehall.
J. A. Sprague, Denver.
O. E. Hicks, Denver.
J. J. Ryan, Helena.
At the Southern.
William Riley, Pony.
J. E. Caskey, Seattle.
Thomas C. Reed, Boise City.
A. E. Riviere, Anaconda.
Fred Stinson, New York.
J. Knapp, Glencoe, Minn.
C. J. Langdon, Salt Lake.
George E. Lane, Dawson, Alaska.
Rteplresentatives from the Butte &
Boston and the Parrot smelters
were at the police station today to
identify a lot of stolen brass and cop
The plunder was caltured by Police
man Tom Hynes along with three
youths who were carrying it along
Shields avenue last night. The officer
became suspicions and arrested three of
the youths, a fourth making his eas
The prisoners gave their names as
lHurry Edwards, Homer Tilley and
James Madden. The property stolen
was in sacks and altogether weighed in
the neighborhood of 300 pounds.
Edwards is the boy who was fined
recently by Judge Boyle for spitting
in a street car in violation of the city
ordinance. His fine was made the mini
muml because of the representations of
his father to Manager Wharton of the
Street Car company and to Judge Boyle
that the youth was a well-behaved lad
and had never before been in trouble.
'At the jail the lads insisted that they
saw a man place the sacks In the tunnel
near the Butte & Boston smelter and
that they took them intending to find
who owned the stuff.
The police think thiy have succeeded
through this arrest In breaking Into the
practices of the gang of boys who have
been stealing from the smelters for
months past and have been protected
and encouraged by some of the junk
reel of the city.
This morning most of the stolen stuff
was identified by the master mechanic
of the Butte & Montana. The boys will
be held on a charge of having stolen
property in their Possessilon and will
probably be arraigned tomorrow.
Rev. Leslie Sprague, the eloquent
clergyman of the Helena Unitarian
church, will deliver a lecture at (Good
Templars hall tomorrow evening.
The subject of his address will be
"What Is Left Concerning the Thought
of the Bible."
Always good-Harvard cigar. *
William Itiley Is in from Pony.
Orton Brus.--Planua and organs. "
D. A. Morrison is in from Whitehall.
A. L. Duncan is over from Milssula
M. It. Cowell of Winnepeg is at the
Thomas F. McLaughiln Is over from
the capital.
L. Powers of Hamilton Is a late ar
rival in Butte.
C. J. Langdon of Salt Lake Is In the
city today.
J. A. Sprague of D)cnver is a guest at
the Butte.
O. E. Hicks of Denver is a recent ar
rival in Butte.
J. M. Conway of Billings is staying
at the Butte.
H. M. Boone of Spokane Is a guest at
the Thornton.
James Breen of Spokane is a late ar
rival in the city.
JoHseph J. Iindson was o..c from the
capital yesterday.
James Grant Is at the' Linlen, regis
'tered from Flathead.
J. G. Bates, tuner, Montana Muslo Co.,
119 N. Main at. Tel. 501 "
Tyler Thompson of Missoula arrived
in the city yesterday.
Colonel Tom McTague was tip from
Deer Lodge last night.
J. Knapp of Glencoe, Minn., arrlivid
in Butte last evening.
Ilob Roberti of Ited ltock is among the
receint arrivals in the city.
Thomas (. Iteed of Iloise City is spend
ing a few days in the city.
0. G. Fredericks is amaong the recent
arrivals from the state capital.
Bowling, pool, billiards, Thornton lot.l
basement. Finest alley and parlors. *
Mr. and Mrs. If. Elton of Waterbury,
Conn., are staying at the Thornton.
When you want something to read, go
to the P. O. News Stand. 57 W. Park. *
George H. Potter of Virginia City Is
renewing acquaintances ini Butte today.
Sec(retary of State George M. Hlays Is
at the Thornton, registered from 11111
W. It. Allen of the French (lulch
Placer Mining company was in Butte
Alex Burrell, superintdndent of the
Drum Lammun mine at Marysville, is at
the Thornton.
Bob Mentrum, the popular chief of tlhe
Anaconda fire department, spent yester
day in. Butte.
Frank D. Brown of the Bimetallic at
Philipsburg came In on the late train
from the West.
Mrs. V. (. Matlack left today for (hil
cago, where she will vi,,it relatives and
friends a few w\eelks.
California Cafe, reopened. New man
agernent, everythihg first class. Jackson
& Priesz, Propr!ctors.
(lcorge E. Lane, who has just retlurned
from Alaska. is at the Southern, regis
tered from Dawson.
J. J. Ryan, secretaly of the state boardu
of equalization, came in on the late train
from the North last night.
Dr. Sligh, one of Anaconda's most
prominent and successful physicians,
was in Butto yesterday between trains.
Sherman, the undertaker, Ihas morad
his undertaking buslness to his new And
commodious Quarters on East Broadway.
Ift man wants to buy a chestnut horse,
he does not want to buy a horse chest
nut. If a man wants the best Havana
filler, American union labor make cigar,
he does want the Harvard: and he does
get it, too, judging from the sales of a
million a week.
I .SJIolid gold shell, plain filaglree s.
SKIRTS SYMONS' stonesBaby n9C
UNDER rFlorodoras
SUNDE R New shell, right Just now, very
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Jackets and Skirts are shown Nottingham
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''he Journeyimen Butche'rs' Union, iit
1it meeting held at tihe courthouse list
night, appoiLnted LL eo i ttll el'e to c(onfer
with the Swift I'acking cImIIpIlIny's
agents regarding the differlenice existinl
betweeon them. The Inmuttlr may result
in a boycott, which the packing Icon
P.uny people may they are r'eady to light,
having had c'onsldieraljle iexl,erietlce Ill
the fighting business.
More reasonable and al etble r. nl
ul'reS are liable to be adopited, howe'ver,
as both sides arel willing to give and
take a little in tihe' controversy,
.lMis' Mlary )enlllnis, the \eva;ngelisti, who
Ji 'onductling revival tnrvices at the
4;rail' Methodlist I'Iscopal church, is
creating counsiiderble Inter'est in her
iiork and eciurling thi c'o-operationl of
t)le mneilr berl and tlhe paiItrHt' In h ler
commnllienda ble efforts. T'he Irimeetings
which are held it 7:4.5 anilh ieven ing are
%,eII attended. F'riday aflternooln at
4::50 a young peophle's ;ieeting will be
inuductedI in the church.
Will Save Men, Body and Soul, Says
Prof. Quackenboss.
(New York IHrald.)
ieforei the New York City T'raining
Shool I'for Nurses Prl'f. Johnll i. Quaclk
lIbiIoHS, at the New York Academy of
Itiedlcilue yesterday afternoon reald ia pa
per on "1Iypno-Sci'ience, Itis Progress and
Its Future evelolpment." lie called at
tllntion to the Impnllorl'tanlt adval((nce made
by psychology by the assulmption of a
prilttical charactlor, and In part he said:
"In no directllon has this practical
evoll ollon beeI'n inr'e conspicuous than
inl the rectent utilization of psycho
tlh.raplleuti(s 48 an alproplriate I nstilru
rnaltalltg for the treat;tment of functional
di.sorders, nervous diseasH(s, delusions
anld impllrative conceptions, mloral oblil
qlulty and ;n1equillbration, backwalrdness
and arresti'd mental development.
"I firmly believe that as all agent of
physlcal cure hypno-su'gestion will
shortly come to be universally employed
by trained nurses for the puipose .of
carrying their patients through the
crisis of disease. It will be used by
physiclans, the character of the child
being determined by suggestion; and
this method of Improving ethhially and
lttellleetually a coming generation will
iye practiced on no large and birotad a
scale that society must feel the uplift.
"Tntelligent physicians will antlcipate
by such treatment an inherited tendency
to malignant growths, fortifying through
Ithe channels of suggestion the system
of the subject against any chemical, me
chanical or emotional cause for the de
velopment of cancer. Carcinoma, for
instance, being rare under 30, the phy
a(lian of the future will keep up the
vitality of the threatened tissues. in
eases where the heritage is suspected,
by powerful suggestions to the sub
pe'rsonal mind, begun at the age of 25.
Suggestions may further be used to reg
ulate and control the population of the
earth. Such promises to be t'I, develop.
wment of the twentieth centuryv, while
hypno-cilence seems to be dleslined to
demoDstrat te IMI1ortalit, OVq philosophl
Partnership Dissolution Sale by
Makers of Ladies' File Wear. K. of P. Idg, 131 S. Main
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govern tI il'pattil ii I Ielle olrrI.r 5 H, an.Il Ip''
aihlly to ixtenld its ll inveslt ig tiollS I'll',
the reinlll of the ditadil.
"InvesHLtigutlnsr l 'XteniildiK over rrirlny
years Ihave' led am' to believe in the dual
piernrllrliiy of irlnil- ,Ithat Is. :lac'l hilen.ii
uni t exists in two (jilHntiIt StHtlre to f nu
1p rlor c('IllHJloUHIIvHN. ()01, (of ilt'H. HiLLtee
Is called the. prrrimarr'y ori' SIiuprniirrnlil
con'.iel)ouchInes -the pere'lonality Iby Wllh h
a rlnln Is known to his obJectlive Ilnnici
rates, wl(tlch takesH (ogni'r)ll.nerl through th,*
seste. of thei outside world andi carrhHie
on the orl(dinairy ulcuinHesIH of e very-liday
life. The Hcolld or HUbiliirnall persoiln
ality is the sulerior l-pI) h'tritua.l self,* the,
nilin'm own,.. j'en'oul, which untonolltL
'ally uperrllrW#ld aIll pihylte l('l fllnctllolls
arrdt" .roetl.ednres and inftluences nrital
artd ,id okgj 'attitudes.
" t jWilJl$s to lw a I'fact of mind th it
In irleep -nalltural or indllullcel--thnl sub
lllrinal or rllibirngrrged serlf marry be
Irouught irtno actlive control of the ob
jetiLve, li'.e. My experinlrll ts )lave
forceld Inle to tI.e ionc'lulion that therel
I: no dliffereic'e as 'rgarridsr Htlrgglestiilty
ibetlwevll rlatrIIl leep and thie So-called
hypnotlic tranc'e. In the induced sleep
the' Hsubjecit is en raprllli t ixc(lusively with
lhe opleratol, inl his natural sleep he
nray be en riapport with his own ohjectlve
self, Iperhlaps witllh' n'a mltitude of del
rariate persoluirallll.e, who think and feel
in icommonli with himr, iand, in lase heli
Ie of supllerior party., Iposibly with all
weill-wishinrg txtLtalturran intelligence.
"The iin iressing ou0 tile personality
le-rlttal ee. tlhroughl the dlouble c'onselous
niess fusedl in the rllgle huiian rlmind,
the superior spiritulal self b.eing ohnoix
lous to the Irin-iuriation of Ia belief, Irn
pulse or thought, which mllay ldolrinllte
the: waking life-rand thl Is ssuggestlon.
The: siubject bellehves, antl post h'ypnoti
cally doce, all that he is urged to do
all that h.rau in view the actcorlpllshnrwnt
of his purlpose andl Is In colnfornlty with
his highest good. IHe is constrained
after walking to obey the Impulses of hls
own superior self thus Inrrpired by a per
son of unassailable principle who be
lieves li himself and in his suggestlons.
"From the physical viewpoint hypno
suggestlon has for' Its aim emancipation
from functional disturbances through its
regulatlon of the ordinary process of
digestion, absorption, elimination, cir
culation'and infiervation in general.
Pain Is controllable, and, as' you know,
minor rsurgical operations have been
succe.sully and painlessly performed
on hypotled Hubjeicts. Many a woman
has I,.n s.ntltched fronl the clutch of
lde'ath by in Impe,,rative suggestion
4given by hitr physiclan or solne member
iof her fliirily to the effeci t thati he shall
live for the child shel I;il Ihdborne.
"Th. traineId Inuse has it In her llpower
ln rnde'r Invaluble ser'vice along this
now line on f pyc'ho-therapeutlhs.: In the
Ion nIWilli'n itt of Iner'Vous l ivallidsl alolle,
at tih' omnmandl of lthe pIroperly eqiuifiped
niI'rse, In the calin of hypnosis, all nerv
Oisn systems subsile, the4 heart stops its
I UIIultuous beat, the pulse falls from
120 to 701, the hurried rexspIratlon becomes
slIow, regular and breezy, and the pa
I lent, by hopeful suggestions, is exalted
to a plane where nothing can ruffle the
se'rene' surface of his soul.
"I have It trained nurse now, treating
in ('alifornia, under my direction, a little
girl with diabetes meilltus, which in a
childl has long been regarded as equlva
l(nt to i death sentence, and this par
tIlular at se was sent to me from the
West In November, after sp.ciallsts here
anld abroad had pronounced it hopeess.
Tl'hree treatments by suggestion were
giviin lafter the child was asleep in bed
at llight, with the result of most marked
Ilnriov'ilv ent in 10 doya. The repolrts
si I i' have b.e'on Imost encouraging.'
Philosophic Maunderings.
(I altimtorne News.)
The man who dioes his thi;hklng to
himsellf lIs ia hr'O; Ii btter' results than
the ilan who thilnks out lowl.
Never lminll, the cornerl where the
·olleslt breezes)t' blow jl thet most comn
'ortable next August.
Thie mlan who splrawls all over the
strteet ear would shrink like a 20-cent
slirt if he had to pay two fares.
The cook may have lots of dough and
still work for two-fifty a week.
One distinctive feature about a fur
naie is that the' condemned by many',
by .all it is acknowledged to be a grgte
There are ten different railroads center
ing in'the Twin Cities. Of these ten, six
operate between the two towns and (hi
cago. Of these six there is one partle
ular favorite--one that 'carries travel
largely in excess of the others. It Is
"The Milwaukee." While It has alwalns
been recognized as THE line, its p4i.
ulatrlty has Igreeatly tonereeed,'slinc, ,the
inaugdiration' of its Pdioeer Litmlted serv
ieo. The Pioneer Limited Is a beauty

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