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IP -- - ----
i'W hat it dliffr'l ln. " ht4 r. Ik; 1hltve 11 Ih,
manly talk lput lpl "Y' oung" 'o 'lr It
and the vindlictlive, dto-g n-lIthe-nl:ig,*
screed of M (Illv( l'rn 4 a4ll his ltilllot. l'.
fSam haris. lieei is l'4r4 l, t tll 114ii
t\ w onl the l making of th" ' Il ti h wit i,
"I have want.i to get ; tight otn w14h
fsomebody for quite a i hille, and abovel
everything :Ind ev,\lryIbody .,h I hllm.
wanted It make this with .. ,vo11 evrn.
One reason, of ,.04l , 4i1.1 th t Ili
woult be molire llmoney in it I tan ii n
anyone else.
"I have only aslled wh : il 1 was V i e I. 1
to. ý lt'.overn ani d ll141 lia s hat. , l It
of money atnd I hlave on4lti 'art illv'ly lIIt
tile, but that dtoes not figlure in I i.',,
N1o (one will h1'ar 4' le making e'X',.n<'
should this light 4go agl:tlilst meii. I ilk.
that (4del 'hration now, ii 11.l 1 11i tll Ith'
earnestnless poss4hbt.
"I have not dot.e. any lallI.ing i 4r.4 t
fore, and I tdo not intind ti ft'ironi noIw4 on4,
Anylhodiy els4 n4ell'rnl'ld ' an '. ' ;ill lthe'
talking, I wonll't o4lj4t4 . I \ ll1 I.n l Ih'"
There Is a q4lu stion . ii tetll r' Ih. ti;ht
can be calledli ramll itlaltt hllit lighllt 1this
time, as the artlhles perm' it blh nlti4 i to
weigh In o4uts4lo of the f, athe'rwitght
limit. This wi tl lave thei clhall nlliothll
opten to disl ut I an l' give #. ine of tlhe
other asllpiring' feat4,l i44er\\ ilgh t 1 ci.hie.'.
for the ibelt.
Of these 1ithere ul r qlite a nulll4 l ,r 1 .' ll4
ilg on as thle be,44tter O4le44 4.1t hi '.'vy.
"Kld" Ilioad is pratil ll ly ou4t of Ilh,
class now, alnd will 11ind it 1htrll to get
down to the limit again. YItingcir is
atmiong the )(Hst who (.144 make the wi\i h t11
legitimately, and there i. a irl'is4e4't of l
his manallger demmliinitll4g ii ight fromi
"Corbett" algain In castc the latlter Wilns
from nlMc(ov.rr.
Yanger alld "Colrhtllt" haIve fought
twice, In which Yatiger ganlled a ldeclsilon
ionce and a draw the seond thIe, 1i is
the only 1Lan with w\homnl Ittll\\ll l1has
fought a. return mnltch IIwho hasn't I ',te1
whipped by the chami4lon.
Broad knocked out 1th chamlllion In
their first blttle, and in the seccond go
in Denver lost the decision In 10 roulnds
of hard fighting 1n which "Young" ('or
bett outfought his tlopponelnt all through.
This has Ibeen a characteristic of tile
Denver boly and demlnolnstrates more thanlll
anything else what ,has been frequently
claimed In these columns that the cham
pion Is hard to control In the ring and In
his eagerness to fight is apt to lose his
head and go In onl the same plan as did
McGovern when the latter got knocked
out at Hartford.
"Corbett" has repeatedly gone in and
landed against a knockout blow slmply
through a lack of caution. When held
in hand and under control he is the shift
lest little fighter since the championship
days of Jimmie Barry. But he won't
always use his head as well as his hands
and feet.
Montgomery Park at Memphis Is show
Ing up some promising candidates for the
big race events. The horses have been
pushed along in earnest, trainers taking
every advantage to get their charges
ready for March 31, the opening day. No
fast times have been made-one mile In
1:47; six furlongs in 1:27. Two-year-olds
have been breezed three-eighths of a
mile in 40 and 39 seconds.
Last week was noticeable for the ar
rival of I. C. McDowell's string, which
includes 10 belonging to William K. Van
derbilt and two of William Astor Chan
McDowell states that Alan-A-Dale is
the best colt he ever owned, remarking
at the same time: "Not only do I think
that the son of Halma and ltudie Mc
Nary is the best I ever had, but I con
sider hhn the best colt in America today.
Last year the colt suffered with his knee,
but he now seems perfectly sound and I
will back him against any horse of his
age at any distance from six furlongs
up to one and one-half miles." He then
stated his stable would not go West this
season, but that Alan-A-Dale was en
teF4d In the American Derby and that
he 'was a sure starter itf well.
After the Kentucky Derby the colt will
go to Chicago for the American Derby,
then go East for the Realization stakes.
The Kentuckian has already played
Alan-A-Dale for the American Derby,
He thinks he has a great stable all
ground, but as yet "breezing" is all the
!-year-olds have had. The pretty colt
The Rival, looks as 41t as any of ,hi
string, but Is terribly dwarfed by tht
magnificent Alan-A-Dale, who seems ti
know everybody is looking at him whef
ie appears and acts according. He is it
4a4s 8 inches high and in symmetry ii
John W. Mchorr is again kicking aboul
.t.ti stable not making any money foi
(, Bohorr can consider himself a luckI
maIn If IU11 Iiriik' in1iiywri'hi',i even it tlhe!
c ifil Ihori"sn iln I8 difll' ul lt to ftIthol . I
aIs he I ;i4w t 'otjj'l 118 IInht 111 tt114 tli'",l
~Ito tIltI % hr' Ig lie, . hI has It I\tl.V i i1tty
ig 1,1ill y for his vael , rs aind llven. hallI -
id i' bun h of t nIfedi rate 8r1t1 l ere :ll
( i It ~ll irlll l ql;ll, Ii.l l hIi l' i l iil'
there. It wis luch k pill' aniid ,"lli ple that
Ihra w I' slurtll ' e hy Itiyllionaire, who
Si itilh l l It 1i .1' il l, p iii t . l l , ',ri t I '+ta Ihly
tLe 'ratl'dest filly th111 oVVI I'm -.,l III
th.e I 1enIly a rn111' 11' 1 hh Iib1n 1 t
ril, 'i, I lso . e.,, , filly i . h, i ns n if
il f\\ it .l %\h' ' I I'h :1 11 11111 lutus le a11s
-lloot l ',hi i s gifts.
i(. II'I. lit li t' s 8 ,11.,')' lll i\., ill, n I i'
A (14111 . 11 illi ii 11f iitt :i 11:11 11, rIut:
'llll1 his fat r tllt 1 lhlt IIral k :;Ittt ut n1I,3,
ll ,I Ijitli. l. . i' t.' i ll'' Io '.111i1 i tt'il'
Is justlly I.rol'ld il1f Ab. , i Il'nk, i \h llt u nts
III1. ii 'd . i Vit I'riv t' i is1, bi t h ll l.t
lii nt ', it is ni t from ' tj 4i. m u1i' 1.i 11f;ii'
tiihe Iri, i il t l I 111 1 i l.fes. It-er k ll ll 'i,-e
s ,Iti h I l' an tt 1 ll 2-.it '1111 I 1111i ' . .ti I.r
hm lt ber d it , l ia'II t l +it1t, I-i%'t . Tlh ,y
hat l ibeou''ne t' 1hI llh m ll .e t' :it1e t l l Ilt .l
.li t fl it" iii i"h' I r.l r I', tn ll l - ,and .tt i
p s ":118 ul1ite :1s 1:r 1144' 1s A!Iun-.1-. 1)ule.
The l iblark \\av nor I.lcr. ijI A'llltiil. e ' l'
w th out a h elt. t It't ; nhild te t'1l l f ,lle
illi ll 1 . l' , h ilt : .I." I.' i; ,II .. , ill i 'oll -
pcily t, it AI le I lllik If 1 .e'y in ini lt.r,
hiII ., lil'y to il thi 1, . .tell n ii . s
'ci' l I l ,lle s Itt ~ ,1 l l+ Io
S-a 4 Io libl, ' l l lbe h8 , 11-1, i i , 1l h li Il i
od. 1ll'(11 i * llJ, , r Il thle IIlln i..
I JL . s 4I 't;IL, n U11I:L y t li lhu , c ii I,1 h ,'h
wi c i\s l"ll0 r ' V ' lllihthllocn is eh,,ai , h,' l,
a thll t l.ha Iot a lih l ' i:'ll, i , ;au l l in- I
Ilk ' him teil, eetl 1.
sA ftbulh t lee, il t' mel 1hio,0e '. ,\hiih
iround that .Yatr we111 e kept ,1 14l
whi/ h is ls nt l ll kn w n, 1is thl t Sp lah , -
ihlh n'ltlng In o kder to esca Ie _dla.i.
Broad trild litard to liet In a knoi kout,
tr le durn (o11111111he, illls lit th ir a ylelr
lght \io, M;I r ,h 1. ro nm t "ill- ou s
o(hulht s nd ti Mis l+ Itrl I i'i litl l 1i-l
tloublte dur In hl last rou nd ed dIll 1avo
Yof )u ger a l'oil' ne ir ,t 1011-round wi e
rahel riff ta le, It Itrlio d a. ing h m itti
easy and blocking most of YVuillllr's
blows. Yangi't' Wia knoeluk(e down in
the fourth round with ai left hook, 11e
was ufp In aill hinstiillt and it flore mix
up followed, althi utillh neithel'r lan was
punlish.d to any great extelt, Broad
got down t11 work In the next round
and after I'eaihing Yanger wiltl a felw
sirfs lefls tile latter began to hang on in
the clinches, lproid scored several tiaes
without a return and had the better of
the bout at the close of the round.
Broad landed so often in the last
round that Yanger was kept busy
clinching In order to escape defeat.
Broad tried hard to get In a knockout,
and itltthough hie IlandediJ at 14(4st a dozen
4win4gs on Yang4r'44 jaw the 41hUle ('hl
4114(44441 ar44 iln suc~h goodI ciondltion thit
hf' iillinhtigi'i to 44l4 to thei 'aid oIi thu
r~lt h's f .
N'4intittn .1. Adams 404oon thi' wri'"nllng
444 :it t hi' IBo Ii- gyiiitasnlu list' night
4hrolugh fim suype-rio'ir wi-igti 34i1 strength,
h,.th of wht.-h We'rt' hazity (4 u444-i a that,
Ahin-y Ilaiii it 44 ainid F'ir(iI Keith
\1(·rl·· ,III thrown ll (\\lr~c In :1 1 rltnutpn
494o', 4iti fri rot)1iiAd'4 t iva-'lon' the 441t-4t4
4Iir I·rii 4 4nish Iits w iiortk.
A 44,.' Ill.- thatch AdamllIM (:4.-i (ii:tlileng('
I'v ,\ilhiaii 4ti-is tiii ia iti-lih-uis-vati'h
40t m~lt.-t 4(4 44444' hi''' ni-Ut Mondlay
uigl~ fir 4.14' r4 Iii--itt :1t iit s1(t, hbet.
A thittII, (;a.,-iai tairt. 4. 'I'l(I- 12-hour
yroai4l .14 3' 4(4. I. : (ll ' 0'n r (((it. 4(4y 4( (4)4t uiii.
44444t -i't'he 4'Ortr 41i- )i' tae t,a.l ti-(4! the4
Ii'ioi h was 21; 4Ii.)4,.s and ii aips.
Hill4y Mi.ta..t-on 4t . 4ank44ig 1(449' s ak In
4-4.4 4'hiirl4('ti tii-I', I?(]" i11aitbi and
oIIi I(i.i4'P 'h 'a N ''v, th14 lldont,. trIy a
t'. il' :ii(4 vitllit4, it t',,iii of) y,.,i:'s till 4(4m4e
1: ti i44i1.4 .4'ho4llsl Nil tIi'I.ii 44 0(n(goo
u! 14i4.4ll hi s t' 4il 4 (it h" l-4 n (',I 4:444 4 -.
1: .4 2 l ilit 411 44(4'o p040g 1 144i I.!t ,4,
4 :i . n4il't I':1 kai- of 4-.-u 14,4, ha;.4 ut'
Iss '4:,4t4,rr htl4('ug.-, t~'au l-t.(~l4y 14444
4Iiii.,io tl:, ii'IIthe lt~.i444i-. 1l4,'rniit
4II1·: ril444 4,::(ll. 4'.i:'' -
I't (':14 I, Parke 9 k - an' d (4 "4 l4 (4-, ('4
4:,)Ii' ,?., 0 14(4 ((:444(4'rs 4:a'. 4 ('' lii:i I.'r
"\\'ihi' i c1· \\'h i .1111l ,', Wit Il'.itl. -iy anti
I: (lll:1.41 -' 44411 nIl:: - \ 'I 0 I(t 44(
-14or 14i , Jos 1-11 b- 444 4, ': (, 44 14h:4r I. '
((II l((4(l( (444 ili-tiy (ii 1- .t (((144". *~44f.4a
14 "t .4' 44( --.ll' l44(1. Ii v 0 hi.-',-u .- will
ha4(l " ( w4t(, Ii.- 'tniiwi 4d I iv.' 44((4:4 (i I
n; 4 . 4 44y0.1 4.4l L (4 144.4 i'i'' 44t'X4 4 'ay
Illlnn't us r n ."" n.' s 4% ll ",·: ~n( IhL v;.n
liIf, 44(1 0444( ..hi 4((.,(:(-. ~l ' 44:~dli (('(14
tri 41 .4 4:4 4.' '.(i-· u-I - ( 4( ii' \(l 4-ll · ((r. 41-ll
N wi --I'' (')- a l .4n ti-i" .---. '4' (4-t sire 'i;0m -n
i,"I' rrrn c to I."il w::l t," " it, h" 15s.
1:.tt lhu: i. t Ill. of t lt '. o 1 n clrla g · td-!
44 "t, l I cii 441y. i-'4," ii" I.:( li'-4 ."n I N tl
44 ('4.4' 4 o. II I (l 1. 4lt, 4 4
t l.444,('nt 44 .'' l 4i-4'.(:( e h44.. a 4il b1'.
44'4.- I t'i' 4'i 1 llt 1 Ii (('il. (1- 4-4.xt4 day 4 li
44.4:1 l 14e (4. 1'444tr It 4411, 44, t 1- 4(4 444 it 4-4-r11,
ilrl) litula .: '4o,11 444-41 . 1444-' t" : 'i , ') t t(4 4'r
Iiiyit o f 4,' (''4 4-I 44i"i %,"h .1 i ht, \',S - . n1(4'4
Y.4'I It' 1l, -t.-l iii4 .i. I' is 4.. la 44( Ine
((('"4t i "-' 441, tit"(( 144 4'i-4e:ul
((14II:4,h' 444 4f, '4'.1 4a,4('i 4vit- 4414- it,- opi:4
ion I11.1'o li(r, 441 'itl I4-,,44'. to 444-i t i'.' tc of
(011 Elt 4".11 tl- 11 .-I i lit,4 II44-. Iu of4h1(4(
11i1-- t444g1 (..uni 4,.- .1,1.- toy 141 oIie ~'a
o'(f .' fluf :4t t.4 i'44.v' (.4 ii - f I i) I, v4(;(4 tiO
44(4 ('(4 44 14' 4ta c a .,'I ('44,44: 4 - '1144 t,:4 ' 4404
t4(lll'44U4(4t 4 lii-r :ti-t.'r h1" c-it,-4 4414-~.W(el
4o444 04y 'p In4~.44.4 to ill,:ti 443 44.4iul o1t
I' it144 484. r ", hI l' i adn
s"- 211, 'the t tall' 14(4 44h(4 4-(li- 9445 14in
44( '44.0 (La bihey Pori, 444144,1i 4444 s 1(40 .'4i
pr04' Ir4eed Ihr 44'g44 i 4~4444)44 4:r41 esident- 1.
((C441(i, "utha h at," -agett
4 1/ 4i
h,/1 e
Tt is stated to be the Intentlon of the
purchasers of the Empire Cit) track
recently sold by the Clark estate to re
vive Interest in the trotting In Greater
New York. A41 necessary. Improvements
on the track are to be made at once,
and trotting and pacing races will be
Inaugurated as soon as the weather is
Jimmy nlitt, the amateur whose entry
into the professional ranks was marked
by a victory over Toby Trwin, thinks of
fighting Martin Duffy. Brltt would bet
t&,r stay right where he In till he gets
Sis ?om and experience.
Tf Jimmy Hurnm is afraid to meet
'Mlexican Pete" In a return n atch, per
1aps his brother, (eorge Lawler, will
thi,'t him. "Mexlcan Pete" said yester
jray to the l)eeteret News th it he woult
Iweet Lawler at any timie and at any
i;atrce, as he harrel ne:tahr the "lrish
fl lint" or his brother, whil titvels Iun.lr
the nlame of Iturns.
I think it Is al ot time o le of theta
w'e doing sIolmthing." sal] Pete. "I
hIll. marle all kinds of offiers to tJutns,
h ti he aplpeIars to )he artill to come t,
the st'rat:h. W ell. If h: Ii ft' Id, I wi'
fight his brother. I donl't bar anyone.
Thy alun iill c(ome in I will mneet
li.lffnt:o will give' $2",1000 cderby this
S 'r. hc IThe niw track thlere, when fin
Ishd I thlis year, will be oi e of the pret
tiet Iplants Ii th. ('ctuntrcy. (flor:'ge V.
lit,',l; . tche wl i'-k: o cvn (c 'i'ag1c turf
man, i lll cl rintle lid the' itll ding of
the pleint. ih iii li ntrodluii many in
nlicavleons into the' nw a' c.rl'lctur Iand tlie
c iiohc thincig ,i hcn fnii , he- v cl'I pro: .tily
he Ic goI l Ir Ic l v y.
1tu. c rcct is iceing lcrinic I icvto thy li ffei t
tL:t 'tirry Mi invcrn c-ti I have Suilicvn
were small boy rivals in. BoolFdr and
that their families hated one atother
desperately. Miserable rotl The Stil
llvans came over from Ireland not so
long ago, and lived in Boston, not In
Brooklyn. Terry used to be employed as
a trainer and rubber round SBulivan's
quarters, and there was never any quar
reling between them till Terry grew into
a champion and began to figure that he
could thrash his former employer.
Frank Kelly, a fight promoter of Cin
cinnati, has asked for the best terms
which Denny Yanger's manager would
offer for a fight between Yanger and
Terry McGovern.
Manager Hertz, for Yanger, wired In
answer that his man would meet Mc
G(overn at 122 pounds, 3 o'clock, 122
pounds ringside or as high as 126 pounds
ring side; also that he woull allow Mc
(:overn to name his own tern' es to
the division of the gate, the date of the
fight and other details.
Kelly is interestedI In a boxing club
at ('ovington, Ky., just arross the river
fion ('In Innati, and it is experteJ. that
Le Iv planning a Me(:o.ern-Yanger
matt h at the Kentucky city. Hertsz'
r.,idliness fo." the mnatch will make It
easy for the McGovern party to come to
terms, provided they care to give Yanger
t' chance, and a match between the two
is aentirely probable in the near future.
Portland, Ore, March 4.-Mike Dono
van and "Dutch" Thurston of San Fran
,leco have hIrn matched for a 20-round
go at the Pastime club of this city on
March 20.
Lnlondon, March· 4.-At %Vhite Chantel
Inat night i'andy Ferguson of lBoston
defeated lien Taylor of London in a 10
round contest for the heavyweight cham
,ionship of England and a prize of $1t0.
Dc partinent of the Interior, Land Office
It Ha lena, Mont., Feb:'uary 10, 1902.
Notlci is hereby given that the follow
ilg-naried settler has filed notice of his
intelltion to make final proof in support
of his claim, and that said proof will be
made before John R. anrdley, United
SStates commissioner, at Anaconda.Mont.,
on March 15, 1902, vli.: Napoleon Tessier
for homestead entry No. 8:120 for the lot
4, sa .\ of the owI , atdl \a, of the sw 4,
or St ction 4, To\wnshi)p 2 north, Itange 12
lIe :names the following witnesses to
prove :lsx conllinuous residence upon and
'tIilvallon of said land, viz.: David
't s lt r, Louis Tesslher. Florence Thib
cdeau, P'red t(nngtller of Ana.onda, Mont.
:Notlce Is hereby given that In pur
tuante t' of anl order of the district court,
if the seconld judli.la district of the state
of 'Montana, made an the 10th day of
Filruary, 1902, In the matter of the es
tate of John J. Streb, ltce:a.;ed, the un
del.ignled, the adnlllllstratrix of the said
estate, will sell at private sale, to the
hi:;hes.t tbdder for cash, itn awful money
of the United States, and subject to
oiln'tiatstion by sahl dsltrict court, on
Wednesday, the 5th day of March. 1902,
tat 12 o'clock noon, at th- Iowa house, in
the village of Melrose, in the county of
Silver How. state of Montana; all the
right, title, interest and estate of the
saidI John .1. Stroh at the time of his
death, and all the right, title and in
tereat that the said estate has, by oper
ation of law or otherwise. acquiredl other
than or in addition to that of the said
John J. Streb at the time of his death
in and to all those certain lots, uieces
or patr'ecls of land sltulat, lying and be
Ing' In the said village of Melrose, e.con
ty of Sliver Bow, stat- of Montana, and
hounded and described as follows, to
Lot number nine (9) and lot number
ten (10), in block nurnber e'even (11), of
the Towtnsite of Melrose, according to
the olfic!Al plat of said tcwinsite, now
on file In the cillce of the county clerk
tand recorder of S!\ver tow county, Mon
Ltana. Lot niumber nine is vacant; lot
number ten has a small brick house and
a stable thereon.
Terms and conditions of sa!e, eaih:
per cent of the Inttr''hiase niey to tc
company bid on the day of sale, balan'ce
on conllirmation or sale by said court.
D])cd at texpense of ;lurchab:er.
Adlintstratltx of thle Estate of Jiuhn J.
Stroh, deeased.
Notice is hereby gi'en that in pursu
ance of an order of the district court af
the Second judicial district of the state
of Montana, In and for the county of
Silver Bow, made on the 111th day of De
cember, 1501, in the m;.tter of the est ite
of Mary E. Turner, deceased, tile under.
signed, the administrator of the said es
tate, will sell at public auction to the
highest bidder for cash, subject to con
firmation by said court, on Saturday, thee
8th day of March, A. D., 1902, at 2
o'cloc: p. m., at the front door of the
courthouse, in Butte city, in said county
of Silver Bow, all the right, title, Interest
and estate of the said Mary E. Turnir,
at the timne of her death, and all the
right, title and interest that the said es
tate has, by operation of law. or other
Wise, acquired other than or in addlti m
to that of the said Mary E. Turner, at
the time of her death, in and to all th see
Certain lots, pieces or parcels of land
sltiate, lying and being In the said
dounty of Silver Bow, state of Mon
tana, and particularly described as fol
lows, to-wit:
An undivided one-fourth 1t/) Interest I
In and to t.:e "Moody" quartz lode min
ing claim, patented and designated by
nr.ited States ollicial survey thereof and
patent therefor as Lot No. 679. Survey No.
2633, In section nine (9), township 3 north,
rr.nge 8 west, Montana Principal Base
and Meridian.
An undivided one-fourth (N) Interest in
and to the "Kossuth" qua.tsz lode min
ing claim, patented and designated by
United States ofliclal survey thereof and
patent therefor as Lot No. 578, Survey No.
2632, in section nine (9), townslhip 3 north,
range 8 west, Montana Principal Base
and Meridian..
An untdivided one-fourth (14) Interest in
and to the "Sankey" quartz lode mining
c.r im, patented and designated by United
States official survey thereof a.nd patent
therefor as Lot. No. 180, Surve) No. 2684,
in sr' tion tine ti), towrahip 3 north,
range 2 west, Montana krilecipar Base
and Meridian.
Ji un.ivided one-_.urt.. (j) interest
In and to the "Iowa" quarts lode mining
claim, which was located by Byunm . .,
Beebe, on the 11th day of May, 1899, and
rtcorded on page F50 of Book "G" of
Quarts Lodes, in the records of said 811.
v : Bow county, to whlch records for de
ucrirtion reference Is hereby made.
Terms and cmnitlons of sale: Cash, 1I
per cent of the purcetase mcney to be
paid to the administrator on the day of
sate, balance on confirmat!on of said
sale by said court. Deed at expense of
Administrator of the Estate of Mary E.
Turner, Deceased.
C. P. DRENNEN. AttorneJ for Admilni
United States Land Offlce, Helena, Mon
tana, February 20, 1902.
Notice is hereby given that the Ana
conda Copper Mining company, a cor
poration existing under the laws of the
state of Montana, by John Gillie, its at
torney in fact, whose post office address
is Butte City, Montana, has this day
tilel its application for a patent for 41
linear feet, being 27.5 feet easterly and
13.5 westerly from the center of discov
ery shaft of the Jim H. lode mining
claim, upon which a notice of intention
to apply for a patent was posted on
February 14, A. D. 1902, situated in Sum
mit Valley (unorganized) mining district,
Silver Bow county, state of Montana,
and designated as Survey No. 5,825, In
fractional township 3 north, range 7
west, and being more particu!arly de
scribed as follows, to-wit:
Beginning at the southwest corner,
which is the point of intersection of the
third course of Survey No. 846,and the east
end line of Survey No. 1,654, a porphyry
stone set in the ground with a mound of
earth along side, and marked 1-5,825 for
Corner No. 1, from which the quarter
section corner on the south boundary of
section 7, fractional township 3 north,
range 7 west, bears south 32 degrees 4
minutes west 1,810 feet, and running
thence south 88 degrees 49 minutes east
41.5 feet; thence ncrth 11 degrees 1i
minutes cast 17 feet: then-e north 88
degrees 49 minutes west 41.5 feet; thence
south 11 degrees'15 minutes west 17 feet
to the place of beginning, containing an
area of .016 acres, of which .008 acres are
in conflict with Survey No. 586, not
claimed, leaving .008 acres claimed by
the above named applicant.
The location of this claim is of record
in tile recuordtr's office of Silver Bow
county, state of Montana, in Book "T"
of Iode records at page 69.
t'he a'Jolning claims to these premisa,?
are :pur\'ey No. 1.6, Modoc lode, lot 42,
Jol \W. Hansoms et al. app)liants, on
the north act; Purvey No. 840, Alex
Scott lode, lot 93, Charles S. Warren et
al. applicants, on the south; Survey No.
1.C;,4, Sunnyside lode, lot 241, James A.
Murray et al. applicants, on the west.
SAM.EIt1L 1BAIttKI;t, JR., Attorney for
(First pullication February 21, 190?.)
United States .and OP're, Helena, Mon
tana, January 18, 190:.
Notice is hereby given that John F.
M:cEvoy, Robert McDoa cll, Marion E.
Keast, William I1ldney and Andrew L.
Slater, whose paosoffice a.ldress is Butte,
Montana, have this day filed their appli
cation for a patent for 349.5 linear feet,
being 217 feet easterly and 132.5 westerly
from discovery shaft on the Idlewlld
lode mnining clahn, upon which a notice
of intentention to apply for a patent was
posted on the 16th day of January, 1902,
situated in Sumimit Valley (unorganized)
mining district, tilver Row county, state
'r Montana, designated as Survey No.
6508, township 3 north, range 7 west, be
'-g more fully described as follows,
Beginning at the northeast corner,
which is Corner No. 1 of Survey No. 1517,
a granite stone 8x6x6 inches above
ground, witnessed by bearing rocks and
marked 1-6508, for Corner No. 1, from
which the quarter section corner between
sections 7 and 8, township 3 north, range
7 west bears nort,' 19 degrees 48 minutes
west 272 feet, and ivnning thence south
87 degrees .08 minutes west 66 feet; thence
routh 86 degrues 30 minutes west 286
feet; thelco south 4 degrees 36 min
trtes west 14 feet; thence south 69
degrees 22 minutes cast 3t;3 feet; thence
north 4 degrees 36 minutes east 163 feet
to the place of beginning, containing an
area of .71 acres, from whln't .06 acres is
in conflict with Survey No. 958, is' ex
,:uded and not claimoed by applicant, net
nare olatmed, .6U6 ares ti which 39
seres sa in aoonfidt with Servey No.
310, lot No. 17IL T' i loot tion of this
claim is recorded in Book ".IC" on page
11, records of Silver Bow county, .Mon.
Adjoining on the north Is flurvey No,
835, Adlald .lode, lot No. 88 and Survey
No. 880, Mat lode, lot No. 88, Joel W. Ran
som et al. applicants for both; and on
the east Survey No. 1677, Chic, lode, lot
No. 225, Alfred Wartenwell-. at al. appll.
cants; and conflicting on the south Is
Survey No. 958, Rflight Bower lode, lot No.
1,5, Joel W. Ransom et al. applicants:
and on the east Survey No. 1200, lot No.
176 A., placerr Jares A. Murray appll
G1EORGE D. GREENE, Register.
M. I. BAKER, United States Claim
(First publication January 20, 10,2.)
Honorary greduste of the OntaaQ Vet.
erinary college, 'Aoronto. Canada. Treat
all diseases of domesticated animals au.
cordlng to scletnitic princioles. Office at
.arlow's u 1,.,. V. Soutw Main stroet.
Fe'Wp,,.. I em, ees 4semptig S,
tended t..
Celebrated Iter-1Sanitar
lum. Guarantees to cure
all diseases by means of
his famous Chinese medl
cI,:es, never before Intro
duced into this country.
Ile has cured thousands, and can curs
you. Advice free. 9 W. Galena Street,
Butte, Mont.
Under State Supervision
Pays t per cent on savings de*
posits. Interest compounded qUAI
Pays 6 per cent on time certil
cates of deposit, not sabject to
Issune savings certificates on
building and loan plan with deoialte
time of maturity and definite pay
Loans on real estate to be repaid
In monthly Installments running
from one to ton years, to suit bor.
Trustees-LAe Mantle, president;
Charles 8thatsletl. vice president;
Frank W. Hasklas, treasurer;
Charles R. Leonard. attornay; A.
B. Clemente, secretary; r. Aug.
Heinze, Henry Mueller, James V.
SW. A. Clark. .. Rosa Clark.
transact General Ranking Business
Buy gold dust. gold bars, silver
bullion and local securities.
Boxes for rent io aate deposit
Sell exchange available in all of
the principal cities..o the United
States and Europe.
Special attention given to oInee.
" John A. Creighton ........Presldest*P
* G. W. Stapleton ....Vice President*
* T. M. Hodgens ........... Cahlet.
,N J. . Hodgens ... Assstant Cashier*
* IN B. Nuckolls...Assistant Cashiere
4* Under, state supervision and Jurts
,N diction. Interest paid on deposits. *
Bells exchange available In all the
Sprinciapal cities of the United etatee*
* and Europe. Collections promptly;
(4 attended to.
* Transact general banking business.
.t Dlrectors--J. A. Crelghton, Oms.
4I ha, G. W. Stapleton, A. I. Barret,
4 E. D). Levitt, S. V. Kemper, T, M.
4LUodgcns, J. O. Hodgens. T
: Wrnner Main and Park 8t.. R~atte,
44 i
Bank and Trust
CI nutt
Estahllhed 1882. incorporated 1901.
General Eanking Eusiness
W. W. DIXON ................ Prealdeal
JOHN D. RYANi .........Vice Prenidean
C. C. VSWIN3OR.N10 ..., .........'asihlelt
H. A. KUNIKCL ......Assiatant Casbais
*i (Caital Sltck $200.000.3) )
Andrew J. Davis, President
. JanLes A. Talbot, Vice Presali4e, 4
EI. : D. Weirlck, Cashlsr,
SUGeourgue itevenson, A.e's Castl.r.
Bays and sells Foreign iExohangl.,e.
and assues Traveler,.' TItters ol4
Credit, available in o#U parts of the 14s
gg ~i· f6 F 1 &-i

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