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5o0x -[ 8 AIES 102 LINUBTT
James Madison, Victim of Plmdam
mers, Willing to Share Cell With
'an Accused of Sobbing
Police ±ews.
"I didn't do it maliciously?" said
John Smith as he faced Judge Boyle
this morning to answer to a charge of
breaking the window in Barney Call's
place on East Park street. "I just
slipped and fell into the window and I
want to go home and feed my horses.
They ain't eat since yesterday morning,
Judge, honest."
Judge Boyle thought that Smith had
been drunk and assessed a fine of 310,
which he later suspended to see if the
man would pay for the damage done.
Jennie Williams camelup again this
morning on two charges. She was ar
raigned yesterday morning and let nut
on bonds to appear this afternoon for
trial. She celebrated her liberty by get
ting happy and using language which
resulted In her being arrested once
more and locked up. The woman
pleaded not guilty to drunkenness and
using improper language and will le
tried this afternoon.
Three Take Gold Cure.
Jack Killride, J. P. Collis Adams and
13ill Evans all pleaded guilty to being
drunk and were fined the usual
amount, $5.
T. M. Duffy, charged with disturb
ance and fighting, pleaded not guilty
and will be tried next Friday.
Annie Smith pleaded guilty to fre
ojuenting the streets and was fined $10.
and Madame Zeigler, arrested for failing
to pay a license as a medium and spir
itual worker, did not show up for trial
and will again be arrested.
Lewis Strand was arraigned on a
charge of ilimflamming James Madison.
Ile pleaded not guilty and will be tried
Thursday afternoon.
Madison, the victim, lost $10 and is be
ing held in the counry jail as a witness.
This maning Judge Boyle offered to
let him go home, but Madl(on said he
had no money and would be just as well
pleased to stay In the jail until Thurs
day. He was ordered locked up again.
James Dillon and James Bradley, who
'were arrested with a lot of razors on
their patrons, were arraigned this morn
ing. Both pleaded not guilty and will
be tried Thursday afternoon.
MIdchael C. Murphy was arrested last
evening by Officer Ed Foley on surpicion
of being the man who stabbed William
Shine. Murphy was held for investiga
tion, but it developed that he was not
the man, and later orders were given to
turn him loose.
As -4tated yesterday, the police se
cured information which led the officers
to believe that they were on the right
.rack. A man anrl woman from the
boarding house where Shine lived called
at the police station and it was gathered
from their talk that a friend had en
gaged in a quarrel with iPhtne and had
#jsed the knife.
Late in the afternoon the sheriff's
office got a tip that Murphy was con
cerned in the affair, and a search was
made for him, which resulted in his
Pockets Full of Money.
When searched, Murphy had a check
for $1,500, and over $100 in gold on -him.
The money was not returned to him
pntil this morning.
The police are still working on the
rase and there is a probability of the
right man being found today.
At the St. James hospital it was
stated today that Shine would recover
'unless some unforseen complication sets
in. This favotable turn rather destroys
the mysterious end, as a lack of interest
developed as soon as it became certain
jthat Shine would not die.
City Clerk Qiules today received the
resignation of A. T. Brown who was ap
pointed clerk of el.-"bn mo the Seventh
ward. Brown writes that he could not
serve the party as he happened not to
be a resident of Ilutte but lived in Ana
The rsignatiin will lie accepted, per
Jones' dairy farm. Pure pork sausages
at Brophy's.
No application necessary. Just
take it, that's all.
For Sale at all Druggists
Write for descriptive pamphlet.
C. A, PERRIN, M. D.,
Helona, Mont
This Week -Saturday flatlaee
W. Al. White's Elite Company
"lie Porgave Her"
Prices, 50c, 250; Matinee, 85c.
Starting Sunday Matinee, March 0, the
Sensational Mining Drama,
A Full Acting Company. Prices, 50 and
25 cent t.
It Is possible that there is trouble
ahead for somebody in connection with
the trial of the suit in the Stromberg
Mullins company against G. W. Karl
man, which came to an end yesterday.
The judge has ordered the county at
torney to investigate the conduct. of
the jury.
The jury comprised: John D. Jones,
Mike Callahan, Alf J. Castle, Richard
Jenkins, Richard Bray, Jacob, Widen
bach, H. S. Maxwell, Ludger Michaud,
Joseph Nadeau, Joseph Shackleton,
George Roper and W. F. Packard.
The 12 jurors returned a sealed verdict
into court in the case they tried, in
which It was stated that eight were for
the plaintiffs in their verdict and four
against. They were then polled in court
and seven of them answered in favor
of the plaintiff and five for the defen
It could not be ascertained which one
of the original eight had changed Aii
views between the time the verdict WAS
sealed and the time it was handed into
court and the jury was polled. The ver
diet was sealed Saturday evening and.
handed in Monday morning, when the
polling took place. No record by name
had been made of the vote cast by the
different jurors when the sealed verdict
was made up, the voting being by bal
lot, eight for one side and tour for
the other.
When the jury was polled and the
change in the views of the jury ascer
tained the court ant the lawyers and
litigants received a surprise. The jury
was kept out all Monday, and Monday
evening returned into court with thet
announcement that no new verdict had
been arrived at, but that it was agreed
by all the jurors that the sealed ver
dict' had been correct.
County Attorney Breen will inquire
into the conduct of the jury.
James Landry, a resident of Anaconda
who has achieved some unenviable
notoriety lately in a criminal prosecu
tion in which a woman named May
Noman is concerned, has been sued for a
divorce by his wife,- Rose M. Landry.
The suit was begun at San Francisco
on February 9, find three grounds of
divorce are set up-failure to provide,
cruelty and infidelity. Attorney It. D.
Knight of San Francisco is Mrs. Lan
dry's counsel.
The Landrys were married at Carson,
Nev., in 1890, and have three children,
hose, aged 11; Frances aged 9, and Irene,
aged 7. They afterwards lived at Silver
City, Nov., and then at Anaconda. Mrs.
Landry left for Han "raneisco two years
Many Unknown Rivals.
Mrs. Landry's complaint is very long
and mentions May Nomian in the charge
of infidelity; hall a dozen-other women
are impli'ated, without giving their
names. She says Landry has not sup
ported her for over ia year and that she
has supported herself.
She charges him with having made ac
cusations of incapuaity. The cnmplaint
says that Mrs. Landry waif'aused great
sufferipg by these charges.
She asks for a decree of divorce and
the cutitody of the children. Nothing is
said about property.
Officer Frank Byrne captured a negro supposed to le "shoving" counter
felt coin this morning.
The negro, whose name Is Tim Carley, went into Thiernian's saloon, No.
15 West Granite street, this mu:rining and after ordering a drink tendered a
bogus ten dollar gold piece.
Word was sent to the police statio i, and Offlier B3yrne resil,'iled to the
Carley was being detained until the officer arrived but beta ii" sun'pilious
and left the place. The policeman chased hiv over to the West tide aid sue
ceeded in catching him near the gulch.
At the police station the negro was searched but no counterfeit c':n was
found on him, and the puttve think be made away with it before bing cap
Besides the customary razor, the calored man had two sets of dice and a
blank "bone" for load:n be sles some "phoney" greenbacks, print ' to resem
ble paper money.
Carley was in' jail for a eauplŽ of months on a charge of vagrancy and
was released but a short time ago.
Helped Other Boys Sell Stolen Cigars,
But Had Not Participated in
Cigar Store Burglary-Warn
ed to Be Good.
The Puck cigar store burglary, com
mitted by three boys, at least, and within
the knowledge of four, on the night of
February 9, has thus far resulted in the
committal of two of the boys to the re
form school and the discharge of one.
The fourth remains yet to be tried.
The boy discharged was Al Bath, and
his dismissal from custody-took place
this morning in Judge McClernan's
court. He had an exceedingly narrow
escape and if he knows what is good
for him he will mend his ways here
after and give up associating with boys
with whom he is itkely to commit bur
glary. It took a lawyer, his mother and
a number of friends to get him out of
the scrape, coupled with very good luck.
Two Boys Confessed.
The two boys sent to the reform
school confessed to the burglary and
made no defense against the charge of
incorrigibility, and he was not a principal
thinking it better to go to the reform
school than to state prison. They were
Joseph, otherwise known as "Iteddy,"
Johnston, and Frank Hahn.
The reason Bath escaped the school
was because the evidence did not show
incorrigibility, an (he was not a principal
in the burglary, though his connection
with it was probably incriminating.
The boy was put on trial yesterday and
the trial was concluded this morning, the
court deciding yesterday that it would
hoar the evidence of Max Levy, the
ringleader of the youthful burglars, who
is still to be tried either for burglary
or incorrigibility.
Levy was put on the stand at once
this morning. He and his friends claim
that the chief of police promised him
immunity from prosecution if he would
confess to the burglary, and that he con
fessed relying upon the promiteo. o he
has not been prosecuted yet, the county
attorney preferring to await the return
to the city of the chief of police in or
der to learn what there is in the claim
of promised immunity. When the boy
took the stand Assistant County Attor
ney Yancey said:
"Levy, you are going to be interrogated
concerning the burglary committed by
you and other boys at the Puck cigar
store, and I want to say that the county
attorney's office makes you no promises
now t
The court promptly cfft in and said:
" eyy,. you needn't answer any question
that may tend-to incriminate yourself,
Levy Clears Bath.
The boy was then asked to tell what
happened the night of the burglary,
andI he gceared Bath of edmplicity in
the matter of entering the cigar store
and taking cigars. He said that Bath
came to the alley back of the store, with
him and Johnson and Hahn, and then
went away for a hal hour and rejoined
them after they had committed the bur
"Who took part in the burglary?"
"Hahn, Johnson and myself."
"Where was the money divided after
you sold the cigars?"
"In a cabin. We got $6 each.'
He testified that Bath came up when
the others were seling the cigars in Chi
natown, and received part of the pro
Bath confessed to knowing the cigars
were stolen when he and the others were
selling them, but he said he didn't know
from where. He said:
"One of 'em asked me to come over
wid 'em and watch 'em steal 'em and
they'd give me somethin' out of 'em,"
he said.
When Bath and Levy had finished their'
evidence the court said:
"Well, I don't see any incorrigibility
here, and the boy is entitled to a jury if
he is to be convicted of burglary."
After that Mrs. Bath, the boy's mother
who lives on Dakota street, testified in
his behalf, She said: "He hasn't been a
t'ery bad boy. I haven't much room for
complaint. He was out on a ranch all
last summer, and would be out there
now again working for the same man if
it was not for this trouble."
Must Be Good in Future.
When the case was finished the court
said: "You may go home, Bath. But
I warn you to take care. This is all I
have to say to you.'
The court instructed the assistant
county attorney to take up the Levy
case, saying that he wanted something
done with Levy, who seemed to ie the
ringleader of the burglars.
On account of the absencc of William
Wallace, Jr., one of the hegol representa
tives of the Norther n Pacific Raliroad
company in this state, the date for com
mencing the trial of the damage suit
brought by Mae 'i'horne against the
Northern Pacific was continued from
March 12 to March 20, by .Jidge Knowles
The trial of the damage stilt instituted
in the name of Vincent Itooney against
the same company was continued until
March 17. It had been set for March 15.
In the matter of the two suits in
which Thompson Campbell is plaintiff
and Mary Ellen Kelly is defendant, ac
tions involving fees for servic'i rendered
by the plaintiff in the settlement of the
estate of the late John F. Kelly, the,
demurrir to the plea In abatement in
one case was sustained and the de
murrer in the other suit overruled.
Men Carry Muffs.
Mannish shoes, ties and other article
of masculine apparel worn liberally by
women nay be responsible for the grow
ing tendency of men to adopt feminine
attire. Men's shirtwatats have become
familiar, and now the inuff has appeared
protecting masculine hands. Two well
dressed men have been seen in London
streets recently carrying muffs. One was
a physician in a brougham. The other
was on foot. His muff was astrachan en
suite with the collar and cuffs Of his
Mall Orderr for £E aeryhdhl Adverit red
W ll 'Receiv.'e ?'omp1 ,.4tention
Today's special offerings are characteristic of the Symons way.
We made, a record yesterday counted wonderful, but we could
not rest on that. We want to do better today. Today's sale
offers economies that are broad, magnificent and trade makers.
For instance, we have 450 Handsome
The Newest Shapes, Newest Trimmings and
Newest Materials, worth up to $25; your choice
These suits come in pebbled cheviots, broadcloths, venetlans, hop
sacking and other stylish suit cloths. Plain tailored or fancy
trimmed in Eton and blouse style jackets. Jackets beautifully
silk lined. Skirts plain and full flounced, trimmed with silk and panne velvet,
moire silks and ribbon folds, lined with the very best quality lin,
ing. Lvery conceivable color wanted in this lot. Suits come in
black, blue, brown, gray, castor, cadet and Oxford mixtures.
tlother's Friend Boys' Boys' Fedora Hats White India Linen
White Waists ome In brtw and black inchev wide, v:ry fine, even
Made of extra heavy quality of .. rotnay 49Ch 20tO. Toiay............9C
lawn trimmed with fine quality of
intoldety, Palor col ar ani rot Heavy Cotton Twills White Drapery
cutffs, btt oll thit'cht ar~e tt'tnmeinttWheDrpy Swiss
Thi, j to n exta qua (ltity ofi heavy wt' at ult n
with Hamburg embroidery to 30 Inche1 wide, good quality and
mit til frttt t t rn mingcot ton gEoods, usedt fori ititi s in o itd tt~ 'i ttng
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Men's Stiff and Soft Hats Shirts
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Agency McCall 33ctzaar Paper
Patterns and Publications
Al ways good-Harvard cigars.
Liirt Orr is in from Dillon.
Orton Dios.-Plano" and organs. "
lbtbrrt H. Barclay Is over from. Helena
You won't go wrong if you inslst oil
having a Harvard cigar.
J, G. Bates, tuner, Montane Muslo Co.,
119 N. Main at. Tel. 501 "
When you want something to road, go
to the 1P. 0. News Stand, r7 W. Park.
It has the bent Havana filler grown
in Cuba-the Harvard union rake cigar.
The funeral of John McrMalron took
plate this afternoon from St. Patrick's
church and was largely attended.
Ask them all, they'll all tell you that
the best all Havana cigar filler, with
union blue label on box, is the Harvard.
Mr. and Mrs. John Mungen, who have
been quarreling over the possession of
their little son, Thomas, have signed
an agreement whereby the boy will be
sent to the Sisters' home at Missoula.
Articles of incorporation of the Malden
Lime rock company were filed yesterday
with the county clerk. The cwpitaliza.
tion of the company is $3,000 and the in
corporators are James R. Thompson, A.
H. Smith and William l3annett.
The Montana Cigar Manufacturing
and Deaf Tobacco company Is one of
Butte's newest incorporations. the arti
cles were filed yesterday. The Incorpo
rators ire 1J. Pincus, W. T. Yeager and
Charles Wintergust and the capitaliza
tion is $2,000.
Eather O'Connor will speak at Sacred
Hieart church tonight on "Catholic Doe
t'in' of Confession Fully Explained."
TIh aidJress, which was delivered by the
father soave time ago, has attracted
much attention and is to be delivered
again because of many requests of the
Ptal Ihiotter'.
J oit Willis Hear, secretary of the
werld's 'hristlitn Endeavor society will
b""in iButte next Saturday and Sunday
anal will hold services li connection with
the work of the society. Sunday morn
ing he will preach at the Shortridge
Memorial Christian church and In the
afternoon he will occupy the pulpit at
the Presbyterian church.
At 8 o'clock there will be a grand
Endeavor rally at the Presbyterian
b1r. 1ear, who has been secretary of
the sotiety since its inception, is known
a; forcible and eloquent preacher and
the four local branches of the organiza
tion are making arrangements for his
etieritainment and for the success of the
wi k of which he wilt urr'take while
t~ is in the city..
If. J. Sinith is inl from llridger.
Berlt Trotter Is in from Silver Star.
Georgc 11. Conway is in firinn Melrose.
C. J. Davin of Hirdceye is at the Fin
Dr. It. Walitcc of Ileleurc is In the city
J. I. Taylor of liel Is in the city
Ed Jordan of Ureat Falls is staying at
the Southern.
L. T. Roth of Iron, fttni., is registered
at the Southern.
J. (1. Woodmaney of Ncrw:clk, Ontario,
is at the Thornton.
L. N. Hotter of Gibiconsville, Idaho,
is at the Southern.
R. It. Kilburn,, real estate dealer, is
over from Missoula,
J. T. (Tunley of I'ocatcllo arrived in
fl'utte last evening.
A. J. filbert of Milwaulke ar rived In
the city this morning.
Clarence Marsh of Salt Lake ia among
the recent arrivals in Hutte.
William Thomnsccn of Norris Is anong
the recent arrivals in the city.
M. S. Gunn Is among the reicnt ar
rivals from the Capital City.
J. A. Weaver and wife of Lewistown
are visiting friends in Ilutte.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Feeny of Louisville,
Ky., are staying at the Finlcin.
W. It. Chadwick of Dawson City,
Alaska, is registered at the Butte.
Mrs. J. C. McCarthy and sister of
Chestnut are guests at the Thornton.
J. E. Morse, the Mark Hanna of Bea
verhead county, is staying at the Thorn
W. C. Orr, a well-known veterinary
surgeon of Dilllot, in staying at the
Ira Myers, a well-known citizen of
(]reat Falls, ic In Butte on a short busi
ness visit.
L. Donlan of Missoula was among
the arrivals on the eastbound train last
W. It. Allen, presldent of the Lincolc
Republican club of Anaconda, Is in the
city today.
3. S. Hickey, manager of the Anaconda
foundry, was in Butte yesterday for a
few hours.
Hundreds of Ladies
Saw Them Yesterday
Those New Tapestry
Wall Papers. We'd be
pleased to have you see
C. V. Franzman, Prop.
King Block, 115 W. Park
At the Finlen.
A. .1. Iilllbert, Milwaukee.
TI'n Smnith, New York.
1). It. Wallace, Ilelena.
A. 0. Taylor, St. Paul.
C. J. Da, il, llirdueye.
J. X. Aduaus, Minneapols,
J. A. Huckett, Denver.
Ed Cowper, Chlcago,
Mr. and Mrs. J. 1). Fenny, Louleville.
J. A. Weaver and wife, Lewlstown.
A. IaI'rrisona, Chicago,
J. E. Leyden, Chicago.
4 larence March, Haul Lake.
Ira Myers, Great 1a0ll.
M. Warren, Sun F'ranuulso.
C. 11. Alexander, New York.
At the Butte.
L. WotInick, Helena.
I i Donlian, Missoula.
E. II. Kilburn, Missoula.
It. J. Thompson and wife, St. Paul.
.1. I". Mason, New York.
W. It. Chadwlek, Daweon.
lt'bert If. Ilarelay, Hlelena.
Frank i4ehonrorek, New York.
Dr. W. C. Orut Dillon.
Dort Orr, l)llon.
W. J. Wayne, Decatur, Ill.
W. E. 4'humnbIrlain, Great Jalls.
I hugh MaQuald, II "lena.
At the Thornton.
George II. Conway, Melrose.
T. 41. Woodnmanay, Norwalk, Ont.
J. E. Morse, Dillon.
James H. Patterson, Chicago.
A. H. Popson, Anaconda.
W. It. Allen, Anaconda.
Joseph T. Brennan, Cantork 0.
Edward F. Raoss, Newark, N. J.
F. M. Stephens, wife and sister, Ana
J. S. llickey, Anaconda.
Mrs. T. C. McCarthy and sister, Chest
W. IH. 1Burton, Chicago,
It. Dorn, Spokane.
II. N. Druckor, Cincinnati.
It. A. Luke, Helena.
W, It. Van Vale, hock Creek.
W. Duval, San Francisco.
K. A. Gray, Helena.
E. A. Aber, St. Paul.
G. H1. Mackel, St. Paul.
T. K. Bunllowey, New York.
J. F. Dengler, New York.
C. C. Schepmnes, New York.
W. Bennett, New York.
M. 4. Gunn, Helena. B
Frank 1). Brown, Phillpsburg.
At the Southern.
J. H. Taylor, Belt.
Bert Trotter, Silver Star.
L. E. Hotter, Gibbonaville.
H. J. Smith, Bridger.
K. H. Trott, Victor.
William Thompson, Norris.
Ed Jordan, Great Falls.
J. T. Cauley, Pocatello,
Joseph Herman, Spokane.
Ti E. Voltman, Great Falls.
M. E. White, Spokane.
L. G. Roth, Iron Mountain.
Rev. 'I. W. Eloheimo, Hanna, Wyo,
Joe Koenig, San Francisco.
Hughk- "Mepernott,' Napa, CO.

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