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"There are 200 Indians enrnted on l.g WVnrnm Spring creek near the Co
burn ranch to protect Charlie Jerriy who killed Allen last week," said James
Harding of Hlavre, at th' Houtihrn this mornling.
"I lived for a nulmber of yi it clostte Ii th (h clIknia res, rvation and I
know all the parties in that affair \\IiI. 11 Is at ,'hi foial.
"To begin with, the killing if A\lln IIby I'irty wa4s Juvtlftllae Ibeyotndl any
doubt-but I must go hack iani till you ai little f lthe oearly history if the aiTfir.
"Allen used to he heir fati'lr on thle roseryval atii i l wos lInlfr in charge
of the sub-ageciy ait ilde i hi , iicr'oek tirld he andil ('haril'e P'erry atr'lieid is ters,
both daughLtrs of an oldt tlie sMqllitW mianl, Will Ilall, aind Perry tiecame In a
small way trithir Isuccesful. T'lhis inttlli t (I nivy if ilhi hatlf-blrCdl and
squaw men aroiiund the rsI'ratllio ll resilllltd li ian attackl on t 'erry abIout i
year ago in which lie wais iireliv saily huill t. Ili flatibriit-In-law atind Iseveral
other half-brl 'ile were miixcd up ini thii< aiffair,
Were Tarred and Feathered.
olnme nine years ago Allen, his fatlheri anl a squiw m\an na0e1 d "Noiey"
Clark, were larred andl fiathr iiId hy ia iaiiy of In.ligonant ra:iihi'rs In the dIs
trl't, among wlihli Allen siusp, ,'t tlhel (i',oli I.lo.y, \\ho have iltlte ia in m
ber of cattle In thuit countrility aila ii ilrge si , iiiih in I ig Wairm tin i'ngs creek
neatr the eastlrn enid of Ihi i Lillh i lhit(kles.
"Allen propos ll i ii iry I. Ilii tin' thati lit,. shotld help him to 1str up
the lndiianls to a rail on the liC'liiurii ii iith. n l reliiii'iii Ith ae), Iboyan thle nat-n
employeld arii'ound the rI:h aill Ipritallilly ilpe oli the wholili tll 'iitnint.
"'While Perry refusi , td I ,oneh-i a arlty lt4 the schemei, lie kept his otl'i
counsel and beyonl iivihin;s t lia Ilillans. \wh hiav at grleat d1:itl o. curnfldenc
in his judlgmn ntt, to kel,, .\\ viway Iroll iii Il lil 'i, Ie titlll ino mi e aboul t t ui til
last month when having miie fiuilr tir ttroi'uble \iith A'tllt n and that gang he
confided the old plot to Walinle antl W\'ill t'obiiirin.
"T'he (oli'iurns artangedi fori i a e, tiang t Iiti irtanilth litweein the Allen
gang and Perry, intcillinlg It hIvi .\All, n .irrtltedi for hiis part 111 the terrible
"itundaly, a wek iago, wast Ih- d ty itela ,igu'i for' tt1' iiitonference and il (v
era! of those ini.iresled in thilhi offaiil ni, I ill ate raiih inticipating trouble.
"flerry, W iIl I'4.ull ni'il niid thll., r ,liyiuig foll yw wieire sitting li ' ia room at
the railnch whic.h lii I.,li IIx".d folr hlse ma isting whn\o All.n, Walllace Coburn
and ,Iii Indian came In.
Perry Got the Drop.
"As soon ias Allen set his eys on Perry, Ih- r.atihel for ile4 gun Wiitt an
oath, but e'foire he coutiil g-t the iltiili oit hint, iPerry ditew his giun, it 41 C'lts,i
and shot hiti twice.
"''Te'l itrst shot Ipassedt tihroughli his hibr'ast Just ;abiiove thli' heItt iand the
.ctot(lnd through the throilat, blirlikling his neck.
"The ntiwi soon slpread through Ith, i~aglltniy nliil Iltiht'i- where we lwere
afrail tlhe trouble wouild slt;I, 'T'lihe ii.tis in gl'('ral took tidl's with e('rry
and the brods and stliuw Wmen wilth th, Allen gang.
"If tllhe Aillen ntlllit iver stlaIrS nl ytllllll io\wl th(l: youll \\111 y u r !ee the worst
(l'e;in-tip Ihat hIas tiaken pltae in Ma)linta for itminy a . oi, .
"i'htuli' Perry has witi tihe giiit a ll of titih e tirioi. t'ie'tt i and Assini.
boliecs by beinltg a giood, sit', yqu iit1t.un fi li.w aull it ii rtani ta\ht liays his hand
on hint, or on o 'ne of his pi,.ipliI, twill io., itore ti' th n his t alp bi flre the iiay
will be munch older.
"Pierry is at flo t le-nlkl n Just now\ , In:Fr',I wilh mniid("",' lii the second
digl'i. biut his bonlld hIas bI n ilxed itl $ ,1,11 iihl hli, flrsioi ds \will souonit hlav(
him ba,"k thlere aigaui.
"Th.'lunr is no . dllllLt In ily ililral hiIt Ihat he w ill iltimattl!y ). I m". iittilllt]d,
for if he h lladnl't hillhrd All in, lhl(. Ilt,' r wou(bhl hIave gt hilll."
i:\'en l the I 'liic ,id not I .s Iji( . \I r
ft.ol pranks tIloday andi haild the ti rol
)(-n isent to all the pi~es Iin the t itly
where those in('lln(rl to dally with ll.
prerog' ati'Uves cognllilllnced on All , F ls'
day tht hoIrss woitl have blln le.II
w(ily)' btefo're night. Early this lotli'htg
Jalher i.Levy rueet lved a call from son,.
one aslking that the wagon I s tll , N.I to
]l(ii .stiake, wh.tle a duel io the d1 lth
sinae l ils were made, but the waAtti
did, not leave the itatolln. Those, it
ichl irge alt th" station ttu atii' u ll i, W:iy l
andlt u ltpo n J. v l' rat ic thions weIor iii at
lossnd to kn\ \hto th\ r the y jati lls w ere aI
tually w'-ll founded, or whether I, was
]{rlner Colo, 14 years of agn, who
Is inclined to run away from hole, was
Tuhked up c n Mlain striet this morning
and takvln to the city Jall, \wh(-re he will
T'h,. ,(l .:ys that lihe li,,e, in A.1na
, n. lit. 1i| ~.t llal n It is tr ohr. ;I Atet
by a r*I. ph ,ne lnnl',sa I'ro lvel\ I f'loml
Ih it (it. las, t i.igitt, uIskintg tll ' 1,ahic. to
oitk out for th .-h i'hal.
Yttntg ('ot deys heI sl, a til .n
a Irilghlit train' y.stelrday atnd reac.lhed
Ihaft.. l-he hl Iatutnile ("allforliL Ias
Ill ,ejelltl.nti n h. \\hen s'arhed ait the
J. il h had 1 0 't nIs anl it pocket full of
$1.00 Per Berth to Chicago Via "The
Milwaukee." .1
Turing March and April "The Milwau
kee" line xwill operate tourist sleeping
cars between the Twin Cities and Chl
iago twhce each week In each direction.
Tourist cars will leave Twin Cities on
Piloneer Limited every Wednesday and
Saturday evening, arrive Chicago 9:0O
following morning.
Rate per doublle berth, $1.00.
Westbound tourist tars will leave Chl
cago Tuesdays and Fridays. *
(Clippings from the State Press.)
No Balm for Soreheads.
(Alder Gulch Times.)
The disgruntled mnalcontents who
Sought to thwart the aplointment of E.
WV. B3eattle to succeed himnself us sur
veyor general of Montana will get no
baln to soothe their sure herads.
They would better soak them in the
Waters of repentance for their fully in
attempting to disrupt the harlony of
the party by the unseemly attempt to
bring the regularly chosen members of
the republican state committee into dis
repute by captious assaults upon their
party loyalty, and malignant charges
of even worse offenses.
It hardly need be said that the as
eaults were prompted by the wish of a
few disappointed llegrabbers to reach
the counter by hook or crook, and the
foundation of the charge, originated
only In the superheated imagination and
soured ambition of a lot of chronlic of
flee hunters who have time and again
been turned down when they appealed
for the popular suffrage.
But, politics aside, the appolintment will
give satisfaction to all who hav'e had
business with the surveyor general's
office during Mr. i3eattle's four-and-a
half-years' Incumbency of It. Ills ad
ministration has been honest, capable,
clean and characterized by a uniform
courtesy that has won him friends among
all with whom he has come In officlal
The "forlorn 14" who are tramping in
the mud and dust will save themselves
much unnecessary discomfort if they
gracefully get into the handwagon.
Either this or-go flatfooted over to the
Want an Explaination.
(Montana Record.)
If the statement prepared by Assist
ant States Examiner Ray is correct,
the debt of Lewis and Clarke county has
increased $28,590.72 in the last year.
Of the 26 counties in the state, 11 i~
creased their debt and 15 decreased their
Indebtedness, the increase of the 11
counties amounting to $271,296, while the
decrease amounted to $363,572.
Statements have been made during
the last year by county officials to the
effect that the taxes were being paid up
closer than for many years before.
Not only that, but the additional state
ments were made that back taxes, long
delinquent, were being paid-more than
In other years; that some of these de
linquent taxes were of several years'
Altogether, the people of the county
were led to believe that the affairs of the
county, so far as financial conditions
were concerned, were In a prosperous
and gratifying condition.
In view of all these reports, for which
figures were given, the statement that
the dlebt of the countly ha.s ,been Intre asd
narly $30,000 dlul'ing the year c(lles like
It sho('k, and is lnot e('asily ule!. stood. t
NoI ext(nsi\ e works have 'b)(1t1 ,mn
ntdt,(i or preparted ftor, and there is
nlothing that the public Is aware of that
should caus, this increase int the counlty
Cold Day for Kickers.
(Ra ivall I ;I pu bllca n.)
During the Ipat week the pr','sidllt
has mnade two altltotinlllellnts to statoe
ltderal positilon in2 Montana. 'Tih first
was that of E. W. licattie to suciceed
hlmself as reylll\ general, and tlhet
other of ('arl Pasch to be Unitcd SLtates
Mr. Beontlie was one of the mei in
dor'l'ld by the state central commit
tee at the Ime(eting some six weeks iago.
IIIs re-atupointintllnt was fought bty the
faction of so-called replubll'ans and the
IHtlIta Ilerahl, which have been trying
to sow the seed of discontent withinlll the
party ranks, and the fact, that Presi
dlent ltIose)velt his re-nalpolnted him is
taken as proof tlat these nmalconetents
have little welight In Washington.
Mr. Itodgers, the I)resent Unlted States
attorney, was atlso ind)lrsed for re-alt
olintmtnt. Mr. Ilasch has been Mr.
Ttodlgers' assistant and conlidant, Is well
qtlalified for the positiont, and he is a
true republle'n, In full sympathy with
the state oommittee andi the party or
The would-be wreckers will get no con
solltion over Mr. ltasch's appointment,
He Held a Secret.
A chatraetli story is told of the late
George Alderson. A minister remon
strated with him 'or having published
an article reflecting upon a certain in
dividual, a nmember of his congregation.
It was admitted to be news and truth
ful, yet the gentleman who protested
claimed that it was poor journalistic
In order to placate the man Mr. Alder
son admitted that he had displayed poor
judgment in mentioning a poor Incidelnt
when he could have used one so mluch
Then he went into the editorial archives
and drew forth a document, which, if
published, would have split Livingston
wide open.
It was the complete history of an af
fair, in which the man that flgured
In the trivial Incident, was a rank of
The minister was one of the few who
knew that the disgraceful story was
true, and he had but little more to say,
and, in saying that little, he thanked
Mr. Alderson for what he had done.
There are few newspaper offlee.t that do
not hold Important secrets.
SCHtArLs 11. LA ..
WI. McC. WarT
"Shall bonds be i..lled and sold to the amount of One
Hlndred 'I'housand,($100,000) Dollars, bearing four (4),
l'er cent. interest, redeelllable in ten (10) years and pay
able in twenty (20) years, for the purpose of purchasing
scthool lots and building school houses thereon?"
"Shall the School Trustees of School District No. One
(1) of Silver Bow Counlty, Montana, be empowered and
nut horized to sell the ,.Jefferson school site, situated in
East W'alkerville, Silver Bow County, Montana, which
plropoerty is particularly described in a deed recorded in
1)ced Record "0" at pages 14 and 15, of the records of
derds of Silver Bow County, Montana, together with the
ilnl'rovetlielts thereon tand the appurtenances thereunto
eloh nging?"
State of Montana, County of Sil\er Bolv.--s.:
I, John Weston, County Clerk. In and for said County and State,, do hereby
errt;l'fy: 'I'hat the above Is a full, true and oorrect copy of the Official Ballot
to I. vot,, at the election to be held in School District No. One (1), of Silver
In ('county, State of Montana, Io Saturday, April 5th, A. D. 1902.
itn 'T'stimony 1W\hereof, I have hr'eunto set my hand and affixed the seal of
sl1 ('ounly, at my office In the City of Butte, in said County and State,
thii :t31t Ilay of March, 1902.
[S I:.'l.] JOHN WESTON, County Clerk.
Man Who Played Insanity Dodge t.
Be Placed on Trial-Ida Aatz,
Accused of Theft,
Judge Mctc'lernan has cleared the judi
cial decks for action and will begin
upon a sarles of criminal trials tomor
row. 'There are 10 or 15 criminal cases
on the docket at present to be dls
'o-ci of.
Tomorrow is I he day set for the trial
of two felonies, and for the return of a
v'entre, for 100 jurymen issued some time
ago. The ,uhei iIf's olilce has been busy
for a week or more serving .subpoenas
upon tIhe JurymIIn named in the venire.
The two eases sc(t for trial tomorrow
are those in which Ida Aatz and Frank
Grey tire defendants. Miss Aa,tz, whose
real name is Mrs. Ida Vendig, is charged.
with grand larceny, and (Grey is charged
nwith assault with a corrosive acid.
Mliss Aatz is a denizen of the under
'world, anil she is accused by ia big
Swede named Siley Sand of robbing himn
of $32 by extracting the same from his
Ipocket one night whein he visited a place
on Galena street. Sand has been in theo
county Jail, detained as a witnqss. It is
said that the woman has made admis
sions which will go far toward convi:ct
lag her.
Grey's Brutal Deed.
Grey threw vitriol, or sulphuric acid,
upon aL womalln named Agnes Downing.
The womanlr was terribly burned and
siit",rltlod by the acid, whiich was cast
upon her face anti neck. She has not
recovered from the burns yet, although
the attack upon her by Grey was made
about a monith rago.
Grey claimed that the woman was ihis
wife, but she denies that such is the
case. She and Grey were associiate,
arndl he was frequently in the police court
pi'lor to the assault with the alid.
Trouble \vith the woman was usually the
reason for his lpresence there.
Grey has admitted throwing the a:id,
and his conviction is almost certain. lie
tried for three or four weeks to con
vinco the authorities that he was In
sane, but his work lacked edge, an,l
after an examination before a luini y
commission in Judge McClernan's I, urt
he was declared sane.
Art Materials
for Students I
for Amateurs
for Professionals
Highest Grade Made- Exact East
ern Prices,
Picture Framing
In Best There Is
The Lowest Prices
;. V. Franzman, Prop.
King Block, 115 W. Park
No applloation necessary. Just
ake it, that's all
-For Sale at all Druggists
t Write for descriptive pamphlet
C. A, PERRIN, M. D.,
Helena, Mont
Sutton's Broadway Theater
Two Nights, Commencing Wednesday,
April 2d.
The Butte Minstrels
Strictly First-Class. Composed of the
Best Talent in the city.
40 Chorus of Forty Voices 40
Dancing, Character Songs, Instrumental
Duets and Solos. Seats reserved. Mon
day morning at 10 a. m. Prices, $1, 75c,
50c 25c.
Four Nights and Sunday Matinee, Com
mencing Sunday. March 30.
A Positive Hit--Lincoln J. Carter's
Greatest Success
The Eleventh Hour
Carefully chosen cast, Headed by the
sweet singer, CHAS. A. (Karl) GARD
Seats on sale Saturday morning 10 a.
m. Prices, 75c, 50c, 25c.
J. D. M'Q mIeon
Honorary graduate of the Ontario Vet
erinary college, Toronto, Canada. Treats
all diseases of domesticated animals ac
cording to scientific principles,. Office at
Marlow's stables. 104 South Main
street. Telephone 293. All cases prompt
ly attended to.
Celebrated Herb Sanitar
ium. Guaranteed to cure
all diseases by means of
his famous Chinese medi
cines, never before intro
duced into this country.
He has cured thousands, and can cure
you. Advice free. 9 W. Galena street,
Butte, Mont.
Gas Roasted Coffee
The only place in the state where you
can get coffee fresh from the roaster
and retailed at jobbers' prices.
"Old Glory," my great leader, 35c; three
pounds, $1.00.
PETER M'HENRY, the Coffee Roast
er. Sutton's New Grand, corner Broad
way and Montana, 'Phone 878A.
Strictly Hand lade Single
Harness as Low as $15.00
Better up to $86.00 and the largest as
sortment in the state to choose from
When we may hand-made that is what
they are. We have no machines and
while we do not make the profit we could
on machine made, we do make a satls
fled customer. If interested write fcr
photos and prices on
Io6 East Park Street, Butte Phone 686 A
CIGARS Wholesale and Retail TOBACCO
Notice is hereby given that on the
first Monday in April (April 7), 1902, at
the designated polling places in the sev
eral wards of the city of Butte, Silver
Bow county, state of Montana, a general
election will be held for the following
officers of said city, viz:
One alderman from the First ward.
One alderman from the Second ward.
One alderman from the Third ward.
One alderman from the Fourth ward.
One alderman from the Fifth ward.
One alderman from the Sixth ward.
One alderman from the Seventh ward.
One alderman from the Eighth ward.
Also, for the determination of the ques.
abutting and contiguous territory in ac
tlion of annexing to the city of Butte the
cordance with Ordinance No. 642, of the
series of ordinances of the city of Butte.
The polls of said election will be open
at 8 o'clock in the morning and continue
open until 6 o'clock in the afternoon of
the same day.
The polling places In the several wards
have been established as follows, to
First Ward-No. 21 East Quartz street.
Second Ward-Northeast corner Gran
ite and Montana streets.
Third Ward-Mellles' carpenter shop,
near northeast corner Broadway and
Arizona streets.
Fourth Ward-Sutton's opera house,
West Broadway.
Fifth Ward-No. 330 East Park street.
Sixth Ward-Northwest corner Galena
street and Renehaw alley.
Seventh Ward-No. 1268 East Second
Eighth Ward-Miller block, No. 549
South Main street.
Dated this 20th day of March, A. D.
Clerk of the City of Butte.
Notice is hereby given that an election
will be held on Saturday, the 5th day of
April, 1902, in School District No. 1, Sil
ver Bow county, Montana, for the pur
pose of electing four (4) school trustees,
for the term beginning on the third Sat
urday in April, 1902, and ending on the
third Saturday in April, 1904.
The following questions will also be
submitted to the registered voters in
said school district, to be voted upon at
said time, to-wit:
"Shall bonds be issued and sold to the
amount of one hundred thousand dollars
($100,000), bearing four (4) per cent in
terest, redeemable in ten (10) years and
payable in twenty (20) years, for the
purpose of purchasing school lots and
building school houses thereon?"
"Shall the school trustees of School
District No. 1 (1) of Silver Bow county,
Montana, be empowered and authoriz.d
to sell the Jefferson school site, situated
in East Walkerville, Silver Bow county,
Montana, which property is particularly
described in a deed recorded in Deed
Record 'G' at pages 14 and 15 of the
record of deeds of Silver Bow county,
Montana, together with the improve
ments thereon and the appurtenances
thereunto belonging."
The polling places at which said elec
tion will be held in said school districts
are as follows, to-wit:
For School Election Dist let No. 1, con
sisting of registry precincts Nos. 1, 2, 3
and 4, the polling place will be at the
Blaine school house, situated in Center
ville, Montana.
For School Election District No. 2,
consisting of registry precinct No. 17, the
polling place will be at the south en
trance of the Lincoln school house, situ
ated on West Broadway street, Butte,
For School Election District No. 8, con
sisting of registry precincts Nos..5, 8, 10
and 15, the polling place will be at the
north entrance of the Lincoln school
house, situated on West Broadway street,
Butte, Montana.
For School Election District No. 4, con
sisting of registry precincts Nos. 0, 7, 9,
11, 12 and 14, the polling place will be at
the north entrance of the Washington
school building, situated on East Broad
way street, Butte, Montana.
For School Election District No. 5, con
sisting of registry precincts Nos. 13, 20,
22, 23 and 25, the polling place will be at
the Broadway street entrance to the
Washington school building, situated on
East Broadway street, Butte, Montana,
For School Election District No. 6, con
slasting of registry precincts Nos. 16, 18
and 19, the polling place will be the Gar
field school building, situated on Colorado
street, Butte, Montana.
For School Election District No. 7, con
slsting of registry precincts Nos. 21, 24
and 26, the polling place will be the Mon
roe school building, situated on the
northeast corner of Arizona and First
streets, Butte, Montana.
For School Election District No. 8, con
sslating of registry precincts Nos. 27 and
28, the polling place will be the Greeley
school, situated in the Silver Boiv Park
addition to Butte, Montana.
For School Election District No. 9, con
sisting of registry precinct No. 29, the
polling place will be the Madison school
building, situated in the Boulevard addi
tion to Butte, Montana.
Polls will be open from 8 o'clock a. m.
to 12 o'clock m., and from 1 o'clock p. m.
until 8 o'clock p. m.
The elector shall prepare his ballot on
said bonding proposition by crossing out
thereon parts of the ballot in such man.
ner that the remaining part shall ex
press his vote upon the question subs
mitted. JOHN WESTON,
County Clerk.
United States Land Office, Helena,
Montana, March 5, 1902.
Notice is hereby given, that Carl 3.
Capell, whose postoftlce address Is Butte,
Mont., has this day filed an application
for a patent for 1,500 linear feet, the
same being for 1,220 feet in southeasterly
and 280 feet in northwesterly direction
from the point of discovery on the
Johanna C. Lode Mining Claim, situ
ated in unorganized mining district,
Jefferson county, Montana, the position,
course and extent of the said mining
claim, designated by an official survey
thereof, as Survey No. 6526, township
No. 3 north, range No. 7 west, a notice
of which was iosted on the claim on the
3d day of March, 1902, and being more
particularly set forth and described In
the official field notes and plat thereof
on file in this office, as follows, to wit;
Beginning at the northwest corner No.
1, a granite stone, 6x7x4 inches above
ground, marked 1-6526, from which ini
tial point No. 2, established for surveys
in fraction township 8 north, range 7
west, bears north 48 degrees 10 minutes
west, 6064 feet, and running thetice
south 68 degrees 50 minutes east 1500
feet to northeast corner No. 2; thence
south 1 degree west, 618 feet to south
east corner No. 8; thence north 08 de
grees 50 min ites west 1500 feet southwest
corner No. e; thence north I degree east
613 feet to corner No. 1, the plac'e of be
ginning. Containing an area of 19.81
acres as claimed by the above named ap
plicant for patent. MU:
The location of this minre is recorded
In the office of the recorder of Jefferson
county, on page 268 in Book 21 of Lodes,
Bounded on the north by Survey No.
4356, the Baltimore Lode, John Cam
eron, applicant, and on the west Survey
No. 6339, the Davenport Lode, Robert
McBride, applicant.
JOS. H. HARPER, U. S. Claim Agent.
(First publication March 6. 1902.)
United States Land Office, Helena, Mow.
tana, February 20, 1902.
Notice is hereby given that the Ana
conda Copper Mining company, a cor
poration existing under the laws of the
state of Montana, by John Gilile, its at
torney in fact, whose post office address
is Butte City, Montana, has this day
filed its application for a patent for 41
linear feet, being 27.5 feet easterly and
18.5 westerly from the center of discov.
ery shaft of the Jim H. lode mining
claim, upon which a notice of intention
to apply for a patent was posted on
February 14, A. D. 1902, situated in Sum
mit Valley (unorganized) mining district,
Silver Bow county, state of Montana,
and desigrated as Survey No. 5,825, in
fractional township 3 north, range 7
west, and 'being more particularly de
scribed as follows, to-wit:
Beginning at the southwest corner,
which is the point of intersection of the
third course of Survey No. 846,and the east
end line of Survey No. 1,654, a porphyry
stone set in the ground with a mound of
earth along side, and marked 1-5,825 for
Corner No. 1, from which the quarter
section corner on the south boundary of
section 7, fractional township 8 north,
range 7 west, bears south 82 degrees 4
minutes west 1,810 fet, and running
thence south 88 degrees 49 minutes east
41.5 feet; thence north 11 degrees 14
minutes east 17 feet; thence north 88
degrees 49 minutes west 41.5 feet; thence
south 11 degrees 15 minutes we.t 17 feet
to the place of beginni:ng, containing an
area of .016 acres, of which .008 acres are
in conflict with Survey No. 586, not
claimed, leaving .008 acres claimed by
the above named applicant.
The location of this claim is of record
in the recorder's office of Silver Bow
county, state of Montana, in Book "T"
of lode. records at page 09.
The acdjulning claims to these premisnls
are Survey No. 580, Modoo lode, lot 42,
Joel W. Ransome at al. applicants, on
the northeast: Survey No. 846, Alex
Scott lode, lot 93, Charles S. Warrel et
al. applicants, on the south; Survey No.
1,054, Sunnyside lode, lot 241, James A.
Murray et al. applicants, or the west.
SAMUEL BARKER, JR., At.:'ney for
(First publication f1ebruary 21, 1902.)
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