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Culmination of Unhappy Married Life
-Were Married in Idaho Palls a
Year Ago and Came Directly
to Anaconda.
(Special to Inter Mountain.)
Anaconda, April 12.-About 8 o'clock
last evening a double tragedy was
enacted in a squalid cabin in the rear of
607 East Commercial avenue, when
Fred Bauer, a former employe of the
WVashoe smelter, and also a one-time
sectlon hand on the B., A. & P. railroad,
tshot hris wife ,tad then blew his own
brains out. He died an hour later.
The woman was taken to St. Ann's
hospital and still lives although her
condition is regarded as dangerous.
The shootlng was the culmination of
trouble between the two and the, settle
inent of real or fancied wrongs on the
part of Bauer.
Up till a few days ago they resided at
1010 East Third street. Then Mrs. Bauer
left her husband and went to live in a
cabin on Commercial avenue.
Wanted Her Arrested.
Last Sunday night, after the woman
had left Bauer, he appeared at the
police station and asked Night Chief
O'Brlen to arrest his wife and a man
named Henry Van Hore for im.
proper conduct. Last night Bauer
went to see his wife and persuaded her
to return and live with him. This she
refused to do, whereupon Hauer pulled
a revolver and fired at her, the bullet
entering her body just below the left
nipple in the region of the heart. He
then sat down on a chair, placed the
gun to his right temple and scattered
his brains about the room. In the mean
time Mrs. Bauer managed to reach the
neighboring cable of Mrs. J. C. Harris,
a few feet distant. She was taken In
side and Drs. Lelser and Barrett called
and the police notified of the shooting.
When Night Chief O'Brien arrived on
the scene he found Bauer sitting on the
chair with the blood and brains stream
ing from the hole in his head. He was
i)laced on s mattress in the room and
died 10 minutes later.
Taken to Hospital.
Mrs. Bauer was removed to the hospi
tal, where she was seen shortly after
wards by an Inter Mountain Reporter.
Mrs. Bauer stated that they had been
married in Idaho Falls about a year ago,
and came to Anaconda a few weeks
afterward. Up to a few days ago they
resided at 1010 East Third street. Bauer
would not make a living, so she left him
and went to live in the cabin where the
shooting took place.
She said Bauer was addicted to the
use of laudanum and always carried it
on his person.
Bauer told the police previously that
his wife had squandered $3,000 of his
money while they were living in Idaho.
This Mrs. Bauer denied, saying that she
never had any money to speak of.
Recently Arrestet
Mr. and Mrs. Bauer were arrested
some two h eeks ago and tried in the
court of Justice of the Peace Juane, on
a charge of having stolen some chickens
from a neighbor named George Stock
Ston. They were given a jury trial,
adjuged guilty and fined $5.
So far nothing has been learned of the
antecedents of either of them.
A trunk found in the cabin was taken
charge of by Coroner Hughes and will
be opened at the inquest in the hope
that some necessary information be dis
covered. The Inquest will be held to
Bauer was 36 years of age and a Ger
man. His wife is much younger and qi'
ithe Mormon faith.
500 men's up-to-date suits at bank
rupt prices. I. X. L. clothing store. *
Raise Mules in Cuba.
(By Associated Press.)
Chicago, April 12.-Charles A. Allen of
Iloopestown, ex-speaker of the Illinois
general assembly, and a company of
Vermillion county capitalists have Just
incorporated in the state of Maine the
Hoopestown Land & Cattle association,
which will operate 58,000 arles of land
in Cuba, valued at $500,1000. It is. sald
to be the intention of the company to
false mules for use on Cuban planta
Marar ret Theater, Anaconda
ft r. COLLINS. Manager
TONIGHT-Stetson's Uncle
Tom's Cabin Co.
Wednesday, April 16
(hirk La Shele and Fred R. Hamlill pre
sent Ausgustus Thomnas' Masterwork
The Triumph of Scenic Realism.
Costumes designed by Frederick Rem
Seats on sale at Smith Drug Co., Mon-.
day at 9 o'clock a. m.
Optician and Jeweler
Eyes Exairpned, $1; to ap
.ply n,,tasaea if, prdep4
wthth five days. . A
fne lot of new railroad
watches just received. A
few second-hand watches are on sale at
a special low price this week, 11 BIast
Stock Will Arrive Soon From the
Walker and Blelenberg Ranches
-Topped the Chicago
(Special to Inter Mountaln.)
Anaconda, April 12.-S-tnnettnte soon a
herd of 300 beeves will arrive in the
city from the Big Hole basin for ship
Inent to the Puget Soounld markets; com
ing from the famous Walker & Ililen
berg ranches, among the finest in M an
The shipment will make up a train
lead which will be hurrid throulgh to
the coast on tspecial titnt.
The entire lot is to be conslaln1d ito
Fry & lBruyn, Seattle, front whose
bands the ittock will go to the chopping
blocks of the retail trade.
About a year ago, it will he remelnm
hered, the Puget Sound buyers bought
about 1,800 head of cattlle frot less:ts.
\Valker & lielenberg, a part of which
was shippl)d direct to Alaska an,] the
For Local Trade.
The herd now coming, howeverr. will
hr consumed entirely by the loc(al trade
if Seattle and Tacoma.
The stock is in excellenlt Iondition,
having been fattened on hIay during the
\linter months. Ttihe uy,'.rs slnt here
to represent Messrs. Fox & ltruyn,
state that it is a dltit.ult nmatter for
them to find catitle in tas good 'hnape
for market at this time of the year iat4
these are and for thtat tRasion they ire
ever ready to pay top-notch prlies to
get them.
As another examplel of wh\\lit nan bhi
odne with Big litle stock, lMr. I). I).
Walker recelved the plelaslng Informa
lion from lhleago' yestertiay that the
consignment of 256 head shippelLd re
cently was sold at the lnlion Stock
yards in1 that city last Satlurday at $6b.1,
and $6.20 lpe hunldred poulttlH.. bringing
the highest prices of theI year for West
ern hay-fed cattli.
Great Things Expected and Predicted
of This Little Coal Measure
Caught It Night Be
fore Last.
(Special to Inter Mount in.)
Anaconda, April 12.--At ai depth of 120
feet from the surface, the men who have
beetn sinklng it shaft for the owners of
the hllack )iamond coal mlining property,
in Newc'omb's gulch, Just north of th.
city, cut into a linte vlein of coalc night
liefore I.slt uand asl ii n'lllnsequence there'
1( mucIh rejoiling arnong thosicc directly
intere sted.
'lThIe event, hocwever, cwas ,no surprlse,
cnc thelc c'onitrary It was expe cI(ted; for the
existeInce of ther c'al melUicciisures. IcHs
denlonstriatedl several Iiimonths ago in at
tunnel run into tic he mountain cide, fron
:a point in Newcomlb' gulcach and below
the scit' of the pr'esent Ishaft housce.
Well Defined Thickness.
In this tunnel a strong well dellneC.
lvein of coacl wacs uncccovered showing a
thickneRH of over ivec feet, but for lack
of room in the Rulth, which is lnarrow in
thel extreme, it. wus declided to start .t
Iwrmanent shaft furtlr up the hill.
'lihe shaft has been put down with a
view (f perl'lclanency. Only the best ma
tcrial \ws used in tlmbering; in fact
everything wa dtone first-class and It
14 doulbtfuil If there is anothc'r mnine Icn
Montana that has ta shaft superior to
this one.
c'oal from the liiacck )lDamondclc nelnc
wics used dlurlng Ihe Khe gcreatl'er part of t'Lh
w\inter by famlllie of thile owners with
wonderful satiscfaction11. The col i
claccsedl ccs the genuine ccanluel, colntainll
inb but a small amount of tsh, and giv
ing out an extraordinary alnount cLf
heat. r"
It is tlhe ilcntention to Install a steamc
Iollting plant lt acn early dalt I)p'repIara
tory to1 oipenlng up thle cInel onl large
sc ale and platccilcg the product upon th.
ccc rkct.
Iiefore vry \ lcong An:c.1cnndc a will have
a coal mine iu iln ctual oleration l and Iw
fore the present year closes the property
will easily furnish employment to several
hundllred netin.
Some of the product sent away for
analysis has been protloildced as ex
c€ptionally fine, leaving no doubt as to
the quiality.
Among the fortunate owners of the
property are I. Itosenstein, J. 11. Weill.
J. W. Black and a number of others.
At the Montana.
H. 11. less, New York.
\W. D. "'almer, New York.
11. 12. King, liuttt'.
l). )orals, Ilutte.
J. ,. Stronbetr g Thutto.
It. L,. Mositnchel'r, Chicago.
A. ltnnk, Btutte.
John WalIh, Ilttte.
J. Il. ('rowel, uitto.
.i. Martin, I 't . 4. tnavy.
F'red Hulth"erlanl , IluIte.
W. 11. Leonard, Huttle.
11t. Watt, Kn,11iU (City.
It. H. (inyd, IhttIe.
11. ('. Rickards, i tutlt.
W 1'. H, 'I'hrowlton, |lutt'.
It. It. ('alkit s, Itutte.
It. !! a ron. | .liii I ItIthi.
IIt. H. uiink, Itnuttl'.
11. A. (rren, I i t11 '.
0. 11. Rogers, ItUite.
.II It. W lenerlawt4\, . Iutte.
('. ('i t'h llt'y. ZA no1 svlle1 , O.
It. M.latnn, Zlntsville, iO.
T. .I. Murrny, alIttt.
II. T. l'utnutn, Seattle.
In Anaconda Churches.
(tilg tchtl to ilntr Moutltain wli.)
,\Annotida, April 1 R.- Itev. John i[.
.11, .lunrter will pr't'ln'h In the Pr'Oeshyte
ria thurct'h nit It . In. 'vei rtl of tihI
delegates to tht' llute presbytery will
IleS tthe Salbbath School duillring Its
,e.Hlon. I1 the evening; the Inmltalhttlolt
oif Dr. (iwyttle tat pastorIoI' I the An-i
moludh (hltur('h will Itke plutr'. Rev. E.
J. i lroini ,v):ld, l.D.., o nf lutte, will
prey 'h.
The ,nstituti ional questions will lo,
propi u ,, ed by the m' oderator. The
ehnrge to the pastor I will be given by Ili'.
Martin of Deer Lodge, atnd Rev. F.
'J'inge of 14hutlt will chalgo tht lpeople.
'r i'v Anhanda btwing t'u'u ieleriutil I
hock h)ur has made its ,appearantle anl.
ist n s1 ile t ni|l saloons and stat'sH.
(Special to Inter Mnunttain.)
A NAC'ONDA, Aprl! 12.---Next week's
socilety event in Anaconda will be
the presentatilon of "H. M. S. Plna
fore" or "Lass 'hliat Loved the Sailor,"
it the Margaret theater by a strong
companly of lo.nl ~ingersi, comprising
altogether about 40 people, under the dl
rec'tion and nui.iuglneilt of Prof'. George
E. Merrill.
In arranging the cast and ',horus., Pro
feasor Merrill was careful to seliet the
very best talent in the city, with the
object In view of seoring evel a grelt
er success than he did last year, when
the "('himes of Normandy" was given to
an audience which ipaiked the theater.
itelearsals' have leen in in ogress firlI
a period of iarl,, s!x mnth ali .khos
t'lih wore given i OlIliorictnity o aII
tend one of thel 1h Id at the tiheatet
it I'fev days ago, declare that the tomn
an:y has attaitned wonderflul r fhhelency,
land enlch one executes* their parts as
signed to them with the rase and Krave
11' iprof'ess3ioi.nals.
Whill they are uinatuturs, it Is .astI
to preldict that there(I are )1some sHurprilHsem
in sto're for those w1,,ho attend the rel
dilon next Monday.
The costulmes to be worn by the niinm
Ihers' ofi the troupe were ordered from
mall Franlcisco ('XIpraly for this o ''1-1.
sIlon and the Int(er Mountain IH able
to present to Its readr.tla itoday, the plP
tu'es of some4 of th( leatding characters
juslt .t they will appear uponll the stage'.
The singeri s (are aill Aina.ond a people
n'l ort .ity the ac n ntlalme( of it Inlrr.e
.... u .... of finds.l Tlhe muslic' will be Ail..
'I'h. c~act OfP t1nllctJltsI v\III tie· is f1
Cant of Characters.
The IU ......... H~.N'J'I'l' I'.ta, K. I,~
1;' itxwattsl 1 iir'~llr. Mt(1I~ . Alie Itnjw1111 rW
Vo)I1\.ltll tikat . ~ . Mt.. .T. . ~l'''I Ittutur
.Ioxujut~l~ro',tie...... M· IT ttiit I~tiittur.r
'Iou fuiki ..... %4,. I. Cl.rl~ A'·riiii..
11~1·,(( ·...........1 HH$( Xi,' \rliIlll
" it
f ye ý-. .
-Prof. G. Merrill. 6-Fred C Achill. 11-3 E. Dunbar.
"2--Fd A. Davis. 7--Miss Stella Copinous. 12-Charles C. Hoff.
3--Capt. J. J. McGuinness. 8-Mrs. Aurella Peruse. l--Edouard Hutton.
4--Wi..a.i J. Johnson. 9-Mrs. Edith Lathrop. 14--R. dei. Smith.
5--Altied Rloper. 10-Mrs. Olivia Merrill,
Copper City Commercial Co.
Children's Summer
Why worry or waste time sewing at home when
you can buy Dresses ready to wear less
than the price of material.
Aat C One piece dress of Chambray
t 75 e. fect yoke of White Percale
for the little ones, 3 to 6 yrs.
One piece dress of good Cham
bray, neatly trimmed and well made.
T 3t %$1.25 One piece Russian Blouse
of Chan bray trimmed with
cotton braid, fast colors.
At D Your choice of severai'
At $1 50 pretty styles nd mate....
rials for girls 3 to 12 yrs,
Sailor Blouse Suits, All
Styles and Prices.
Copper City Commercial Co., Anaconda
A. D). T. messcngers-Drompt. retlable,
T'. J i. MllrlIy if 111111 I nlt tlhi Most
'The ity uncn ll \\ a III m eet.l 11ex M oll
day light.
.lt,1n Walsh tf littt' was in th ' (lty
last 1 i lutillt .
.'. F '. I ly d o f Illu tt' hl d I i nul tless in
.\nlii'undaillllll t iy.
Alttinl tilt- hailhiiltapt 51iil, It Ili' 1. X.
I. it' thillg Htlli'
tr'ld 'uthirliruld Is ait Ilutlfltt I' ils
Is id ilt the M ontlnWii ii.
$. 1 ien'a . - ltito ln hiiil $2.'15, ill I. X . 1..
s i thll' s $i.l i ukrt h', i is-,. i
It. I:. ( 'lkll n ,, illy ItrI rII ' 'er ol f I hu tt ',
w ti.i' n At rllt. n iy., Ii i' t l ly .le itlll'o .
't1Ityr Ellin of Wisdom i4 i n the lity
Mis yit 'i-v ilt J I lllllll elxthl' wl-k
(a1ily HIt ll'lll i to l olide tM lle L.N' Illit
$ n ulllr $pr, t ll ill' IIl l-to-dil' h lt ,, thill
all lors ll ld styly l, t $1.2n 5 I . AI I. X. IL.
Lr'i''s Ii ilik'lnkr i t IalI. it
II'a mt nm eri loulgh'i IIInel t.el k I 1f cuti
I Agllit4 iiitiia , A-llrtII.ll' will le ' i liid itL
ui'tltion Mtonday ait 2 a'lclocik.
Ii'y . A. 1t. Martirn of ar L.. naodgtne
tll t ldilug the sew utssion lut th IIUt m' 0 i l't
I)t ilry ,otill hii in g Ily Ily today.t
t ka Ingarot l hot's, All z ,i , inl til"
row tltoes, 7hr t, I tuttIl e inkrupt sclll Iat
ai.t, IX . 1 l. ' I tltl inl; tli l' i .
it.l, S. n t irin, chM f of tlurl A i i di tha
fire deptulii Lne , wholl wlt I ('t ing, lli
flew wi' k a gil Io tl indergt o lil iopirtttiont
i!4 xpeled h. unt' lxt week.
StIwii1n'H "Ul.cle Tom's r b'in" conm
l:uy arrlived .in' town todiay n aid gov it
l llsne ui t 1 h i i t'h l itIer t'hi 2 ') the1'noon.
Another pr.furlniance will I/1" giveln thi
1 ni'nhg.
Till filrl d' lparlln'lt was called I.t he
r.,hidence of LJBrrRy KIn'e, 61 ,i 'lhLrd
ALrANYt, ln1 aight, to 'xtinguish io t ( yll
hlaz. which did dte toage toh th Iltesll.nt
of about $100.
"Arizona" Next Tuesday.
pK il t Inter Moin untain.)
Altn ii, ldl, April 12.--In "Arzll oll na,"
playing at t1h1e Mlr/.gair(t thleatt i W'tlnes
Iirdy. Aprtul 1it, ItuhiId it hlorei namedk
octise., T'ilh'e lt l ttown Ill aAr izo ti y or
the talte nine, but the hr.se Waas not
Iluned ifler the loon. Totrl h, in fu't,
wl'r glvl(n the nl whih waM. once ther
teity-onr of the who tly iouthwo'gt country.
Itor wil hlborne orgin ly No y r that eIrai'.
old Apahe (hlto,f who doll talnlt d tAule
Arl holitai v early Lethe (Jeronin o was
VALLer tho ght o.-. The old on, lawag
gave thus United States tlo1opH on the ono
hand, and - he Mxteanident rurlon, wh hall he
trouble that watensle visit to her , untlr
he wl finally glhered t o his lommthnder
ary iler. . . N. lk' t here p-or her home
('lo5 | pursult, which 'over'd 230 mifles of
in Indianalpolis touty.
ALNEW ANYORKN. everl more lerl ymen
terday sgn thd bopening pro the atng ty-100,
000 for his occttuep ony othe papal rehair,nt
McKinley In Buffalo,
.. . 4 - ...
TimoNIAD, '.them are the Very oav. P.t
Was I. immedi tlly killed and hlls son
Domllnic fatally 1'rui h1,d by falling rock
and '(olul in the Stuikville ruin'-.
. ONDON.--Telbegram tvere Hlved H ie
from , an' Monghnl ay the d a'ltaery of
American eal. Itind the coelmequelt In
lreaHe lnt IIhe price hays obliged munny
retallern to 'Iose their Htore'.
CH-ICA (O.-William M. Dodd, for
twenty-one year's city |lptuenig'r agent
for the Chicago & Northwestern rail
road In (Chicago, died at Saint Augus
tlna hospital early this morning aged
39 years.
VALLEJO, Cal.-Mrs. Harrison, widow
of ex-President Harrison, who has been
making an extensive visit to her istter,
the wife of Lieutenant Commander
Gulakl, and Most Reverend Katiaer of
MIIwitikce, andl the Blight lR v. (t'h.
Maiili of \W\aihinglon.
NI :I\i YilitK. C'.iapta tin Perry, of l heli
i' i llll t\l14 lli t' i. llii, i Lil
I niii tel ate9 butthhip loan, IN ibout
in give l ,"lil 'l intuillli, t Oil that V\ MHel
Mitl ati then vlll iellnin. Ayrns, in
rinmpini with the It lur Adlnlrut, Hayn
a HI 'Il from Ituolin s Ayre9 lt the lih r
odil Apiil 14, 1902
Ni:\\V Yc1K. M-IS. JoM hnS 1:. liplin
Or.,n, fro lal) Tiht loeader In the -II
A ii l i i' oI f I lhi(ll 'li hlhn t id Newport
ainiii wid,.ly knliilown, d it ill r h ri ire soInce
in it'illo l, il tI , at y i l r i al froml
ii ight on Ihl a finl alillnes
14% doi"Nn't ainnys h41 thte clion
Ir,,li h Ig intl'i t In a mi n u llhno lu lllp rt
Compargaret Theof tre---Anaconda
Monday, April 14, u 190t
Or, The Las That Loved the alYork, Chlo
A nitl sal and comle opera, by Hilbert
and fillllivan. (liven by the pupils of
G(1or1- I10 . Merrill, under him perlhonalI
dirlgo, H. Iauld manageme, n l Fran-k
Mcirlo, ll, nd draw d irecr. Margaret Thea.
r' or.ieHtr Uugmentei d for thgl od Iron.
.'.nery and iontu ClnH nlw and 'orr'(t.
National Ciyt smith )rg cYork; mpany.
i The Daly Bannk and Trusto;
Company of Anaconda.
I Ant illond, Mion lita a ul
General banking in all branches,
Hell exchanges on New York, Ch-a;
cage, Ht. Paul, Omaha, Han Fran
c l:co, etc., and draw direct on the ..
lrinlk parl i(erlls of England, Ire
lland, rance Too, Ger; any and theen
Orient, V epoults of $1.00 and up
ward rece 12 to aved.
n l rrve . A. P. denpot or An
National Cityoow: 7 ank, New York;10 a. .;
First National or utnk, Chicago;.
Forst National Bank, St. Paul; y,
Omaha Notional Bank, Omaha; M
Blank of California, Han Francisco. t
John R. Toole, Pres.; M7: p. .ree
wood, V. P.; Louis. V. Bennett,
Cashier; F. C. Norbeck, Asst. Cash. P
B. A. 0 P. I. It. CQ.
TIMW TA 1.1.
ciective 12 to a. . March 2, 1902.with
At Loalns l via ute: Leave pot for Ana
conda as follows: 7 a. mi; 10 a. n.
12:10 . m; :1ast, p. m.;outh and 11:30 .mt.
Leave Aan nounda for Butte, 8;30 a. m.;
116:) a. m.; 8 p. m.; 7:1. p. m.
ithasegh on change for Northern Pal
cifie trail at Durant to connect with
NUniorthern Pacific Overlan Cd
At Logan via Butte: Leave Anna
condo at 11:20 a. in.
Trains leamroving Aanaconda at or p.
connect at Hilver Bow with Oregon Short
thne for trains east, south and west.
Trains connecmparativelyg with Great Norther
roat dbutte leave Anacoda 8:30 tl. . an
1herman endering p. m.
Tiblckets for sale for all points local -ad
throuerh on the Great Northern raolway,
Oregon Short Line ralroad and Nlsrther
Paciflo rallway and their onnection
e so, ashp tickets afford sale to lio viatn
any other by than this tOYAL
pSix c illion Dollars Spetter to
Union Pacific R. R. L.
In improving what waj orgun~ally
the finert track in the West.
A comparatively straight and level
roadbed ballasted with dustless
Sherman granite, rendering poisi
ble the highest rate of speed, to
gether with the greatest degree of
safety. The magnitude of the
work must be seen to be appre
H, O. 7ILSON, O. 8, L.

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