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Does It bring enough pleyaure in
return to warrant the Invedtment?
The pianola will enable every
owner of a piano to play upon his
piano whenever he desires. Not
only this, but every member of the
family can also play upon it, not
one or two pieces, but practically
every compositlon' ever written for
the piano. Did you ever atop to
consider how much pleasure there
la stored up in your piano, then
count the number of times in a
month it is used? It is , worth
thinking about. The pianola sup
plies the deficiency. It makes no
difference if you do not know ono
note from another.
Price $25o.oo
May be bought on Installments.
Visitors welcome.
Montana Music Co.
119 N. Mall Street
Latest Line of
In the City,
See Our Window
Store Open Evenings Till l O'clock
For News and Cigars,
Montana Book Co.
W. H. KLEIN. Manager
Corner Park and Academy Streets
Swell Two-Fold
Is the latest creation in society
stationery. Just received.
For One Week we will sell $1.o0
Books for 6S cents and 75c Books
for 40 cents.
See Our Window Displays
31-37 N. Main Bt., Butte
F you knew how many
steps your wife takes
daily hauling coal or
wood from cellar to
kitchen, you'd get her a gas
range. It saves the wife a
world of labor, and it costs
no more for gas fuel than
for coal or wood.
Gas Office
202 North Main /treet
Table Tennis
Prices to Suit Everybody
75c Per Set
And Upwards
Extra Balls for Ping Pong. Base.
ball Goods, all kinds, all prices.
New Stationery. New Books
I24 North flais Street, Butte.
No application necessary. Just
ake it, that's all
For Sale at all Druggists
Write for descriptive pamphlet.
C. A, PERRIN, M. D.,
Helena, Mont
Practical Undertakers snd Embalmers
140 W. Park St., Butte. Phone 307.
funeral Directors
Expert Embalmers
Thos. Sullivan, Mgr.
Phone 88. asS E. Park, iutte
Maguire's Grand-Dark tonight.
"'Way Down East" at Sutton's Broad
way tonight.
Sutton's-Dark tonight.
Orton Bros.-Pianos and organs.
J. G. Bates, tuner, Montana Mumia Co.,
119 N. Main street. TeL 501. '
Attorney Whitehall of Anaconda was
in the city yesterday for a few hours.
A son was born to the wife of David
Hogan at 509 North Main street Sunday.
Main springs, $1.00; watches cleaned,
$1.50; warranted. Mayer, 66 West Park.
Frank Bell, one of Pony's well known
mining men, is among the recent arrivals
in the city.
A daughter was born Saturday to
the wife of R. P. Jackson at No. 5 North
Columbia street.
Edward Bennett was finally dischargel
from bankruptcy in the United States
court yesterday.
Dr. W. E. Casey, the well known phy
sician at Hunters' Hot Springs, is a late
arrival in the city.
H. E. Woodman and Mrs. Woodman
of Helena arrived this morning on a few
days visit in the city.
Misses Amanda and Amelia Andregg
of Boise ('ity, Idaho, are visiting friends
in Butte for a few days.
H. H. Swain, president of the State
Normal school at Dillon, Is staying in
the city for a few days.
John It. Toole, president of the Daly
Bank and Trust compa'ny of Anaconda
sl registered at the Thornton.
R. D. Steele, a well known banker of
Bozeman, same in this morning from the
east and Is staying at the Finlen.
C. L. Murray of the Great Falls cus
toms office, who has been making a bus!.
liess visit in Butte, left this morning for
the north.
P. C. Meckenzle, proprietor of the Mo
nida Stage company, which operItes in
the Yellowstone National park is In
Butte today.
F. H. Marsh, traveling agent for the
Wisconsin Central railroad with head
quarters at Helena, is registered at the
M. M. Potter, genera! agent for th.
(". M. & St. P. railroad, with headquar
ters at 'IHlena, is among the guests at
the Finlen.
G. T. Paul of Dillon, one of the mem
herl of the state board of education,
spent yesterday in the city and left thls
morning for his home.
For bargains `n Wall Paper call at the
Butte Paint & Wall Paper Co. All 1902
stock rouging from 10 cents. per double
role, upwards. 131 West Park street. *
Alexander M orrison, aged 7' years died
yesterday at the family residence, 4,'
east lBroad'wa;y, from whilre the funeral
will take place tomnorrow at 2 p. nt.
Mr. and Mrs. John Annenrr and son of
Walkerville left today for New York
where they will sail for EnIgl td. 'l't'hey
will visit with friends in 'ornwall for a
A. A. Marks, tusitness an;Lagr of one
of Seattle's big theaters and one of the
prominlent nllti-syndicalte niltn in th,0
tn,rt'hwest, Is making at business trip to.'
Judge Cluncy has mttde atn order' set
ting the road election ctontest ' "o1t tI haealr
ing on May 10. The hear'ing will le itn
torestlng, as aiboutt 200 \itness's arel'' to
be subpoenaed.
Marriage licelnses were issued yester
day to John H. Pittenger of Silver Bow,
and Amelia Olson of utte, andtl to
Chairles O. Johnson and Sique Ander
son, both of Butte.
Tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock the
funeral of Alexander Morrlison. who died
yesterday at the age of 77 years, will
take place from the family residence at
No. 901 East Broadway.
Julius Lehfeldt, a pr'ospe'rous merch
ant of Chinook, is in the city making'ar
rangements for the shilpment of several
carloads of baled hay from the Milk river
section to the Butte market.
Helen Marie, the Infant daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Walsh, died yes
terday at the family residence, 351 East
Park street, from where the funeral will
take place at 2:30 p. m. today.
J. Chargrave, one of the well known
conductors on the Northern Pacific
formerly of this city but now running
out of Ellensburg, Wash., is greeting old
friends in Butte.
Michael Larkin, a retail liquor dealer
of Anaconda, has also asked the court to
adjudge him a bankrupt. He says Ihe
owes $1,642.80 and has about $1,552 worth
of book accounts and property.
Marie Agnes, the six mnonths old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ('. J. Stewart
died yesterday at the family resldelnce.
1144 WVest Silver s'treet fromn where the
funeral will take )ll.0e at 2 p. m. today.
Mrs. H. J. Wranner and Mis, Emma
('onnell of 4;2 South W\Vyoming street
accompanied by thei'r sister Miss Madg;
(Connell of New York ('lty, left this ar
tetrnoon fo' a \'lsilt with their Lparents
at Salt Lake
Frank Balduc, admlnistrator of the es
tate of May lirunette, \'its yesterday ar
raigned before Justice Shlepard on thet
charge of grand larceny. It Is alleged
that Balduc approprlated se'Ieral hun
dred dollars fromn the estate.
In the suit in the district court In
which the Anllaconda Cotlp'r I'omlpantty
sued the John Caplie comlpatny alnd oth
ers to piartition the 1'arnell lode claini
the plaintiff has filed a mnotlon to strike
from the Nipper Consolidated Coppter
company's answer.
"John Maguire, playwright," is the way
the pioneer thea;trical maltagerl signs hii
name now that Miss IRose Cog'hlan
chowed such excellent judgment In ac
celiting his latest effort, "Arnnmadale, or
Miss Quilt." This is the second play of
Mr. Maguir'e's which has been acceptedl
and will be produced the next season.
John Toomey has taken the justice
court case in which M. M. M,'yer se
cured a judgment against him for $7.85
In Judge Olsen's court into the distirlct
court for review. He alleges that Olsen
took the case undtler advisement without
the consent of thite, parties, and that Jus
tices have no right to tdo that. lit \\wants
the judgment set aside. The case has
been set for hearing in Judge MecCler
nan's court May 10.
Movement in Northwestern Gives Buy
ers Confldence-Plunging on Van
derbilte--Rains in Grain
Sensational rises in Northwestern rail
road shares today in New York in
creased the bank accounts of several
Butte men. One well-known businels
man Is said to have come out $2,000 ahead
by Aeo rise.
Northwestern opened this morning at
$261 and within an hour had climbed tt,
$270. The gain of nine points wits
startling to several Butte speculators
who had been standing off front the
It is said that the business man who
made the killing had been following
Northwestern c(loely for more than two
weeks. He bought the stock 20 points
below its highest figure tdxlay and has
been holding on wit ih the firm .oinnvietion
that there would be something doing In
tilhe stock.
Won on Good Judgment.
So correct was this man in his belief
that today lie tlsteed out, rI'aping the
bnefilts of his con\'victlitiis. Three otthers
are said to htave won from $300 to $800
ont tile rise in the' stock.
T'his sensational)i upwarll\\il'd nmovee\nt in
Northwestern todaty is ance'nuntLedI for by
a 'report current in New York this; morn
iig that tite Vaniderbillt roadieswould noonl
go into a tnecutities compnlany known Icy
the Vanderbilt St oritleets company. This
conmpany, a ccording to the repolrt, would
take In all of the Vanderbilt irolperties
and would Iretsue stock. This rellor't
had the tendenty to boost all Vantdeitllt
Northwestern came in as one of the
principal Vanderbltll stoIcks and one. that
has been consldereid unlusually Ibrw for
the last month. It is a woltnder to Inmany
that Butte speculators wire not III
strlonger for thet \'antderlbilt stoclks have
always beien stlroung favorites with the
Bltte people.
There was consideralle heavy bluying
in IButte today of atll Vandterbilt .ticks iii
anttliplation ,of the truthfulniess iof tithe
New Ye',k report if tlih seulcitithes (com
Ice Stock Warm Number.
Butte was able going In today for
('heapieake & Ohio, (Canadiain Pacific.
Union Paclfle, Brookly tli iTrnsit and
'lllted States Steel. T'he plunge on those
stocks was onl the advlhc ie o sevieral
Eastern ibrokers. John WV. Kliites' iictliv
ity in United States Steel, however, had
a tiendtthn.cy to ioost that stock ill thet
mlnilnd of the lintle slipeculatoir.
AmniTrlan ii. Is, hIwever, the most
popular stock today in liulte. It Is in1
the Ilargist idemandl, aind thelre is moire
buyilng of it thanl of any other sehtok on
the mairket. It was down to 1Ui a few
days ago and today it had gone utilt to
20%1 and with every lprospeclt of Itts going
higher. Continued 'hot weithi r In New
uYoirk Is responsible for the utpwllad imove
llent of the stock.
(lenteral ahins prevailed tioday in llli
Inlis, Indiana, ()hio, M iOIIuri' , 1Milttesotita
and Wisconslin, an d helled the grain
malllrket sonim. loiwever, no ruins wirl
replorted in eithi : Kallnsis or NoIbraka,L
attl ilii hai d iat tOU' l ti'taetinlg iff'ot oni the
lmarket. The Ilnrket, though, reiliniid
Cattle recolits li( Inthalu andtl Chlagoi
It re light, antd gave no encouragement
to those antleiipating a reacitio in Ibeef
William C. ,McKaskle has filed in the
federal court an answer to the suit
brought against him by John J. Roach
and others to quiet title to the Wall
Street quartz mining claim In Madison
McKaskle claims the ground under the
name "L'ouisHana and Is attempting to
prevent the plaintiffs from getting a
Iatent on it. He says in his answer that
the, Louisiana was located on January 1,
1892, and recorded on January 14 of tihe
same year by W. H. Beckwith; that on
January 2, 1897, Heckwith deeded the
property to him and he has since per
form(ed the annual assessment work.
McKaskle alleges that on Janual y 2,
1597, the plaintiffs plastered a portion of
tihe Louisiana with the Wall Street loca
tion. As a result of the alleged en
.roacihment he asks for Judgment for
$500 damages and $250 to cover the ex
,'nse !lcurred in defending the suit.
Tat Leahy, a bad Walkervllie hboy, is
doing time in the county jail for stoning
a ('hinaman in the burg where he has
his home. Pat was found guilty of the
c'riime( charged in Judge O'( 'onnor's court
and brought down to the jail this morn
ing biy I'ollstaible' Duffy,
Pat is abtout 12 years old anill his vic
tim wa\s t0ee Wing, an inoffensive alln
tonese, who once was a boy himself oin
th . Yellow river. I'at landed uponl WVing
several times anti lacerated his cuticle
in several spots.
lie was fined $10, and will do five days
Ibecause he lacked the rmoney to pay the
Attorney My . E. LelBlan, drew down a
fat fee in Judge McClernan's court to
day for his services as legal adviser in
the Iirhbour estate. tie told the judge
how much money he had received and
how much he thought his work was
worth, franking the latter with the testi
mI1n0y of other lawyers on the prOlposl
tion, Tl'he judore allowed him $2,500 for
his services in bqehalf of the two minor
chil irin, which makes a total of $3,500
up to ilelr preent time.
IIn colonc'tion with the estate, D. J,.
(iard resigned ais administrator, and
Mrs. D)elia HIrbour, widow of the dead
man, was appointed administratrix of
'her ownl pa:tl' of the property and guar
dian of the Interests of the two minor
ch;ldren. H1r bond was fixed at $81t,000.
('hancetihr ()'Donnell will hereafter ait
as her attornl'iy.
New Styles at Hennessy's
In Dark Blue
Serge Suits
The Blue Serge Suit is a reigning favorite.
Every season it puts forth stronger claims
for recognition, and it deserves Its popu
larity. All our garments are made of the
best dye Serges, a kind that is always sat
Isfactory, particularly when carefully tall*
ored by the leaders In the wholesale trade,e
who alone make up our garments.
We are showing suits In the now sack
style and in the becoming double-breasted
two-button sacks. The higher priced ones are lined with silk, the others with serge, Nearly all have the
necessary loops that a belt requires, Prices $1o.oo, $iS.oo, $a8.oo, $so,oo and $25.oo suit.
Fancy eheviot and Worsted Suits
W e have nl owe r letdy ltveral exclusive {ylh. of Mn n't t'll tlln.lr l{s, s1|.I o(f h(e f II N f e . In in tilable f I sho, llf,
by Ntew Yi. k's l ading wholesale tail.r, and lrre.lly uSt in h141111 th,, .inghe tool d$ blh -br, t,,$I s$ha' es to,
sult all slzew ulul |Igur's; Ilrlices $12.. I. $1r. 0. $S .0l0 . $ ,20 . 111 t, ' lttI a $:.1.0 c1 . . c 'h~ A I lin'., to, , of M 'ten'
S ('tints and r'l'r users, the contorttlle Nutrflk Jacket anld the egular .ua k HI les, s.t p.,luhllar for \\ ll'Iuer weather
weaI'. P'rices fr'omn 10.S 1 uIwar' ds.
Table Linens Go-earts
75c Values Only 49c Yd. Heywood's, World's Best
1et's a ltull n tl If there evvr was one ,. A well- Nothing will d, the h ,y as tihtlh good2il 's a il,'
knownI l te Ii lllll l I gllt t front th Iirish i anufrltui ls In hlthe ohen air (h2se I l 1ghts. 1hiny dIyt, T'I'hert I nuI
a he d of it cfrat lt lll t l., n' 1 ,a'Iv r .W Iatll t,, /l go-'al nt mad tt' I uN goio',l .s K Ic|r \\rn.l's. 'rhle'a . s nt)
Thel llt i l'ovtd ta , hig foirl hIIm to hf tlli ', sit we tlgnte
llfly pil''eces at at Still Io( er Ipr' '. This e' xplt s rll y tre, In the ca. IIy ,llng thse . tm fIr s lIttle molillney ' as
we, can Hell a 7 'l' Tablle Linen for 49t1. this big s lto l. ( re's very rl'a(,n \.hy you s.holtnlhl
Thois linen s made i fh. u.I iise lax, l( l a ell h(i l, buy ihe, Iem llnd buy th1n o wn. W. ' ctL show yOU
614 llnces wih i v, it l we give, you the elthi.i of tin
Shu.nt"is "1, llt'"I (n h"' A 'HIga . l'I t Four Leaders for Tuesday
nhouIIdt'l . Ia' InltHPCll .
Other Good Things Heywood Go-Carts
lileached Turllrklh tt- The " verei, t ('OI 5Nl0'h
'l, extrla heavy q(lttlity. t inlghIll ) anI in ft . Vyy Only $25.oo only $S8.a~ each
lRlzI' 23 by 48 i(l'l. s Hripe t'il ll chek4 .l A lh nly, 1 4has every A lllands 1', \\.'ll
35C values for Ioc l.e't e , W.ololi.ng. hi nlr'o(v ilnl, is vt'ry made 2.'rriage, with .IlI
HtIIIiI ((12 HIIfting. th' li devices.
All lhleln h12c'k l(towels, 81/~3 values for 61/ yllh un n.
unbll nc1lhed. Hize, "20 by The bl HI 10 bl'huhtcel Only $9·.2 each Only $7.So e.ch
;I; ll(,hic . s111sil ( o(li the kItllll'k A Hllraighl high-grai. e Ip- -tldate I nil ri '-.
20C values for I2 C 1t2l2ly. (Iilrl, IllI'HstL-ct .s i2 \V t.ry (t.ll .s, str.llung and(1 d(u
3 1,0010 yar.ds fancy (ul- 16 yards for $1.00 Iarlhi ir. rhhb., eIl lhil.uitl.
ow'ed dhllty in l'relty W hite IJulil nhePCt,
,stripes, ,tigr.. ,,d xtra 11: 1 1, ,uality turn, M ail Orders to
,polkal dot effects. A loit 111,n( l ((hemmed 2 1 l(n)ti (u ,1.
twe bought al half r.'eg- lre.ndy for use. .Size 7Butte
I~t· tty. by I. I ": t.. H..... .e n n essy 's .....
ioc values for 5c 6OC values for c eo t.
Ready=to=Wear Garments
Never in your life have you seen women's fine ready-to-wear garments marked down to
x next to nothing with as little regard to cost or consequences. The fact is, we have more than
we want, and as we intend to close out at once all the items mentioned below, we have cut
former prices so deep that values are out of all proportion to the figure on the tag. Watch our
window display. Tailor-made Suits, Street Dresses and Costumes. No suggestion could possi
bly be stron er. No values so decidedl grand.
t4444~4**lll+* t44* 44*4ItWi.
At the Finlen.
tharlesi If. Alexanlder, New York.
J. L. Albritton, Suit Lake.
.'. P. Hlargrove, hlilenyt.
lv. M. Potter, H]lena,
W. A. Franci, Omaha.
. P. Hicks, MtiHoula.
am ('hilldH, Halt Lake ('ity.
' C. MacKcenze, Monlda.
". I1. Swain, Dillon.
J. Ii. Whitehall, Anaconda.
J. 1'. Kerl'ting, Mlnnteapolli.
P. W. (Iallagher', Saun FI'ranicsco.
M. Warren, San F'rineineo.
Mrs. Amllanda AIndregg, Hoise, Idaho.
Miss Anelalae AnLdreigg, Itoise, Idaho.
E. M. il~Ht, Halt Like.
Will 1. Wright, Halt Lako.
It. , Stele, Bou .'laln.
Turneir Welch, Weibhstr ('lily, Iowa.
J. M. Blair, ('hlciago.
Julius Lehf(ihdlt, (hihnook.
('. L. Mllrray, (Tre t.i. Fills.
E. II. Osborn.., St. Loul..
(Ciorge Lloyd, Iiponii, Wis.
Anrna il. York, Winonai, M!in.
At the Thornton.
John F. .lJffery, Nw York.
Mlr. e.."d Mrs. cily Fulton, i 'in hinnatl.
F'. If. M.arsh, H-I liIn1.
('. W. Seott, ('htieago.
A. F. SwItz, Illnver.l.
Alex M.ott, San F'ranll ci'o.
It. A. Wllklinson, St. Paul.
]lugh D)onley, Anrilantlda.
S. M. Long, Spokane.
L. A. Hatlfleld, Niew York.
. Alfrtd Kollner, New York.
A. A. Marks, Seattle.
WV'. Scott, Ihelle'fiintalne, Ohio.
E. A. Dl)manlin, New York.
II. E. Woodmnan and wife, Helehna.
At the Southern.
'J'homas II. Judge and wife, Plains,
'A, II. Colllin, Dava'nport, Kansas.
('. Hi. (lraharn, B]rooklyn, lowat,
(. M. Wade, HlOlena.
A. J. Wadle Ilhiiina.
J. E. Ityan, IHlehna.
John Mehmedley, Anaconda.
John Itonsitrltr, Anacndlla.
A. If. Lander, Stevensvilll.
]i. N. Hwan, Anaconda.
L. Mayors, Kansas City.
T. 1). Obers, Kansas (ilty,
William F. Amion, Dillon.
II. (1. Miller, Denver.
A. E. (r'ouse, Anaconlda.
Englewood Lots.
Perfect title, electric line already
graded, fine soil, soft water, new school
house one block away. Lots sold on $10
monthly payments. Mrs. Jessie C. Knox,
box 1034.
t'oronter' Johntl4..tn's j:ry of xix nmun, se
Iert-d fir th,; purpose ur o ifhvestialing
thie delath of Mrs. Mary Knaff, whirh oe
cilrrled .i No,. :is? EMust Park alley Hun
day lafternoo nl, returned it verdlcI, last
:evhninig ;ln(l in it 'oxstll John T. Knufl',
husballul of Lthe diad Woilman.
T'he (:a.~L3 wam thoroughly allre', rand at
the contlusion of the testitnouiy ILa H.til!
ing verdhlt waxs rtetulrned. Amo; other
thint- it auid:
"The jury belleves that. it I: a Idly
that Ithere Is no law Ithrough whiclh tIh ,
said Johll IKnalltH ('Iru "bhe punIIh.d for hlis
gross neO.hc't, nllidhllity and Ilbuse o hti
wilf, whtllh ,promp:ted 'Jh*r to, destroy
Seviral lpersonsl testLIiledi durlng the
ihnvtxi.Igalloul, aln ltl them': the huxban'
of Ithe de(ad wornani, uiand John lItoyle,
who tioti,rponillen1l K nafl hitore I n thie
afl't~·r'noi of the sulblhle.
KIal'f tvolhded as m::uih as possible tih
de:taliH of whill t rarlipi red il)twee MrI'.
K(naff atld hllfnixelt jusLt bef:ore ishe twal
low,,d Ih1 acI.
Jolyle, Niaid Ihalt Mrs. Knal'f aridl her
hulb'lnl had qiuarrelerl, buth lte did hot
ir iHIrna J Il t I' th" nd jlo it.
Jo..;reph K II°IMr~oI, it 'otusin of lh,, t Odea
womnul, Huld Mrs. Kn<aff had ofton vis
Itod hi Is htiu, ,nd toxl htlo i of the Ireat
IIn('ent she was rl'livin lLt the lyalds of,
her hulsband. t'he had told him, h, Hald,
that Kn;.ll' \vwould not give h°er any
rloney and that sht had 1111,01 obliged
to take iln boarder's to get monelly with
which to buy food,.
Khiraon als:o xaid that In 18H95 Knaff
and this wife hbtd trouble over a Mis.
];uill, a ind that Mri. Hlin's husbianrd had
piId hitt a visit and threatened to kill
Up to Date, Finely tlounted, -
Hand flade-.
Surrey, Trap and Phaeton "
In hanie and collar or Swiss
collar at $18, $25, $35, $50,
$65. Made to wear and al. -J :
ways look well. . .
J. N. NEVILLES, Butwe, Mont.
io6 East Park Street. Phone 686 A
Wa. T. NelilIusn lit jail onia a clutrge
of I hro;.tonllng II"' life of 1'. H. Itowan
or :10 I:alt I rlaadway. After lalt(ig taken
into cusltoidy ilan additional chlrIKge of
a rylng rtonni e weed welOuplns waIs plait~
against him.
Nelllits wan onice a boarder at the
ItOWtcn house. It In alleged that laus
niight he "ginlneld" up a bit, called on
Itowan and IIIlHlted upon havinKg 1Home
rmionaey which, he said, IRowan owed hihn.
Itowan says that Nelllus threatene'd to
"Hallor" Jack McDonald Is in jail on
a molnplalnt, charging hlin with hav
Ing iassaulted Mary a l)uke. The woman
called at the ilty Jail and asked to hae
;'atrid for' shl desiredtal to le plhacild where
McDlonald could not harm her. Her
head was bruised and cut. A little later
l'ohlieItan IUurns found McDl)onald on
the street and platced him under arrest.
'rhl'rie i'ases agKainsllt men lr pra IL(t.icing
in dllthl in' wtllIhoul a ce. rtlflillate, from tile
aitlate were up lilafori' Juatlhe (i'(uonira' In.
iath' Walkerv'illt' court today.
ITlroni the promise of lof Dr. Harilelhh that
he woull anot Ip'uctlCe nledlciet the case
againstt lllta waIt dismnlissed.
'Slam KingI, a. (thillesc', a ail T)r. Po)('k,
were Ithol other two aIn. ThI' cases
againstaHt Ithei(T were 'olntinuell fOl' an11
Attornaey W. J. Naughton was today
appointeda'i by Judge Mc(l'lernana to up
p'ralHtie the value o the estate of (lelnent
(Iatnpanua wnith la viw of determnlilng the
amount of moneay due the state as In
h!ritancet tax. T'he estate Is salt! to
have a value of about $12,0)00.

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