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Statement Made to All That Official
Call Will Answer Questions-Papers
to Give Butte Free Puffs When
Boosting Congress.
Major l:. It. Sbit "," of t'h,\'.land,
preld.hl ,nt ,f the Minors' 'c ngress, will
be I IHutlte witthhil t1o w\\'ks.
Mahon that t he a lil It in liutl II Miiny
alnd it is expl, ii'dii that hii ti1 ill e htere
aIl'bout 1 ly I'.,
"I do not lhintk that Major 'Sl.fn.ir
has yett it dtat. ' ll i uoing," said
Mecretarty Mahoin tloday, "butt he will hie
here about the iii mhihle of thl month. i1i.
will ptroba ly lspen ii \ ,weeI k In the .lity,
Itlti 't .g t ibusiness Iuhn and olithlers Inter'
'ted in the liii Il ngr1'iss."
t1 retalllry Mlalnn to.ai y inlltliel l thell
draft of hits otti'hi l ti ll for ih,' il n
gress. Hie \o111 gu 1 1 r It mgain aill the
litter piart of the ..e.k \\111 go ii Itii
enai toll' at conf(' iif 'n( ' ait h (i IIn'11
Consult Govet nor Toole.
MI'. 1,hltlon is ti' rir l.us of ,o 'i ,- l
intlion \with t h Ill- g.o rnl'l l. I1f, a ill show
the chietf ix.IIli\ve Ihl- h ulil uilll rre.,le
suggietitits that iithe governor l n Iiy wish
to mIu ke. II1' \rill also ask llI , g lvl nor
to outlile n it Plas fil the t.liel rm , i. iil t
of the duht gil' N itil i halt tIhe' sillt \t 1ll1
(10 inl the llatte
l'orl.tesp iiiulie'li'i is ii i'ri'tt iin.g ini lih
offlce of tih ll s re ,ary. II.'l xu arc 'r
(.l\ed daily f'Irolll all se.tllii; u1' the
country asking lir in 'orniitiion. .11ist of
all, s.,tting forlh ;all the informn tlion
wantedii , \ ill bt issull lwithin a v lweek Ill
teln d(iy's anil Ihtat onl, twill Illi mailed to
the writut.
"I simply ackit .,llun lll ' ii .,il' t ,I
ii lhtter," saidl Mir. Ninhon, "anti that
lets the w 'it 'r knotw that this uilnuiiiil
intlin lu1is be' i t ,t'oe'ivied.
Flood of Mail.
"It \i I llu l Ii practici, l ly f illut 'i iltl',
for me to gtu i i .t delills for .ich v'rittr.
''Thei' ollicil call w il ite l It hle desiredi i
inforiimation ai l so ' Ii1 IIlttrs are i t iledt
and as soon as tlhl. call is publish'.it I
will ymil on to N.ii..ah.
"'i I spat ii's in various seii tions ofi I
the country i rt N also writing to Iil fri!
infornat to1 i'ln. To le tress tin t riii I
plybig that as Solon as I get out the
call and the li''i In working lhayli i' I
11111 St.iil thrnil information from libnt
to Illl- of t ih I i'ogr'ss wiln prospects of
would be li car(lally Ilinposalbh, fl'l me
ito make a success of i the congres''s. That
the press hs interested is demonstrated
i thie niUtlii ' of iniit 'lesr I tlt irec'tlv
ing daily fit, Itfformatioliin."
1-r. 31ahon has practically ,omlletl-d
all the pI'rtliillnlril ,s filli the Iwark aild
by thl ILitfoir pila of this week he will
hautv hii' ulflte iroutinte tmoiving s.imoth
"Ther Is no 1prosppet of the l Iutte
banks organizing it clearing holous. There
lre Irea'tsoll s vhich we havei for not or
ganilizing ai clearing house which it would
not he ipolicy i ianlllnouncel,"
'That was the sitatent miade tiodilay by
]'ri-sidcit IRyan iof the Daly hank.iii
Mr. Ityan sail that the 13usln1.4ss Mei's
asiUtlation ll laild asked that the alllnks or
ganize i clearilig house, believing that
the advertiCsemen the city would got
firon the iipblishil.d stateenlts would
prove binielliatl. The reasons whlich the
banks h]1\' for not orgaInizing are of it
business ciharactir. It i. believed that a
clearing house would not lie of Ihe InI
portaince to the taniks that imany believe.
Considerab)le attention and study has
been given the sulject by the lianlkers.
They have (11discussed it thoroughly and
without an iexception they hliai'e decided
that. at this tllne it would not ,e atdvls
able to estblitlsh t clearinig hiouisie. The
J3utte banks settile willth .e l (ii othelr at
the close of oacih business .ay with iish.
In niost illie.s casthlis i'liiche aic usid.
Wee Hortense falls In Love
With Big Officer On Sight
flowing Tassel On Big
Baton Won Her Child
ish Heart.
At the anoon i.,tr in [Potte, th thi ci r '
of fIain and Itriad way is a busy thr'
oughfarn'. Strit e'ars art. passing the
junction, exllu rws \t ;tgiis, d(llays, hlt'k
and r gl'l':I s atre (',lattetqhig by in itImit
ti('s Htil btusy tie I- t'iattns r'i i hui yiu.
to their noonday lunch,
It was at thin ll busy tllwner yeslterday ,
that Poll'ee.eai' n Youngl, while stanldilng
In lthe Y-sihaped space it the tiddle of
ithe st'reet, fe('lt some onl e iILug'giag nll t
('Stly at Ills club, \\hich hutng at his silt.
looking about.l, the oflletr saw a tipretty
little gr'l, not niot'e, thlan 4 yearst old.
The chlld hitd IbeinI attracted by his
I l .L ind the redI tassel which orna
t...nT~et ~'te toeTeonian's club whith Iu hung
at hl side, and had venltured into the
busy street to take hold of it.
T"he little girl was pretly as a pie
ture. iHer face 'was like the sunshine
and a wealth of gold.in culls pl'otrudlel
from beneath a dimilnutlive sun-ibonnet,
Policeman Young started to carry the -
little one to the station, tbut theo thilh
InsIsted on walking and hanging to the
big club with the pretty reld tassel.
It was late last itvelaninl \ahllt :Ilrs. J.
B. Smith of No. t8 tiaganll, street talletl POLICEMAN YOUNG
for her little il.otuigte, lttirtetnie. Makes a Diminutive Capture.
They Will Not Now Organise Among
Themselves-Something About the
Girls in the Various Labor Or
ganisations of Butte.
For motice time t(ie milliners eand dress
mnaker ilf Hiutte have been talking of
forming a tunion for mutual benefit, but
It was found dlfllieit to start nuch a
mnove'tlent so they decided to apply for
dtlnlmiion to the C'lerks' union.
'I'T reattLrL(' w\m c.onsider'ed by the
clerrks with th r(sulllt that their mem
hershlip will Immcediatily ho Intcreased to
the numntet,' of 150. LasIt night 150 women
were Inlltiatedl and thei remainder will bie
taken into the organizationll u s oon sit
'There are h i re . ic'i lhin 7il0 niO wolmen
aiidi gtltl in Itutte who Ilong to varl
otll lahor oi'rg.laizattions and who are
stlnllg ull nlIll sllppolrl'te's.
( ine of' thelin, \MissI, thl'rtrude P1ier, e,
g eio I1t the na l tictoii l entiVn ltioll f the
W\est'i. r1') labor II itin in )IIcIver(', M1ny
e;i. 7m i 'the r lcr,' llsent llltvr' ofI ltittte
Stenogr aphers' cssol atciion.
.'iX wio n'll it in tth co nlt tls ofl ! the
cltivt'r lhow '11l'tradci a l:.tLabor ialsenhly
as d hlogatel f uin tlle aniInsl hl 'Ih they
Ituttei i ihc r wcci ccom n t i re di stiti'l led
IhroulllI h ilve nIIIi.i.s, inll twl'lili' I whitch thl('y
are sitrongly iii the l ticjlority; ini two thlty
iare' iiin thlle minority ; d ont' they excliu
iiI t'ly 'control.
Where Women Rule.
I h Hlh. te W om lvllln ' i" lh, o O l't unll oItlnii
is tic icie itl c' o t'ne otgaictzttian
Whhich1 Is c'ctl .1,1 11d c ,y atc d olloiypscce' ex
t itisively of Vwo .lli. Its ai ri i ittc
tak'cn clt|thlly fromic tllh' w;iiti'e'ss.is, hotel
emttloyes and working guits In gt'ct't'cal
who do noit lcchccc11 tic other unionsttt. It
IhasI It lembers'hill f i t r' thann 'ii ll and
clc'c'ts eclc'iry i..%,k toI dis,-cu ess llatteri,
i'tigainig to tlhcc intl2 . e',c s of lh c til
1In I 101 t(1 rlv'e'(' reports of a walking
dlcig',iate, for, lik'e the orgntlizatitlts ccm.i
lposed exchlcsively of l" cnc, tihe' \Wloctcn's'
Pralte livc e iolltn has ti w \alking d(clegate.
iiir dutlles lire at t:II'.c rathl"' irdu
ous andli In d(.les+ ricing Ih.iin t anl Intel'
M ountain rel l orltl 1. r N'.!,, r,.l' y mil', n llel
whiclh icwere doieildcly hll ci'ro ils.
'ihe diuty of I ltlintg pon liitndtladi es d1,
volvces 1i1)tlil her ailltd as it is tio easy mtat
ter toi keep the nmec'lers of her 'craf'l't in
lint ccli icnd.s Ilcnty r doi at all times.
Mianty ii illhiclit (1 c.11( . nty i .s i hc cc atillt c
tPolln tIo lteci, but iH i' ' iutte only wotlcIln
walking t'delegate is a it'te woman andtl li
ishe is always acciil . ctlisclld her mils
cl In and Mc r llcci tgtl.c led the cIiiuse of ol'.
g+nize'd labor. M.l ic lrhilgit W\als-h is
lpresidl',nt ofl' t11c' W'cciit's Proctective
uni ln, and lmi i 'llialc'i.s ('il; in is secc
"'r'hat st~lttlmenit in it mornin.lig n .
]tpIr that tl. ight-lhotur ru'le w\oull
ipply to ('liii'i'be of Ith 'Ionmstelrs ai ll
Wor'kingnini' unioniis e ploye i'd inl tlhe
fonlldrl' i4 iniiiorrl(( ,' said a Iromint'll
mnbnir lof thll' Vil knllellnl's union to
"lhdIh of thtse, unionlls hlave roallzed.]
that uii neil h Iies (ll itio ii ill thlie totlndrlol s
di not at this t in. w\irrtlit any 1l -
nII ndll for a t i l iln ofl hours.
"U.eshides tho skilled lio'chniin. In thlose
esltalllishlnelts are asking' for nl cion
ioesslion., and the \V\o'rkingiiin's union
and 'rTeams tel'rs' uni.on Ifee that tlhey
would not ,, Irai.,ontl y justithld in
going hlyoind Ithe tiettled .arrangement
of the skilled 'liitfis.
"'naiuthorizedl stat.ieits. bty ai newqs
pulle t' ilit 111 li st'i.ll.'illo i ha liil lt.
Pat)("1r not In possessidon of the fasts do
not good anl thi tilllt.
" 'Sutlltlilnt for the day is the troubl,
tii l eof.' "
$50-California and Return-$50
April L3 to 28, Inclusiv\e, the Short Line
will sell excurslon tickets to San Fran
cisco or Los Angeles and return at the
above rate. Final return limit June 25.
ememlnber, Butt e-Ogden route Is 500
lllhes the shortt st-a saving of 30 hours.
Reserve berths now. CIty office, 105
North D ali street, ituite.
II. 0. \VII., N, lineral Agent.
. , . .-i_,_ _ _ _,_--_- , ,_._,_ .
Let Your Mrid Pollow Your Eye. Th.ough
',This List of 'ood Things In
Butte Agents " furnishin s We Sell on
i°' Mouse Furnishings Installments
Famous New, Desirable, Durable and Useful. Every Your Credit
item a Special. Every price calculated to untie your Is
Steel Ranges pure strings. Every quality worthy of your confi
" wlence, Make no mistake; buy here and you buy ..." ood...
'with the masses, who know and have learned to
appreciate our underpricing method of business
III bbilding.
Side I Here Is a o in
S id e , ",' .
Boards Baby
Swell affairs in many styles, DINING TABiI. ES Oo-Cdrts
some rich and elaborately
ornamented, others plain and Of all dimensions-round, square, drop lea pillar extension Whitneys, best for 40 years,
qulict appearing, all of fault- and patent self leaf holders, landed at car load rates for freight, best for 40 reasons, better
less construction, some suited and sold at prices that long since made this house dining table now than in all former seas
to the modest home of the headquarters. Read the dollar saving dining table deal we ons, enameled running gears,
working man, others to fit have dished ap for your benefit this week, easiest riding, springs, pret
the extravagant taste of the No. 186 Dining Table tiest shapes, safest and light
multi-millionaire, all priced T a patent extension, made from quarter-sawed oak, and is band- est, cheapest and nicest. We
to profit the provident and polished. It ciarries its own leaves in the frame and can be length- quote just a few eye-opening
miserly to sprte ned after the table has been laid, without removing cloth or dishes,
cause the miserly t as the leaves go in place at the end instead of the middle. It takes pricCS. `
from their moley with smiles but a few moments to prepare for extra guests. It is so simple in
construction that a child can make the desired change.
lSpe'tcial price to introduce th.n ................ ..........$14.50 o
No. 4201 Extension Table
/- Is a spleindid i round-end, six-foot, Ihanid-polished diner, with fluted legs;
ill iiiale fromI litst- ruade quarter-sawced oak. It has a 43-inch top
-- an lis fauiltless in construction. We price it for this
week at .. ...........$3... 75
No.6 Dining Table
i s tianlt of solid oak, has hieaviy turntted legs and a 43-lich top. It lt
nicely hand pIlhl shed and a very desitable piece of
dintiig- root futriture. Special this week at ..........O...10.50
No. 810 Dining Table _
Is made of wi.ll seasoned hard wood , has a 42-Inch top and extends to
S fully six feet in Ihnath. It has nicely turned full size legs, , No D 2
and we would almostl as soon buy them as sell them at ...... .6.00
Scotch Net Ingrain Whitney Go-Cart
SIgran Plain reed body, mounted on strong
A trunning gear, with rubber tires
No. 374, Side Board Lace Curtain Art Squares b.e irs
patent foot-brake.
M Ide of oak, hws mirror ac·', Snas Are woven the same as Ingrain Thinks of t ............ $350
thrc shelves, d~rawers and lh,,k r, l Jp carpets, only In one piece (seam
flilihed In golden oak. • .t he less) with border all around, fringed
Ilri it's a wrld ~ U' nuLsuily good qialit LeR at re- ap e No. D3
beater. Think of it...,.|.O ,.0 riarkably ow plri:ow or. Fuu nm-t of o ends, hCarp... theapt n oy areranc
Lace itaintlium grked so low that perfectly reversible. We have Whitney Go-Cart
No 375 Side Board them II1 different qualities and six
you aot afford t vrlook them s. Same as No. D2, with swell sides
0No.35 Side Board In.so that beiar •trilking re- and wove reed filling, patent
Ok with b d rh t mblnce to the highe grades- Ingrain hubs and nice foot rest; built
Oak with brevk eltl Fr nch ple spring, 1902, exa.lti.pens of expelt Granite Grade Crumb Cloths, full strong and runs very ....
irror n ba'k, hits the di a.'s we.vlng in neuw designs .tild styl- .'x3 yards; light Yours for . 0..
arid double slidhing door le.k r,'2t ish p 'tttCrns, foght Yo......... $4 5
handsomely trimm ed with solid . for ....................... .
brassR pulls aaId wi ao No. 3581 Scotch Net Ingrain
catches. How about it?.150 Lace i 'iurtains, full 3 yards long, Granite Grade Crumb Cloths, full No. D 8
good width, worl,.d edge;, stronlg 3x4 yards in size, light L ' a
nmrish, double and dark grounds; for.. $5 0 5oiII y uu0 1a
No. 377, Side Board ed; or ............5C Ingrain Adjustable back and foot. a splen
with high nopy top, ly No. 5336 Scotch Net Art S(quares, all wool splendid did recliner, with cushion and
lk, w adth high canopy top nael, Lace ('urins, full length and weight rich patterns, 7'x9 feet parasol: painted gear nd 'rub
itt draera and doiuble dotr Ibiker, width, tr'icolt edge, itn stylish in size; very service- ber tires. Also patent safety foot
tiisahtrass Itri1 d and piolish stripe eftects; able; for ...............$9.00 brake; $20 worth of style.
talnbra1 0llmlmld a' pl( llahl " rpt or ..... $.OO Ingral This week for ..........8.5o
finish. The prke $- grand value; for ...... Ingrain h eek or
only .. ................ 16.50 No, 5007 Scotch Net Granite tirade Crumb Cloths, full
Lace C'urtains, 31' yards long, 50 3x3% yards in size; No. D 15
No. 53, Side Board inches wide, ordred, Insertion or.................... 4.. Whitney Go-art
l .. d d ular plain centers; for. All wool Art Squaress, 9xi7 feet in Swell side body, adJustable back
otk, hand polished, 3-dritwic and No, 5502 Scotch Net size; *uperb pat- $ foot, close , ove ree a
5tern; for and toot; close wove reed filling
lot'ker, of very best construt~.on L ci ' 'urtains, in ruffl effects, terns; for ...........00 all around; tapestry cushion; lace
and grand appan, a p' of witout ruffles, button hole edges, Ingrain or 'satin parasol. All the latest
furttitaue frf li I t'i, ft s you a lid centers; they are full 50 Art Squares, all wool, bright col- patinted Improvements. Stylish
ard yoitr llllii' $n'2 It it 5 \tLdi tid 13 OtS close i'o\e 9xl2 In the extreme.
liin Td Itogns; kir r 5 ..... $.5O fe t It sie for .. ....oo00 A few days for ........ .00
We Pay the freight MaiNl Us YourOrders
48 to 54 West Park and 41 to 43 W. Galena St,, Butte
W\\''ll his nlinl toples with w igh.ty util "
trins that ;riie In sis 'nrot hi it' teoo
>titta. ltth' f' t that. with hilt there cit
he iii tiVorites.
illustrat'ive of this imipartiahlity on
part of Justice Libby is thi.;: YeLte'rdd;y
afterniiloon he sent dI'efendanits and plaili
tiff alike to jail.
Justli'e Libb)y hard tithe c(Ihi'trg cs a n.
i'ountet'-chr'/ges; listentd to stoies oi
lighting and brutaltity; '.rust s antlii .fet f:
nid out of till the cuiinglinr'tei Te
of testinimoy he ermnlelrgiedl l\ilhi a joyol:ns
Stmil' land stillt 'eCt till tp io the cuui y
Jail fI'or 10 oays.
Then Justh'e Libby ,ut oni his over
oat aind his hat anlld lighting a long,
Mhlack cilgar \\'alked home ai it look, d
in the milrror and sail:
"\Wil done, good and falitlhl'u ser'vritt'
Williain Jteese, Maltt RTese, Solt ll
,'lird and William Davis have freqiluept
ly enlivened Meadervllte with tights.,:l n
the night of April 22 they reached 4, h
clitliix and the result woas scarred 'fa't'5s
and a broken door at No. 9 Linrolti
avenue, where the iteose boys reside and
where Davis also lives. It is alleged that
the mother of the Itese boys thinks
nmore of Davis than of her sons, anld the
hitter resent this lack of maternal a'l
In the justice courts the Reese boys
and Willard complained against Davis
and Davis complained against thitm.
"Itorse and horse!" murmured Ju-i'
tice Libby, in a stage whisper,
Illegal rgistrationl as'.s \-were dispos.ed
,f' yet.tevlaty 1fit'''no1 itn justice 'coui1 H
its follows;
J.14m1 CassidyH , diHnissed.
1'rd. ;Harvet y, 10 tlays.
1. .J. '(tConnell, 20 daiy. ,
II. S tott, 20 days.
This nic'll lly i\\tlnd' up the c('ases
that hiav I1,e1en pillnding -for lnearly it
Imonth in the 'vartlious juIstice courts of
lhutte and viinhity. l(ne case is pending
in Justice "Nelsonl'S ('oui'L anld will be
bIrottght up next week,
Notice to Hardware 1ierchants.
Healed pro'posails \\ill be rleelved at
the oiitce of the oiiunty clerk until 2
p . mi. Jy 1, 1002, for the placing of a
stIel ceiling in the oullt 10room of de'
1.artment No. 2, of the distrlet court of
'ilver liHty county, Montana. Bids shall
tI. sealed. 'lTh right Is reserved to Ie
ject any and all bids.
Chairman of the ]BoHad of County Cottl
Attest :
JOHN WERTON, County Clerk.
A Free Book.
All persons who Intend making an
EasterIt trl) should apply for a copy of
the "Panoramic Folder," an illustrated
descriptive pamphlet t:.at is distributed
fi'ee of charge by the agents of the Den
ver & .io Grande and Rio Grande West
ern Raltways--the Scenic Line of the
World. This line operates personally
conducted Excursions and Daily Through
bleepers and Dining Cars to Denver,
Omuha, Kansas City, St. Louis or Chl
(ago, via Salt Lake City and Denver
the mI(st attractive roulte tt'ros(, the
conti notI. (S(op-ov\ers allowed.) Apply
to \V. C. Melrilde, (General Agent, 47 E.
Broadway, nButtte; or (George W. Ifem tz,
Assistant Gen eral Passenger Agent, Salt
Lake Ctitv.
Our patlients cured 15 years ago by oulr Great Discovery, unknown to the profession,
are to-day sound and well, and have healthv children since we curedthem.
rims y , econdary or Tertiary C ure N.tyu can betreat
.i IIB erma..ntly YCured in 15to35Days.,B t, h ,for
the same price, under the same guaranty. IfIou preferto come to Chicago, we will
contract to pay railroad fare and hotel bills, and no charge it wefall to cure.
IF YOU HAVE ta en Lfrour, iodide otab..,nd .ill have aches and panls, Itueous
any part of the body,haioe o, syabrows tUlling l out IS eI or"» Qlo;oedDot.r . Y cer onL
We solMlltthe mustobsti ateaMas, anlcallen., tho world nto epuew eannoterre. TIls
disease 1.. always btledth l the kll ofh thi mott emlncJit Ity+7lel :U5, 300,5OOcapt .al behbid our
unconditiouni guranty.
DON'.J WA.X OUR TýMU AN"D OZfIeTxperinhtcntlg. We hnvetheO!LYcurs.
gbsoluten ongebloproo ssotweralndoneapjl atlnnn. ý r 1~ )arswchavetreutedbutcone
a e to aN o as. oodw oson siod weposHilvely cure it to ~hs3y curur.
C~OK REMEDY CO., 158:3 Masonic Temple, Chicago.
eesyi cji rmrso. or
tuna hltee, nnotprel dS.
11O..enabed to t nf, irrltat on or a derv.
?fly,~ SMISIOE at sr"'o~ US orn
*e TWEEVANS CHEMiIOAL Seaid hi' eto Dauglatm
OINOINNATI 0 grold 1ea tP btm
rsn In plain ILp
44yds ir t riot 0NPu id

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