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The Butte inter mountain. (Butte, Mont.) 1901-1912, April 30, 1902, Evening, Image 5

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Does It bring enough pleasure in
return to warrant the investment?
The pianola will enable every
owner of a piano to play upon his
piano whenever he desires. Not
only this, but every member of the
family can also play upon it, not
one or two pieces, but practically
every composition ever written for
the piano. Did you ever stop to
consider how much pleasure there
is stored up in your piano, then
count the number of times in a
month it is used? It is worth
thinking about The planola sup
plies the deficiency. It nlakes no
difference if you do not know one
note from another.
Price $25o.oo
May be bought on installments.
Visitors welcome.
Montana Music Co.
119 N. Main Street
Lagest Line of
In the City.
See Our Window
Store Open Evenings TillI i O'clock
For News and Cigars,
Montana Book Co.
W. H. KLEIN, Manager
Corner Parkand Aced.my Streets
Swell Two-Fold
Is the latest creation in society
stationery. Just received.
For One Week we will sell $1.o0
Books for 65 cents and 75c Books
for 40 cents.
See Our Window Displays
81-87 N, Main it., Butte
Don't Affect People
Who Cook with Gas.
Gas Office
202 North Main Utreet
Table Tennis
Prices to Suit Everybody
75c Per Set
And Upwards
Extra Balls fer Ping Pong. Base.
ball Goods, all kinds, all prices.
New Stationery. New Books
124 North lain Street, Butte.
No application necessary. Just
ake it, that's all
For Sale at all DruLggists
Write for descriptive pamphlet.
C. A, PERRIN, M. D.,
Helena, Mont
Fractlcal Undertakers end Em-almers
140 W. Park St., Butte. Phone 307.
runeral Directors
Expert Embalmers
T1O0. LAVELL, Prop.
Thos. Sullivan, Mgr.
Phone 85. 125 E. Park, Eutte
Maguire's Grand-Dark tonight.
Button's Broadway Thursday Night
"Nathan Hale."
Button's-Dark tonight. . - .
Orton Bros.-Planos and organs. *
j. G. Bates, tuner. Montana Music Co..
110 N. Main street. TeL 60.
Main springs $1.00; watches cleaned,
$1.50; warranted. Maer, M West Park.
Marcus L. Hewitt, the Basin mining
man, arrived in the city last evening and
is staying at the Butte.
Default of the defendant has been en
tered in the case of L. Huber Vineyard
against Theresa Vineyard.
H. G. Merry, superintendent of the
Coke and Coal company at Horr, is a
recent arrival at the Thornton.
William B. Thompson and wife of Bos
ton are visiting with their son, H.
Thompson of 1113 Caledonia street.
Miss Margaret Blackiston, who has
been visiting at the ranch of her father
at Jefferson Island, returned to the city
J. C. Fairchild, tax comnllssloner for
the Northern Pacific railroad, with head
quarters at Tacoma, is staying at the
L. M. Hughes of the Northern P'acifle
tExpress company at Helena is among
the visitors from over the range in the
city today.
H. A. Wilkinson, tax commissioner of
the Great Northern railroad wilth head
quarters at St. Paul, Is making on ailtcial
visit in Butte.
The case of L. E. Cook against P. IH.
Regan and others, which was set for trial
in Judge Clancy's court, has 1beenl con
tinued till May 9.
In the divorce case brought In ithe( dis
trict court by L. Hulber Vineyard against
Theresa H. Vineyard, a default has been
entered by the court clerk.
Judge Harney has dentied the motlion
for the appilointmenlclt of a referee in tle
(case oatf Con Ilayes. executar f the Ford
estate, against John liralnagaIn.
M. D. Kern, the arcthiltect who is
dilrecting the conltlructilon of tile nlew
high school building at AII,aI1Ionla. I)1spent
yesterday in thilte Smeltelr City.
Jackson Martin, f(ormlly ilasl.tr mlr
chanic for tlhe Anoiidlll c(mp'(ll4llyI. but
now inlliersteI l i 'lliftiornia mit s, is
visitinlg old friends ill little tida".
'Two sec'tions of a (rl-at Nor'ithIern
homeseekers' tralin left St. Paul yIstler
(lay with uO99 p.assengers bo 41nid tlr .I', A-11
tlna and Northwestern Ilints.
Marriage license.Is \\ere' iss.l 1 ystll-r
day to itholirt I~tlo rtl.i4on aa11 It VIltrile
Ellen lire. 1 1 )., , I, )itnnts i'g;ia illani
1itzabeth LeonaiiI, all of hutlt.
For bargains :n Wall Paper call at the
Butte Paint & Wall Paper Co. All 1!902
stoclk ratlglIg from 10 cents. ier double
roll, upwards. 31\V West Park '.reelt
Thla numerous friends of It,-i. - . ('.
Illncklton \will Il, plasedl to l.rln that
the Is rle( til'ilng f1'r1m1 his , 4"nt illthite S
and \\ill soon Ie ai l to r.antlInP his duties
MIr. 4and Mir.s. W. E. 'Cullen alll tileir
da.lhilter, :Miss Puss C 'illhi, . h'ft last
evIii inlig for their hiomei in Splkait, atIl't' r
a ri'lt \itlh 1r. i 1 s 11. (I. \VNW ilson
,of this 3it'y.
Chairle8 I. Lane, president of tin BaIttl
baseball club, left this molrning 4ton a shortl
trip to the cateriln part of Iloh ..ilti'. MI'.
Lane says lie will n,t get \'ery falr 4wl\iy
fr a lll iilegralph tlith'e wlile he is ;away.
Murllla lierrlylha,nd and Mlliss lIna
(Gannon iil vi re alirriel yster.ii'iy 3by' t1he
ol'Rv. J. H. Noftstnger of thel Frl.st 11i1I
list church. The \\Ieldling tollk p1lace at
the home of the bridtl-'s parentl'ts oel North
Aliaska stre'et.
Letters testiumlneltry to the estalte of F.
Y. (liard, who died at Montreal on Sep
tembller 1S, 1901, have beell applied fir lby
Virginia (llard. 'Thle petitioner saLys that
the estate consists of $19,800 worth ol
plrollerty In this city.
Judge tClanly lhas reversed Judlge Ar
nold in the case of H. Morrison against
T. F. Hopkins. Morrison sued il.ljkins
for $125 borrowed money andt had hinl'
arrested on a warrlant issued ly Arnold
charging hi-n with attempting to leave
the state to defraud his creditor's. Judge
Clancy set aside the Iproceeding llbe(ause
Hopkins was not graillttd a healring forith
with uon1 his arrest.
Eight boilermakers employed by Ihe
constituent 'nmpalln leH of the Alal
galnated ('opper company havi declared
off the strike startled by tIheaet a few
illolnths ago. 'Their places have .,nI
filled by the cOllipally.
It was claimed by Ithe union that l il ly
WeVtlsh, a bullerinaker, empllloyed by the
St. Lawtrence intle (of 1th Anacnttula
I(JoIptap y, %%a not a mI( b"tir of tLi
union. 1'We-Ish ullneged that lie weould
not lbe admllittedl to the unionl anld the
reply was that lie was not ,ta ockeian
lup to the standard.
Competent juet jules examlinell Welsh and
pronouncedtn himnt it good wou'kmluiu. This,
hlvt,\'lt dill ot latisfl y the Unillo and
the oight nevi struck.
*- ---------- --
A Thirst
lorsford's Acid Phosphate
is fatr superior to 0111011ons at
thirst qluenchor that really
e;tisfies. It is a wholesomeo
and strengthening Tonic that
relieves the lassitude and de
bilitated condition of the sys
tem sl o collnollon il ind
summelr. Insist on having
Uorllord's name l evey eIIxNUINI pasakLe
Stories Are Told of Xie Original
Schemes to Raise the Wind-Con
Armed in Morphine Habit
Printers Gave Him Aid.
With tears in his eyes Godfrey J.
Cole went around the newspaper of
flees in Helena a few years ago collect
ing money for his wife's funeral. In
the offiee of the Independent he suc
ceeded In gathering a large number of
Grateful he was as he went out.
Two hours after Cole had left the
office the "devil" turned away from the
window and called out:
"Here comes Cole and his funeral!"
Printers and proofreaders rushed to
the window. They saw 'ole driving at
spirited horse attached to a buggy and
sitting by his side was Mrs. Cole, very
much alive.
That, so far tas known, is the first
t|lile he "killed" his wile to -secure
money. So successful wtas he ill this
sc'heme for rteplenishing his po use that
it became at favorite trick with him.
Not long after this incident he sent this
telegrunm to his father in Missouri:
An Original Scheme.
"Wife dead. Se.tnd miontey for funeraltil'
exp l'enses. (odlfrey."
Prolmptly came'i $100 from tlhel elder
Cole. Promptly, too, Cole, ur'., Iproic'ededc
to spcread a lurid light on Iheh town of
Heh nha. It is said that his father
leareid of the trick aind that at severe
replrimand cmlne to Lithe s()it, tco'iianllllled
by a notilllatlon that futurel appeals for
money ouilii he I.ntoiredlc, thllt the' wife
toutll aetlutally ilie anld her funeral ex
peIislnt'H w\ouild havei to ie l orne rl y e Home
body other that) her father-tin-law.
l'roti time to time Cole was in des
peratle stral'lits fior moneitty. oif it reso'urce
ful minlld, however, ihei \ tis usually suc
('elssfu ll fi se('U lllg ecLsh.l.
Toi a printll r N'ole once wenit anit saitld:
"I've got a; joil to turn out, Ibut I
hitven't the inoney to mike i lietyntertt
ion lhi p1apt'er. All I want Is $2."
W\ith ltheO characterie'slc genteroslly of
th ' craftt' , Ithe lprinter gtv\'e' ('iole , the
des'edf sum. Days passed and ('let did
i(not returi llthe ImIceiy.v, nottIc\Ithiltaiclicg
-his pi ,uii .i s .t rettirn it Inext dty. ''ite't
the printer atskedl hintl for the tmonety.
Unique Debt Paying.
'Ihdili't you get it'?' dentanttled' C(.oli' in
sc rlcrise'.
"No," wais thle trely.
''Thaiit's ftunnty," deiiurerld (Cl. I -ciint
up and couldn't fliet you ill and s.I I
sihovi i Ith e mtut ' iu t'ler your dortl'."
It Is alsio r'ltehd that oni wiintetr's day
('ole' f/iiild that there was no fuel in
his shed. IHl ris iestiefuln' eucos Ccc s''
fuel was almost as Itcli' 1it hcis t'tresourc'e
u'tlness to sc,.evire money. 11i \wtnltl It it
Ipronitl i nt allicz' II land told i 1 i'c :telhci -
tol'y of a lpoor l'ef ilVy sult'ch'l.tg i're ti
lthe 'ol ltr ti se ured ian order for' i half
toll of 'oal which h1c had heliltvre, tI
Ihes owcte shelccd.
Ciiie It('' tce ie't confirtilIc oercc ilits
fie dl. ini ciday in antling ip ti eitil i iips
of t newslttlnip r ,il'.c lhit dr, oppedl Ills
nIl tlo. 't or daillt'sl 'tir ch t oultCl t l iutl
the Flhps at dt'Tfslnt tinies durl'in. th
d'ayie and with ih Iiitid fthe'' ' 'iri
fully ovuyr each stes.
"What are yot looking for'?" .']i",k, it
"It \\us the' tiin .s tt twing nro dl' I "M er'
Morphine His Panacea.
4.'oroes ofe stories are told ofl tihe '-'1c-' lit
trie ltes of ('cale, latrtileuarly al'te'r he
Not lonlg aglo he was selt out to tlc,
pioorhou'ittse. ''Tht''re wais at formitr' niurse
sfi't rin'ig from de'llt'iuii ta'rnemts und
('ole' injected nmrphinie Into him ac,i he
died. It ls believed the morplhitne( was
tpe dil',ct Cttau of his death. ('aec
ranilned at theh poorhouse only "a few
weeks and lthen came into the ci'ty.
Not lotg ttgo ('ole' lost his uard in the
tylpographichal union foir nlonlpayn It of
dues. Even in ila bestl 'days he wa'ti. tog
Ilgent about his tluel and time ani., agaitn
was suspIntlded, bult Jie wou.hrul nan;...te to
s(ure' cIOnItey lieI those tdays to ela., lea
Ie i 'ii tat ted.
P)rhintots ic'ri Jr'I a lly ul rtited I('a.le
and his. wife for years, bult inally
ltdroleled the couple and ltho heive lived
it sonic' myst.rtotius wey. They htete
oe''uieild aC little ciabin in Mouth Malin
strle t alhcy, tur.ti it Seqttuat C'tctl diht
iand in thle trulctll Clide lielc' yett .dIay
rinl 'lL i g.
Pri]'n tree whio ktiow I 'ole in I ht' o(li
days cchIeen he' \as ie health ececd icrecs
[ec'touJU5 a4ey 'he- cc'as ' ii uItnusulelty hlntenci
aeeec man. 1ii i''es of gi.eed famteily tered
(eJ" ) ' ro. her-i aw, John (nil-ly,
ilve's icJ Ne'btrit'ekee ntl(ii thc .Moen
Iti:I id,/''ctkte' r) ms t' e xp l s ' te t iee'tii
f'c tel lcel teelecy i'regne'dcllttg the ditcposi
IIctecl'n lie t eci b dy.
Th.t'e are the bellutirful sprhig days
(then the woill tax and tle road ta ('x -.
lector J5 about eoloeting poll aittd rad
taxes. The Itax iontiy ollJectoei unlitld "
the roar)d tax llaw is suplrposd Ito be ex
Ipended In keeping ulp th, streotls Iandi
roads of tiro city anrld ~'ouluity. ''The poll
Itg tihe general goovornl'ital oxp.'tiseis
of both fIItonoi ltIfs.
'\avemIents in the city ar, pat I for by
thel iros,'ty owners. 'So the cit y's shareh
tIseid liom the unpavl'd roadsu alind i troet
in the city. 'Th Inc ttmie to the clty flron
this somur'e is latrge and pro.'vide.' plenty
(of lmoney 'ot' the best of 'roads itid
tet oce' t.
It Is iIuderstood that $:30,000 ws (o
-tod I it\ ye t', andt there Is no etIsoiin
why the city thorolghfatr's .ht tlt lanot
alwatys btie in ll 'elleit c.'Otn ition. The
Inio ne deriveld by tithe ountly is also
isultl'ii to keep te ('ounty t'oidtu i1n
good condition.
Englewood Lots.
Perfecot title, electric line already
graded, fine soil, soft water, new school
house one block away. Lots sold on $10
monthly payments. Mrs. Jessie C. Knox,
box 1034.
Or Are Bscarce and Ipecial Trains to
Pony May Not Materialis--Big
Brboeeu in Orove-Pretty,
Pretty Pony.
tny, Madlson county, is likely to be
le scene of a manmmoth celebration
oi! July 4, but the size of thle proposed
blbw-out depends largely upon the con
stimtntlon of arrangements which are
n0w Ii progress.
At a imeetlng of citlizens of the town,
hdld a few days tigo, a conmmittee was
aliplinted to COllme to iutte antlld arrantlge
with General Ageint Mrit.lllan of the
No'ltherln I'arlfh' for an excurslon front
tils iiity to Pony on thle liourth. John
H. Mles, itan old reslietint of Hutte,, whoi
has recently cm)ltrked In bhl.lsines in
1'on0% tlid iit'olioMt it i to make that ipromnis
ing Ining center his fuillture homlll, is
Ia I nlllllhe l the collllnlttie. Mi'. Milcs
tlihid ulion Mr. Mrriniian two lhays ago
antI laid the t xt'urii in ltl'oliitlit tot Lbe
f.lte hli , but was ttil that I 'hIll''.e ~.
ie'e, gi nerlt I pualsen gtei' a t in f tile toad,
iwouhl hlavi' iti hi' tbe illitellte t ibfr't atl
ansut ir 'coultd ,ie giviii.
Run Special Train.
Ti! ruiiinlIK of tile Itl'roposell train
IdelLI''ts ulplli whethel' tho o'mlpony 'iotlul
stat' the ctrar. .tr. Merrirtiiili says that
in olrdel, to do It eal'rs woul'itL hivi' lito ei
lroughthl f'rom the laiist at a tline whin
they lre nelidell tlhere imoire th:n le t
any otIler placi in the lint'. "'Cn'h ti triin
on ,luly ," ''says he, "will torry tittee
or fitti' extra . ' oLti'itt'ii nit i ni'inii iiotiite
li' nl'll It th it lilehs l" strtiltoinls heIm' thlii
aStnnl rll aLnltd WCiV trclin t l'rlnillnls, nal)lI
wh(eii I ties Ii'ais or' fully il iii p ii
Iher, will be n ill b it trs. I tli,'tfor'
think that tin iffoit tlo -entcire ialrs ror
tLii, p lioiipoti'id itofny t ialit illn itt ilit
nienlionitd \tiil ilt ° t -' hs lt i'tssf iil. I luni
doint all I tail flir thti 1 onv pi l Ii,
how. vt' , Jut aIt Ilr'sN'tti' I iltllt.d h.llt t
( tt. L tht'ii tlhle Itluct rinlllt' I woiulhl
Care Are Scarce.
"1 told M r. M il,' thlit I ,o'hllll I l'robal y
,get iil. iinli', tIile iii 1 tile, hlilI ivlilelh
to ak upli., al It II'in, but11 [ o i no it knowt~
wxh(lhethe• I'otlly ttq4 It t II a;ll I'xI'u ", Ianl
it t hiit Iillitiht . Thi r, i. I till,' ihlilitity lit
tilt Ill iiith Mllit It i'~r Ill i d iy hll Ilh -
Ilh I rll ght l Ii .Iiu' iii l IilIt fl 'r tl ii l'iy
ti' t iiy iIt'r, iaitt iitd."
'It'tui ' o iltil, Itt' lti't' It tilt'i i'' 111 111111,'
it litl liII ut- nu I fi II' lltluill. I till if
l~lllilPI i l~t I l\y ll'l ' lpr 'llh h '. , ll
lll:hlr oll'l t r ho l illll)' 1 1 Isirll Iti , \i 11''ll l Tll, I
;t Il~llr oIfI e le Ii ll up 1lill l' l l -
Ipriahe toI thlt ownio'nI..Ji
They.') all-o dei]r.ll lto g4iv', thi. Ui tell,
Iate nl the way ofllrltil~~ mInel t, usllli Ih,'y
salt+,l inl ollnl ofl Ih, prl'ttiJ'1 syntil i n11
,%,a1 i11on1 en.litilI.V i fas , thl. il pllla ,'. forl
i dl 5ii" outl nlg,
B1lls1 hbs· in:1uly Idlh I ir'll.
Ih 'tweenl' 1|5)0 a:nlI 2'- i filin .s art. , Li e
itgh assisted by 11Ii c nOt 'I'll y ar'
wh.iI is known is "'regulal r;" ithal Is,
they draw a regular Iuse thti aillowat, le
for groerrl's , fus'l and rwll, T' hn thel'e
Ii wVjlltt Hl known as L hIll p Jlo'o houll;
bllt it is not the Ihouse I 1at is poor. It
li lth iI Ilriates of whouul IIth o' :u" usually
letween .50 and t l ll. Tht institution t
mlitlnlltiedi by thi' Biounty.
As 'videnie lof til' fuel lithat there ara
huundlds of hIle mretn In lutts'- 'Imen whoI
a;'1 atbllt' to work iind would work II' they
could get It. Jack M'cLaughlin in lhe
lcegt d from earlly until Itl aoIll' daiy by
men who beg for W'ork on thi e Ll HI. ('Iets.
Tlhee is It c'istanl t l strtlalt of apili
('i i Iil.
''hl- stlrr'et coIllliliiis onllirl' c'lhanges tih
force" ('vei'y illonlh. 'l' "There are so mlity
men out of work thai I klp l, no regular
street force," says Mi'. Mc.laughllri
"N)omr ofr the men whol aplply tit mile forl
work il'e uctuilly stlrvinKg alld their
fitlniltire are IIn want. When I have no
work to give out I sa;y away fro'nll the
Oflli-' iA Iniurh asl pl sli blhle, for it Is haill'd
to Iiturn rnaen away after lIstl'ilng to their
pitiful stirlen ."
'l'here was consiliderabh*lieh di'-,llSission it
la;t nlight's meet'ng f l hi t rhloirll ihoardl
IIn th rnatt.erL of Ihe IiiliSianc 'e of tlii
$100,000 bonllds, allowed at t1l11 recent
'Tloe In favor of selling them lito
githtlr won and ilt, rI'"ol1llotiI was
iladilttrd finally with the Mitn',l;iotion that
the bionds anld, purchaseili prie' e ll. Iv
|ered it the crourtly Ireasurllr' s oflllofie,
'l'Ti y will ie flori' ,ile at the oiflite of
the s'thoiiil boarid Jiune 3I, lit 8 p. in. They
wI ill tdraw i lntI ,t at tlihe r'lt' of 4 per'
centl, pillyailde selnil-innuall ailly. A c' rll
li'ld che'k"' for $2,.500 IiU il(eornpulllillny
rash bid, tht, amtiounli Ill be ',fnr l-leld by
the suir'l'l.'sful bidderl, Ill (' a5 ' thi itur
cha'.," pr't .' I I not re.,iv , ,d l with -i-'
days after tlip bids ors' openetl.
Agnis Ilollar n was ladded to ll.Ie su t
shthillr list of t'ea'hi'rsi.
in view of the possi.i .iblly (of ai stl'lke
amriong'" the tcam:'ters in tihe lulilllber
yaIrd' ll h board dul' d' to lay In it suf
flcl'nl''uppllily of lumber for the foulIn
dation of the nIw Wihool blulIling,
It look1d as If tihe stretst of ilutt.
woulid run with water before lnoonil, but
the expec'teid rlin did linot come.
'louds shut out the sun this mornIng
and signs of rain were plain.
J. It. Warton, the weather bureau
mlan, who does busin.ess at the c(ornellcr of
Mai iti all Park streets, says that the
trio i cio inrll.
Sle foOlet('liat Ii the olle :as yesterl'day:
''Cludy with a few local lshowers."
In Hennessy's Basement
Hurd's and erane's
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tha followin g \,ll-k.ii'n' lit ks,; u t1all1y 2Cl (h . lry h41luet llt. Ill
Hire',s (),i-i:' t S alli. 11 '1. Ir ll1iti I' Iin l i i i t
t'ro 'l 'l' 4li.t'kl.lz I Il iird i IIt ink Not, , Ihlit j.
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sl inul I'gIhnI K. ill fhxItll(h ,1I41 atiffT 25ic. Value for Iac.
blik tlintin,. .fit lih ..Hl ' Paper Napkins
g l l "ll h i \i l- 11 o1 In l I ll l'll ttiutaIlloi n . I..l . i n Hp 1i :1 ui n:" . -
4'11 t II 'k, b i ,' 41. " i k l' nl , I I i, ' . 4 H lil'n1r , it I l'i' "y
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lor. Values for Sc. Only s1c. Dozen
aut,) h gl'tl A 1 '1" I. i ,1 I i hl'1 .. '"Sh l Iln; l N ,a , ]t I oo. k ... ..........
Asc. Value for Ioc. Ioc. Values for Sc.
la,, , 1.1, vi" . , i. hrs.,.s M ark Twain's
Soc. ValuOI for Jsc. ,i,........ "i, lffiV ,if l...... ' , a ,, ,t lol,
lq vrýI ;il olh, r Mtyhs. , Ilh.. h'l ,tI t hl I dill 1.1#.H.
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At the 'inornton.
F. II, Hloot hol', Nev. York eity.
11. H. W~'rthr'Itnr', New York city.
J. C. Lairc',hil, 'rTa mia.
Mis. Maud M. Vales, ('iilliwwa f.alls,
J. Jt. Kehl and daughter, ('lhilppewa
FaSlls, WiH.
IL. M. Itates, ('ltlcrago.
"Frantlk I,. Moorr, New York c ity.
iFrallk J. I)yili Nai-V York eity.
Thiuhln. 4alul'rrett, Niew Yolk City.
W. L. 'Lurker, New York itSy.
('. W. Kaley, Ited ('loud, No'i.
.1. A. Newell, Ht. Pau'il.
A. C. ('Oreuon, Srir.
.Mrs. David (ciariit, lion,
If. (. Merry, Ilor'r.
TI". 11, .MorInt, Ir I riilt.
At the Butte.
F1. holl, PonMy.
W . I'. C ii-ey, 'PlS.t- ne.
M'c. If. M. McKay, rt.
,. I., 'owran, Ith tl(,.
F. H. Nowiini, St. 'iaul.
'ITiiutsi s. i cii, Chicago.
E. J. Hmilth, ChhicA;~o.
. ah euN I. ll.,owilt, Il Tiin.
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J. A. btrower, M'ii lris'.
Harms, l Word, AlMonlaa.
August(iII hhle-, (Chicago.
(I. (i. o i-'nh'ini , ' ino ago.
Ity i lers'hield, llChicago.
T'. I. ltoss, ii pley, i.
I. A. W S'ili;i, L.iving-ton.
At the Finlen.
('. N. Ilaigli', Now YSk.
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)r. ( . It. H.,, el, f.i-i ,i .
rrlluank 1Ilunk-,t, (Shiltouk.
J.Ir'ry iM1'Miahtin, ('hri-1oak.
Ham ('hildii4, Malt lBake.
P. C. Mackenzie, MI nhi .
Julius LA'h'ihlet, ('thin ~ k,
S. l. Itchardsun, (reat Falls.
H. M. Favidsoll, (treat Lalls.
. iit. Mi ket, lhic dna.
J. F. -tihson, Whitehall.
Mrs, 11. J. Wright, Anrondi.
Masud Anderson, Big Tnib)er.
!. M. Hlughes, Iltlohn
E. 11, FUdlhk, St. Toule
lingh Miller, Monida.
J. It. Fl'iuke, Chicago.
At the Southern.
H-. Pcdeurson, Anaconda.
.J.. Ciooii , M iiiul t.
M. J. A. Rankin, Missoula,
('. -. I n |" l iv, I',iJv th lll .,
(I. lnlriclli' Pock. artI , I.' lh ,.
P. I'. . *ll, Sall V1·arunel mco,
I:. N. Hwalln, ianucollnta.
Iaiiresi 4.1 hier, Annionds.
(', ('. Hhilliing,. An aioeiani.
It. i . M urphy, i, ,ving iton, .
C. . 1. Tl'holEmi li, , ivingsUton.
Franilk Ioiiktsi, Anllnoieu da.
i, A. Ilhiudiermlon, l Hlt Lake.
Witi'1 about ir,.' fi, t of rail'rad ticket,
a gold \a ih andi $1. ini hilm pocIkets, John
Il!ii(h would have this afternoon been
o4I film way to Jeromie, Arloiioni, but for
the fiur Iha:il he wnias nrrented last night
upon Il'for ai:itJ)I fln iil ('r ll(ubtei|) Jllke
Itclltz of Anniiii'n,ia ,'h ilKng himn with
otll,inlll, llloney by falsoI profolns1 . .
I'rb,,ll \,lork*,°I at Ann 'll . vla. 1 11. ui rI
A li tli iiiul had ii numbeiir of frieill s,
who (tiiiittpli I that I i .i posedi uipon
thc.i ;ndl Iutrm,.a, ,l lh*,lr liloney upon
I'i'pri'i i'ttita iii lu I I he tntonlid pJay them
as soon ai l h, Ir."'.cio l his pay. It Is
clhai;rl4'l , that l, Ii',irrowl 'd about $100
Oil Ithi pay- l;iv rlid Iph,, iliai wheni he
rfll'v'lvii his til vti ,ltiy hi I'auo ito)
Itutll, i un t pi:ibt $5I fot'r a tIliet to
I'ollstablh I htIIz c'anII to lliitlt th daya
r(lovereldL Ihii,. eIll Imo i l t ll lithe r li ltn d
olipanyi fori Iht lii Diok t 11, tooi k I('rli t
1ha,,k to Ali:iolu ia to bhl held for Li'lal.
,I11. (hibrlys Is it ogle-- u'iii I girl, but
if th." b nii'l,, In tit lh .'c e( ,uIlllltaII aI, t l l(
fil (iht ill(g, ilrg a li ittilxt lher by FrianlIc
1it( ll1, , she u) ', her o4i)( i nllln UId to t do.
cl'h.ti ad\ ilatage,
I;lt"lla coiuillaliin d to the peollet' last
!1ight that he had u'ili1 ilnv ilhed into it
Italti lla May, that, tl he I onalli left him
bl'realkl'ast money, for which ht was
larry Vaultz, a young man who says
lie Is iL "bell-hopi" at the ICopoper King,
w\\'l inlrlstel last lght and is heli.l fir
complilcity hi thle riobbery.
I atitlla ctlulaHs that the boy "steered"l(
hin to Iiolla 3 In the (Coplkid' King, iwhero
-ti s (iladys dhli the rcest.
The pollen have is yet beii unable
to hloatlla the wuolrtn a whol Is charged
with having roltle',Ld Ilttl ll:t of hisl
moiney. She livet' rit :a :,alt n*,rcurM
of lvt'e i atidi k w1 i onl L fhu law
of Mlives (hladirs.

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