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The Butte inter mountain. (Butte, Mont.) 1901-1912, May 02, 1902, Evening, Image 10

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Their Representative Had Trouble
With One of tne Owners of the
House Group, Which They
Formerly Worked.
There mu1st lihe smii l' l om II of ; m'1h lodo ",
in the tlmsttlr't In w h h Ithe I'llnitin
propetrtl i s i'e . sit iitel . i '. r yi l s i ittlllt l
atn i t'omitti i S have i' t t ling to oI
each attemptilit hIIits it with ignomlllin'tlus
fallute. Thiusundsl otf Iollalr haI\t' Io.
Spent on the 'trimmllm l m8 3'..mpotsi of thi'
dil trict, bim t so farm i k.ilm o.i l Im iit Ii lll ri
has blien takeni from the it' mk, ilihouhi
th ere is p len ty ft " g un.) g o ld ,, '' oh , 'n .
mtan work Ion aIgtou gpIof Ji lms nillllll tIhe
oldi (.llmtton mmi 'a. mail 'limlit mi to ket i p
at t ii t t il they smitislflt 'l th 'msl'lvies that
the groumnd 'as good or ad,. oiut iist
,+week the oli "holoui piul in tin 'n i'ppear
Ante andt Ocllimriilltlmin miii' s l. Ill tIilgmit l
to the mniltteIr tie' Mi.,msolllli lt l l s:
It mwas yt"ilmrmmli :itmanniimumed that the I
companl y oif ma pitali:luts whose workllings
near (Clinton halivi h' usumtlr the dir<lli
lion of .1. I'. l'mm'im'r, tutud dm mlidmd Ito
abandon work in the l WNlli'Imte dIiltrt!l
and would nmole their ma(thlnt ry i ~-i iI
lMr. I'Portelr viit.as in Mllr is lul. i t - lltenllty
mand wais lskd'm to vtt rify tmim rl'l ,:t.
"We' not only iintnd itl tilm \.i tlhI ln
callly of C 'lit l.on, bitl lire lrm'iity all ilng
our manlchllllnr'y iti .1lmimllt nm I'. \'a'iiltltily
tie till install ithe 'mlum lint Piin om l l
gou-t pim s'mie.l t.s m .tml' tlils mity'. lU i t il,
Was hlis rnpiy.
('olmling - i lmmm li i ih, t l'., i mi' of
caImt tlnnt mmm Iliim i , , .ll' tm m m m m;m ily, iof
thi' Hitm ilm.i g.'i ; ml' l 'm;inilt i'me'm' il'', th"
o(lltl ll litn ' l, Ii l'm'ml m l '.n tI . mi I. 1mly I 1
tlhe td.imI I . Ili';i i 1.- if lm i Illmlnlllm 'v
land II ti'. hi,, r. i , ,'.ie t i , t im t 1 il
'tilmts }.m1m .'m t ,! .'. 1 , m m at mllinii t'
Mitt h.lhl. a t mm imlmmr in th' 1 Ilea
lgroup',, ilthl 11wi n l i oibml lie ;I, il i' mi -
i(pre'.s ntativi.. ."f thi ' l'.1 r tor i I: h' " -
timn ptilmm tmm lmmmmm m l,'lmm . im i mml hin, mi f'm t'im
the IIm.l,, tlimi l t immto djmimimul ' hmliiný.
Tli .-.li oston l 'i ' 1''l! .mlill M f illl, ' imlt ll it' h -
nare at the I.i, nit at m hItlm I'k :imgl ftall.;
whic'h, 'hm li m minumplhtm I. \, Il tr,.st alm otm i
rfI(I. ill, se s I , Ill illm F h "li" l iti l m a
A t the pres tt tit..1 t11 hii't t, fo' ' r
m a tte f rnlll'lilm.m t Ir. i m kli t im lltim h illm.t, :
that I h, ' d dilll uri mml i llttnll u ani l i mllemtti~ " m 'i
ihte .':l,:ml' lty of s.i m I.'' ,' , Il l.
Th'm S'alk hmm blieI '.I ilil lt'td i m ill In'
cmplth tt d Jus' t ias ~im as mihl,, a.
the Inew s;u litt n is ni. el, d iii th , ol ,."lr
ration of the sin. liti r.
Th.m Imm lim 1 g of m i is ' '' l' ti' m'mm ii itrnmt' m
shows thi'' tt lm i y of the co., impil y .ti
the .irs lit time t i li .:. " i ls ill t
and ialso it ' ;ms-urill',mli M hm t hth r, 1:I
nlo lomok.id-for rmi l h tim n itl h fm lnm mm'
Ill .tmtI t im l Im mll ii, tlihmaii ln nm riioul
force'' of Imm n1 is cmi l m 'l iI 'ei. linm g imn
the rimIer flo t,
Patlrn ("---la,' shie pimcikmd im ulilstianil
Patrict'- No. 'i0mm' gmoing mi wamit until
she gets minei; shIe'll plik hilmi thinil till
right.- -'Yonkers Stat.'sulin i.
... ITY W1ATER...
Pipes Are Now Laid Over the Entire
Lots are still selling at the same price, $175. New
Terms $25 cash, balance $10 month. Best op.
portunity to make money in Butte. These lots will surely
raise when Ferrall Copper Co. start producing.
Fire nlosurance. 15 W. Broadway. Loans, Rentals
. . . .. . . . . . . . .. . . .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . .... . _ _
o My Dental ?atrons
I have returnedtcd flalln some weeks' visit through
the state, and have aresunted active charge of my
And peparate teeooth to nmcath the natural, at low.
est prices for good work.
Take no chang'cAs. Yetiis of su('ccessful worlk in
tButte Is my guarantee and ),or surety as to quality
of Work' and Ieasonablcenesst of price.
Dr. E. E. German
114i .NV, Main Sftroet 7u/ite, Montana
. II
Capitni, It Is Alleged, Hna Been In
teltnted in the Project of Re
seinption-Ore In the
33hrr" .3 33lag I3r .11, II.'I i'Iirti\ It? 33
ilt 1311k' ' 1f it 3'i, 313333ll33I 3 ll I. 3334 i 3,313 .
(113 3lt 1431 n 3133 3s't l 3,3 *314~'3* IImut 34414'
yI'33I.)v 341 .43, 4~1. 1', 3333l i I ,) 333'3i331 '1·13.(Ill
1)41 1 t 3 (111111 :ii333 1 µ(e.11..11 433Ii'334( 4 I133 1)
133331433 l3(4 l .334.13a3,( the 331111133a .331331 ll,
it34 ' . I i l - 11 li, 3t3i 111,;3 3 333. n1'. I ll 33.3 33
33·r, 331 t.,' '''.'~'3I :333 13.333i ll.'33v.3 '1.33331
333433 3333.11 3.3313~' .13333* 333 3II'113 3\' 1'3'3 33'
3:33og ilt;113, 111µa .3)113 333l 3 I 3111310.11S
Wh ata. I-ls, ilt\\ it n II, t"u i
'iCI 111'''il ý:, 3 1333 13 1 3'3333 ll' 1113,133 t 3 114 - ..'i
3.333333 It 1./3 \,3 1"1, Pi33 , 3 t13 3i' g l.'. ''3 y
3333 3S 3. 33 3333.3 33 ha 1. 3. I i' . 1133 3 131134.
33,3. 1 ,3 I 1) , 33 a I3 331 u I 3 jail) 3 ',illl r3 nt 13
gollizerd" 1(1.)11,1 u s,~ 1 1·: 11.)1 g) tipita(
33.13' r3 in333 1 43 33313313, l It. 3 y 33 .I l,' I t.-1
n'"\'.. mitt In ;Ill-lit i un then, i:+11' 111\5 M oos(~)
3l3if 3,surf3 3.131.,.34333133. Sums,,l 3331 l33.' .33,1
13331) :1113334 h3 113 :u', 313433333113 ill r'14 1 I).
313 3."I-,,13 .a11,1 3313 313hu' 1 1tH les33' 1' ('ER
33 l I431 3 1 3 3 \3333 34343331 ' n13 11-'l 33331, 3i.
\I, n a'rt i ll .11 7 \\ i!I1 tl, lll l JI ln vill.CI ,tin
Iris :11111 w ilts 1I1' \\,'h1 t11. 1.' \-.I11 1( , iii "is
'33 3'1313·1· 1 333 33'~( 3113331334 33I~ 1334' 3,33' 14 IL
..c' V fllip in1I,. uulu u"of t)." .Irk
Strike in tihe Twilight.
\ 'tlik' I ul rl." .......Putty iun th e h
3343113 i th. in t'l3.33 33;113 3. ds h3ct 43111,
4:1 333.' s .3'3433,'3)\ \1) r 3333, hail431'
It.. 33' 33333343 3333331 3333333.". h *r3' T3 Ilght
111 4(;13,3(. 31 3.at 3:u . 1:31 o4 3'3433 3' ((43331),
11:111 :l 11111." l ur h o I' i nv ll.. ''ll
[- 3d 333333'1 ('133333 331 Iof lw 13'.' ll a r'( -
(33333, 333331 33 I '' .3i3 1)3,- 3 \\ 3333 3 i3 ,,
\1...'. 'I'II3'k 34133333' Ii u3' 43,131 3.3" (3'11.
J'333..3 \1.1,."ui .33,3 I A3.33' 33,3343333 :1n""
II' It. ''3331 a1333 33nu,3333. 3i4033333333 44
33I:, 33 33311 '.33 4.33 3,133li 43 1ft14":u3'
333u.4v 3333.hi'.3 )33 '33 sit 3~33'. The ll.. '3'33.
33" 33'' 33 e~s n' 333 33'. ' 's k il l s
" 3311 31 '.'3'n r~,n us,413.3 11) 33' nine33 333 : 3430
13333 333333. 3333, 3333ilcu 333t, 3'..1 It 1330
333' t. A 33,34' :4n33, 1333' 3331 13. t (333333d
343'. ,If '.' g, i t.. i' 33 0 3333 .,-t (433333, 33,
33.' 3.33u w:33e 333 33.. 3(r.333 313333f n 1333
y34 r~a th333343 313.3 3333 gh 333.3313 313 " 3'34 3hic'3
1.1' i'n' lil.33333'I\ ig, 33:13 '333 $:.'3 3 ', 3333' 333 .1
It 31' '3u lit:11 33 u. 33343 , ' 311333 t 34 r3 3333 ' 3I'i
333133 cll Th1 result 33333. '.3s3 4'333 3 nv.1 33333'.'
fait3h 3334)4 ,i 33443 ts 3333333 3l.
$50-Cali11'ornta and Relturn.-150
Ap3ril 33 1n 2$, In'3lissv.', t113 ,Shiort Line
3j33(e3 o33 3,03 A13(3'3.'.9 33333 re~turn 33t the
3333(3v3 3333e4 Final3 3eur 3333333 333 June 15.
I 3ei~~'nlic3', llu 33333)gd3'31 '33u33e (34 500
1143333 Ito' ah331'et. -a savingl33 of 30 hour..
ItIs33'I'3'3 bert'hs 3,'w.3 City ulflce, 105
North b 33(3 1433'133', (tlUle.
1u')33' 1333',33' ('333334 'i Is ilu 33 33 r33434 (
Mat~y 2, g4iv'3'3 1111403 31413 Ilse 333334'3.3 f 41)."33
it '~ I 1333r sa3333 333 j'3333'3' & '4'4'3334'3'1133133''33
No3. 234 Pa1rk, (':3 33(3'" Wall43 Pa3p(er Co., Ni..
l1l. W. 1'a. k, Nei-Ito; (I r~u or'er3 .No. 1137 S.
34i',3tk 33rown1 W4'331'oi ('341., Nn. 222) E.
('343 ('k o "33''333'33 (3~ I 31 3
Frightened Stokers Stampede Whoe
Dead Bodies Tumble Into Their
Preaence-Burn Them
at Sea.
New Vik., May 2. - e\\'Vn the fritt.
frelght shipe si' IrlltlhRhrd 4renrllle, from
the Wenxt (l1e4., u'erivel I peort. ('aptaia
.InneHn irep.Irted theI tragic delath of tWO
\%''rlI itnldian ltow.a veisye.
'it' ve'sti I ttIpp e."I .t hatif ita Jdo el
%We. st Ilndiss e.rts', amIleneg the'ee being
Sit. I.ii.1.i, hellre she cin led.
It lee it thi pert ('n taeen Jten(s- be
lle'vis the I tie i .l1 y . h, whr e v,*rc ne
g., ls. Iillltigell t Lu . I Let aLb)OHtr Il'' \'ege
eil Ill It , I ring Ihem ellveel' ' l d \ti InO the
ciuel-htniukieee Ietheugh tlhe eiiet chUtes.
'he mt htad videeHntly ielusIul'uiiilite
th'" Mtie that the &ete.,eer isui goertg
THE TROUBLES OF THE RICH. --Denver Republican.
uum~ Arrrrr~c~u~rrurwm mrrr~mw- -------------------------------
know the. i(WH(·I wets to .ouI ip. AfterC
they had l ieached the Oil -huirlkersl, Illimany
tunl i Iof atl ere takin tboulrd and the
two stiiwawit\, were literally bI)tn.d
Through Coal Chute.
Nothlig was known to caiptain or
crew of ith,. li glh death it thi e two
l lmen until the mllr lin- of April IN, after
the. \'etsel hI l, lft (lUf illlu;ltilll(m , loaded
with sugar flor N,'\\ York,. when one ('f
th buillis sildl through ithe c' l chute
into the flrmi.' room.
At th u telll the Hstokerl's were ,llill.
,oaliInto the furn ,es, while ithe ves
tel wasi making it hntiI light against a
northit.iastetl'y gale. 'The sight if lte body
sent il Ihliver Ithiiugh the bodies iof the
stoikerl'is aIId i'iIusetd thint to tUmporarily
uilt wo'rk.
C'lhtain Jlnes was untilh* of till' d1s
covery alld, ateilr miiaking sure that thl
stowaway was dead, ordered the boot'
Six daiys Iater. the stokers w'er again
horrillied by another hbodiy, which ramp
through the coal chute Into the fury
itnie ronth.
A earcih was thlen anld of' the ir ih 'n
iiunkers, biut lno lllei bodieiis wii,( found.
"Now, imy deaiil', maiirry him. li, is old,
It is tIrue, 1but ll' s hi ttlll)l "
"lnit mImma, the man may live for
"inllts Neverwon is It man iter, tisn't
"Yes, Ilhibtdbn. Why, t.he woni't even
live In a house with it imantid roof.i"-.
Philadelphin Ilulletlin.
I Papiii.--A young wiomaln cannot t ell ie tot
irlleful aboullt the titan ihe Roill (LN."
Shei,-O-( , I doln't kntow! .he might be
Po cairelful that tshe'd rillain single."
Lofer--Any chance oif a Jib o' work
'cre, mister?
Foremtln.-N. Vi We're not wanting any
ilmore hands noiw.
Loifer-W-lell, the little bit o' work
I'd do wiouldn't inmiake no diflference!
The property known as the Jenny Dell
and October claims has been secured by
a company formed for developing the
same. These claims lie directly west and
join the Eveline claim, which has pro
duced $500,000 at a depth of 300 feet.. As
the ore bodies of the Eveline pitch dl
recdly into the Jenny Dell, the company
expects, v'ith the expenditure of a conr,.
paratively small amount of money, to
open up a paying mine,. The company is
incorporated with 200,000 shares at a par
value of $1 per share, and has placed on
the market 60,000 shares to be sold for
exploration purposes at $1 ter share.
This proposition merits the fullest in
vestigation. For particulars, etc., In
quire at the office of the company, No.
41 East Broadway, Butte, Montana..
oa noox NwoW t A PLaNT or
Town Will Now Be Bonded to Put in
an Up-to-date Plant for Domestio
and Fire Department
(S4pelal to Inter Mountain.)
Chinook, Mont., May 2.-Montana as
a whole is peculiarly blessed with all
sorts of resources, and this section is no
exception to the rule.
It was supposed that nature had made
no adequate provision ,for a water supply
for Chinook, and this vas becoming a
moat clrious problem for the city au
thorilier to face.
There was apparently nothing In sight
but the uncertain flow of alkaline waters
In Milk river--North Fork, West Fork
and Ited Rtock.
Mayor A. H. Iohman knows a thing or
two, however, and he only had his think
ing crtp on a short time until he solved
the problem. Persuading the council to
appropriate $500 for exploration pur
i.prevn, he had a hole bored near the
stoc(kyards, and behold, he struck a big
veiln of pure water near the surface.
lbsequentt boring by P. H. Brader,
who Installed water plants at Havre and
Fort AsSinlbolne, has developed the fact
sif rles Ili a . " sh s pan, at a
depth' of 34 feet, the drill passes through
22 feet of water-bearing sand and gravel.
An a'bundant supply of water for do
niestic, and fire department purposes is
therefore assured Chilnook. The city
will prba'dbly be bonded to put in an up
tl-datt plant.
Interesting Details Regarding the
Antwerp Labor Exchange.
The Antwerp labor exchange, located
in the very heart of the maritime dis
tr'lt of that city, and furnishing at
cost excellent peer, coffee, tea, but no
gin, to the wol'king man, Is open for
business. This fact is recorded in a re
port made public 9a the state depart
Inent from United States Consul General
Lincoln at Antwerp bearing date of
March 26. Ever since the great Antwerp
dock strike, in the winter of 1900-1901,
says Mr. Lincoln, there has been a comrn
blned and successful effort on the part
of employers to combat labor unions by
the formation of a "federation," which
has for its object the protection and de
velopment of the Interests of the ship
ping trade. PThe federation, the says, as
sures regular work for the dockers, is
gradually uprooting the evils of which
the working classes complpin, and by
arbitration, Is amicably settling all dis
putes. The success of the federation, it
Is stated, has exceeded all expectations,
and now over 5,000 dockers have become
At the close of the day's work the men
are at liberty to eat their dinners at the
exchange. Well equipped lavatories are
.rov\ided free of charge also offices where
the men aire paid, and a well-stocked dis
pensary Is ready for all cases of elner
"Oaur legislators," protested the ma
chine politician, "are not as bad as
they're painted."
"No?" replied the plain citizen.
"Well, they are certainly not so good
as they're whltewashed."--Philadelphli,.
"Why, I didn't know your husband
played golf?"
"He doesn't. He sits on the club-house
porch and drinks things when the after.
noons are hot."-Chicaugo Record-Herald.
Capital and Surplus $800,000.00.
Gen'l Offices Bank of Commerce Bldg.,
Minneapolis, Mlnn.
Stocks, Bonds,
I Bought and mold for cash or on margins for
future delivery. Weown and operate the
most extensive private wire system in the
United BState,
We guarantee the execution of orders
when, Imits are reached.
Valuable book of etatisticts free on ap
r pllcat ion,
t RE RPNRENCES: 6 Nat'land State banks
A. C. MARTIN, Local Manager,
x %ýCý ::xsxýsxxssssxxSý
IU TTE, o. N Ar A
Capital Stock..$200,000.00
k Andrew J. Davis, President.
James A. Talbot, Vice President.
B. B. Welric' Cashi ..
SGor.e Stevenson, Ass't Cowhier,
Buars sad sell Foreign Exchange
and Issues Travelers' Letters o.t
SCredit, availarble i all parts of the M
- world. o
14 Butte. Mont. '
y Capital...... $Soo,oro.oo0
S1 Under state superviilon. Ilveo
i1 per cent Interest, payable quarter
I1 ly, paid- on deposits.
Money to Loan on ,
Real Estate.
F. AUG. HEINZ.IE, President.
CHAS. R. LEONARD, Vloe-Pres't.
A. B. CLEMENTS, Cashier.
------------------ -
Open until
10 O'clock.
Don't be a
Shabby Man.
Why take chances in buying
clothing when you know from
experience our high standard.
Again we repeat, we sell the pro
.at duct of the two best manufactur
Sc aAtff1er ers in the country, and no other
Sar$ Stela-Bloch and Hart Schaffner
?arlOr" and Marx. You can't miss it,
Ma de
Clothes .................
This Suit Only $12.50.
.... This Is.... T- STAR SHIRT
The Celebrated
Star Shirt.
No Better is Made.
TALKING of men's underwear, gloves
and neckwear, we show such varieties
that there is no question ua out pleasing.
And, what's more, no matter what you
may select, it will be the nest of the kind.
Our driving gloves and gauntlets aire un
rivaled-$1.00 to $2.50 a pair. Today we
sell medjum-weight cashr ere underwear TSTM
a 500., Would. aot be too much at $ 0SLO ,
r. A: Clark. J. toee lark.
: Transact eneral BSnklng Business
A Bui gold dust, sold bars, silter k4
bullion and local scurities. b9
SBoxes for r::t in sate deposit b
L vault.
B1 Sell exchange available in all of
N the principal cities of the United 1
.4 States and Europe. A
S peoial attention given to colleo.
$ fstabllshd 1882 Iscorerated 1901
Capital ...... $10,000.00
General Banking Business
SJOHN D. RYAN..........President
JOHN R. TOOL .....ioe PreSident
C. C. SWINBORNE........Cashier
1 R. A. KUNKEL......Ass't Cashier
John A. Crel:iton........Presldent
G. W. Stapleton......Vice President
T. M. Hodgene .............. .Cashier
i J. O. Hodgens.... Assistant Cashier
SR. 3. Nuokol's...Assistant Cashier 3
Under Eite supervision end Jurts
.iction. Interest paid on deposits.
Sells exchange available in all the
principal cities of the United States
and Europe. Collections promptly
attended to.
Transact general banking business.
,. Directors-J. A. Crelghton, Oma
• ha; 0. W. Stapleton, A. H. Barret,
E. D. Levitt, S. V. Kemper, T. M.
l Hodgens, J. 0. Hodgens.
Corner Main and Park Sts., Butte.
$34.50 Bummer Excursion East.
The Great Northern Railway company
will cell round trip tickets to Minneapo.r
lip for $34.50, good going July 4th, 6th and
6th, and good returning until September
let. Stopover allowed at all points
retu n trip. For further informati
call at Great Northern office, 41 Nor
Mali street Butte. J. E. Dawson, G. A.

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