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Montama's largest Grecery, April 3
If you could reduce any of your
expenses, say house rent, for in
stance, one-fifth, you would surely
do it, wouldn't you?
Well, you can reduce your grocery
bill one-filth by dealing with us.
We are very careful In our state
nments, and would like you to try
cash buying and prove our words.
Quaker Flour
Is the finest product of the twen
tieth century's art of milling. If
you do not consider It the finest
flour you have ever used we will
refund your money in full and take
the balance of the flour back.
Per 100, $2.75; sack ............$1.40
Fine bread flour. Per 100, $2.45;
sack ........ ...:...........$1.25
Raltson whole wheat flour-12%
pound sack 50c; 24%-pound
sack ......... ................$1.00
Pure old-fashloned buckwheat
flour, the real article-24%
pound sack, $1.10; 10-pound
sack ..................... c........50
Yellow or white cornt cal-24%
pound sack, 60c; 10-pound
sack ..............................30c
Rye flour or rye meal-24%-pound
sack, 75c; 10-pound sack.......850
Our delicious B-B Butter.
Pound ........ ................30c
Fresh Eggs
Strictly Fresh Eggs. Dozen.....20
Farinaceous Goods
Rolled Oats-90-lb sack $2.90; 221A
lb sack, 75c; 9-lb sack .......3.c
Rolled Oats In packages-H. O.
17c; Acmne, 12%c, or
Imperial ...... ...........8 1-3
Pancake Flours, self-rlsing-Rtal
ston, H. O., Shaws, H. O. Buck
wheat-all 2-lb packages. Dozen
$1.40; package .............12%
Yuco Breakfast Food, 2-lb package,
worth 15c for ................61Ac
Navy Beans, fany hand picked.
Per 100, $4.25; pwind......5.....5c
Rice; fanciest heat, 12%e; fancy
head, pound ................Sc
Sago or Tapioca, 16 pounds, $1.00;
4 pounds ........ .... .....25c
7 W. Park Phone 68
Cor. Store, Sutton's New Grand. Phone 878A
Peter MtHenry
Coffee Roasted Every Morning
by the Latest Improved Gas
Coffee Roasting Machinery
(Malt Extract.)
Has not that sickening sweet
taste, but has tart wine flavor.
Stromberg-Mullins Co.,
Distributers, Butte, Mont.
Solid Silver
We carry a large line of solid sil
ver teaepoons In a large variety of
weights and patterns.
Sets of six teaspoons...........$4.00
Sets of six teaspoons........... 4.50
Sets of six teaspoons.......... 5 50
Bets of six teaspoons........... 6.00
Sets of six teaspoons........... 8.00
Setr of six teaspoons ......... 9.00
The prices are regulated by
weight and pattern. The,- prulcer
are way down. Ev -y set is an utn
usual bargains. The offer is for a
few days only to stimulate trade.
Owsley Block, Butte.
We carry the largest stock in the
state of Ingrain, Crepe and Silk
Wall Paper. We are not advertis
ing one leader, but are making
sweeping reductions on our entire
line of Wall Paper.
RIeady-mixed Paints per gallon,
No such values were ever given In
this city before. Do not fail to see
our samples before you buy.
C. V. Franzman, Prop.
King Block, 115 W. Park
At Black's
60 West Park Street
Is the Finest of Candles,
the rfost Delicious of Ice
Cream, Ices and Sherbets
of A ll Kinds, the Best of
Sody Water and Cakes to
be Found in the City.
We Make a Specealty
of Brick Ice Cream
Secretary Smith's Annual Report
Gives Interesting Figures and
Pleases Members - Expendi
tures for Organizing.
Sec;retary Clarence Smith of the West
ern Iabor union, has Just completed his
repurt for the fiscal year ending March
The figures reveals the startling fact
that the receipts of the organisation
during the last flscal year were double
those of the preceding one, and that the
cash receipts for per capita tax alone
during the past 12 months was greater
than during the entire previous exist
ence of the oganization, a period of more
than three years.
The figures are as follows:
Per capita Total
tax. Supplies. Receipts.
1900 to 1901.. $4,880.10 $1,758.37 $6,646.47
1901 to 1902.. 9,670.27 2,694.65 12,3865.22
Satisfactory Figures.
The figures are t cc;casion of consid
erable satisfaction. #.t only to the offi
cers and organizers throughout the
country, but to every friend of organ
ized labor who has the interests of the
Western Labor union at heart.
The expenses of the office for the year
Just closed are given as follows:
Expenses. Expenses. Supplies. Total.
$6.225.89 $3,600.18 $1,646.30 $11,372.32
The central body provides all the sta
tionery and supplies for the branches
throughout the country, and the profit
on this arrangement is a source of con
siderable revenue to the organization.
Detailed statements of the receipts
and expenditures of the office have been
made quarterly and mailed to all the
affiliated unions.
Increase Expenditures.
One of the most gratifying results of
the year's work is shown by the amount
expended for actual organizing pur
poses. A glance at the table of expen
ditures for organizing the increase of
the amount expended for this purpose
was from $10.10 in April, 1901, to $653.20
in March, 1902.
This increase was mainly due to the
Increase in the per capita tax taking
effect in July, which enabled the organ
ization to take up the matter of organ
Izing in a more effective way than had
ever before been possible.
Commencing July 1, 1901, 30 per cent of
the receipts for per capita tax were set
apart for this particular purpose of or
With a view of determining the cause
of the death of David Berlin, an n(quest
Is In progress at Duggan's undertaking
rooms this afternoon.
Just what drug Berlin used in destroy
ing himself is a mystery to the physl
clans. When City Physician Sullivan
reached him at the city jail yesterday he
saw death in the man's face, but was un
able to discover any evidence of poison
It will probably require an autopsy to
determine the cause of his death
Mose La Fontise today recelved word
from his manager that he had been
matched with "HBuddy" King of Denve r.
The fight is to take place at Salt Lake,
the date yet to be agreed upon. The
men are to weigh 138 pounds at noon the
day of the fight.
LaFontise has commenced training
and will probably leave for Hclt Lake
in a few clays.
King is a negro, and a clever fighter.
While not a prize-ring celebrity, he has
made a number of good fights. He got
a draw with Kid MePartland. He also
fought a draw with Jack Donnelly and
was given the decision over Kid Parker
at Denver after ten terrific rounds.
Nothing could give a better idea of the
popularity of A. E. West, the young
druggist, who died at Ias Vegas, N. M.,
and the esteem in which he was held by
his friends and comrades, than the
throng which filled the Presbyterian
church this afternoon to participate in
the last sad rites.
All the drug stores in the city were
closed during the funeral, and the mem
bers of the Silver How I)ruggist associa
tion and of the lUnited Commercial Trav
elers were present.att the church and fol
lowed the remains to the cemetery.
Rev. IE. A. Groene\veld conducted the
services and made an impressive address
touchilng upon the life and charactor of
the young man Hnd the lesson to be
learned from the closing of it so prolmis
ing career.
Three members each from the IDrug
gists' association--It wcard Rockefeller,
Tom Fosselman and Ed. J'dmmnds--and
three from the Travelers' Wssoclatlon--L.
E. Degler, 0. IH. Itief and James (1.
Evans-composed the pallhearers.
A profuslon of flowers and floral offer
ings were Ilid upon the bier by the many
friends of the deceased.
The remains were interred in the Mt.
Morlah cemetery.
All drug stores were closed during the
,ceremonies at tile church and at the
This was the first time in the history of
Butte when an employe in a Butte drug
store has been given such funeral honors.
Free Life Insurance.
An endowment or bond policy in the
New York Life pays better interest than
a government bond, and the risk on your
life is caread dui'lng maturing of policy
at absolutely no cost at all to insurer,
C. J. Cutler, Gen. Agt., Butte
Her Room Adjoined That of David Ber
lin Who Killed Himself Yesterday
Woman Was Separated Front Her
Husband and Little Boy.
Tf Mrs. Della C'addy dies, another sul
clie v11ii be added o t he record of tile
Paumle block, at Galena street and
Renshaw alley.
Yesterday David Herlitl was taken out
of Room 20, where he took a dose of
poilon, and died at the city jail. In
I{oml 21 Mrs. Caddy took two ounces of
lIudanumit with the evident Intent of
ending her earthly troubles.
Mrs. ('addy wai' alive at 4 o'clock this
afternoon, but It took the persistent
efforts of a physcliant and several of her
friends to keep her from lapsing Into a
slumber, produced by the drug, from
which she would never awake.
Separated From Husband.
Mrs. Caddy Is young and rather good
looking. ]For - sev'eral months she hias
been separated from her hu~band. Sonle
time ago he left Ilutte and took their
little boy with him. lie is now sante
where In Ore=un.
For three mot.tha Mrs. 4'addy has been
employed in the home of 4'. H. Pasamore,
No. 717 West (riumnite street.
It appears that the woman has been
in love twilh F. A. itandall, a railroad
man, who roomned in the P'aumte block.
Last evening she went to his room tillnd
d4d not find hilln at home. She returned
later and still 'ie had not put In an up
Randall did not appear ait his lodgings
until 7 o'clock this morning. When he
entered Ihis room he found the prostrate
form of Mrs. t'addy on the loour, and at
her side was a small phial containing
Suggestive Suicide.
Ilanduill called in I'olicemtan Hamill
ton, and the latter sent for `lty Physi
clan Sullivan, who, after four hours'
work, succeeded in revi ving the womanl
to some extent.
Mrs. Caddy purchased the laudanuttll
at Hose & Ilioskln' drug store lnst night.
the told the clerk that her istater wvIas in
the habit of using the drug, tand she
wianted it for her.
When she went to the Paumie block
last evening she was in rather a deslssnd
ent frame of mind, andi was told tabout
Herlil having taken poisson in the next
room, and It is thought that this sug
gested sulcide to her.
Judge Harney this mnorlning made :an
orderl In the mining case involving the
(Geylman mine, lost oii.iing for It lwek
the heanring on tilh order to show au;l1se.
The order to shiiw cause is on the
question whether an injunctiofn shall
issue and stop work in the mine. J. T.
('arroll and others are plaintlitfs, and
Charles and C(eorge G(eytullall delenallnts.
In the case of i':lllPta Trerie' againust
John and rMary Hottego, lto recoverI $1,000
oin i note, the court unriltlded the i ('ont
plaint so tas to taltlke 1'1Turn lgetts a
.May the 1st had a bad weatller begin
ning. The first thing that happelned oil
that day was a snowstorm.
The snow fell fasit and thlck for ait
least 30 minutes.
It would not suriprise the people of
Butte, however, if there w\in another
storml today.
The forecast from J. 1I Wharton's
weather offlice at the ciorner of Maln tihnl
LPark streets, given the following predl.c
tions for today and Haturday: ('loudy
tonight with fair we(athier tolmorrow.
This nmay mean niithier flurry of
A. Leerd, a prominent mining man of
Rossland, 1B. ('., is registered at the
The divorce sitilt ilstltuted by Eftle M.
Long in the disht let court has been
druppei'd. 'I'he actlion will )e dismnissiied
on the motion of the plaintiff.
The funeral of G(odfr'ey J. ('ole, the old
tiinme printer who diled 'i'uesday, was
held this morning. 'The remains were in
tered in the Mount Morlahl cemetery.
I'ity Po'undmasLer .Mahoney has sub
mitted his reiport for the month it Aplrl
It Fhown that he impOUlnded live ('cows
and two horses and colliected $7.10 in
George It. t'"ejilent I iildy sNued his
a ife, L. M, c'Ih l inu t, fta' .i dilvorce in
the district court on the gril'und of de
sertloin. The (coupll.' w r marri:ied in
New Hampshire In 1892. I('kitnint says
that hi wife deserted him in New |Hamp
shire in 1893. lie hllrevi's she is in
Massachusesa. T1'here are no rhildren.
('lenient asked the court to allow the
summons to be servedl by ptIbl:cation in
the .newsi;aipers.
Mary C~,, the 15-monlth'-old daughter
of MIr. illdt Mrs. Daniel Mutrphy died ye.,
te'rday an te famnily residence, No. 14
('lear Grit, from where the fu 'teril took
llace at 2 o'clocl today.
collar, long tail, brown spots on head.
If found return to 836 West Oranite, for
on Main street doing average easih
$1,000 per nonth, for cattle or hor-es.
See Geo. Robertson, real estate, 114 H.
Main street, Butte.
Sceptre Wins Agala.
(By Associated Press.)
London, Mtiy 2.--At the Newmarket
race today tSceptre, the winner of the
2,000 guinea stakes last Wednesday, won
the 1,000 gutiiieaa stakes. St. L. Windo
line was second and Black Fancy third.
Fourteen horses ran.
(Crolltlntled from Page One.)
melit \.lus dIsplayed In the wilndow.
Withinll three houllrs the sillpply wasn sohl
allnd tihe unlll.shers' were wilredt'or nddl
tmlhuI c3'opir.i, ApparIIeitlt1y e'v'e'ry mn1111
ilWl wttnlI iI towi In aixiioui t l 'rtad
the hook. The ralls for It have been ex
reptl.ionully larlge anld It I eltillt.matl
0.t a 000 oples will be sold in Iultl.
S eIgholrlniK towlii.
) Exoerpts From Book.
1 t.ilonal xc.erp .l froln tli0 hook
5ai~', to what lenKthM tlhe glIrl hilts gone,.
Ir'eS I aone of her wstatements whh'h
soiunl rather startling Io snlme lpIiolle:
I Ink at this ioimi'n l, however, of
twuo inds falllllous In1 lle worldl of let
tel'r tweeni whhch iii lllminI' tllhr'e lre
LI t i fine laLlts of Miniarlut y. l'hle,
minds of loid I. ylronl .ntld iof
rl Ll ashklrt.leff. It is the lti itn if
u. n" In w.ilOnl I fnld ulgais tllolln
nf ll If. In thin sublime olltllourliig
tig 3e'&jiie few~ toi aditoti the' chairia3teri
In I(tuly tad i ralldlll. le u nlllove\'eild
III..,Irll tldnl rilh, ( lr lt. Ull..' Kel'Pd
Sq ponted tisi siI of mingleld giiod
I hAI~--a the Ier.Is llt --for th' wolhl|
to gaze uplon. lIe kne'w the humllllII rae,'.
Mald hie knew hllnelr.
"1 am not good. I imi not vIritoiin. I
am iltl sympathetic. T 1am not g.,llralllm.,
1 nl Ii merely and ahlovi tll a l'ielilltinre if
Int-lle i'l asalonalte feelliig. I If.',t - iviry
thhl.t, It la my gei',.ul. It hunlrlme Iiake.
Germs of Life.
('nllttilelilg, she 03)s:
"I tl\a'e In i I lie t l'llern iif InlIl't . lift.
If I 'oilli live, ani if I c'iiahl s.e.'eed Iii
33ri'ilting (ilit my Ivhing, the wniht. italdf
woull Ifeel lhe htev\'y Int.ileit, of It.
"1 I1\h.3 thi. 1),'ronlllli. v, ithe naIlIrii '., of
a N.'i1ohlion, aItIItI a f'iinilllh ll, tii '11 iila
tinkll .\ll therl'el'ol'e I d|o noct millilnll'l;
I. II n .vnII Ihght. I ImilngK' oniily to
"l',,.r little Marly M i.1|.w llll! w hat
nmlKhi yl3ll Iii il \be 'h. t wie'ih'ftll
thihlll4a llilght youl Ilit Iii? Itlt hiild
wdoin ,1 hItlf-htiedd, 1i Nil, d fallh1 IIn alltr
ron a 11nd, alolli, iliniirlllllhl,3,tl , oh
ls 'ur' ' ,oor littlh . :11: 3'y M. l,. i ! V3,' I,,
world- why dn't you?- oaiir poor Iltlei
Mary MalyLunne'!"
' Thull lhe eXi 'x3'l,.ld fin.iw in dcld'losd In
this .atemnent:
Blghs for Fame.
"'.I have aidh, I wuiit falin. I 3311131
(o u.nir--to wrliIt sltl'JIh IhhlgH In 11 u '( o1111I
lthe dnidmritig aiiuinjal lihl. oif Ihe nl'31hl
it lg1'Ke: ~5u11h tihingM. ii lii I\\lt(lll b1ut
II,: iil ri'l' II'. , IIi , )11.* illhlly b1 0ill 1 -
tinl.ly dlffrn t l, fol r noltl lir.. abook, wll l, illtll
avtr, daly.
"'I an do thlis.
"l''t mni hut hIlki a Iugnllllg., Plet Ini
Jut ltrlke Ik 1 he World IIi i vullnlrI.i,ll .Ilil,
hinl l I .'11 take it y .IiuItu II. I..1 mI i hil
WI, il y I ipu3r4. 1t11 1 3h i1. 111 3 13 3%ill 4,i' i11
+lt Iaf lnnllkild nlld y3331ll4 \. 3 ilt1311h 3
tlidi, n 11 'hllgel rllilng d' l w\nl l ItI1h, wa h,
Wtllh SntL follow Iln at the, chgih~ ril
heel,., m~id thl0 nIultitIuI.e, ;,g;pr*.,
"4I5 31' h, II mUl' II l l l i lll hs1 I w l1t ti1,
le hII:i lpy!
""Ill( 1m14i inldenta beiH' gll anld e tlllh
ald satisf.3'in.g. hut hliplllnin'ss i3 ,ilIul'
ti31 aIIt Ilili tder lld b'illign. br
"|4u i \' iiui e f/ II iii ii I 3 I3 III 1311, 'll 333lh
".r i'all l h i' ll'l ' i' lllll n' lll.1.1 | 3 \ iiil
hI r want,., fam mIo'rVI thanp•'|ll'lhl I e t ll.
mu. 3%,'.i30'y yo)Ung tire.
"Tllhilk. 3n, 1 ilii:, 3,1' h4.103. hall p 3 f3r
;i 3333 r fir dlay! IH3w hi'iilii lll ly bhii:
the 331y 33331113 ibi: 143.3 33w3ifl'3 unii' .liy
Iiu..I l 3 i., llhi h., 4l4 .n ' iv3.1'3 i'iii1; how
l ltOyt13', Iilsii ily till 3 n33413 l the o1 lI
30333333 iii Il it ' f3iir 3'3l'ltl!
" hilt w33h3 1113 1 33113 gio'i' 33333 3dI3.3l
Oin'' hirll'. of thaI na1h3tlli33i 3hinig h1p3011
I113:34! \W1134t 33olh3 I Iloi g4v43 uip?
"''lhl w' '3n44r' 13l331, I 33:33 1 33 3 ih
13t133l 34 1301'134. 31131 ii'iir 3 33.1 h 1 Iih,.'i'' hllill.0
alitnd 33'3.l' r h 'ihli I 133 I 13h<" 3, iII '3311"
fuinl.i gu1113i31 io ii'ir h11pplini,'.es '333r ;om113'
it i. 3 3mbll h 3 lh'3 in lt"3la1 3', 'Ii' 343333I.' ill
11i11I'!3', fioIi -omi ilI' III 1333W.'3', fi'1 hntiI' ill
VIrth 33''"33d for 1130 iII ll33:133 l u33li V4.3'¥
nl1lu' h Ilh1, love."
Pleasures of Eating.
O(f the Haltiiq.al'tiiin of i filitl shr 'ays~:
"I hiave telill illy dinnliier.
"I have ha'll, almonag ohther thingsK., u
fin., rare-bratihdl Igor .Perhual "o s ,ak front
l()Orhll , atid tone firih 1, green young
onllig fr'on I'iliforllia. Ali just alin I
ad i1 phl~ihopnlouhv, jItrl alll', Y' nd mpl, r'x
Peplt that fluhe's notling very plule aboilt
my pdhilosophy, rlll' y' t \verly nlimple.
"l.t the devil cotite anti go; let tltli
wild w\\aters rush Iover iue; Jet nu llonsl
l'Ist lld fall; hlt my f'avorite lhI olohries
for'i ti he'nselvte In li. suil l tJ ienl, y tllhi
runi into the gIIroundI ; let Ihi little 'iarth
he hanlldled lllboll.t frori one belief to ;ii
oth''; hut, I tay III the tidsilt of ilmy
youing perilatetl philo-ollp y, I 11.4Jd nti
be In iemplete deullh'i the \world tilli
iiiJns things flor nii , h whileh I havel illy
linl ril'l' pottl'l(,lrhoue nlo ' eak flrlnll (nlllah;
---11,l illy fresh green ,unng lnion l from
llr Irefe'rence to hler 'hildhood i1
alwa\.ys short, ais thlH \wiii show:
"Aind there .re oh chl',rlv wvith ht \\l!
I irui'rl tlo play and flght.
"I a.iis tanlned and unburnedllliI tillid I
had ill UIki'repll)t aplpearalnce.. My fliac
Iwas very dirty. T'he orignlllll pattelrn
oif i'y 'roek was invariably loist li hlly
er( i' Id vis'lIts of tihe native soll. My
huil' was bruided ior itlse It lhwv about,
na . nglenhd Ilaisl), Halordling 1s I could
be i aught by sollve one anid riubbei. ;itil
Sltra iglhtened h.efoi' I rin awc,.ly for thei
day. My hands were lllt'e andh ii.lr.ng
and birown, aitll wrought niiimh milsl'hlhf.
I cah aln ;nd went at lily own pleasure.
I ari h, t I pleast, d; I went to hitd
all in ity own ilgood i e; I I'.ttileii.
owh .'ivel'r ri.y stilubborn Illhi, fort i'h.,co.
I 1v, i npttJlt nt ; I was contraryt; 1 1;,1
ianl e'xtirentuly had toemp.r; I wtls har'd
hi" t,',rl, ; I wisH full of Infiintiiil nmi;llI,
l'r'!',', I t'was a vicious little 'bealt.
"I \as ait little 1lei of untralr i fla
",I it11 i unable to judge whih'l I i th
more Savagely forlorn: the sli rl'+.l
hualrteI].ll)lldl, or th1 womanl yllng and;l
all altoie
Wanted Something.
"The little wild stutbbortn 'hlhi flilt
Things and wanted things. Site did niot
know\\ that she felt things anid w\nited
"Now' I feel arid I want Ihlngs and I
'il iI\u it, wilth burning vividlness.
"The little vicious Mary Maelalnl Puf
fered, but she did not know that Phr
suffelred. Yet that did not make the
suffering less.
"And she reached out with, ai little
sunburned hand to touch and take simie
"Ilut the sunburned little hand pb
mained empty. There was nothing fipr
it, No one had anything to put Into
Boys' Boys'
Sailor Sailor
Suits Suits
Comfort Fresh
and as
in our designs of Sailor Suits that win their
way with the fond mama, that wants her
boy the best dressed little fellow in Butte.
Our sailors for 1902 are full of originality
in designing, even the tie treatment is
original in conception. Quite a number of
such sailor suits in high grade and double
and twist worsted serge, smartly treated
in Royal Blue, Olive Brown, G(olf Red
Navy Blue positively $6.00, $7.00 and
$8.00 Sailor Suits. Saturday Prices $5.50
$5.00 and
4' $4.50 w
Ages 3 to 10 Years
- -- --·- ------- ·-- -- .- -- -·
The Har-yard Cigar Sales
Vnequaled by any Bit Ci/gar. Vnion
Make. 'Bejt 14 :Niana Filler.
-Ilte 1llll eVlledl i'el'.'l l ti'ie e Ie' | lit )i
'ecel ; ln.h ' ee'ecI'edJ iurlet'tlllltt " le 111e i l
her hal I .ry IIIIfl h1u.1 .
" hlt l l . Iiie h li tl lllytlhing teo pt 11 111t
I h I' li.ty III le heart.e,
"l The 11111 , vhiI r hll, cihildI %; Iht' only
.11 elalile, mo11 she fIl i. n wlt hnl miullne.
Itul I r1'e, a111' aull, \were leI Izllrdi s lldll
Th wrest 1 h11 I, haI r enl. ll1110 Ie r.
1' ll eIlt 'ied ll eeictu *',' Ih;s grt' 1l e 1 111 lle
te, e ,I I I e 1el e ,i IIloe1 I, ee1,e I' eyo 'Ccg t 1 Ilc
II br ia its11l hJ1t"s p il ly
to lbii .elul of 1it,, book r'einting to
issu l ttiln . Slp;elkillng of Il 'rrled w.om1n11 ,
.ll'"4 .1 '.at1 1 u l' say's:
Rails at Virtue.
"Si vIc tuous I li rte Ihley lildeced Ihat they
ne 1' labHe 10 dricw' ilee'eme lves I l I.' l lIe nl thel
ridle ofl Ihelr u51 pc lriet'ly, slie IiiThey
halelpl' 111111 |tn i ie corne r wh'l re' the'
in rrie'l'o r .illly isM lc'k.l . ie vI'
Ilell lre ' hiy hnlt' u Ih le' t IeeI cerull arcl'l'ei'i l
to hind mu1 n el.ce'eent' :l tlc t 'll've''.rei i lie thle'
IeeI'S fc tlhe I''ie'tl er that 114 with.ll ,
i;l''rl -gee rIl'l.: dl ln 11 ce. eiom ele Iley iiircw
aho y thel'ir skirlsl i l c'lc el"ld horllror and
f Il heil x i lect sp.e c tlle'," l vri'u,,'.
"And lso iley l' ive on uIceele'r lhe, roofs,
11 Ih ey ll e land ,stork and seeite cnd
die; tlcid the ehill lelh'tc grlew i es l Mup i ieek
llother roof, l and i all u nIII ei'c1 1111ce' ile'iage'
el'ri lnll y 'evin as lit h cel' t aren'lli Il'bl'efo
deit el d I h e nll l the lle i I ue e i e ,at In11 l
cwork cu il clep etel ie'; ectel sio e l c ic t
tellheutii eec.t,
''Thiis, ealce is lIfe' hIe life ofe tihell, e+'e l,
JIler I a oth'll r if her ee t:e Illi g tl
ticctsa.ee te chic iv h many3' l elo ' cc h Ie a et e
read thli boi k tla keL execpilrlie ic'
"i lh, tmy sl'eeol lIly .OiIl il
"A fe'lclti siaelke t is hire cil Iel' icts
mothetii"r's ll I ,e.e 'gg, iieu l lie c whic le
Itn 'ccnt'entm.'lt'ilt al minegcg ew'titde :le ld i t'1 ,
and t l ie.
ihaLs one Ithrlowi it her, land someiel t'es
eheh rlieievei H i, lick lek or blow, al d ;i
dalg-house it 51111, In, :11i1 I dhl '.
'A Ifeltcmle birud has I testi, and worms'
to eat, cal gtecs south in ie viente., and
lpresettly elshe dis,.
"A fe'1cale 111101 e Ihel II 'wamp or111 .l gler
de'n, I e'1111 l g ial il 'es, lt'lle ll'ent
and then hel e die's.
"And li l'h of thes' ' hbis e 1 c ulec thingii
%%eillt le.t' fer' aI iiee', iced lshortly hlitee',
,ee' litle' sMnldees c 11little' l dogs ler hce' to
love dIs iecclh ee i is given hri' tio love
tlhe' ccc cc die no Im1h',
"And they ire' forll' late witllh th ir lit
ti' .cake'se ;i ind i lite' do'l s.
"A f'rutllt' hualc Iic beinltg is burn out of
her' ln.cther'' fair' h dy, hre':nicl'e wih 11
stranel.''. eegu'-tellui 'l M ee1c', en4 l let
ego; ;cil I'v' ;evlilte, nd n l ' ills. :Iit he,'
I''I'e she icle' she' a'e%'ckee. 'l'here is 'l' 11
paie l that ge's with It.
"Aicd the' leth' thing that Is witlh h rr
fore +e litre' Is unikel ll It snake ' or a dlg,
It I.s Ieere lle' a nrene , tand Ilere e Is anci
other piuln for thlis.
"AIln w'hen n little htuman being
omes it'el Ih a soul of its wcnf there must'
be anoether awa.'ke'ning, fle' shle hits then
'reatche'I' the best and hlighest state Ihet
eany hlulmall beirng eain rieth, lthough she
is : femahle humane being, intd piegue
tilnted. And hei're also thIere is heavy
soul -pctin.
'Jh'e el nate--the plagu-'titeh lid nit nme
ibranded cupon her'--means woman
"I Ilfte d 1my head from thle l'e breat of
the gray rock, The te.t'rs hdrl beet fall
ing, failling. Tears are so str'ange!
'l'earn froa Ihe dried-up fuuntailn f 4p
y31Iilr are like dropsi olf . rater Wrung out
of' HIion. l4tddlenly I ol utip tofron I th
4rndllllll atill tg0 qur .'Ikly Ovuer' the snnd
fril,' HtvtraIl nl liitee. I lid Inot dnro
louk again at Llihe lIllntiiM aid the .itop
blu , nor Iliwi.i lgllln to Ilu( voilcol.
"Oh, wllth i t fill, I i en II ,'i r lnel.
Mlrinlk ;ndil ','lrnge befor,, lte p ihl if the
dnzling 1ights. Yet ,1 aill waitilng`
Irnging fur ill,, ml ist dzzlinig l gll lht of
Ill: I I . n',ning of the. ).Devil."
Letters From the People on Topics of
General Interelt.
Super-Heated Friend of Mary.
'To 111h, 'il r i of lihe IIII. r Mti r ntlllllilt:
Y)nu, vllupernol'lo am expre.Msd In the
Inl,.r Motnltal in .MIeN M11ry M1eT,Atte
I 1il0 11 asl l Iowt' I,1S IH I I ..SSille fII,' r %[email protected]
th' lnte'r MIountain to dti.riendl , beI.'auIg
thin poIur girl lii 0 not gK" dlvil'n nit hei
kneespai wla Whnl you termit "llutte ladiesl
iund lIhank them fror the kind Interea'
Ithy I.ot li hler budding genius. I tb
,inl know hait rgl'unrrll i i'a Johnb 1i,11i. Alt
iluili'id (ila the ti'''itsionl, biut I hope' it in
I ull Ini I,, his lm'tell'r to Lord l('h .ante.
li-'i, i\thlere e askH: "l' nol n patron
i1 lIm,'I.H, will, J(!'ks ulll'ol ern't ttly' at a
Ir;Ill HIrugl gli hgK in the a\Ihlr, mnd'l w'hen
hi' r.l'''ae'h H 9laurie I'iII ilioberi'e hill lith'
h'l1'" 'l'anl woulld bet alout h liie' i
du''a'nlllti l, flut.l. allluiN wutitld, or
did trave, fr' Mary Mud:Iant,
I iive' hIr'l or the oiok h.ill tilh ex
I1 N 1,' 11 the I lilly Ihut l liI4 *ip.r have
piiiliil, bIut I will iH.y I have never seen
; t,.vtJl li·g i l l se t di" t tia, l pages of lJ, ee
:. ilne paper,.' Itblt H Lo '+ .l ts near ,ti 'll ap.
priu h i (' i llh r ry I'l mitt' y ai s ire' ill tiillhies
8;4i l11 extr.'. s, 14ieluu, th-, .,poor girl
I-, li k Itk,i Ill griai t ,4dii il al u l a hea 411
tex 'le Iri i, ;IN I ale f'9lr 'th. t tlr l int.e era -
torend th,. French ch;mher of d -pulles:
"My din lio has n0ow , iiit," yiou wouldte
I.%NS W1i''.
'Iu' ll, lMay , i
AimtllyliaR, M elI., May . ''Tih hI itphlti
tlra'i 'els. v,"ying l'rh, .+ tiL I·,,.,e Ielt and
IlIl' the l U.l Ir:ullo H y, I tl ll.1 it hXrl' t te
4:4;l this ltoraling over tlll 1, In.tl\ ylv , nta
As t"i e prel ,ilent nl .hlRid froth the
lain he .I*as re' ,lv I by ."tlupae'inttndet,
.alo,%,right andl Ilts a." e, blout. II. l',
/,,,I.- s tn i 'r. A iiltJlln of lltrin-is ,ullier
( 'pttti, L.u,.s 1;i'; trtt\ ,, up at the +LK
'T'he party 'truIeted ll h v l' t'ges to the
n"lledry gr'uds,l the pre4ideilnt going
dite',dlly to the Huperntviltdent' house,
ht' e th,'rl, was a shor.,t wal t to el'ern|t
'Ithe aInthl !gt' of the t' idot battallJn at
'The day wais nol4t propitiots amid the
"Our legislatue'H," protested the ma
('ine p.uitt+lan, "are nUt as bad as
they 're painted."
"No?" rptlied the pltin citizen.
"Well, they tife certainly not so good
a " they're whitewashed. "-Phi de elphi .
'resi .

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