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Does it bring enough pleasure In
return to warrant the Investment?
The pianole will enable every
owner of a piano to play upon his
piano whenever he desires. 1lse
only this, but every member of the
family can also play upon it, no1
one or two pieces, but practicalely
every composition ever written fot
the piano. Did you ever stop to
consider how much pleasure there
Is stored up in your piano, then
count the number of times in a
month it is used? It is worth
thinking about. The pianola sup*
plies the deficiency. It makes no
difference if you do not know one
note from another.
Price $2.o.oo
May be bought on installments.
Visitors welcome.
Montana Music Co.
119 N. Main Street
La est Line of
in the City,
See Our Window
Store Open Evenings Till ri O'clock
For News and Cigars,
Montana Book Co.
W. H. KLEIN, Manager
Corner Park and Academy Streets
The most satlisctory wall finish
on the market. Ten beautiful tints
'and white.
50 Cents for Five Lbs.
Our line of speeialtles, such as
bath tub nndt rldilator enamels,
floor paint, floor wax anti floor var
nish, i. very complete.
Ellis Paint Co.
Successors to Carder Bros
Phone 104. 17 E. Quartz St.
Sole Agents for Butte.
Table Tennis
Prl.es to Suit Everybody
75c Per Set
And Upwards
Extra Balls for Ping Pong. Base.
ball Goods, all kinds, all erices.
New Stationery. New Books
124 North lain Street, Butte.
Me-tt and Cheapest
For Heat.
The Most Con)enienl
For Cool(ng
Sest and Cheapest
and Most Labor
Sauting? %w J.
Gas Office
202 %4orth Main Utreet -
No application necessary. Just
ale it, trat's all
For Sale at all Druggists
Write for descriptive pamphlet.
C. A, PERRIN, M. D.,
Helena, Mont
Funeral Directors
Expert Embalmers
Thos. Sullivan, Mgt.
Phone 8S. 125 E. Park, 13 utto
Maguire's Grand-Dark tonight.
Sutton's Broadway Tontght--"Natltan
Sutton's-Dark tonight.
Orton Bros,-Plasos and organs.
G. A. Chevigny, dentist, has moved his
offce, to new Clark building. *
Miss Eva Primes is spending a few
days with friends in Anaconda.
J. G. Bates, tuner, Montana Muasl Co.,
119 N. Main street. Tel. 50L "
Main springs, $1.00; watches oleaned
$SL0; warranted. Mayer. 65 West Park.
A marriage license was issued yester
day to John Grant and Helen Smith, both
of Butte.
O. A. Farlln, a well-known resident of
Big Timber, is among the late arrivals
in the city.
Elmer Carter, a well-known attorney
of Missoula, arrived on the late train
from the West.
C. B. McCarthy, a well-known Insur
ance man, is among the recent arrivals
from the capital.
IMr. and Mrs. Howard Stone have re
turned from a visit to Bozeman with
friends and relatives.
Attorney C. S. Thresher, who has been
making a business trip to Helena, re
turned last evening,
Dr. G. B. Owen, surgeon general on
the staff of Governor Toole, was over
,from Anaconda today.
Mr. and Mrs. Morris tBaron have gone
to Livingston for a visit of a couple of
weeks with friends and relatives.
Dr. Hammonnd has moved his offices
from the Beaver block to the Clark
building, corner Park and Academy. *
Will Waugh, of the clerk of the court's
office, left yesterday for a week's visit
to his old home at Moore's Fork. N. Y.
A contract has been let by the county
commlsloners to place a metal rileing in
Judge Clancy's courtroom at a cost of
Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Woodman of Hel
ena, who has been staying In Butte for
a few days, left last evening for a week's
visit to Salt Lake.
Joe Flaherty, stenographer In the
county attorney's office, left Wednes
day for a visit to his old home at
Lourdes, Towa:.
Judge J. B. Clayberg of Helena, who
delivered the last of his lectures before
the school of mines, returned to his
home yesterday.
Mrs. Robert Haydn and daughter, Miss
Dokle, left at noon today for Chicago
where they will visit Mrs. Hadyn's sister
for two months.
PI. W. Murray, one of the earliest set
tlers in Butte but now a resident of Se
attle, arrived In the city yesterday to
remain during the summer.
In the timber cases yesterday the
greater part of the day was given up to
evidence of H. J. Faust of Ovando. The
hearing continues tomorrow.
For bargains in Wall Paper call at the
Butte Paint & Wall Paper Co. All 1902
stock ranging from 10 cents, per double
roll, upwards. 131 West Park street. *
Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Brown left last
nigiht for New York, where they will sail
next week for Iongland. They will spend
several months with their old friends.
Englewood Lots.-Perfect title, electric
line already graded, tine soil, soft waiter,
new jcbhool lioise one 'block away. Lots
sold on $10 monlt::. payme'nts. Mrs.
Jessie t'. Knox, Box lu,. *
Phila Daniels of Anaconu ., formerly
lIQual agent for the Burlingtcn railroad,
but now caretaker of the Mouitaln View
park, on Warm Springs, was in Butte
yesterday for a few hours. .
One of the oldest citlzens of Butte
passed away yesterday when Mrs. So
phia Wilman died at the county :ospital
at the age of 60 years. She was a is
ter-in-law of L. F. Schmidt, the founder
of tile Centennlal brewery.
County Treasurer Maher's report tot
April shows that the money in the
county colein amounts to $442,520. The
total receipts during the month were
$23,239.95,, and the expenditures were $67,
The county employea and officials on
receiving their salary warrants yester
day were surprised to find them short.
They have all received tax receipts for
the shortages and the county is more
than $1.00 winner.
In Mt. Morlah cementery this morning
the body of Godfrey J. Cole was buried.
The funeral was conducted by the Mon
tana l7n.uertaklng company and the ex
penses were borne by Cole's brother-in
I.tw, who lives in Ne.braska. Cole was
formerly a well-known printer.
County Clerk Weston's fees for April
were as follows: Actions, $365; appear
ances, etc., $120; judgments, $125; peti
tions for letters, $95; final papers, $27.50;
stenographers' fees, $30; marriage
licenses, $102; executions, $18; mlscel
laneous entries, $36.50. Total, $1,002.
Valentine. William and Henry Metz
brothers, were each sentenced to 10 days
In Jail by Justice Olsen yesterday for
throwing Atones at (hanrles J. Marsh
Mrs. Metz, their mother, was accused o0
threatening Marsh with an ax, but the
evidence was not sffillcicnt to secure
County Clerk Weston's fee for Aprll
were as follows: Deeds, $384.65; instru
n tisni, $186.50; mortgages, $139.10; mis
cellaneous instruments, $64.80; certified
copies, $49.60; notices of location, $40,
marginal saLtisfaulona, $18,75; acknowl.
edgnmints, $1.50; miscellaneous work,
$3.:0; proof of labor, $4. Total, $907.20.
Paul Ve,.nali was discharged by Judge
Taylor in the South 3utte court yester
day on the charge of malicious mischief.
Vesnal was accused of tearing down a
fence put up by Henry Rear, Vesnal ad
mitted that he had torn down the fence.
but said that it was around his property
and that it prevented him from reaching
his cabin.
Building Inspector iLane and H. M.
Patterson examined the electric elevator
In the building of W. A. Clark, Jr., yes
terday and found it to be in good work
ing order. The building Is new and its
elevator Is the first of the kind in the
city. The bulldin'g inspector Is of the
opinion that another fire escape should
hei added. 'there Is one escape at the
rear of the 1Bllding, but the inspector
wants one In front or close to the col
ner on the Academy street Ide,.
Embroidery Sale
In Hennessy's Notion Department
Last week we offered a very tig lot of fine embroideries that we secured for a mere fraction of their value. Today we offer
what's left of them, marked at muoh lower figures than before. This certainly is the grandest opportunity to secure bargains
decidedly out of the ordinary. Cdme and see.
Embroideries Worth $i.oo Embroideries Worth $1.5o
Only 19c Yard Only 25e Yard
About 2,000 yards fine embrgidered edgings, insertions About I,5oo yards of the finest of embroidered edgings,
and beadings on nainsook, cambt ie and muslin. Width insertions and beadings on nainsook, cambric and muslin.
2 to 9 inches. Only 19c yard. Guipure and Irish crochet effects. Only 25c yard.
Women's and ehildren's Hosiery
Children's Hose Children's Hose Women's Hose Women's Hose
Boys' and girls' ribbed cotton l,, ys' and girls' fast black manco Fast black cotton host, fil Iftih- I,'acy ,ntilon and lslt8 thread hose
hose, fine and wide ribs, absolutely cotlon hose, full fashioned and rih- tlint. All sizes. Our 25c quality. In dropalhi,', poIka dot ntad frnl.y
fast black and full fashioned. Sizes bedt Sizes 6 to it lit. h . Our 50 syl
6 to 9. 25e quality for 20c or quality. Three pairs for 50c "'ri. T),, :;'""" .v l"s"" " '"'eh
Three pairs for 50c Three pairs for $1.00 ", o, a, ,n , nJ ,. i,.
Tloys' and girls' black cotton hose, Women's Hose oen's in colo niely Three pairs for $1.00
fine and wide ribs, nice for school, Flit mturo cotton hose, full fash
well finlishhed. 35c stockings. Sizes jolt I. turlington fast black. Oun t iinihd, wi hih i' t fCt. (ut R- 1)oze.s of other styles tip to Ihe
6 to 910 . reg hlar 20c quality. utar :15 quality. luest of silk anll I141 thrlad.
Only 25c pair Two pairs for 25c Only 25c pai At Lowest Prices
eorset Sale 1200 Scarfs
Big 75c to $1.00oo "
Values .
MYanilla 189&
Bargains Only 50c '
On Second Floor Each
In Men's furnishings Dept.
We are making . chns alnmst (v.ry day. For Hnturluly'.a selling wg aff sr thids
Changes inside, changes outside. Wlihen we fnl a F
better line of goods than we have, we get it. W\e big lot of lfine llk neckwear, ihe newest
4o are changing col'ets,. we re selling out anll closinlg dcsg.tl and ul tlllrinl iin 'eck. I'uur
out several Ibroken Ilnes, and tht's the reason te -In-hand and imperia lsi. The bat
are willing to give good goods for tllllm st nIthing. tVlhlles ever showII.
For Instance
"La Vida" Fine corsets Men's Fancy Shirts Men's Suspenders
600 fCancy hlinils, with stfl IC bCos,,t .n l-Hv'ral odd lots :il .lau llih' liies
s tmade by one of the. best' kiinown of fint, susndl.lr', worti. up til $1.00
3Having discontinued the agency for this well-knownl cornet we will (losoa shirt-makert. 'il' 51les and color- cach.
out our several lines at the following very low prics,. u,'h asnilai n tar s I cit, vry diitrable, . V.lues to Choice for 25c
rare. Call early and get fitted: $1.10 $ 'hcii.
No. 683, regular $10.00 values for.............................. .... $.50 Choice for 75c Men's Half Hose
No. , rgulr .00 values for.................................... ..0 tis lit l ns,. at Half Price
No. 688, regular $9.00 values for. ......................................... $4.50,, .
No. 678, regular $15.00 values for ...... .............................. $7.00 madn , Ito s ell at $1. t Fi . y half-lts e, au rta Stir
No. 562, regular $8.50 values for.................... ..................... 4l0y F ncy half-h o r, w h P0i,
No. 507, regular $6.00 values fcor, .......................................... :o Only 50c Each For 25c Pair
No. 087, regular $15.00 values for........................ .................. o
No. 689, regular $11.5O values for .......................3........... $6.041
Thompson's eorsets TailorMade
Thompson's glove fitting corsets. Nos. rt and E, the KIbo c.,orsts Nos.
630, 650, 618 and 620. These well-known m:kes are hl re la long, mediumn
and short lengths, lit black, white and drab; in all Nlszs. Values $".50, $3.00,
$3.50 and $4.00 each.
Choice Only $1.45 Each Regular $14.5o and $17.5o Values,
Famous "P. D." Corsets Only $10.85
Fine "P. D." corsets, Nos. 97 and 248 in black and white. Values $2.75 n
Choice Only $2.35 Each Each
Kabo Corsets, $1.50 to $2.75 Values, 85c A pretty lot of taillor-made suits, homspun, basket weaves, ,.I,., In
ilum griy and tual inixturies, wtt I ton aolnd iouhlt-hr94IJ aU:ckets trimmed
There aire 180 In the lot, long, medium aLld short, In Iblack, white and w'.ith iiiv i p1ld bl1 k ha'kt al linings of ,,crealine. izes a 3 to 10 lnches,.
drab. Your pick for 85c. Itegular $14.50 and $17.50 values for $10.85.
Ageats for 1fThe Dollueatow for
tterick's Mail Orders to e H ey Butte, Montana lay Is onw ready.
Patterns 15C a Copy.
At the FPinlen.
Frederick Webber, Cleveland; II. S
Brown, Seattle; W. I. Goodfellow, Chi
cego; Thomas A. Bell, Spokane; J. W.
Collins, Ban FrancIlso; O. W. Falling,
Big Timber; L. M. Hughes, Helena; D.
Heldelberger, New York; A. Leerd,
ltossland, H. ('.; W. H. Chapman, Lin.
coin; J. H. Lutes, Dubuque; W. G.
Keanan, Toledo; E. J. Mahoney, Louis
ville; P. H. Sexton, San Francisco; Miss
Nellie Graham, Minneapolis: Miss Jenni.j
Smith, Glendlve; O. E. Gerrish, Portland;
J. F. Robson, Whitehall; William
Schmidt, Anaconda; John Goodnough,
Helena; Miss D. Pierce, Salt Lake.
At the Butte.
A. ('aliseh, New York; J. W. rayne,
Meridian, Conn.; Edward Jensen and
wife, ('hlcago; W. E. Russell, Spokane;
C. 13. McCarthy, Helena; K. J. Weber,
Boulder; P. H. Edlefsen, Garnet; W. H.
Klein, Chicago; (. L. Hutchln, Portland;
Charles P. McCohn, New York; M.
Lyons, Michigan; J. Karplnsky, Michl
gan; V. M. Vickery, New York.
At the Thornton.
E. Man.sfleld, New York; F. J. Blum,
New York; L. Bates and wife, Spokane;
H. D. Martin, Indianalpolis; T. Fogg,
New York; R. II. Watson, THelena; W.
II. Holter, Helena; W. V. ('role, Salt
Lake; Charles L. Murphy, Helena; Don
Davenport, Helena; Howard Kyle, New
York; Mlss Florence Smyth, New York;
Elmer J. Carter, Missoula; A. 1I. Pog
sony, New York; A. HSrhooley, Kansas
Cilty; Ei. ''T. Smilth, Minliapolls; B. It.
Hall, 'hlieago; A. Itepoold, lHan Fran
clso: i'dwai'rd J. Max, HL. Louls; James
A. Z/,irser,, St. Louis; 'lioiiinus Manisflield,
New York; Phil Johnson, New York;
F. II. Robert, Los Angelev; John L.
Turney, New York; John A. (,ole, ('hi
rago; .John W. .loyd, St. Paul; John ('.
l)omie. Sun Francisco; i1. Moi'ri., Han
Franci'Jco; J. ('. Iloyd, Kansas City; F
H. ('alcott, New York.
At the Southern.
W. If. Moore, Mineapolk; Tom Rob
Inson, Miles ('Ity; Mitchel Il)evy, (ran
ite: . 1). Pritchett, BIoulder; S. W.
Brlibols, Chicago; ('arl Younger, Soda
Springs: C'. If. (;raham, Brooklyn, fa.;
A. B. ('rouse, Anaconda; Oscar Thomuan
der, Victor, (olo.: Scott Melville, Mlnne
apolis: W.'. . I. leams, ('hi"ago; J. A.
Pendy, St. Paul; A. Austin, Norris; (. N.
(lavehs, Helena; ('harles Becker, Helerna;
R. Graces, Missoula; A. W. Smith, Hel
ena; I.. C. Eton, Sea ttle.
Saturday and Sunday Excursions.
B as and return.................... 50
eoulder and return ................$1.50
Good gihigK Saturday or Sunday, return
Ing Monday.
I.i.:in and return ...................$1.00
l~, ilder andl re.tu n .................31.00
o (Iod g.uing aind retiurninig Sun15dI s o111y.
'i'iciket office 41 North Malu street and
DTavid Bterlin died Ill tiht! c.ity Jail ablout
6 o'clock last evenin flront the f'f'e:is nof
a dosei of llpoison taken in ta r'm irr n ithe
Plulnlrie lock, in WeHt (lal'ila Htltret, all
hour' or' t wo earlier.lll'
Judlgiug by the conte nts o.f a letter left
by Berlino hl duMrneHtile rrtatlon. wolre not
of the hIappiest. Before taking lh, pol
soni het \r'Ote a lctter' anlld lIft it for ills
"Miay iti curse of (II l bI on the. 1h,1
unlC of your lift, for you hlave ruintrl
n," said Ie in lIone, sentence of the mitl.
ill the lettetr het rocIlttd it tale of dtinltes
ti unllhllllliness and clhal'red l Il:i wife
a ith nllfidtellly.
Itlfelrring to an lattilnipt she Is alleged
to have oi((' Inalie n ol ·nr i ,'wl lift', ln
taid In the letter: "You ntldt ait failure
of It, but I hople I will hlave better siue
The letter wound up with the following
Insltructitonl to the ct lonel': "Coroner lit
1411i'r Bow 'cotunty--My life insuraIlet
pitlity I Ill fulll forc'e. (lv.e tny little boy
In ialt lake City a sqIuare deal. All myil
',ffects, lsuch us we.ring apptL rlr(., I wanlllt
sent to \V. . Berlini, lHlton, Moult. ,tlil
1lly Vtrunkl to hllr.'"
An inquest Is being hold no tI.o bdy
at l),'tiantl'I Ilundtl'takig roomsl'lll thl.
tllE't 1 no in.
lIu'lin was i., hoermker, ent \,,h n
iber t.u ' t a '.1111eful workmean.
Hi., 1iit t wife left hiitn sever'al yeant
ago on thiat ie:ount, and l:ater on secur it
L"lve y'ars agio lie was maIrriedl again.
O1i 'several occas'liolns his wife ihad hlin
arr'ested and taken bI!i'l'e th: pol(:
Illrilln carrled a tlf', insiurance of $2,000
in the li.kiker-' Ullilon. 'the mnony will
go to his estat'e.
In addition to the i,)n now in Sult Lake
l nllln liavies boy and girl, who aire
with hlls firs wife in Dulbuque, Iowa, anld
the: lutte wife, whiomn lie accues of being
rc:loni .iilh fori his a(t,
New Detective Agency in Butte.
rThe J'ermntii 'ncy of the International
I)etc tlve agerny III lut to is now fully
assured. Its mutihods and executivl
workings hlive beer1n made:id f.m.nlia;l to
many of the litizens of the city, and the
Istro'ig support anid heanty encourage
rment which 1i accorded it Justiles this
ista:t'emnt. NotL Only ha.s lLuch' service
bucll given this agency, 'but Hlatterlng
and sound inducements have been re
cel'v.d flrom Anaeunda, Missoula anil
irimt Fallx. C1'. I. WVaynick, the s.per
Intemident of the Western otices, located
in the ()wmsly block, after strong oneour'.
aigemient, goes to Analconda tomorrow to
open a lupermanenlt oftlee, and through it
w\'ill offer his servlces and skill to the
businelles Intoerlts aind citizens of Ana
conlda. The high, Ihe low, the ricl and
,poor alike wU1I rec:ive the cure and at
i('mmlon that thui' b)usiness entrusie:l
v, iih u dmi mainds. Western Offices of
!hei I;ttru'lm tio ala. l te).tO tl\' e agency 21--3
O\';..l: y Li. lk, .Bultto, Moiltan . m

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