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First Four Months Shows More Instru
ments Filed Than for Some Years
Cancellations, Howevek, Have
Nearly Equalized Filings.
Mortgagen are regarded as an Indica
tion of bad times to many people. In the
farming states, when mortgages are nu
merous on the farms, it Is generally re
garded as Indicative of an unprosperous
condition of affairs, and the opinion is
well founded according to the industrial
and social economists.
Whether the same rule applies to a
mining region or not is not so clear, al
though In all probability a similar prin
cipal underlies the condition of affairs in
both places.
In Butte the mortgage Is a lively thstl
tution, judging from the number of
mortgages placed upon property hitre in
a year. An inspection of the mortgage
books In the county clerk's office reveals
the fact.
In 1901 there were 897 real mortgages
filed and recorded in County Clerk West
on's office. The number of chattel
mortgages and liens falls short of those
figures, but It was quite respectable, too
Interesting Figures.
It will be seen by this that during 1901
about 75 mortgages were placed upon the
real property of Butte every month in
the year. That seems to be a pretty stiff
record, but considering the population
and the value and extent of the real
property in the county it is not remark
The number of mortgages placed on
real estate in 1900 was less than the num
ber in 1901. The number given by the
mortgage books was 678. The avernge
filed and recorded every month of that
year was something over 50.
The year of 1902 starts out with a rec
ord that has kept about a neck ahead of
1900 so far. During the four months just
completed this year 256 real mortgages
were recorded and Indexedtl In the county
recorder's office. This is an average oi
64 a month.
The cancellation of mortgages does not
keep up with the filing of them, which
Is quite natural, considering that some
of them drag along for years on the
books. Still a gerat many more mortg
ages are cancelled every year than would
be supposed.
Many Cancellations.
The county recorder's books show that
Ih 1901 the number of real and chntt,.l
niortgages and liens cancelled rceachedj
the respective figures of 868. In that
years 67 were cancelled in January, 81 Ir
February, 47 In March, 69 In April, 71 in
May, 72 In June, 78 In July. 87 In August,
7.3 In September, 95 in October, 79 in No
vember and 56 In December.
In 1900 there were only 7066 cancelled,
There were 76 In January, 84 in Febru
ary, 97 In March, 42 in April, 74 In May,
100 in June, 51 In July, 59 In August, 65
In September, 88 In October, 73 in No
vember and 57 In December.
IHealth Ofer Sullivan presented to
rthe city council today his annual report
showing among other things the num
ber of deaths in the city during the year
just closed. The report shows that 805
persons died in the county. Of that
number 451 died within the limits of
the city. OlGving the city an estimated
population of 40,000 persons, the death
rate of Butte during the year covered
by the report was 11.27 per 1,000, which
shows Bittto to be a pretty healthy city.
The combined statistics of 10 principal
cities of the United States for the year
1900 showed an average mortality of
17.75 per 1,000. Portland, Ore., famed for
dta healthfulness, had a mortality last
year of 11.43 per thousand. The Butte
death rate was only 11.27 per thou
sand, which, although higher than the
average for the entire country, shows
Butte to be one of the most healthful lo
callt'es in the United States.
Of those who died 512 were malee.
There were 73 stillborn, eig'ht darkeys
and seven Chinese. The death rate by
months was as follows: May, 67; June,
63; July 02; August, 91; September, 77;
October, 78; November, 62; December,
'59; January, 6t;; February, 51; March, 61;
April, 68.
Tllhero were during the year 405 births
of males and 385 females. Total, 830.
The causes of death were: Pneumonia,
100; heart disease, 61; I3rlght's disease,
43: cancer, 15; cerebral diseases, 34;
typhoid fever, 14; tuberculosis, 45; sui
cide, 18; accidental, 68; diphtheria, 24;
shock, 11; murder, 8; unknown, 28;
bronchitis, 13; septicaemla, 16; scarlet
fever, 42.
There were 568 cases of contagious dis
cases, 313 being males. Scarlet fever
cases numbered 858, smallpox 71 and
dipDhtherla 138. There were 523 houses
quarantined and 1,530 rooms fumigated.
'There were also 4,287 sanitary inspec
tinons, 1,426 written notices served, 521
verbal noticsa given, 118 sewer connec
tions ordered, 42 cesspools cleaned, 76
nuisances abated, 303 yards cleaned, 21
sower pipes cleaned and 40 arrests for
male violations of the helcith laws.
Here Is Your Chance.
The Great Northern Railway Co. an
tnounces the following low rate excur.
lins East:
l'o St. Paul, Duluth and Missouri
Iliver points and return..........$42 0(
'I'o Chilcago and return ............ 53 50
T'o St. Louis and return............ 50 00
On sale June 7, 8, 10, 14 and 10. Good
returning until September 15.
For further information call at Great
2Northern Ticket Office, 41 North Main
Street, Butte,
Oeogon Short Line.
Divide .............. .,, ......, *..$1 00
:M elrose .... ... .......... ......... 1 50
Glenn .. ... .......... ..... 2 00
On sale Saturday8 an4. Stlndays; good
go return followlig Mondays.
Indicates That Real Estate Owners,
While Frequently in Need of Cash,
Have No Det. e to Dispose of
Their Realty Holdings.
Filver flow county can chlim to be In
a prosjperous condition, if the number of
mortgagest allowed to be foreeltused by
the ownel'rs of real estate int the cotlnty)
during the year of 1901 is any criterion
of prosperlity and adversity in a comln
monwealth of this kind.
In the year 1:101 there were only 21
lntrn'ttTages foreclosed in the c'ourts of
Silver lowI county.
Considering 700 or 800 morigages filed
und retorded in Silver hlow county In
lile 12 mlonths, this is an Iastottlshilag
condition of itffalrs, and shows that the
wner.s of real estate, while frequently
induced by the need or desire for ready
money int ctonsitderable amiotlitts to nIIort
gage their real property, alre seldom
'compellledi by the vicislsitudes or exi
gencies of life, so tl'rgr'nt whoe ties ael'
har'd, to let the prolperty go for the
Indicates Prosperity.
The getrll'al ability of the publi' to
lIqluilate the obligation ulon tLlle realty
Inlltlhittes two thintgs: First, that thet
lland holdlililg oplle of the county are
rarely so hatrd pressed fior the money
with w\hih'h to save', their holdings as to
be unablile to raise it, and second, that
'rel: estate in the countllty of Silver Itow
is gilt edgedl, so valuable that noboldy
tries to get ril of it hy ovt'er-Itortgaging
it and then Itlltng it Irm.llain upon the
mnorttgagee's hauttls fort the collatetral
raised upon it.
In c'omlnittites \vhi'i nwoney Is high
and1( Iland valutes lowt, It is a f:tvorl'it
schemel' of lald iowers wItho ca(onnot sell
their land to mor'tgage It for' till or mnlore
than it is wr'th and then let the mort
gigee take it for the debt.
Value of Property.
No sucth cotllllition exilts in Hutte. No.
body wants to part with his city lots, or
his mining claim surfalce, or his acre
pl'c'es inl Siliver low county in that way,
iand few are obliged to do so after th'ey
hand out the Inol'tgatge, tts the 2t fore
closures reveal.
People who get a feeling of epressiontt
at a temporalll'ry stagnation of businetss
in liutte should bheat' this In mind. It is
indicative of the fact that Ilutte is all
right and that the leople whoi are the
monst deeply interested in tilhe grounld are
the mnost thoroughly ,;:nprt'rssed with the
value of it and the certainty of Butte's
The society event of the season will be
the Overland club's minstrel entertain
ment, which will be given at the Biroad
way theater the evenings of June 5 and 6,
with a macltinete performance on June 7.
Under the management of John Htow
ard the minstrels are sure to I1w a sue
cess, and with Charles H. Lane in the
center chair, a brilliant result is doubly
assured. The good-natured interlocutor
will be surrounded by the best talent of
the club. Among those whose vuoces will
swell the chorus will be Harry Doering,
Manager and Director Overland
Jack Thomas, Dr. Ray Freund, D'Cay
Stlvers, F. T. Green, Ibert Lolleau, Dr.
S. F. Sticwartz. lIen Crosby. George
Ilusch and tBert Sltephens. and from Glen
liarringion, Fred SIlomnons, Sam A.
Mayer, Manisel Boyle, H1. A. IHelp, H. J.
Morkle, Dr. C{hevigny, A. O. Zin, C. F.
Sully, Al. Frank, I'hil Hunt, Hugh Car
rol, J. 13.urray and. Alex Mackel, won
dlers are expte.ted.
Some of the glittrlung g(ens io thie lpro
gram of brilliant things which is prom
ised are the famous 'lituela-,y I3rothers"
act; entertainment at the handi: of I.cw'
P. Salndlers, the femane im lpttrsonltnr, and
a grand sextet by several members of
the club, who are perfocting some intri:
cate flgures for an amazon two-step
which, it is expected, will out.hline the
cake-wtalk of last year. The air from
"Florodora" will Ie used for orehestra
accompanimellnt to this innovaltion.
Saturday and Sunday Excursions.
Basin and return, $1.50; Boulder and
return, $1.50; Alhambra and return, $2.30
Good going Saturday or Sunday, return
Ing Monday.
Basin and return, $1.00; Boulder and re
turn, $1.00. Good going and returning
Sundays only. Ticket ofice 41 North
Main street and depot.
Butte, Mont, May 6, 1902.
..Last Days in the Old Store..
Just about ready to move. Next week will witness the reward of this concern's ener
gy and enterprise in its occupancy of the largest quarters for the sale of dry goods in the
state. Old store in a rather chaotic condition right now; carpenters, brick masons, plumb
ers and mechanics in kindred lines making a great deal of noise and considerable dust
and confusing the smooth course of business generally. Manage
ment asks the consideration of patrons during coming week for im
paired service and promises great attractions when big store opens.
Enchanting American Pattern Hats
Headgear of elegance, delicacy, refinement and tastes headgear
ofdelightful exclusiveness, of swag.lor. stunning style, yet of mod.
erate cost il strikingly exampled in the Symons Monday sale of ?
&' $10 and $12.50 Trimmed Hats at $4.95
IInt o\v rtIa x hqr" Illntlnlnls. T|ie Hyinm . A iiio I alll llttn'l t, , io ,n I f thI , II Il r-l'
u plit,' Il ht:'i blii.; ishiwn in the pjiretLhit Iurlt',:n. It IaIry, 1)1~lly ttrdn, 'I'i-!
t 1tinte, :tln d olhes: In.ov elly shapn'.'; sh''.ln il r d, wilth tlle h1 'vlie,:tl , ,llllti.,t Inilll-"
1n4,rY Iti l rlh'tl] ; itr ' Int I hi i , , Irf .,xl l.t 1 11sl1iti stti Il as htil utlftll ýUy
hnutltlrul ln b|e unl worth $10.00 lllIlq $1 .;10 it I, t1:41.
Selling in See W'ndow
This Store at Display Today
Sunbonnets 19c Women's Semi-Dress Hats $1.95
JP trelt l.t anttq for ladles and hirn, In f .n y colors, with i lld ,dg s, A . ~tf r ''tty l itlt", Ii l k, hl l il ell n',t': ; tr; 4:1p'4', It ti l.' t ly
luunderw d, 'Ltel for tse, w h 'i llm l t t I l 41 ith $St 404
Price ........ ..................... .. ................. ...11 t ......... ............................... .... $1.95
I I It~ t ;I I . I. .. . .. . .. . .. . . .. ................................. $ 1.9 5
How About Handker
chiefs ?
Think %w" are answering all qu,..i,,l s
on this linoe \'v ry satisfT.torlly. ,,llhig
more of the little lawn ttsquan tIh.l i we'
ever did, and selling them lower. T''.,
pleces to prove:
5c Ladles' Handkerchiefs 2c
Fairly good lawn handkercehlf'Is, with
narrow hemrstitched deges; quite do
lsrable for ordinary use; the kltl you
Usually buy a:t Gc.
At ............................... 2C
1Sc Ladies' Handkerchiefs 9c
Just quantities and quantities of them In
every conceivable style, some rf rl .erd
with Vt'aleillennis I;'es, others dleo
rated with lIcts nnd emblroidi 'lr, oth
ers smlnlply hmsttitchedl: all quite Ine
texture, dallty In uppeatratllc and
worth 15c at lehat.
A t.................. . ............. 9 C
Start Has Been Made in Helena, But
She Will Give It an Impetus-Will
Probably Speak on Subject
in This City.
When Mrs. Ctarrie ('hapitanl-( 'at t, prit'.
ident of the National Suflfrage ast.tela
tion, reaches Butte thits week the nimove
ment of equal suffrage in Montana H wil
receive an impetus.
Mrs. Catt comels here ostensibly tr
visit personal frliends and admirtirs, but
in reality It is to boomn woman suflfragt'
in Montana, tili movenirnt for which
has already startedl. She lis an exceel
ingly brilliaut woman tfitl her work for
the rights of herli sex has not otnly mrn;ad
her famous, but has etuleared h"tr to
every woman ill the Itlad.
It has not yet been madle pulll. \vlwhme
Mrs. Catt will visiit while in h tilm norl
the tnime of her arriva:l. IotVwetir, Ilhe;r,
are iman y who will entellrtain her, tind ilt
stll probability she will tmake tie ort
more addlesses uponl th sutlJ,jct lit f'.rt
shIe leaves for HIelena. ctreat Falls att I
other clties in the state.
Movement Started.
"Wo.man's rights" :ire soon destined
to stir up the t:1t1C of Monttanat. Some
of the great oneit from the J ':Ei , i tat
silently descenllletl upon lilelena ;arw Iti
busily engatgetd in aavilltg utidergrontllt
wihes throughout the whole stat',.
The old saw, "A new Itbroom rtlwoopl
clean, but the old one knows lti Fi'r.
ners," is quite alpropts of th.i it llint
campalgn. The Huffragists htave lIarnei
through years of experliencte h.tow to dietI
with those Or the ('ghteenth c('tutiry
Vwho seem to have hbeeO "loIft-ovet'ls" In
this age of intellectua: l ail I, tilcatlt
pr'ogrscs. It will not b(e Ilong until Mi,n
tana is phltted among the Rtutes which
are the battle ground of the equal suf
frage discilples.
Where Women Vote.
"T1he coutrageous :,e1, ;and women whl .
catmle Into the Wes;t and hav\e buildlh ed so
noble an emplire were the Ilowerst of the
Euast," said it well-klown Ituti.i wourItn
today, "In the hard struggles of thei
past these same men and women stood
shoulder to shoulder, each helping tha
other to bear the trials and vlcissitudes
ever present in the life of the pioneer.
Out of that experience sprang the recog.
nition of woman's worth to civilization.
"Four of the Northwestern states.
Utah, Idaho, Colorado, and Wyoming
have granted to women the right to vote
on all questions. In not one of these
states has it ever been suggested that
the political conditions existing at pres
ent would be improved by taking the
franchise away from women. 'The
proof of the pudding is in the eating,' so
said the cook. Four states have tried
woman's Influence In politics and are
satisfied with results."
American Silk Vests 20c
'Thi lustI'un, pllIly Atll.'ric;Jt '.ilk v\',.xl , in lf tlly l ,.i. .it'11.
w\et ve, | imlm lel ,,I \Jll ill., 441 .1 1;111-4 1e ; h,)a Il'. k i l : t l,'* el.\. l' nHs; ;
color link. Ilt;hf bile anil whit.v ;
itrlu' tly ;i : io , l t I .l.cl., i it ...................................... 20 C
20c Infants' Vests Iic
C'ratirn cIltiri wiss rIlIIbid infantl ' vol.t41, lin :ll silz.1 ; acllrl IIp
in goutl atyl,. tind trI ilitutud \ith crochet;
v alu ! . Pi 1. I, . Ii'lr'c .............. ...................... . * IIC
SOc Infants' Vests 39c
E x tra till - iil i tll .y o i p u r t A uistl.rlla li la b 's wt i ll vcat' ; lin ish -
ed with silk Ihl ; r'gKular maill,;
sltacndrlt d 5 ll~ II.lily, lt ......................... . ...... 39C
"Ruben" Infants' Voests 24c
'Th' "ltubei's" pttlii ntt d \ sl; ui aIIl' to a'iiin w lithlliut huttihns;
'S1wvs rithil.tI itialvi', cream "inilur;
rl'ttilr 3;t. gir'tdl.', at11........................................ 24C
Children's Knitted Walits
iielrby iibbdll wa eave; cr"tu11 c2lr; attr. . g, d al. . . . . C
anld p ct'llcInt " g1'1 t ................. ..... ....... 9 C
4 Ierg9'ue'n )'ttr'j l''4'itle; Ihl 44 ' P.41'.'
I.'rIleon, olthodI.4, Ita) 'II nIl ('Iii sl.441 I.
'lur'the P''airllp'1''l hl Ir 4' n14)4)4) w1iI
1"') i' 41)4 h141(1 In cUlt,})'y O1f this 1)II4 ' It'v.
I'4l.'4lsy14y'lI'4) 4' chI4 '4'l) y. sli(1.4 ;
I1ev. E. .1. C 'it i)v'( '' pII stoI' of tItE
s harsh, I)r4l'('4144 44)4 : In I 4'4'.111'. C~i'1Ii)'41
Stll of 41 ,'ia 1alis 4;4')44d t I lt- ll I ' 144
AddI.II'.'*''± writ hlvr~ y liv
I'I 'I4'I'I~ 'I41u44'u of thie 1444)111) P4 1110.t
trls nr o l lir utri iti hel 1. F. . 1 11 b111 i: 1'h1
'ii' nIf the C'In'ItlIul 4'I4l'4I4
t'cv. J. 1:. NoftIs ni r te tIil Ihe ta
1±Ilihl vhur4'h also4 assislt-l sI 1i h 14)4'
4I' '44 r 1144 (iF o lfIh' spw44' a1. :1 4' 11.441 -
.11'11t )11i )114ti')'13 43': .4 1 };)41" )44 'rl;;,
i;u rll it)1' Iho j44i4 I ili 41I1, 4 of 1 )) sii)))
41)441 1 . n vif)4I for 14)) ))4 ' 34 i :1')
I 4'441i)44p N e :rust 1lici icon 1
'ilr4 4 4Di ,')41 bu't i4) v :ti 4 "ll I
I",1rlslll t' oX C Ili'Ir l ll d iii lcl "I t~r of ti illcll::
4lr' rnt; , 1 51,I.1 l i roust}', 15.14he ,).
in trTHWI , In c:()Al Irr,.l 'ul It
I~ 41) 1 ,s11 ;') , 44 I' M it t44 I. s '1)44) I ,',.
)4''g4tl; Ii. IIlI' :N , of :,44 o; ii' hl;;
44li44i)4 gr'0411)4 4)4t til 14')')'i) l 41414) Ie'
114). ITI (OI~C)
a ') 4' 41nlen o the W,;I 41)4 4will 4'
41)4 441 I f r4','x 1) 1 41 4 ll 4l it ;,
':41 *V drr Is o4 4 he 1414)44a44 Vl h1)44
vi tilt- rl"gon Shrt I. ne roll ' 7. " 'aRv
h 14 '' "'nod withn two I i444,' " 414344
4',: ''4l 4)41 towl1ofl t4'4 s114 Il'v~r Ii sn
4)' (til. I tlAn hi 4)r'44'4414'41 II I(,44 Il4'.''
suit444I)). \V hen ' 144 . pI e '1 ' Is 4 "ll)I4i'unl4'
ll. wll 4.4)4). rh) 1) u!, I) 4'))
44' Ilsltl Into11 tse' )U4I'f ho town)'4'M1i
44'vl 41)4 4W)n 4at44r 44yst1em, 4'14')'t)'h lighiL
jl4.44t, xl. ')'4' cal4±' )43'14414I, 1)'I4'I114,)44 11)144
44 11441., al uli 14)411 Ut Pitll) 444'4'4'i)44 )y
144 the- mralnt(.141ni'. oif aL lI)'lt-4'11444'4 to4wn'
44i11 1)4' ))))der the control0 of1 t he city
Nutrce to Public.
W.e, thy' urlders4lgnedj fiuel d14'144'4'4, wil!
I).' unable4~4 to deliIer' ('o4) 44) 44o44) 44114'r
Apl 241 0, 1902. 4 'olnl)4'l4'ltng May I, 190',
44±m)- s41t the Vari'ou)4 yards14.
E1-'4'l>EItN FL'1'I.~ CO.
111JTTI', SEt',4ER PIPE & TIF1.41 CO.
Ill TTE1 FilEL & $1111t'1.Y (U.
t'I'1'1'ZEN\S ('(IA] ('O.
WVI'14 '1' 41)14 COAL, CO.
On and 'tfter May 1, 1902. eight hours,
at the minImum wage hicale of $3, shall
consl4titute a day's work for) all pers~ons
1v441k)1g under') th1e jurIsdlctlon of thutte
Worklntmen's Union No. 5, W. L. U3. By
J.~ JNS W. DALE. President.
Monarch Kid Gloves
(IlIuu u. al," III m h· 1411 1114,15" gr Rrnl'nuUI
1Mg-4 III 114 gI'luve nn Il- ntccc t; rcccde
Ilcah'h'e lee IhIc leell h elele erh o r clretc ,
hMInel~'ii I Iet te-, lelaok, liee, lelewn, roe!,
1111d erueld ii 11i l Ie ae1411n1J1 W. l y
S .........$1.45
Koal Mchc h Glove. 95c
J'irst 111:1 Illy genleellc Iieijeole.e Nleehl
glove Mi, lee Ie 1ek, tee!, rutty and winc
twei- eLI.Ige, . ei rlleeel rd lIk~ elt; 1'14
Null rlle ; Ill l e l c $.i'eel 1;1 r.... l5C
Lnco Little, GlovuesT 2c
IFlulte ii aleVI, r. .lI It I " le gihvea, Icc lelel1.
hid el ' Ice e till cciii lit ii, gtroy
Ifccf!ll b lk; i I e l diM g; el+" 1 5leldly
fteteel ce fla .I.i 141 v iy' c1riii Dly;
4l0c .lila ic ly, cl ............ 25C
Upper or.... Lower Plates
t.iriiian t' I l I- tI i a . ti O , till t o t'l i. I iake nio iiIOlltny o Lt he
plufri . 'I't pi'ltc it s or i hh rt H O it n , JIuti to ltrl du tl i i y iuptrlior dental
work tro all ltuttle and Montlna,..
DR. GAI.IRAITIHI, 304-305 Goldberg Building
I 'XAMINA'T' IIN I'IilI -('all at nd il1ukhW' x itllititLllla irly. Over Lewle
Dry tlnods or.. lil ltuan c -Acldellly ilr..tLt.
Insurance Co., of New York.
$" Irtt l;i -t Ami riiinn ('itorporation, I,airg'st An.t.Is, tlt ,it Comrp:any, Small
* i cE I' Ii i l.umi , Irt "t i lt.ra t . I uoriitra t for thei rici h II nid poor.
4' Y lnnig E rliE 'i'ii 1 "J., uip I'i lI JE". iir di'i . ;M i :uul t i mm W inl phy'itcally
' tnu ld iarl Ihn.lura ' ýI ,, ,!
, iiui Iill'll t,'iii l ' t iio dl siN Ur atll upon
15 W. Broadway, Butte. District tlanager .
CIGARS Wholea.le and Retail TOBACCO
Gabilel Had Dlown Hid Trumpet But
One Still Slept.
g(haIeI1, ]holdi:ng' hi blook i hi.s h(1nd 11hrI'
,;;ilat Ind1 thi s Fj ri h et" , tis e'|hristian ani l
lhe in)til,h i o l tlon :al ld hI li.ev r; M()
hainnteduntl, lutddlhl.st, Theo lophi.t -all.
miIan, O(..lnli , I tug:l ,ii.
lei logeiiouxs, cosi1op)illttli)t, ll.tp1yOer
5;1 uu ll l"pi y 41d, 1 it h tl it o'r.
Nt'vor t1int o the pI)n'l uluhll of tlhno hag
tit unit had II hi htui nutui a gathering
ai w1..- 'thiir. Fr;on t'; . grav of this
cnnturl:a4, forgotten Lind tre.nmlbered, all
had gathered without tie gaLes 1this
rI sUiI't' lot 1 l 'rn al l L thilt omtnlllldtil Of
thl: trumpet, :.1.1 iabrill ,t4too0 l glanin 'g
ve.lr the' vast throng waiting to be
ushered into his or her res'pe'ctive place
and checking off this great book the
"There Is One Missilng!"
'i'his announcement --from (tb'hrle
caused a hush to fall upon the great
One mI'ssii,!
It was taken up and lpassedl along-a
great wave of sound, awe, mystery.
'I'hre w;+s rulen Io 81h slp t i so Hound that
lil tr pu,. hLI uot I tol bw .Iardl! Roman,
Aztoe, L ':LU vlclan, (3rcia n, IJ..abylonian,
i'hotei iii . - tJor what .'ctte? 't'hatl wsr
ii"\Vi' qu o"n
Fl.|ut (::bri.l u. lui the qoiuv8,lon, and
his ehlt'f tnA;itl,nu,,is'1 (l,l'ted forward.
"Sire," sii:i ,it"flt r f amanuensrls, "I
h:i ve' Int 1 t Ihe t ;;l, Ibut I have a few
"lte(ad th,," (omma nde)llllllL d (llllbril.
"1 havle hrcl'," said the allmanuensis,
"unlder date of 'Uutte, May 4, 1902,' this,
apparently fromit La Itwspap)er clipping,
rt tl i h'l d; '*i ftel1tet of Mary Mac
I.tli, ,' i; I I have tiht'S cllippings which
I will IIradl: 'My .lology in this connee
tilol is s.inil y itln act of justlce to a
mtuttit'ly-.utligted girl, bludgeonted into
ita pitiatbl Ihelple'iit.ntust by cowardly crit
Iial *buliLI.' uand then this: "Phe book
in Its fullhiiite would dlslipate many of
the ill-natured ci lti:l'sns whlch were
ilow so gllijly gloate'd ove'r by the gloomy
ghoul of' ghostly goodliness,' and this:
'It 'is, there',fore, as ia mo1re .ct of good
ness that I make this statement, and
stigmatize with contempt the fakirs who
would at the expense of the girl's feel
Ings endeavor to foist thoel own insig
niftan'ce into pudbllo notice.' That is
"It Is q'uite enolugh," replied Gabriel.
"Give 'the order to move in. 1 kntow who
the m'8sing one is. We cannot awaken
HIM. He Is John Maguire of Buttel"

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