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Companies Should Reduce the Rate
Instead of Increasing the
Premium on Fire Insur
ance, Says Winters.
There Will lie no inclerae In tht' flt' in
uIIranceP rate ]11 BILtt', but property own-\\l
rRn In Chicag-o tnld otheir tlrgie iE.titernl
.ilties are catching it going iaIdil( coti ing.
Great losses by fi're tt'e g 'vtnl itts Ih'
reason for the Incrloutse In Ihe 1 ": t.l, ilndil
although there Is i geinertal uprising
among busiles tutn ag ilnst i\ hatt they
think ih an Imposition, Ithere Is no itpl I lr
organize indivitlint fire hrigiades.
WhItn the wttave of increitse i-gun
Jlutte owIners ere t pprehen'l, e is toll II
the limnit of country it wouldl co\ve'. They
feared that it wouhl roll it11i ,nlntint tina
and onmpel th).tn to assist in hltti'ilg
loOsse sust hlatti d by the r't uipatti,"s in
the I';tist.
Nothing In It.
On nr"'iiount of lith' J;,as'tern in, ic1i- .1- ;I
rumor ntus attr-ftd at few tltlys ago I
the ,ffeic t that th i te in Intt o l \ l l
be sent sky high tlth the, Inext otillhii
gale, but the "'next guil'" hits tint'i andll
gonle f tilid left iin its auke ntitlling I
create a f,.tillng (of Illurtl'HI t ntlt i g ithns.
Who tarry ilstttn.'ce on [ht"hl' properly.
"I hae heaird noting ofi an Inrllise
in the Fiit,," said l.ewis A. P'rikhuristl,
Iiit inngir of the board of fire Unldr
writers, whose uofl'e is in the Sil'ttr IHow
ldoctk, when asked itouilt the mutter
yesterdlay. '"There I Ils n riltson that I
can se-n .t\ly thle rit- ini l.lttt(i I u iIilfhi I,'
l l 'ren l se d . ()illu r Io .m s t' y h i a re h 111-l 1are
not large eltnough tol i \\llllaltt it llll if
anything oif lthe kitit is ill tih- air' I thai'
nut lheirld of it."
Green Majors Explains.
(Grelen Majlors, f i.e insjllalll;lle,'* ,llt
teal estiate firm ito ('urltis & .t1ijrst, sutyit
Ilii has hen1 'i nothinglil tuhat ii nll lt l:i to
tile I, efitf thatilt tl' It1' oit f i tlil li llli', is
co ittl llt atlnl ) ttlti g ll. I.I1e a s
are (ling ral d- i l i ltoteviritl aitll lthe
tint--ft all f lf nds t upon et' lllions..
IlFor ii.titlic', If there arel sivir'ialt hious]ti
standing flr uptl'l, tho rate orf lux11n1.
on th'nm will be gailgeid lite"rdiig lto thlt'
posSibility of 'destruclltion by ilre. In
let the spuatic between therm he built 1u1,
with Ili4uses, tiltakillg a sulltiI block, andt
the rate I f inslllnllll'l e wouldl be lin'er'(t sed
bectul' seii the ihlllility of lliIe i onsntligi
Ithe %%hole llt wouhJld thln hl, greoter.
Occupant Makes Difference.
"Again, ,'haIngI.s in nutiulanliy make a
diffelrence. If a h nouse lisl eing used for
the storage of li or somitihllinihg ahbout
whith 1the danger of fi'e Is l14edu1ce4-d to
a mnllll illlntian the tall of Inrll nll'lcl will I..
tinecessarilly tlto', ibut stt\iith it to nt poil '
firel', lnd the rain of Ilt rtutl' ce i tll IliI
fn'orn it) lihl, .billity.
"On the othelr halll, if aT c'lange of ii,
ulpalnt.y tless'nl tithe danlger of fire the
insurance rateil i redii'd neltcordingly.
'''There aire set el'ril other Ilttersl lit
hl1 l.nsriered ii t itn c'llion with the fitre
inalltR ' lla te bIl.ilntiss aI iId the prti (\'tilling
of Ilt- material of \\hich hllouses arI'i (,' l
ti'ut (ed and triini y otIer hhings. 'h'rlt
hoard of undtilit rlt-rs fixes tlhe iilte ior
iall omilpallllleln operalting in BlatIt ilaMl
WhPt''liV r a 'li;tii, Is tllitlie inl tlt's it
handles the hus.ness of k,, in.lpun)lles.
There is only (il(o compainlitii y l.prntern.. d
In Dutte that dol's' noit 'inll'e wilthin tlih
jurit.letlfttn of tihl ii f ri tf' li ulittr
W rluiter'. '"
( i .-', . h 1i'hhtll ',v, ittIu it' ftith'i It In te'
O)wsl-y hl(.,le, .says, theft if l'ilh~s III IiIIIIe
1' is one of the hldest thing1s in ife
to see a beautiful young girl lab
guishing on a bed of sii'kiess, when
sheshould he strong aind healthy, filling
the home with the sunshino of her happy
face. Somnehow or ot her as the nothe; is
the center of the honu., the daughter seems
to be its greatest joy or its greatest cars.
A homo with an invalid daughter is like a
hospital. The sufferer with her pale
blanched face calls for every one's care and
sympathy. lhow different is the home
where a healthy girl shuids her happy in
flunence and ministers to the comfort of
every one in a thousand pleasant ways.
It is remarkalle that so Imaniy womlen
will forfeit health and then suffl'r the con
sequence of rpin and sickness when it is
'nnecessary. \\'omen who enjoy this
greatest of Nat ure's blessinigs are liable to
forget that heahh can le easily lost by nleg
lect. T'hey cannot realize that the kiss of
dleep. a little cold or irregularity of halits
can result disastrously until they once sdif
fer painful menses. Menstrual troubles are
generall, the begilling of women's trou
bles. The vitality is at a low ebb, the
...., ..'ziu Io r eal . LUO
.u n. .. .., I - .IICgf~ oLYoII ordiered haae in her. She writes : isame medicines are offered you today.
W INE or CARDUI Wi surely broing you relief from
Cthe su erinq you now endue.
Take it In your home.
Labor Leader Says If People Would
Cut Out Beef for Ten Days There
Would Be Gloom Among
the Big Packers.
"If tr Iit f r'miirnlelI, f'ff( ih ' I(I Ifl y
hor's with 'the I'jlfle it wiii run11j 'glinf Lt
iI MnI.i , fri l\'e (.' n pull t the Sig r('l'r ('Oc fn
llffni'h of SIh, ('i unll lry (. ut oif l theI bu nllf'IM
Inl I leek,"' . irl I)ln 311l fi.liail, pr'Mi
4illlt /f the ,le'4sliten Labol,.r u1n1in today,
Ipfill If'l . S lll+ '-'.. f%;i. Ii thr llll'.lllrif tlll L'I
ThrIn'lls r v If lf ' 11' ' f 11 n(II.1 I. M4 ('ifii -
I,tlf i,' n(S' I thil' h1ii ds o'f the p'llplf' iidll I
4((11 1iI .ot11 1ll' H .prf I Ile to 'i It turned
Il reply I' |I1 it l lu(ntlon how hl'hi whe1 , k
'In,1111 lio bl i\v .1irt. .11 fl onaIbtl l siaII:
"If the wI'I rkl ' inef I of the counIftry
d''hr . It' 1 llfllrftSl,, it put o 1e f o I li l hl ll l
ills fr ll.f 11l. week lhere slu)llll ' it alli'n
lari 'fnei'llt inl t ihe me t aiS lk'l ihS t
iflfll pi ll iii, iin y hof l , ,I ' f''llowsi x i i thi
baIIkrulpt'L y court ils: dI of 11 .ill \.l )
Benefits Farmers.
"Th'i'l'l , hal i hri n i ta Ii livt fIi lenlt iI ll hilt
II'1 f if' llftil in I'hhllf Ii Is. ' lilud , :ii,1 l Si Is
ti 'f ifill~l fir llh h ift l . I fff l i
lit' 11, 11 ssf i e ) h'f ' il t the I opf lll it flll fiti
il mlil, tllv of this kin ollli, 11(,- 1 110iil iim-i
sll 'ie It , l':f 11 n. elh lS y t o KlIl4l Lnto .ItI.'
ilit 1.s, for yIi ,l u an f adIfly SIll', f llf Ii lfe lh t
,it 4' 11i t r ift' I 11 f if th ( m ilim of f1o11.
haln', !.s (1 fh and fe1et1lfIfS. milk I ni t
b1rffaff ftr if ko pl ' f ff ifeiikii
ahot ft It week the f yi 5off' S iff' wf i ld
1Iw w llillg to sell fr.. sh Ie, fI f lr il llrg.
'"If tht ('hS fila fi ffo-I ffll iflnt fIflakes any
fii-hiiilw ly y fi will sif 1i, 1 f i the' Iff1frit
Siilni'itt'i i i iiit fllfl.rs of I centurh y l l fnif
we w 1 1+ have sIllvl'd line (ll(-ll' 11hml without
the 41if 1i1' f 'ull.h sit iin.
f 'liu i i S 44 s t 1 Irn i u (li s ifff
Sill0 t ' bI il f, .llf IlIS lo 110 hilv t
Movement Started.
" h'l('1 If h1f fmff h 5 , fl' , fl !a.rifes
hi .11ntrifn a that if is rififfiffs for the
fI'olftle itf this State I f' fl lill ,Vff 5hfSI'
l'nfrmoff s 1if i fff for the infifff ment of
the fe' nIll 111f WIhol i ill ll f ie CIhi ca Ilgof
S1 rktll.41 .
"If til wo irklil Ilnt'5 l] of Ifif'i Siilid of
it St i' n theff ll1,1f I I'l 111l' IS l you tlir lif
"I if 'i ..Irse It wonlhlt 1i a sIlilfi flIr tihe
1('itI-lIr in 1,1th10' ifnfuhf'. 1hf 1 f11 pofor
ft rmiih r ' of the 1li'unffy l offuf, t MSlfll fll
Iht, 4l' v t i. ll s, th1 41ll1l'y t" en woI hid
s111 ml4irf1' (1(11k ti1ii the p'ii 'rfnfl(rs
i. 11 in Kf lll nl t itill Nli 1litfiii wrlifu l geli t
rifd ofif I u'ilf .h.'-101 of ff.i '-Lfk' f d t iflf.
fio l a" y need the i oif I tey' 1iff l it 1Sf' bilM4
1,111III Ihr l ilt it olll nion l ilt oi f 41 " (l 1lx;
I11i ".
1'tititi lit I~nK fit' i t11 tt1.1 1If oi3 rttttitittiljl..tttn
titi IIt tel Itt li s1(1' I yi Itt IIItII I'tjlst
J~h It'} tnugls. hat' tlt slugst 'tit
I"It3 \\ III Ili-tIIrIII ls.H I it itt' lit' . I11 .1 f1"\\
r(·i-illy, lcc· the III si~xl ilt], 1111" Ilrnllll -
nnlstlc~r\r 111 x sing, ' 'I h 11th · 11 thin ill," illli
th1" riga/"tllus ca ll III-· \\ ill 1.11uI1 III Iwo. Int -l
tillg 111 ',i· ')';( to 5I\l1111 I 11" 111.E 1 \\i11 111I'll
ins vi' Is .11 iss ltII II t' 1111i~ 1,- Bugs :VI I fu jlly
f1"r 1'1.111:111" slug s. 'I'll,- III - list' t>1t tI11
''II I51 r 1':I.(. 1 ' I 11I1IL1IL1 ) Itll ' I.II: i /g III
and she goes about pal'e-faced, hollow-eyted
and haggard, a pit.oius contrast to the
blooming health of her formenr self. lint
over 1,000,000 womien have found health
again by taking V';ne of C'ardni. As a
regulator of the mensetral periods Wine of
('ardui has never beenl kiwn to fail. It
has shldom failed to restore iprfectt health,
even in the most persistent aiid aggravated
('las of weakness.
Miss Ida M. Snyder, of No. 5T,3 Bergen
strict, Brooklyn, N. Y., has used Wine of
('ardui and she says it helped her into a
new life. lHealth to Mliss Snydler is worth
a great deal. She is an attractive young
woman with intellectual attainments and
she occupies the position of Treasurer of
the Brooklyn East End Art club. 'l'hie
position marks her as a person of intellect,
culture and refinement and it speaks highly
of the respect and trust her fellow women
have in her. She writes :
Was Doing Guard Duty on Mississippi
River and Halted a Boat
Loaded With Percussion
Caps for Rebels.
Juldge Jilinm ('. Sulllvnili, one of 1l3ottei'
old i]nd well-knitown eltizens, rec'.lItly
hlua the honor of ijubllihing altibry In
Iti \Va shington Nationlll ''Tibu. icf i{hi,
xpajirllen' l n In the civil war. Judgek ul
livan Ist v.'cI rIan of thl' war', 4iaaiJng
s4Irveil on a gui hlout iln the .l Minstjidtppi
'Th I tisory Is II Iic .I Intereslting de.i rip
ilil of a tI'p up Ih' Kgre'lt river aliih at
Sluptill red sHnuggler In 18t.1, fromn the
nouth of thel IIId river to C.ulro. c. 'lo
witis oni of lthe great nillligry depots fclr
unlin troolp diriling t Ih Oviiir, being the
southiill rll i.lcd fir t ihe' llignc.s V'entral rItllI
Judglc Su'iulll\'an \.lWs a t.onilmnn onl she
I'nltedl States stl in."l n )lJl l .n1igea , 11h huh
wastl IIf lhI ,Monitor type of lhooiigts used
hdiring Ilthl WiV'I. In tlhe full of 1i1;: thi
Iiunige Vin siclitl cillcl t - it. iii rna tlllh O if ll ih
-lid rivier foril Illlie p'u p se of , ipati r llgig
thut trlgiiln foir ci iIi,. , ,cc ofu 10 ~or 1,
ti lIII. W'hilli ci fii e g.ig slite cn lli fefl
hli. Vollunteer, li trail-p lt on the riscer
tii tich hiad li ii, lllt I t cll ' det,.
Captain Under Arrest.
The I .iniSpoil.lrt ia ilnin had b)ln pi ieid
nu' ill iadnhiiirii, anlid I iiihinii Courtci. I if
thel ()age uIlt the Voluig u cll r In the- cc.clldsi
of ('ctlciilhl lnlan and g i prize crew, of
vwhichli Juigc iullivin iiaui one. The cuiiip
ttin f ill Ih Vulunhihr \cc s g , iuc.cUi d oii
contrc I dl i trdiuling.
lThe trip ll p tilc cMlisissipplit wlts Rilledi
.clilg licidiet"s . e. icilount I siniiply
ni ,de andgii filthfil in its d scl ,rlptlcon oif
theI indit clg of c filrn on the gratl
i li c gll t1h, N Iortlh nit|g l Ic ,cilth in hli
f"ilr fatlfll yeiirs ,etIween I,1iI6 atin IS ",i.
I'T'h Warl ntin iphere is i, the story, diln
hit reicader saii gel i tlnotig froImil it g if
.vhat wta.s d iffng thIn i f the i ill;rii y
opeiilii lll4 It ( giiscribes.gi
Worked by Negro Crew.
'IIi \'olnlt iir was wiiiiikl up. the riv II
by at nIligif fifif i andl Judge Sullivani and
hils filitt's iili'il its I it fliil. ()It thi. nai
iio (aftro, otT tlo 'rfI'tff14f'Ce fdinre, iiiar
Island :17,; Judge Sullivan, r i. \\·hile :atiu llll ll
gulnuld fin tite de.ck it ith eVoluntet.r. 'p
Inrt 'if it siill hoo. ii hu aius rii i,
111e lviir fillh iffiffggli f i.ii' fffftotli fts
fortil, Irnfly, ni irth If $IOh1liili. Th11w T howl
helt thre nl 1Ili iid tit- Ii itl :it It :I ntl
luIIfIlffll It oII a halt1.
(Iii". iiy th virv, ith flitog r iltittiti'hs
A'tilnhll Portel all foff 1f tfllowsinf:
*i"in thei fIlililiii..on l .ii iiifii.i hi
i 'i ififfri ~ll iii' 1i 11 ii iif 11ff 1U~ fifflEl I
alotiig I iiiii iiblif flk f the prif'nersi ii flhe
tvti~iif'iifi I luff it.i Admiiffiii Poriter, thiii
saltfif fiiit· til if. \if i:liitiiii 1 iff
0liflhel ltu'If I tIs* i. i~l.'f.I IIl.e tif fitlt . uhfa
of it ii uif i toas." fih ffl Ii 'Igll ftff. .l'."
th hene ofi ha11f it luoi-li yung natal f
iiioiite stf13 liftiiilheui fffi* i fluff lt iiii s
iii. Ill foiii liiifll" doiltt. Ilif- hlvir duiiing
lii lpft ffifiiifii"ti. 'i'h."i hut iifff wa :hl]
a.. or 4ff Ifot lon.ii iffii ii hi ii I 4.41fft iii i
Sf i tii fll o ile . if l, :iii ii iira Vi nff 1 Illy
S~ iffflfl fil Ka if' t siff-l (ile lift i pafltI:l hu
k"int"1 nfv1 r tii flit lii11.iiifiif s fit.1hlf l ii 1
ini Iit t ff ti ti i f,, li tiil I ha'tteuli lti
lrifif~iffff. stl el ff1 ut ieflrft.Q
Ida M. Snyder,
Treasurer of the Brooklyn
East End Art Club.
it women would pay more attention to
heir health we would have more happy
wives, mothers and daughters, and If they
would use more intelligence in the matter of
nedicines, observing results, they would find
hat the doctors' prescriptions do not perfoim
he many cures they are given credit for.
"My life was a burden to methrough per.
istent indigestion] anaemia resulted and n.v
liends thought I was an invalid for life.
lut I would not give up and when I found
hat prescriptions would not ht p me, I triec
omething else.
"In consulting with my druggist he ad.
lased McElree's-Wine of Cardui and Thed
ord's Black-Draught, and so I took it and
save every reason to thank him for a ne a
ife opened up to me with restored healtn,
nd it only took three months to cure me."
You may secure the sane relief as MIs.
4nyder, if you take 'ine of ('ardtli as she
ook it. 'Thetlford's lilath-Jiralight is the
ompa.lion mtdtlicine of Wine of (CartIui
nid it is a liver and howel regulator which
insists greatly in effecting t. titre. Gotou
'our druggist and buy a dollar hottle of
Wine of ('ardui and a entv-ftyive cat
atkage of 'lledford's Black-I rautght astd
ake them in the Iprivaty of youtr home., If
on take the these medicines acording to di
-ections, the relief and cure is simlple.
iome, ca. are cured quickly and othqrs
ake longer because the disease has run
onger. Renember how Aliss S.yder took
Aline of Cardui and has health. The
ame medicines are offered you today.
Soxing an Appetite
At this season of the year when Nature is making a su
preme effort to purge the system of the impurities and poisons
that have collected during the winter months a vigorous and
healhy appetite is needed to sustain the body while this
purifying process is going on, but this much desired help.
mate is sometimes lacking, for even the best regulated appe
tite is apt to go wrong now and become unreliable and fickle,
and has to be humored and coaxed to bring it back to that
condition where all food is relished and eating becomes a
pleasure. A hungry appetite does not have to be feasted and
feted, nor tempted with dainty viands and delicacies. The
plainest fare will satisfy its cravings, while a sickly and de
fective appetite will turn with loathing and disgust from the '
most sumptuous banquet.
Various methods are adopted to coax back the lost ;'
appetite. The Liver is prodded with pills and the Stomach
drenched with cheap tonics and bitters, but these only produce a morbid or variable appetite;
ravenous one day and sickening at the bare thought of food the next.
S. S. S. is the ideal Spring Tonic and coaxes an appetite when nothing else can. It is
not only a perfect appetizer and exhilarating tonio,
GEORGIA'S GOVERNOR. but contains also the properties needful for the
STATE OF GEORGIA, purification of the blood, and giving that richness
EXECUTIVE OFFICE, and tone, without which perfect digestion aed
Atlanta, May 8, 1899. assimlation of food is impossible, and the result is
I have used S. S. S., and can recommend It d'spepsia with all its distressing symptoms, capri.
as unquestionably a good blood purifier, and I clous appetite, inflammation, fullness and heaviness
am sure the best tonic I ever used. For many in stomach, nausea, dizziness, and worst of all
years my digestion was bad, but the occasional insomnia and nervousness.
use of a bottle of S. S. 8. has entirely cured me S. S. S. in thus purifying and invigorating
of this malady, and I now eat with perfect im- the blood renders the greatest assistance to Nature,
punity anything set before me. for with healthy, nutritious I blood circulating
A. D. CANDLER. through the system it is fully prepared for th ;
changes which take place du ,ng the Spring. It
there are any defects or weak spots in the constitution they are apt to develop as warm weather
comes on, and diseases that have lain dormant all Winter come to the surface. To prevent
this S. S. S. should be begun at once, so that the germs and seeds of disease may be destroyed,
and the poisons and acids in the blood antidoted and neutralized while in a torpid or inactive,
state, then with strong, healthy blood and a free and active
circulation the machinery of, life moves on with vigor and
regularity, and not only a good appetite is assured, but sound
digestion and refreshing sleep. . S. S. is the best remedy
for that "fagged out and semi-invalid condition " so common
at this season of the year, and the benefits derived from its
use are real and permanent. In S. S. S. Nature has provided
the best blood purifier and safest tonic. It contains no minerals whatever, but is guaranteed
purely vegetable. Write our physicians for any information or medical advice wanted; this
will cost you nothing. Book on blood and skin diseases mailed free.
......................... , . •
.\llirt (;lHtthrKrg nrit Seit to jitl l yesf
I,' I. I . Judge (O"'ihi u. r of W.ilker
Vi lit I e.t;Iltei he confested In Court thalt
It l IxrIs Intenltion to kill Peter BrleenI,
Il lnlllnt tttrllnlley. Judge O'( 'onnlor
I I i h. itils h under $I. ,tl00 hlibilnds toli
keepI· It,, Itirtl Jil t' tad 10* eax r ,ot tlerat cd
Sll caul. hIe faliled to pitliocte the bonid.
lI. ;I. it is belile(ed thallt he is on
thI ilerge of I1n..:, 1ity. lie is ap old
I"h "'P l t"r IndI h:.i a fuUtl y. t I e adtl
llted ithati he lihd tlhreatened the colity
it o'in 0$y" life.
Gil..Slberg . hatred of 14etcii grew out
i: the ell ke.l nllulltr c.ii.. After Felk
I"r'. ,.1 iit'i ,"in1 t llnl hi erg m de l af. ill
Il:\i it that he and other jul'ror hadil
of I'iu tnii rtln t, Ftilkg e i.' vlixtlni, In the
.i l y . O.l'lt, l hlh e il llblerltll hl it t( e 11 t tr
SI l il t.
i la.tl l s h.tlaying t llhnsbtI rg's stal e
did nt see tihe photogrllllhs, anlld by the
ht lilf of the eotll't, iand Mt. Breen
hbrought ni charge of ptrJulry agti.hlst
lului erg.
It rh.%t\llped that Ilninh "rg' had imaiilo
;,llhi \:;t to tihlt r l'llth, and tht Ih et..
.--ie ilst hiltl w'al dropped, but he tII't'er
l lrl'l ii e BreeioP , t d his bi tlt"i'ln ss has
.< ill il" lrow'n inte thl t tine.
I.X 11I-. tlf ll ,.1:11[11 tO hel( 2 ItH ) oj~tIL (i:allrk
No itn ;aw Shla ftll, built Arthur' Me'
;ii l I l't)(, hlurlailloI h, mi'tl nerls workingl h
t e11 11 8 i ].(0 Ihoar.l hil) s r ni(' llll l s he fin
n I I l i 'I l iorl I m anll'(i . . ll t )li" t ilt
inai lmae .In investigation at once andI-'
found shi-'ts body in the sumpi, The
itIl of th ll ml ' n i hlsll \waIs hadlt ly
lTh remains t (e, tpikti to the roitntl,
I'f thel Mlontaniill il'ndertaking ' ome l lany,
t 11 i' ;inquest Ith pwill ie hli ft 7 o'1ihek
I ini'iroS- tti Is t tit t ie i theen g,
Ml ii a' iV '\' yelatsi i tii i tt's i
Vi lt ii ,iltten d tll i to ll lIn i ter
i I Id ii ioting ihoat getiti hou n a Iulhrs.
hia it, n tIhe pu ptl s et. iL t'e l;s nlak
itg h 'is rgtltr aoitul of the minin. Hei
first 111.1)1 f'rolm the 1,600 to 'h^ 1,810, and
Inspe'ted fl' t t b workings or the lAttr,
after hhT' hve returned to the station
tl'lit nltiledlit th e n pene alr to low'i m In
to ih 2,0'00 In the pump shaft In (t hi th
i c,',ros-head it operlated )ehrleen the
IRO0 . l nd '2,000-foot l''v l.
li'I \et' ;i 42. yani s hadm ied ltea thlt non
ioiy illh theten b ildren, onpare m awhom
i grl'ti n. Thel ft il lis the blago, Mtlwru
of I)lgg'u's boarding house in I)ubiin
Hatch. Shea had been a 'slrient rof
It & .1 Paretl rallony In daily serv wae
il4ttI 'lll'he people of tIis courntr,-y halve
I oritily it o on the nowns in thet at a.y
tim llt.y can
Travel Like Princes.
'l'home who saw the speelal traiih In
whh'h fH. It. H. Prince Hloury of Prussia
nllllde' blh 1rli' of the United States are
ompar inrg It with olther trains In regu
lai mervie., and it Is admitted that none
of the ellrs In the train compare favor
ably with the buffet, Compartment and
standard sleeping cars of the Pioneer
Limited lrains of the Chicago, Milwau
hee+ & Si, Paul railway In daily service
between Chicago, St. Paul and Minne
"polls. The people of this country have
the satisfaction of knowing that at any
time they can "travel like princes."
Wh, n President Mueller called the
Sschool hoard to order last night there
wa.4 l.tlte business for conlaleration be
sides thle audlting of tlls. LIe reported
that as soon as the cilty saw Its way to
grading the tlley back of the Grant
school the place would he put In a sun
Itacy conaldliin.
Janitorls pay roll amountlng to $1,272,
and bills amounting to $2,742.16 were al
lowed. Trustee Wh.te announced that a
disc rlaptatnc3'y hlua been found In the ab
str.lct for the new West Side school
ii hich will be stubmitted to the county
atteernay c and c orreected in a few days.
Clerk Ricuhards sublinited the following
financickal t rtatement for April:
til:NI;ItAlI FUND.
I hIlts-
eApril 1, cash Iln county treasn
iiury . ........................$11 ,709.67
April :l,0. aca.si tecc led froml
axes .................. ......2,29.3
Apr'il ::0. cash rleeive'ld fromln stile
of books............ ...........94.70
Stal .... . . .... ......... .$148.063.76
A\111 30 t, W\larrants lnssuedl durl'ng
month ...... ............... $ 21.98.23
1lay 1, cash in county treasury 126,095.53
Tot'a, a.... .... .... .... ...... $48,06380.7
April 1, cus.h I countyl treas
iiy . ............... .....$ f5,420.47
April 30, rebate of taxes...... 6.03
('ccsha one hand ...............$ ,5,414.14
fteo ausell Ihey falllcd to I'ecelv'e he sulp
Ipor't of the Statioinay IEngineers~' union
.ltnd of the SMlIve'r flow Trades and Labor
cassemllly In their recent walkout the
holatnllg .gKlne, ra, who left thirir work
alt he AI aci(onlal uanl I'urrot Inin"s, halve
t'allhd lbe strike off.
It will be I nic io'ell d that In sllte of
the fact that they had signtd a cni
t', t Wlh the ('Olll)lny a 3year Iago, they
lmaitle a dlmalnd lot' oIn Increase o 50
cenIts a day, allnd on Ieing rifused, quit
nwolrk and thrl Iew thousdlds of nme(,n out of
'emplrlI'lncm forj seiveral days.,
As lhr places I'ie now filled with lnow\
men thleii Is not a ntpree'nt aly oplol
tuli-ty fior the Imen i to return to work,
but It Is bl\eved that they will hle al
lowed to fill nily vanlanicles that may
ecti ur.
Through Train Southeast.
The St. Louis S;,ecilil, the through ex.
pl'res of the Nolitlheln Pailfle and Hur
llngton railroads from the Northwest to
the Southeast, changed time on May 4.
The trtalls-continentali service 'ls mate.
illlly benefited, as conlnections for the
East alndl outh are now made to !th
morning trains out of St. Louis and ('hi
The St. Touts Spetelal now leaves Port
1n11 1 at 0:235 i. In.; Tacoma, 3:40 p. m.;
Seattle, 3:50 p. ni.; Spokane, 6:55 a. m,;
Helena, 10:15 p. ai., and Billings, 7:00
a. m.
The new card is more convenient to
most cities In the Northwest. The train
now carries standard sleeper, tourist
sleeper, dining car, ohair car, coach and
'baggage i-ar, Portland to Kansas ('ity
without change, also free reclining chair
car, Portland to St. Louis. It remains
the grteat T'JIME SAVER, as well as the
only through train between the North.
west and the Southwest. %
Six reputable attorneys are engaged it
making contradictory oaths against one
another in the Plymouth-SBlver K'n,
mining case. They are F. T. McBtide
J. Ii. Frank, Peter Breen, J. J. McHat.
ton, C. P. Drennan and o. Y. Patten.
When the jury 'ent out at the receni
trial of the case It was Instructed t(
make certain findings by Judge Clancy
It neglected to obey the instructions.
Now the three first named attorneys
make affidavit alleging that Attorney
McBride, for the Silver King, asked
Judge Clancy to send the jury (back agair
with Instructions to make the findings
and that the judge refused to do so, and
Mr. McBride took an exception to the
ruling of the court.
In opposition to this, the three other
attorneys named make affidavit denying
that Mr. McBride or the court did any.
thing of the kind.
Or No Pay
Is this fair? If so, come
in and talk It over. If out of town,
write us a letter.
Private Room for fitting.
24 West Park, Butte, Montana.
Sutton's Broadway Theater
Phone 25. Cor. Broadway and Montana
One Week, Commencing Sunday, May
4-Saturday Matinee, Mr.
C. J. Riley presents
"IN MIZZOURA" Sunday, Monday
and Tuesday night; "ALABAMA" Wed
Inesdlay and Thursday; "BROTHER
O ) FICEJt4S" Friday and Siturday
natinec; "BLUE JEANS" Saturday
Pric·es, $1.00, 75c, 50, 25c. Sale Friday
10 a. in.
IBeg!nnilng, Sunday, May 4, Johnnie
Fringe and Capable Company pr'eaent
ing the farce-comedy,
A singing, dancing and dramatic treat;
inltrodlucing many new specialties.
FlREE--Each gentleman purchasing a
50-cent ticket for Monday or Thursday
can reserve one lady's seat free.
Prices, 75', 50c, 2e5. Seats on sale
Saturday, May 3.

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