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Former Montana Machinist Knowin
for Ability as Orator-Is Making
Great Headway in Organ
ising in Denver, Colo.
Charles Douglas Smith, general or.
ganizer of the Western Labor Union, I,
a young man who is rapidly springing
into prominence in the labor world.
He is a Montana boy, although he
tuakes his headquarters in Denver, hay.
ing belonged to the Machinists' Unior
of Anaconda prior to his appointmeni
t6 the position last July.
It is mainly owing to the energetic
and well-directed efforts of Mr. Smith
General Organiser Western Labor
that the union has had such a marvelous
growth during the past year.
It has been said that from a poor
union state Colorado has grown until it
is now one of the strongest in the West,
and during the past year alone, reports
show that more than 20 unions affiliated
with the central body in Denver.
In a Wide Field.
Mr. Smith's jurisdiction extends from
the Mexican boundary into British Co
lumbia and it Is throughout this Im
mlense territory that his work takes him
every year.
Not only is the general organizer an
eloquent and forceful speaker, but he
is known as one of the best vocalists
In the country, having spent years in
the big schools of the East perfecting
his wonderful talent.
At the coming convention It is believed
that the work of Mr. Smith will meet
with marked recognition on the part of
the national organization and that the
honor which he has already won is but
the beginning of a career that will
bring honor to the young Montanan.
If the story told by John Grady last
unight is true, all of the thieves in Butte
are not in Jail.
Grady says he was robbed of $60 in the
M1ascot saloon near Galena and Main
streets, and accuses Thomas Egan and
others of having performed the feat by
the drugged liquor and beating route.
Grady says he met Egan early in the
evening and was invited to the Mascot
to have a drink. The saloon was full of
loafers and they became very friendly
*with him-their friendship grew in in
tensity when they learned he had money.
By and by Egan hit him a blow and
knocked him out, he says, and the loaf
ers did the rest, going through his
pockets, In their hurry, however, they
verlooked $75 which he carried in a
pocket. When released Grady ran out of
he saloon and informed Policeman Sul
livan of what had taken place. Officers
isearched for Egan all night, but falled to
find him.
A large shipment of Mary MacLane's
book just received. Better get one
quick. P. O. News Stand, 57 West
Par. wth
Members of Honorary N<
World's Fair Commission
Thomas 0. Kurts, A 3. Iavtdson,'. 0. .Conrad and Governor 3, K. Toole,
T aken in Ft- T.nnim Er. 1Tha Tna.m nm.rn+.4n
Says He Was Not in the Chamber
Where Mrs. Proulx's Child Is
8ick, and Therefore Did Not
Violate Qut.rantine Law.
County Attorney Breen was Interviewed
today regarding the charge made against
him by a doctor and health officer to the
effect that he had broken the quarantine
under which the child of Mrs. Eminma
Proulx, the prosecuting witness in the
Mrs. Minnie Grady robbery case is labor.
Ing, and thereby laid himself liable to
"I hear that the health officer is going
to have you arrested for violating the
Proulx quarantine?" the interviewer
"Yes: so I'm told," said the public
prosecutor with a smile. "I heard that
was a Joke," he added.
Then he stated that he had done noth
ing more than others are doing every
day. The house where Mrs. 'Proulx liver
is a lodging house, and many other people
live there beside the Proulx family, he
said. People come and go all the time
notwithstanding the quarantine. They
pass Mrs. Proulx's door to and fro an(
tread the hall leading by It at all hours
Bathroom Interview.
Mr. Breen held his interview with Mrs
Proulx in the bathroom and recalling
that feature of the memorable visit to
the embargoed and blockaded residence
which holds the woman upon whose wor'
may depend the liberty of Mrs. Grady fo,
years, Mr. ireen said today:
"Why, while we were in the bathroom
one of the other occupants of the house
opened the door and spoke to Mris
This bathroom is the next door to Mrs
Proulx's door. The county attorney wai
confident that his visit to the house o
Mrs. Proulx was no more likely to lsreaM
contagion throughout the city and no
more of a violation of the quarantini
there than the dally conduct of the othe
"''esidle that, I was told three lince
that the quarantine had ',een raised a
the house, and I was and amn hbeln
pressed to brimng up the prosecution o0
Mrs. Grady. 1 went to the house in thi
strict observance of my duty as public
prosecutor," said Mr. Breen.
Happy Mra. Grady.
11r. Breen said that he did not care
anything about the comment nmade upo,
his act in visiting the Proulx liouse under
the circumstances, and that he did nol
Intend to pay any attention to it.
Attorneys Kirk and Clinton. Mrs
Grady's counsel, have lately applied t,
Mr. Itreen to file a complaint in on ofI
the courts against .Mrs. (lrady anal birlni
her to trial. Mr. ireen lnforlmned tlt
attorneys that he would bring the prose
cution as soon as he could go to trial
with Mrs. Proulx. That cannot be done
yet, because Mrs. Proulx cannot Ieavt
her child to attend court. The child it
very sick, and the raising of the quaran.
tite is as Indefinite as ever.
ltowever, the county attorney will
move as soon as lie c'an ldo so, and mIean
time 'lirs. G(Idv will be countent to wait
for him.
Among other matters to be considered
by the new council at its first working
meeting tonight will be the opening of
bids and letting of contracts for the
season's peivng.
Contractors have uhown consideralle
interest and a large number of bids for
the work have been ilkld with the city
clerk. 'In view of the fact tiit tht lompe
tition Is keen if is likely that the bids will
be lower for the work this sutmm r than
over before. The paving to be done this
summer Includes East Park street and
Itenshaw alley. The street railway com
pIany had Intended last summer to re
pair its tracks, but held off until the city
got ready to pave the street!
Manager Wharton, of the street rail
way company, has, however, asked that
the work he deferred until after Sleptem
ber 1 that the heavy traffic on the East
Park street In cldent to baseball games
and Columbia Gardens, be not Interfered
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Line tp Before fortunatc at m.
IA.A d~ U w I e es
Ida Moore was arotund In pollh'. co')uit
again today. She inhas been there so
lany tlmes that she has grownl to feel
unhappy 'hen .she is outahle the hill
tof Justice.
Pretty ila!
Rhe is saIl to ('ill hrni lo money out of the
merte men with lher irl'ir'.lke smlle alnd
her goo-goo eye.
"Johnl Doe'" Is saidi to be one of her
vi'tiims last night. Poir old Jolihn fell
for $27.
No wonder Ida gets the money, for
her eyes are like two .hilning door.
knobs and her sminle is like a rmed rift
In a cloudy sky.
Pretty Ida.
Pretty Idau!
lindoubtedly ishei will be sparl'd naIlny
years to haunt the ol'rridors of the e'lly
Jail, for death would think many tnlnes
ere tackling so fair a flower.
While Ida Is charge.d with havlin
delved deep Into thi. pocklet of pioi
old "John Dii'o" ald remlloved therefroi
the sum of $27.30, she will not be tieh..
on that charge.
A chalrge of vagrancy or stlreet walkltd
Is agalnst her, to which she ent'oerneI a
plea of nit guilty.
Wie may ihear more of Ida latcr.
Pretty Ida!
Mr. Sullivan.
John Sullivain tiouncced uLip hifoir' Judge
Toiyle this Iorning with an Ielast.ilty
in his stop whein called to a nsweir the
charge of drunk.
John Is an old friend. .Iudgie Ioyle
has becoute isort of a guatdilan, guilih,
Two cases In the district ciiurl ii which
CGeorge W. Davis sued his blrother, An
drew J. Davis, for Fi'rst National ballic
stock valued at over $200,000, have bieni
settled and dilsmilssed.
Judge Clancy dtlsissed the cl'ases at
the application of the pilaintiff's lawyc r.
The plaintiff alleged Ii his ciiniltlnts
that the defendant had agreed to turn
over to him and to Lieah .J. Davis, his
mother, whose estate he Is adlminister
ing certain bank stock which they
claimed to Inherit frit, the estnatlI of
Andrl'ew J. Davis, doltc aved, llirodedll hel
Succeeded in establishing a clain to alt
of it.
The value of all the stick which caim
to the defendant thlrough tlih (I.ii iit
established, was about $2.00 4,0(f,
Two informatlons were filed in Judge
Clancy's department of the district court
today. One was against Jnohn Pena
luna, a 17-year-old boy, and charged
him with Incorriglbillty The other was
against Harvey Holmes, and charged him
with receiving stolen good, knowing the
same to have been stolen.
The informatlons were filed In Clancy'q
court because of the absence of Judgq
McClernan, who presides over the de
parttment to which criminal matters are
The case of Penaluna will be taken u,
I'll lo. s p, l.p, ll h ie i l ig. l- u 1, 11 )i f ll li hin , aw
M r. Hullllva l hlu l Ill,. Innl/n y IIlH IIi ut l=
hll culd jllth a Iarndhlluull line of $.,,
Mr. Morris.
(t. M. Morris, he of thI( beer ghtsn
1plisode" in the Mn.intllit $1 .lo111 oni Went
P'ark itrout, wasL Ill poli|tte courtll thin
Ita)I'l rning.
Morrls I. l'arged with asault in the
third dt'grelt and when arlligned this
IlI town for t, L eerl gits ilt Ltgilthe
head of o11E' I'atrlik Iloiaty.
Morrl wiln l"ie +seaiitenced this ifllllornoon.
'J'i, conmplaining witneis. was p1r1 nist,
Ilis hi ailld was swathed in moev\ral: yar;llds
of lin1n.
Miss Hughes.
And 5ldnan Hughes wa\s there. Prettyl
19d4m. was phcked up fln the streets .ist
nigh for IpddlingK ihe gtou-gtot tyo.
olltherw|ise designated a+s slrieet-w'alking.
\'hen arrlested( luast night shlie told the
unllt',r tihatL HI had ),sln a.Hsultld by her
lIxveriM. 'iThis rlOrl ng l he. d ,. ' d thal
t'he had imade any suilh stiatlrin nt to
thi polilct'eflan. IL linii' g l nitta's first ap
p1 ' Lanc( jith polh e totri, slht, was let ofli
with the i. hinlimun i l' -$ll). She will
ikly h ne rl' Nsit l i, ''d thi t flrnoon, Ntfor
aus friends.
Mr. Miller.
V'ityllr Miller has as many i7ho's as
Ile u | lrum l i l, if tlhe rhur'gles igainst
hint are truell. lpteilli t'lly Ithi Is ciht*gtid
Mitth .stealing a pair of sl ho'es ib.lrol It.
,lpsteln's glare, No, 74 East Park shr'ot,
Ii, plr"tldell not guilly,
Icy Jutdgi" lIarney ofn next S, tuftrli' y,
i. h.n the heiaring will Ibe held. T''he
a r ult'of ii the boy Is anxiou to gt hil'an
ly t:;i poss 1ibe, In ordir to go .t h lill ouJt of
1 1, colunty jail, wherP 1,, now IsN.
Applr ,;derai Cha(rl's 1). lF'rt.nchi, J. |,Ed
wiird 'T'hoirmlpson and( A. ':. I'hipi,s ofI theI
<s-tate of the lits John Noyes in Mon
ltrll hove filed their upp'alse.e'nu t ant
illV nlLory il the distrcl t io|1 t. 'rhis . value
of the estate ,Il Montatnl;t :r giv\i' at
Th'i . coash Is gi,.'vI at $24,.94.'0. 'The re
S'r inrter is dlivi del lbetweon mtuning prop-ll
,Ityt r a 'd.'h a., llllljllt r '-. T .l appraml i tli+
itoperty. The district c'urt has I9'et'
|- itioned )by Mrs. Noyes, Altl'. Noyes
\VWhite, John D). Noyes., 'l'hollas Nyes,
the cash, and Jurlge Ilars ny has set Ihc"
tunei f' thie het':ng of the petition ll
1lMay 17.
I)+.bts are all paid and the cash Is In
b!ank drawing do interest. Th, h ill pro
vides that ms:'s. Nuyzs 4hall l,.olve
$10,000 and thne chlldlhen $2,5OU' it',.
The house committee on pensions yes
ter(!'day fuvorably reported u bill to ?len
sion the widow of Gen. George W. Getty,
a distinguis.hed officer of the PDexlcan
., .... ~ ,1 1 ...l r, .r u .,4 "n. O .. ...... . tu
Natural Teeth
Is nIII nearly n ieasy H Inanlly Vwouild htave youl bolleve. A denti.lt t9 do
that Hu.Cnalesfully iut hvl aL IIt y.In r'y for cilor and elihaIji , and he tmult
be tr'u in handling the iitrll(um nti . I Imlltatla accurately natural teeth.
DR. GALBRAITH, 304-305 Goldberg Building
EXAMINATION PFltII-Call ani make examinatlons early. Over Lewls
Dry G(ouls Store. Elntrance-Acade any treot.
++~~++++++ *+G++ ++++++++++ .++++++ +++
Insurance Co., of New York.
* (Ireuteut American Corporation, Largoet ARlets, O)ldoe't Company, Small
+ RLt P'remlium., Largent Guuarantles. Contrac ts for thi', rmich and Door.
+ Young amen from iage 15 up can get Ilnured. Mii and womei plhyicaltly
+ Hound lare i shurable.
S I'or Informlatlion address or call upon
4 4
:15 W. Broadway, Butte. District Mlanager4
4 .L44444.444.4ý. 44444444.t.4...e.....
The F'irt Natlorual bnaik of Hutte, a'
|tlht 'itly, ini thel stat' off Montana., ai
thie cIoe. of businessr , April 30, 19102;
LI. anis a lli dih ouintH..............$1,194,777.2
(v elr'drafts xcured aind un
: 'ured ................. ...... 26.,15i .8'
(V. M. bonds to s(UI' (e1r
c:ulauti,....................... 129,500.01
depo iLts ......................... 100,000.01
I'. , bIlondH oil ha|lnd............ 4,000.01
,Ito'kH, He'uri' lei, e(.l.......... 242,35 ,.4!
tHankilrg house, furniture and
Iixli ure. ....................... 10,000.0(
I uit frorI National banks (not
I(rve ageilnts) .............. . 73,0.1.2,
DIue from state iunaikx and
Ii Ink"rs ...................... 73,375.81
|Ilul front approved re'erve
lre'lt ....................... ... .83,516.
('hi kl anldl ot her (Icash
I I (le .............. ....... .. 800.51
:xl,;hangis for lch uring hoiuse.. 6,605,I1
N uot' of other' Natlonalll
Ianl kA .......................... 84,583.00
Sra:itionalli paper currenc T y,
nijkltsI and tolnti........... 357.44
,l1u 'll mlnl 'y iiiivii in
(batk, viz:
Ht'll' ............ .. $297,204.00
I. ,. ct'r IlicateH
i'u' gold dc:
Ipo.it d ............ 297,208.00
Itl'umpltion fund with T. N.
traiurr, r (5 per i''it cir
culatlon) ...................... 6,475.00
'letal ........................$3,070,802.51
Capital stock paid in..........$ 200,000.00
Surplus fund................... 50,000.0{
Undivided profits, less ex
peinses and taxes paid ...... 351,950.41
National bank notes out
standing...................... 11,400.0(
DuL to other Nationutl
FrrctIcal Undertakers nd Embalmers
140 W. Park St., Butte. Phone 307.
banks......................... 48,086.02
Due to state banks and
'bankers .................. .. . 24,34D .99
Individual deposlits suJec't
to check..................... 1,600,515.68
)Demand certllatc'as of de
posit ........................... 577,f561.18
I i'ortliflli c(hicks ................ ......22
iitltIed Statce d pr osils......... 100,000.00
'I'Total................... $3,070,802.55
St.ate of Montanla, C(ouuty of Silver
How *os:
1, Andrew J. Davis, prosident of the
labove-nallmnd bank, d(o sole'Iinly swear
Ihat the' above statement is true, to the
beot of my knowledge and belief.
Subscl)'l'l)'ed and sworn to before me
this 7th day or' May, 1902,
Notary Publio.
(orreLot attest:
J. W. F'0111S,
Six Cabinet Photia Free Daily,
Commencing Thursday, Ed Mayer,
jeweler, 65 West Park, will give away
free dailly a half dozen fine cabinet
photos of. the person guessing nearest
the number of ,beans In the Jar in his
window, A guess 'with every 25 ("nts
spent for goods or repair workl. ,.'" 'h
cleaning, $1.50; malnstprlng, $1.00; A. ir
anteed one year. GIussing begins today.

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