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But Little Headway Being Made in
the Eftort to Extinguieh the Flames
-Wreckage Saturated With Kero
sene and Naphtha-Fresh Volume
of Smoke Frequently Issues.
(By Associated Press.)
Pittsburg, Pa., May 18.-The officials of
the Pan Handle railroad fear a worse
explosion than the three which wrought
so much damage yesterday.
A danger line has been made 500 yards
on all sides of the burning wreckage
and the railroad police are keeping the
crowd back.
A few feet below the burning wreckage
lies the big 86-inch main of the Phila
delphia company, which comes from the
gas fields in the southwestern portion of
the state, and which supplies the Mc
Kees Rocks and Lower Allegheny dis
tricts with natural gas.
It is feared that the concussion was so
great that some of the joints or even
the pipe itself might have been dam
aged, and if such Is the case, the gas
which Is under great pressure will soon
force its way through and another ter
rific explosion will follow.
About 20 cars are piled up between the
Sharadan station and Cork's run in the
Sharaden yards.
This is still a mass of flame. In this
there are all kinds of merchandise.
Little headway is being made to ex
tinguish the fire, owing to the fact that
the entire wreckage is saturated with
naphtha and kerosene and every nov
and then a fresh volume of flame shoots
out from the smouldering ruins.
List of Dead.
Twenty-one dead and not less tnan 300
wounded are reported as the result of
the terrible catastrophe at Sharaden last
night. Of the 300 injured physicians say
at least 50 will die.
A list of the dead:
JAMES KEENAN, s'ngle, Carnegie
clerk on wrecked train.
JAMES HEAItTIG, Chestnut Mines,
W. W. TAYLOR, brakeman, Miller's
Station, Ohio.
HAltltY SMITELY, Urichsvllle, Ohio,
level man o% Pan Handle.
- FINERTY, Sisterv.lle, W. Va.
G. E. HUNTER, freight conductor.
ALGERT McKEAN, brakeman.
TONY LEO, laborer.
Unknown boy, found In potatoe field
on farm of J. It. Douglass, burned to a
crisp and unrecognizable.
Unknown man, burned to death on hill
overlooking scene of explosion.
Many Not Reported.
Many of the dead have not, been re
ported to the coroner and an accurate
list cannot be obtained at this time.
This long list is a ser.es of four accl
dents culminatitng in one of the most
frightful disasters in the history of
Greater Pittsburg.
The telescoping of naphtha cars in the
yards of the Pan Handle railroad yards
in Corks Run was followed by the ignl
tLon of the naphtha by an open switch
lamp and by the flowing of naphtha, first
free, then Ignited through the culvert
leading to the Ohio river, half a mile
Thought He Would Get Out and Attend
to It-Fooled the Guards in the
Night Time- Misfortunes
of a Stonemason.
Footsore and ,begrlmmed with dust,
James Burns, an escaped inmate of the
state insane asylum at Warm Springs,
was arrested by Policeman McGillic at
the corner of Silver and South Montana
streets this mornini and taken to the
county jail.
Several persons in the nelghborhoid of
Silver and Montana streets noticed the
man's strange actions as he walked about
aimlessly and police headquarters was
Burns offered no resistance to the ofi
cer and said that he had come to Butte
to transact some business, and had in
tended to return to the asylum tonight.
Burns is a stonemason. He became
demented about four months ago and was
sent from this city to the asylum .l-Ie
labored ubder the hallucination that
someone was trying to kill him,
When he was taken to the asylum he
weighed less than 130 pounds, He now
weighs over 200 poulos.
With a chuckle of self-cunningness,
Burns told Policeman McGillic how
cleverly he worked his escape from the
asylum guards last evening.
Burns said that he wandered off into a
thicket and lay there until dark; that
the guards hunted for him, and several
times almost stepped upon him.
"But they did not see me," said Burns,
"and after dark I made my 'getlaway.' "
Burns escaped from the asylum once
before, about ten days ago, and made his
way to Helena, where he was captured
and returned.
away, and its explosion w:th attendant
damage to life and property.
Will Investigate.
'The -telescoping of cars was one of
those things that not infrequently hap
pens without serious consequences.
Its subsequent ignition by an open
switch light will be fully investigated.
The cause of the explosion at the point
where it once again broke out Into the
open is still a matter of conjecture.
It might be that the flame followed
the naphtha that had gone before and
resented the cramped quarters of the
culvert's opening, sending up a sheet of
naphtha and flames that wrecked half
a dozen houses In the neighborhood, set
ting them on fire, injuring not less than
a hundred people Incidentally.
The shock of the shot from this cul
vert was felt across the river in Alle
gheny, where windows were broken.
The burning of the naphtha at the
fountain head, the two naphtha tanks
was spectacular In the extreme. It was
a giant pleve of fire. People came front
far and near to view the sight.
The Second Explosion.
Fully two hours after the fire start
ed came the second expllsion. There
were three other naphtha tanks in the
immediate neighborhood of the two
tanks that had been telescoped and were
burning. Efforts to get them out of
range had, for some reason, been In
With a mighty splash of flame across
the heavens and a noise that made the
hills quake, the tanks let go almost at
the same moment.
From the heavens there descended
streams of burning naphtha, flaming tim
ber and red hot Iron on the people on
the hill tops. Maddened by pain, the
Injured dashed hither and thither.
Those that escaped gave aid to the less
fortunate, tore the burning clothes from
them, beat at the flanes, carried the des
perately injured to more secure spots and
sent for medical aid of which they were
In need.
Speedily all of the local hospitals were
notified of the second and greater catas
Viewed by Thousands.
The second division of the Pittsburg
Railway company sent out a number of
ears especially for the transportation of
those injurecj and these were lined up
both on the Sharadan and McKee Rocks
road and the unfortunates were c'arrled
to them.
Despite the fact that rain came pour
ing down all morning thousands went to
Sharadan to view the scene of the disas
The Sharadan yards lie between two
hills. Upon these hills are thousands
watching the crews of the wreck-trains
at work.
Passenger trains are gliding by the
wreck quickly since the news of the gas
main became known in the city. Two
flat cars lie on the siding covered with
clothing picked up during the night. The
majority of these are rags charred.
It is a common sight In Sharadan this
morning to see people with their heads
and hands bandaged. Many were burned
whose names have not appeared.
Mr. Breen Will Try and Remove Con
stables Cosgrove and Shea From
Office,b and He May Proceed
Against Other Officeholders.
Much trouble seems to be ahead of
Constables Cosgrove and Shea of Walk
erville, who were arrested last night and
charged with "grafting." County Attor
ney Breen Is now investigating the laws
governing the removal of officials for
malfeasance in offrle, and In all proba
bllty he will bring proceedlngs in the
dlstrict court to remove them from olffic.
"We are going to try to keep the ofti
cels of the county straight if we don't
do anything else," said Mr. Breen today.
If we can't keep the officer straight we
might as well give up trying to keep the
public straight. We will certainly bring
an action to remove Shea and t'osgrove
from office If we find the means to do so
provided by law, and 1 think we shall
find the way."
After County Officials.
It Is understood that the collection of
illegal fees will also be brought forward
In thie matter, and that other charges
will be made against the constables be
side "grafting."
It is said that other townshpl, officlals
are to be stirred up for c llecting Illegal
fees, and there may he proceedings to
oust certain justices of the peace who
are accused of malpractices In office.
There Is one justice of the peace who
has openly confessed that he is crooked,
on two occasions, It is stated, and his
case will be looked into. It Is said that
he declared that the attorneys who bring
him business will get the judgments.
From the Interest the county attorney
and .lIs assistants are taking In these
matters It looks as If there was a lively
time ahead for some of the justices and
constables of the county.
With Cuban Courts.
(By Associated Press.)
Washington, May 13.-The president
has directed Secretary Root to confer on
the Cuban courts the right of reviewing
the testimony against Rathbone, charged
with complicity In the Cuban postal
frauds. This authority will be Immedi
ately cr'fVerred, and It is presumed the
commlttee'wlll act at once.
P..G U - - I4
DIAMANl 0 "" e
Y e
Discovered by Columbus - - - . . - . 1493
Settled by French - - - - - - - - 163
Area - - - - - -- - - - - 380 Square Miles
Distance from New York - - - - 2,100 Miles
Distance from San Juan, Porto Rico - - - - - 400 Milea
Population - - - - - 100,000
Yearly Exports - - - - - - - - - - - - $4,000,000
Yearly Imports - - - - - - - - - - - $4,500,000
Owned and Governed by France.
Population - - - - - - - - - - - - --- - 25,000
Height - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 4,450 Feet
First Eruption in 1851.
(Iy Assoclated Press.)
Fort de France, Island of Martinique,
May 13.--trangge to relate In view of the
number of Inhabitants of St. Pierre, who
were swept to death by the volhcanli
\waven fromi Mounit Pelh(e on 'J'Thursday
last, very few e'll'rpsis,1 have I.been found
by those who are e.ngage'd In the work
of cremlating tile dead bodies. This I
dlue to the fai.t thal;t the IImost populouts'
quarte'rsi ,i lof h town are bIurltml unIder a
thichk layer" of nllllered In val, a\h.h ap
palrenltly en tirely consumed th I bodies of
the v.ictims.
Tihe Danish ctrulisr Valkyrl ,n having
donet everything DossibleI, In Ithe e.fforts
beling Iadl to 1m succ'' the I'lrefugel. left
th:. port today. The German cruiser
Ia:lke has just arriveid here.
Story of Survivors.
P'ubli' Interest centerns in the stories
of the su'rvivor' aind in the efforts being
mlade to HsU'mor lIthe reI'fugees. A wollli
Inamed Laurelnt,, whilo wa is employed as
a l'ervant at St. Iel'rre., In thie houisehoild
of M. ( lll., anlld whlo was among thosle
takmen to the hospitall In this c:ty, in ide
scribing her experlll(ime said that on lthe
day of the terrible llist:iter, shie heard
a loud report iand thIeroiupol faInted,.
.V'hen she( regI'llllled hI r senseu, a fiew
hours latier, she was\ti horribly bul'ntl,',
and glancin'g laround, sawa two immtlnlbers
of the (tabriel family st:ll alive., but they
dil d ilefoir' assistanct. citulh] r.allh them.
Mine. Laurent, although she Ilved. for
somem time after eliig taken to the hois
piltl and wai jnclnsimous while under the
ciare of IphysHllllns, died without .elng
iable to nlmpurtl[ anly additional Informia
tlon concernling thie catastrophe.
Succoring Refugees.
The work of succollring the ri'f s
continues tncmssantly. V'When the cable
ship Pouyer Qurtler started on her mis
slon of mercy, she had to pass through
clouds of burnhings cinders at the risk of
(fly Assoelated Press.)
Washington, May 13.-The following,
a\as issued from the White Hlouse this
The president has appointed a ,omn
mlittee to receive funds for the re'llct
of the sufferers from the recent eatar
trophe In St. Vincent and Martlnlhue,
The gentlemen appointed from each
city will be asked to collect and re
celve the funds fronlt lheilr localltls and
neighborhoods as expe(dltiously as pos
sible and forward them to lMon. (2orne
lius N. Blies, treasurer of the New York
committee, which committee will act
as central distributing point for the
The president directs all the postmnas.
ters throughout the country and re
qtests the presidents of all the. Iatlonal
banks to act as agent for the distribu
tion and forward contributions to Mr.
Bliss at New ork.
The postmasters are also directed to
report to the postmaster general within
ten" days any funds collected on this
The president appeals to the'publei toi
contribute generously for the relief of
those upon whom this appalling ealami
, t'hintIi tirs, In order to r.'ni't th. ti'r
r ''I' ttI'hkQei pe'(iple ailioti'e i~t,, 91)4 nit
ila y ain)Otno nEil, sh))e99 Hiiri') 9)')!r :n trii g
Ins; to this pi t 456 pi)ohiti, man~ity 94149
il'ts or thn' vtttug' o9 I)' 1 'rhn' hi.
Th'llis wias on 9ulur9diy last. liin" (thni.
hipts. hiaii' a s a iuault ir hin' uiuuilu
Siii)))' pei'Opili to Fort die Frrance.
)ii ttSunday she riscueud 9?:: pers ons; !
1,:1r, thel the Irrench ," ;ulss'r Huu'h, anid
ill )104d d 1,200 p(t 9409)9.
flty A14Mn .49i P In'ss:.)
'-I. 'Phoot , i. W.I., Ma 1,-Ad
'iiii."'ol i (1 ihir the Jatnuiti o'
S i Viii'eiit, rtoiwa 1lidl oil ti Huly tnait,
it. )iio u ')' t'ttii t i0(] iti'ii9thl tiavei oeu -1i'i9
i t 't a is titlr asx ii insult of Ilt' Miiitrrl ei'i'i
-h Ilnl, whichH Is milli slightly pity', I,
~',e I iuitislh )''ri'u1 r1'9 1'nI ll3hlaii 9 4 anlnl
brII ui( live refuge 's f1rmll the jilt ll~l t~k (·1
I northeixt 'iont if the ,.) Iiii of
1 I htilijue.
I " Hli'p' 1111 r 09 1') ) Ii'lti1I.9 1 its 'lti)W
''a' hg I' i)r· 1rom iilv º Ii' i n vi, luiih))'
nah ) ai' )' I a) II. ' II I 9);w 99e'
1~ ti l t 9)9- s tfon i I 'h'a t) ti ti' )sf)re ')')).
forito to thle Math'' l~i''Iis' lb 1)11
ti nlul fallo and asksi t1hat Ih. ('lioi
tlI',U tioln.i hI eitl In lit raltJe dily as Inus
.+ -- - - ... ... . ...·- -
General Firmin Proclaimed
President of Hayti Republic.
(fly As.ro.elialtd Prt'tss.)
P'ort A.u P i,,It(', M ay l]l ---l-tx
P rJ',I.d'll t Xin i mbarkl,+l at
11:10 a. I, ll, Iod y on th] |l''r n(,le
Steamer (JJinf ls| liodrign z. Ie
was avalnlpanoi) d to thi landing
place' by the Ameirlican, I't'u(ciih
aid (Jlrn in l; i lllllster..
At atbout thei time the formert
preside'let tembarked on the
]'rocneh at iel llrl, here, nIIoW. wla
re ,l,'ed that rieneral Firmin,
lite 11Haytltln 1luinist.e lit Ftralnce,
hlad arrived at t lt' I flaytlen
aitill had been proclhillledl Il'esl
The dispatlhot added that the
;:xalte north land northwest of
II :LIt had doelau'ctrd for (leneral
Fii, tilln.
Three Entirely New Items Put in the
Omnibus Claims bill-Mr. Mahon
of Pennsylvania With
drew His Appeal.
(\I ty .Hl ll. . )" l - 'l Pres)
W'U'\ ,'IHingl ' I'L. II'y 1II1.' h1h111 ' ' ,onfI'llren .
t' "I ut 'I lhlt Ill.-h oera bl ti e n1i t 1111 1111, g (1 "
1l'1.Il 1ll I10 l, ' 11,'t Ii II1'II 13 '1O' I i rtIIHI
of 111'' 1hou 1(411 y 111 111'. .tr( . t'h1lI'I'%ouyr t (If
Abe"rh( nn1 1111111/'l the saino t of or11 (1 1ag' n aint
Iith r r I''Il orl t tt IIIe ifrc 11111 l l 'hllt Ihtro
Nitr'l'. 111 ,11."' Illioll m 1111 ,Ih'I d I 'by oI ll t 'I
'llr lI4 i 1 I of I I Itnlh l I, l ',*. (xII'lld 'I1 -
(I sI n flh li Ih , slt I 1 IIt oi, nt ofI . 1, '1..If Ih.
ont It l ,h111 ,1t r 1111 Im h' 111 n ll t1I,' l or t Ih,
III''r"Lg: t i v' of irt (4111 re er n..' 1 41 nt111111 1' 1"
usII)" Heal' thou t l.l' ln ,h I hln I 'Ith
11.I , Iy o I Io ' t h Ulll l:lll ,n of t hIn' p .r. of
Ih' li vi, h hl Ih 1 IIl· ' )'n th'.-l 1 '. 1),'I1l\V 11"r 1
had I h ',o n Inllt' IIl..,ve 1 i the 111' nin thu
h'lI nlilt . 11I a,s lur , 1, 1 I nIi ' thl rlelfore'l 11Itl -
Inln., 1 r1 1h, 111i1n l of o l'1I'r. 'h 111.1 *11 h1111h'
r'ff c'lt of I''J , l: I'" tll 11h I ' 'f111r|1'1', 1i v1 lf e ll tl .1'
,,1' 4h1° f lllhlll.l( h.l\pul b a .1 11. 11'4 , 1141, or 111I ,
ii 1,,. r1111 , I, In It I l f : h,I f the l d, I h,, o,-f
11 ' c'h1:11 , ."' 1 d 4 1 44111|11- s I Ii
\1r. %n h 4.111 In t 'h0 l... .t " h1 .*1.,131 assuria e Ih,
M1 r ,'k", '4 ' 1."." 1 ,1I n11.
His Partner in Crime, George Kirk
wood, Also Took Morphine but
Was Pumped Out - Both
Men Were of Butte.
I 14'4 r 'llil ll 14 1 It l' %'wo44 h| loi t ''4ve'
ia l2-yol'l ' It.11(, In 'the pl4nilIo4 14ll444y,
: ('halrlh" I's It. '1 , f`I4,1 4l-l 1 1y of I, l1111 ,
H 1 11\',I 1)11, 11 l'llite hIi 1i 4 co Iunly JillI
ill 1M is4ut hI t 4)I ..Iill t '. 'l ik I'l i ,s lulo ning
ltl l 1 dI1I" at I o'h-lock. 1ll I Inr41iIIi'1,
I eorg'i,' Kirhilltod, trwlIlt li4' nH111 4 d4l'
I' n111 :ll Il i '., 4IIlI) 1\ w allt '"d1
molr4lhlll i Hl', bill III l 11te4r 1)ho11 w1 )1 puL p-lll
1 )41d o 44| 4lld 111 i ll ive.
'h ,1''I I '"i1l414h r 1.44- foilund, 14h1, rlly 4ft'1ir'
4ii , lily mw ;ll, 'i lll . '. ) Iy Ihu g I, h I ' %11m i
hIl),i1' laiy ol1 tih41 ' l 4 11 flol'. TIle' gliard
f14r'4 111" 11w1414 l 1) 1l 1444,') Ill liv'14 ofr
Iaili. K irltel l d.fI III nI la ' 1I It 1pt o tI IveI
hinl.'. f froIn 1h1 octhor1 , butilt iMHl,'l'r
I foug t111 :14 VMt i nitly ay possib lle ill film
wN l ,;i I S '(111( 4l,1 I., 1'l lv lil tht1 ' l ,lr 1."la '
fI'roll l plJ I ll) i g 11111 l, , It 4 1i14 1 114 1-i .r
i.rtio ll th4i4t -l, 1,.d fh. dof to4444 off Juii, |
441, 114 1 :1 4 111) 1 "- ;'' .l ll, 4144'" 144s444 '4f Jlnlm
too lolng.
Kirl ki'woo1, ;p1.par1 ntly, regrltted tijm
attlh'nti l if self-d'lh rult'll l Io I an r'i'tdlly
c'olintllll. . I to Ith' p)l l, l le 1 l,,' of l h11
1111 4 ll'll l l4i ltli4l 4 Il,
Poison Stealthily Secured.
4lllt4 n n ti l ' t11L ll4lle sh4 rlll 4 14 1 4- Jyllerfi
WI pl orl l t'llll 4)4 I, i 4I', h14l4 , 11 li t llg "LO
fll r'44 1f)r' t4i4,' S)afely of 141).' lc'h14 rgel'. it
iii14 id t111:t ',tl 1ors wor, fr4l'rly lifllllt
I'l, 1 to talk 41 t If4 h till' 1he 1' n 1111 y4Ht'r
In 114" rol, 1y of fitll. i-'W44tern 4 1ourig4
l o1 ll ppot ' I ty ll 1 'ojl h .t ) d 114 e of ell -
illg i alls fe thatli 1'y ttalot '"il 'i ll 1loil.sonl
4 1 arln4h- 4 4 tl he oula. l. . a ' d plt to
1',iv4)14'r giIt t2l,''4'4'll 'll4 4.4 y4il'l- l e. t lIh' .l' t
thr lt, 111" prli hr4 3 by I.aking 1'i )l4ion.,
fi'; 4er4 s411 4 44 y 4a') obld 411 K4ikwoo4 I
Is uI yeaours old. 10ith wret hard ened
i' l.lial4 : it ll uel h,11 , 1tn io t io ifle po.l''
of I 4l1tt' . r . l I4n t ll' 4im.,-ilt lu 1 y)c 444 in
111i lls y, T'l hey 44',re 1 te'1" l I'g1ler' t
'''ill" bi, 4 'l'l i shortly be4ui e ' 11l' rub
1ip,' h1l' 14' \ lissui Uila 441144 ldt( h it 1 th'
4-4r444 4hat they 44,4n4 4)r4o44 14'' dIi -ct
l" i 'II -4l 4 1411'd 10l 4' ills ho4 i', Little
l'it ik lin ofii W++II dll ts, Ill yoll d Ill,
r l 4tion4t. tl r Iilla 'y 4and let' ,ral times
dlmo'l all tht'd that he lad bIt4 n lrl4,'
ed4a1)44- tid.
Helena's New Band.
11'11)11n, May 13.--4Jlena'$ n1t w 1t4 1
a.4l1i' ts first publ il' appearance on t4''
414)41'h14 this t lltoilg., It 1ec'nuded th'
hotels 4444.( newspaper1l' " offices iand it,
144ti'e ia4l brlghly lcompil-mentedl, con
slideri'.nlg ithat t hand has hiad only a
few weeks' practice.
Perished on St. Vincent.
(Bly Associlated Press.)
0Castries, Island of St. Luclia, May 13.
It Is announced in tyivices receivenl here,
this morning (Tuesday), from the Island
of St. Vincent, B. W. I., that 1,G10 persons
have perished there sin4e the Soufriere
volcano has been in eruption.
[I~flhINti AlT ORT
One of thle Pregidential Candidacltes
Barr~icaded lirnuelt in the Palace
--Firing In Other Por
tions of the City.
1(,4441 44441 l'r~it 4', hl11lyli, Muy Hiri. Fur-11
thI'II 1ivil144g~ ''ll(lilJ' I .1 in · n(( the 1 44' IIhe
4r~ ; '.'1 44i, I',i·~ 411.4~ I hiii 1 145 Iiii' in4'4 44441 114
4414114' 4444 ii,' I\1 4 i4444'dilt '4144 r 1413'14444 fitn
l1144444'4 144444444'. '1~ 44'I '4~~~ 4444444 1.(114444,4 N 4
41.44. "I, 141 4 4l 4 ,i44444'k4'4.1 .1 1144 Ig~tll 'nl IN
4((~.11~' t' I.t 4 iy, 44 4411 t14444:1( 1)~' 444 444441444i4I'
.rll isi, \)~1 1'~(111, 1 I'1II
('ll lit i h 4 444 4 44441 4
Mi. Breen Declares That Jutlices of
the Peace Issue Warrants His
Office Refuses--Adds a
Needless Expense.
('11111ly .M oI rnp v I r 'ell \vw i l l , ; I·- l .1
144lll119'lI,414' Ill hl'tll4 11I41,II '.1 111114I,1II1
'.Il' o lrow III .3' II I iH 4 J1'Ii Ini cott.IN s h
N Il' 11 11 hl 11. i ' 19111I'l H1111 4pr' ,'. 1(ll'nl il s
114I411111i l. lf l h. i I 1'Ill 4 In hIIh . Ir, , iiJlit r
ill 1th 1 ju1 t lilt' co1 rts ;1 11(1 1 m4111110 1 thir
ti' lcls ofll' th * i'ltl' l' la id I hl con1t,
I tl' I u I i lN ii 11iito I l lr f I . l ill- f tl ' I
itI11 l Ife n or uII. 1 o 1r 11h 4 ll'y at
t r'llr yll ll y lot il I h, i I ru..J f. l't, pullur
i',i' '1 9iry in 1 1,.llli4 that l'9 Ih , Jul ih' i ur't
Cro .lts In Poi through . of
Il , i 1l, 4 141i.o I II J 114.4 1 1iN '4S4i4i' Its
slui11 1 h v 1111' ill oll it lllllill l i lit li, ' doler
ihl.ne wli Jt.ir. Iilh ir l N ugoodl grll lndL for
th1l 1 r441 t3, I'. lll s 11l141 1 1it i xj1 101 to Jiux'
l1il19irr l I I h Il. II'ly I s.
'1'him 114i l t pres94lll ' I.i l . vohnI lt y 9 ly
NIhllly ofll 11 ), J 4i44l .i1 4s, land rIllolihl lrtl' ioe
4,1 hiinil a11r rolg111' l y 1 11' il through 1111
hl' it;'ll 11i ' of i ar' 'ilntrl 've'Ily Ilay orn
S40 fl'l r t , I li" c uni y altorc !fl, e has
1I.41 ll 9' 11 il l' I.4 llli. t . ll ll, i 'l.l' II i
Cl!se In Point,
hlit.lit g ii lni ; ,t Jl 'rrinun niin Jll'
1 .1994 1144 l , 1 ,'bllii 1.4'il l i' i, 1114 11i1.i4. Ill
l l ll. Till- ,1111 11ily 111 al l'litle4 y' ' 14 l ,1' Ire
I'411Fiu l 1 4 liill, laii ! to lli fhol .ir 11 i. Io'
iirio4 iil(d Mi '. i 1,ill gai , n .ull y1t 11u -
yill let )l -ll l Ie i ' ll tI o tll' 41 . T''h l're
1%19'1r4 t1t1. Irl II I .lltl4 h 4- l i II o nothll
11l1, ' 1111t' NII' ll' ~bi ig l I to IIItr'ary
ipllig out Handllng Cniill ma. i wl
4u1, mllil l thi oill y hiily a l ,to 'ay 1 bilh .
W1 ih. ill ien I'11 1 tily V i lll 'tlty' .l thie re
i l,llrl 1 l', d 4 ii Int' y , Ili il a n lbel'rk being
oI1 lHtih bll', thelt Juiivi"', u r'. T l thro ugh
1'll4l11. 1 Ir(l 1'l'11, 44 urlla'y h 'i'lltl Iilhos -
fl io 11 re No d'l -i ply V ill'11nttrl In tason e.
mautltr that '4n144 o the juile court ats,
Ill Jllttl' .'lh r nb'lll l . how litCl, and they
.Iloa'cd to judge 4'hcthl l thete is ground
Lheyh dulty to handle.g lnit d
Mr. hen een Opnly eportn.
Con(Iy Attocrney Press.n going to re
illum till' (1 c uiilty auditor to turn inlto
his olndon, M hly ti.-lhe Jweekly rehi pre
Lorid altchene. t today shows that J19
lir'.s were thllld, ci. wblere, woundedill
turn 91 wn all bl0 for '7 prosecutions 400 orset
au.ht l rui'zid by his itflllv..
T"h'lllr' arl'" lvl' Justieei of I110" peace
il the Ioitly wivlh which we have had
1,1 rub,300 hiead of lttie ell Inut there
Il lill'd e juoth is with . hoin w° have
hlad trouble. I'oiitable Shen. 'oeelved
iho ivlrk out of this oilhi, t111s m ntilh,
yet he turndi In a bill for $41, W l' are
going to stop (l1. practlhl' it' looting the
county trl' silly with the fi'e system
through trivial justice court prlecu.
Ihllit," ,aih M r. li'te('i today.
Handling Claimns.
(lamhlls of the justlLit aiR! constaileti
go through the eOvluty audltor as hands
itiid then to tihe county cornminlsloners.
Mr, Breon will try to llmtitute the re.
form suggested by putting a black na'rk
"n1 the bills that ar' incurred through
vhatL hie regards as unwarr'ranted prose
utions for trivial or insuffleient reasons.
Mr. Breen and his staff have to prose
'ute :ill the cases its the justilee courts,
u, miatter who brings them, and they
hlik it reasonable that they should be
'llowed to judge whether there is ground
it' not for the proceedings which It Is
their duty to handle.
Kitchener's Weekly Report.
(By Associated Press.)
London, May 13.--The weekly report of
Lord Kitchener today shows that 19
Itoers were killed, sil were wounded, 82
were mta..e prisoners, nine surrendered
and 800 rllhis and 157 wagons, 400 horses
olad 4,300 head of cattle fell into thq
hands of the British.

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