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. U TTe INT.ESR 1902. t N TAINr.
Historical Coaches Emblazoned With
Armorial Bearings and Embellished
With Massive Gilt Ornament-
King and Queen Seated Side by Side
in the Royal Coach and Accompanied
by the Infanta Maria Teresa.
(Ily Associated Press.)
Madrid, May 17.--King Alfonso at
tained his majority today and became
king in fact us well as in name.
Beautiful weather favored t-his, the
central day of the fetes.
At an early hour all the bands of
music of the troops comrposing the gar
rison marched through the principal
streets, playing lively nral.ches, to the
royal palatce, w"here they performed be
neath the windows of the king's apart
The royal procession wans formed on
the Plaza de Armas In front of the
palace shortly before 2 p. m., and pro
ceeded to the chamber of deputies,
where, In the presence of the senators
and deputies, the king took the oath to
upIh'o!d 'the conttitution.
The procession was a spectakle of
m.ediaeval magnificence. Great groups
on horsebaick opened the march. They
were followed by four 'buglers and
cymbal players frlom the royal stables,
whose horses were led by grooms on
foot; four mace bearers on four horses,
with Oriental trappings, led by hand;
two of the king's ridiing horses, two of
the queen ' riding horses, ready sanddled,
led by g ulcllo.s, and six other horses, cov
eted with hailndlome velvet cloths of red,
blue, green and ye!llow, embrloid( red with
armorial bearings In gold and silver.
'JThen, came 12 of the principil out
ridles, who plrtceded a lite of quaint,
historica:l coaches, emIblazon--d with
armn'orial bealrings antd enlbellished with
massive gilt ornallentatl on.
In Brilliant Liveries.
The <oa'chmelin ansd foutllen wore bril
hlunt Louis XVI liverics, and the trap
pings of the horses were of the most gor
geoul. dlesrlptllon. The first vehicle,
I.ronze c'olored, d'.rawn by four iblack
horses, was occttlled by four masters-at
Aftier it came the so-called "Pris"
coacih, o' cupied by the court chu.nber
lnitrs, and 13 state chariots 'belonging to
granidees of Spaln. In them were seated
palace futlltiotrilIles of high rank.
The next car loAge, having six sable
horses attached to it, wts aoccupied by
the Infanta Isa'bella and Infanta Eulale,.
The gold plated, molded ,lamps of the
Jext carriage 'were espectally striking,
being in-set with Imitation jewels. The
hammer cloth, a wonderful piece of em
broidery work, is valued at $18,000. The
king and the queen regent were seated
side by side in the royal coach anld were
atccompanied 'by the Infanta Maria
Teresa, youngest sister of his nlajesty.
It was drawn by eight speckled grays In
dark red harness, having heavy or
mnolu ornaments. Ilmmene white osrrich
plumes waved fromn the heads of these
The king and queen regent ascended
a platform faring the seminl-circular,
gutilded hall, around which the benches
were filled to their capaclty by sen
atorms, deputies, courtiers and officers.
The following princes and other special
ienvoys were seated immediately to the
right of the platform, which was draped
with red. Four gilded arm chairs we.re
placed In the front of the platform, be
neatlh a red canolpy.
The king and .queen regent who had
entered together took the center seats
and the prince and priincess of the
Austuria seated themselves in the others.
On the left of the king stood a table
on which ws a it Bible with a silver
cructlix behind It. On the side of his
majesty was a stool, on which was a
golden crown, blazing with jewels.
Have Enough Supplies.
(By Associated Press.)
Washington, May 17.--Secretary Hay
has received a cal)Ilgram from the
United States consul at Fort de France
announcing that the relief supplies now
on their way are quite sumelent, and
suggesting that while St. Vincent may be
in need the subscriptions In the United
States should cease at once.
, - - -- - _;--= = -=. . . ---: - - _ _._. ..... . ...... .... ..
(By Assoclaated Press,)
Hazelton, Pa., May 17.-The coal re
gions hereabouts were very quiet today
'nd every one is patiently awaiting de
velopments. I
President Mitchell says he has had no
communication with any one regarding
the settlement of the strike. He has re
celvedl no word, he says, from Senator
Hanna or any other menmber of the civic
"The operators have refused our de
mands," he continued. "We have quit
work, and it is now up to the other
The operators also appear to be await
ing developments. The mine owners in
this section say they have shut down
Indefinitely and will not attempt to start
up their collieries. They feel that sufi..
olent men could be secured from the
miners' ranks to partially resume work,
but this, they fear, woukd' bring on a
strife 'which they declare they weat to
John Thompson and Mary Reed's Wed
ding Dispels the Heavy Legal Gloom
and Causes Happiness to Dwell
in the House rn the Hill.
Seldom a ripple of gaie!y breaks the
severe monotony of the district court.
Sentiment rarely Intrudes there. Dry
as dust are thie lawyers, sober as a
judge the court, decorous as it tombstone
:c thle scene.
But once in the age of it cat an event
freighted with a hatful of the beauty,
joy and hilarity of life breaks through
the cobwebs and rouses the court, the
lawyers, the spectators and the court
officers from their long, sad dream of
labor and introduces a thrill and a smile.
Behind the Scenes.
This morning Judge Htarney's court
room was crowded with attorneys bent
with care, all busy and engrossed w:th
the affairs of the day. The court had not
colme and Deputy Clerk Helmerdinger
frowned behind tile screen of his desk.
The Judge was in his chalmber .,ti the
business of the day was waiting for his
appearll' I'ance.
Suddenly the door to the chamber
opened and Chief Clerk Wliklns broke on
the eyes of the gathering, which looked
up expectantly for the judge. hIls eyes
twlnkled and he motioned ('lerk Heilm
trdinger to join him with a shantde of agl
talt n lln his manner. The latter Jonlied
him Impatiently, and the pair disap
peal'ed Ibehind the door.
There the reason for the delay in the
opennllg of the court was apparent. The
judge was there, sniling, and so were
John 'rholnpson anti Mary Iceed. The
latter were agitallted, and thetr marriage
was witnessed by the deputy elerks.
Everybody Happy.
And the nmarriage was whluisp)ered about
the courtroom. Deputy ('lerk helmemr
(l:nge-r returned to the room radiant. The
c('ourt ap pearled wearing a benetvolent
look. There were striles anld nudges
J everywhere. A rustle of Inllterlest and all
awakening of feeling pervauded the ccourt
room. The day's business started with
an alnimation anid movement of the red
corpuscles out of custom.
Mr. and Mrs. John Thompson went on
their way rejoicing but Ignorant of the
touch of color and fire that they had In
fused into one of the dryest placIs on
(By Ason('lated Press.)
New York, May 17.-In a letter written
before he started on his lait voylige
which ended when his ship was ides
troyed In the roads off St. Pierre by the
explosion of Mount Pele, ('aptain (1. T'.
Muggah Indicated that he had a pre
pentment of Iimpending dtlisiit. The
letter \uwas written to all old friend, the
c(aptain of a Canadian government
steamne r.
To Captain Muggalh. Mount P1'eli In
Martinique and the Sonfrierei of St. Vin.
cent were old ac(quaintances.
More than once he had salled under
their shadows and he had not thLe con
fidence In them that was dlisplayetd by
the natives of the West lndl.an Islands.
In his letter he said:
"We are leaving here for Martinique
in the morning and I hope te the old Ito
raima will do as well its she did on her
last voyage. We have some Ilassen
gers this trip, includlng the mate's fainm
Ily and others. I hope that they will get
through all right.
"I heard a peculiar yarn from a priest
not long ago about the forming of a lake
on the sunrmit of Mount I'ele, like the
one formed In 1812 on the other volcano.
I really have a creepy feeling."
Lord Pauncetote's Condition.
(By Associated Press.)
Washlngton, May 17.--It was stated at
the British embassy today that there
was no change in Lord Pauncefote's con
tltrumrrc n mrm rrr
r +, 24?~$I~
Refuses to Obey the Order to Allow
Inspection of the Minnie
Healy Mine.
F. Augustus Iheinze, E. H. Wilson
and John Kane were last night at 10
o'clock cited to appear in Judge tilancy's
court at 2 o'clock today and . answer
to the charge of contempt of court.
Ilelize and the two other defendants
were charged with refusing to allow
the insplection of the Minnie Healy ineln
ordered by the supreme court in the
case of Miles Finlen against F. Augustus
Heinze and others.
Refused Admission.
The plaintiff's agents for the purposes
or the inspection, namend in the supreme
court's order, applied for admission to
the mine at 10 u'clock yesterday mnorn
ing, and were refused admission by the
hmen in charge of the mine, thus, it is
alleged, violating and setting at defiance
the order of the supreme court in the
Therteupon a proceedinlg for coni(tempt
of court was brought In Judge ('lancy'.s
court against lleinze, Wi\Vllon and Kane.
The judge signed the order citing them
('fy Associated Press.)
Washington, May 17.-WVith imposing
cerelmonoies the remains of Maj. (,in.
WVilliamt Starke Rosecrans today were re
interred In Arlington cemetery under the
direction of the Society of the Armay of
the Cumberland.
The servi('s were presided over by
Gen. l)avid H. Ihndlerson, speaker thile
house of represelntallives.
President ltoosevelt, nlemeln:rs of his
cabinet, .u)tors anlld representatives
and a host o4 friends, Including many of
his lid army asinhelates, were present to
ipay their last tribute to the noted
Full military honors were accorded the
remains, wiciih were borne to the grave
onl a caisson. The funeral cortege moved
from the Arlington hotel at 10 o'clock.
the escort commandedi by Lieut. Col. E.
(i. Dlmrllik, Second IUnlted States ,.av
alry, ihadetd by a platoon of 4ounted
pIollice, consisting of several military
organizatil lolls.
Honorary Pallbearers.
'The es.ort was followed bly a carriage
containing the lRev. 1). J. tlafford, after
which caame the alssnHon betaring the re
inains. Next in line were the hoIorniiry
palielnrutes-lIeut. (fen. John t. Sclho
hield, I. S. A.; Lieut. (cen. Neleurin A.
Miles, LT. S. A.; Major i(General C(orliin, I'.
S. A.; lBrig. (ten. J. M. Wilson, t1. ,. A.
Brig. Gen. (. l. Gillesple, I?. S. A.; Ire.
vet G(en. T. M. Vincent, I. S. A.; (ten. F.
(. Smith, I'. H. A.; Col. (I. . (,ioodle,
U.. '. B1. C.; Maj. John M. I'ariauhur, tJ.
S. V.; Col. Illery May, District of
Colulmbia (lGuard, and II. Clay Evans.
The membelrs of the family, the presi
dent and calbinet, the joint committee of
Total Relief Amount Has Reached
Four Hundred and Fifty Thou
sand Francs-Government
Buying Supplies.
(By Associated Press.)
Paris, May 17.-Most of the towns and
communes throughout the country are
actively at work raising Mart:lqlue re
lief funds. The government is placing
colectlon boxes In all the postofllces. The
total relief fund has reached 450,000
The Bank of France and other finan
clal concerns are opening subscription
lists in favor of the fund. England has
contributed £500 to the Bank of France's
relief fund; the provincial branches of
the French bank are also collecting sub.
In most of the cathedral towns masses
have been celebrated for the repose of
the eouls of those who perished.
The ceremonies have been accom.
panied by much pomp leading to large
The Figaro, Temps and other papers
have started subscrp:tlons which are
yielding handsomely. The rtinistei .f,
the colonies, M. de Crais, during the day,
issued an offiCial note to the effeet.haM
comprehensive arrangements hate be#14
made to assure food supplies fr'r Mgri.
fr vunitempt lust night, aiind tIoday
Ilviln/., \'Ilon atId Klon' api ar 1114ll d In
ti , I t ill't ito nlnlvctl'.
Not Ready to Plead.
i ut they mle not ready to pleai.d, their
ittori ey ail tnnou'ied to the tcourt, titul hie
III, It made a motion for a c(otllluanlce of
the, hurling untlil 10 o'clock WediVieIitIsdhy
llll'liing. 'iThe court otp. ilitoned tile heal. -
Ilg to Ithat tlie to oblige tIhe i.
Anotlher appllcltion for illlh5hinl to
tlii, Minnl e [Leally Illne wVIs nmidl
ti Itcllize'sH I 4anillgtlrN liat th0e 11 ii' 1:1 111
or i-ing, iand adtilisstlon wis iaga.ln re
fou'ld. IThe en n tlI n i III n the ' hurt's
Order of the Court.
The authority given th1e plh'-ttiff'a
i,, ts to enter the lmint ii s I II tll I fI l
I, lng Itll T illlge:
i To Ih ltar, and Inaly t il IlI i a. ln
~i: poise of dlcvel' ping any vi in, tfllil
I, the Mtinnhe ,ealy loi, c+hlinli."
si1 .et and (iil. Johin I . ,Mlti't4ntinon, IIl,.c
Iatles (it {illlnlaral iistieiatsr' It Vesit
Point and tllhe coilllmatter to rec.lve Ihe
president and oahlLnet at the cemenltery,
nrla. (hen. John F'. Weston, Maj. lten.
.i'ohn Twe.hdl uansi Col. U. K. Kniffen,
I'. H. V., followed in the order named.
Henderson Speaks.
W\'hen the funleral proes(' l Io'each(:Led
Oth,+ '(ne(.try the lremnliah were cionveyeld
to the pavillont. In opening tih lexert'li'es
SIpt'aker Hleldaerson, who lprr'ldtltl, delllv
spk, of ll|htlug with (leolrnal I|roerttnlln
at Ithe battle of Corinth, arlid aild that he
a\;s the most fearless otllher Ihe had ever
.,'n. IIln fearllesM dlash illld I t'lwe the,
,i :lth-knel o thL lm slll i. iof l'iicie and
V;n Itorn, and at the battle of ('hlkac
nltullig hil4 piersonal (efforts had aver. the
".o mnor fatrl' i'Hsl min;," added (IlIen
oI II .lelersuo n. ".'ever fiat)id de tilh thani
It ,.4 dear ItIrt who sllps In our Ilnlast
h m)lorlllg. (; i llall Ito elllrtln sleeps
p1 i'fulllly iI th, I,.asollli of thIle 'ountlry
\t the 'onI+lut+yII of Spratker ilande r
, t''M rtelutrkm t e qti t(- tar . 'l(de chur of St.
Ihi," i fht e It V hi l h i' .f iad resmms o re
n o lt et , b y P ' le s ide. nt" l lo i , ,v -ll , S. a' laIr
il' rake IIII hi'd Htlpre tat]lvli. lepbia luri,
I;ll.l' v'nor l o' i <|tdlldl ler.
FThe servies ed the pavill Becom, ei
~t, teog, moved slowly to the grave,
the Worst Epedimics rd y or. untry
Has, lsEverg Known-Exper.My ato, to
'l'hRe," Invey the qlgatiot , lps
ir,:n tel. anld the last ay rneites over the
lii ging i tile oltier had been performed.y
I tli:ll h4h kltotn Ii thl;lat l i''llllilt 1.
Has Ever Known-Expert to
Report Investigations.
If ttan examination by one of tht e mrost
noted exprtsin of ote ithne.'i lid States willt
dibtelrnite the nt ture of the dc.iaste now
'ttging in the titter Htoot Valley and
iuleh nt kplnown that t seh.tllonly iai
"por tied f.y'er," the real chkliractitir of
th- tlsourge will Soon be knlowni.
Jtr. itouis bu lnhard ht ilson, stater
r itoer loglist of MIn ota al d he professlior
of bacteriology of the Ineou irsty odis
I.erto un, pssedwn n through nutte ry st
n;ight on his way to Missoula, where he
""ill remlan for some time and w att.h the
dit Vloplnent of the cases with the pa
tlents that are now suffering fro<nt it.
"It is possible that you are having an
epidemic of one of the most terrible and
virulent plagues that this country has,
iver .en," .said C. T. Atkinson, a Ht.
1;,uil traveling man, who witas oi the
tialn with Dr. Wilson, hi a conlv\r'tilon
at the; Thornton this morning.
"Dr. W'ilson did not 'are to speath
d, tinl'tl ty about the disease until he had
.,I1 opportulnty to mtake a thot'rugh in
v,::tigation, but fruton what he has heta'd
+,lu learned of Its nature he fears that
it "nay be a very dangerous disese
hitherto unknown in this country."
Master of Court Recommends That
Paragraphs Be Stricken Out in Suit
Against Boston & Mt ntann and
Amalgamated Copper Co.'s.
Judge' l akehi' , 1111" l i.t l sl. \\I n tt t ittIi
I't lf l 'i d' 1th n' ill lll t1lif l' h till of .X,' iep t llns
J(lii n|ii .(i i lllltl i , ,l ,ill . il.i;llli.l ih.' it lI -
I the iitiii'iti tg iII iitiii ull brL i nis t by
,John M a. ;llt11 8 sl lll.i t als,, ll ls il4. . Ith1 u
otoInn &l 'M14 ulll| ' M nlnlllt u g .411111,11 "(a lll I14
utll Ier iliihi'tu , I, i ti'\11 in lilt' in ilily
pilnlll t s'f4 1 11 u dg ing If llinest \Rtep h o ':ath.
pnlny (1dees red a 1.1 ;111( pro-vi-nl 111
dlenids, huts 111(11e lls 1--141 In th, e o1'41111
'lll I t' iiIIti I' i 'll III , i' iti' II(' t le111
(hi lll i . silhn ' ' tiul tlII t II ' it li tl tilsi
4aCop urti l.
lIII the ''ll t IJ dgeil t 1;t h' p' otu h n (d
t(Il l ions of i Pllllaragraphs. in llll
T sle4i n I. (.In11 h , ex 'n'II1g J m'l lLthat JoIh .
The'lno 1expigullt'i bt IIhs' I f li I. ralth,
llpl l ;n11111 h l l.n s II sIly tI (klt.eton of
tIit ' rnil l('.i I s ll . , Ii1 8.. - I' hat IIII
hI11"l xlllih tll I, tt l till.l.lig it ll l . i v ii p is'
1t'I . l lll vl i; 111 , title of the III 11ii ,li tIfII
hlort: I Ihmtso Its hnor Dentldal". Il
]'. ' 11 ,'I 'l 4Oi III" h , .hJ,. 'e11 i11 1 , ih h1' 1'sI '
I:l,.1l,'illk r n,'51 i i Ii i b llry I h l l. aid l 1i ;uln.l.
.1'the A InalgainIt (t 1'hIth, . e int' ,'lllisy, In
"l)t h ll i fll f '( o plain of ithl sai.lt 'l4l lti',
J Culuteinnies. ;In duly ref rtese by
the lll ld r of sid111 -1i411 hl )lll | 4 1 ll "llul. -ll
i (reI' l p ,ll d Li" 1u111 · ( 3 d of Ma lr 'l, l!_I, l II l
l t s tlil I i,11"(r ll'd alht 1 ihl l' iIurt, dill.
lhs i lll l(ni +(ld lust dr in by M; esI ser sllsl ,ll, l
Rlation & "'41l1 lr, unlIlui" a for ;h1 151
A. .lll. Jl (lllho llr ll"s and l F. K lly, l irl illorsl
Ifr ll1 d#'lli" " I l lndant, th l Ailglimaii ni| -
"FiI ll-'lPhut t,1 ll of that portion of[ll I
II'r1114gr ph 4 of l Hil' hlhl I 11 e1rillplal IIt,
bel ning llllll wtll h h,\ s or.sH , 'Ihat , hi. .'
ihs yeti' 111 IN,' uI n nll( 'l whlIg toil IIIh'
.worldn- , ';41d In vhl ,atimn of tIhe ri/h1 'f
.IIls ilnll (lll rll S o II sl 1" f lll II( 1; 41,
MoNl tal n m nlh unyll , %lll 1ll) k il nI t IH 1 -
pluh tiff,' i l .1.,rtint1 l nlil hxti rls
Cites Certain Paragraphs.
"He+", ndi Tha:st 111 whole of nl';i
gr ph I 5 of mowh hll ill or n hii, hi
ghblling h itvlh I11" words, 'lh11l lhl plnin
lif ;lald .I4nn s lurn s.llelr.' alllli eln d .ng
wilh the wnrd, 'lh. II .hli, d fit' o inor'ly
flu.,' ]lhd)hl,.'x 1l i (11'r1- the , ,1aw 'x of the x1 11in '
or oIionlia ,' Ix Jin ,l i lty ut 4111 xIIr
"ThI'r1 d 'I'h;il Ithe whhle, of I'"at | .Krisph
6 .I' .1lhl hill or 11 of pllnil, be. h-g inninl
/vilh Iil. w asln , 'th;l Inl |lll'Is1u1:1 I(,a ' for
lht :;l'1r, sw:id d,."sir.,' ;lnt 1 m tli . w tllh
1h," wor.ls, i' 0-, .lll Jl#1 rital r"'ve all .
Minltlnov*d (';u elldh ," Is hi s rlll' l'lh a llus
,'mi'o rlh I'Pihil hl f PaIIIgrw -h
7 of wild1 III, hogti ,iilln g wl ith fh,, wot'rds,
p1halh iff furr hr'r allhls./.' 111:41 in p1 'rs1.
l1thle of Its puIrl rplsl ; n 5o reut t.' an/l m lh l
ill it h frusl, ,ndl mobin . willh th" wvord.,
manll ll l y noon sl0 k,' Is inllsllribll,. t ulll
"VIrlt' 'hI'l - hI wh,,ls of 'Pa'stg tsI/h
K, Itl'ghul1nig 11'11 hh words, 'lhlt (; 11(1
A lllllgl u tllih | 'o° slp r mal tssl ly ws/€i u1-..
ttanlize(,' and "h . ll.h g Whlh the Wilrlrs,
'In the ('x11111 1 .I Id nu I/... I. I 8 l 1
1ii MY otllf n;l and .II 5" tI. l ,r1.,' in m .#llporl
nsnll 11(4l sii pl u lag4-,,,
Concluding Statement.
i'ortlJnu or puIrnx ur;Ipht !, II I, 11, 12, 14,
15, It;, 17 11l1 1R ure, also kno.'ke.d (utl lty
Judg, Bllhkr", a4- belng Illp" r tlhlll Intl
11 'on" luslon ,1l4il(1a lihlke says:
(By ARHociat ed PreHH.)
Salt Late, Utah, May 17,--The Salt
Laket Tilegrtam (Independent) today ad
vocateH the elhtioti of a wotmanl as
UInlteid States senatoru to succeed Sena
tor ]tawlins, whose terIll expires In 19031.
"Sine.,c in Utaih womenct vote and have
the right to hold oltice i"tlually with rmale
(ltizenn," 'ays th.e T'Jelegram, "it wants to
us thaIt is a'hout tuno for ther~ to extr
cise that right and the extent of its last
"The prop'iosition nmay be radical, liut so
was the Idea of womnall suffrage 'radicual'
a few years ago. At any rate, and no
matter how revulutlonary the suggestilon
Five Negroes Beat a White Man an%
Later on in Resistlng Arrest Sev
eral Persons Were Killed Outright
and Fifteen or Twenty Wounded
Skull of Robinson, the Colored
(Ilty .\ .ii,,lat.d I'resre.)
,\ltniti, 'i l, Mt y 17, - ii llv'd ly aifhr'
iloon wvhilh, ltolt rllling t his blornh, IH Ihe
1l'hll lini l rl1a , fnllIr I'ii l l e . nil . A.
K**,rl.nl unN wi, aiybal by Illu neI neII..s
with hitim hi ha li liil whib'ih itln l
ith i If o rci ,. hi a tl l{ 'i h ' t ni , 'i ly ' n i vi l o f
Is tr'i Il y riiii' , w hhiII fii I . lt '| hi, ng I . l Il.
.I ~li liyt till liii11( ii~ 1). liii Iii I~i - lilt -
,111. uiny, I.'lyll \,illl haL\*, beInI' '
hIlii . A r i e . i 'lu ia t .tik I.iitl i d t inl I'nrt
Csin alo oul ton' Rs mrves. ow
,\II', i a nii t I in i tgh I t i'lh iI iiii'-i I lii IH. n
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House Surlrounided.
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woubt have l'; H'lli'i d'ni beflllllll , but we''Vil}
l"W'll-'' h iv n d thJ at.b. the' otd,+hlJ lbrbw
P+i' , l lls th ou ho he1tt1w lln. c n
w ill lnolt "nl'l:llt , upon l t e i br d 'oing lis |y
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"W . lhall i mpr ly Vut. b o.ycl ott uponI+,II
In ll ,' s Itlte bre ',"e t;hat do' n|ot'~ l pay llh
"We h'l.e rmeka. nd erstan '' h eI lh,. lm orfn l
fl.llie emp <loy r Ithl |lil0th.iy have r+l) i vedI
"l uinmid Illenio f.++ rom th,, uit{ on o/ head
11iIl~ lt +- |t4118, i u i}|| |Ji' 4tha tllfu |co It r V-t
wa Inllitslhrd by ~+,ithel unionl cl o mmit.
"Wle mltrnet hi. ir<|[aw tulp fot~r on b rew
eni ng May lrll~o,.f 1903, ltt+wl 1!Io1
may seem, what good reason can be
assigned why some intelligent, capable,
popular and gracious Utah woman should
not be elected to the United fttes sen
ate to succeed Senator ItawIlle?
"We believe in the right of women to
vote and hold office. Why should they
not be recognised and given a place in
the Unilted States senate?
"There is nothing but a wormy old sep.
tinment that the sooner we jusip on the
better, in one way.
"Thlere are lakilo here ilL Selt .L.g
who would make idea nflsntgre. Wly
not take the new de.artuie jd have t
credit of belpg the first to brekk the lee?'t

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