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You have always meant to
buy a STEINWAY Piano
that is your ideal. You don't
know how the idea came to you
that Steinways are the beet.
We can tl you. Itis
Puble Opinion
No one told you so. The
world says so, and when the
Steinway goes home you will
know why better every day.
Montana Music Co.
119 North Main St
Sole Agents
Fishing Tackle
New Files, New Poles, New Lines,
New Leaders, All Kinds of New
Baseball Goods
Balls, Bats, flltts and Masks---all
prices from the cheapest to the best
134 North flaln Street, Butte.
The Value of
Wall Paper
lies in what is printed on them.
You Want Good Colorings
You Want Good Designs
You Want Good Printing
We have these in the very best styles
and finish, No short rolls, no poor
prints, no shoddy goods, high-priced
if given away.
Ellis Paint Co.
Successors to Carder Bros
Phone 104. 17 E. Quartz St.
For Light
The Cheapest,
the Best.
For Heat
The chapest, the
most convenient
and best.
For Cooking
Saves labor saves
money and food.
Gas Office
202 Nerth Main street
Funeral Directors
Expert Embalmers
Thos. Sullivan, Mgs.
Phone 83. 9o5 E. Park, Butte
P tectcal Undertakers and Embalmer
140 W. lsrkSt., Butte. Phone 301.
Honorary graduate of the Ontario Veter
Inary college, Toronto, Canada. Treats all
diseases of domesticated animals according
to scientific principles. Office at Marlow s
stables, 104 South Main street. Telephone
993, All cases promptly attended to.
Gomething to See.
Quaint and picturesque Salt Lake City,
the beautiful Jordan and Provo valleys,
Castle Gate, Book Cliffs, the Canyon of the
Grande, Leadville, "the City of the Clouds,"
Tennessee Pass, Marshall Pass, Black Can
yon of the Gunnison, Curecanti Needle and
the far-famed Royal Gorge are a few of the
things to be seen along the Rio Grande
lines between Ogden and Denver. No rail
road on the globe offers such an array of
diversified and eye-pleasing attractions, and
when viewed from trains equipped with
every modern convenience tending to suit
all classes of travel, it is no wonder that
the Rio Grande route is the most popular
one across the continent. Three trains
daily between Ogden and Denver. For full
Information, rates, maps, etc., or for copy
of "Crossing the Rockies," write or call on
the undersigned. W. C. McBride, General
Agent, Butte, Mont. o
Your Summer Wood.
Dry Slab Wood-Easily sawed, quickly
split; $4.75 cord.
a9 East Granite street. 'Phone 50s.
Sutton's Broadway-Dask.
Sutton's Family-New stolk company.
Maguire's Grand-Dark.
Current Notes.
Orton Bros.-Pianos and organs. o
Binnard & Roger have removed to 88-9
Owsley block. o
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur P. lleinze ar
rived in the city yesterday.
J. G. Bates, tuner, Montana Music Co.,
ip9 N. Main street. Tel. So4.
D. Collinge, a Helena insurance man,
is among the late arrivals at the Butte.
Main springs. $t.oo; watches cleaned.
$1.5o; warranted. Mayer, 65 \Vest Park.
I.yon Comfort, one of the prominent citi
zens of Twin Bridges, is in the city to
Attorney J. R. Boardman of Anaconda
was in the city yesterday for a few hours.
M. i.. McDonald and wife have gone
to Hunter's Hot Springs for a short recre
Alexis Pfuhl, astro-phrenologist. Exam
ination of life with chart, $4.5o. At the
Ed Donlan, one of Missoula's well
known residents, is a late arrival at the
Jack Flannery and his bunch of Sena
tors arrived this morning and are staying
at the Finlen.
A son was born yesterday to the wife of
Thomas II. Malarkey at No. 3-5 West
Virginia street.
J. Benton I.eggatt, who has been making
a business visit in the capital, returned to
Butte yesterday.
Tony Sorconi of Denver, one of the
champion billiard players of the VWest, is
in the city today.
George Tyack has been given judgment
in the district court against l.ee P'hillips
and wife for $250.
A. F. Palmer, a well-known Spokane
business mlan, is among the recent ar
rivals at the Thornton.
F. II. Marsh, state agent for the Wis
consin Central, is among the recent ar
rivals from the capital.
Attorney Hlenry C. Still, former speaker
of the Montana house of representatives,
is a guest at the Thornton.
Miss Myrtle Carman of ]utte has gone
to Great Falls on a short visit with her
friend, Miss Gertrude Ward of that city.
Charles F. Fransham, one of lIozentan's
well-known citizens, came in this morn
ing on the Northern Pacific's westbounld
Charles ()rrington of Great Falls, who
has been visiting with friends in Ilutte for
the past month, returned to his homne yes
President I.eonard of the School of
Mines, left for Ilelena to attend the meet
ing of the State Btoard of Education, of
which he is a member.
A. C. Sanlnerg, for years associated
with l)r. hail the dentist, has noved into
the new Clark buildling where lie is ilrac
ticing dentistry for himnself.
The coltlty coniissionllers entertained a
petition yesterday, asking for the repair
of the road in G;rieves' tu lch, leading
from L.loyd's ranch to Little Blasin.
Frank Jones, foremanii of the \\ashoe
works at Alnaconila and one of the owners
of the new propercties Inl ace Track
creek, arrived in the city this morning.
Marriage licenses were issuerd yesterday
to Sam P'aull and Millie James, Joselph
Saxe and l.orilla l)eLong, and Emery
Whitlach and Annie Mcl.aughlii, all of
Sami Gaza of Denver, who succeeds the
late W. E. l'hillips as general agent for
Montana of the Northwestern Mutual L.ife
Insuranice compiany, and II. It. Ide are
ill town.
Kirk & Clinton have begun a suit ill the
district court in behalf of R. C. Freeman
against James A. lBennett to foreclose a
lien for $85 on a nouse at 605 West
Granite street.
Charles \Wediake and his little sister,
Miss Buly, have gone to Negaunee, Mich.,
to visit their grandmother. They were ac
companied by Mrs. Helinan of North
Carl II. Hlorst of this city has sent
cards to hlis friends announcing that lie
will be graduated fromn the imedical depart
mnent of Johns Ilhopkins university at BaUnlti
mlore, June 1o.
Charles II. Patterson and Josephine
Brown, both of Butte, were married yes
terday by the Rev. J. E. Noftsinger of the
First Baptist church. The couple will re
side in Anaconda.
Assistant County Attorney Yancey has
begun a suit in the district court against
Dr. H. M. Hall and Helen Itall to quiet
title to a house and lot at Excelsior ave
nue and Copper street.
H. E. Elton of Waterbury, Conn., ac
companied by Mrs. Elton, is registered at
the Thornton. Mr. Elton has many min
ing interests in the state and tmay con
clude to remain in Montana.
Fire dlcstroyed the small tenement
house at No. 638 East Park street yester
*day afternoonl at 4:30 o'clock. It was
started by the flame of a candle that had
been placed too near the papered walls.
Mr. antd Mrs. W. A. Ilillis of l.ibby,
who have been attending the shoot at Ana
conda, left for their home last evening.
Mr. IHillis carries away the medal for the
highest average during the contest.
Englewood Lots.-Perfect title, electric
line already graded, fine soil, soft water,
new school houec one block away. Lots
sold on $io monthly payments. Mrs.
Jessie C. Knox, Box 1o34. o
Annie Catharine Moynihan, 8 years old,
died this morning from pneumonia at the
home of her father, M. C. Moynihan,
No. 17 Eighth avenue, Mecaderville. The
funeral will take place tomorrow after
noon at a o'clock from the house.
J. E. McCormick, the genial proprietor
of Hunter's llot Springs, is in Ilutte to
day. lie brought in with him W. II. Brill,
city editor of the St. Paul Daily News,
and Dr. A. \V. Miller, corotler of Ramn
sey county, Minn., both of whom are
spending a few weeks at the springs.
Amended answers have been filed in the
district court in the suit of Edward
Berthemet against George S. Holbrook
and others by Edward Matthews, John
lHoolihan, John Fitzgerald and Jeremiah
Murphy. The surface of a valuable tract
of mining ground at Walkerville is the
subject of the suiL
Andrews and Wilson, Agents, Indignantly
Deny That They Have Anything to Do
With Bank and Then Kearney and
Shaw File Complaints Against B. Bank
in County Attorney's Office.
B. Bank is to be prosecuted on a charge
of obtaiting property unlder false pre
tenses. BIank is a noney Icnder, and the
complainants against hint are J. A. Kear
ney and L. F. Shaw, stepfather and step
Kearney and Shaw accuse Bank of a
shrewd swindle in which their note and
mortgage, an insurance policy for $.loo
and the local insurance firm of. Andrews
and Wilson figure.
Kearney andt Shaw ran a lodginlg house
at No. 134 \Vest lBroadway, and they told
Deputy County Attorney Lynch that Btank
had sonime kind of an interest in the chat
tels in the house. At all events, the furni
ture was insured for $.3oo with the insur
ance agents tamted. T'rhe house burned,
and Kearney and Shaw related that Bank
camtte to consult with them about collecting
the insurance money. They told Mr.
Lynch that Bank said to them that the
insurance cotlpany would lie reluctant to
pay their claim, and that something would
have to be done to induce tile agents to
look upon it favorably.
"\We'll have to give them some grease,"
Bank said to Kearney and Shaw, the lat
ter told L.ynch.
Bank's Little Scheme.
Complainants allege that. Itank then
agreed to fix the matter up with Andrews
and Wilson if they would secure the ad
vance of $-'5, which lie agreed to pay the
insuranice itent, with a note anlld mortgage,
Iearing J per cent per montottl interest.
They declared that they gave the note
and mortgage to Ilank, and that he went
away and returned later and tohl them
that the insurance men demanded $50, but
that he had "Jewed them down to $.4o."
lie desired that the note and nlortgage be
increased to $40, agrreeing to advance the
additional $15.
They said that they agreed to that ar
rangement and raised the collaterals with
the j per cent per month interest.
Insurance Men Indignant.
They put in their claim for the $30,. int
sutra;ice iimoniey antI thent thicy reachedll the
cream of the joke in their subtle trans
actions with Jiank. The insurance men
paid the money without a word of protest
or reference to I;antk's "grease."
That raised their suslicionis, they told
Mr. Lynch, and they intired of Andrews
and Wilson as to whether the latter had
received the $.3~ of "grease." The intsur
:ance iten, according to their story, in
dignantly deniedl that they had ever seen
the color of Btank's money or had any
thing to do with hint in the matter. Kear
ncw and Shaw lthen ctoncluded that Bank
had defratded thtin and they repaired to
the county attorley's office for tlhe coiti
Ilank will have a chance to explain the
case to Judge Shepherd, in whose court
the complaint was filed today.
Civil Service Commision to Examine the
Applications in Butte June 11.
Eighteen aplplication(s for applointments
to pIositions in the Ipotoffice have been
made to the civil service commission,
which will examine the applicants in the
city council chamber between o and t
o'clock Wednesday, Junie I . The exam
ining board will comprise J. E. Stephen
son. T. II. flensley and W. L. llawley.
Those who weigh too pounds and score
70 per cent oni the iquestions asked them
will be placed on the list from which car
riers and clerks are drawn. There are to
be four appointments made, one collector
and three carriers. There is no collector
at present and the addition of one will
be of great benefit to the city. It will
be his duty to nmake a round-up of the
mnail boxes of the business district with
a horse and cart eight times a day. The
carriers Iow v lake collections in the busi
ness district four times a day, which, ad
ded to the eight collections of the regular
collector, will make a total of twelve
collectors per day.
Defeats Charles L. Barnaman in Latter's
Suit for Money in a Divorce Case.
Charles I.. hlarnamian brought suit
against John R. BIordeaux to recover
judgment for $tmo which he claimed Bor
deaux owed himi for services in the Bor
deaux divorce suit. The suit was tried by
a jury in Justice Arnold's court with the
result that Blordeaux was given a verdict
ILast fall Itarnaiman went to Seattle and
while there was arrested at the instigation
of E. A. Driggs, father of Mrs. Itordeaux,
on a charge of having given false testi
mony at the trial of the divorce suit. IHe
was bIrought back to IButte, given a pre
liminary hearing before Justice Nelson and
hound over to the district court, but was
uhscubq(tently released on habeas corpus
proceedilngs instituted in Judge Mc(Cler
nIla's court and afterwards sustained by
the supreme court. Iarinalan wanteid lIaor
deaul x to pay the expenses of the Seattle
trip and brought suit to compel him to do
it when Blordeaux refused.
Deputy Sheriffs Are Watching for Two
Men Selling 'Razors in Silver Bow.
Two tough looking characters were at
Silver how this morning selling razors,
and they fell under the suspicious eye of
Under Sheriff Morgan of Anaconda. lie
telephoned to the sheriff's office here to
keep a look out for the men, who were
coining here.
It is believed that the razors are stolen
goods and Sheriff IFurey's deputies are
keeping a watch for the men.
Judoje, However, Tells Each Man to Sit
Down and Orders All Back for the
Afternoon Session When He Promptly
Selects His Panel-Fireman Proves
the Luckiest of Men, Being Barred.
Jutl,:e I larney's court was enlivened this
anorlintg by the selection of a jury to try
civil ca.ses. One hundred jurors, tnutl
lont to alipear as jurymen., were present,
and lh.icr they were called Judge lHarney
listen d to their excuses and then excused
thln till : o'clock, when he formed a
T'lhomas Kilgallon desired to he excused
becauset lie was the fore'man of the West
Stewiit mtie, and desired to attend his
"Ii, )you think you're too good to serve
as a .llwr'" the court inqutired.
'No, :ir; I don't think I ti any too
good, Ibut there is tno shift hss to look
after the work, andt I should like to be
there to watch it," the jturor replied. lie
was aiked to have a seat.
Fr ' I.,oslhe, a grocerymlan, wanted to
attend to his work also. lie thotught the
biusinlls neededIl himl.
His Hearing Defective.
joh, Ilelthliinier's wife was sick and
ineed-il his care and attendaince.
W'illiami W illiams said: "]'lit a little
'ard a' 'aring, yer honor."
"Arc you quite hard of hearing ?" the
coulrl askedl.
"1 didn't 'car you, sir."
Thi' questicoi was repeatedi foiur timies,
alnd then Williamns heardl and .said he could
catch loudil talking.
"'h1 lawyers lusually get prety loud,'
said the icouirt, and when tihe ri mark hadl
ibeen I'plcated three tilll.s, he said: "Yes,
sir." solliiily, as if still in doutit.
C'h;irls Ilrehner, an etngineer, was told
to tal : scat. I, Ic left the court land the
hailil broulght him back. Al Silller hadl
work i, do.
Williami Brown hadl to takie are oif tihe
cable. at the Moonlight. Nobody else
would du.
Some Excuses.
II. A. 'lowle said lie was sick. aind Elrod
I)odd was sure his ltisines coull not get
aloing while ihe acted as a juror.
"\I hatil's Ic matter with youn ' the court
asked whenii Joe Mlartill cainle ulp.
"\\%ill, I would like to get ofT. your
honorI. "I have other thiiiings to dii," Mair
tin r' plied.
"\ell, we want to get somi.lheldy uili here
to listein," the coiiurt aniswered with a .iuiilc,
"I think you'll have to take a seat."
II IR. Aniers.n was a fireman, and
therf-rl exempt.
EtL. I olliglan was ltaking ci rte oif a sick
fricu el.
lTh i ititi refuise t1 i ii let aiybody go till
lie had lookd ivcr the list, aoli he brought
everyl.ly liack at - o'clock, whlii he
select, dI the" panl. 'lThe dehat man lduI nit
hear tliw oit.l r, allnd hie ca;le i to tlie
(con Isti d'esk to fiil nut whati it wa,.
"(til " lack at 2," the court whislrd,
and hen nodded and went away.
Border Woman Likes Liquor and is Now
on Verge of a Trip Over the
Hills to Poorhouse.
Mis, Calanmity Jane tirmly objects to go
ing to the lpoorhouse anid Iiow the county
culmmli-Iiiners of L.ivingston are wonder
ing what they will do with the gentle
lady with the wild cognomen.
. "( ,ilaiity has been sick itn her shack in
(;arldner and the commissioners decided to
sendcl ler to tue poorhouse," said a liv.
ingston llan today. "She went alonlg
peaccal;ly enough until she got to Iiving
ston il then she did, in the parlance of
l.iviniiu tonI, balk. She is of the opinion
that the poorhouse is not the proper place
for her and now tile coImItiss1otners are
wolldelring what to do with the womnan.
"Calanitiy Jane has for so Illany years
been a obrder character; so mnally years
used to doing about as she pleased, that
now in hIer old age she waIts to conltinue,
and the county comlmnissioners idonl't want
her to ha:ve her way. They know what is
good for her.
"Now, the whole trouble with Calamity
Jane is this: She likes her drinks regu
larly. Drink times with her mutlst be fre
quent. She knows that once she's put ill
the poorhouse that her drinks will cotlle
about as regularly as hot days in Ilutte.
She kinws that and who, with a love for
liquor, can blaime her ? As a true Ibe
liever in Mr. Itacchtus, I say that Calamity
Jane is imore to ibe pitied than eon
demn.led; inmore sined against than sin
ning !
"I've heard that some of the Ipatriotic
citizen, suggest that a fund lie started to
buy Calamity Jane her medticine regularly
and thli her life in the poorhouse will be
onie gisl, sweet song."
Poto,i Hlot Springs. *
Knights of Pythias Excursion.
For meeting of above society at San
Francisco the Northern Pacific will sell
tickets to San Francisco and retutn from
August 4th to oth, inclusive, at rate ut
$50.00 for round trip. Tickets will also
be sold to Los Angeles and return on sailme
dates at rate of $6o.oo for round trip.
These tickets will allow stop-over both
going and returning, and will bear final
limit of Septemioer 25, tgoo. For further
Informnation call on or write
General Agent, N. P. Ry., corner Park
and Msain streets, Butte, Montana.
The annual stockholders meeting of
the Beaverhead Copper Mining and
Smelting company will be held in the
banquet room of the Masonic and I. O.
O. F. building, Walkerville, Mont., on
Tuesday, June noth, at a:.o p. m.
Signed: JOSIAH 'ODGE, Pres.
WM. J. BALL, Sec.
Great Values
In Little Things
In Hennessy's Notion
it Dep't, Plain Floor
Every Ilttle helps. Here we have hundreds and thous.
ands of little things every woman wants and a big saving In
buying them at these small figures.
Just Notions Just Notions
C c4(144 Corse't Ic.s. 84 i8n4ae.s oug, Ieathe bells n144. wahal hite, (tan,
5c valuets fut r Ic pair. brownl~l, black and green 1; values to 50c
fo~r Ise each.ll
Six f Ia~toI9 (,i-coi',l (4t44n T'h'tircad for
loc waist steels for 5c. -e
\'Velvet grill 44 se4 supp4Iorters at I5C, I)rrs4¶fa1krr8 1lo1ks and( Fy78, a
Zoe. 04441 .21 ('111, 21each. 04 on1 ca, wortli 5c' for j t-2c.
Ilookon s0uppoII4rterssilk elast4(ic at Nepluis Ultra I 0ok0 an4d I'yce, InC
35e, 5441 04nd1 5c'. valuesta ot ore.
Kerni's pe'fect hose supporters all Iciog )c oks awl .4 8 .yr, were (SC,
7es, 4441' 41a44. tdI1y 4441.
The( 114ster hone.4 s444ppor1t'rs at 5441, 11h4 l'rcmoicr Snap Iiiastiirr, looI
,do$eI, Were 151.
(.o4li4, 75c, (( l$t. 51', io41 f44141. 444lins4 0on paper for : 1 .c, were
Perfumes 444c 1,4.444 l'ions folr 5e.
Colga(t 4a44d1'rcklicf ctracts1, lo 151 I1411814 11444 for, i4e.
bott4 e. 1il' S14e1 y I't'i, for Sc.
CI.gate's 4414 4f44 ill large 14ttle44, Stcwa;t't I)44pl44 Safe'ty 1'ins~ for
p4rettil4y bo4xed'4, a4t :51' 1444d 51. In41.
t'olgatc's yo ung 44414 's perfumes, l 41'c Sto4k g I 1r444' for se.
454c Stock'1444( I barn144' 444r 4441.
tailor4s ill b 4ox, o 51:'5c. 241 Stocking Ila'o,'a' for i5.
Jockey (Clu1, I~a Fra1ce 1144 444 41', lron 11411414 for 5c'.
ILilly of tlie e'.'lley I'ca'1ul44s 5c z , L. Iiog 4'o.4444, .44r 5'.
Rubber Buffs 144 ( ,4r1'c4 4w1l 1144444T TIhIIreCa44, 5c
For I 4 ( (prtctI (If cull's ' o4 shirt I44
wa4ist frua44 dirt4 1444d wea:. \'IWhile 14444 541' I P4 ins' (44 loc.
w~lint Tro llltlil· ;Ifor Hat a t I'llills Iorl
bl1144k .8444414' 44444414O(14'4 144451' 1wo1r 1b1441 (u' c Too 1'
ers. Wecre 5441', 4448% .31' pair9. .5c an ,144145' 1144o414 11444.148 for 451'.
Soap Sacrificed 544' a44'! 754" 11.14 Ii far inc.
\'ioltce 414 ' I'"44''4 .' 25c' b414x for i ';c. 1q(. 4 a ch.4
:m44' medicated.( ' nap 84443 (44 444, :',4 1 1.4 v i,-tt ' \\'i4.' I(.4j4' lIrnsh',41, (or
24Ic ca'141o44i4 '1.444 fill 4444. 4144h4
,1ie' s441(41444'l 8soap(4 r f ''r ae. .* '44 I)a'.'.iog 1'4.11414', f44. 4ar I
I71c Cr lgale'1 c' ctkr o s te for loc. IS I)rc(Liiog) (oaths Ia rlr -firs·
4711 (4" s44a( 41' Se ke 44r .44e1a 14 (.444 ,t /"Ur' ''l 114844 444441-'', f 144 .54.
S 4va4 Ia Ita4',41',sc',I, J ca:k11 in4 1444, 441' I)r 4'4.,8441( 44444(4', for4 .401'.
f4r 1, w1r4 14 544'.541' I)r4'.',I44g (4 (bs 4 nr (4 oC.
Canaio gycrie Illis oa , 1 (.c rr sI ,111s fo Sc
( lr; 44ltir,44 4Iyle '( \\'ri4 1m1 11114', fa4 ia1 . .1 It' 14111'4 4 14 4 Inc l'.
(14(44444,4, I u14194', 'acked4I '· f 4 44' Fine 4 . Ii' 451',
.14 44 glycerine , I'tar" Id other,111" Ni 114 ' 4 4 4', ( ' .4
Pocketbooks 1:,1 ' `,tile i (4,444(. , 4o4 254' air.
values f j4r , 44 '1 (t5' Stil4e (4,4441.., ,. '' 51.' S 14''r.
14 4, (1 444, $1.'1 4*'44 k 5 -(' ('4' (44. s. 751' ta(4. Ir .
44 4ll44.8 biuatir: u p1U hcl !)milk' ill , 5 h a kil. 4444' (44 544' f'i
walr us,, 4cl. and i g Ia. r ; 11 . ( 'oul~, n, 50 I( Ia ('4,44th 48, f 544r 414(1
44re14, 444444(1 b ck;41 v( lu(4,111 $1.: 7,l ((4.1 4 4444 folr 5444
Mail U ness 's Butte
Orders to ylontana
Dewey Took Manila.
The Harvard Cigar
Captured All America
+ *
4 -
At the Butte.
Mrs. 1. Ii. Agnew, IChicago; I). (. Au
derson, St. Louis; (orgre I)onaldson,
Miles City; J. I. Morrell, St. Louis; A. A.
C(rane, Minneapolis; i. If. lRance, (Great
Falls; D. (ollinger, I e alena; Charles If.
Springer, Philadelphia; T'ony Sarconi,
Denverr; O. M. I(alto, San Iranciscot; It.
Kulper, New York; I. F. \Vest atu wife,
St. L.ouis.
At the Southern.
James (torch, Preston, Idaho; W. F.
(allwein, J. J. Galliger, Missoula; Janmes
Scanlon, Atnaconda A. (;. Straizer, St.
Louis; J. Hiarmon, O. Ilantnah, J. E. liar
thorne, Anaconda; Miss Anna Allen, (hi
ago; J. lPhillips, 1. G.,arfiehl, (;reat Falls;
Fred l'urkins, arragut, owa; II11. II. Ed
wards, Kansas City; A. J. iennett, hugh
Wilson, The Dlles, Ore.; J. o. nal, Ilel
ena; ). J. Murphy, Phliliislurg; John H.
Forg, Missoula; John A hrn, .,t. 'aul.
At the Finlon.
J. Rourke, R. E. Kelly and wife, I[elena;
T. F. Rlichardson, Great Falls; II. Kar
berg, Kansas City; (. F. Greever, Leaven
worth, Kan.; P. 1I. (oss, Chicago; C. II.
Mun ison, )enver: Charls F. Fransha.,il
Jitoze:a; I.yon (Conmfort, Twit, Iridges;
I. I)onian, Missoula; W\V . Il. Rhodes, ier
Lodge; F. J. Ernesser, San Francisco; C.
II. Muntson, Denver; F. W. O)stermeyer,
lclena; W. A. Ilillis and wife, ibby; M.
Warren, San Francisco; F. E. Benedict,
St. Paul; W. W. Ridgway, (Chicago; II. )D.
Kimball, St. Paul; C. II. iLuther and wife,
Chicago; Earl Ri. Smith, Helena; II. J.
Mannhart, St. Paul; Charles A. Shaffer,
John Rcbsaumen, lHelena; II. S. Morris,
Chicago; F. Jones, Anaconda; William
Harcombe, Salt L.ake; Charles B. lloh
mann, St. Louis; J. F. Flannery, W. L.
Peeples, Ti.mothy BI. Keefe, James Part
ridge, I)Duke Wellington, P. A. Ryan, J. A.
Wiggs, John Sullivan, Claude Schmeer,
Mr. McGilligan, Helena baseball team.
At the Thornton.
Earle F. Ltulmbard, Anaconda F. II.
Marsh, Helena; J. E. McCormick, Hunt
er's Hot Springs; W . H. Brile, A. W. Mil
ler, St. Paul; E. A. Jeffrey, Helena; J. A.
Coramn and wife, Lowell, Mass.; Charles
Isaacs, New York city; Henry C. Stiff,
'lhiag ; IhIzry Ilakhey, St. 'ail ; Jolihn
)1. Si,.el, IE. A. \Vylie, New York; j.
i'r;uik IBlaJ ', I etv-.r; E. I.'. firittinghan,
New York; I.. M. Iong, Spoknen; J. nill,
Big lTimber; 11. A. lray, St. Paul; II. I.
('olg;tn, P'itlsbUlg; M. II. (;reellaunt, ('in
cinlttali; I. ;ana.I, S:attlt ; Nell W aters.
('arey, AMadgie IIIll Kelly, Inllliatltp lis; A.
I'. Wilkinson, M. II. Gerry, Jr., Ihelena;
W. \ i. FIange, Jr., I). II. llrattin, New
Yes, We Will Hear Your Story.
While it is a fact that we are looking
well after the cases alrea ly taken t up for
you, it is no reason why we cannot help
you in yours; if inecessary we cal detail
atI olprator iespecially oii your work, anal
until the cia;e is ready to replort uponi, no
onie lbut the nIll;ager and opl.ralur is cog.
Iizanit of Ith fa t that: anylbody is working
upon it. This is as it should be, and the
case is reported iillulltely front every standl
point to you for suggestion Iandl approval,
uand onily after this knlowledge which we
possess is it farlther prosecutled or studied,
e.Kcelt at youlr is;lSnce. The International
D)etective Agency. Ollices at 21-22 Owsley
block, Butte. O
----- -~--- -
Round Trip Tickets.
Following excursions via the Salt Lake.
D)enver route. All competition dlistanced
in time and service. The "Overland Linm
ited," fittest train in the world, electric
lilghted, barber and telep'lhone service.
Missouri river points, May 31, and
July 4, 5 and 6 ............... $34 QS
Missouri river points, June 7, 8, to,
It 1t and 6 .............. .... 42
St. Louis, June 7, 8, 1o, u4 and 16., 49 50
Chicago, Julle 7, 8, to, It and 16., 5J 5o
San Francisco. May 28 to June 9,
inclusive ..................... oo0
I.os Angeles, May 28 to Jutle 9, in
elusive ........ .......... 6o do
Reserve berths now. Oregon Short
Line Ticket Office, ros North Main street,
Butte, Mont. Il. O. WILSON.
General Agent.
Special Excursion Train.
Leaves Montana Union depot at 8:30
a. mn., Sunday for Pipestone Springs,
Whitehall, Twin Bridges and Alder, re
turning leaves Alder at 6:0o p. mn. Rates
as follows:
uttulle to Pipestone and return......$1.oo
Butte to Whitehall and return...... .ISo
Butte to Twin Bridges and return... 1.5o
Hutte to Alder and return.......... a.oo

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