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Motaa's Larg st Oreaaty, June 6
47 W. Park. Phone 68
(Malt Extract.)
Has not that sickening sweet
taste, but has tart wine flavor.
Stromberg-Mulilns Co.,
Distributers, Butte, Mat
We'll exchange new jewelry for your
old, at full bullion value.
Or we'll remake your jewelry at fac
tory prices and factory quality.
\V hy not come in and talk it over
with us. Bring all your old jewelry
Watch Repairs
Missing parts furnished; watches
put in perfect repair and guaranteed to
run accurately. As good repair work
as the factory can do.
CwsleyBlock, Butte.
Hight & Fairfield
Manufacturing Opticians.
Duplicate any broken lens and
fi1l all prescriptions given by other
opticians. All orders filled same
day as received.
Graduate optician of large ex
perience in charge. Examinations
Standard Carriage Works
T. M. GRADY. Prop.
Agents for the Famous Moyer Line of
Fine Vehicles.
237 S. Main Street
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like fingers was doing business behind the
faro table. As he noticed the stranger's
entrance he kindly invited him to take a
chair with the familiar "Here's a seat, old
"Old Pal" declined with thanks and
moved on down where the little ball was
whirling on the roulette table. Here an
other invitation was extended, for the play
was light this morning and there were
chairs a-plenty.
Down at the end of the hall a stud-poker
game was in progress. At the poker game
too the play was a little slow, and as the
visitor approached a young man with
smallpox pits and a winning smile was
feigning heart disease and talking about
losing $165 before breakfast. Then he
moved over and from force of habit made
rmnt for another.
Up over the Board of Trade the game
was running merrily along. notwithstand
ing the fact that one of the proprietors
was arraigned be'fore Judge Boyle this
morning and allowed out on a $5oo cash
bond pending his appearance June it3 to
answer to the charge of shooting holes in
City Ordinance No. 402. Section ], cover.
ing gambling and pre..ietors of gambling
Games All Running.
One faro game, one roulette game and
one table devoted to the American national
indoor game of the stud variety were doing
a small business. At the faro game a few
chubbers were trying to demonstrate to
their own satisfaction that "double-oidt"
was the only combination.
Evidently they were not succeeding
very well, for the dealer was stacking the
chips tup in his corner of his rack pretty
regularly and the case-keeper was playing
his stacks of blurs with as much reckless.
ness as if he had picked Reina for the
Brooklyn handicap.
At one end of the room a new roulette
table was in the course of construction. A
few old sports stood around it and with a
criticism born of long experience were
showing the tradesmen just where the
numbers belonged.
In one of the halls, a new contrivance
for opening the door had just been put
in. It was a series of pulleys and springs
fastened to a door catch and so arranged
that when a man up aloft felt satisfied
that the visitor was on the square he
pulled a string and the arrival opened the
door with case. If, however, a glance
through his little hole in the wall failed
to satisfy himt concerning the sporting
proclivities of the stranger, that door
was barred to stramgers antd there was
never a sign of life.
His highness, the sentinel, was so
placed that even those coming out could
not see hint. but realized that tile catch
on the door moved back at their ap
In all the halls there was evidence of
recent asdlitions to the machinery at the
doorway aml. with the exception tOited
above, a trifling al tt'em t at vigila'nce that
vw;. just ht.giuiittg to di.sappear when
the light committee ontle its famous tour.
Evidence of Crookedness.
As an evidence that tile secret gamhllng
is productive of crooked work, an aller
man stat'dl this morning that hlie had a
conversation with Police Jucdge Iloyle ablout
the matter and learned from the judlge
that recently he had several cmrlllaints
from persons purporting to have been
robbed at sure thing gam;nes. but as in each
case the complaining party reftused to
file a charge in the legal allnner, the
judge could do nothing about it.
Many conjectures were otfered conceerln
ing the situation in the gambling rrnms
today and it is believed that when Attor
ney (;enleral D)onovan arrives front Helena
the rooms will be closed until tile attorney
general goes home againl.
It is not improbable that the attorney's
visit will determine the duties of city and
county officials in the matter and as the
defense of Schmidt atndl Ryker will prob
ably lie based uponl an alleged conflict
of state law and city ordinance, it is be
lieved that the attorlney general will lie
called utpon to settle the question.
Two Firms Consolidate to Conduct a
Brokerage Business.
Articles of incorporation of the firm of
Cooney Bros. & Walsh, have been filed
with the secretary of state and the county
clerk and recorder of Silver Bow county.
This new corporation has a capital stock
of $to,ooo, which is fully paid up, all of
the stock being held by John \Valsh, Frank
HI-. and Howard C. Cooney. The corpora
tion is really a consolidation of the broker
age firm of Walsh & Croft and Cooney
Hleadquarters of the new company will
be in the Cooney Bros. building, in East
Platinum street. At the meeting held
yesterday the following officers were
elected: Frank I-I. Cooney, president andl
general manager; John Walsh, vice presi
dent; Howard C. Cooney, secretary and
County Officers Are Now Looking for
Another of Same Name.
William Ryan, one of the youths charged
with the burglary of the house of Mrs.
Katie Hurley and the theft of three can
ray, the youth who was arrested with
county jail this morning l,y Teputy Coun
ty Attorney Lynch on the orders of Mr.
It seems that the oflicers arrested the
wrong Ryan for the burglary. Dave Mur
ray, th eyouth who was arrested with
Ryan, is still in jail on the burglary charge.
The prosecuting officers are convinced that
the house was burglarized by him and an
other Ryan.
Today Mr. Lynch drew a compnlaint
charging one "Joh!: Do,' Ryan with
"stealing the birds and breaking and cunter
ing Mrs. Hurley's domicile." The cotm
plaint was filed in Judge Olson's court, and
the officers will look for the defendant.
Studio Session to be Held This Evening
for Dancing.
In so~ al session the Art club will 'meet
this even..ng at Miss IBernice Cox's studio
in the Mantle block. Easel, palettes,
plaster models and other misee.any will
be cleared away and the members will give
themselves to dancing and general merry
F. S. Chandler, a well-known business
man of Red Lodge, is among the late ar
rivals at the Finlen.
Seats at the ringside were not to be ob
tained in the contest between minstrel
stunts and the members of the Overland
club at Mr. Sutton's theater last night, so
the sporting editor of the Inter Moun
tain "piped" the performance front a point
of vantage in the rear of the playhouse
where he would not be conspicuous for
lack of Tuxedo, red carnation and other
attributes of evening wearing apparel.
Prone to the vernacular of things that
come under the head of Sports, the per
formance "landed" on hint something like
Preliminary to the main event there was
a hedazzling display of costume and jew
elry to enhance the beauty of the coterie
of pretty women, who, accompanied by
their escorts, bought boxes and choice
Hi I They're Off
There was some delay at the post, but
when once the barrier arose it was to a
good start and all seemed nicely aligned.
Starter Charles Hl. Lane, who is also presi
dent of the Butte baseball team, had no
occasion to flag the bunch and the pace set
throughout the race was very fast.
At first sight the red and black forged
to the lead, but before the quarter was
reached the green and black led. C. F.
Sully ran with blinkers and was apparent
ly out of the race until the stretch was
rounded when he came up fast and finished
in the money.
l)'Gay Stivers, Jack Thomas, Harry
Doering and Itert Stephens were the favor
ites. At the half they were neck and neck.
At the three-quarters I)ocring led by half
a leneth, closely followed by Thomas and
Stivcrs. As they rounded into the stretch,
Thomas, apllauded by the ladies, made a
final burst of speed. Stivers took up the
running and seemed to be moving in fine
form until he shied at a colossal bunch of
flowers that were thrown into the course
by several admirers and he seemed to be
all out. Thomas won, Stivers second,
Doering third.
Lost Their Stride.
The also rans were R. S. Freund, Bob
T.aBeau, George Busch, S. E. Schwartz,
len Crosby, J. W. Thomas. l.ouis l.orentz,
Chub Smith, Manuel It. Boyle. Richard
Callaway, A. (;. Lewis, R. M. Hobbs, F.
II. Butler and l.ouis L. Howard.
It ryas a good fihel. Fred T. Greene
might have won but he went up in the air
and quit when he saw a bunch of grass
mingled with raddishes thrown into the
The first heat opened Full of Ginger by
Police Judge Scores Driver of City Water
Wagon for Latter' Treatment
of a Deserving Man.
Robert Lawrence, a young man, 21
years old, was before Police Judge Boyle
this morning charged with vagrancy. The
young nlman told a rather pathetic story
and no sooner had Judge Boyle heard it
than he dismissed tile case against him.
Six weeks ago l.awrene came to lButte
and set diligently to work to find em
ploynment. He was hired a month ago by
J. (;ooche, who drives the city water
wagonl. The ntnderstanttdng was that
;ooclhe was to pay hint "well" for his
work. Lawrence worked hard for sH days
and the only cotmpensation he received
was a hair cut and a shave.
(;ooche discatargcd him without cause
and l.awrence was left adrift once more.
I.ast night he was found sleeping in the
santd hotse alnd was arrested for vagrancy.
"It is a shame that this young tman
should have worked for a month and re
ceived only a hair cut and shave in re
turn." said Judge Boyle after Ihe had dis
charged l.awrence. "If there is any re
dress Ihe should by all means have it.
;,,ooche certainly acted in an inhtuman
manner to treat a deservinlg mtan in that
way. I wish that some criminal action
could be preferred against him, but I don't
know of any."
Find Their Horse, However, but Without
Saddle and Blanket.
Two se'laws who gave their names as
Gilipse and Yellow Feather complained to
the police this morning that the Dublin
Gulch boys had stolen a horse belonging
to them, together with a saddle and bridle.
Yesterday afternoon the squaws hitched
their pony near the Gagnon mine and
when they returned to get him the animal
was missing. Three boys were seen rid
ing the horse in the direction of l)ublin
Gulch shortly after, and last night the an
intal was found grazing in the road in the
gulch, but minus the saddle and blanket.
The police are now making a search for
the guilty boys, one of whom is known to
be Freddy Sullivan.
Well Known Butte Man Dies Suddenly
in Salt Lake.
Mike Moran received a dispatch from
Salt Lake this morning announcing the
death of his brother Peter Moran in that
Mr. Moran who was well known both in
Butte and Anaconda left for Salt l.ake
about three weeks ago. lie had lived
in Butte for a number of years. The
dead man was born in Ireland 68 years
ago. The body will be shipped to l.aurin,
Mont., this afternoon and the services
will be held from the Catholic church in
that city next Sunday.
John Lacey Arrested.
[ser'IA. 'Ino ,.o'rl slOr'rAIN.1
Anaconda, June 6.--John I.acey was ar
rested this afternoon at the instigation of
the Mill & Smoeltermen's union on a charge
of grand larceny for misappropr iating the
sum of $72 entrusted to his care. L.acey
was arraigned in Justice Kennedy's court
and took the statutory time to plead.
T. N. lHolland and A. E. Taylor of Bill
ings, camne in on the late train from the
Sam T. Coza, T.. C. Parker and C. T.
Perry were over from HIelena yesterday
to see the ball game.
Mrs. John Roberts and Miss Evans of
Bozeman, who have been visiting Mrs.
Will Powell of this city, have returned to
their homes.
theil entire field and closed amid the plaud
its of the great crowd present.
In the general mix-up there was lively
tilt lbetween the end-men. They all. how
ctler, seemed to be bent on knocking out
'.harley lane. They swung right and left
at himn repeatelly and base hit after base
hlit was made through the medium of the
\fter repeated efforts to land the de
ci.i e punch upon Charley Lane it finally
tde'olved upon D'Gay Stivers. The lat
trr sparred for an opening. Stivers led
cii, Iut lane Iblocked andl dtcketd and
silt sitepped. Finally, with much effort
Steers landed the knockout hlow and
1.. ,I went to the canvas alsdsl wIas nlot
heard (if again. Stivers did not throw uip
thll sponlge until he sang "Bill Itailey,
\\ ''t You Please Come Home."
Some Hot Goes.
The (Overland octette came up lively and
rtilted off well. but their perforlmance in
dicated that they hall been overtrained
anii were disqualified after the first heat.
Samuel A. Mayer, a likely D)erby can
didate, accompanied by Manacl it. ItBoyle,
a pretty little filly with good legs and an
appllarelnt inlclinlation to go sonie, worked
out. They breezed in good form when it
cattle to the crucial test. The entry was
nit a disapplointlment to those who took
the short eud of the betting that the
pta;hl mates would finish--one, two--easy.
lo.le andt Mayer, assisted in their speci
ally as they were by the galaxy of pretty
girls, was one of the big hits of the
Inert Stelphens andl R. S. Freund put iup
a splehttlid four-roundtl go. The hunch of
bhttels chalked up as the (;rand Sextette in
A La Ihinka-l)ora part, t('uck ('Connors
ansl l'hitimy Fadden in the has hlen.-ville
Ilan WValsh in the final inning Ihunched
his hits well. D)an plays good hall, and
incidentally he tells good stories. lie is
a rlandstand player, but unlike maIy such
pll srs, he makes good. lie hit well,
lic hIe well and did uot overpilay himself,
lheat ing the audience well and at the right
Whatl A Ringer?
\Who is F. J. BIrowwn, who played thei
"chinik?" lite miist be a ringer. Ilis im
pct·snations were the hest ever heard in
Itilte and hitas a right to Ite ill the sltontey
in :iiy stakes.
There is an end to everything. The
finale of the performancet last night was
goit. It mtight thave Ibeen justI as well if
"Maly" hadl not put her feet on the table
arl lthe curtain hald beent runllg dtown with
lh sisnging of the beautiful sotldier
chlIrt s.
Hopes to Secure Light on identity of
Body Found in an Old
Mining Cut.
Coroner Johnson and Charles Ray, for
infly assistant city detective, went out
torthe spot where the body of an ullknlowI
'man was found Wedncsday to take a look
rt Ithe surroondings and make some in
illiries relative to the manl seen in that
s1, liion albout a week ago, but nip to a late
hour they had not returned.
II is their intention to lihd the manu who
c;ll: tip froti Rocker yesterday and
bt'ted to Undertaker Richards that a man
alnswerinig the description of the dead man
was ait his cabin a week ago today. Tlhey
are of the opinion that there is someihing
in the manll 'l stateientit to the Ricker man
to the effect that officers from the North
we't Territory had been following him.
and1 he had been trying to avoid them, or
th111t he was fleeing from othlr mIeu whom
he knew would kill him.
University Ball Team.
lii t Asso'IA l i si a'il s. .)
Sptlkane., \Vash., June 6.---Manager Ar
nohl of the University of California base
ball tamn, stated today that he is making
arnlllgements with Manager McCloskey to
meet the Butte Ieague team next week in
Anaconda and also with Manager )Dug
ldalh, to meet the Seattle team in Great
Fill;. lie also proposes to play Missoula
all Ipossibly Pocatello s club and take the
university team to Yellowstone park for a
week's outing.
Honors for Herbert.
rIn Assoc('IATI:D I'eIss. I
l.ondon, June 6.-The Right lIon.
Michael hlenry Herbert, the recently ap.
pointed British ambassador to the United
Stlates in succession to lord Pauncefote,
will Ien made a knight eomntander of the
bath before starting for Washington.
Pay no bills hiie the Montana Steam
Lalndry to Jas. Edwardls.
Round Trip Tickets.
Following excursions via the Salt Lake.
Denver roaite. All competition distanced
in time tland service. The "Overland I.im
Itcd," finest train in the world, electric
lighted, barber and telephone service.
Missouri river points, May 31, and
Jiily 4, 5 and 6 ..............$34 50
Mi.,ouIri river points, June 7, 8, io,
14 andl 16 ...... 4 ......... . 42 00
St. Louis, June 7, 8, io, 14 and 16.. 49 50
Chicago, June 7, 8, io, 14 and 16.. 53 50o
S;an Francisco. May 28 to June 9,
Slusiv ..................... 50 no
Los Angeles, May 28 to June 9, in
rllnive ... ....... .... 6O on
hlReserve berths now. Oregon Short
L.iae Ticket Office, 105 North Main street,
Butte, Mont. II. O. WII.SON.
General Agent.
Bids will be received till Monday, June
g, for the furnishing and laying 175
perches one face wall of rubble masonry
work, and 65 yards concrete cement, also
65 y;'rds of cement plastering, all to he laid
utlder tile direction of County Surveyor
at tihe reservoir, situate on the County
I'lor farmn grounds,
I'lls iand specifications can be seen
at Ihe County Conlinissioner's office.
'Thile Board of County Connmissioners re
serve the right to reject any or all bids.
Chairman Board County Counlissioners,
County Clerk.
$50-San Francisco and Return.-$50
$60-Los Angeles and Return-$60.
For meeting of the "Shriners" at San
Francisco, the Northern Pacific Railway
Today's display will include many
See Granite new creations, styles and makes
St. Window controlled exclusively by us.
Display We mention three lines from
our vast assortment--practical
and fashionable kinds for dress and
street wear.
The ('rossett C ,,ustom 1 Shore the The IIhy den SITil in piatclt leather or
very Correct thing for asu er wea;ir, \'cl --eitithe r tan or black new
all the n iew Stylish t tAnerir.ul ,r P u 'ell last. T he l a ,
nil t-e taW itylih 4lo, S.-,h . , t.ais ew featuire
sin, hox nl wax : llf- thie hestI s e worthy of your atteon i . lrr
in ilfe at the price, $t3c0 ,k is complete.. A l 0ll
$4.5o, $4.0o, $j.So u ilt .. it ch in4d widtihs......... o
will on M1ay .8 toi June o, sell r.onnl tripl
tickets to San Francisco tand Los Angeles
and return att ratt slhown lIabe, Spti over
allowed hath going and re tlurning, final
limit (,o days from date oif 11,.h. For fitr
tIher lpalrticulars call oni or :ll.,res.,
W. It. IMERRIIIMAN. eon'l At., N. I', y.,
('or. Park antil Mainii S.., lHit,, Mont.
Saturday and Sunday Excursions.
Ilasin and return ..................$I 50
lonilder and return ................ I 50
Alhanmbra and return .............. 2 to
Good going Sattrlay and Sunday, re
turning M unday.
Ilasin ma d return .............. .$I oo
Iloiuder and return .............. i oo
.Good going and retoring Sllidays only.
Ticket oltice, 41 Not th 5ltlin street iand
Butte, Mont., May 5, 1901.
Excursion Rates via Burlington Route.
The following round trip rat.es will ap
ply via the IltUrlington loute:
Oitahai, St. Joselph or Kansis City,
M;y 31t and July 4, 5 and 6....$.14.50
Ont;maha, St. Josephll or Kalnsas (.iy,
Juiie 7, 8, io, 14 ltid t ........ 4J.o0
(Chicago, June 7, 8, to, 4 alnd 16.. 5.3 5o
St. Louis, June 7, 8, io, 14 alu1 16.. 41.50
T'Ihree routes East via Itillings, via St.
Paul, via Denver. For further informna
tio:t apply 35 liast troadway, !lBtte, MoUl
II. F. k111;I:R, Agent.
Notice to LBuilders.
For the protecrt;onl of the pillic and to
avoid trouhle on acconnt f inferior electric
light wiring, this comlpalny will reserve
the right to refuse to cotnlect anly lights
where all inspection certilicate is inot pire.
sentl d with application.
The conmpany should be notified when
wiring is conmeiiiced and will furnish
the services of their iItinleetor free of
chal ge,
In the District Court of the United
States, D)istric't of Montana.
In the matter of William Carpenter,
Notice is hereby given that on the 4th
day of June, A. D). 1902, in the above eii
titled court, William Carpenter filed his
petition for a final discharge and that the
said court fixed the 23l1 day of June, A. I).
j0on, at to a. m., at the courtroomii of said
court, in the city of Ilelena, Lewis and
('larke county, Montana, as the time and
place for hearing said pletition, at which
time and place all creditors and other per
sons interested llmay appear and offer oli
jections, if any they Ihave, why said peti
tion should not be granted and said Ie
titioner discharged.
Witness, the Honoraible Hira:m Knowles,
judge, and the seal of said court affixed,
at Ilelena, Montanll, thi.s 5th day of
June, A. 1). i9i2.
[ Seal.] Clerk.
United States ILand Office,
llelena, Montana.
Notice is hereby given that Joseph Wey
erhorst, whose postoftice address is Butte,
Montania, has this day filed his application
for a patent for i,500 ionear feet, being 388
feet westerly and 1. iai feet easterly from
discovery shaft of the Philadelphia L.ode
miiiining claim, upon which a notice of in
tentiont to applly for a patent was posted
on the 28th dlay of May, i902, situated in
Summiit Valley, unorganized, miiing (ils
trict, Silver IBow county, state of Montann,
designated as survey .,o. 6519, in "'luwn
ship 3 north, of Range 7 west. being more
particularly described as follows, to-wit:
Beginning at the northwest corner, a point
ill the east end line of Survey No. 5049, a
granite stone set in the ground, with a
mound of earth alongside, and marked
1-6519 for Corner No. I, from which the
1/4 section corner on the north houndary of
Section o2, Township 3 north, Range 7 west,
bears north 76 degrees 29 minutes, 45 sec
onds west, 8,129.2 feet; and running thence
south 6 degrees 4g minutes east, 450 feet;
thence north 81 degrees 45 minutes east,
.a9 feet; thence north 80o degrees 29 min.
utes east, 1272.5 feet; thence north 6 de.
grees 45 Ininutes west, 425 feet; thence
south 81 degrees 38 minutes west ,5soo
feet to the place of bflinning, containing
Mrs. Niedenhofen's
Removal Sale.
My present store having been
leased to another, I shall have to
move in a few weeks. Pending
My Entire Stock
Is Offered at
Great Reduction
Including Fine China, Cut Glass,
Bric-a-Brac and Toys. The best
goods at the lowest prices ever
know n in Butte.
My soda fountain and ice
cream parlors are now open. The
best fruit syrups at the fountain
and the finest ice cteamn that can
be made.
Mrs. Niedenhofen
39 W. Park St., Butte'
a;I area of 5.14 :at res, of which op.,. acres
are i confli,.t with the Annie Ilattein ldle,
ulsulv'yed'| 111 c' itln ., leavinlg 1 ,.54
acres claimed by tihe above niamted appli
Thei loication of this claim is of record in
the recorder's ilhlice of Silver How collllty,
state of Montana, in Hook S" of L.oI:
IL.ociiatio onon Page i.
The adjoining claims to these premiises
are Survey No. , 1.uj, Narrow (;;ilge
placer on the -south; the Anlile lilitenl
lode, unsurveyed, on the soutthwest; Silr
vey No. 5049, Il'llritllta Iode ni tlhe west.
Attorney for Applicant.
(First P'ulication June 6, 19o12.)
tulnited State'.; latto Oflice, llelena, Mun.
ta. a, J I1 .1, y19u .
Notice is hereby given that Charles C.
tnelger anid L.olis I)eCiars whose post.
olice address is Iiuttc, Silver How coln
ty, Montanta, have this day liled an ap.
plication for a patent for 1,451 linear
feet, the samte being for 41. feet in a
westerly anld 1,.39 feet in an casterly
direction from the point of discovery in
the Wedge lode minitng claim, situated
in Sunsmit valley (unorganizetd) mining
district, Silver Bow county, Montalna, the
poshtition, course, atnd extent, of thle said
iining claim, designated by an i.flicial
survey thereof, as Survey No. (,.533,
Township No. J north, Range No. 7 west, a
notice of which was posted on the clthin
on the .3d day of May, 1902, and beiting
miore particularly set forth and descrilied
in the ofllicial field ntotes and plats thereft
on file in this office as follows, ., wit:
Ilegintniig at the southweht corlner, a
granite stone, 8xIOXeo inlches, 16 inchles
deep, marked 1-6533 for corner No. r,
flromlll Whene the northeast corner to see.
tioin 7, fractional township 3, north range 7
west, bears south 6 degrees 47 minutes
east, 1,728 feet atnd runnlilg thence north
12 degrees 5o niiiutes east, 347 feet to the
northeast corner No. 2, thence south 7.
degrees 45 minutes east, 1,450.5 feet to
the nertheast corner No. 3, thence south
12 degrees uo minutes west, 423 feet to
the southeast corner No. 4, thence north
70 degrees 46 minutes west, 1,457 feet to
Corner No. t and place of beginning. Con
taining an area of 12.80 acres, excluding
to.6j acres in Survey No. 2.283-2,316 and
2.402, leaving a net area of 2.18 acres as
claimed by the above named applicants
for patent.
The location of this mine is recorded
in the office of the recorder of Silver
Bow cotnty, on page 175 in Book E of
quartz 16des.
The only adjoining claim is on the
east, strvey No. 5,o37,Forest Rose lode,
WillianI O. Speer, applicant.
United States Claim Agent.
First publication June 4, g19oa

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