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Blips From His Leg an "Oregon Shoe"
and Tells Comrade That He Is Going
to Butte-Has Said That He Will Not
Be Captured Alive-Detective Murphy
Watches Depots for the Man.
John F. Hines, who sometimes goes by
the name of Russel and who also answers
to the name of Young, a desperate mur
deter and highwayman, escaped from the
jail at Ogden, Utah. last Monday and the
authorities have good reason to believe
he is now en route for Butte.
According to the description sent out
of Hlines, he is heavy set, dark com
plected and about 40 years of age. lie ir,
five feet, five inches in height, weighs IGo
pounds, has dark hair and eyes and good
teeth. He was born in Ohio and for years
followed the trade of shoemaker.
Hines is a type of the most hardened
criminal. He has been convicted of crime
more than once and has served several
terms as a convict. He has a perpetual
scowl, a determincu face and a dangerous
eye. It is also said of him that beneath
his clothes large areas of his body are
Killed a Mar.
Two weeks ago Hines was arrested
near Ogdenl by Chief of Police T. E.
Browning of that place for having robbed
and murdered James Hansor.. Hines and
Deputy Sheriff William McCann of Helena
Is on His Trail.
a companion held Hanson up at night on
a lonely highway and when their victim
resisted they murdered him in cold blood.
When Hines was incarcerated he was
secured by means of what is known as
the "Oregon shoe." This shoe is a cylin
der shaped piece of steel about one inch
thick and is made to clasp around the
calf of a man's leg extending from the
knee to the ankle. It is considered a sure
safeguard against escape and is only placed
on the most daring and desperate crimi
How Hines slipped the shoe from his
foot is a mystery, tor he had large feet,
but certain it is he contrived to get the
shackles from his leg and broke jail. He
disappeared from Ogden last Monday
night and remarked to one of his compan
ions that he was going to Butte.
D)eputy Sheriff William McCann of
Helena has just returned from Ogden. lie
called at the police headquarters last night
and left a description of Hines. He has
in his possession the "Oregon shoe" with
which Hines was secured while confined
in the Ogden jail.
Is Desperate Criminal.
"If that man Hines comes to Butte,"
said the Helena deputy," the oflicers of
this place had better keep a careful look
out. Ile is a desperate man and would
not hesitate to kill any man who at
tempts his arrest. lie is heavily armed
and has given it out that he would never
he captured again as long as lie could
pull a trigger."
Chief Reynlhls has instructed all the
policemen on the force to watch for
Ilines and Detective Murphy will watch
all incoming trains for the escaped mur
Piofessors and Students Will Have
Various Attractions This Summer.
Students in the school of mines entered
upon their sumlmer vacation today. Since
thie lieginning of the week they have been
passinig through the custolmary semi-an
nual examination with a view of ascertain.
ing the progress they have made in their
studies. Some of the students will spend
the sunniIer in outdoor work, such as sur
veyins and studying the different forma
tions of rock in this district. They will
begin Monday morning. The class will
comprise the sophoitores and freshmen and
will be in charge of Prof. MacDo)unald of
the engineering department.
Prof. Bowman of the mechanical and
engineering department will leave for
'ittslurg tomorrow with the intention of
making a study of the works of the West
inighouse Air Brake company.
Prof. King of the department of metal
lurgy will start for Cleveland Sunday.
After a brief stay there he will go to Pitts
burg to study the iron industry.
Prof. Foote of the preparatory depart
ment will spend the summer in Boston.
Prof. \Vinchell of the geological and
mineralogical departmdnt will visit the
Yellowstone park to make a collection of
specimens for use in the school. lie has
secured a permit from Washington.
Prof. Leonard will go to Minneapolis to
attend the National Educational conven
tion to be held in that city July a,
Real Good Clothing for the Boys
Clothing that apspels on its merits to those who appreelate quality and prlice..not the kind that pleases those who are satisfied with
anything so it oosts little-aut clothing of worthiness, retailed on a basis that's extending this store's reputation as genuine money severs
Knee Pants Suits Knee Pants Suits Youths' i sA Suits Youths' 15is9 Suits ehildren's Vests
The X1.50 to $2.25 The 54 to X7.50 The 17.50 to 12 The 12.50 to SI lar SO
Grade at 98c Grade at $2.95 Grades at $4.95 Grd t $7.50 Artile l 2
Vestee and double-breasted suits, every Three-piece suits, two-piece doubl*- An offering that will gratify beyond all The smaller sizes fromn yestlerday's For your little oys' summer wear a
piece of material used in their con- breasted suits, vestee suits and Rust- experience everyone who takes ad- great sale of a thousa.tn glarments.
struction being of tested goodness. sian andsailor blouses. The freshest, vntage of it. l'ropr, stylish suits litter snits than these never eame to line of decidedly pretty, washable
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possible, linings strong and durable, and cheviots; colorings refined and styles; all cut in hest shapes shown made and finished to the top notch of that they Iay Ie used as waists as
General makeup all that can be de- rich, shape mohled after the ad- this season; lining and tailoring perfection: sizes t Ito ti years; well as vests; vsalue albout 5oc each.
sired; sizes 3 to to years; vanced models; values first-class: sizes ia to values up to $18.oo. Selling here
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quality at .. .... 8c value at ............ 19C sewn; 4oc value at.... 25C sizes; 8e value....... 49C si; 8e gralle i. .... 49C ice .... .. 8 c
Mrs. Richard Toward of 123 East eenter Street, Centerville,
Yesterday Received an Elegant Kimball Piano, the Gift of
dlM renpThe Symons Dry Goods Co. A A A A A A " ý co O .if ,PEO.
Attorney Thresher Representing Him
Secures His Release in $500 Bail and
Case Is Transferred to Judge McCler
nan's Department-Erstwhile Politi
cian Is Very Quiet.
John P., alias "Swede" Murphy, the erst
while politician and celebrity, was in Judge
Harney's court this morning to be ar
raigned on a charge of running a gamblin(j
gamell in violation of the recent anti-gam
bling law.
"Swede" gave himself up to Under
Sheriff McGuigan last night at the court
house and the latter let him go on his own
Assistant County Attorney Yancey ar.
raigned him this morning, and Judge liar
ney fixed his bail at $500 anri let himn go
at liberty till he should have time to pro
vide the bail. The time for the filig of
the bail bond was set for 2 o'clock this
afternoon, at which time it was presented
to the court.
When the case opened Assistant County
Attorney Yancey said:
"'If your honor please, an information
was filed in this court three or four days
ago against one. John P. Murphy, charging
him with the crime of gambling. I see lie
is in court this morning, and I desire to
have him arraigned.'
Murphy Appears.
Then he turned to Murphy, who sat in
a front seat in the jurymen's rows
of chairs, and said: "Mr. Murphy, will
you please stand up ?"
Murphy arose and the assistant prosecu
tor proceeded :
"You are charged with gambling under
the name of John P. Murphy. Is that your
true name ?"
"Swede," notwithstanding his more
familiar cognomen, replied : "Yes, sir."
"Have you got counsel, Mr. Murphy?"
"Yes, sir. Mr. Thresher is my counsel."
Case Is Transferred.
Attorney Thresher arose and said he
would ask the court to give hitm till Mon
day to elect what Ilea his client should
make, and to fix the amount of the hail
in the case. The bench warrant issued
yesterday had not specified the hail. Mr.
Thresher said lie would waive the reading
of the information but would waive noth
ing else.
"You may have till Monday to plead and
the bail will be $5oo0. The defendant may
go on his own recognizance till bail is
provided. He is given till a o'clock this
afternoon to file the bond," Judge Harney
At 2 o'clock the bond was filed and then
the case was transferred to judge McCler
nan's department.
County Association Now in Session in
Mountain View Church.
At last night's meeting of the Sunday
Dr. Blackburn
The World's Greatest
The moment you call he starts to read
your life without asking a single question,
giving names, dates and figures to prove
his power.
Are You Unhappy, Dis.
contented or Discouraged?
If so, conie before it is too late and
learn the cause; he can and will help you.
Tells wheiher husband, wife or sweetheart
is true or false, how to gain success in
love, marriage, divorce, health, business,
law, speculation, etc. Reunites selfarated
and tells how to gain the power of control.
If you have tried to succeed and failed, do
not become discouraged, but call and
learn the cause of the failure and be ad
vised how to act that you may prosper in
the future. FEE \VITIIIN REACHl OF
ALL. If reading s are not satisfactory no
charge is made. Everything private and
confidential. Lady and gentleman at
tendant. Hours, 9 a. m. to 8 p. mi. daily.
Parlors 4 and $ Schodair block.
48 West Park Street
Much success in your life depends
upon a nice appearance. Nothing helps a
pleasing appearance more than GOOD
TEETH. If yours need repair work,
And let me tell you what your teeth
need and what the cost for repair will
school association of Silva Bow county,
held in the Mountain View church, many
interesting addresses were heard and some
excellent singing was rendered. Among
those who addressed the meeting were Lee
llayes, of the First Baptist church; H,
M. Patterson, of the First Prcsbyterian,
and Mr. Jeffreys, of the Christian church,
Committees were appointed as follows:
Nominating-George Stevenson, E. L.
Thomas and A. L. Patterson. Resolutions
-Messrs. Morrison, Hayes and MacDon
E. L. Shields led the song services. Miss
Anna Walters and Richard James sang a
duet to Prof. Ilall's accompaniment on the
Knights of Pythias Excursion.
For Imeeting of alove' society at Salol
Francisco the Northern Pacific will sell
tickets to San Francisco and returnI from
August 4th to 9th, iniclusive, at rate of
$50.ou for round trip. Tickets will also
Ib sold to, Lps Angeles and return 01on name
dates at 'rate of $bn.no for round trip.
'These tickets will allow stop over Ibot
:'ring anid rietlrning, ndil will ;ear htld
liit of Seplteimbetr 25. o402. lFor ifur
ther infirmation call on or write.
t(cieral Agent, N. I'. Ry., corner Park
:il Main streets, Iltile, Monlitaina.
Special Palace Pullman Car.
"1 hroughI to Chicago without chlange will
leave (Irelgoin Short L.inel depot 4 :30 p. In.,
.Mionday, June 16th, via the I)enver &
]io GIralndet (Scenic L.ine).
Car will stop from Imiornling until even
ing in Salt lake in order to give excur
sionist.s the benefit of Colorado scenery
by daylight.
Sleeping car acicommlodatiolns can lhe se
cured at OIregon Shiort ILine City Ticket
hllice, So5 North Main street, Butte.
Souvenirs with each dollar and over
spent, Mayer, 65 West Park. o
De partment of the Interior, L.and Office at
Ile!ena, Montana, May 27, 1 ri.
Notice is hereby given that tlhe follow
ing named settler has filed noiltice of his
irtciltion to niake final proof in suplilrt
of his claimn, and that said proof will be
maii:l before clerk of district court, Silver
Jow coucnty, at Butte, Mott.,~ on July to
120.2, viz.: Felix O('Neill for Iloniestead
Enitry No. 8641 for the Northewest quar
tIT Section 15, T'ownship n inorth, Ranige
9 west.
IIl names the following witnesses to
prio his colltilnuous residence il poll and
Tiltlvatiiin of said laind, viz. : Malcolm P.
rl'dlen, Samuell Shone, John Dudden,
John lEnight, of Silver low, Montana.
l)Department of the Interior, Land Office
at IIelena, Montana, May o, lrou.
Notice is hereby given that the follow
ing ianled settler has filed notice of his
ilintlilion to mllake final proof in support
of hiu claiiii, and that said proof will
I. made before Johii R. Eardley, United
Slates comnmissioner, at Anaconda, Mon
:llla, oil June 14, 1902, viz.: Napoleon
'I essier, for Ilonmestead Entry No. 8321 fcr
the lot 4, southwest quarter, northwest
quartcr anld west 1 soulthwest quarter,
Sectionl 4, Township a north, Rainge Ia
lie naties the following witnesses to
prove his conltinuous residence upon and
cultivation of said land, viz.: David ITes
sier, I.ouis Tessier, Florence Thibodeau,
I:red Gangner of Alnaconda, Montana.
Iutte, Montana. April 8, Ip>0.
To Thomas L. Porter, or Assigns:
You are hereby notified that I have expend
ed during the year tooc, one hundred dollars
in labor and improvements upon the Julian
I.ode claim, situatel in Summit Valley mining
district, Silver low county, Montana, about
41/ miles southeast of Butte City, Montana, of
swhich the declaratory statement is found of
record on Page 76 of Iook "D" of lode claims,
in the office of the recorder of said county of
Silver Ilow, in order to hold said claim under
the laws of the United States concerning
annual labor upon mining claims, being the
amount required to hold said lode for the
period ending on the g3st day of December,
1551. And it within ninety days after publica.
lion hereof, you fail to contribute your pro
portion of said expenditure, as a coowner by
Cupyment thereof to me or to my agents, the
. E. Rickards Co., at Butte, Montana, your
interest in the claim will become the pronerty
of the subscriber, your co-owner, by the provl.
silns of said lawa _
Pipes Are Now Laid Over the Entire
Lots are still selling at the same price, $175. New
Terms $25 cash, balance $10 month. Best op
portunity to make money in Butte. These lots will surely
raise when Ferrall Copper Co. start producing.
Fire Insurance. 15 W. Broadway. Loans, Rental
The Most
Complete Dental Laboratory
In the West, is at your service when yo i trust your
Dental work to me. No one can surpass my imitation of the natural
teeth in peculiarities of shape and color; and very few can equal it.
DR. E. E. GERMANB, Mhone 709B
114% North Main Street.
Oregon Short Line.
D ivide ................ .......... .$1.oo
Melrose ......................... 15o
(;len ......................... 2.0o
On sale Saturdays and Sundays. Good
to return following Mondays. o
United States L.and (Jflice, Ielena, Mont.,
May 24, 19o2.
Notice is hereby giveni that John N.
Kirk, 1)onat D)orais and Samuel 1). Sum
walt, whose postoffice addresses are
Butte, Montana, and Martin Johnson,
whose postollice address is Laurin, Mon
tana, have this day filed their application
for a patent for 1205o. linear feet of the
Frenclhman No. a lode mine or vein, bear
ing gold, silver and other precious metals,
with surface ground 600 feet in width,
situated in Summit valley (unorganized)
Mining district, county of Silver Bow,
state of Montana, and designated by the
field notes and official plat on file in
this office as Survey No. 6518, in Town
ship 3 north, Range 6 west, of Montana
meridian, said Survey No. 6518 being de
scribed as follows, to-wit:
Beginning at Corner No. r, a point on
the west end line of Survey No. 1413,
and the sixth course of Survey No. 3572,
a granite stone set in the ground, with a
mound of earth alongside, and marked
z-65t8 for Corner No. I, from which the
southeast corner of Section 11, Township
3 north, Range j west, bears south 43
(legrer'es 33 tiinultes cast 1752.1 feet, and
runningll thence -ith GII(o detgreecs 06 b in
Ites( west I s5.1 feet ; thence north 23
degrees .o minulltells west 587.7 feet; thence
north 6 di grets o6 minutes cast .o05.1
feet; thncce ssutth 3 degrees 30 nmliinUtes
ea(st 587.7 feet to the place ol beginning,
containling an area of i6.16 acres, of
which 6.95 acres are in confllict with Sur
vey Nos. 339)2 at111 3572, not claimed,
leavinlg 9.-1 acres claimed by the above
tamed applica(ts, of which 4.06 acres are
inI conflict with Survey No. 5515, inclu
sive of o.03 acres ii conflict with Survey
No. 3451.
The location of this claim is of record
in the recorder's office of Silver Bow
colmity, state of Montana, in Book "'"
of Lode I.ocatic ns, page 39.
The adjoining claims to these premises
are: Survey Na, 5151, Bordeaux Lode,
and Survey No. 3450, Lulu B Lode, on
the north, Survey No. 1413, Manzeville
Lode, Lot 378 on the east, and Survey
No. 3392, Terrace Lode anid Survey No.
3572, Rival Lode, on the south.
Any and all persons claiming adversely
any portion of said Frenchman No. a
Lode Mining claim, or surface ground, are
required to file their adverse claims with
the register of the United States Land
Office at Helena, Montana, during the
sixty days' period of publication thereof,
or they will be barred by the provisions
of the statute,
First publication May a7, 19po.)

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